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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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day. the firm brought in the previous management firm and they say they will return all the deposits. another controversial by donald trump and another lawsuit from hillary clinton will face the campaign trail. and the 40 niners returned to their san francisco roots. we are at the stadium where the team is holding open practice in just a couple of hours. plus telling the story of singer and songwriter carol king. were joined by two actors of the broadway show now playing in san francisco.
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on my way to work the chase and thought i was going to be late to work that we so this person lead officers on a slow speed pursuit for several counties and a person was arrested in the oakland hills. >> new information on this ongoing story. they gave us the name of the man. he is from berkeley and is facing charges of evading police and driving under the influence. >> i am a little perplexed because the individual was driving so slow why didn't they try to stop it sooner or box and then?
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>>reporter: chp says because the car was traveling so slow under 40 miles per hour and because they had spike strip to the car and the tires are mostly out only one left and because at that time of the morning there were very few cars and about and really any pedestrians they decided to let this go on as long as it did. the very slow long pursuit began in menlo park officers tried to pull him over because they believed he appeared intoxicated. the driver reversed the vehicle almost hitting the officer and the chase was on. it was a very slow one driving between 15 and 20 miles per hour . getting on and getting off the freeway. he had his hazard lights on the whole time. at skyline boulevard the toyota only had one tire left. spike
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strips ripped apart the other tire and he was forced to stop. a fire started inside the car but he still didn't get out. officer shot beanbags to break his windows and still he didn't get out. a k-9 was then deployed to taken into custody. afterwards officers say he was compliant. >> once was taken into custody he was sweating very profusely and had signs and symptoms of intoxication or possibly a mental disorder. all of that is under investigation we get them medical treatment immediately for the dog bites and he is on his way to hospital now to receive whatever medical treatment whether it's physical or mental. >>reporter: before he left in the ambulance the suspect was sitting on the ground handcuffed talking nonstop and he was sweating. chp says he will be charged with a dui and evading officers. chp says any pursuit can be dangerous but because of the
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very slow speeds that he was driving at and at that time a morning because there were so few cars out and hardly any pedestrians they decided to let this go and waved at the risk and decided that he was not as big of a safety public risk. we saw on 880 and the pursuit he drove on the opposite side of traffic and it's one car during the early part of the pursuit. >> a lot of people asking what does it take for officers to move then? >> they were being really cautious. >> i'm sure we'll talk about this throughout the day. oakland city officials telling henry lee the city plan to suspend to police officers in connection to a texting scandal. they investigated and exchange of inappropriate racial and homophonic text messages among a group of officers and they will be a refresher course of the city's policies against discrimination and harassment. the mayor and label the text as hateful speech and said some
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officers were engaging and it's or tolerating presents the following news out of arkansas were two officers were shot this morning. one the chief of police and the other a sheriff's deputies. authorities say that you responded to a call from a home in a rural area when they were shocked. the suspected gunman is barricaded inside a house and not cooperating with authorities and he is reportedly armed with a semiautomatic weapon the deputies said to be in critical condition and the chief is also in the hospital but his condition has not been released and we will follow the story from arkansas and bring any updates. severances the police report most violent and property crimes in the city continue to decline to the first six months of the year the department records show with assault robbery burglary and auto break-ins all continued on a downward trend in the first half of 2016 but there was one major exception, homicide continues to rise in the city. they were 26 killings by the end of june of this year
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compared 24 in 2015. and off script moment from trump in the headlines. he was speaking to supporters in wilmington north carolina when he warned gun owners that hillary clinton would abolish the second amendment if elected. some critics say his comments sounded like he was urging people to shoot his democratic rival. .>> if he gets to pick the charges -- she gets to pick the judge is nothing you can do. although the second amendment, people may be there is. i will tell you widespread that will be a horrible day. >> the clinton campaign is facing criticism as well. some people notice the father of the gun man behind the orlando nightclub attack seated directly behind clinton at a campaign event. >> house speaker paul ryan
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defeated the challenger for his congressional seat in wisconsin primary election yesterday. he says he understands the american public is frustrated with all the fighting and congress between republicans and democrats. >> it is easy to resort to division. it is simple to play on people's fears. that stuff sells but it doesn't stick. it doesn't last. most of all it doesn't work. ryan will face democratic in november a general election. i want to bring in our political analyst on the phone. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. >> let's get right to the topic and talk about trump and his comments. what is your take? with you suggesting that the second amendment supporters go off to the polls and vote to get clinton and hope that she doesn't win and therefore appointed judges were was you suggesting violence? >> we all pray that it was not a nefarious comments and my
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inclination is that once again trump who is very inarticulate speaking off-the-cuff said something that did not have the meaning that it sounded like. i don't think for one minute he was suggesting that anyone take the law into their own hands respect in the past we heard and saw trump say things off- the-cuff and some people consider that outrageous and other flock to him and the comments and we see a bump in the poll numbers. you expect that to happen? >>reporter: now. i think people are finally catching up to the idea that this guy, to the lunch is not always prepared. when you are not prepared you say things and some of those things can be misinterpreted and i think in this case it was misinterpreted because donald trump wasn't very clear about what he was saying. he just gets up there and talk. >> this is the fall campaign.
