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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, the search for an elderly pacifica man who mysteriously disappeared after his plane landed at sfo. more trouble for hillary clinton from leaked e-mails and new signs of humility from donald trump. more from the campaign trail coming up. coming up. taking us back to 80 something. blon di." heart of glass". good morning. doesn't look so clear like glass out there. it's friday august 12th. i'm pam cook. good morning, i'm dave
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clark. let's talk about your weather. >> what year would you say that is? >> i can't remember. 80 something is good, pam. >> i'm saying 1984. >> i would say 1982. >> sal will know. good morning, everyone, we have thick fog out there coast and bay and inland temps are set to warm up. east bay temps are warm but north bay and south bay gradually warming up. good morning, steve. rather robust breeze a couple days ago. fog is there and it's just getting squashed by high pressure as it does. that's sending that on the ground southwest 22 at travis. 50s on the temps and on the peninsula temperatures are in
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the soiks 60s for some. big differences there. foggy for some and sunny and cool and mild to warm and hot. hazy skies now inland getting some smoke from fires around here hasn't stirred itself out. above normal temps inland and above average to near below inland temps. a major bart delay. trains are not moving in daly city because of a cable issue. so what's happening now as trains are being turned around at 24th street coming into san francisco and being turned around going back out to the east bay at 24th street. that's where they have a turn around there and they cannot go further down the line so service in glenn park and the stations after 24th, all the stations after 24th are not going to be serviced. trains are coming in but fortunately most people come
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into the downtown area and then that's as far as they go so a lot of inconvenienced people right now between 24th and the rest of the line. we're trying to find out more. in fact, i just got off the phone with bart and they told me they know it's a cable issue but nothing more. so brace yourself for some major bart delays. we're trying to get to the bottom of it as well. let's go to maps. i want to show you the traffic on the tracy commute is okay. it's a little bit slow on 580 as you drive through the area. there is is a problem nearby. vasco road is shut down because of a power line issue. a car ran into a power pole there and they took away the injury accident. now they have to get them repaired and vasco road is going to be shut down southbound for the next two and a half hours or so. you heard me right. vasco road not usable getting to 580. you might have to think about
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another way to get around and we'll try to tell people because a lot of people use the road. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. this traffic looks good. no major problems. on 280 in san jose traffic is moving well. 5:04 back to the desk. police in vallejo search for a driver who was hit and killed last night. police say after 11:00 last night a car hit a 47 year old man walking across sonoma boulevard and the car never stopped. the car was described as being a light colored nissan maxima. the investigation continues. this morning the search continues for a missing 92 year old man from pacifica. jose was last seen around 1:00 yesterday afternoon near terminal two at the san francisco airport. his plane had just arrived from
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peru. he never checked in with american airline staff members. they were waiting for him at the gate with a wheelchair. anyone who has seen him is asked to contact the authorities right away. 24 people were hurt including two crew members after the plane hit heavy turbulence last night. it was so bad the plane had to make an emergency landing in south dakota. some of the passengers say that plane dropped straight down while flying in bad weather. jetblue sent a replacement plane to south dakota to take them to sacramento . the time is 5:05. a funeral mass for the young college baseball player shot and killed saturday night in san francisco's aquatic park while playing pokemon go. calvin riley's family and friends gathered last night remembering him as a kind and caring young man. >> he was generally interested
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in talking to people about their lives. the best word to describe him was happy go lucky. he was always smiling about something and just a goof ball. >> he graduated from sarah high in san mateo. police are still out there searching for his killer. we are learning the man found dead inside san francisco's west field shopping center worked at a nearby restaurant. he's been identified. friends describe him as an up and coming line chef at the high end son's and daughters restaurant a few blocks away from the mall. janitors found his body in a stairwell near blooming dale's wednesday morning. police are calling it a homicide but haven't said how he was killed. they are looking at surveillance video and interviewing witnesses. the owner of son's daughters released a statement. statement.
