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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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until flames came right up to his neighborhood. the problem is he couldn't get his 18-year-old horse dakota to come with him. said he had no choice but to kick out the fence and leave her behind. but this morning he says he found out on facebook that dakota is still alive. >> the house and the brand new garage burned to the ground and she was just right off from it and pretty cheer where she was. he lived. and we're hoping to get her back now. >> gyp was told that the horse wasn't hurt. he says he'll have to wait until deputies say it's okay to go back in before he can actually check on her. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. >> for the past 48 hours firefighters have been scrambling to limit the damage from that wildfire in lake county. from the air our helicopter spotted the charred remains of dozens of buildings. >> the view is just as devastating on the ground. ktvu alec savage got a firsthand look. tells us habitat for humanity
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is one of the businesses affected by the fire. >>reporter: firefighters describe this as an unimaginable firestorm that just blew right through the heart of lower lake. and you can see it looks like a wasteland in many areas here. this is the heart of the downtown area. you see this lot full of cars and every single one of them charred and destroyed. as we come over here you can see one of the many buildings that was just leveled by this prior yesterday as the clayton fire came through this area embers dropped down on buildings. there wasn't a whole lot that firefighters could do to save them. this building in particular was the home to a charity organization that we all know pretty well. you can see here on the sign this is the home of habitat for humanity of lake county. obviously this is an organization that builds homes for people in need. they are in the business of
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course of helping others and now clearly after this fire came through here their building is gone they are the ones in need of help. >> a reminder here on we've posted more information on the clayton fire including how you can donate and help the people who have lost their homes just click on the top story on our home page. >> in milwaukee police are bracing for another long tense night and the possibility of rioting. trouble began saturday with the deadly miss shooting of an african-american man who police say had a loaded gun. that sparked two consecutive nights of civic unrest. reporter matter fin has more from milwaukee. >>reporter: milwaukee mayor is pleading for peace in the streets as police prepare for what could be day 3 of violent riots. >> i'm calling on every single resident of this city, do not do further damage to this great
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neighborhood. >>reporter: the milwaukee county sheriff says the riots are symptoms of bigger systemic issues. >> we have inescapable poverty in the city of milwaukee. milwaukee is like the 6th poorest city in america. you have massive black unemployment. i think it's at 32%. you have a failing k12 public education system it's one of the worst in the nation. >>reporter: riot police squared off with violent crowds for a second night in milwaukee. another intense stand off pushing into the early hours of monday morning. police report 30 incidents of shots fired on sunday alone. at least one person treated for injuries bringing the total to 12 officers injured. some seem scene limping away after being hit by bricks. a total of 7 businesses have been burned or destroyed in the riots. >> there is the police, leave the area. >>reporter: officers dodge bricks, bullets and bottles thrown by a crowd still briming with anger over the death of 23- year-old seville smith. a young black suspect fatally shot by a black officer on
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saturday. police say smith was armed with a fully loaded semi-automatic gun and did not comply with an order to drop his weapon. when he fled on foot during the fatal traffic stop. smith had a lengthy criminal record he was arrested on multiple felony drug and robbery charges. the fick's father spoke out at the scene of his son's death. admitting he was a bad influence. >> i can blame my several for a lot of things too because your hero is your dads i played a very big part in my family's role model being on the street doing things of the street. >>reporter: the unidentified officer has been placed on desk duty pending an investigation. police say there is body camera video that will eventually be released. in milwaukee matt finn foxnews. now to the race for the white house. donald trump called for a screening test for muslims looking to enter the united
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states. trump says an ideological litmus test 0 could apply to anyone of the muslim faith who wants to immigrate or just visit the united states. >> in the cold war we had an idea logical screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. >> democratic nominee hillary clinton and vice-president joe biden campaigned in scranton, pennsylvania today, a place where both of them spent time years ago. chin ton touched on several topics including restoring american jobs and improving community relations with police. coming up two people shot and killed outside a birthday parties in the east bay. what we're learning about the victims. >> there was no point for any
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of this. it was just senseless violence. like out of a movie. >> more on the developing news out of lake county where a destructive clayton fire continues to burn.
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. we have new developments to tell you about tonight systeming from a weekend shooting outside a birthday party in downtown oakland. >> two people were killed and a third was wounded. the party was held in a gallery at 14th and webster and as ktvu
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crime reporter henry lee tells us this is a part of oakland that's been turning around. >>reporter: downtown oakland is a study in contrast by day the streets are filled with workers kids at play that's one image but another picture often emerges after dark. early sunday morning two berkeley men were shot an killed outside a birthday party art gallery on 15th street blocks from city hall. police on patrol actually heard the gunfire. >> shots fire 15th and web sir. >>reporter: witnesses say a disagreement possibly over a woman being disrespected led to a fight inside the party it spilled out on to the streets and one or two gun men began firing. terrence mccray and craig fletcher were killed a third man was wounded no arrests have been reported. >> there were no point for any of this. it was just senseless violence. like out of a movie or something. >>reporter: the triple shooting happened just around the corner from where 16-year- old recommending nay jeffries was shot an killed in june.