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this is different from the primaries where he is preaching to republicans and we see it go a little differently for him. when he makes mistakes now it seems like sometimes has poll numbers take a hit. absolutely. the reason is when you are speaking to your base, to the already converted, almost anything you say goes. but when you get to beyond the primary and you are out to the general populace things you say take on a different meaning and really on one level a much greater importance. things he is saying now are being analyzed every which way by a much broader audience and that's making a difference. >> hillary clinton's camp jumped on this fairly quickly. you think there's any sign they did that because of the recent emails that were released from the state department suggesting that donors to the quentin clinton foundation were getting special access to the state
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department? >> absolutely. all of this comes down to the 24-hour news cycle. from here on out as exhausting as it will be there is going to be an attempt by each to one of the other camp by finding something newsworthy that will dominate the news cycle for 24 hours. and we can watch this and almost project in last 24, 36, 48 at most and onto the next story. that's what we'll see from here on out and that's why for donald trump the quicker he can get on message he can start reading from a teleprompter and from paper as opposed to chatting it up the better off he will be prayed for donald trump has not agreed to take part in the three presidential debates saying he wants to see the conditions, not happy with the coinciding of nfl games for you think he will agree to the debates with hillary clinton? >>reporter: yes. he has no choice. he dodged one debate in a primary and he took huge
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criticism for that. he isn't going to dodge a presidential debates. this is part of the persona -- an association and he wants the best terms but he walks into the room to debate. there is no doubt he will debates hillary clinton.>> -- thank you for joining us this morning and breaking down the information. >> we are also turning to you. what you think donald trump meant by those comments? were they a threat of violence, are they being blown out of proportion? a lot of comments, minor split. trump to the call for an assassination, the left wing media was been anything to protect the sugar mama and another said the donald is a pompous simply just saying.>> he says whether he meant it or not i don't want my president to say things that need
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interpretation.>> and patriot says it gives trump ammo that he is right about the media. >> we appreciate getting us to go to the facebook page taking part in the conversation will check your responses to the newscasts. coming up, a recycle program for the east bank and an ivory the community it serves to ease restrictions with the drought.
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checking stocks the dell was on the upside but now it is down but only losing fewer than 30 points. project following developing news in the south bay with deputies are searching for two people suspected of burglarizing an apple facility.