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a five year old girl is recovering after a stray bullet grazed her hand wednesday night. police say she was playing outside when the bullet grazed her right hand. her grandmother was nearby. the girl told her what happened and she was rushed to the hospital. investigators are looking for three men in their 20s that were standing nearby at the time of the shooting. meantime in foster city, an 18 month old boy fell out of a third floor window is being treated for serious injuries. investigators say he was in a hallway yesterday morning with his mother at the water's edge apartments and went to look out a window that was low to the floor. he apparently pushed through a screen and fell at least 20 feet to the ground. a medical helicopter was called in to take him to the hospital. the police are calling this say tragic accident and there is no criminal investigation underway. underway.
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the federal government's drug enforcement agency has taken a continue shl stand on marijuana. the drug enforcement administration decided not to remove pot from the list of the nation's most dangerous drugs. that puts marijuana on the same government list as heroin. the decision has outraged medical marijuana advocates who have argued pot is successful with pain management. >> we have thousands of physicians that recommend cannabis once or more for patients in california and that's an accepted medical utility. >> states have decided there's medical use. half of the states have active medical cannabis programs and others are considering it in the selection. >> the dea concluded medical marijuana has no use in the yats. the federal agency says pot has a hypoterrible for abuse. the area of a area bay
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restaurant promised to send customers expensive bottle of wines but never delivered. the judge called it a wine ponzi scheme. he agreed to using customer's money to pay for his mortgage, daughter's college tuition and expensive cars and women he met online. he owes $45 million to 9,000 customers. >> he will try to make restitution. can he pay the money back? i have no idea. >> premier crew is closed and he filed better bankruptcy earlier this year. san francisco considering a proposal to allow church goers to park legally. that area is filled with several churches. the examiner reports that for years people have parked in the median illegally.
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it was called parking for god. but next tuesday the city's municipal transportation board will talk about adopting a pilot program to let parking on the median happen. a loan outreach center in san francisco will help people who lost their homes in a large fire back in june. the small business administration is offering loans up to $200,000. it will operate out of the economic development agency office and will be open on weekdays through august 26th. donald trump is now talking about what could happen if he loses in november. november. 0 it's a big shift for a presidential candidates as new hillary clinton e-mails raise questions about whether she used her position as secretary of
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state to help the clinton foundation. live from washington d.c. with all of these new goments. good morning, dug. orning, dug. 0. >> reporter: it was an unusual moment on the campaign trail. donald trump acknowledged he had problems in a state. >> i have tremendous problems in utah. utah is i different place. anybody here from utah? i didn't think so. [ laughter ] we're having a problem was look, it could cost us the supreme court. >> later on the o'reily factor he says there's only so much he can do as a candidate. >> i think people that really want to vote they're going to
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get up and get out and vote for trump and we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: many republicans are concerned about the impact a potential trump loss could have on congressional races. it comes in polls that show hillary clinton with a decisive lead. the clinton campaign is facing its own problems. new e-mails show an uncomfortably close relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation with evidence that one of her top advisors on the state department's payroll traveled to new york to conduct foundation business all while the foundation itself was soliciting big donors around the globe. >> any kind of pattern of access and answering people's questions who are donors could end her candidacy. if they don't think that could happen, democrats have their heads in the sand. >> some democrats are concerned about the potential for some of these hacked e-mails to be
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released very close to the november election date. the so-called october surprise that everybody talks about every four years. >> yeah, thank you doug. the time is 5:13. a small dog attacked and killed by a shelter dog that had just been adopted. >> i saw them fighting with the dog. i tried to save my dog from the big dog. >> the new questions it's raising about an animal shelter already under fire. affordable housing in san francisco. up next, the new plans that will help the city build nearly 8,000 homes. as we look at the morning commute, the roads are looking okay. there is is a trouble spot in lifr mother. there's also a major problem on bart. this is a major delay with a major section of the system not in operation right now. we'll have the update straight ahead. ahea for most it's clear but for
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others it's thick fog and big difference in the temps we'll show you that coming up.
