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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 6  FOX  August 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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0001>> reporter: day was of to rernl rainfall have swamped the state. >> reporter: the storm is expected to dump more heavy rain throughout the weekend. the governor declared a state of emergency saying residents advised to evacuate some do so quickly. >> we have levels of flooding along rivers and creeks. because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get. >> reporter: the international guard going home to home to save residents and pets in high water. >> helicopters are primarily in active search and rescue right now. we're trying to coordinate with the officials to make sure
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we get things clear. >> reporter: even impact the governor's mansion, thes byment flooding overnight. rivers, creeks, in some areas expected to crest 4 feet higher than the previous record. >> this is not over >> reporter: the storm system over louisiana is expected to dump more rain for the next 36 hours, making it uncertain exactly when the water will start to recede. >> stick with us for continuing coverage on this story. we'll have the latest on-air and online. to new york city where police are looking for whoever gunned down an imam and his assistant today. prayer just ended in a mosque in queens when a lone gunman shot them in the head. detectives say the gunman is still on the run tonight. a new mexico police officer murdered allegedly by one of two men already on the run for yet another killing. police say they
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were both wanted in ohio for killing a 62-year-old man there. the suspect flid to a nearby rest area. >> part of the contact, increased at the rest area. and allegedly shot the driver of that car. >> police still managed to arrest one man at that rest area. the other suspect drove off but was later caught. there was a third man in the car who was apparently just a hitchhiker. that 33-year-old officer leaves behind a wife and two small children. chaos this afternoon as gunshots rang out in a mall in raleigh, north carolina. someone opened fire inside the food court there. but investigators say they never found anyone with gunshot wounds or any suspects.
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there are bart closures. so get ready for changes. for the next several days, trains won't be running between balboa park station and daley city. in the north bay a woman seriously hurt after impaling her car on a fence post. it happened in petaluma. a neighbor heard the crash and ran out to help. a male driver climbed out of the wreckage and told him there was someone else left in the car. >> i started going to the side of the car, i had the worst expectation, and it was exactly what i expected. and without chiming in too far to see, it was going right through her midsection. and she couldn't move. >> that man, the driver ran off, and authorities are still looking for him. the woman airlifted to santa rosa memorial hospital with life-threatening injuries.
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crews from pg&e and mountain view fire department scrambled this morning to seal a broken gas line. it happened when the crew accidentally cut that line with a bobcat. the area was then evacuated. >> it was under pressure obviously. so anytime you have a natural gas line, the potential is to find an ignition source, and you end up with a large fire. >> it took crews more than an hour and a half to fix it. a 36-year-old mother still in critical condition tonight after a tree branch crashed down on here in san francisco park. it happened in washington square in north beach. a 40 to 50-pound branch snapped off and fell at least 50 feet on top of her. the city says the drought doesn't appear to be a factor, and that tree had been regularly cleaned. donald trump is saying if he loses the state of pennsylvania, it's because
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hillary clinton rigged the vote. he's now calling on his supporters to keep the election honest. the polling average shows trump trailing hillary clinton by 7 points, and another poll shows support for trump and eroding in three battleground states. colorado, virginia, and north carolina. tim kaine was speaking in new hampshire today. he discussed hillary clinton's economic plan. her proposal includes passing the largest investment in job creation since the second world war. >> for hillary clinton, the most important thing we need to do is to build an economy that not only grows but an economy where the growth is shared and where everybody has a ladder that they can climb to achieve what their dreams are. an economy that works for everybody, not just those at the top. >> hillary clinton's proposal includes investing in infrastructure, and american
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merchandising while cutting taxes, and cutting red tape. even more personal information e-mail exchanges and strategic memose of democratic operators have just been leaked. a hacker posted personal information for nearly 200 current and former democratic members of congress. the hacker says it's all from the democratic congressional campaign committee. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she received what she called "obscene and sick calls, voicemails, and text messages." and she's warning fellow democrats to change their cellphone numbers and passwords as soon as possible. the dnetwork c says it's creating a cyber security password in response to all of this. after kenny baker, the man who played r2d2 in some of the star wars moves, has now died. >> the 81-year-old british actor's career included roles in
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time bandits and the elephant man as well. george lucas called baker a gentleman and says he was the heart and soul of r2 d2. baker died at home after an extended illness. breaking news, a big police presence in the east bay right now. these are live pictures. we'll have a live report next. >> still some temperatures inland today.ummer 90s in the 5-day forecast. other details coming up. >> plus, they're convenient burk are they safe?
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reports of an accident in haywood involving a police car. you know you just arrived on scene, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the information is limited. we did speak to a witness. a police officer was involved in a head-on collision with a suspect's vehicle. tampa avenue is where we have the police car smashed in the middle. in front. it is a black mersiedz -- mercedes. we believe that is the suspect's vehicle. a witness says she watched both the police car and the black mercedes involved in a very fast collision. after the collision, one of the suspects started running down patrick avenue.
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the police officer pursued the suspect and was able to capture and apprehend the suspect and then walk back to this scene, spoke a little with that witness, and there was a second man inside that black mercedes, and she said she witnessed the man in the black mercedes being taken to the hospital. one police officer said he was able to talk to the officer involved and said the officer's condition was fine, he's doing well. we have not gotten official confirmation from police though. the information officer is out of town. but this is a continuing investigation here. we did see a handcuffed suspect in custody. there's still a lot of activity going on, a lot of people out here for barbecues and parties. so they had to cordon off the area, not the whole area yet.