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happened early this morning on bubb road and results way . officers chased the suspects to san jose and a black bmw and deputies say they all fled on foot after the car came to a stop. expected deputies were able to find the suspect's vehicle. got an a short pursuits with the vehicle was disabled three suspects fled we were able to arrest one suspect and the other two got out. >> witnesses say one of the suspects ran into a starbucks about a block from where the vehicle came to a stop and that's where he was arrested. the sheriff's department says they stole laptop peters and other equipment from the apple building. >> said news one of the more popular invisible sportscasters on espn guy. john saunders passed away unexpectedly in new york today. he joined espn in 1986 and in that time called basketball games, stanley cup playoffs and was attributed to the wire it
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world of sports. the death is unclear but no suspicion of foul play. he was 61 years old. spectators watching all the time. for more on local stories let's go to dave clark in the newsroom. >> here are some of the top stories via following. police in san jose taking six more random shootings are targeted cars around a stretch of possible route. some victims were grazed by bullets or hate with broken glass. since early may there have been 10 shootings in the area. new surveillance cameras haven't -- been installed in san jose police increase the patrols in the area as they search for the shooter. >> hundreds of santa clara hundreds of santa clara court employees are expected to continue. the two sides in this dispute about it last night they will resume negotiations but they will work today to pick a mediator and scheduled the talks. the walkout has disrupted operations at all 11
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courthouses in the county but court services continue on a limited basis. the court is demanding a pay raise saying they needed. delta airlines canceled more flights taking 95 office worldwide schedule since monday 1700 other flights have been canceled . it has really been hard for travelers to make up the arrangements after delta and did a deal with american airlines that was a cooperative ticketing arrangements. delta ceo was apologizing for the airline is offering refunds and travel vouchers to customers. >> those are just some of your morning headlines. coming up if you don't have time to go to the dentist no problem may come to you. at 945 no problem may come to you. at 9:45 am we will introduce you to them. preparing your children to go back to school with food allergies that a top allergy to
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watch out for.
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maybelline's new loaded bolds. make it happen. ♪ maybelline new york. back-to-school week continues and we are talking about food allergies according to the center for disease control nearly 6,000,000 children across the country suffer from some type of allergy and what are the top allergy is affecting your kids? what are some second lunch ideas that are allergy friendly, joining me a food allergy expert heather collins. i have children who are going to be going back to school and i know what they are not allergic to but is there something hidden that they can eat at school that would send them into a problem? >> that's a good question. a lot of people when starting to send the kids to school might not know about food allergies and the need to be more aware. obviously you are not eating with your kids enough expect
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they can eat peanuts. >> the top eight food allergens which you probably know from your kids taking a peanut peanut is number one. tree nuts is another one. as your child ever had almonds or cashews? maybe at school maybe you don't know if they have a reaction to that. the teacher needs to be aware of what's going on with that. in addition to peanuts and trina we also have dairy. cindy cheese and milk and egg allergy. eggs are the number two allergies for kids including wheat gluten shellfish and fish and soy. >> what are some options i have ? was a my kids okay with things that you don't want his or her classmates to come into some trouble because of what i sent in the lunchbox table trying to? >> is a big issue especially when going back to school because right now kids are in a safe zone. say they go over to your house to play what we give them when
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johnny has a peanut allergy? >> no peanut butter. and this is a great cookie because it allows kids to the kids. it is free to eat and spells out all the food allergies right there on the label so you can know exactly what's in the pantry. they are safe to eat. this is also a great product to have on hand for school because of its valentine's day they are cookie decorating at something that the class could have in the classroom. >> in your work to represent these plans have you noticed that other brands have caught up and started labeling things on the package? i see that more and more with products perspective probably -- its true purpose want to make it easy for the consumer when going to the store to save my child had -- can have dairy but not looking for>> this is great for their tommies.
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this is another product i love crunch organics and spells it out right there for you. you don't have to do all the work. a lot of companies in the past couple of years are making food taste better and making it taste better for adults with food allergies because the demand is there. 50 million people have food allergies. >> what are some sick options if you don't know if maybe your kids friends allergies and you want to send them off to school with some of these products? >> yes. you can send these because it something you can take -- feel this are here. it is perfect for the throat into the bad and it's ready to go by lunchtime and then they can have it as a little smoothie or explore the pulpit there are a lot of products that are so delicious that are dairy free and soy free milk crates but one must question, why do you suppose now it seems as if
9:24 am
there are more allergies. when i was growing up with his eight whatever. with a food allergies but then are we just more aware? >> i get asked that so many times with the minor work that i do the easiest answer is to say it's environmental. the jury is still out. the researchers are doing the work now to figure out is that the soil, the food and the way we are going it? is it the way we are producing food? make it also be genetics. they are trying to figure out what it is but a gap, being aware and making sure that it could be more than just a tummy eight. it could be more. there are so many good options out there. >> heather collins, the expert. back-to-school week continues at 9:45 am and we introduce you to a company that helps teachers raise money for students and the classrooms and meet a dental company that brings it services to you.
