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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, everybody. taking a live look at the beautiful estuary this morning. and the song is called stuck in the middle with you. and in terms of temperatures, you're pretty much stuck if you're looking for a temperature change. steve will be talking about
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that. it's thursday, august 11th. i'm brian florida. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. stuck in the middle with you guys. >> i'm actually in the middle. that was jerry rafferty. before you time, my friend. >> exactly. i think you should have you own music segment. you know a lot. >> not as much as sal. it depends on the genre though. we are stuck in the middle with you with the fog and the sun. and temperatures -- it's been a long time since they budged that much. they are showing signs of warming up inland as we head to friday and saturday. coast and bay, i don't think it's going to change that much. we need an offshore breeze. don't see anything like that. kind of interesting. some of the longer range outlooks are showing a deep
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system. we'll see what develops. temperatures will be the same as yesterday. 50s and 60s. and 60s on the peninsula. they get the southeast breeze which has been very warm. look at the lows on the peninsula. in the low 60s for some. and the farther north. pacifica, 53. all that monsoon moisture just stays in the four corners and not making it to southern california. we get the fog. 60s, 70s, 80s, and some 90s. >> good morning to you. good jerry rafferty knowledge. >> that song -- back when i was in college. that was the big hit. >> right. >> at one time. >> at one time. at that time. >> at that time. >> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at 80
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westbound. if you're driving in solano county we're watching the commute from vacaville, fairfield, cordelia. and traffic is moving along okay throughout the entire region. a little bit of slow traffic as you come up to the cordelia junction already. people are out in full force or at least getting up to the full force part. the traffic is still okay on the altamont pass but it's beginning to fill in. let's take a look at what we have. the westbound bay bridge is light coming in to san francisco. and this morning in the silicon valley. 237 westbound. very light getting over to sunnyvale. a san jose couple is asking for help after a hit-and-run crash. the crash happened on august 3rd at the busy intersection of story road and via ferrari not
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far from the egg grace ya viglesia cristo church. he was hit by a car and is in a coma. the family is asking for help >> if it was an accident and he didn't know, just come forward. and face, you know -- the consequences. >> the family is asking for justice and prayers for eduardo. doctors have given two choices, take him off life support or move him to a rehabilitation center. he's not likely to survive but his participants refuse to give up home. janine de la vega will have more on the story coming up in the next hour. oakland police have
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arrested a suspect in the killing of two people and the attempted killing of a third. 37-year-old francis sew jesus hernandez shot into a car monday. he killed two people. officers say a suspect suspect shot a third victim before they set the car on fire. prosecutors are charged him with several charges, including two more murder. the second suspect is still at large. and the third victim is expected to recover. >> >> fremont police arrested a man who tried to grab for an officer's gun. officers found the 34-year-old sitting on the sidewalk with garden shears. when they tried to talk to him, he yelled and pushed one into a
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fence. he tried to reach for the officer's gun and was tased and arrested. cal fire says faulty wiring to a hot tub caused a massive fire. it started september 12th. investigators determined that an electrical connection overheated and sparked the fire in dry grass at a home in the town of cobb. >> there's a permit required for electrical installation. and we were unable to locate a permit on file. >> the district attorney will determine if any charges will be filed against the homeowner. it's the third most destructive fire in state history. a medical plane that crashed on its way to oakland broke up during flight but why that happened is a mystery. the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit and tried to fly back
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to crescent city. witnesses reported a large flash in the sky before the crash. four people were killed. the pilot, a nurse, a paramedic, and the patient. it could be a year before a final report is released. drug agents have uncovered one of the largest indoor growing operations the city has ever seen. 40,000 pot plants were found. the san joaquin sheriff's deputy got a search warrant and arrested three people at the scene. >> it was possibly able to produce over a million dollars of product a month. it's mind boggling how much money they could have been making off that operation. >> detectives do expect to make additional arrests in connection with this case. today, striking court workers and officials will head back to the bargaining table.
