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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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behind you, in front of you, off to the sides. >> 175 structures destroyed by the clayton fire in lake county, and that number is expected to grow. and good afternoon, everyone. i am mike mibach. >> i am cristina rendon in for gasia. hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate as crews work to get a handle on that wildfire. >> it started saturday night off highway 29 in clayton creek road. tom vicar joining us live with the latest. tom. >> reporter: mike, listen, here's what happened. it's at 3,000 acres right now. that means little because they are concerned about the winds coming up, which means it could get better. you are correct. according to calfire, 175 structures closed. let's take a look at this phone poll. this phone pole has burned
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through 90% of the way. when this phone pole falls over f it falls on to something that hasn't burned yet, and there is plenty of stuff that hasn't burned yet, you could have yet another fire. in fact, where we are standing on one side it burned. on the other side of the driveway it did not burn. so the problem here is that you not only have to worry about the fire growing up towards the north to the other town up there. you have the problem that there is a lot of stuff going on here because not everything burned up. it was a very fast-moving fire. now they have a double problem. they have thousands of people on the lines at all nine of california's big fires right now. this one happens to be the most noteworthy. this is the one where at least in this town, lower lake, it's done a lot of damage. it can do a lot more. that is the situation that we're seeing here on the ground. and that is what we have to report from this point in time. we have some other reports coming up. >> all right. thank you. let's bring in our
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meteorologist rosemary orozco, who has been monitoring this fire. >> the wind is a big concern, right? >> yes. it's very hot and dry. when it's very hot and dry, it burns faster. it burns hotter. the winds right now 14 miles per hour reported near konocti. so at noontime we are looking at relative humidity 17%. very, very dry up there. mid-to-upper 90s in the forecast for the afternoon. the winds are expected to turn  southwest. if you are north of the fire, you are likely to see that smoke drift come your way. 15 to 20 miles per hour. when we get into situations like this, the fire can create its own wind pattern and it can actually pick up at times and it feeds itself that oxygen. so with only the wind at 20 miles per hour, it doesn't look too bad. within the fire zone area the winds could kick up and be stronger than that and gusty at times. so hot, dry, and the possibility of strong winds
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through the afternoon. >> mid-afternoon and later? >> yes. and that's when we will be at the hottest. >> oh, man. hopefully, we can catch a break soon. >> we will check in in a little bit. a resident came to see the dev is station for himself. he also wanted to help firefighters. he says it gave him an entirely different perspective of what the crews are facing. >> i was critical of a the fire department after the valley fire. i saw a lot of houses burn down there. being here today and working side by side with these guys, i have a different feeling for the fire department and a heartfelt sorrow for people losing their houses and the businesses and everything. >> alex savidge continues our team coverage now with a look at the destruction so far. >> reporter: well, there is widespread destruction everywhere you look here in the town of lower lake. we are on lake street right off of the main drag. you can see this home behind us
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was leveled by the fire. only thing you see that's left here is the chimney. right next door you see homes that survived this firestorm. this was obviously a wind- driven fire that blew through the town of lower lake. people who live here didn't have a whole lot of warning. you can see the destruction. the power out to everyone in this area. power poles burned and sitting on the side of the road. thousands of people were forced out, and they packed up whatever they could. they got out. right next door here you can see this is a storage facility, and inside the owner tells me he had a number of vintage cars. of course, all of them were destroyed by the clayton fire yesterday. he just came back and saw all the damage that was done. here in the downtown area there were a number of businesses that were destroyed by the fire along with the hundreds of homes that were lost. this one in particular really stands out.
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you can see it's a brick building here. just gutted by the fire as it came through. the place is still smoldering. when you see the plaque on the wall, you can see this was the historic lower lake firehouse. the first firehouse here in the town of lower lake, and it was just wiped out by the clayton fire as it came through this area yesterday. thousands of people still not allowed to return to this area. people who live here, it's unclear when they may come back. but what they will come back to is absolute destruction. >> and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the clayton fire. follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates through the day. now to the latest in milwaukee where things are calming down following two nights of often violent protests. >> the unrest stemming from the fatal police shooting of a 23- year-old black man who authorities say was holding a gun and refused to drop it.