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we are checking the twitter feed and today's topic in response to a comment donald trump made yesterday and some say he was suggesting violence when it comes to hillary clinton's campaign. we will keep it up. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. >> i will tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> it's that maybe there is comments that so many people are focusing in on. let's bring it out here and talk about some of your responses to the question of the day. was he asking for violence against clinton or say maybe you can use your strength and go to the polls? a number of responses, tijuana sam's is
9:28 am
i don't understand why people are so upset about the comment. she tweets reckless. >> the last time i read something from the patriot that said it is media hype when this time i'm reading a tweets from donna simon he said of course he is reckless with his words there are too many crazies out there who will take it seriously. she suggests that if he didn't minute he could inspire people to do something bad. >> along those lines he tweets they believe him and his gibberish. he has to be taken seriously. >> the conversation continues throughout the day on our facebook page as well as better. # tesla denied. let's bring and steve and a look on the wednesday forecast. we have a good-looking fonts that damage -- fog bank out there.
9:29 am
it was from about marine counties south most of the coast dealing with fog and the crowd to play into the weatherford and looks warmer not crazy hot heading into friday and saturday away from the coast. this is been a very benign stratus flow pattern for august. the fog comes in and burnt >> 1670 80 and there's more appropriate here than at the airport shows it in fairfield little stronger than yesterday and some locations one observation that 60s for some already in the system sliding down into the pacific northwest coping northern california and helps to enhance the fog bank but after today look like it will burn off sooner and temperatures will warm up inland today a lot of 80s inland and 60s and 70s by the bank but if away from the coast the next few days it can be warm friday and saturday. happening now caltrans crews removed parts of the tallest section of the old
9:30 am
paper it's printed relation crews are taking them the last pieces of the five biggest steel sections of that bridge. it began two hours ago in the debris will be taken to the were able be dismantled for scrap. this video of the bridge demolition project was taken in may. >> i see it every time i tried the new bridge. but i don't remember driving on a plate >> and recycled pipeline project is seeing a milestone. the first service connection from the pipeline was me this morning. more than 3 miles of the pipe is installed in san ramon and when complete the project will serve an average 2.4 million gallons per day of recyclable water. that water will be used to irrigate parks, schools and common areas of landscape as well as golf courses. recycled water is treated wastewater so it is safe for landscaping but not safe to drink.>> before major league
9:31 am
slugger josi canseco says these broke into his suv and stole some baseball bats it canseco to do about it this morning percent 40 minutes ago at 4:30 am cops knock on my door and pittsburg california. two guys broke into my suv and stole my path. i still got its lol. canseco tweeted a short time later a picture of jupiter police officers holding his bats after they were recovered with a message of thanks. he is playing part of the independent pro-baseball team. from baseball to football, football is here. this morning the 49ers are returning to their roots. in over 90 minutes it will begin an open practice at kezar stadium. >> thousands of fans will be watching. we are also there. i remember playing my high school football days that but john brodie rco went graced the field. >> and washington.
