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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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westfield shopping center yesterday. we'll tell you about the clues investigators have to go on coming up. dozens of people hurt at a fire in a washington, d.c. suburb. the search underway for several people unaccounted for. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. and thank you for waking up with us if you're just joining us. it's thursday, august 11th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. i hope you can deal with fog. a lot of us have it. >> some do. some don't. if you have to deal with it. the visibility is a little on the iffy side. yesterday a low cloud deck and today right on the deck. temperatures inland continue to be pretty warm. and areas that are clear starting off in the 50s and
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60s. it was 96 yesterday. the averse yesterday viewing is spectacular. there you go. get away from the fog and the city lights and you should have no problem. the fog is going to play back to the coast and the delta breeze is okay. it hasn't collapsed or anything. 50s on the temps, and low 60s on the peninsula. and there's not much of a change here. all the activity continues to be to the east. and the fog is there for the coast. 60s, 70s, a couple of 80s. here's sal now. >> good morning. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and we do see a lot of slow traffic out there. good morning to you. if you're about to hit the road we're in the middle of the commute hey. and this is a 20-minute delay. no problems on the span. just a normal looking commute.
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and also looking at interstate 880 oakland north and southbound. the traffic looks good. and slower south into hayward and down to the silicon valley. the altamont pass and 580 trying to get over the hill we had a couple of earlier problems. most of the traffic has transferred to 580 and the speeds are down by the time you get into the regular area here of livermore. livermore to dublin and pleasanton it evens out but getting there is a chore. topping our news, a homicide investigation is underway after a body was discovered inside san francisco's largest shopping mall. alex savidge just spoke to a man who works near the westfield mall. very scary. >> reporter: good morning to you. people who work in this area of san francisco are troubled by the discovery yesterday. san francisco police are saying
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that the victim in this case was a man in his 30s. and his body was found near an employee entrance. what appears to be an employee entrance to bloomingdale's. the discovery was made just after 10:00 in the morning yesterday. and we saw cleaning crews cleaning the walkway and the doorway area yesterday morning. the body was reportedly found in a stair way. i talked with a construction worker who works nearby. and he saw the san francisco police blocking off the whole alleyway. >> a lot of stuff happens around here every day. don't like to see that. makes you nervous when you see someone killed. doesn't make your feel comfortable. but it's the city. >> reporter: it's unclear who discovered the body of what
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condition the victim was in or how he was killed. police have not released that information. we know that the medical examiner that ruled that the man was the victim of a homicide. san francisco police are going over surveillance video from the area, obviously from the shopping center. and there are quite a few cameras in the area. and they are talking to witnesses or anyone who may have been nearby. trying to get leads and make an arrest. >> a lot of people are heading back to school shopping. tourists are still in town. a really busy area. >> and here in san francisco, westfield is a popular destination for locals and tourists. and for a lot of people it's a place that many consider a safe place. something to consider is from where the body was discovered, this is not a public entrance. it appears this is an entrance and exit only used by people working at the mall.
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>> thank you, alex for that update. >> and we are following a developing story out of maryland. we've been showing you these incredible pictures. fire investigators say seven people are unaccounted for at this point following that massive fire. this is an apartment building. overnight the fire destroyed two apartment buildings in silver spring, maryland. firefighters had to rescue several people from upper floors. 30 people were injured, mostly from jumping from windows. three firefighters were also hurt. and some people reported hearing an explosion before the fire. back here at home. oakland police are searching for shooting suspects after a man was shot near the coliseum. it happened on 69th avenue. the victim was a young man in late teens or early 20s shot once but expected to survive. there's no word on what led up
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to the shooting. >> san jose police want to find a woman suspected of kidnapping her infant son. take a look at photos of -- pernell and her son davian. the mother and baby disappeared after she lost custody. authorities believe they are in santa clara county. medical officials say he has a serious medical condition but they are not being specific about what it is. >> we just don't know yet. we don't know the extent of the severity of his medical issues and we're desperate to find out. >> the san jose police say she may be driving a silver four- door hyundai 6 bxn 752 license plate. she uses the last name clark. there was a bizarre scene in new york city yesterday as a
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20-year-old man climbed up trump tower with suction cups. he made it 21 floors up as a huge crowd gathered. there was a massive police response. large air bags were deployed and they removed parts of windows to try to talk to him. there's the inflatables. and they were able to grab him and pull him inside. he said he just wanted to meet donald trump. >> at no time did he say he wanted to hurt anybody. he just wanted to meet with mr. trump. upon getting him in custody, he explained that he wanted a meeting with him. >> donald trump has a home and an office in the building and the tower serves as his campaign headquarters, but he was campaigning in virginia and
