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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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rolling as john fox turned himself in. he wouldn't say why he and his company stiffed thousands of wine lovers around the world. he's facing half a dozen civil lawsuits from customers, and on thursday he pleaded guilty to wire fraud for scamming a customer from hong kong who bought a million dollars in french wine he never received. he admitted to using the money to pay for his mortgage, his daughter's college tuition, golf club membership, and cars. he spent $9,000 for women he met online. cameras weren't allowed in court as he entered the plea. as apartment of plea deal fox is expected to be sentenced to six and a half years in prison in what the judge called a wine ponzi scheme. >> he worked at this business for 30 years, and he's truly sorry for what happened. he's trying to make amends now
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by pleading guilty. >> reporter: but many of his victims don't expect to be made whole. after waiting for years and never getting their wine, they say fox left them with a bitter taste. now he owes at least 45 million dollars on top of six and a half million he owns creditors, but earlier this year both fox and the business filed for bankruptcy. the office is now closed. 70 million dollars in the hole. lawsuited filed over the fraud are now -- lawsuits filed over the fraud are now on hold. >> he'll try and make restitution the best he can, because it's part of judgment that's going against him. is he going to be able to pay 45 million dollars? i have no idea. >> reporter: a spoke to one victim from new york who thinks he know it is answer. >> once we learned this was not just a case of wines being delayed and received and shipped out late, that it was a
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scheme to roll forward delivers i knew i was not going to receive a cent. >> reporter: the judge ordered fox to stay in custody until his sentencing in december. >> so you were there in court, did he say anything today? >> all he said yes, your honor, i understand your honor, seemed very contrite. he had some trouble hearing, but it remains to be seen once he gets out in five or so years if he'll bp able to repay the -- be able to pay the money. >> was his family there? >> absolutely no one in court to support him. and the new developments out of san francisco where authorities identified the victim of a homicide, his body found yesterday at the west field shopping center. we learned he was a line chef at a restaurant in the city, and he was killed, but police won't say much more. >> reporter: friends say frank galicia was an up and coming
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chef at sons and daughters in union scare. his body was found in a stairwell at the west field city. police are calling it a homicide, but won't say how he was killed. sons and daughters closed the doors in honor of the student, and said we are shocked and devastated by frank's passing. we're a small team that operates as a close knit family, and our thoughts are with his familiar. -- family and friends. employees did not want to speak to us on camera but told us the body was found behind these doors in a stairwell, an employee exit only, and frequently homeless and other locals will hang out to do drugs there. but at this point it's not known why the victim was inside. sources close to the investigation tell ktvu that
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his body was not fully clothed when it was found. friends say franker was on the quiet said, had a strong work ethic, and a strong passion for food. anyone with information with regards to this case is urged to contact police. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. in san francisco's bay view neighborhood a 5-year-old girl is recovering after a stray bullet hit her in the hand. it happened last night near hudson avenue. the bullet grazed her hand and was taken to the hospital. police are looking for three men in their 20s standing nearby at the time. and a toddler that fell from a third particular window is -- floor window is being treated at fan ford tonight. he fell about 25 feet and suffered serious injuries. they got the call at 820 this
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morning. first responders called for a medical helicopter to rush the boy to the hospital. >> at the time of initial contact the child was unresponsive and doing a little better as we got him to the ambulance. >> fire crews say the boy's parents were at home at the time and went with him to stanford. foster city police also say there's nonindication this was -- no indication this was anything but an accident. and a 20-year-old was shot to death last weekend while playing pokemon go. his killer is still at large. there's a vigil for him at st. gregory church tonight at 7:00 in san mateo. new at 6:00, state lawmakers set to consider legislation banning sex offenders from playing pokemon go. they're concerned about a feature of a game that allows players to set up a lure and attract players to a certain
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area. the law will close a loophole that could allow sex offenders to bait children. >> under state law sex offenders are not allowed to directly contact a minor, so games like this would lure minors into the vicinity without directly contacting them, so we're just closing the loophole. >> it would ban any game that brings players to suspect locations. a new poll shows donald trump faces a real uphill battle to win over latino voters. 66 percent support hillary clinton compared to 20 percent for donald trump. clinton has gained 7 percentage points since may. the two candidates today offered voters very different messages. >> reporter: speaking at a mitch engineering company hillary clinton delivered her
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economic rebuttal to the mix of tax cuts and federal deregulation offered up by donald trump at the detroit economically earlier this -- economic club earlier this week. >> i believe any american willing to work hard should be able to find a job that allows dignity, pride, and decent pay to support a family. >> reporter: with clinton companies that move jobs overseas would be penalized, and she wants to make major investments in infrastructure projects. >> we're living off investments made by our parents and grandparents. >> reporter: and today's speech also served to contrast her style. issue-oriented and carefully scripted. for his part trump spent much of the week explaining away or doubling down on his off the cuff remarks, including the newest assertion that both clinton and president obama are
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responsible for the rise of the islamic state. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the were founders. >> reporter: -- they're the founders. >> reporter: dozens of republican leaders asked the rnc to suspend financial support of trump, but it's supported by contract. >. coming up they're already a key part of conversation, how his limbs here in the bay area -- muslims here in the bay area are surging others to vote -- urging others to vote. >> our voice needs to be heard, people are against us, but we're all together. and in weather, tracking the typical summertime fog, and coming up the temperature change for tomorrow, and the hottest day of the week.