9:32 am
>>reporter: i will give you a few names that walked by, frank nunley and to collect and those are guys that played here at kezar stadium. we will talk to them a little later at noon and as you said the 49ers are opening the old kezar stadium after practice. it is open to the public and people will get to see the 49ers , the 2016 version. this is the place where they first played with it came into existence in 1946 in a plate until 1970. you really can't come here and not feel the ghost of some of the past memories. one of the great features of this place is you take a look at the field in the old days they used to have not much grass between the yard markers because the fact that so many high schools played here and call to this their home stadium but another great feature as we pan over the other way is you look at the tunnel which is what the east
9:33 am
and zone both teams would come out of the tunnel and there is a great story the organizers to tell stories about the home team, first and kick up dust in a tunnel to the visiting team had to reach their dust as they came out. the story about the time he was introducing trips and fell flat on his face in front of 50,000 people. we also have is a clip of the last time the 49ers played here , the nfc championship game 1970 against the dallas cowboys. >> it is spectacular. kezar stadium. the field is in excellent condition. a fast track. >> i am already short. >>reporter: you are taking a look at kezar stadium on that day in 1970 and when you look at this place now what is cool about this is the city of semper cisco retains kezar stadium but and looks very different than it did back in the days when the stands were high and on the nfc
9:34 am
championship game against the cowboys of 1978 was packed and you're looking at that right now . now it is my pleasure to welcome a guy that i've known for a long time did his position has been elevated since the last time we talked, the presence of the 49ers. obviously we visit the history of kezar stadium why is that important? >> you talk about it, the choses walking into this place to understand history we play 25 years here. eight of our 14 hall of famer's plate at kezar stadium and having old as workarounds. just the chills of knowing this is where it all began seven years ago -- 70 years ago. to honor that history and the practice it's a great feeling. >>reporter: tell us, every time you turn the season you start a new page the 49ers turn a new page with a new coach with chip kelly, a very young roster i'm sure you're excited about the enthusiasm of the players, what
9:35 am
do you expect? >> we are excited. there are so many camp battles in competitions going on for starting jobs some of the young guys we drafted now and last year are up and comers. obviously the quarterback battle is a hot topic. chippers brought a great energy and paste and a fresh approach to how we manage things and operates and again to come back here to san francisco a fresh season. there is optimism in the air and great competition on the field and very excited and so should the fans and said we were just about at a time but is quickly i think the thing that you are trying to establish as we know about the history, the new facility, all it needs now is some history. >> that's exactly right. it's like a new home for you have to live in it and build the moment stuff. those moments of people -- that you can speak to those moments that we have to have us moments in levi's to make it feel like home and we are working towards
9:36 am
that. the president of the 49ers thanks for taking time with us and i know we are going to enjoy this day when fans get to revisit with the 49ers came into existence in 1946 but will have more at noon and until then reporting live from kezar stadium, the first time i ever got to say that. they are some of the most recognized songs and music history.[music] >> beautiful tells the story of carol kane king. the musical is playing in san francisco. >> it's hard to not sing along. joining us suzanne who plays jeannie, carol's mother and kurt who plays songwriter don kershner, the man with the golden here. is there any song carol king did not right?
9:37 am
>> no. she wrote every song. but for other reasons we give credit elsewhere. >> she came in as a 16-year-old and immediately started writing. incredible. >> anniversary lyrics that grab you and the musical? >> you've got you got a friend, will you still love me tomorrow? and the title song beautiful is our mantra for the show is as you got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart and so that's how we roll with our show. appropriate a lot of love to the audiences. >> is your show cover the transition to when she was writing songs for other people and began singing can expect starts at 16 and goes until she decides to create the tapestry albums and she ends up writing all the music and singing all the songs herself and playing piano for its. with james taylor on a lot of the cuts.
9:38 am
>> we begin with her youth and end with her tapestry album. >> suzanne, you played this role in a number of places and broadway and carol king surprise you when you were in boston for tell us what it was like. second was amazing. no one knew and at the end of the shelf is that everyone get on stage and we all came out and they literally said ladies and gentlemen carol king. and she walked out and so we all burst into tears. she talked with all of us. she had great story to tell. she was with us for about 45 minutes and we all got to take pictures and speak with her personally. she was humble and wonderful just to be in her presence. >> carol king is on so many levels, will instruct you the most? >> with carol king? i think the hardest thing for me is
9:39 am
going on stage every night and telling someone story. it is someone story. when you meet someone it was so heavy and so real that sound silly to say but it made it that much more important to continue telling the story. and she was so suites and this is not an easy thing to go through to watch her story every night. she was in disguise and had awake. she sat there because what would you do if you realize you were sitting next to carol king. she was so sweet about it all. and so complementary fit demand a lot and grounded everyone. >> what have you learned about carol king doing this production that you didn't know before? >> not that i didn't know before but at a very old age i realized song was natural woman for i was singing, and sure women. >> i was like oh my gosh that is natural woman. it's a very lovely.