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workers say they will not go back to work during the newest negotiations. clerks are asking for a 3% raise and the court is offering no raise. they'll sit down to try to work out a deal. limited court hearings will continue. in developing news out of vacaville, crews are working to clean up a flooded annex facility to solano community college. the school is scheduled to open on monday. construction crews working on the roof of a building accidentally hit a water pipe and flooded the building with thousands of gallons of water. ceiling tiles came down in some of the classrooms and the school is now looking to find an alternate location for classes. they promise the semester will start on monday.
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an audit of -- auditors are being asked to examine how janet napolitano spends its budget. the legislature needs a clearer picture of the university extending. it comes at a time when uc is pushing for more funding and is expected to raise tuition prices. palo alto's commissioner handed in her resign in addition. he can't afford the sky high cost of housing. kate downing says she can't afford to rent a palo alto home despite the couple's jobs. the couple is moving to santa cruz. it was the massive fire in san francisco that displaced seven businesses and 40 people and coming up in the 5:00 hour, the help now on the way from
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the federal government. >> first, ordered to pay $700 million. up next, the refund going to at&t customers. you're looking at a commute that's not doing poorly. this is highway 24 westbound. looks good as you drive through the tunnel. some fog out there. not just the low cloud variety. we'll have an update on the forecast.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. if you live in a small house or apartment. you know that every square foot counts. and now one san francisco company is helping to maximize
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the site. omni is an on demand storage for your possessions. punch an app and order omni to come and take away your things. if customer wants items back. she's going camping and we're taking them to her. >> the app keeps your items like an online catalog disposal. it's 50 cents an item if it fits in one bag. at&t will send refunds to customers over the next three months. at&t reportedly allowed scammers to cause $9 a month for a directory service that
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didn't exist. at&t will refund the customers within 90 days. delta airline officials say flights are getting back to normal. anyone catching a delta flight this morning should contact the airline before heading to the airport. delta's ceo has officially apologized for the computer problem that grounded hundreds of flights on monday. the san francisco school board will allow the war -- the team will pay between 15 to 20 grand to emblazon their logo on a wall. some people are concerned that
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it will become a mini warriors arena. people like to watch the olympics but apparently, they are not interested in betting on them. the nevada gaming commission reopened betting on the olympics but in las vegas, they say outside of a few bets on basketball and soccer, there's not much interest. one theory is that the american athletes are too good and it's difficult to make money on them. australia led by five points at halftime and the u.s. rallied to win. in the pool, the u.s. women's relay team won gold. the americans trailed through the first three legs of the event. once again katie ledecky -- she is incredible. she was up to the challenge. it's her third gold medal in
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the games so far. the u.s. has 11 gold medals. a total of 32. china has 10 gold. and japan has 18 medals with six gold. the u.s. is expected to pick up more today. individual all around gymnastics events and michael phelps competing. katie ledecky says she met him when she was six. and he's still in the pool. >> 21 gold medals, that's amazing. he's incredible. >> sal, have you been watching the games. >> pam, i grew up watching you on tv. >> that's not true. but doesn't that make you feel a bit old. we get people saying that. and sometimes they were very
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specific. okay dude, chill out a little bit. good morning, everyone. but i appreciate it. if you're on westbound 580 driving to the altamont pass, traffic is already slow. not only on 580 but on 205. the traffic is okay into the main part of livermore. and san mateo bridge traffic looks pretty good as you drive to the peninsula. and so does the dumbarton bridge. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, there's very little delay. some of the lanes on the left are crowded. and for the most part. a nice drive to san francisco. now for today's forecast let's go to steve. >> sal, i've been watching you since i was 32. things are going bonkers in new mexico and much of the four
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corners. look at the dust storm. i've seen a couple of pictures here. i'll share this. we were in a restaurant. i'll just say the name. preston's in scottsdale. everyone's phone lit up. and you get these massive dust storms. and this is some of the remains from javier. and all the way up to utah. kaboom. the problem -- the dust is a bad situation but you can get like 2 inches of rain in tucson and phoenix in a short period of time. that will be another active day today. they move right through downtown phoenix. kind of scary stuff. we have all that hanging out in
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arizona. not in southern california. did not take the turn. the direction is not favorable for that. and even in the sierra they get some clouds. 52, 56, 56, 58, water temps like the inland temps are not going anywhere. decent on shore breeze out to the delta. i saw 29 at ported chicago. peninsula attempts some of these are cool. gilroy, 53. 57 santa cruz. but it's the southeast breeze that continues to come up. and that's a really mild pattern for some on the peninsula and san jose in the afternoon. san jose downtown has been warmer for the last two days because of the southeast breeze. it can bring up a lot of cool air from the salinas valley. 43 in truckie. and 42 south lake tahoe.
