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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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means that they do not need to serve time until after the appeal is filed. >> we are going to file an appeal for those issues. i don't think that it will be appropriate for those to have their liberties taken away to show up in the courtroom. >> it doesn't seem right. >> anti-domestic violence advocates were torn on their judge's decision. >> certain -- certainly we would have liked to see a wake up call today, but we could allow the court and district attorney to try to hold him accountable. >> reporter: the probation violation came only five months after the conviction on two misdemeanor accounts for allegedly kicking his girlfriend 117 times in a 30- minute frenzy attack. that attack was captured on his own security cameras. it was not allowed as evidence, but it was factored into the sentencing hearing where he received three years in probation. >> do we believe he's a public safety threat? yes, we do. but he also knows that the
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world is watching and that we certainly hope that he'll get up to tell. >> reporter: the notoriety in the tech world after selling his first two tech ad companies for $340 million. he left his ceo positions from the last two companies he founded in the wake of scandal. experts say that the appeal could take up to a year and so while both sides achieved something today, no one is a clear cut winner. in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. the prosecution had argued for 18 months in jail while the defense asked for an electronic monitoring as they wanted that judge to take into consideration of the fact that their client suffers from a disease similar to parkinsons. developing news right now, west of morgan hill, that's where sky fox is over a 15-acre fire. cal fire tweeted that it will be at ubis road and watsonville road. that's at the county park in the santa cruz mountains. we've seen several air drops that i just spoke to the chief meteorologist bill martin a moment ago who said that
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temperatures in the area about 90 degrees. humidity at 30%. and winds are 5 to 10 miles an hour. so the winds shouldn't be a factor in this fire. based on these pictures, it certainly looks like the firefighters have made good progress on this fire. again, a 15-acre fire burning in the morgan hill area. some developing news to tell you about in san francisco where a large tree branch fell and seriously injure add woman. it happened at about 3:00 this afternoon. here at the intersection of tilbert street. that branch weighed about 100 pounds and fell from a height of 50 feet. that 36-year-old victim was taken to the hospital where we are told that she is in serious condition. well a pick up truck plowed into a denny's restaurant in the east bay sending an employee to the hospital. it happened at 10:45 this morning in fremont at the denny's on mowri avenue. it circled on before slamming
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rear end first right into the restaurant. it appears that it might have been a case where the driver confused the gas and brake pedal. >> they go to hit the brake and their foot gets wedged in between the foot and gas pedal and they will start to speed up just a little bit. the vehicle went 180, they came right back in and slammed into the building. >> that drive was not injured, suffering minor injuries, that they would expect to recover from what was described on the cut from the broken glass. >> and back to the suv crashing into the garage. and at 10:15 this morning on chestnut street between middlefield road and their standoff street and that they would say that they would cause their structural damage to that building and that it is likely that they would live above the garage that they will not be
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able to return. that they will suffer their minor injuries, no word on what would cause this accident and that they might suffer that medical emergency just before the crash. the standoff between their county court employees and their county that have come to an end. that they were on strike. and outside the courthouse over the past week. but late today that both parties have announced that they would come to the salary agreement and that they would actually implode overnight and that they would result in 300 workers walking off the job once again this morning and then this afternoon that the county would release this statement. that we will be pleased to announce that the parties have come together to reach an agreement and that we would need to understand that the bargaining team had be recommending ratification of this agreement to their membership and that it will be voted on over the weekend. >> we expect that they will return to work on monday and that normal court operations will resume. funeral services were held today for a college baseball player who was shot and killed playing pokemon go in san
