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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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reporting station. and some will make it to the east bay come pain. and santa rosa, san jose and just about everybody else to the west. that includes some drizzle. some of that fog is cascading down the mountains, down the hills, and it's keeping some locations very cool. others can't get any help. that includes the fire. and alex. and we'll get a report as we said yesterday. hardly any breeze. still at 100 degrees. the keep will be the breeze. it does pick up in the afternoon as those temperatures begin to warm up. if you are by the coast, simply no change. 60s. 50s. 60s for some. 60s, 70s around the bay. it's been a cool pattern in downtown oakland. the west breeze. 21 at travis. 50s for some. low 60s for others. there are a big difference in some of these temperatures by as much as 10 deglees. and checking in at 51. is scotts valley says that. boulder creek is at 49. low 60s santa clara. and 52.
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and the retreat hang out by the coast. little lows moving not that may pop up some thunderstorm activity in the sierra. it has been nonexistent since june. and 60s, 70s by the water. 6:01. and we are looking at a commute that is going to be a little bit slow at the toll plaza. and we have a 20-minute delay now reported at the end of the line trying to get to the bridge. this is a look at the stack-up traffic there. and nothing unusual once you make it to that stand. and take a look at interstate 880. so far so good if you are driving on 880 from oakland to hayward not a bad drive. the slow traffic in the bay. slow traffic here as you drive. 205 is very slow here coming up to mountain house. and still really not a great commute getting up and over the hill into the valley. it does get better. and at 6:01.
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let's get back to the desk. an arrest has been made as the clayton fire continues to burn. nearly 200 homes and businesses and 4000 acres have been destroyed. the fire is still 5% contained. and the 40-year-old should accept that clayton fire and more than a dozen other fires in the area over the past years and a half. ktvu live now in lower lake with more on this arrest. alex? >> good morning to you. a man in custody. certainly a sense of release. and a lot of other people lost their business. and this is one business that destroyed. this winery here on main street in the downtown area. and as you walk through what was the front door to this place, you can see what is left of the tuscan village winery. there was a tasting room inside of here. clearly, the place was gutted as this firestorm swept through the heart of town.
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late in the day on sunday. all that is left is just the -- again, we are learning this morning that authorities have arrested a suspected arsonist accused of setting the clayton fire and causing so much destruction and heartache. and there, you can hear it. a crowd of evacuees. they have erupted in cheers last night during the community meeting after the county sheriff and the cal fire chief told everyone in attendance. that the 40-year-old had been arrested and accused of setting the clayton fire. and it quickly exploded in size on sunday and caused so much devastation. from hereby clearlake. he is accused of is thing other fires during the past year. so far, the latest talley from cal fire. they say at least 175 homes and
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businesses have been destroyed as a result of the clayton fire, and several thousand people have been forced to evacuate. we talked with the owner of a routine business in lower lake. he knows his place is gone, but surprisingly enough, he's not bitter. >> and everything. and everything in our business is done. we're smiling. and i am. and i have my kids. my wife is fine. i have my health. and we're okay. people in this community still trying to recover from the devastating valley fire which burned through the heart of middle town just a year ago. it is really hard to understand why someone would set this fire on purpose. we should be clear here. authorities don't believe that the man they now have in custody accused of setting the clayton fire have anything to do with setting the valley fire. they do believe they have set a number of fires.