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the violence comes as the city has reinvigorated downtown. uber is opening an office hey next year in plaza reopened last month it's the gateway to the city another revitalized uptown where bars and restaurants have opened up and more could be on the way. >> everything we represent is oakland all this other stuff that's going on that's not what we about. >> there are two downs it's an incredible place to be and it's very vibrant there's an incredible diversity of people down here all the time. and yet i guess gather a lots of people together there can be an element that's not so savery. >> it shoes not deter us from having some investment in the city both emotionally personally, financially. we should invest in the city. >> i think there is more that can be down. i think the city really needs to redouble our efforts on crime prevention and intervention strategies creating safe places for our young people to be. >>reporter: official hope
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police patrols and crime prevention strategies will make downtown violence an aberration and not the norm. in oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. a small dog abandoned next to a dumpster in mill valley is learning to trust people once again. security guard found the 2-year- old poodle mix behind a safeway at strawberry village. worryingers at the humane sowed the dog had been neglectsed they named him mozzarella he was finally coaxed out of his carrier with some cheese he's become a favorite of those who work at the shelter. the staffers plan to put him up for adoption as soon as he's vaccinated and neutered later on this week. look at the differs he looks great now. >> he looks happy. so cute. coming up it is said to be a growing problem. bikes stolen and sold for parts on the streets of san francisco. >> sell the parts or mix and match the components enough to sell a fully equipped bicycle to somebody else.
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>> coming up next how police are using social media to puts the brakes on bicycle chop shops. we're tracking the warmer weather we're tracking the fog along the cold front and the fire weather we've got a couple of fires we're still paying attention to. we'll see you back here after the break. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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see what spam can! do... at . new at 6:00 a crackdown on bike thefts in san francisco. it's a problem that some say is growing out of control. now san francisco police are using social media to try to fight back and deal with the issue.
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>> ktvu christian kaplan was there as police seized dozens of bikes from one man. these are bike chop shops. >>reporter: these aren't particularly sophisticated operations many are homeless people actinging as middle men taking possession of stolen bikes breaking them down to parts to prepare them for untraceable sales. in their first stop san francisco police found one plan they say had parts to more than 30 bikes in his bomb impromptu camp. today as bust began on social media with anti-bike theft twitter account calling on the bicycleing public to tell them where they spotted chop shops. >> it's lucrative business you can sell the parts or mix and behalf the components enough to sell a fully equipped bicycle to somebody else. >>reporter: dozens of tweets poured in. one led was r officers to the mission near 18th street shot well and to joe. san francisco police say they
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recovered more than 2 dozen bikes and dozens of bike parts in his gamble many. officers cited him for illegal lodging possession of burglary tools and having a bike with its serial number scraped off. >> it's all parts frames i got out of the garbage. >> you pulled that stuff out of the garbage. >> yeah. around the streets. >>reporter: today's bust wouldn't have been possible without the cycling community's input. john says he's had five bikes stolen living in san francisco. he's happy to see something being done but he wonders just how effective it will be. >> i think it's sort of like what happens in the tenderloin where the cops clear out prostitution from one block and it moves to another block. same thing here. >>reporter: san tran police are exploring whether or not to expand the program reaching out to the cycling community to try to find more chop shops. in the newsroom christian kaplan ktvu fox 2 news. back to our top story the
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developing news in lake county on that wildfire that's burned 175 buildings in and around the town of lower lake. you see some of the destruction right there. cal fire has scheduled an 8:00 news conference for what it's calling a major development on the clayton fire. the most recent numbers from cal fire show that the fire is hoeing steady at about 4,000 acres burned with only 5% contain it. but cal fire tells us that containment number is actually from this morning and that they have made good progress on the fire since then. so that number shut should go way up which they release updated information a bit later on tonight. >> let's go to bill for the latest on the firefighting forecast. the winds calming? >> much less wind yesterday. fuel moisture low humidity was low and is low again today and the temperatures are up. the winds much less giving firefighters a better break. interesting to hear what that
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announcement is or press conference is we'll give you details on that. it does look like they are getting a good handle on it. you never know they have to do a lot of fire clean up over the next 24. they will will be doing it over the next 3, 4, 5 days in the area. the weather will remain hot in that zone. if they don't get everything out walk away you get something sparked up again and we're back to where we started. along the cold front it's already pushing into berkeley fog in the midlands. liketoday is very much what we expect this time of year tomorrow will be very much the same. cool coast mild warm way inland will be warm to hot. it's relative. 95 degrees that's hot. i think we'll see 93s and 4s and 5s. fog offshore sun setting.
