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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 11, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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all new show today with the best viral videos "right this minute." >> hey, you. >> a bear licks his chops outside a tent while the guy inside manages to stay -- >> unbelievably calm. >> see if he can keep it together when the danger starts to escalate. >> no! a wind surfer wipes out in san francisco bay and can't get back up. >> he was out there for an hour. >> oh. >> now hear how he survived and why there was a moment -- >> i thought if i don't get out of here pretty quick, i'm going to be lost at sea. if you enjoy a nice fruit cider -- >> this has you written all over it. >> the machine to let you home brew at home. plus, bros giving their buddy a wet wakeup call. and a guy paying off a bet. >> he is a man of his word, that is the point. >> why he is about to eat some
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stir fried sock. >> oj and -- >> what? >> oj and olive oil. >> that's the worst thing. >> if our huge fan of camping, aren't you? >> huge. >> you're always doing it every weekend. it has a huge appeal. the kind after peel you wake up in the morning, open your tent and nature is staring you in the face, which is all well and good until it's staring right back at you. >> okay, yeah. >> oh. >> the guy inside the tentd is david wheel. he wakes up and that's what he sees. >> no. >> and this video 15 minutes long of david staying unbelievely calm. >> can you imagine? all he has to do is tap the tent. that thing was tear to shreds. >> funny you say that.
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that's exactly what the bear starts doing. he is very, very inquisitive. >> wonder if he had any food inside the tent. >> ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. david admits he had a couple smoothies, just smoothies. david is like, no. >> don't taunt it. >> hey. >> no. >> here is why he is toast. i smell like juice is in there, i'm done. >> you do smell delicious. you do. >> i'm surprised he is not yelling and screaming and making a big mess with that tent. >> see, but i heard conflicting stories. there's apparently a difference between what black bears will react to and what brown bears will react to. >> right. there's one you're supposed to play dead with and the other one that will kill you, run for your life. >> you got a 50/50 chance of
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dying right here. >> eventually david does manage to sneak away and he pretty much sums it up in his very, very detailed description. >> whoa. ♪ to one of my favorite cities on the planet, san francisco. it's a beautiful, stunning day. he went out there to wind surf. san francisco bay water is really, really stinking cold. we're about to have a problem. they're going at a pretty quick clip. he falls in the water, but as he tries to get himself back up on the board, he can't. now he is in the water in the middle of the bay. other boats out there which is freaking him out -- >> yeah, because he has such a low profile. >> right. >> all those small waves are kind of concealing him. >> right. so he kept trying to scream out to people, get people's attention. he was out there for an hour.
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>> you see that boat here. he starts swimming toward it. fortunately this good man is able to help him out and they're able to get back to safety. well, to tell us more about this ordeal, we have him "right this minute." welcome to the show. you must have been pretty freaked out, right, when you fell in the water and realized you can't get back up. >> well, you get freaked out. you cannot get back on the board because the wind will drag you. as the wind drag you, instead of going to the shore, you go into the deeper area, the more trafficked area and obviously that was raerl freaking me out. there's only one solution just find help. >> was there ever a moment you thought i'm not going to make it? >> yeah. there was a moment i thought if i don't get out of this here pretty quick, i'm going to be lost at sea and i will end up in
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alcatraz because that was the direction of the wind blowing. >> describe some of the physical limitations you were facing because of the cold water. were your hands able to work. >> cold water is not so much. it's just i was so tired. once you start fighting, trying to get back on the board, try to get back you fall, you get back and fall, your body starts giving up. you don't have the energy. the other thing what's happening is very gusty winds. in order to get back on the board, you need some good gusts. i was able to get on top of the board but the gusts suddenly die. >> most people would panic. how did you stay calm? what was going through your behind? >> hope and pray. of course i prayed. i got warnings, though, that it's a dangerous place. it actually is a dangerous place. >> this is the last place you want to make a left turn and it's also the last place you
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want to hit the gas instead of the brakes because that's what happened to the driver of this car. left turn. >> oh! >> what? >> kind of missed that at first. >> yeah. >> i saw the splash. >> did the gps say turn left now? what happened? >> according to local reports, this woman was making an illegal left turn and hit the gas instead of brakes. she and two other passengers went into the water and this is the rescue of said woman. >> there's really no explanation for that at all. illegal left turn, hit the gas -- no. where are you going? >> apparently she wanted to go for a swim. >> the car was near the vicinity of the curb and maybe she didn't want to go. >> she and two passengers got out okay. nobody was injured but that kia, not in the same shape. >> that's scary, though. looks like the car landed upside down. try to get out of that? >> australia, driving on the left side of the road and making a right turn is a problem for this driver. look at that.
