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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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and by phone with the mayor of san bruno. >> we are very gratified in san bruno that six of these counts were convictions. the jury found out over the last six or seven weeks what we've known for years that pg&e put profits ahead of safety and as a result eight people lost their life in our city and a neighborhood was destroyed. we never want this to happen again anywhere. >> what are we all going to do go out and cancel pg&e tonight? we have a monopoly here. do you really care that pg&e got convicted? what homeowner is really going to care? it is not going to affect any of our lives unless something really bad happens and pg&e again doesn't follow safety standards. >> reporter: after the verdict pg&e said in a statement, "we have made unprecedented progress in the nearly six years since the tragic san bruno accident, and we are committed to maintaining our focus on safety." now pg&e faces a maximum of
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$500,000 per count, so that's up to $3 million. the judge has not yet set a date for his announcement, frank, julie? >> amber lee in san francisco tonight, thank you. now two developing news out of oakland where police say a stolen car with five women and girls inside slammed into a cement mixer this afternoon. police say it all began at 88th avenue and international boulevard with a report of a fight. they say the driver of the stolen chevy impala rammed the police car that lead to a chase that wound up at 98th and eves where the car collided with the cement mixer. police say there were at least two children inside that stolen car. still no word on their conditions. it's not clear if anyone is in custody. we spoke with the woman who is with her son when she saw the speeding car smash into that cement truck. >> me and my son were literally right at the intersection. so i would try to pull him back. and he starts trying because i almost didn't make it to him, but they kept going though.
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it wasn't near us, but they must have scared us all back. >> we are told that the police officer whose vehicle was hit is in stable condition tonight. less than three miles away from that scene oakland police were investigating a shooting that left a woman dead. sky fox was overhead as police surrounded a home on fresno street off of 73rd from above where we could see what appears to be a body on the porch. a witness told us that the woman may have been caught in the cross fire. so far there's no indication that this homicide is connected to the chase and crash. new at 6:00 the judge who drew outrage for a light sentence given to the stanford university swimmer is set to make their first decision in a sex crime case since that stanford controversy erupted. the judge aaron persky is deciding the case. perskey could reduce the felony. he is the target of a recall campaign for sentencing brock
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turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman. in san leandro, police are searching for a 15-year-old girl who has been missing since saturday night. her mother discovered she was missing from home around 9:00 saturday night. deanna doesn't have a cell phone that she may have left with a friend, but it is not like her to just disappear. the teenager is five feet five weighing 200 pounds last seen wearing a black white and gray striped shirt with gray pants. anyone with information is asked to call san leandro police. it has been three months now since the sex exploitation scandal first surfaced implicating the police officers in several bay area departments. the protesters are now angry because no officers have been charged with crimes. ktvu crime reporter henry lee heard from a top alameda county prosecutor today to find out when charges might be filed. >> reporter: alameda county da nancy o'malley came out to
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greet protesters who paid her a surprise visit. they want any officers exploited having sex with this woman investigated and prosecuted. >> you say you are here for the people that it is wrong and you're holding opd accountable. it's time for a shift in culture. we are asking for you to commit to that. >> reporter: the woman of the center of the case is now 18. but she says she was under age when she would have sex with some of the officers. dozens of officers and the deputies in alameda and san francisco counties are now under investigation. some have resigned. on tuesday protesters showed up at da's offices in oakland to demand answers. they say it has taken far too long for officers to be charged. >> we were talking about their name now and with at least 14 complete officers implicated with the rape of the child and nothing and that we hope that we would resolve their investigation to complete it very near future and thatwell take the action that we can legally take. what the evidence will support. >> reporter: in san francisco a spokesman told protesters that
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his office would only prosecute the officer if the crime happened in the city. >> if there is some information that would indicate the crime in san francisco and as opposed to alameda or the county. if they have any information that we would like to take back to you. >> reporter: the da there does not have an investigation open that i have learned that the prosecutors declined to file charges against the oakland officer accused of off-duty misconduct in oakland. in oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. uc davis chancellor linda katehi resigned today after months of controversy and protests. katehi has been on paid leave since april while the university investigated a number of university policy violations including hiring consultants to reportedly scrub their online references to the controversial pepper spray and the protesters just five years ago. they also had questions about the hiring of her husband, son, and daughter-in-law. and outside pay from corporate