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caroline shively live in milwaukee with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good afternoon. yeah, that original shooting happened about a block or two blocks over my right shoulder. another shooting last night, an 18-year-old shot in the neck, had to have an armored vehicle remove him from the scene because there were so moan -- many protesters. this is one of the most dramatic scenes. this entire gas station with six other buildings burned to the ground on saturday night. at least one person shot as several dozen demonstrators converged on an area where 23- year-old sylville smith was shot and killed by police. they were throwing rocks at police. even after officials said smith had a gun in his hand and refused orders to drop it. >> a little bitter last night. not good enough for me. i won't be happy until these creep rioters crawl back into their hole and let the quality
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of life return. >> reporter: anger at police in milwaukee has deep roots. the justice department says it's working with the department on making changes. some say that approach doesn't go far enough. >> no one can deny the fact that there is problems. racial problems here in milwaukee, wisconsin that have to be closely not examined, but rectified. >> reporter: it's not clear how long it will talk the milwaukee police to regain the trust of the city's african-american community. meantime, the clean-up continues with community leaders telling protesters more violence won't solve the problem. >> i understand the frustration, but this is not the way to let it out. i understand the anger, but this is not the way to let it out. >> reporter: officials aren't releasing the name of the officer involved in this shooting, but do tell us he is african-american. the mayor also announcing today a curfew for all teenagers in effect at 10:00 p.m. now back to you. >> caroline, i was going to
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ask, the national guard was called in. do we expect them to be deployed tonight now that that curfew is in place? >> reporter: that's very interesting. talking to the people on the ground, they do not want the national guard involved. folks in this neighborhood, people i talked to don't trust the police, but they say it would be taken to a whole new level if the national guard comes on the streets. if the military comes on the streets. they don't want to see that. it would be interesting to see what would, indeed, happen. being activated means they are poised, they are at the ready. the governor has said milwaukee police, you can have them if you want them, but you are the final word. you give me the word if you want the national guard out on the streets. didn't see it the past two nights. they have it in their arsenal. so far, they are holding steady. and back here in the bay area, the fbi says the bay area bank robber known as the dreaded bandit is in custody. agents say the name comes from this dread lock disguise he is known to wear. the fbi says he struck four
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times over the last four months in san francisco and san mateo. they are takeover style robberies in which the suspect shows a handgun and forcers the bank employees to the ground. police are looking for suspects who they say stabbed a man to death. police were called to cottonwood avenue 7:00 last night for reports of a man on the ground and when they arrived they found a man with multiple stab wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses told police they saw two men running from the scene who then got into a white vehicle. right now police are not releasing any more details about the victim or the suspects. also in hayward, we are learning more details about the two officers who were injured during a stolen vehicle investigation over the weekend. hayward police say the officers shot into a black mercedes after it, quote, intentionally hit multiple police cars. one officer who was on foot was hit by the vehicle, but is expected to be okay. the second officer was injured during the pursuit. one suspect was shot. the other tried to get away but was captured near the scene.
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the suspect who was shot is in critical condition. police in oakland are searching for whoever shot and killed two men outside of a birthday party over the weekend. it happened outside an art gallery. an argument started inside the gallery and spilled outside. the news website berkeley side reports one of the men killed was 22-year-old terrence mack, a 2011 graduate of berkeley high school. no arrests have been made. police in menlo park are looking for two men they say robbed a trader joe's saturday night at 9:00 on menlo avenue. that store was closed when the men got in and ordered employees to get down on the ground. the pair demand money and got away with an unknown amount of cash. police say the suspects were wearing white facemasks. the san francisco police commission holds the first of several meetings to get community input on the process for recruiting the next police chief. five meetings have been scheduled where the public can tell the commissioners the
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qualities and characteristics they want in the next police chief. tonight's meeting will be from 6 to 8 p.m. at the alex pitcher junior community room at 1800 oakdale avenue. coming up later this morning on -- i apologize. coming up later today san francisco police commissioner joe marshall will have more. we have posted a list of the five community meetings with dates, times, locations on coming up here on the noon newscast, we have more that we are following out of lake county. we will hear from residents who will say they had very little time to pack up and evacuate. the latest on the deadly flooding in louisiana after thousands of people had to be rescued from their homes.