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monday is the first day of fall classes in the san francisco school district. the police department wants to make sure that students get to school and return home safely. tony chaplain is holding a news conference this morning to discuss back to school traffic safety. police are teaming up with the san francisco police and health department to remind drivers to slow down and look for families and childrens walking near school. 70% of crashes happen on 12% of city streets. the nine is running back to school segments this week. at 9:30 this morning i'm examining vaccines for children of all ages and at 9:45 ideas for healthy and fun school
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lunches. the 49ers play their first game against houston on sunday. there will not be a pass and for $149 they can buy a light rail season pass for regular season games. a single day 49ers pass costs $20. time now is 5:18. looking for the clock and unfortunately we have delays on bart. sal has more on that. major bart delays. there's a cable power issue on the system and i'm going to show it to you here. there is no service after 24th street. so trains are coming in to san francisco and turning back around and going out to the east bay. they're only making it as far as 24th street. so that means that glenn park
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and south city and mill bray stations are not operational. this is terrible news if you take bart anywhere past 24th street and there are major delays for trains coming in and out of san francisco because of this issue. bart told me that there's a power issue and cable issue and it has something to do with the power to the trains. so nothing is moving after 24th street on bart. give yourself another option to get there. if you have been planning to go to the airport and take bart, this is the time to use another way to get there and we're trying to get more from bart coming up. let's go to other things. other things.
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traffic is not that bad on northbound 101 as you drive to morgan hill up to san jose. the traffic into the silicon valley at this hour looks good. bay bridge toll plaza still light getting into the city. we go back to the south bay where 280 traffic looks good up to highway 17. there's one thing i didn't mention that i do want to mention. if we go back to the map. vasco road still shut down in livermore at the dumps. the dumps. 0. >> there's no service at bart. none of the stations at 24th are
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working so that's a major delay. we're going to stay on top of it. >> thank you for the updates. we'll get to it and temperatures inland are warming up. the warmest are north and east, not so bad coast and bay. they have too much in the way of clouds. should burn off sooner. thicker in spots and you might hit a wall with that fog. before we get there i have to show you what's going on in louisiana. there's flooding concerns in the town of green burg. it's been cut off because of flood waters and this system is not moving. it has been drifting around between mobile but right over new orleans now and look at that right there. new orleans is 78 and 97% humidity and rain. so i think we will get issues out of here because this system is two speeds. 60s by the coast and 90s up towards lake county there's mid
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upper 90s but the hottest temps are in the east bay closer to home. richard says good morning. ood morning. 50 in napa. so for some it's really cool. 45 in truckee and 59 at ukiah and 55 in monterey. the monsoonal moisture and tropical moisture has moved off so southern california starts to heat up and look how everything is drifting off the rockies into the plains. there's really heavy from nebraska and iowa all the way through ohio and the northeast and down into florida and the
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gulf coast. it's going to build in and might be a slight cool down on sunday. the weak system brushes to the north. hot inland but not record setting hot. haze in there and a lot of fires in the state and that smoke has settled in without a strong breeze. rain, what is that? looks warm away from the coast and normal by it. rmal by it. the warriors want to win another championship. we'll tell you about their schedule just released. the rematch against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. new details about a deadly sky diving accident and what we have learned about the instructor and the company he worked for.
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the park hasn't given details about the three-year old fell off the ride. this comes days after a ten-year old boy fell off a water slide in kansas. the sky diving instructor killed in the jump in the central valley last weekend along with his student was not certified by the united states parachute association. the instructor and the student died when their parachute failed to open saturday morning. the faa is investigating this and they have confirmed he was never certified or licensed to be a tandem sky diving struck tour. the u.s. parachute association says federal regulations require an instructor to be licensed with their organization as well
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as complete an faa approved tandem instructor course. the time is 5:27. new concerns about pokemon go. why one lawmaker wants to keep the app away from sex offenders. a tree vandal has struck again in south by. >> reporter: that's right, 46 trees have now been chopped down. we'll tell you where it's happening and what a city councilman has said about this. we're looking at a morning commute with more traffic. this is because of a bart issue. trains are not getting to sfo so you may see more people getting across from the east bay and san francisco using the car because that's the only way. we'll tell you what happened with bart coming up. ming up. a warmer pattern for the inland people but not on the coast. big differences in your friday temps.