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and 49 at norton. and temperatures on the warm side in reno. and also in the desert southwest. overall a weak system yesterday that didn't do much. high pressure is going to build in and that will compress the fog and inland temps will come up a little bit. the bay will warm up as well. mild to warm to hot. and warmer friday to saturday. some inland locations in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. and coast and bay stuck in the 60s and 70s. close to seasonal averages, a few below and a few above. inland temperatures will be above friday, saturday, and probably sunday. it's 4:50 and saving animals from slaughter. coming up in 25 minutes, the newly developed arcade style game released by peta and the
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'80s band they teamed up with. having a child that's sick you feel like you're in the twilight zone. >> the donation that saved her life.
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well happening today the annual perseid meteor shower
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will be on display. this year could be spectacular. 80 is the average year but this year, it could be 200. jupiter's rotation puts more meteors in our viewing range. it will peak late tonight and early tomorrow morning. >> >> there's a potentially toxic -- an algae bloom could be dangerous to people, pets, and livestock. the problem is risky for dogs. exposure to the blue-green algae can cause rashes, eye problems, and stomach problems. drinking water from the tap is not affected. a fairfield water says her young daughter has recovered from a rare disease thanks to the gift of blood. she's 2 years old and healthy,
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but a year ago she was diagnosed with a disease that compromised her immune system. she had 16 rounds of chemo and 30 blood transfusions. >> to see her get the blood was hard for me. i sat there and cried. it was terrible but watching her body recover from the blood was amazing. >> one month ago she was given the all clear by her doctor. her mother is encouraging everyone to donate blood. it can be a matter of life or death, especially for a sick child. a 10-year-old girl is hoping to bring people closer, one bracelet at a time. she made bracelets for herself, family, and friends, and told them to pass on the goodwill. you receive a bracelet and then
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make three more >> i put my dad to work. he answers messages on social media 'cause i don't know how to work that stuff. and he says you're like a little ceo. >> the craze is so popular there are bracelet making parties and volunteers made a batch for the chicago police department and the san francisco police department. >> i love her glasses. the public has a chance to catch a free view of what silicon valley has to offer. the latest -- the event is seen as a way for start-ups to meet and greet potential customers. more than 700 attended the event with more expected today. there'll be life demonstrations. and the free show is on castro street from 11:00 to 2:00. the giants picked up the
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first serious win since the all star game. they beat the marlins yesterday morning. crawford had the only home run of the 4th. the giants took two of three from the myrrhines lins. the dodgers lost so the giants are back in the lead. and the a's won beating the orioles for the third straight find. there was an rbi double for the a's only run. and the a's go for the sweep this afternoon at the coliseum. coming up in the 5:00 hour, taken without a trace. coming up at act, the search for a woman suspected of abducting her 10-month-old son. the growing controversy surrounding hillary clinton's e- mails. we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing well on
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northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you about that straight ahead. there's fog for many and temperatures will stay about the same. what about the weekend? we'll have that coming up.
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good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. a body was found in a popular mall in san francisco. we have the reason authorities are now treating this as a homicide investigation. plus-- donald trump, hillary clinton, and a guy with suction cups. i'm doug luzader in washington. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail just ahead. this is ktvu mornings on 2. ♪ [ music ] >> there you go, steve. baker street. >> this was his first time hit i believe. >> jerry rafferty as you were saying. saxophone? i love the saxophone. thursday, august 11th. i'm pam cook, thank


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