9:40 am
>> the almond tapestry went on to be one of the biggest of all time and i think it still out there in the top 10. >> was in the top junior sales. >> suzanne you are from the bay area. >> i am. >> you bring an extra? >> i was telling someone are starting up 101 yesterday and i burst into tears i was so happy to be home. i was born and raised and want to san francisco states and to be here after an entire year of being on the road and in my hometown it's incredible. >> we save the best for last. you ever get a chance to watch another musical? >> i couldn't tell you the last one. set we are on the same schedule. >> we are basically living this present the evenings i would love to see something in the city but i don't know if we had a night off that we could.
9:41 am
>> it's good to be in san francisco. >> thanks for coming. >> thank you so much. we have to imagine the show is played through september 18 the big opening night is tonight i hope you go to for more information on tickets. waiting for you on the web link section of the top of thank you both so much. we will go out and one of my favorite carol king songs. [music] .
9:42 am
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will come back. donors is a company started 16 years ago in the bronx a teacher to help
9:44 am
teachers raise money for projects related to the classrooms and their students. people can choose which product they want to supports and exactly how much they want to contribute. joining me on this back-to- school week partnerships director hans peter thank you for joining us. we will start by saying you used to be a classroom teacher and as a parent on the other side of things i appreciate being able to fulfill a gallon of elmers glue our topical pencils. your knee goes beyond the. >> yes. we find that research shows every a classroom teachers are spending $500 out-of-pocket to get the materials their students need to be successful in the classroom and we want to be part of showing teachers that there are people out there that are excited to help them and students can get things like pencil and paper up to 3-d printers to get them excited to learn. >> i went on your website and typed in my hometown and was able to pick from projects that
9:45 am
asked for $20 up to thousands of dollars. talk to me about how you select which projects get funded. >>@donors we are excited for people like you to go on and find projects and inspire you. individuals can search by their hometown by the areas you want to supports whether yoga or engineering we want to give people a choice. >> annexing the project where the amounts are going to happen what happens the money is given to the projects that never get finished? word is that unspent money go? >> we work with donors to either give the money to the teachers for them to use on a future project or to the donors that can find a project are excited to support and working with teachers to make sure they have the materials and resources and tools to be successful. >> how are you convincing people to give not to their own home schools but to a school across town or maybe across the
9:46 am
country? >> there are two different ways we are first profiling projects from the community. we are also working with corporations and foundations such as google, chevron to go on for matching programs and other types of campaigns to look at the classrooms and them a helping hand. second talked about an average teacher spent about 500 them a helping hand. second talked about an average teacher spent about $500 per year. given that something needs to change because some parents say that given all i can and can't give more? >> on donors we see teachers every day dreaming big for their students to we want them to be successful and not that to be out of their own pocket. it's unsustainable for teachers or the best thing for students. we are excited to be a part of helping address that issue. >> they were project you have funded? >> favorite is out of utility to create her own version using the pool noodle as a foot swing
9:47 am
and using pipes to create something for all students to be comfortable in. >> low budget that works. >> hannah peter from donors choose thank you so much. >> if you are too busy to get your children to the dentist before school starts there is another option. a similar to the startup brings dental care right into your living room. a few weeks ago we shot this video of a teacher using the company because it is so hard to take work off during the week and find a substitute but with me is the founder and the company's head of dentistry. they give for coming and really appreciate it. why is it so many people are scared of going to the dentist? is simply i can go to the dentist but that's what the document identifies something about it. >> you are in a foreign environment and don't know what to expect. the goal is to put in your own environment at home. the dentist will continue. have a full hour with the dentist. you have the full attention.>>
9:48 am