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florida. in florida yesterday, he blamed president obama for the rise of isis in iraq and syria. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. >> trump went on to call hillary clinton the cofounder of isis. so far the white house has not commented on trump's accusation. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will ramp up her attacks on donald trump today. she'll reportedly brand his proposals to cut taxes and regulations as the trump loophole for the rich. hillary clinton's economic plan includes investing in public works projects and creating more educational opportunities. she adds that more republicans are being turned off by donald
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trump and they are supporting her. >> humbled and moved by the republicans who are willing to stand up and say that donald trump doesn't represent their values. >> in the meantime, some newly released e-mails are raising questions about the relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. a conservative watchdog group says a foundation official lobbying clinton aides on behalf of a close friend. a suspected terrorist in ontario was killed. the operation involved special units from the royal canadian mounted police. investigators are not saying much about the raid except that they targeted a 24-year-old man who was arrested after he openly supported isis on social media. he was planning a suicide
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bombing in a public area. it was one of the california's most destructive wildfires. what investigators say caused the valley fire that destroyed more than 1300 homes in lake county. and a city official criticizing the city's response to the housing crisis. her resignation letter is getting a lot of attention. we're looking at a commute that's full in many areas, we look at a live picture of traffic on 680 heading down to alamo.
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the lack of affordable housing on the peninsula is the reason one city official gave her resignation to quit her job. the palo alto woman penned a letter of resignation to the city. and janine de la vega says the letter is now getting a lot of attention. janine-- >> reporter: it is, pam. and this woman says she and her family -- they are moving to santa cruz because it is just too expensive to live in palo alto. kate downing was a member of the atlantaing and transportation commission. she posted her resignation online. they pay $6200 a month in rent
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and rent with another couple. the lack of affordable housing in palo alto has been a problem. and a group of residents rallied last year to save the last mobile home park in the city. downing writes time and time again i've seen dozens of people come to commission meetings and asking to have housing made the top priority. they have charted a course for the next 15 years and it substantially continues the same job housing imbalance the community has been suffering for some time. downing is very critical of the council saying it's only affordable for millionaires. we have tried stopping people on the street. and one person said it's unaffordable to live here. we'll reach out and get comment to see what everybody has to
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say about this. >> it should be very interesting. 6:15 is the time. and the south bay real estate market has officially crossed the million dollars mark. the national association of realtors issued the report on median home prices in the metro area including san jose, sunnyvale, and santa clara. it's a jump of 10% from this time last year. the self-service checkout lanes at grocery stores may be turning some shoppers into shoplifters. they are becoming more common at supermarkets and stores. and the technology depends mostly on the honor system and researchers in britain found the lack of human intervention makes shoplifting more common. shoplifting rates double when
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customers use the self-service lanes. the 49ers he would their on public practice of the summer training camp. the 91-year-old stadium was the original home before they moved to candlestick park. some enjoyed learning and hearing the history. they'll practice once again this morning but back in santa clara. let's get you moving this morning. sal, is everybody behaving. >> we've had a couple of things that have caused slower than usual traffic. we start with the east shore freeway on 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze. you'll see the traffic here is going to be taking 19-minute toss drive the stretch between the carquinez bridge and now the backup here instead of 15
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to 20 minutes is more like 25 to 40 minutes. as you can see, the traffic is not moving that well getting onto the span. and all the lanes on the deck are clear. southbound 101 there's a crash blocking a lane. and traffic lancaster slow in the area of southbound 101 to south of marsh. 280 is a good alternate. this is not affecting traffic on the dumbarton bridge. >> is my mike good? it's okay. thank you, good morning, everybody. fog, plenty to go around. and some of it is closer to the ground. and that means visibility may not be that good where you are. and other locations don't have that much at all. temperatures are about to warm up but probably tomorrow inland. not coast and bay.
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if you have a barometer at home, this is an area of low pressure coming out of the hudson bay, northeast canada. 980millibars, and 29.85 inches of mercury. that's a beauty, that's a beauty. i just wanted to show that. wow, i don't know that was there. look at the barometer. way downpour there. we get fog and low clouds in a very quiet pattern, especially up over the mountains and the valley. not much going on. there's an okay breeze. 25 at travis. and 25 at port chicago. there's a component of the breeze. 50s on a lot of these. we have an upper 40 near napa. and that's now at 52. a lot of low clouds than the last couple of mornings. 52 healdsburg.