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francisco. calvin richey played baseball at sarah high school before going on to attend delta college in stockton. the 20-year-old was playing the popular pokemon game last saturday at aquatic park in san francisco. that's when an unknown suspect ran up behind him and shot him in the back. investigators say there are no suspects at the time. riley was selfless and always smiling. well now to some football and that it all begins tonight for the oakland raiders pre- season game number one tonight in arizona. you can watch the game live right here on ktvu beginning at 7:00. scott reiss joins us. big things are expected for the raiders. >> yes, absolutely. every year a little bit of the shock to the system, right? we see the nfl games on tv this early. truth be told that the real season is still a ways away, just under a month actually. but for the raiders, games like tonight against arizona will be pretty darn important as they
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will begin to make major personnel decisions. now, you will not see much of derek carr tonight, but though you wouldn't know it from the game face and practice all week. the third year quarterback would hope that they will take a quantum leap forward in 2016. >> organizations that are patient with people as you can see that it will help them develop and grow. they believed in me and trusted me and they have let me go. i have a long way to go. that there are so many things that i'll need to get better at. i'm not perfect, but i do appreciate, you know, being here, being able to develop into my third year. >> game one of the four-game pre-season set right here on fox 2. kickoff just after 7:00. and the raiders and the cardinals in glendale, arizona. that they will actually play their first two pre-season games on the road. the second two back here in oakland as we will hear more from them and as well as the 49ers. >> you probably want to tune in early if you catch the
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starters, huh? >> yes, exactly. >> that they will kind of feel like it and that it will be no secret and that they really have a quarterback in either park. if they will keep improving the way that they are that they could become a top year quarterback? >> yes, that they were as good as the first year player, better last year and that everybody will expect them to take that leap in your number three that you'll get the dynamic wide receiver and amare cooper was legit. the additions they would make in their off season that there will be a good chance that they would win, yes. >> the winning record, that it feels like a nine or ten-win team that will be at least pushing for the playoff spot this year that they will be really hard though. the super bowl champs with the broncos, the kansas city chiefs who are always tough and the chargers as well. that it will not be a cake walk, but they are definitely on the upward. >> all right, so nice. >> yes, they certainly like your optimism. >> no doubt. >> all right, thank you. all right, new details to tell you about. and in regards to a horrific murder that would happen in
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their upscale neighborhoods here in their bay area. why they were arrested, posted bail, now back behind bars without bail. for the second time in three weeks that the vandal has chopped down an entire row of young trees. what city officials are hoping to do to catch them. want to give you this round. so happy to be home. >> you know, it's a cross country flight that they will never forget. turbulence so bad that more than 20 people had to go to the hospital. coming up next, hear the stories from some of those passengers who ron -- who are on board. the bay area weekend is here. we've got spare the air day tomorrow as well. i'll lay it up for you after the break.
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one by one someone went down this street in san jose to cut down the total of 23 trees. just weeks ago the same thing would happen on the other side of the streets. it would happen along the willow glen neighborhood of san jose. ann rubin was there earlier today and asks if there are any leads. >> they think that they would have an electric fall and likely sneaked around the overnight hours, chopping down their trees in san jose that have been planted just months before. >> it was stunning because it wasn't the first time. exactly three weeks ago they would take down all the trees on the other side of florudian avenue. now it appears they would return to finish the job. >> we have never seen anything
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like it. it was snapped off by the teenagers. and that it is extensive. that they were planted by the non-profit city forest. that they were paid for by the council member who estimates the loss of about $25,000. that it will be a mean vandal. that it might lead to the culprit. as for motive that he cannot fathom one. >> and they would get that letter to the editor, but i don't know if they are upset with their tree policies. >> whatever the reasons that they would feel compelled to strike twice, not just broken