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new developments in a story 2 investigates has been following for months. the conditions inside a bay area emergency room. and looking live at the commute, what a slow commute it is, especially heading into san francisco along the bay bridge. the fast track lane moving okay it seems, but if you're paying with cash you're sitting in a lot of traffic. >> and here's interstate 80. aquatic park there on the right- hand of the screen. the lanes on the right very heavy right now, but what's interesting too, the noncommute direction, the lanes on the left. pretty heavy as well. j?j?j7
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tonight we have details on a lawsuit that's been filed against a private contractor at the john george psychoyachtic facility. >> here's more on the new developments. >> here's a copy of the lawsuit filed tuesday in alameda county superior court. it's a follow up to a court hearing last june where the union representing doctors at john george tried to stop the county agency that runs the
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hospital from hiring outside contractors. the doctors lawsuit goes after a private company out of napa called traditions behavior health, and accuses that company owner of not only breaking union agreements, buts also breaking the -- but also breaking the law by misrepresenting himself as a medical doctor. the lawsuit says non-physicians are prohibited from operating a business that has patient care. starting with one doctor 15 years ago i know have [ inaudible ] >> the union says hayes is not a psychiatrist, he's a psychologist, meaning he's not a medical doctor. the union says he's committing fraud and is seeking
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unspecified damages. traditions behavior health has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit, we called the office, but were told no one is available to comment. >> so in the meantime what's being done to address the problems? >> starting last may alameda services has been meeting with county officials to try to come up with ways to do that, primarily by hiring new doctors, and as the lawsuit suggests the doctors union isn't happy with outside crack toes, but there's -- contractors, but there's another meeting next month which should give us an idea of where they stand to get the overcrowded conditions handled. >> but in the meantime the conditions continue. >> right, and have for years. >> if you have a tip for the investigative team, let you know. e-mail or call us, the number is (510)874-0222. a judge has set a tentative
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date to begin the trial of the undocumented immigrant charged are shooting and killing a woman along the san francisco pier. he appeared in court today. the judge set a date of december 2nd to assign a courtroom for jury selection. his lawyers maintain the shooting was an accident, and said lopez sanchez found the gun and was shooting at sea lions when a bullet ricocheted and hit the woman. >> there's no case that's been prosecuted in san francisco based on a ricochet bullet hitting another surface that we're aware of. >> the public defender and district attorney's office says actual testimony probably won't start until next year because of pre-trial motions and the holidays. it put a highlight on the sanctuary city policy. san francisco faith leaders met today to discuss police reforms. alex savidge tells you they
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heard direct -- us they heard directly in the active police chief and the changes they're making. >> reporter: today the acting chief offered faith leaders a progress report, laying out the changes being made in the san francisco police department both to limit the use of deadly force by officers, and also help improve the strained relations between the department of communities of color. >> imagine what we can do if we all link arms and join forces and pull in the same direction [ applause ] >> reporter: acting police chief tony chaplain spoke to the interfaith council today. you'll remember back in june, the police commission and the police union agreed to a series of new rules dealing with use of force. those reforms are focused mainly on deescalation. the chief says officers are now
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using time and distance during dangerous encounters, and point pointed to a stand off last month with an armed man on market street that came to a peaceful conclusion. >> they would have been completely justified in shooting the individual, but they didn't, they embraced the training and embraced the mantra that not just the officers make it home tonight, everyone does. >> reporter: chaplain took over after the last chief was forced out following a series of controversial shootings. the council expressed support for chaplain, many hoping he getting the permanent job. >> he's dedicated to making genuine and lasting changes, and i'm pleased he's sharing it with the faith community. >> we like that he comes from san francisco, he's been around for awhile, and he understands
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that it's a culture we have to change. he has the right spirit and heart, and he's trying, and that's all we can ask. >> reporter: the chief said the department is giving all officers bias training and rolling out body cameras, for the of a series -- part effacers of reform. he also said he'd love to get the permanent job as chief here in san francisco. the mayor, who was in attendance, said the decision on hiring a new chief should be made in the next couple of months. in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. temperatures warming up today across parts of bay area. it's never just one temperature though we can put on the map. look at the temperatures here. a big range. the hottest locations in the 90s toward concord, livermore and antioch. antioch is hot spot at 93 degrees. on the satellite we have the fog banked up and on shore wind