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as far as evacuees go, several thousand people still saying in nearby shelters, there is no word yet on when those folks might be able to return to their homes here within the fire zone, it is still just too dangerous for them to come back in. as fort fire itself, pam, the latest figures we have, 4000 acres burned and the frazil officially just 5% contained. we do expect to get some new updated containment numbers at some point later on today from cal fire. >> that sounds good. and hearing from one of our viewers, actually, and letting me know where people can help and she says she is up in the middle june town area. i'm going to put that -- middletown area. they said gift cards are the best thing because they don't really have any place to store stuff, but they will need help building their lives again. >> there are so many people. they have reached out to you and all of us trying to figure out how they can help. obviously, one way is to make a donation if
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you would like to the american red cross. obviously, the free shelters that they have that are set up right now are being run by the red cross, and so they will find the best way to use those donations. that is certainly one way that people whether or not want to help. >> so many people want to help. thank you, alex for that update. cools -- schools are also closed in the area of lower lake because of the fire. the unified school district canceled classes for the rest of the week. woodland community college campus in clear lake is also closed and the new semester will start now on monday. stay with us here. ktvu news for continuing coverage from lake county. we're going to bring you all the information as soon as we get it both on the firefight and the arrest that was made both here online, on air, and online. time is now 6:06. new this morning from austria, a man with a knife attacked train passengers in austria seriously hurt two people. it happened near the village of salts right near the border with switzerland. the attacker was a 60-year-old
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german man who appeared to be confused. he was taken into custody. back here at home, oakland police are still investigating a shooting that left two people dead and injured a third man. it happened during a birthday celebration early sunday morning. it happened at an art gallery on 15th street just a couple of blocks from city hall. police say they don't have a motive yet. there are no arrests reported. people we talked to say the violence is coming at a time when this particular area is starting to become known as a place for nighttime entertainment. >> anything we represent down here is real oakland. all this other stuff that is going on. that's not what we are about. >> there are two downtowns. it is an incredible place to be. it's very vibrant. there is an incredible diversity of people down here all the time. and yet, i guess, gathering a lot of people together, there can be an element that is not so savory. >> of the two men who died have been identified adds terrence mccray and craig fletcher cooks both lived in berkeley. the shooting happened just around
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the corner from where 16-year-old reginae jeffreys was shot and killed in june. authorities have remain silent ad the bank robber known as the dreaded banddit. the fbi says the 59-year-old man was taken into custody as he and an accomplis were apparently getting ready to rob another bank. that lapped in san francisco's richmonday district friday afternoon. police -- richmond district friday afternoon. the bandit was wearing the trademark wig and fake mustache. he was found a gun. the bandit is responsible for at least four takeover style bank robberies in san francisco and san mateo. days after a man was found dead in a stairwell, san francisco police are investigating another crime at the westfield mall. a 20-year-old man told police he was beaten and robbed of school supplies inside a restroom on friday evening. three men jumped and suffered minor injuries. the incident was reported just two days after the body of 28-year-old was found in an emergency exit stairwell at the mall.
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the medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide. no arrests have been made in either case. your time is now 6:09. after 37 years, a san francisco business that offered services to people in need of medical health help may be forced to close. the psychological services has been on hays street since 1980. it offered psychotherapy to people in need for low fees. now, the property owners want to demolish the building and build new housing there. the clinic which goes by the initials haps could be forced out in as little as 30 days. it has set up a go fund me page with a goal of raising $65,000. the money would cover first and last month's rents, and also deposits and moving expenses for a new location. the clinic serves about 160 clients who therapists say have nowhere else to get help. muny is taking a new step in the effort to crack down on the violence against drivers and operators. the examiner reports that the nta and union
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operator's union will begin a new ad campaign. the paper has reviewed 11 drafts. the ads feature quotes from drivers. one says i get you across town safely. i want to get home safely too. time is 6:10. still ahead, getting community input on picking a new san francisco police chief with people who went to last night's meeting say they want in the new police leader. >> and up flexion, the night in milwaukee after two days of violent protest following the deadly police shooting of an an african american man. what the man's sister is now saying about the officer. >> good morning. your morning commute is getting busier by the moment. right now, we are looking at 237 westbound. you can see some scattered brake lights heading west. the fog has been getting busy. for most locations you have to deal with it. if not, a little on the cool side. temperatures for a few will warm up. others no change.
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welcome back. riotings in milwaukee after the deadly shooting of an african american man. >>reporter: the streets are much calmer. the german park neighborhood damaged among the midwest over the weekend after a police officer shot 23-year-old smith
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who authorities say was fleeing with a stolen gun. smith's sister says the two men, both african american, went to high school together. >> you know exactly how my brother was and you slot and killed him. >>reporter: smith's sister among many asking for calm. hundreds held a peaceful vigil. >> people have responded to the treaty at the mayor's office in my department. they along with various community leaders did an excellent job of seeing to it that the vigil that attracted hundreds of people remain peaceful. >>reporter: hours later, officer in riot gear were brought in to break up the crowd after an arrest sparked anger. a 10:00 p.m. curfew is now in effect for teenagers. >> a lot of parents and guardians have taken very, very seriously the curfew that went into effect tonight for those at an age of 18. >>reporter: many in the community don't think the violence is over with just yet. >> there are more issues than that. you know, it's just not that. that was a spark of
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something that has been brewing and bubbling for a long time. >>reporter: the national guard remains on standby in case more violence breaks out. in milwaukee, fox news. turning now to the presidential race. donald trump talks about his plans for combating terrorism and defeating isis. part of trump's foreign policy plan includes temporarily suspending visas. he proposes screening immigrants with an ideological questionnaire making sure that they support american values. our new approach which must be shared by both parties in america, by our allies overseas and by our friends in the middleeast must be to halt the spread of radical islam. >> hillary clinton visited with vice president joe biden. biden told voters in his hometown that clinton understands the hopes and
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aspirations of middle class families. sometime this week, the republican led louse oversight committee could get the fbi's investigative file with an fbi interview with hillary clinton about her e- mail practices. back in july, the fbi interviewed hillary clinton for three hours about the private e-mailer is very she used when she was secretary of state. the interview was not recorded. the fbi prepared a summary of the interview that is flown as a 302. that is one of the key documents lawmakers want to see. in terms of this interview, they'll learn everything by looking at the 302 and the back-up notes. >> the state department also said yesterday it will release the deleted e-mails from hillary clinton's server that were recovered by the fbi. right now, it is 6:15. i want to check back in with sal. >> there was traffic that is
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building up. it has been this way for almost an hour. just at about 5:30. this is becoming heavier and-ier. and the only thing i can say about these commutes that the back- ups keep getting worse but it is doing so inclemently. it is not like we wake up one day and all of a sudden everyone is back. every week, another school district comes online and more people on the road taking their kids to school and college kids driving themselves, maybe, taking part in the transit. we are seeing more and more people doing the commute. looking at interstate 880, their traffic here is not bad if you are driving in front of the oakland coliseum. the traffic continues to move along very nicely. we are looking at other parts of the east bay. a little bit of slow traffic on 880. and drive dough down approaching 8 street. and it is about 30 mimes an hour which is not too bad as you head south toward union city.