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welcome back. at least six people have died in the floods in southern louisiana and officials say 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes. >> yeah. this after a slow moving storm system dumped nearly two feet of rain in some areas. >> reporter: street after street, block after block looks like this. really more like lakes or rivers than neighborhoods here. you can see the water going halfway up homes. for the past couple of hours we have been tagging along with the police department as they have been going through and rescuing residents who wanted to stay here, but at whatever
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point realized that things had gotten too out of control and they needed to get to safety. there has been thousands of people rescued over the past 48 hours. people rescued by vehicles like this. also by boats and helicopters. we spoke to several. take a listen. >> i am heartbroken. i am heartbroken. my home, this is where i grew up. my grand mother and my grandmother and my aunt lived in that house. just trying to cope with it. disbelief. shock that you know it can happen anywhere, but you never think it will happen in your neighborhood. >> reporter: president obama has issued a disaster declaration for this area that's gone through so much recently. you have to remember they had the alton sterling shooting protests, police officers who were shot, and now this
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historic flood leaving some residents wondering allowed to me how much more this community can take. will carr, fox news. in maryland there are still people missing after last wednesday's deadly explosion and fire at an apartment complex. authorities say five bodies have been recovered and four of them were among eight people who had been reported missing. investigators expect to find more bodies inside, but due to the dangerous conditions they haven't checked the entire building. dozens were sent to the hospital after the blast. the cause of that explosion has not yet been determined. a chaotic scene at one of the country's busiest airports after someone reported hearing gunshots at jfk airport. they searched the airport. police say they did not find any firearms, rounds of ammunition, shell casings or other evidence of gunfire. and back here at home it is cool in the bay area, but out there where the crews are fighting the fire it is hot and the winds are not helping.
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rosemary. >> you're right. it is going to be another hot day in the lake county area. for us at home we are actually seeing a bit of a cooldown today. we have a bit of an onshore breeze and the marine layer is a little bit deeper today than it was yesterday. giving you a live look from lake county there where, of course, crews continue to battle that blaze. it is moving towards the north. from what i understand, at least away from some homes, which is better news than what we had to report yesterday. very hot. very dry there today with temperatures in the mid-to- upper 90s. relative humidity dropping down to about 10%, 15% or so. it's going to be a rough afternoon for firefighters there. let's start on the other side of the country where we continue to watch the rain and heavy at times over portions from areas right around texas, louisiana and it stretches all the way into the ohio valley. you heard the anchors talking about this moments ago. you can see at this hour the rain continues. it is expected to be heavy at
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times with thunderstorms in the forecast. this will continue for the next day or so. it is expected to eventually push off to the east. they are not going to get a break either. at home our ridge of high pressure breaking down just a little bit. it has do with a trough over the north, and that again bringing back a little bit of relief for some of our hotter spots. temperatures well into the 90s this weekend. today upper 80s, low 90s for some of the hotter locations. the low clouds sticking around a little bit longer today. you can see partly to mostly cloudy skies over portions of the north bay. inside the bay and the east bay shoreline as well as the coast socked in pretty good. 60s at the coast today. 70s around the bay. some of our hotter spots not too bad. the onshore breeze at fairfield 22 miles per hour. still not incredibly robust, but it is there. the 24 temperature change down by 11 degrees in fairfield, livermore. down by six in santa rosa. with the cloud cover, santa
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rosa still reporting only 64 degrees. 67 in napa. upper 50s san francisco. 60s and 70s around the bay. 37 in san jose. the inner east bay 74 for livermore right now. into the afternoon highs expected to do this. 63 expected san francisco. along the peninsula 79 redwood city. into the south bay 80 degrees. we are looking at the east bay with mid 70s in hayward. upper 80s, a few low 90s out there. 88 concord this afternoon. for the north bay locations 78 expected santa rosa. 79 expected for napa. your extended forecast here. temperatures will be warmer as we get into tuesday. they peak wednesday before we see another cooldown for the second part of your business week and into your bay area weekend. looks fairly nice. upper 80s, low 90s for the hotter locations. 70s around the bay. >> thank you. well, an oakland man died after falling off a jet ski in south lake tahoe. the victim is 22-year-old rashan williams. police say williams was riding on the back of the jet ski with
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a friend on saturday when they hit a wave. the impact threw both of the then from the jet ski. the frond got back on the jet ski and tried to find williams. police say neither of the men were wearing life vests. coming up a massive data breach involving some of the biggest hotel chains in the country. what information the hackers stole and which bay area hotel was affected.