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this system is not moving after 24th so this whole area is not operational. trains are coming in and turning around as you come back out to the east bay and heading back out. that means you cannot get to the airport for example using bart. you can come in as far as 24th street and some trains are turning around at vincente montano steet and they are working on the problem. we're trying to to get a better hold on what's going on. sounds like so is bart. bart says it's still trying to figure out what the problem is really and when they do, they have to figure out how to fix it. this could be a major problem for the entire morning commute. we're going to stay on top of that for you. let's go to other things now. i want to talk about the super commute and the traffic is going to be okay if you're driving on 80 westbound between fairfield and vallejo. no major issues here. traffic is continuing to move along well as you drive through
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the area and if you're driving to the junction no major problems coming through the area so traffic continues to look good. i want to put up this map here. actually, we'll put it up in a minute. vasco road at land fill, there's a closure at vasco southbound at the land fill because of downed power lines that's going on for two hours or so. you can't get to 580 right now, try a different road. the bay bridge toll plaza is beginning to fill in and lights are on. no problems in the south bay. we can take a live look at 280 and san jose and traffic is moving well on 280 and 101. let's go to the weather now with steve. before we get to our weather which is pretty much what we have had for a while, away from the coast there's serious issues here in the state of louisiana. there's storm accumulations coming in now with 20 inches of rain northeast of baton rouge. this system is not moving so
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travel plans to new orleans, i'm guessing you will have problems getting there. you can see this system is simply parked over them. it's kind of rotated around a bit bouncing in between panhandle of florida and mobile but it's right over mobile and i've seen the storm accumulation of 20 inches of rain. not sure if it's two or four days. getting reports of 60s near the coast. tp east bay looks to have the warmest temps today more so than the north bay and south bay. fog on the coast means temps there are in the 60s for many. some of this fog is thick. still an okay breeze. 50s and 60s on the temps. i expect these to warm up the fastest here.
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56 in lafayette. over by the coast it's going to be hot. big spread 40 degrees for some and hot inland and hazy skies above normal temps. 60s and 80s and 90s inland. a tree vandal has struck again chopping down trees in the san jose neighborhood for no apparent reason. it happened three weeks ago where other tree trunks were hacked off. this is the willow glenn neighborhood with more on this very bizarre story. yeah, pam, a total of 46 strees have been chopped down. they are located here along the sidewalk and if you talk a close look, you can see that somebody just basically sawed this tree in half and they did that to all the trees here along meridian. the local nonprofit that planted the trees rtd force doesn't know who is doing this or why.
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volunteers discovered 23 trees had been sawed in half on thursday near meridian and dry creek. they are located across the street from 23 other trees that were chopped down last month. they are mix a of chinese fringe and were put in the neighborhood to filter air and absorb noise along the busy road. volunteers think someone is doing this in the middle of the night. a police report has been filed in the first case but no one has been caught. the city councilmen who represent this district is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who leads to the arrest of the person responsible. he also says that he will not let this stop everybody from beautifying the neighborhood. they want to replant and the nonprofit wants to raise funds to get those trees replanted in this neighborhood. so very sad story for people who live in this neighborhood who just really wonder why would somebody do this. pam? >> i think that's what all of us
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are asking. it's now 5:36. authorities in the east bay are searching for a trespasser at a ranch near castro valley who got in a shoot out with a ranch hand yesterday afternoon on eden canyon road north of 580 in alameda county. the ranch hand to the deputies he encountered a man dressed in camouflage who may have been illegally hunting wild pigs. the two men exchanged gun fire but no one was hit. authorities immediately launched a massive ground and air search but they were unable to find the armed trespasser. this weekend it's a heartbreaking anniversary for a san francisco mother. it's been ten years since the 17-year old was shot and killed at grove and baker. he was a high school student due to start his senior year. his mother has been a strong advocate for murder victims and today she's joining police
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officers in passing out flyers at the corner where her son died hoping to generate new clues. $250,000 reward is offered by the mayor's office in the case. meantime a man died after falling 1,000 feet but his 16-year old son was rescued. a california national guard helicopter was able to retrieve the 60-year old man from the mountain and then they went back and rescued the man's teenager teenage son but he was not hurt. a fire started by july 22nd was started by an illegal campfire that was left unattended. park rangers and police are
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warning about a deadly chemical found in the water at santa teresa county park. the chemical was used to kill potent but may be harmful to humans as well. it was found in a water trough at a pasture at the park. horses and dogs have access to the trough. the california department of fishing and wildlife are investigating how chemical got in the trough. new concerns about dogs leaving an animal shelter in martinez after a pit bull attacked another dog on the same day it was adopted. a six pound maltese was killed by a 70-pound pit bull. the owner lost control of his least. he had just within been adopted and had no behavior problems or testing before it was released.