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boards. katehi said, "it has been very important for me that the investigation team confirmed that i did not violate policies that are central to the mission of the economy and to my family, mainly the issues of nepotism, conflict, financial management, or personal gain." katehi will stay with the university for the national search that was announced to try to find her replacement. in the coming weeks a new space dedicated to the african american students will open on the uc berkeley campus. >> and it is the resource center in honor of the civil rights activist and their philanthropist. new at 6:00 tonight cristina rendon joins us with the details. >> reporter: this is a long- time coming for the berkeley students there for their union as well as the coalition for campus as they would say that it is a place as diverse as uc berkeley and that african
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americans will make up only 3% of the student body. >> this is something that i wanted to have happen since i got here to see it actually happen that it is amazing. >> a space that will be dedicated to the african american students on the uc berkeley campus that will become a reality this fall. >> we would really fight for this and demand it as they did not take it seriously. >> and they spent 15 months, fighting for the creation of the resource center for the black students, housed inside that building, is that it will be among the list of the demands that they say would shut down at first to call them on the south segregation. >> and it will be the first thought that will come to their head as they would like to know what you think of this and that we'll need to create a space like that in order to have that feeling of their community and that everybody else will get to have five people by attending the university. >> and send your message with the equity division and that they admit that the process was long with a number of roadblocks.
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>> and that inclusion came in and helped negotiate to bring the two sides closer together. >> the resource center, they will serve as a comfortable place to talk about their experiences and their study and a space that they wish that they would have as a student. >> the n word was carving in that wall and that there were not too many black students living in the dorms. >> reporter: they would say that the center is under renovation that they would know when it will be complete and that it will be worth that fight. >> i mean that this is just huge to have a physical space for you to go that it will be some place that they are hoping to increase their stability for the black students. >> and they will build a community for the students as well that they will need to bridge that gap from their campus to the community. >> as a part of their agreement that they were told that they would hire additional black staff members and more outreach will be done to include the black students to cal and also the $20 million scholarship is in the works for the students, that it will be something they need to look forward to. >> a chance for them to ask you
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what they thought of this space for the african american student? >> yes, the other races, but it will be a space for those students and anyone else with that community and that it will be welcomed to join in on that space that it will be a space for those african american students that they need to feel safe to talk about their experiences like in the story. the first few weeks. that they did not have anywhere to go to and that they will serve for that space for the black students. >> you say that the people of the other races, they could also go here if they wanted to? >> i would believe so if they were invited in by the black community, but right now it's dedicated to the black students. >> got it, cristina thank you. >> thanks. a well-known east bay restaurant is being forced to shut down. some say that it is because of the revenge. the battle to keep the restaurant open coming up. and also ahead a fire crew is reporting new progress in the battle against a big fire that will be burning near big sir. we'll hear from the evacuees who are now being able to return to their home. it is definitely going to warm up here as we head towards
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the next 72 hours. i'll give you the specifics on your forecast. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. more than 900 firefighters are battling a wildfire in california san bernardino national forest. officials say that the pilot fire is only 6% contained. it has burned nearly 7,000 acres since they started on sunday. about 4,700 homeowners are under voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders. schools in apple valley will be
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closed tomorrow because of the bad air quality due to all the smoke. and there are new developments tonight in the fight against the largest wildfire that is currently burning in california. the fire in monterey county is still 50% contained. many are being allowed to return to their homes. >> reporter: the fire broke out almost three weeks ago and it has so far destroyed 57 homes. >> reporter: but tonight carmel highlands is no longer in danger. ktvu ann rubin caught up with residents, many are relieved to see their houses still standing. >> reporter: the soberanes fire is still raging to the south. but near carmel village a sense of relief after days of waiting and worrying, jim snow was able to move back home on monday morning. >> they would drop the mandatory evacuation down to a warning and so that the minute they did that we would move back home. >> reporter: he is not alone. the evacuation orders were also lifted along the road, all lined up to see how their homes