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as well, so low cloud deck is a factor across the bay area. but the fog will be squashed, so with that there's dense fog, coast side toward the golden gate bridge and bay bridge as well, so keep it in mind for the commute tomorrow. in santa rosa 69, 80s for livermore, walnut creek, and concord. speaking of the fog here's the live camera looking at the golden gate bridge, and you can see the cloud deck above the tower. this time tomorrow it should be here closer to the span, the warm air compresses the marine layer, and air quality is effected as well, so day two of the spare the air alert across the bay area. unhealthy levels for sensitive groups for the east bay neighborhoods. friday, and it's a good bet into saturday as well for another spare the air alert issued. in the morning the fog coast- side and around the bay clearing back to near the
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shoreline. temperatures for the beaches near 60. inland neighborhoods back up into the low to mid-90s. coming up a closer look at the forecast highs in our neighborhood, and talk about the weekend. we'll highlight the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. the california legislature advanced a bill top end daylight savings time. the state agreed to adopt it way back in 1949 with most other states, but now sacramento lawmakers on the senate appropriation committee says it's an irritant and has no effect on safety. for the measure to appear on the 2018 ballot it has to clear both houses and get the support of the governor. a big decision today by the gonzalez about marijuana. at 6:30, why the d. e. a. is refusing to reclassify marijuana despite a push from lawmakers. and the raiders preparing for their first pre-season
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game. coming up later in sports, what the coach is looking forward to in the first match up. up first, over a hundred macy's stores closing up shop. the announcement that could signify a change in how people shop.
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a big announcement from macys after a year-and-a-half of declining sales. >> macys says it's closing another 100 stores.
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this could signify a real change in ou we're shopping. >> reporter: these 100 new closures come on top of 77 previous closures in 2010 tthey represent a billion dollars a year in sales but that's not enough to justify keeping them open. california can lose up to 14 of them. but locations that have macys very close together might be at some risk. >> there is an element of macys not being able to cope with a number of trends going on with retailing in this country. the kind of products consumers are buying and where they are buying it. people are buying more online. >> reporter: in many cases the real estate is worth much more than the store's ability to make long-term profits. macy's is talking to some investors about selling it's san
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francisco union square store to developers. >> it's increasing substantially. so, when they compare the value of the real estate assets, whether to put them to use as a store or as an office building or re developing it as a residential even, then that's part of the decision. >> reporter: in january, walmart announced the closur 154 u.s. stores. some 30 other retailers such as k-mart, office depot, office max, walgreens, barns and noble and the gap have announced cuts going on now or in the near future. >> it happens in pretty much all industries. in banking we seldom visit branches anymore. we use atm's and we do much of our banking online. >> reporter: wall march's recent purchase of jet. com gives the notion that when
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you go online to brouz you will come right -- browse you will come back to walmart. donald trump doubling down on a vent version comment about the president. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. why one religious group is being encouraged to go to the polls. forced out, why a resignation letter written by a sill con valley official is going viral. ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next.
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. now to today's top stories. we have learned that the man killed at the west field shopping center in san francisco was a young up and coming chef. police have identified him as 28-year-old frank galicia. he worked at a line -- as a line shelf at the restaurant sons and daughters. police are calling his death a homicide, but they haven't said yet how he died. the bankrupt owner of a wine store pleaded guilty today to federal wire fraud charges. the fbi says that he was running a ponz ee scheme promising pricey
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bottles to paying customers, but he didn't deliver. john fox and his company premier crew owe at l$45 million to some 9,000 customers. that's on to$6.5 million he owes creditors. he is currently behind bars. he is scheduled to be sentenced in december. an 18-month old bar is hospitalized after falling from a third story window in foster city this morning. emergency responders said the child wasn't responsive when they arrived at the water's edge apartments on east hillsdale boulevard. a medical helicopter took the little boy to stamford medical center for treatment. this appears as just a tragic accident. donald trump is once again the focus of controversy. today the republican nominee is refusing to back down from comments accusing from -- president barack obama of founding isis. >> i call president obama and


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