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and the breeze is available. calm for most locations. and down to san jose that's bringing up warmer lows along with the bay temps. 37 truckee. and 60 up in reno. 56 monterey. and 58 ukiah. and 48 at norton. another nice day. desert southwest continues to get all the action. nothing is moving back to california. big thunderstorms yesterday and some of the remains of tropical storm javier playing into new mexico, arizona, and utah and colorado. and it's not going up to the sierras. right there. that helped clear out much of the cloud cover from the sierra. and for us, not strong enough to wipe out the fog. and temperatures will be about where they have been for most of the week. subtle changes day-to-day. and it does look like a warmer pattern kicks in for inland areas and maybe the bay as we
6:20 am
head to friday, saturday, and sunday. >> all right, steve. time is 6:20. a small plane crashed in san jose and smashed through a fence and ended up on a busy street. what the flight instructor says he wished he'd done differently. and the cleanup underway at a vacaville community college as part of it flooded and this is just days before classes are set to begin.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:23 and a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed by los angeles police. it happened in the boil heights neighborhood east of downtown los angeles. police got a call about two men writing gang style graffiti in the area. when they arrived, one suspect ran away and a witness says he shot at police. one officer fired a shot, hit the suspect, and the suspect was killed. the coroner identified the person as a 14-year-old boy. the other suspect was a 16-year- old. police also confiscated a loaded handgun but it's not clear if that gun was fired. a los angeles serial killer known as the grim sleeper has been sentenced to death for the
6:24 am
murders of nine women and a teenage girl. 36-year-old lonnie franklin jr. was sentenced by a judge who called the crimes monstrous. investigators believe franklin may have killed as many as 25 women. the name grim sleeper referred to an apparent gap in the killings between 1988 and 2002. franklin will be on death row until his execution is carried out. a student pilot in the south bay learned the hard way about waiting too long to make a decision. the student was practicing takeoffs and landings in san jose and took longer than necessary to set the plane down and the plane hit the fence and ended up on busy tully road. the plane just didn't have enough power to take off again. >> i was at the controls at the
6:25 am
time. basically, what i would have done differently is gorin around sooner. >> the airport was closed while crews cut the plane out of the fence. and tully road was closed so the plane could be towed back to the airport. thankfully, no one was hurt. funding has been -- the high speed rail authority approved $700 million to electrify the tracks on the peninsula. and they approved $84 million to elevate the tracks in san mateo. it's one piece of the funding puzzle for the $2 billion cal train modernization project. they hope to have electric trains running by 2020. and when the bullet train is finished it will share the
6:26 am
tracks with cal train. 65,000 square feet. and there are reports that tesla may hold product launches at the store because it's so big. 6:26 is the time. and a san jose man is on life support and police say he was hit by a hit-and-run driver. >> i don't know if he realizes he has destroyed my family. >> the emotional plea from the victim's parents. if you play the game pokemon go. there's a warning from berkeley police. we'll tell you about the recent robberies that took place days apart from each other. some areas of fog and others sunny and warm. i'll have an update on the thursday that forecast.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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>> thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, thursday, august 11th. i've dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. there's some fog out there. >> i want to talk about other parts of the united states. there's going to be torrential rain across much of the united states in the next couple of days. one will be up in the great lakes from ohio to the northeast. and this one to the gulf of mexico -- which hasn't moved -- the chance for rain in new orleans today is 100%. it's 80 address. mobile and panama city, we lose the radar in the last image. the chance for rain -- if you have travel plans -- they do have a chance of rain 90 to 100%. if you're going to new orleans or anything on the gulf coast, the circulation has stalled out. and there'll be heavy rain. it's already in parts of wisconsin. and back here no rain.