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days are spring shrinking. fog forecast bodes well for for the firefighters in northern and -- let me get into the clayton fire. you're increasing the relative humidity when you get a big push of fog like that even they are lake counties is here you're going to invective moist area. forecast highs tomorrow looks like today. maybe a little bit warmer in inland bay valleys see some low 100s, it 3 in brentwood 93 antioch 90 fairfield. you'll find some mid-90s but mostly low and mid-90s. the shot spots 78 in mountain view. 79 in fremont. five-day forecast. you see temperatures kind of trend down towards the weekend. so, a nice looking week ahead and again fire danger until we get that first big rain it doesn't matter if the fire is bad fire danger low fire danger it's just california it's just dry and until we get that first rain it's game on for fire season. >> that's going to be a while.
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>> bill thank you. still to come here the giants will welcome back an old friend to at it park tonight when the pirates come in for a visit. >> the a's are in text against the red hot acres jason apple ball is up next with sports. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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jason is here with sports. giants are struggling to get some things going had a heartbreaker yesterday. >> they really are struggling right now the good news they still have a one game lead over the dodgers and they are probably going to go back and forth all season long until the end of the season. but one good thing about baseball no time to dwell after tough losses. giants right back at it tonight looking to rebounds against the pirates after blowing a 7-1 heed to the orioles yesterday. and nice little story today at at&t park the giants are going to welcome back an old friends 39-year-old ryan vogelsong is on the mounds for pittsburgh to face his former mates. vogelsong he was a all-star in 2011 help the giants win two world series but he suffered devastating injury in may when he was beaned in the eye by a pitch he thought he would never
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see again much less pitch after missing 2.5 months he's back he's pitched well and tonight will mark his third start since the injury. even though the giants want to beat him they are happy to see him back. >> he's just a beast. you know. took a pretty rough shot and came back stronger than ever. if you know the mindset you know the fire and the passion that pushes ryan vogelsong you're not surprised by anything he's able to accomplish. >> he was very popular in this clubhouse very well respected. >> the a's also struggling they opened a three-game set in arlington against the first place texas rangers. adrian beltre seems to beat the a's all the time. here he is with the bases loaded in the fifth. just happened moments ago. gone.
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grand slam for beltre bottom of the fifth off ross detwiler a's were looking pretty good until then but that big blow and they are down 5-2. we are now in the 6th inning of that one. 49ers back up quarterback thad lewis he's done for the season after tearing his al c in yesterday's preseason opener versus houston lewis was expected to vie for the third string job behind blaine gabbert and colin kaepernick. kaepernick was held out of yesterday's game with scoreness in his shoulder no word for denver on saturday. chip kelly got a pretty good look at blaine gabbert fronts runner to start at -- gabbert finished strong. three serious regabbert went 4 for 1063 yards overall kelly up tempo offense looked greats in the first half producing 302 yards. >> we just go out and try to
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execute as quickly as we can. it openss things up 0 and that's the value of his offense. so yeah i thought we executed really well of there was a couple of really bad things turnover wise early part of the game that really set us back but in terms of tempo i thought we did well. >> we try to keep on clicking. >> we played a couple of mistakes but we fought back and we stayed to our game plan and everything and just kept pushing through. >> golfer gene sawers had quite a journey 10 years ago he overcame a rare illness that nearly left him dead. today i e is the senior u.s. open champion clear skies today after yesterday's final round was washed out. just outside columbus, ohio sourers on the first hole long putt for birdie he goes to 3 under par. he's had 17 top ten finishes on the tour but never a win. needs this putt for par to take home the title. he does it knocks it down and
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that is his first victory on the senior tour. and that will do it we'll have our full highlights of the giants and a's both games coming up tonight at 10:00. >> see you then thank you jason. >> our coverage continues now over at ktvu plus with ken and heather. >> we are continuing to follow the very latest developments on the clayton fire that is roaring across lake condition including a major update that we expect to get from cal fire that's coming up within the hour. >> cal fire just informed us that they will make a major announcement their words regarding the clayton fire and that announce many is expected to take lace in just about an hour. we will cover that announcement live from lake county to find out exactly what cal fire has to say about this devastating fire in lake county. those stories and more coming up on the 7 on ktvu plus we'll see you then.
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