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branches and hearts behind. >> i can only extend my condolences, to somebody that will be so angry that they would feel like this would be a good example for anyone. >> the replacement trees will not be planted until fall. they are hoping that the donations might pay for them. >> and it is really a head scratcher here, for anyone that would want to cut down on too many trees. all right, reporting there for us in san jose, thank you. and frightening moments for that jet blue flight on their way from boston to sacramento. they had to make an emergency landing in south dakota. 22 passengers and two crew members would suffer their injuries during the incident. they said it was terrifying. >> boom, that they would fly right up in the air that it is just crazy. >> yes, they opened up completely as they would get
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hurt and that a bunch of stuff would fall down all over them. >> like the tower of terror. we would drop like that without warning. i would help one of the doctors. that it will be a big deal for all of us, that they have been released from the hospital as they would finally make it to sacramento early this morning. and let's check in with our chief meteorologist, that it will be fun for them to be on that flat like that when you would get their turbulence and that they would need to play a huge role in that. >> yes, at first i thought it was coming over the sierra nevada. >> yes. so i'm trying to use it for that demographic feature for the wind flow that you'll get these, you know, the drop offs. there were thunderstorms in the area. >> no. i never had anything like that
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happen ever. that i can not imagine that minor turbulence. >> that they must have dropped it, but that they started saying that it was like the tower of terror, that it is a dramatic drop. >> yes, that literally they could come out to drop a thousand feet, you know, that's scary stuff. >> yes, oftentimes that it will be weather and obviously that it will be weather induced. but also weather induced around here for that spare the air day tomorrow. that we'll have one tomorrow. just because that the high pressure is building in, setting up to be less than healthy. that the north bay is not so bad for them. warm inland and that pattern, they will continue for your bay area weekend as we will head into tomorrow and sunday. that we'll see the upper 90s tomorrow. the coast will be staying cool with a ton of fog, but here is
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what you would notice, see how it is pinched down with no fog coming in over the hills. that it will be real shallow right now with that inversion that they will need to set us up with that warming pattern and that is why the air quality issue or the air quality district issue and their spare the the air day that the lid will be on, all the pollutants from the area, or whether that they will be just the ozone levels from the morning and afternoon commutes that they will be trapped from the thin layer, what we will do with our breathing. that's why it is the spare the air day right now. 91 in walnut creek that everybody will be warming up. nine degrees warmer than what they were yes. tomorrow those temperatures will be warmer, the lid is on, the spare the air day tomorrow development in a row. it'll be cool with the dense fog along the coast, warm to hot in their inland bay areas. and that it is really not going to be getting over their east bay hill, but stuck right there through the gaps, the bay just a little bit. very dense in the morning and gone quickly.
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but look for the purples, they show up through your forecast highs for saturday and the warmest day of the week. but not your warmest day of the weekend. and with cool numbers, right along their coast. warming rapidly when you see the east bay hills as you get into the north bay and south down towards morgan hill and gilroy. tomorrow a hot day, spare the air day when we come back a look at your weekend. >> all right, thank you very much, bill. ten years and that they will remain unsolved. the decision by san francisco and their interim police chief to reopen this case. and the new very large reward now being offered. later new at 6:00, coming together to save the life. how quick thinking by police and their passengers at sfo, that they would help save a man who will be having a hard attack. >> it is just a nice thing to have with some feedback. you know, that they know that our job will matter.
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they are discussing a strategy on how the campaign will perceive. it comes after they head to the polls and hillary clinton will be pulling ahead in some key battleground states. the latest from the campaign trails. >> donald trump is not happy after they drafted a letter to the head of the rnc urging the chairman to stop supporting trump's bid for the white house.