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in today's time trials, we are talking about school safety. >> crime reporter henry lee sat down with san francisco police spokesman. >> reporter: what should people are careful of? >> we are going to be doing a traffic enforcement operation for children, particularly pedestrians and cyclists. small children riding their bikes or walking to school. it's going to be heavy enforcement around the public school areas during the high corridors where there is potentially likelihood for vehicle accidents or fatalities. that said, just be mindful, you know, when you are going to work, you know, there is children that are actually going to school. they are going to be walking. they are going to be riding their bikes, their scooters. they could dart out into traffic. it's important that you slow
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things down and just be cog any sent of your surroundings because a lot of times we think we don't want to get into a vehicle accident, but you never see that one child that just darts in the middle of the street. it's not worth it. if the light turns yellow. slow down. don't speed up, okay? you don't want to find yourself in a hit-and-run or any type of fatality where a child is involved. >> reporter: what can parents tell their children about the safety? look both ways, make sure you don't automatically dart out in the street. >> yeah, always look both ways before you cross the street. clothing is very, very important. bright clothing, reflectors on the clothing, that helps a lot. to the average person driving, they may not see a person wearing dark clothing. if you have a bright neon or yellow shirt, you are going to stand out. especially if you are like four feet tall or lower than that, it's hard for the driver to see that child. so the way you dress and the way you watch yourself as you
12:25 pm
cross the crosswalk, look for vehicles. even if the light is green and you have the right of way, be cog any sent. you never know. there could be that unsuspected driver who is not paying attention and will run through the stoplight. >> reporter: the same with parking lots. we have cars backing up. people may not see these kids who are four feet tall? >> yes. it's important to stress the fact that this is back to school, okay? there is going to be children out there. there is going to be a lot of children in the early morning and in the afternoon. so when you are going to work and when you are leaving work is the probability where an accident could potentially happen. so just slow things down. if you have children of your own, you know, just think about them, you know. you never know when this could happen. but if you slow it down, you could see things happening before it occurs and you could potentially stop an injury or accident from happening. >> reporter: all right. back to you. in the sacramento area
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hundreds of students were sent home from the first day of school because they did not have proof of vaccinations. the school district in folsom and rancho cordova says 145 kindergarten and seventh grade students were sent home because they did not have immunization records. 133 students in elk grove were also sent home. immunizations have been required in california schools since 1962. however, a new state law requires children entering daycare, kindergarten and the seventh grade to get vaccinated despite religious or personal beliefs. we are learning about a massive hack targeting some of the biggest hotel chains in the country. hotels like hyatt, sheraton, marriott and westin hotels. in ten states, including right here in san francisco, the hotels say the hackers used malware to collect names and credit card information from 20 locations dating back to march
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esteban 2015. all right. a look at the big board. u.s. stocks still in what some describe as a see-saw pattern over the past few days. energy companies climbing with the price of oil. the dow up 66 points. also the nasdaq is up just about 30 points right now, and twitter stock up nearly 7% today. twitter is reportedly negotiating to live stream ten nfl games on apple tv. earlier this year twitter announced a deal with the nfl for rights to live stream nfl games on thursday nights. now they are in talks to launch the twitter app on apple tv. that would let twitter users watch the football games on apple's set top box. twitter is set to air the first nfl thursday night game on september 15. people who take public transportation in concord have another way of getting around the city and it's free to use.