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and listen. [ engine roars ] >> oh! >> yeah! >> and boom. >> nailed it. >> fish tails, loses it and makes a complete turn around going the wrong direction. >> technically the driver achieved what they wanted to achieve which was everybody looking at them, just not in quite the way they expected. >> more than the fact that they have a bright yellow car. of course you have to hear an australian reply. >> pick you up late. >> one of the best ways to see a new area is by air, right? what better way to do that than para gliding. our guy here is out paragliding tandem. he has his action camera on the end of the stick there. he's got the shot. flying over macedonia. >> absolutely. >> got a big smile. look at that. thumbs up, man. i am doing life right today. >> is that the instructor up there with him? >> yep. that's the pilot right there behind him in the black and looking to make sure everything
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is hunky dory and fine and dandy. it s man. >> that view is absolutely stunning. what a cool experience. >> get into a little bit of a turn here and suddenly those smiles start to turn to grimaces. the pilot really wrestling with the controls back and forth. we're losing altitude. up close. >> oh gosh. oh, oh, oh, oh butt first. >> the pilot was trying to give his passenger a thrill and to me looks like he got into a stall. pulled hard on the break. couldn't really reinflate that wing again and they just dropped. >> looked like they fell on their bottoms. >> and it looks like they fell sort of slowly, too. didn't look like the wing collapsed completely. at the very end of the video, you do see the passenger pick the camera back up and look into the camera. he's standing. looks like they were both okay.
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>> this buffalo is trapped in a well. >> they break out the big power tools and they go at it like nobody else. >> but look at the beefy rescue. plus, rule number one -- >> when you drinking with your bros, never be the one that passes out. >> this guy clearly didn't get that message and it's time to face theface the consequences. >> oh. new, from the makers of claritin. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today. oh, hey, jamie, can you hang back a sec? ♪ you wanna tell me about the boy in this painting? i dunno...maybe nobody understands him.
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gwen? yeah! it's gwen. closed captioning provided by -- gold bond rapid relief and intensive healing. two powerful ways to fight itch. gold bond. relief starts now. for the 2020 olympics i propose a new sport, that's animal rescues out of well. everybody together now, what team would be the winner? >> china. >> yeah, china. >> china. >> you got it, nick, look at you. >> they break out the big power tools and they go at it like nobody else. >> here is the thing, she fell in and she is pregnant. >> oh, no. >> they say this well had no cover and it was covered with
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overgrown grass. there are a bunch of wires and they say that acted as a trap because she was unable to get out, so there you see him with the power tools digging another hole to dig her out. >> thing about that drill is not quite, you know, it will be freaking out the animal a little bit. they seem to be keeping it pretty calm. >> she does move around a bit. look, she's got those horns. you have to be careful. she might pierce you with one of those. eventually after five hours of work, they're finally able to dig a hole big enough to help her climb them out of there. >> do they really have to drag her by the nose? >> they got her nose. >> come here. >> they said that even though she fell in there and she was in there for five hours, she's well, doing well. at least they give you
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legitimate mattress. >> are you preparing for a fun time? >> blowing up an air mattress is never a fun time. >> they say that alcohol was involved. >> hey, brian -- >> their buddy ryan ended up losing a challenge. >> it's rule number one when you're drinking with your bros, never be the one that passes out. >> his penalty was to sleep outside in a tent on an air mattress. >> that sounds like the prize, not a penalty. >> they have a plan, nick. >> 7:00 a.m. we're here with jay, we want to see how our good friend ryan is doing. >> they're able to move him out of the tent and put him in the pool. >> that's ridiculous. he must be the most solid sleeper ever. >> but that's not enough. because these guys have another plan to wake him up. that alarm, his buddy on the
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diving board. >> oh! >> see, i think they ruined it. at that point you could have just thrown him in the pool. >> this poor guy, he tries to swim over the edge. >> good morning. >> all he wants right now is to get back on that mattress and continue his mount. ♪ wow. this is great cider. >> yeah. >> is there rasp berry in it? >> strawberry. >> awesome. where did you get strawberry, raspberry cider? >> tell me more. >> you can now brew your own cider at home. you can create your own recipes with this machine. this has you written all over
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it. oscar has thought of everything with this new invention. all you do is choose your fruits of choice, toss them in there, add a little yeast, sugar, and water. >> and it gives you the amounts and ingredients. >> it takes about one to two weeks but there you have it. >> and not only can you do cider, you can also make wines as well. >> it's got you written all over it, too. >> oh, yeah, buddy. this is a really cool idea. they needed $80,000 and right now they have at least $225,000. >> i can see why. the app just makes it simple. anybody can do it. you put it in the corner -- honestly, i think it's a great idea. >> it will run about $399. i think this will absolutely change the game. >> you put your own custom seal on it, too. it's your brew, not someone else's. time to step it up a notch. >> he is standing on the edge of this pretty glorious waterfall
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because his brilliant plan is to get in. >> when adrenaline takes over. >> whoa. >> you can see the adrenaline dialing in his eyes as he jumped. and she is cutting her own hair in order to place it so somewhere else on her body. >> interesting. very interesting. >> see where she is planting the hair next. we make the food and deliver it to your door... so you can enjoy what's important. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm.