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at 6:17, let's go to steve. and a fog out there, sal. that is what we are deal withing for me. even a little drizzle -- dealing with. a little bit of drizzle. inland temperatures continue beyond the warm to hot category. still near upper 90s to near 100 degrees. plenty of clouds and fog snaking their way around. every observation. that includes livermore. and there is a little mist as we talk about and some drizzle. but first, you're sitting at the airport saying a flight to houston, san antonio. should i take the umbrella. yes, you should. and back into parts of louisiana where you don't need it. the line stretch is all the way up into canada. there are going to be some very heavy rain along this line. and destroy, chicago, st. louis, cincinnati, down in memphis. a lot of people are getting rain. we're not getting rain. we're getting fog. we're getting hot temperatures. during the fog, it's cool. those hot temperatures can't help the firefighters today. 99 going for a
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forecast high. humidity goes up. maybe allison will give us an update on the weather conditions. it was very calm yesterday morning. the wind picks up still near 100. we do have low clouds in the mix here. cool to mild to warm to hot. a little warmer for inland temperatures really probably not that much. it is cooler friday and into the weekend for those away from the coast. i don't see much change by fog. low clouds keeping temperatures below average. they are running a little bit below. near average to above. northerly oakland airport. and 2025. still decent. west at napa. west/southwest. 54 at fairfield. 52. 50 from santa rosa. and 50. half moon bay, 51. yet 60. 61. 62 palo alto. mountainview over the san jose. and mill valley is at 49. bodega bay is at 49. and 51 petaluma. so a little cooler in the north
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bay. 43. 57 ukiah and sacramento around lake tahoe, 40s and 50s. the key is this low that is coming in might -- which has been a summer of no thunderstorm activity at all. that might pick up. it is also giving us a little drizzle. that low will continue to drop southward, over the sierra and southern california where it has been hot down there. that might give some thunderstorm activity to the mountains. 60s to 100s. if you are well inland. by the coast and the bay, 60s and 7 0ás. these temperatures are running below average near the water's edge. santa rosa and san jose are close to average. east bay temperatures are running above. i don't think that has changed much since about july to be honest with you. a little cooler inland friday and saturday. >> thank you, you bet. time is 6:20. a new honor. the ceremony set for today on treasure island honoring the gay rights activist. >> and ditching obamacare. the big announcement that could affect
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hundreds of thousands of people around the country.
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welcome back. some new information about russian defense planes. russia and iran have been expanding their ties. 15 inmates have been relocated in what has been called the largest transfer of detainees under president obama's watch. the president including 15. that brings the total number of detainees to remain down to 51. president obama as call -- has called for the remaining prisoners to be transferred to maximum security facilities in in the u. s. such a move is still against the law. in louisiana, flooding has killed several people but they may not know the exact number for several days. the water is starting to reseed after record rain over the weekend.