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starting today the new monument bus shuttle service will be up and running. the buses operate weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. with extended service on tuesdays until 8 p.m. the ride includes stops at the concord bart station, the senior center and the monument crisis center. the latest on the clayton fire burning up in lake county. a look at more of the damage. live pictures now from sky fox there in lake county. the air attack well underway as tankers have been pounding this one through the early afternoon hours. we are now also learning that one of the buildings, 175 structures have burned so far, but that one of the buildings lost belonged to an organization known for giving back, is now in need of help itself. and court workers in santa clara county are now back to work after an eight-day strike. we are going to have the details of the agreement just reached yesterday.
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our developing story in lake county where the clayton fire has now destroyed more than 175 structures as crews continue to assess the damage. these are live pictures now from sky fox of the air attack. you can see they have been dropping retardant on those mountains for several hours now, and they will continue to do so until they can get a
12:32 pm
handle on it. this fire broke out saturday night off highway 29 in clayton creek road. so far no word how it started. 3,000 acres have burned, and it's only 5% contained. calfire says dry weather has helped to fuel this fire. today crews are bracing for winds to pick up. >> several mandatory evacuations are in effect. patients at st. helena hospital have been moved to sutter hospital because of the evacuations. ambulances from around the county were called in to help transport them and st. helena hospital will be closed until further notice. in addition, several schools in lake county are also closed. that includes lower lake high school, lower lake elementary, konocti education center, burn valley elementary and eastlake elementary. >> as we have been showing you through much of the morning the downtown area of lower lake has been reduced to rubble. >> as ktvu's alex savidge reports, habitat for humanity
12:33 pm
was one of the businesses affected by the fire. >> reporter: firefighters describe this as an unimaginable firestorm that just blew right through the heart of lower lake. and you can see it looks like a wasteland in many areas here. this is the heart of the downtown area. you see this lot full of cars. every single one of them charred and destroyed. as we come over here you can see one of the many buildings that was just leveled by this fire yesterday. the clayton fire came through this area. embers dropped down on buildings and there wasn't a whole lot that firefighters could do to save them. this building in particular was the home to a charity organization that we all know pretty well. you can see here on the sign this was the home of habitat for humanity of lake county. obviously, this is an organization that builds homes for people in need. they are in the business, of course, of helping others, and
12:34 pm
now clearly after this fire came through here their building is gone. they are the ones in need of help. >> the unpredictability of the clayton fire took so many people by surprise. todd and carrie may stayed as long as they could. they had to pack up their belongings and leave with their pets. their neighbor was on the phone when he spotted flames coming his way, so he hung up and fled the area. >> i told them we got fire in our backyard and i got to go. >> now i think we'll leave. >> the may family says the worst part is leaving their home not knowing if they will ever see it again? the clayton fire is burning in a region that has been hard hit by fires in the past year. as you can see from this map it is burning near that green area which is where the rocky fire broke out last year, june 29. it burned 70,000 acres and destroyed 43 homes and 53 out buildings before it merged
12:35 pm
with the jerusalem fire. then just weeks after that the valley fire broke out, which is that pink area on the screen. before it was fully contained the valley fire killed four people, destroyed nearly 2,000 buildings, and burned more than 76,000 acres. according to calfire it was the third worst fire in state history based on the number of structures burned. last week calfire announced that faulty wiring of a hot tub installation was the cause of that fire. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the clayton fire. follow us on twitter and facebook for more updates through the day. and things are returning back to normal at courthouses in the south bay as employees head back to work following an eight-day strike. >> ktvu's janine de la vega tells us about the deal reached and how things are now going. >> reporter: now that court employees are back at work today, judges, attorneys and many people who had business to take care of at the
12:36 pm
courthouses, they are relieved. because of the strike, there is still a backlog of work. more than 300 court clerks, researchers and janitors picketed for eight days. their big sticking point, they wanted a raise in the second year of their contract. after a lot of negotiating, a deal was finally reached, but while the union was on strike, services were very limited at all south bay courthouses because there were hardly any workers and managers were filling in. hearings were delayed or canceled. there has been a lot of frustration. >> tough. it was very tough getting files done, getting information. it was very, very difficult to deal with. >> did you have things canceled or delayed on your case? >> yeah. and but now everything is back to normal. we will get everything back on calendar and get everything taken care of. >> something new to get used to, the justice center. it opened today in downtown san jose. the union had been protesting saying if the court had money to build that, then it should be able to pay for an increase in the wages. but the court has maintained that the new building is funded