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he and his buddies are tracking through pretty wild hostile environments in order to do something just a wee bit crazy. yeah. he is standing on the edge of a pretty glorious waterfall because his gigantic, fantastic and brilliant plan is to jump in. >> woo! >> whoa. >> sweet. >> hell ya. >> tell me about it. >> look at what they set up. >> look at that. they have just thrown bits of rope around and tied it off. yes. looks good enough. i'll try. >> yeah. what could go wrong. >> i know. >> but apparently it worked. that's the thing. that's cool. >> a little bit of worry on his face, but fortunately when the rope cathces, he's like i'm alive.
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>> yeah. but he got pretty low, really low. i'm glad they showed us the rigging, first when she jumped, you didn't know what it was attached to. >> you could see the adrenaline in his eyes as he jumped. >> yeah. you're thinking at that moment, did i tie that last knot? >> you have to be amazed at the guy doing this. after seeing this video, i am convinced i have seen it all when it comes to beauty tricks. check this one out from stephanie lange. >> i have a pretty thin top brow. >> when she was younger, she used to have thicker, fuller eyebrows. now their not growing back and now they're thin like this. she came up with this very interesting hack to make them look fuller. that's one.
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>> uh-oh. >> cut your own hair. she then takes lash glue to add one hair at a time giving herself essentially eyebrow extensions with her own hair. and check out what it looks like when kate is all done. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> so it's definitely something if you're brave enough to do this, go ahead and give it a shot. >> it's interesting. it's very interesting. >> you can't get up late doing this. >> wonder how long it takes? >> maybe just do this on special occasions. >> or tell every teenage girl you know to stop plucking her eyebrows. ♪ >> a true fan put himself on the line. >> you know what, it doesn't do it, i'll eat a sock. >> find out why he did it.
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masterpiece. >> if you put that on the fridge, do you even notice it?
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♪ frank ocean has had his fans sitting on the edges of their seats. it's been years since he released an album. lot of talk he could drop one last friday. >> no, nothing. >> really? >> frank ocean is a very popular grammy-award winning. >> his own genera almost. >> he does his own thing the way he wants to do it and the fans love it. >> his camp released this picture to his tumbler page with all these encrypted dates on it. the conversation continued. the guy with the user name the chosen son was that frank would release his album. you know what, if he doesn't do it, i'll eat a sock. so he posted this video as a result. there you see him cutting the sock up. people take their online reddit
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person personas. >> i don't care what he is doing it for, he is eating his sock. >> he feels the social pressure of a bunch of strings -- >> you're analyzing a sock eater. >> he is a man of his word. that is the point. here he is. >> he is trying it. >> keep it low for 15 minutes and then simmer. >> he has to cook it down. >> i wouldn't use the word smart. >> he is eating a sock. >> adds a little oj. blends that bad boy up. >> i want to vomit right now. >> there's a sock in there and he's going to drink it like a shake. >> he's drinking it. it look like it takes him a little while, but he finally finishes it off. >> is he still a frank ocean fan? >> of course he. >> frank, i have to say, boys do cry. >> as for the album release date, both are speculating that "boys don't cry" will drop on november 14th, 2016, which is also a date here on the library
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card the world will never know. we'll continue to wait. no more socks. that's the end of our show. thanks for taking a look at the day's best videos with us. for more go to or catch us on the next "righththt
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