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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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we're off to a good start here in downtown san jose with northbound 280 on the right. that traffic looks good. 402. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. that huge fire is still burning out of control. there are still some new developments. more details about the man suspected of intentionally starting the fire saturday afternoon. 40-year-old damon anthony faces 17 arson counts. the sacramento reports an arrest record last september identified him as a construction worker from san francisco. investigateors are not commenting on what lead to his arrest, but they say he is a serial arsonist. that fire has burned 4000 acres, more than 170 buildings including many of them homes, and it is still only 5%
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contained. nee vac wees say they can't understand why anyone would deliberately start such a destructive fire. >> people lost things that can't be replaced. why? you know, why? what was so bad? what was so wrong that he had to do that? >> cal fire says the suspect now lives in clear lake and is suspected of setting 17 separate fires in the past year and a half. we did a public records search and discovered that he was previously arrested on drug charges. now, as for the firefighting efforts, temperatures in clear lake will approach 100 degrees today. winds are not expected to be a problem at least during the day. firefighters believe they have made some progress. however, that fire has already caused $10 million in damage and another $5 million in firefighting costs. you can see the damage there. people who lost their homes, and their businesses and now have to focus on the positive of working
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together and bringing the community back. >> everything. some people are pitching tents in a public park in clear lake. they do hope to receive the all clear to return to their home. >> many schools are canceled in the lower lake area because of the fire. the unified school district canceled classes for the rest of the week. woodland community college campus in clear lake is also closed. the new semester will start next monday. several fund-raisers are planned to help victims of the clayton fire. lucky supermarkets in the north bay and o are accepting cash donations. you can donate at the check-out, and the amount will be printed on the receipt so you have a record for your taxes. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage from lay county. we're going to bring you new information as soon as we get it both on air and online, and we'll bring you a live report from clear lake in the next
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hour. san francisco firefighters make quick work in the fire overnight at china beach. the dispatch center did not say much about that fire except that it started at about midnight. now, we are checking reports of a couple of portapotties set on fire. we don't know the extent of the damage, but there are no reports of any injuries. turning now to the fire near carmel, a section of highway 1 is black open this morning after it was closed all day on monday because of some downed trees. repair crews are also -- they also needed time to restrange power and phonelines on the highway. that fire started a full month ago. it has burned 75,000 acres. it is 60% contained at this point. pg ande will deenergize some powerlines along highway 1 to assist firefighters with some tactical burn operation. time is 4:05. police are investigating a deadly shooting last night in
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the eastern part of san jose. it appears to have landed in the area of north white load about 6:00 last night. they found out about the shooting when two men showed up at regional medical center with gunshot wounds. investigators say one man died. the other is expected to recover. at about the same time, the chp reported a gang-related shooting not that same area involving a black suv and a blue mercedes. now, we're check energy with the chp and san jos police. it is still not clear if the reports are connected. oakland police are still investigating a shooting that left two people dead and injured a third man during a birthday celebration early sunday morning. it happened at a gallery on 15th street, an art gallery a couple of blocks away from city hall. police say they don't have a motive yet. no arrests have been reported. the people we talked to say the violence comes at a time when that area is starting to become known as a place for nighttime entertainment. >> anything that we represent down here is real oakland.
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all this other stuff that is going on. that not what we are about. >> there are two downtowns. it is an incredible place to be, and it's very vibrant. there is an incredible diversity of people down here all the time, and yet, i guess, gathering a lot of people together, there can be an element that is not so savory. >> the two men is terrence and fletcher crooks both lived in berkeley. the shooting happened just around the corner from where 16-year-old jeffreys was shot and killed back in june. days after a man was found dead in a stairwell, police are investigating another crime. the man told police he was beaten and robbed of school supplies inside a restaurant. three men jumped limb. this incident is reported toddies after the body of -- a body was found.
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the medical examiner has rule his death a homicide. no arrests have been made in either case. the bank robber dubbed the dreaded banddebt has been arrested. the 59-year-old -- band it was talken into custody as he and an accomplis were getting ready to rob another bank. that hatched in the richmond district friday afternoon. the suspect was wearing the dreaded bandit's trademark wig and a fake mustache. he was also found with a gun. the fbi says the person responsible for at least -- the drunken bandit is responsible for four bank robberies in san francisco and mateo. after two days of violent street protests following the deadly police shooting of an african man. caroline is in milwaukee following the developments. >>reporter: the streets of milwaukee are much calm they are morning after two days of violent protests. the sherman park neighborhood after a police
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officer shot 23-year-old so vail smith who authorities say was fleeing with a stolen gun. smith's sister said the two men, both african american, went to high school together. >> you know exactly how my brother was, and you shot and killed him. >>reporter: smith's sister is among many asking for calm. hundreds held a peaceful vigil on monday. >> the community had responded to the treaties of the mayor's office in my department, and they, along with various community leaders, did an excellent jock of -- job of seeing to it that the vigil that attracted hundreds of people, remained peaceful. >>reporter: hours later, officers and riot gear were brought in to break up the crowd after an arrest sparked anger. a 10:00 p.m. curfew is in effect for teenagers. >> a lot of parents and guardians have taken very seriously the curfew that is going into effect. >>reporter: many in the community don't think the violence is over with just yet. >> no. there's more issues than that. you know, it's just not that.