we have an online booking system would you go there you can book an appointment anytime 24 seven and want to book an appointment to people collect all the information we need for where to go and reach out and get all the information that we need like the dental history medical information. all the dances are prepared for the appointment and on the day off we come to your front door one doorbell ring set up about nine or eight minutes and then ready to go. >> are we talking about cleanings? x-rays? what about services can accept we can really do anything you find a general dentist office. that ms. x-rays, crowns, fillings, teeth whitening them anything. >> is there any sort of liability issue regarding this? it's somewhat -- is it surgery? going to the dentist and having a cleaning? if something were to go wrong but i'm in my own
9:49 am
home at a concert of liability? >> we are performing all the treatment she would find in any general dentistry practice. it's not surgical dentistry per se and their protocols in place not only the patient in the homes but also the dentist. >> it's recently fresh but to people say to you want to hang out after? >> i've been offered milk and cookies. >> what about students and parents connect you find the clientele -- who we reach out to the most? >> we are for everyone. the busy professional with the demanding schedule will might not have the usual 2 to 3 hours to make it all the way to the dentist and back. we are for families as well and want to provide early-morning apartments for the entire family. mom dad and kids can get their cleanings done. >> the whole family at once. >> what about insurance? >> insurance we are out of
9:50 am
network that have a team of specialists that can process claims on behalf of their patients. >> what about flossing qnexa have to floss. >> is very controversial. >> what are your thoughts? >> flossing teeth you want to keep. >> i'm definitely a flustered. i notice a difference when i don't floss which i am sometimes -- i can forget for but i think flossing makes a big difference rates that i forgot about that. >> with insurance what is the average cost per person? >> averaging appointment is to 95 including travel and set up in the prices go up from there -- $295. we are excited to offer a back- to-school special for all teachers and students who broke the first appointment with us in august and september. getting $50 off the
9:51 am
appointment. >> there are some companies similar after in regards to come into your home. what makes you stand out? can you sell yourself and be the better company at doing the job? >> i think a lot of people will come to us for the time savings and convenience. we have really gone out of our way to make it a very patient experience from start to finish. the people will be delighted by with all the things a detailed we put into place to really reduce anxiety and hopefully bring to light and joy into this experience. >> i can see myself hanging out in the living room. lisa what about you? you prefer this technique of going to the homes are being in the surgical suite? >> i prefer going to people's homes. you get when you go to their home as you see their environment and can assess if seeing her young child is there a lot of candy in the area? of the parents giving them suites all the time?
9:52 am
you can see the home of the patient and spend the hour with the patient as opposed to a hygienist seeing the patient for the cleaning in the dentist comes in for five minutes. the dentist had the full hour. >> and you get the milk and cookies. >> it doesn't hurt.>> thank you for coming in. they are offering back-to- school discounts, teachers and students can find that at the web link section in the mornings onto page at back-to-school week continues 9:20 am we will be joined by the superintendent. that at 9:45 am so the new school supplies on the market for students just starting kindergarten and is heading off to college and maybe stanford. mornings on 2 benign will be right back.
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it was a history making night for the women's gymnastics team. they dominated winning the gold medal by more than eight points. >> women's gymnastics is often decided by less than half a point and the russians that sobering chinese bronze. >> this is the first time the women won gold and back to back. the individual all-around smart where american simone weil is the favorite. >> phillips has been 20th metals
9:56 am
-- gold medal. -- phelps. that is needed from instagram account of the newest warrior kevin durand. the players also. to rent wanted a selfie with phelps westmoore olympic gold medal for anyone in history. he got the selfie with phelps and kayla jackie who won two gold medals. and to react once one with simone. >> using the previous one there is a familiar face in between. a hand of clay in between. >> you pointed it out. >> phelps looks small. >> it's all relation. >> i love this next story present offense at seaworld may have felt camera shy. went off and grabs the woman's ipad right out of her hand and
9:57 am
often drops it into the water and the woman quickly pulled it out of the water but it looks like in slow motion and often gets the last laugh because moment later another dolphin seem to join in this video taken by another party just keeping a cell phone at a distance and reach of the dolphins. >> keep the ipad down. no pictures please print >> thank you so much for joining us. we will see you back at noon and we will see you back tomorrow for more ktvu mornings. have a great one.
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: good. [ applause ] thank you for joining us.


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