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but the chairman previously appeared at their rally today, where he introduced them to a room of cheering supporters. >> and most of them have really supported us, but some of them, they just can't get over it. you sign add pledge. >> reporter: they are taking a day off from their campaign trail and that they are finding themselves back on the defensive. a report that will be surfacing earlier today showing that the top clinton men were taking the task for the clinton foundation, while also working as chief of staff for the secretary of state. it comes days after their clinton private e-mail servers revealed the interest and their clinton foundation. >> they need to stay on offense with her, he needs to attack
5:22 pm
her on those inside dealings. >> reporter: this afternoon, clinton released her 2015 personal tax returns, hampering trump over refusing to do the same. there is increased pressure for him to do so. a new poll conducted by nbc, the wall street journal and merit shows clinton taking leads in key swing states including florida, virginia, north carolina. all five latino polls show donald trump losing even more ground with his panic voters. in washington peter ducey fox news. accusing him of hiding behind their fake excuses, disclosed by every major candidate in the last 40 years. it has been ten years since a grieving mother would lose her son in a shooting just
5:23 pm
steps from her home in san francisco. >> to ask for help in finding the person that would do it as their crime reporters would speak to her today. there is also a gigantic reward here? >> that's right frank. this case is still unsolved. they are hoping that it will lead to an arrest. >> every august she walks a few steps from her home to grieve and pray at corner of baker street in san francisco. this is her son who was shot dead ten years ago this weekend. >> and does it feel like ten years? it is like yesterday to me. >> reporter: for a decade now her son's killing has gone unsolved. but brown isn't giving up. each year they hand out fliers asking for leaves. on august 14, 2006, aubrey left
5:24 pm
her mom's home. the approaching gangsters, they were so enraged that they would focus the rage on him 12 times. but they yelled at friends to run. the shooters have never been found. she wants people with information to come forward. >> and we need to stand up. how long are we going to be silent? and how long is your silence that will continue killing our children? >> reporter: san francisco police recently reopened the case. they hope as more time passes that someone will come forward. those responsible will even have kids of their own. >> it is time to step up to do us right. let them have a little bit of piece. >> they will need all the help
5:25 pm
that they could get and that no tip will be too small with a $250,000 reward for investigation that will be leading to the arrest of the killer or killers. >> it is about $10,000. it's been out there for four years and they cannot get someone to come forward? >> it is unbelievable. but no one has come forward to lead to the arrest as they would say that they might want to put this out every year as they will come out, the same intersection with the cops, begging people to help her. >> yes, they are committed to trying to solve her son's homicide, but also shows the fear after four years of the huge reward like that and no significant leaves. >> yes, it is top. but they really want to help and management, that it will be your own thing. >> sure. you cannot stress enough how there is an anonymous tipline
5:26 pm
as you could call and that no one will find out if you have left that tip. >> right, you can go online to look for different ways to contact police by text, or by the ewe-- unanimous e-mails. >> yes, absolutely. >> thank you. a surprising development after the horrible killing inside a gated community in the east bay. but now he's been rearrested, the judge has taken it off the table. they are getting a little help out here on the streets, the chief says that it will go a long way towards their building block. we'll have that story right after the break.
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the allegations are so heinous that they have taken bail off the table for the man accused of killing their wife inside their home on the exclusive gated community of blackhawk. >> yes, john teixeira was in court today accused of murdering his wife linda with a hammer at their home. ted rowlands was in court learning a lot of details about this incident. they said that he was out on baseball and then taken back
5:30 pm
into custody, but the judge said the bottom line here is that it is such a brutal attack that they needed to keep him in jail. john tercheria has a lot of money and they wanted to hawk sure that he did not get out. tercheria didn't say much today. they were discussing his case where in the end is that they said because you're charged with special circumstances, that there will be no bail. >> as you can read in the complaint, that he is accused of murdering his wife under tercheria. with the use of a hammer. and so that allegation and
5:31 pm
complaint, inflicting great bodily injury in death. and so without going into great specifics, that the murder was done with a hammer and the special circumstances of the heinous, especially heinous crime that was based on the nature of the injuries, which i'm not at liberty to discuss. >> and he will be back in court on august 23 for his arraignment and the judge said that at that point that they could bring up their question again. but today that he has been remanded and in custody. >> what do we know about tercheria? well-known in the community with a good reputation? >> yes, absolutely as you would talk to those people as they cannot believe it. one person that i talked to who knew the couple very well said that he used to look at that couple and say that there is a happily married couple and would point them out. just in utter shock because he owned a construction company, he sold it, played softball with a group that he was playing with for years. when news of this came out,
5:32 pm
people were shocked. peeling back the onion, i talked to someone else saying that after talking to the children that there were a lot of problems with him in recent years. that person said he is very pleased to hear that there is no bail. he's concerned for other people's safety out on the street. >> do we know what the motive is from here? and what we understand that his wife wanted a divorce? >> his wife filed for separation in the spring. we don't know the motive. but his kids are older. he has two sons from a previous marriage that live out of state. and his daughter lives in southern california. that we do not know the mote obviously. his wife is also 69 years old, married for a decade. again an institution in their blackhawk community. they were shocked to hear about this -- about this crime that came into place.