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that was just a spark. it was a spark or something that has been brewing, and you know, bubbling for a long time. >>reporter: the national guard remains on standby in case more violence breaks out. in milwaukee, caroline shivly, fox news. and breaking news. a man with a knife attacked passengers on a train seriously injuring two people. it happened as that train slowed to a halt about six miles from the border with switzerland. the attacker was a 60-year-old german man who appeared to be confused or mentally unstable. he was taken into custody. well, there are new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. sometime this week, the republican-lead house government oversight committee could get the fbi's investigative file on an interview the agency did with clinton about her e-mail practices. back in july, the fbi interviewed clinton for three hours about the private e-mailer is very that she used when she was secretary of state. the interview was not
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recorded, but the fbi prepared a summary of the interview which is now known as a 302. that is one of the key documents lawmakers are seeking. >> in terms of this particular interview, they'll learn everything about the content of that interview by looking at the 302 in the back-up notes. >>reporter: the u.s. state department also said yesterday it will release the deleted e-mails from hillary clinton's server that were recovered by the fbi. the presidential race, donald trump talked about his plans for combating terrorism and defeating isis in youngstown, ohio. part of trump -- -- part of trump's plan includes implements visas. he proposes screening immigrant immigrant immigrants with a questionnaire making sure they support american values. >> and a new approach which must be shared by both parties and by our
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allies overseas must be to halt the spread of radical islam. >>reporter: hillary clinton visited pennsylvania yesterday with native vice president joe biden. biden told voters that clinton understands the hopes and aspirations of middle class families. our time is 4:12. he was speaking out last night in san francisco. in 20 minutes, last night's hearing on the search for a new san francisco police chief and what the community said. hit by hackers, more on the string of hotels affected and the action now being taken. >> good morning, we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing very bell. if you are driving on highway 4 westbound, it looks good coming over the hill. >> and a pretty good fog bank. what is new? some drizzle. that is what is new. we'll talk about that and see the big spread on the
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temperatures again.
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welcome back. hotel operator hei and resorts says malware compromised its payment processing system. data collection at some of the properties began in march of last year. the hotel brands include hyatt, sheraton, marriott, and weston.
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five of the 20 are in california. the company says the mall ware has been disabled and the payment systems are now being made more secure. state lawmakers want to know if spending almost $700 million a year on offices in downtown oakland is a good use of california's money. records show the budget for that office is almost double than the past eight years. san francisco behind the push with a financial audit of the university's administrative budget. he said lawmakers need to know if that office is running efficiently. >> it is going to help educate us to really figure out what their budget should be and what their resource allocation should be and whether we need to tear more direction and tell them where some of that money should go. >> and that could expand the number of california students admitted to the school's public university system. a spokesperson for the uc system says the school will cop cooperate with any request from the legislature and add that cost increases are partly because of new systems for online
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courses and payroll as well as a 3% raise for employees. the audit is expected to be completed next spring. greatly reducing participation in the healthcare marketplace starting next year. etna currently offers -- aetna is in 24 states but will reduce to 4. the company blames the tax loss per year. obama supporters believe it is a political move to prevent the merger of aet -- -- aetna and humana. california will not be impacted because aetna does not offer plans through our state's. and the bill has to do with money people donate on their tax returns. it comes after an associated press investigation found that at least 1/tenth of those donations went unspent last year, and over the past ten years, $10 million of donations sat
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unspent in state accounts. that's a lot of money. time is 4:18. hey sal, are people on the roads already? >> yes, they are, dave, pam. good morning to you. there certainly are people on the roads. in fact, people make these long commutes. we have dubbed them super commutes. you can call them whatever you like. there is going to be sometimes unexpected slow-downs. there are going to be unexpected slow-downs on places like the san jose commute coming through into morgan hill. it does look okay. there have been no major issues northbound 101 getting into the main part of the valley. we are also looking at other parts of the commute. we can go to 880 right now. traffic is moving well in both directions. the eastbay commute doesn't look bad. still closed getting off the island from alameda to oakland. you're going to have to use the park street bridge or other bridges. in is a look at westbound bay bridge. traffic is backed up not at all. in fact, it looks good getting into san