6:30 am
coastal fog and maybe a little mist. a slight warmup inland. and we head into the weekend. i just don't think there will be much by the coast. and without a north or northeast breeze we can't chew it up. there isn't much. 50s on the temps and a couple of low 60s. east bay temps low 50s. all the thunderstorm activity is now in the four corners and not in california but the fog is here. 60s, 70s, 80s, and a few 90s. good morning. we do have a lot of slow traffic already this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had an earlier crash on the span that's been cleared. they slowed the metering lights at the toll plaza to allow the traffic to clear up. the accident wasn't major but they took a little while
6:31 am
getting it off the bridge. now the traffic is backed up for a 30 to a 35-minute delay. it's worse than normal. the san mateo bridge looks like a decent alternate. and all of a sudden we have been seeing stop and go traffic. it went from being okay. if you put up the maps here. there's the patch of stop and go traffic. let's put up the maps. that's right there on the span westbound coming through. there's some stop and go traffic. dumbarton bridge not too bad. but there's slow traffic waiting for you. i would say if you can get to the san mateo bridge over the bay bridge i would use that over the bay bridge toll plaza. at 6:31. let's go back to the desk. police in berkeley warning people who play the game pokemon go, keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. three people were robbed. brian flores is joining us live in berkeley with more on the
6:32 am
advice by the police. >> reporter: good morning to you. there's a few things they are saying. if ewe going to play the game, play it in the daytime. and play with a group of people. and as you mentioned. look up from time to time. don't be so distracted from your phone. we've heard cases of people getting robbed or seriously hurt. we're near city hall and across the street from the berkeley police department and this is the latest location of the latest robbery that took place because people were distracted by this ever popular game. the first robbery happened july 12th just blocks away from the campus. two people followed a woman finishing her game. they knocked her to the ground and stole her phone while the other person stole her purse. those thieves jumped into an suv and got away. and a victim was accosted by a teenage boy. and the suspect punched the victim, stole the phone, and
6:33 am
jumped into a car. police were able to catch up with them and then they made two arrests. >> at this point it appears they are crimes of opportunity. somebody is seen walking with a cell phone and really at a distance they sort of stand out like a candle in the dark. >> police arrested two suspects in connection with the most recent robbery. the suspects in the first robbery are on the loose. and another man was targeted monday at 5:30 in the late afternoon at civic center park in berkeley. there was a struggle and the man was able to hold onto his phone. and in san francisco, a man was arrested on charges of stealing a phone. he grabbed the phone from the man as he walked on 17th street in the mission. evans claimed to have had a
6:34 am
gun. and they arrested evans. and he was not armed. the advice from berkeley police, be aware of surroundings. we're hearing time and time again as you heard from the police officer, you kind of stick out like a candle because you're so distracted be i this very popular game. a vigil will be held today in san mateo for the college baseball player shot and killed saturday night at san francisco's aquatic park. he graduated in san mateo and was a star baseball player at delta college in stockton. riley was shot and killed near ghiradelli square as he and a friend were playing pokemon go. the vigil tonight starts at 6:00. it will be at saint gregory's church in san mateo. the funeral for riley will be held tomorrow. a san jose couple is asking
6:35 am
for help after a hit-and-run crash that left their son critically injured and on life support. august3rd not far from the iglesia cristo church in san jose. he was riding home from a new job at a bakery. it was 5:00 in the morning when he was hit and the driver kept going. he has a severe brain injury and is in a coma. his family is asking for help from anyone who saw anything or for the driver to please talk to police. >> if it was an accident and he didn't know, just come forward. and face, you know, the consequences. >> the family is asking for justice and prayers for eduardo. doctors have said take him off life support or move him to a
6:36 am
rehabilitation center. they say doctors have warned them that even at a rehab center, he is not likely to survive. but his parents refuse to give up hope. police in san francisco are looking for three men who they say threw a bag over a woman's head and punched her repeatedly. it happened tuesday night at larkin street in the ender loin. the woman was walking and hit on the head. and three men kept tacking her before they ran away. the woman was able to get to a hospital. and she called police. the suspects didn't appear to know the woman so they are trying to figure out a motive for the attack. crews are working to clear up a flooded annex facility to solano community college. we're told construction crews accidentally hit a water pipe and flooded the building with thousands of gallons of water.