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had spared. >> and everybody for the most part are very happy to be able to get back into their property with the red cross here handing out cases of water with a lot of information for the public. >> reporter: they were among the hardest hit areas of the 57 homes that would burn in this fire, most were here. he was one of the lucky ones whose cabin was spared. >> a lot of my friends have asked me if my house is okay and that they have not come up here to digest what was hoping for the best. but everything would seem okay, yeah, the graces of the firefighters, that they have really saved the date. >> reporter: at&t, pg&e, and county health inspectors would come in too making sure it was safe for residents, but now the clean up will begin. >> the ash is everywhere, even in the houses that were closed off. that they would have over an inch of ash on everything. >> reporter: they say that above all that they are grateful that jim snow spent his first night back out on his porch. eluding the fire crews that broke by. >> we just sat there and waved
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to everyone. east of highway one and south of coach road. ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. to the weather now as we would take a live look at the conditions outside. that is pretty hot out there. kind of that pinkish blue with the water in the distance and the skyline of san francisco. over to bill now in the weather center with the latest on the forecast. >> yeah, we would try to warm up here, but not tomorrow as tomorrow will be a little cooler than today, but not as much different, but a little bit cooler in the inland valleys to 92 in fairfield today. 92 in antioch and 89 in concord and those were the high temperatures today. there will be a lot of fog out there with more fog tonight as you would know that it will be making a play for their inland bay valley. tonight when you go out or when you will get up tomorrow morning that there will be fog in many of those inland bay locations, even san jose will
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have the lower clouds and fog tomorrow morning. that'll trend their temperatures down just a little bit. 86 in fairfield right now. 86 in concord. and it will be cooler than you would expect as you can see the greens in the yellow, with the sea breeze and that you could also see that they will be getting up over their lower coastal hills to get up here and north and that it will be higher. the coastal range is higher there. it will be hot in the lower valleys, but you can see where those lower lines are, visualizing the depths of the marine layer that will be pretty deep, but not deep enough. it will be slightly cooler there today and it will be cooler tomorrow as the winds are blowing. sfo is gusting up to 21. fog in the morning, pretty much we've all got it. and then in your forecast highs for tomorrow a lot like today except slightly cooler in the inland bay valleys. just to find the 90s. mostly the upper 80s in the hot spots. >> thank you, bill. people are rallying around
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the owner of the popular water front restaurant given an eviction notice. the eviction is an act of retaliation, but the property owner claims that the building will need to be closed to fix a plumbing issue. as ktvu alex savage explains that the woman running the restaurant is caught in the middle. >> i think that it is the pace. i'm sure that i will pass the test. >> reporter: facing a threat of eviction the owner of salute e vita ristorante is fighting back, clearly with plenty of support from the richmond community. >> i can not imagine richmond without salute. >> reporter: a couple hundred people turned out for a news conference organized by richmond's mayor tom butt. he believes the property owner in this case is evicting her to retaliate on blocking plans for a housing development. >> i've asked them to consider doing what i told you, to consider selling the property
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to someone local. >> reporter: she has owned salute for more than 15 years, she is well known for her charitable work. every year the ethiopian woman gives meals to the homeless. >> to give them a meal because i am one of them. >> reporter: the president of the panterra company, which own this is water front property told met reason she is terminating the lease is is because of a sewage leak under the building that is going to require months of repair work. >> i'm concerned about the health and safety of people that go into that building. if you are a caring person, it seems to me like that would be a major concern to you. >> reporter: but the county health department did an inspection just last week and gave the restaurant a passing grade. >> there is no reason to shut
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down this race because saying that there is a problem underneath, no. there is no problem and that they will say anything. >> reporter: the mayor of richmond is trying to deal directly with the property owner to work out some sort of a solution to stop this eviction. she says as of today what she has just 26 days left on her lease and she cannot imagine closing her doors. in richmond ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, the santa clara sheriff was hit with a lawsuit. they claimed that the sheriff retaliated against the members that criticized them. >> also ahead bruce bochy spent a night in the hospital. the latest on his health condition later in sports. lawmakers are calling for a state of emergency, but it isn't for a crime or a natural disaster, but a state of an emergency to fight homelessness.