12:37 pm
by the state and has no direct relationship on employee wages. but there is no more fighting back and forth now between the union and the court, so things should slowly be returning back to normal starting today. there is just a lot of work that they need to catch up on. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. today santa cruz is debuting a new medical cannabis website to accept online registration from cannabis cultivators operating in the county's unincorporated areas. the cost to register fon the site is $3,500. there will be additional fees for background checks and site inspections. cultivators must demonstrate they have been growing medical marijuana since 2013 and show proof they have been farming another agricultural product in a commercial agricultural zone for the last three years. now to the latest on the presidential race and a new poll shows hillary clinton gaining the support of younger voters. the "usa today" survey shows clinton with 56% of support
12:38 pm
among voters under the age of 35. that is compared to 20% for donald trump. this comes as clinton campaigns with vice president joe biden in the state of pennsylvania. >> and in the state of ohio donald trump just wrapped up a speech on terrorism and national security. joel waldman reports. >> reporter: donald trump is heading to ohio today where he'll deliver a major speech laying out his foreign policy plan. it's yet another attempt by trump's campaign to shift the focus away from the candidates public gaffes dominating press coverage and driving down his poll numbers. >> he seems to be locked in a cycle that no matter what else he says in the speech, there is something, often an aside that he throws in, that gets a lot of attention. >> reporter: in the face of dropping polls, not just nationally but in key battleground states, numerous reports have surfaced about republican party insiders growing nervous that trump will not be able to turn around his campaign with some suggesting
12:39 pm
the rnc redirect political funds to down ballot candidates rather than lose the entire ticket. >> stay tuned. it's still early in the campaign. i am very confident. >> reporter: while seeing her poll numbers climb, hillary clinton has courted controversy of her own. first with her use of a private e-mail server during her time sass secretary of state to new allegations of donations to the clinton foundation and the state department during that time. >> there is no evidence that hillary clinton ever changed anything she did in the state department based on any activities of the clinton foundation. there is none. >> reporter: meanwhile -- >> and that was joe waldman reporting. vice president joe biden joined hillary clinton in scranton, pennsylvania this afternoon. the vice president praised clinton's plans for the economy and education saying he trusts her and that she understands the hopes of working americans. they also said donald trump is, quote, totally unqualified to
12:40 pm
the president. right now clinton holds a sizable lead over trump in many pennsylvania polls. want to bring you up to speed on breaking news out of mexico. armed men have kidnapped multiple people from an upscale restaurant in puerto vallarta. two suvs carrying the gunmen arrived one in the morning at the restaurant on the city's main boulevard which runs through the hotel zone. >> investigators found five vehicles abandoned at the restaurant. it was unclear whether they belonged to the victims or attackers. as many as 16 people have been abducted. we don't know if any americans are among that number. a new group is taking aim at gun control laws that governor brown signed last month. it requires background checks. the group is circulating petitions at gun stores and firing ranges statewide calling for putting the seven bills to a popular vote on the november
12:41 pm
2018 ballot. the law signed by governor brown are set to take effect next year. a man accused of shooting and killing a police officer in georgia is under arrest in florida. investigators say 24-year-old royheem deeds was taken into custody around 3:00 this morning. he is accused of killing officer tim smith saturday night in eastman, georgia. officer smith was responding to a report of a suspicious person. investigators say he got out of his patrol car when he came across deeds and was shot. smith was a father of three and he had been a police officer with the department for five years. police in new york are questioning a suspect in the killing of a mosque leader and his assistant over the weekend. the 55-year-old imam and his assistant were walking home saturday afternoon from a mosque in queens when a gunman shot them. surveillance video shows the gunman leaving the scene with a weapon in his hand. police say the suspect they are questioning was detained when he returned to a car near the scene. they have not determined a motive for the killings, but some fear it could be a hate
12:42 pm
crime. the latest on the olympics in rio and how the americans are doing in the medal count so far. gearing up for college football season. new security restrictions announced for cal football fans.