5:33 pm
>> but here you would have a multimillionaire who has not been in trouble with the law before. >> yes, it will be on the table, which has been laid out there. and what you will see down the line is the plea bargain, likely that he would never get out. >> ted rowlands with the update. thank you. a woman screaming for help. 911 calls are being credited for stopping. it happened at 4:15 this morning on phenom street in the lookwood gardens complex. they learned that the suspect had gotten into the home, attacking the woman, then tried to sexually assault her. police say that the attacker was inside their home when they
5:34 pm
arrived. we found out that they were outside of the residence, trying to make their way outside. and as soon as he would exit out, he would try to run from the police. >> they have not identified the the victim, but they didn't know each other. police say that the truck was on the court this morning when they would pick up chemical waste. a hazmat team cleaned up the spill, giving the all clear just an hour later. the sanitation worker was taken to the hospital though for treatment. san jose's police department is getting some much- needed help. eight new recruit officers
5:35 pm
fresh from the academy are now poised to hit the streets. our south bay reporter jesse gary is outside san jose city hall. jesse, why is the graduating class great? i mean why is it so small? >> officials say that the impact battle down here, that few want to join to face the uncertainty of benefits in the profession, where you could be seriously injured or worse. and that it will be enough for now. >> we are asking for every single individual that wants to wear this uniform. the member of the class of 26. now they are ready to serve and protect. >> it is not a threat, but a part of their university of 5%. we started with .3%. >> reporter: even joined the san jose police department, one
5:36 pm
manny chades will patrol thecampus. while being a sworn officer has never been harder. they have in some cases made serving and protecting a flight for one survival. >> and we need more good cops out there. and that i'm going to make a difference. >> they took a route to the academy. working for several years. that she is ready to join the ranks of the blue. her mom says that it is a perfect fit. >> and she can identify and relate with people from all backgrounds, just a terrific human being. >> the department vastly understands. chief eddie garcia says that it
5:37 pm
is a building block for new officers. >> and they are answering calls. >> the department of officials say that they will start their first shifts this sunday. and chavez will be over another the state. >> they would like to have as many as they could get, but you need to remember that they were running below ranks for quite a. why and that it is pretty small. their classes will run between the mid-40s in the last few classes. they hope to be able to beef that back up into the range relatively quickly if the pension reform measure passes
5:38 pm
in november. and i reported, i think earlier this week or maybe last week that officials will be out pounding the streets, trying to get out to vote sort to speak. to make sure that they would pass their reform measures. keeping a closer tab on tour buses that would go out of control as several people were injured in this incident. that weld happen again. >> and he became one of the main suspects in making a murder. new developments, the likely timely for his release from prison.
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americans visiting and living with the bombings, that at least four people will be dead including the foreigners. they would use those explosives, trying to determine who will be responsible. tourists are stunned about what happened. >> it is a wonderful place. everybody is happy making us realize that we need to worry a little bit. among the wounded includes
5:42 pm
their citizens from italy, germany, the netherlands, and austria >> glue new at 5:00, a disagreement over what happened. the train was on tracks running through the east bay town of oakley. tom vacar was talking to the parents of some of the kids that were on that bus. >> reporter: exactly what happened at this railroad crossing isn't exactly clear. but everyone agrees that it was scary. yesterday afternoon, juanita fusil got a scary text from her grandson. >> grand mommy can you pick us up at the school, we are going to die. i said why, did the the bus come, yes, the bus driver drove into the way of the chain and broke the thing that stops us. >> later the children's story held consistent. >> when they got home they had a horrible story to tell that the -- story to tell that the
5:43 pm
bus stopped on the railroad tracks to tell the bus driver to move the bus. nobody contacted us at all. that they would call steve the transportation manager that would provide no details on the incidents except this. >> the bus driver will no longer be driving a bus. >> that her son was also on the bus. >> i got it from the third party to find any information because they did not contact anybody about that. >> and they said that their department would tell them that the cameras on the bus would show a different chain oaf vents. >> from the cameras, that it will be showing you the door out to the bus stop. the bus will start to go and the arms are coming down as they would strike the bus,
5:44 pm
backs up. the training does what they do and then drives through. and they complete it out. >> because all the details are not known that there will be a full investigation by the school district. and the chp which means they will get to the bottom of it. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. tour bus bounces off the construction industry injuring 19 people. we'll tell you about their new call for more inspections of the tour buses. we will be tracking your weekend forecast. that will be heating up out there and those temperatures are near 100.