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the santa clara sheriff was hit with a lawsuit for allegedly retaliating against union members who have criticized her in the past. the deputy sheriff association says that laura smith has specifically targeted the union's president dan morrissey because he stood up for fellow deputies. the union says that morris has been pushing for better working conditions, better training for deputies, and better pay. he says that smith has retaliated by denying morrissey
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certain work assignments and career advancements. >> from denying promotions to demoting people, to gaining special assignments, not allowing them to interact with the new recruits, that the list will go on and on and that as this case unfolds. >> six members were treated worse after voting to endorse smith's challenger in her 2014 re-election bid. they say that she threatened toinvestigate any deputy who posted bumper stickers supporting her opponent. the number of homeless people living in california have them calling critical mass. efforts to ease the crisis, they do not seem to be working. now they are recommending the state of the emergency. for the report that says that the cities and the other issues to open up their public buildings as temporary shelters for people that will be living on the street. they have declared a similar state of emergency for their homeless population.
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treating homeless people with mental health issues is not working. >> it is a disaster and it would happen overtime, but we would have people sleeping outdoors without any shelter at all. it will be an emergency. >> the state senate, they have proposed a $2 billion plan to build housing for the california homeless population. and their families throughout this state. >> and delta airlines would cancel 500 more flights today as they will need to con to struggle to recover from a power outage. for thousands of those passengers yesterday. that they would say today's cancellations were, "to reset their operations after the power outage yesterday." thousands of the passengers were stranded again today and that they are getting those customers to the best nation that is not going to be easy.
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90% of their flights were all booked full before their computer systems went down. >> we have been taking them off twice. we have been giving term had every excuse at this time for confidence. but what are you going to do about it? >> before their massive outage that they would have an impressive record going 100 days this year without one canceled flight. and in addition to hundreds of cancellations that 3,000 delta flights were delayed today. that their ceo have issued an apology and that they will be offering those refunds and travel vouchers to customers. coming up, changes may be on the way for private universities in california. the bill that would decide if california's faith-based universities would need to follow lbgt anti-discrimination laws. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> donald trump, once again in the spotlight for the comments
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made about hillary clinton. and now some of his critics are asking for the secret service to investigate. next a smash and grab burglary in san francisco that was caught on video. how the criminals were able to gain entry into the store. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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here are the top stories that we are following tonight. and that it killed eight people, destroying 38 homes six years ago. the jurors, they also found the utility guilty of five felony charges for failing to adequately inspect and test their gas pipelines. and shotty recordkeeping leading up to the disaster in 2010. that oakland police say that the stolen car with five women and girls inside slammed right into the cement mixer this afternoon. investigators say it all started with a fight at 88th avenue and international boulevard as they say that when police responded that the driver of the stolen chevy impala rammed that police car. they chased them to 98th and eves where the car crashed right into the cement driver. at lyes two people were inside that car -- at least two people
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were inside that car. oakland police are investigating the death of the woman shot this afternoon on fresno street near 73rd. so far authorities are not releasing the name or saying whether or not anyone is in custody for the homicide. she was on the porch of the home and may have been an innocent victim caught in the cross fire. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. we start this half hour with a smash-and-grab robbery in fisherman's wharf in san francisco. the suspect pulled that battery ram, using it to bust open the door of a camera store. >> ktvu tara moriarty tells us that the burglars got away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods doing it in just a couple of minutes. >> shortly before 3:00 this morning four suspects back a white van onto the sidewalk in front of the camera store on fisherman's wharf. they used it as a battering ra


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