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the shelter's head veterinarian is worried evacuations are not consistent. consistent. 0. >> we would like to have a dog leave the shelter that has been described and you know what you're getting. >> they need to do some kind of psychology exams for the dogs. it's a pit pull. >> a similar situation happened last month. a man said in he adopted a dog from the same shelter and he was malled by the dog the next day. state lawmakers are due to consider a legislation that would ban sex offenders from playing pokemon go. the author of the bill is worried about a feature of the game that lets players set up a lure and attract players to an area. the bill will close a loophole that could allow sex offenders
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to bait children. >> sex offenders are not allowed to directly contact a minor so games like this would lure minors into the vicinity without directly contacting them. cting them. 0. >> the legislation would apply to any game that brings players to specific locations. it's almost pack to school time and today thousands of south bay families will get much needed help to start the new year. sacred heart community services will begin giving away 3,000 new backpacks filled with supplies. >> absolutely. as you know sending a kid back to school can be an expensive and difficult proposition especially in light of the high value of real estate here in silicon valley, some folks are strapped for crash. we are talking about pack a back which is a program that tries to
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make sure an entire community gets school supplies they need. >> that's right. starting today at 8:00 a.m. we will distribute 3300 backpacks for families that were able to register ahead of time. this is like a model of wa we have. this is the first through sixth grade. this is for 7th to 12th graders. >> we're looking at two different kinds of backpacks. the teenager one which would be all the supplies you need for a high school aged kid including things like a usb drive and calculator. >> yes. we have different sections here. so depending on what grade you're in. also different varieties. so what's going to happen, they're going to come in and pick their backpacks and the supplies that's appropriate for the grade they're in. >> all right and this is a preregulations. everyone needs to have pre-registered and we'll have information about how people can
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still find school supplies who haven't pre-registered here. >> so we want to make sure we have enough for everyone which is why we do the regulations process. most of the families have registered in the month of july and that gives us enough time to collect as many supplies as we can get and have it ready. it's all by equipment so most of the families here have their slip and they know what time they need to come in. we are distributed from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. today. >> thank you so much. we'll be with you throughout the morning. we'll let you know how you can help out if you want to help out sacred heart here and a backpack give away in your neighborhood. this is for people who have pre-registered. we will tell you later on how you can find backpacks in your neighborhood. so this is the day that parpts have been looking forward to and maybe kids not quite so much.
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>> i know s. but it is so ex-pen sif. schools don't really provide it as you know christian, they don't provide much to the kids anymore. it's up to the parents. >> absolutely. de-anna told me the amount of supplies that go in there is about $75 per backpack. the time is 5:44 two dozen people hurt on a plane heading towards sacramento. sacramento. it had to make an emergency landing and what else we know about the jetblue flight. tblue flight. facebook is making changes to the news feed. when we return, the new way it will decide which stories you see. you see. major bart problems this morning. bart has a major outage between 24th street station and the airport. none of the stations after 24th south are working and this is causing obviously some major
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problems. we'll run it down for you when we come back. warming temps for many inland locations by the coast, not mump change. 60s to 90s, we'll see about the weekend.