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5:47 pm
san francisco lawmakers say that tour buses are not inspected nearly as much. that could be dangerous. an out of control bus crashed near union square. state lawmakers are urging to pass a proposal to make sure that all buses meet safety regulations. robert handa takes a look at the bill and the cost. >> reporter: november 13, 2015 a tour bus struck a cyclist near union square, creaming into a construction barricade, striking 12 other vehicles before coming to a stop two blocks away.
5:48 pm
>> it would feel like they were turning down with a u tour bus running over somebody. >> reporter: these buses are picking up the passengers this afternoon. and just some of the approximate $30 -- the approximate 30,000 tour buses. they were able to show you 20% of them and that they would assume that they would save. >> a big concern. but it is not the same. >> it is not just the safety. >> reporter: but on wednesday they would say that they stood on the steps of the city hall here today, urging the state lawmakers to pass the tour bus safety bill. the proposal would allow them to hire the chp to inspect the tour buses on the street. >> with more inspections, that i think that they would help
5:49 pm
them. >> the assemblyman said that if all goes well that they could go back to january and that it will be up to the city to make sure they would have money for it. unclear how much that would cost. a high-speed police chase would end with a major wreck today as they would try to stop that black pickup truck that you'll see from that suspect. but the driver would keep on going. and they were heading past their airport. oh, when they would blow through their intersection and broadsided by a car and the other truck would also get caught up into the crash as that driver was taken into custody. a set of emergency was just declared by the governor of louisiana because of severe storms and flooding. in fact that most of southeast louisiana is under a flash flood watch until tomorrow morning. rescuers are working nonstop to
5:50 pm
try to move people to safety. >> what we're trying to do now is get everybody out of here and at least up here to have a bus to takes from the dollar store. that they are saying that it will not be ready until 1:00, but we are trying to get everybody out of their area. >> dozens of businesses and schools have closed due to the flooding and the forecasters say that unfortunately that even more rain is on the way. >> yeah, let's check in with bill martin. really not much that you could do with that much rain that will fall in such a short amount of time. >> yes, where you are below sea level with a huge problem there. i mean they have had over a foot of water in some places. it is still raining really hard here in the southeast area for you all week. let's come in closer as we'll show you what we've got. some areas are over a foot of rain, again, they will be
5:51 pm
heading out. you're below sea level and you don't have a lot of drainage, then you've got problems that they will be getting over an inch in half an hour in these locations as i would suspect that we will be hearing more stories out there. in dallas, heavier showers as well, but not as persistent that they will be moving through with some flight delays in the dallas area because of those strong thunderstorms. but again that will be dying down as the evening comes to pass. further along our coast that's what we're talking about and warmer with them being compressed. the fog is staying at the coast. we will warm up. we'll find those temperatures this weekend tomorrow. specifically in upper 90s and even to the lower fairfield areas at the travis air force base. and so warmer today than yesterday. and there it is. boy, look at those showers, up
5:52 pm
over the tower. probably the twin peaks. but tonight that they will pinch down as you can see it contouring their hill here and their indication that the fog will be pressed down by building high pressure center. and that the microclimates tomorrow with their coast. warm to mild around their bay and maybe 80 degrees in a place like redwood city. and probably 80 degrees. as you get out into the east side of the valleys, the north end of the valleys that you'll find the upper 90s to the lower 100s. and making 99 pretty easy easily . 98 in brentwood. and hot inland and their spare the air day templet that's two in a row. that'll be a nice day. this week you'll live in the bay area because around that bay, well that, is san mateo at 77 degrees. you go 20 miles, 30 miles inland and you're at 97 degrees. we are seeing those microclimates kicking in. here is your forecast, probably
5:53 pm
the hottest day of the week tomorrow. sunday is hot on the heels. the fire danger will be something we'll be talking about. they will be in here this weekend as i suspect that the fire danger will become the real issue here on sunday night into monday and just until things dry out. which is typical of the rain there in new orleans. >> yes. a lot of rain. >> thank you, bill. coming up in minutes new at 6:00, coming together to save a life. and how quick thinking that they helped save the man who was having a heart attack. >> and just knowing that we, you know, are actually acting like that. it is validating.