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francisco. at 4:18. let's bring steve in. >> very good morning. we do have conditions on the fire. some areas comed down dramatically. a saw a readling of 101 yesterday. it is not going to cool off. there might be a little wind shift. i have looked at the weather wind. i have seen a west wind, a north wind, a southeast. i can see a little northerly breeze. it should turn easterly. it's going to be very warm. it's 63 now. humidity will be low. not the greatest conditions for the firefighters. just can't cool off, not in this pattern. although, if you are close tore the bay, then yes, it is a cool breeze. good morning, sir. >> sit too early, for -- it is too early for sir. a cool morning. a nice cool breeze will stay and keep the heat away today. here is what i am wrestling with. the low clouds
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and fog are moving into the east bay. there is a pretty good delta breeze. the last time i saw this happen, it hit 90 degrees. experience tells me it should still be there for a while. i do expect it to be slightly warmer than yesterday. that is the way we are looking at it. there is a low moving in which is throwing a wrench into the works. enhancing that fog bank and getting drizzle. west/southwest. travis at 21. dew west at napa but only at 5. 50s on the temperatures or low 60s. south bay being held up a little bit. you get that southwest breeze being held up. their lows are in the 60s. that is all on observation at 57. what is interesting is the weather underground. there must be 25 sites around palo alto. you name it. if you want to know what is going on, it's a lot. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. everyone is pretty close. the breeze west of napa. and west of oakland, west/southwest to travis. so it is there, but it is not as strong as we were
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seeing yesterday. 45. 60. and also for sacramento around lake at that sacra -- -- lake tahoe. some cloud cover may pop up. the next couple of times the first time since about june. for us, it's the fog. and coming not, going to do this, and hang out for about. and pack towards us. and 60s and 70s. 80s to low and a few mid 90s. temperatures again near seasonal averages to a little below near the coast and back. a little above inland. and it is mainly the east bay. just too hot. i can't cool you off yet. really no change although it does look cooler by the end of the
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week. >> the winds up there. we were talking about a couple of spots. >> i kid you not. i have seen every direction up there. every direction. nothing is strong though. at this time dies down in the morning. >> it looks like it will go easterly later today. thank you, steve. 4:22 is the time. remembering the king of rock and roll. coming up in 25 minutes, the reason for the pill gramage today for thousands of people to honor elvis presley. thousands of people up flexion. a massive flooding that has turned deadly.
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noter is -- new orleans is still undergoing flooding. one in baton rouge. >> all of our stuff is gone. all of our family pictures and things. that is stuff we can't ever replace. >>reporter: hundreds of volunteers have been filling and loading sandbags in hopes of holding back the floodwaters. several rivers have crested and there is
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concern that more flooding could occur as the water moves downstream throughout the state. a blood bank in florida has a new tool to make sure the blood supply is safe from the zika virus. blood banks have been stepping up testing of blood supplies after their first zika tests have been tested. the blood bank in sarasota county was the first in the country to get a machine that could flush out the zika virus from affected flood. we were able to inactivate a bide arye of path generals including viruses, back tier y and parasites. florida has recently detected cases of zika that appear to have spread through local mosquitoes. time is 4:26. new this morning, 15 inmates have been moved from prison. it has been called the biggest transfer of detainees since president obama took office. 12 from yemin and three from afghanistan. there are 61 detainees that remain.
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president obama has called to the remaining prisoners to be transferred to maximum security facilities here in the u. s. that is still against the law. right now, it is 4:27, and businesses and homes have been destroyed. we are following that horrible fire in lake county just minutes from now. the dozens of bay area firefighters are battling the fire in lake county. cracking down on chop shops. the bust made by the police and what they used to get the upper hand on the problem. >> and as we look at highway 24, the you'll notice the traffic is moving well heading over to the tunnel. it looks pretty good so far as you drive over to oakland. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. well, it cooled off for many yesterday. just a tall order this time of year. it doesn't look that much different today. about 99 degrees for lower lake. lower lake.
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welcome back. a little katy pery firework. >> actually, that is lady gaga. this tuesday morning. it is august 16th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. you help me out with the other stuff. the old music. >> sal does. we have aowl -- have owl little niches here. >> i have my pulse on the pop because i do have teenagers. >> true, true, true. >> sal. >> i know, he knows everything. >> thank you, pam and dave. we do have firefighting conditions. it looks like that breeze is going to turn more easterly here. i have


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