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now to the latest in rio and the u.s. men's basketball team is in the knockout round after beating france yesterday 100-97. klay thompson led the team with 30 points. 15 of those in the third quarter. the u.s. was 5-0 in group play.
12:45 pm
they move to the quarterfinals which start wednesday. and usain bolt is still the fastest man in the world. the 29-year-old won his third straight gold medal in the 100 meters with a time of 9.81 seconds. american justin gatlin won a silver medal. bolt will look for a third goal in the 200 later this week. >> and other highlights great britain's justin rose winning the gold in golf as the u.s.' matt kuchar took the bronze. simone biles won her third gold medal in rio in the vault competition. madison kocian on the bars. >> here is a look at the medal count. the u.s. is in first place with 69 medals. 26 of them gold.
12:46 pm
great britain, china, russia, japan and france all follow. the 49ers open their preseason schedule with a 24-13 loss to the texans. they racked up a lot of yards in the first half. colin kaepernick did not play because of a sore shoulder. gabbert completed four of ten passes, but had a touchdown drive. the texans went on to score 17 unanswered for the win. the 49ers will play the denver broncos in colorado on sunday, and in case you missed it the oakland raiders beat the arizona cardinals friday. derek carr did not play much, but he hit michael crabtree with a nice pass. and then in the second half george atkinson iii had a couple of impressive scoring runs. the raiders won. their nicks game thursday night against the green bay packers at lambeau.
12:47 pm
you can watch that game right here. new security restrictions, which include a clear bag policy. beginning with the bear's opener, clear backpacks and bags will be allowed inside memorial stadium. the security procedure is similar to rules at nfl and major league baseball stadiums. the bags can either be a one- gallon ziploc style bag or a 12 by 6 by 12-inch clear bag plus a small clutch. the giants hope to bounce back after a loss yesterday to the orioles. johnny cueto pitched well. the giants' bats game to live. hunter pence with a solo home run in the fourth. four more in the fifth for a 7- 1 lead. the bullpen blew it in the final three innings. casilla gave up the biggest hit. a three-run shot in the ninth inning. the orioles won 8-7. the giants
12:48 pm
will be taking on the pittsburg pirates tonight out at at&t ballpark. they are going to be facing former teammate ryan vogelsong. he has recovered from a beating earlier this season which left him with multiple facial fractures. he signed as a free agent with the pirates in the off-season. the a's will be playing in texas tonight against the rangers. they are coming off a loss yesterday to the mariners. the mariners won 8-4. and we go now to rosemary orozco in the weather center. >> if you are going to see the giants play later today, bring your jackets. going to be cool. going to be a little bit breezy. temperatures falling off by several degrees. we will take a look at those numbers in just a moment. let's get a few outside over the east bay. you see that tree moving just a bit. the onshore breeze is stronger today. the marine layer has deep end some. we are looking at a cooler day.