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the popular netflix series "making a murderer" makes a good case for one of the suspects. secondary sexual assault and mutilation of a corpse in the death of just a moment , please but today the federal court in wisconsin overturned bishop. he was sentenced in 2007 to life with no parole for 41 years. jaycee was 16 at the time of the murder. many say that the confession was coerced. s and convicted in the murder. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky was back in court fighting to overturn his conviction. he is serving 32 to 60 years in prison. for sexually abusing nearly a
5:57 pm
dozen boys. today he testified that he wasn't the monster that everyone thinks that he is and he says that he didn't do it. he said, "absolutely not. that's disgusting, foreign to me. never." his attorneys claim that sandusky was wrongly convicted and wants the court to either throw out the conviction or give him a new trial. a navy sailor and a nurse teamed up in southern california to save the life of a suicidal man. petty officer nick pazano was driving to work when he saw a pickup truck pulled over. to find an 82-year-old man who said that he wanted to end his life. he kept the man from jumping and then tried to flag down help. luckily a nurse was passing by. >> i had a good grasp on his arm and started waving cars down. >> i noticed that petty officer pagano was waving his hand, and having instructions to oncoming traffic to call the police and
5:58 pm
that he needs help. z that is when i pulled over. >> lindsey was able to talk to the individual and calm him down more than i obviously would have at that point. >> and that suicidal man was taken to the homicide for evaluation. developing news out of san francisco where a woman out with e her children was seriously injured by a fallen tree branch. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. that heavy branch came down without warning at about 3:10 this afternoon. at columbus and filbert in washington square park. we will get more on this developing story now from amber lee. what else can you tell us that you have learned? >> reporter: well heather as you said that washington square park is in the heart of the vibrant north beach neighborhood. there's plenty of people here and certainly a lot of trees. this accident happened right over here in the playground area of the square with the mother sitting over there at
5:59 pm
those park benches. and it happened shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. she was sitting there, the 36- year-old woman who was watching her two children play. a limb broke off from the nearby treatment -- nearby tree. police said that she was taken to the hospital where she is in critical condition. >> well, she sustained a head injury in and out of consciousness upon our rival. police officers and the firefighters and paramedics responded quickly. they were able to get her off to the general hospital in san francisco. >> reporter: the tree appears to be happy, but the win may be a factor. now, i was told that a few children ages five and nine have been reunited with their father. live here in the north beach, heather, frank? >> yeah amber, i know that park very well. it is really busy with a lot of trees. do you know if any of those
6:00 pm
trees are routinely examined? >> that's the question that we asked park and rec. the last time the trees in this area were fully assessed was in 2010, that in between that time and now they said that there have been a number of maintenance work done, but they couldn't say exactly when or what was done. >> all right, let's hope that it will be something they'll be looking at now given what happened today, amber, thank you. be sure to stay with ktvu developing this story. amber will be asking more questions bringing us the very latest on the 10:00 news. we'll posting updates on our ktvu mobile app. new developments now from the south bay area where cal fire has made quick work of a brush fire in the santa cruz mountains, which started at 3 this afternoon burning west of morgan hill off ubis road. cal fire attacked the flames  from the ground and the air and they had it pretty well knocked down by 5:00 tonight. they say that they would hope to have it controlled later on this evening. the initial report is that th


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