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you cannot take a bart train anywhere after 24th street this morning. trains are coming into the city and turning around at 24th street mission and going right back out to the east bay. some are turning around at montgomery street because they can't all turn around at 24th street but the important thing
5:48 am
for you is you can't get to any stations south of 24th street. i know a lot of people rely on bart to get to the airport and that's not possible right now. bart has said it's possibly an equipment problem or power cable but they're still trying to figure out what was going on when i spoke to them. there's no service in the area outlined in red. anywhere from 24th street like glenn park and daly city and south city and san bruno. all those stations are not receiving or getting passengers in our out so make other plans. let's go take a look at these other commutes. i want to mention the tracy super commute is okay if you're driving on 580. it's slow after 205 heading off to the main part of livermore. not really a bad commute into the dublin interchange. live pictures bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad.
5:49 am
the meter lights are on. we may see more people taking the cars if they can't take bart. let's go to weather now. this is westbound 92 and that traffic is looking good. let's go to the weather now with steve. you said vasco? >> vasco is reopened. >> okay thank you. fog there for some but what's there is mainly confined coast and bay and inland temps are clear and a little haze. some fog is burning off sooner. it's going to be in the 90s for some and upper 90s for a few but 60s over by the coast. the coast.
5:50 am
san mateo at 57 and fog is retreated fast here today. what is over the bay won't last long. high pressure building in for most of the weekend. foggy for some. cool to mild and warm and hot. nothing over 75 go west. temperatures warmer go east or north and some could be toasty especially up towards mendocino county and east bay temps which are the warmest by far. 70s around the bay in the santa clara value. warmer today and the peninsula 70s and 80s. the time is 5:50. facebook is changing how it ranks stories in your news feed, stories they think you would like are being moved to the top
5:51 am
of your news feed. facebook surveyed people from all over the world. the warriors will definitely be must be tv next season. they released the schedule of games and they open at home against the spurs on october 25th. other head line games include a championship rematch against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers on christmas day. tmas day. may the force be with you. >> captain says you are our friend. >> up next, the new trailer just came out and gives us our first look at darth vader.
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a georgia man is alive today thanks to the quick work of the san francisco police department. last month a 61-year old man suffered a heart attack while traveling through sfo. this is a photo of a man who collapsed at the baggage area. officers rushed in and used a
5:55 am
defiblator to revive him. a chihuahua is on the run but it's partner in crime is nowhere to be found. be found. if you find the second dog that got away call the animal shelter right away. several big budget movies hit the screen this weekend including a remake of a popular children's movie about a dragon. >> i have never seen a dragon. >> neither have i. >> a new version of the 1977 classic pete's dragon comes out.
5:56 am
it's a heartwarming story about a boy name elliott and his dragon friend. for the grown ups there's the sausage party movie. and then the movie about the opera singer with no talent. the new star wars trailer came out months before the debut of the new movie. movie. a group of rebels are on a mission to steal the plans to the death star movie. it's a spin off from the franchise and the original 1977
5:57 am
movie star wars movie coming out in december. that's confusing to explain that to someone who doesn't watch star wars. star wars. we are following a story this morning. up next, we have the update on that 92-year old man who was last seen at sfo. a wealthy silicon valley internet mogul is due in court today and the attack that could put him in jail. we are looking at a morning commute that is okay. if you're driving on east bay freeway it's fine but if you're taking bart there could be big issues. we'll let you know straight ahead.
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good morning, it's friday august 12th. i'm pam cook. >> starting with breaking news.
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major bart delays right now. service is affected in san francisco and the peninsula. >> initially there was no service at all for any of the peninsula stations. we just learned limited service has been restored however, bart officials say major wide system delays will continue for a long time. we're looking at one of the stations there. brian flores now joining us with an update on this situation. brian, you're at the 24th street and mission station. looks like a lot of people standing around. >> yes, we just overheard an announcement on the pa system saying there's limited service to the east bay stations but as of right now, the stations 24th street to down south including glenn park and south city and san bruno, al those stations are being affected right now and no service because of this issue involving what sounds like could be an le trick cal problem or cable program that sal has been


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