12:49 pm
giving you a view here over the oakland estuary towards san francisco. a half hour ago a little bit more cloud cover. now a little bit more blue sky. we will see the clouds clear out of the way in the second part of your day. cloudy conditions expected at the coast. 50 degrees santa rosa. you're looking at 59 in san francisco. that number is not right. that number did not update. definitely not 15 degrees in santa rosa. although cooler than yesterday by several degrees. by 6 degrees in santa rosa. by 5 in napa. our inland areas in the east bay really feeling the difference today. down by 11 fairfield. 11 in livermore. around the bay not so much. very similar to yesterday. just a tad cooler in areas around oakland. i will show you what has changed over the last 24 hours. we have a trough that is sort of settling in. it's a weak one, but it's definitely enough to bring us changes. that ridge of high pressure shrinking a little bit. that's going to be the case for today. we warm up as early as tomorrow. that coming in the extended forecast. here is a look at the cloud cover right now along the
12:50 pm
coast. socked in pretty good and still inside the bay continuing to clear out of the way. and then in the last half hour we have seen some clearing over the north bay as well. napa the onshore breeze at 7. concord a northwesterly breeze at 12. fairfield at 22. so for today partly cloudy skies. temperatures 60s at the coast. a lot of 70s around the bay. upered 80s, a few low 90s -- upper 80s, a few low 90s. 78 expected for santa rosa. right now santa rosa in the upper 60s. 82 in napa. closer to the water for sausalito, 68. east bay shoreline upper 60s to low 70s. 72 oakland. mid 70s for hayward. 89 livermore. 92 antioch. 80 degrees santa rosa. upper 80s morgan hill. cruz 71. for the peninsula this afternoon 79 redwood city. san francisco you're expected to hold right about 63. a little cool in your neighborhood. the onshore breeze will be
12:51 pm
picking up the second part of the day. the extended forecast, temperatures rebound for tuesday. peak on wednesday before they fall off once again as we get into the back end of the business week. into your bay area weekend hard to complain about the numbers. upper 80s, low 90s in the forecast. 70s around the bay. not seeing much beach weather these days. i guess that's one gripe we could make. a good looking forecast. >> i will go to the beach when it's fogged in. it's okay. >> grab your hoodie. you will be fine. >> all right. thanks. all right. dunkin' donuts has a location on the peninsula. this store on san mateo road in half moon bay opened at 5:00 this morning and this is new video of that opening. it is the second bay area location for the popular doughnut chain. in june there were long lines when a store opened in walnut creek, and the same again expected all week here at half moon bay. coming up the world championships of pokemon go headed to san francisco. what players have to do to
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
about 40 drone pilots battled it out in austria this weekend in a spectacular nighttime race. the drones raced around an ancient castles ruins. the copters reached speeds of
12:55 pm
more than 80 miles per hour. the pilots wear virtual reality goggles. a 16-year-old from great britain was the winner. >> the track was amazing. there are so many races going on. it's been a great day. >> the czech republic took second place. if you thought the pokemon craze was going away, think soon. the pokemon championship will be held in the bay area later this week. however, this is different from the video you kind of see on your screen. people playing the pokemon go game that has sparked the recent renewal of the pokemon excitement. in order to qualify for the pokemon championships, players must have played the entire video game season that began last fall and if they acquired enough points they are invited to compete for the world title. that begins friday in san francisco. the event is closed to the public, but fans can watch on a live stream. >> interesting. well, u2 is heading back to
12:56 pm
the bay area for a concert to benefit the children's hospitals in oakland and san francisco. >> [ music playing ]. >> the show was set for october 5th at the cal palace. tickets start at $1,000, which includes a cocktail reception and an after party with musicians mc hammer and will i am.. all right. just a few minutes away from the closing bell. taking a look at the big board. you see the dow jones up 63 points on this monday afternoon. the nasdaq is up 29 points. the s&p 500 is up 6 points. and coming up this afternoon on "the 4 on 2". continuing coverage of the clayton fire in lake county. >> we are told that the winds there are expected to pick up this afternoon. sky fox giving us these live pictures of a chopper picking up some water from one of the reservoirs or lakes there nearby. possibly clearlake. the air attack has been very visible through the morning as
12:57 pm
well as into the afternoon hours. not only the choppers, but the tankers we have been seeing fight this fire there in lake county. so far 175 structures destroyed. our coverage continues right now online at
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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dr. oz: people always talk about going to heaven. this man says he died and went to hell. did you see the devil? his incredible journey to the dark side. how did you make your way back? his fascinating account you'll only hear on our show. then, she died and went to heaven. you were without oxygen for about 10 minutes. back from the dead. stories that make you question everything. >> the after life is a real place. r. oz: coming up next. today's show will make you question everything you know about life and death. we have studied patients on this show who have died and claimed to have seen heaven. they have all detailed accounts of what heaven is like and who they saw while there. but never in the history of this show has anyone seen hell. and come back to talk about it. until now. today you're going to hear from


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