6:37 am
the president of the college says ceiling tiles came down and the school is working to find an alternate location. and they promise that the semester will start on monday. new developments about the devastating valley fire last year in lake county. cal fire says faulty wiring on a hot tub caused it. four people were killed and 1300 homes were destroyed in the fire that began december 12th. an electrical connection overheated and sparked the fire at a home in cobb. >> there was a permit required for electrical installations and to our knowledge we were unable to locate a permit on file. the district attorney will determine if charges will be filed. it was the third most destructive fire in california history. striking workers and court officials will head back to the bargaining table. workers have been on strike for
6:38 am
a week and will not go back to work during the newest negotiations. court clerks are asking for a 3% raise during the second year of the new contract. the courts are offering no raise. and now they'll sit down with a mediator to try to work out a deal. they've gone eight years without a cost of living increase. the people who run delta airlines say flights are getting back to normal. and the airline canceled 300 flights across the country yesterday. nip catching a delta flight this morning should contact the airline before heading to the airport. the ceo has apologized for the computer problems that grounded more than a thousand flights on monday. there have been hundreds of cancellations and delays since then. time is 6:38. this idea may help if you live in a small house or a small apartment. a san francisco company is hoping to help you maximize the space you have by storing you belongings off site and
6:39 am
delivering it when you need it. the company is called omni a service that calls itself an on demand storage. >> the customer wants items back, like she's going camping, so we're taking them back to her now. >> for proprietary reasons and privacy reasons we can't show you how it's stored. but the app keeps the items like an online catalog at your disposal. they do not accept items too big to carry. by one person. $3 for things bigger than a carry i don't know bag. or fill a plastic bin for $7.50. a craigslist founder will launch a free service designed
6:40 am
to help people living in san francisco's tenderloin district. it gets underway at 10:00 at st. anthony's dining room. in 20 minutes, what -- and the high profile crimes they are tied to. the sonoma county sheriff's deputy who shot and killed abdomeny lopez has been promoted to sergeant. we are looking at a morning commute that has had a couple of glitches and slower than usual traffic here at the bay bridge. we'll tell you what caused it and give you alternates. lots of fog out there. and some of it has reduced visibility. and it looks like temps are warming up a little bit. we'll show you how much and when.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. oakland police have arrested a suspect in the killing of two people this week and the attempted killing of a third person. police say 37-year-old francisco jesus hernandez shot into a car near empire andy principaller the roads early monday. a second suspect shot a third victim inside the car before he and hernandez set the car on fire. he was charged with several
6:44 am
counts including two for murder. he could potentially face life in prison or the death penalty. the second suspect is still at large. and the third victim is expected to recover. there was a protest in santa rosa by people angry that a sonoma county sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a teenager three queers ago has been promoted. protesters he would signs mourning the death of andy lopez. he was a teenage boy playing with a fake gun. the deputy thought the gun was real. lopez refused to put down the gun and was shot. the deputy was cleared of wrongdoing. >> i think people got tired of protesting and protesting and seeing nothing change. three years later and he's getting promoted. nothing has changed. >> reporter: the sheriff explained on facebook saying
6:45 am
that his actions in 2013 were deemed justifiable force. it is 6:45. that means it's time to check in with gasia for a look at what's coming up. >> busy in the newsroom. coming up, we've been reporting on the san francisco police department rolling out new body cameras to the officers. and now we'll hear from a sergeant who is one of the first to wear them. and how this pilot group's experiences with the cameras will shape the use of them. i don't think many drivers would call the morning commute energizing. a california lawmaker says it could be, not so much for us but for our cars and the power grid. we'll explain his plan that sounds like science fiction to some. and tiny sensors in the road could create energy and make
6:46 am
road conditions a lot better. i'll join you in a few for more mornings on 2. the toll plaza and everything else, you're watching it. >> >> the toll plaza is one of the slowest commutes. we had an earlier accident and now a motorcycle accident. both of them cleared rather quickly. you'll see how slow it is. when something happens on the upper deck they slow the metering lights down on thes to. and they have slowed them down considerably. a 880 that ramp is jam packed and 80 is beyond the macarthur maze. i'm looking at a picture of the macarthur maze and i can see that's going to be an issue. i'll show it to you next time. san mateo and dumbarton bridges -- san mateo got really heavy. a lot of people have figured
6:47 am
out. hey i'm not going to use the bay bridge. hopefully, all of this traffic will start to be evenly distributed. in san jose, heavy out of the downtown area to the west valley. there's a lot more in the way of fog. some visibility seems to be getting worse as the fog layer gets squashed and making a good push. especially on the north bay. it's going to burn off sooner. high pressure is become in and it's a leading indicator that we'll see warmer temperatures inland starting tomorrow. allen peterson. good morning, kind sir. thick, dense fog sticking to the ceiling is descending. and some of the fog will be on the ground tomorrow. a little bit was reported this morning. coastal fog mild to warm. and it will be warm to hot