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we're told from a witness that a police officer was involved in a collision with the suspect's vehicle. one suspect was taken to the hospital. >> i know you're sorting this out. do we have any way of knowing whether the suspect was armed? or why the officer was chasing him and >> reporter: we do not know. we have not been able to get any official word from the heyward police department. this is coming from a witness who watched the collision and the officer involved in the collision pursue the suspect on foot and apprehend sent. vee have not gotten official confirmation from police and the public information officer for the police department is not in town at this time. so we're gonna stick around for a little bit and we if we can get some official word. >> all right, thank you. high-tech car keys may not be doing much tow to keep your car secure after all.
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dana shows us how hackers can open doors on millions of cars. >> reporter: many drivers' worst nightmare. returning to their car to find it's been broken into. >> it's been a big topic for the last couple of years. there's been very little movement so far from the car industry to established standards. >> reporter: a tech editor for the website, mashable, says he's troubled to learn that security experts in germany found a way to hack the keyless entry system used on millions of cars. basically this means that thieves could break into a car and steal items without even cracking a window. this is how it would work. >> the car has to sort of be broadcasting its own kag signatures nal so that it could talk to the key fob. and can you hack that signal that the scar sending out. then you would know what key it's looking for.
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>> reporter: the experts say the remote entry systems on countless cars made by volkswagen since 1985 can be cloned to alone access to the vehicle. volkswagen agreed to have these findings published but equality without sensitive content." the findings obtained will further serve to improve the technology. drivers tell us it may be better and safer to go back to the way things used to be. >> just get the keys, you know what i mean? >> old-school? >> go old-school. temperatures back in the upper 90s closures to 100.
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and the other extreme near the coast and the became the fog hanging tough near the bay area shoreline. onshore winds as well. there's that cloud pushing back into the bay already, half moon bay. closer to the marin headlands. livermore, san jose in the mid-80s. there's that fog bank, trying to hide the bridge for you. beautiful up above the fog. you see the nice textured layer there. and we have a layer of warm air above that fog bank. it's really heating up the inland spots. tomorrow, cool coast, hot numbers inland. talking about football tomorrow! preseason with the niners. expecting mostly sunny skies, 83 degrees. pretty warm toward levi stadium for your sunday afternoon. and san francisco, tomorrow morning, clouds and fog out there. waking up to some
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overcast, tomorrow morning, 55. and lunchtime, partly cloudy, clouds toward the golden gate bridge. 4:00 there, skies and a bit of a breeze with winds around 10 to 20 miles an hour. over the next few days, cooler sunday, and ca. warm things back up by tuesday into wednesday, at least for tomorrow, just some minor cooling out there, temperatures coming down in most spot, especially inland, 3 to 5 degrees, around the bay, 70s, in the coast, mainly in the 60s. 6:00 am for sunday, cooling down the shoreline for the afternoon hours, and the bright colors that show you once again, more 90s toward fairfield, vacaville, santa rosa lower 80s. not as hot as today. san jose 83. and san francisco forecast high of 67 degrees. your 5-day forecast,
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temperatures holding steady into monday and tuesday. back up by tuesday, wednesday. get used to it. temperatures close to 96 degrees over the next few days. fire danger a concern. reports of a new fire in lake county, the clayton fire, we'll be watching that. >> thanks so much. the battle for 1st in the nl west continues to heat up. and hearing from the raiders.
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everybody is excited. a preseason win doesn't mean a whole lot but still better than a loss! the raiders did get it done last night in arizona. maybe it was the good juju in the stands. [ cheering and applause ] >> didn't say much. 3 of 7 passing. including this 9th completion to michael crabtree.
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atkinson iii stole the show! running everybody to the house. raiders win 31-10. a good opening effort. [ crowd noise ] the giants have the worst record in baseball since the all-star break. good news, pennate races are fun. dodgers just a game back, entering today. dodgers, pirates s.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> thee for 5, .3 ten10 on the season. a 2-run home run, his 17th, and the dodgers win 8-4, just a half game back of the giants. dmarlsd, cubby -- cardinals, cubes, good rivalry. welcome to the bigs, kid. addison russell, another former athletic, 2-run shot, his 14th. grand slam. brandon moss, another former a, hit his 20th homer. cards win 8-4. carnage! words actually spoken during today's round at the u.s. senior open.
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crazy wind gusts left the entire field over par save for two. off the green, birdie, and radar lock. that was at 2 under. one stroke off the lead. miguel angel jimenez, the approach shot is a thing of beauty! birdie there, 3 under on 7. jimenez, long birdie putt. not a problem. 69 today. 3 under. >> and the giants just underway at at&t. a's and mariners in seattle. we'll tell but it at 10:00. >> the first game i went to was the cardinals and cubs. >> not a bad one! >> of course the cubs won. [ laughter ] a san jose community up in arms over a business they say is
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selling sex in their backyard. now the community is protesting what they're calling an illegal massage parlor. that's coming up at 10:00. hope you join us then. have a great evening.
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