6:48 am
inland and mid- to upper 90s. and not much change by the coast. just too much fog without a northerly breeze or a northeast breeze. it retreats and comes back. 50s on most of the temps, a couple of low 60s. they get a little more of a southeast breeze. that holds the temps up to the low 60s. calm at livermore and hayward and sfo. and that's coming up from the santa clara valley. and that's made for a cool couple of days. gilroy, san martin. late to the party. 37 in truckee. 58 ukiah and sacramento. and if you're heading to southern california, fog and that's it. they don't have to worry about thunderstorm activity or in the sierra as well. a rocking day over phoenix and throughout much of arizona, new
6:49 am
mexico, utah, and colorado. and the upper air pattern pushes it away from california. the sierra is fine. gets warm and windy and mostly sunday. 60s, 70s on the temps, and 80s. and a warmer pattern away from the coast. a few upper 90s. and by the coast, 60s and 70s. it's now 6:49. and one of washington, d.c.'s most iconic memorials is being attacked by bacteria. the reason cleaning it up is turning it into a very complicated process. and up next, a major pot bust in the central valley. the indoor growing operation discovered right there in stockton.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:52 and we have a follow-up to a story that was breaking news yesterday morning. an arkansas sheriff's deputy was shot and killed as he responded to a domestic dispute. the father of a 35-year-old man called 911 and said his son pulled a gun on him. when the police arrived they found the son holding a rifle and wearing body armor. he started shooting. one deputy was killed and the other grazed by a bullet. the gunman was arrested after a
6:53 am
five hour standoff. lawmakers in sacramento are considering a safety bill that came in response to a balcony collapse. most of the victims were irish exchange students attending uc berkeley. the bill would increase the oversight of building contractors. yesterday the two state lawmakers invited a young woman who survived the balcony collapse to testify. >> i could never have imagined. i have to deal with the loss of my friends and my own injuries which included a traumatic brain injury. >> family members discovered after the accident that the balcony was built by a construction firm that paid out $26 million in defective
6:54 am
settlements. those settlements were never reported to the state license board. drug agents reported on one of the biggest indoor growing operations the central valley has seen. inside a warehouse in stockton were 40,000 pot plants. the sheriff's department obtained a search warrant and three arrests were made at the scene. >> it was possibly able to produce over a million dollars of product a month. >> it's mind boggling how much money potentially they could have been making off that operation. >> detectives expect to make more arrests in connection with the case. the san francisco school board will allow the school board to brand -- resurface the
6:55 am
names and emblazon the logo on the wall. they voted to lift an advertising ban despite criticism that schools were becoming to customersed. some are concerned that it will become a mini warriors aerospace. the giants picked up the first serious win since the all star break. they beat the marlins 1-0. and brandon crawford hit a solo home run in the 4th. jeff samardzija and the bull pen -- and the giants took two of three. the giants are back in the lead by one game. the a's also won beating the orioles for the third straight find. alonzo hit an rbi double. and detweiler pitched eight scoreless innings. the a's will go for the sweep
6:56 am
this afternoon at the coliseum. turning now to our rio de janeiro olympic games, for the first time since 1904, golfers are taking part in the olympics. the first on the course today was the only brazilian in the 60 man field. but there were more golf officials on hand than fans. and today is a day of american matchups. the women's gymnastics is this afternoon. simone biles and aly raisman will compete. and michael phelps and ryan lochte. the u.s. has 11 gold medals, a total of 32 for the summer games. china as 10 gold and 23 overall. and japan has the third highest with 18 me calls, including eight gold. people like to watch the olympics but they are not
6:57 am
interested in betting. the nevada gaming commission reopened betting on the olympics but outside of a few big bets on basketball and soccer, not much interest in the olympics. one theory is that the american athletes are too good and it's too hard to make money betting on them. we are coming up on the 7:00 hour and a santa clara county mother accused of kidnapping her baby boy up next why investigators say finding the baby is very critical. also a fiery explosion happened at an apartment complex in maryland. more than 30 people are hurt. up next, the search underway for people who may still be missing.
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good morning a homicide investigation is underway here in san francisco after a man's body was discovered inside the westfield shopping center yesterday. what we know about the victim and the clues investigators have to go on here. a palo alto city official quits her job saying she can no longer afford her rent. why her letter of resignation is getting so much attention this morning.
7:00 am
it's all ahead on "mornings on 2". 7:00. good morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check weather for you. was it cloudy on the way? >> a little bit. >> most of us are seeing clouds this morning. >> for yes, no doubt. pretty good fog bank out there. some of it continues to dance around. even some fog on the concord side of mount diablo, buchanan airport says clear. we will see what they say at seven. some of that fog is working its way in. it's shallow. it's a sign that high pressure is building and we will get some warmer temps more likely tomorrow. it will be foggy tomorrow. today 80s and 90s away from the coast. 60s and 70s by it. we start off with an okay breeze. a west-southwest. it's an onshore breeze. 50s on the temps. low,


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