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one community near baton rouge had more than two feet of rain in 48 hours. >> i'm getting married in november. all our wedding stuff is gone. all of our family pictures and things. that is stuff we can't ever replace. hundreds of people. volunteers filling and loading those sandbags trying to hold back floodwaters. several rivers have crested. manier flooding may occur as that water moves downstream. a new tool to make sure blood supply is safe. blood banks across florida have been accepting -- stepping up testing after the first zika. the first blood bank in sarasota county was the first in the country. the machine that can flush out the zika virus from facted flood. >> we are able to inactivate a wide array of pathogens including viruses,
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bacteria, and parasitings. >> and the cases of zika that appear to have spread through local mosquitoes. the insurance company etna will greatly produce the participation in the healthcare marketplace beginning next year. edma -- na right now offers cough will -- coverage in 157 states. and in 2017. a pretax loss of almost $200 million a year. obamacare supporters feel it is a political move. the response to the government's lawsuits at humana. california will not be facted because etna doesn't offer plans through california's healthcare exchange. right now at 6:26, cracking down on bicycle chop shops. how san francisco police are using social media to get an upper hand on bike theft and the retale of -- resale of bike parts. one man is dead.
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the other is injured both are gunned down in san jose neighborhood. the latest on a live report in the investigation. and good morning. we have looking at a commute that is much busier than it was in half an hour ago. we'll tell you more about 80. 580 and the freeways leading to the bay bridge. >> a pretty good fog bank out there, but right on cue. it happened again. sunrise over the big city. we'll see about the temperatures. warmer, cooler, about the same.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. tuesday, august 16th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. coming up on 6:30. sounds like a pretty much about the same. >> i would with that. >> thank you. >> en and maybe a little warmer for some well inland. i don't see much change in north bay, south bay temperatures
6:30 am
maybe bumping up a few degrees. there is still a lot of fog. and sunrise here. some locations dealing with drizzle a little bit from about oakland. right back over towards the city which is going to stay below normal or below average i should say for this time of year. jamie nelson. cool and foggy hills above lucas valley. a perfect early morning for a walk. is there ever a bad morning for a walk? thank you, jamie. jamie takes very good photos. we do get clouds and fog maybe up on the sierra, maybe, just maybe popping up some thunderstorms today. there a low coming in. there is moisture. it might give a little bit of instability. it's been a quiet summer. it's been warm to hot. 20, 25 gusts out of travis. 50s. a little 60s. right at 50. some locations in the city low 50s. 51 near concord. that is not buchannan. 52 la fayette. 54 black hawk. martinez, 55 so a
6:31 am
little cool on some of lows. it is poised to make a rebound. that is the low that is going to dive down over us and stay in california, even southern california for the next four or five days here looks like. 60s, 70s by the water. upper 7 0ás. upper 80s. far enough inland. 6:31. it's pretty busy there. he is still pretty busy, i take it. >> we have had slow traffic all over the place, and it seems to keep getting busier as you get closer to the 630 hour. let's get close tore the freeway here. you can see that traffic is going to be busy. it's a 23-minute drive to the mcarthur maize. there are no major problems getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza, but there is a bake- up there as you get up to the paygates. there have been no major issues on the span. there was a minor accident at the toll plaza. it has been cleared. we are looking at merin county. southbound 101. it is still a very nice drive.
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no troubles getting over the richmond bridge. and at 6:32, let's go back to the desk. >> all right, thank you. i want to show you the man that is accused of deliberately starting the clayton fire in lake county. here he is. damon anthony is due in court tomorrow. he's in jail right now on more than $5 million' bond. >> the clayton fire has destroyed at least 1757 buildings now. homes and businesses. it has burned 4000 acres. joining us now from sacramento, cal fire public information officer with updated information. thank you for joining us. you have some new information about the containment. >> good morning. crews made straight leg raising good progress. the crew is 20% contained. the containment is
6:33 am
good news. the efforts that firefighters had all night long trying to keep the fire. >> can you tell us life without parole homes are still threatened at there point and as well as people whether or not are still currently evacuated? >> you know, we are still considering lower lake and clear lake and if surrounding area threatened by this fire. even though yesterday there was a very little fire activity. in fact, most of it was into the rural parts of lake county and not right up against lower lake. those homes are still threatened. we don't want the winds to shift again and have this fire come back like it did on sunday. at this point, all of our resack -- evacuations still replain in effect. >> daniel, how are you doing as far as manpower. do you have all the firefighters you need? does it appear to be that way? >> yeah, absolutely. we have over 1600 firefighters, many from the bay area helping us not only put out hot spots to do structure protection, but many going direct on this fire
6:34 am
building containment lines around it. a lot of firefighters, not only on the ground, but also last night or yesterday afternoon, we hit this fire hard with our aircraft dropping fire retar dent, hitting hotspots with helicopters even though there was just very little flames yesterday and one little area of a hotspot. we wanted to really get a good line around that so it does not have the potential to grow over the next couple of days. >> what about the conditions today? how does it look for the firefight? >> we're going to experience very similar conditions as we have had the last couple of days. warm temperatures, humidity in the teens, and some winds. the one piece shows how hard we worked was the fact that we still had winds when we were able to hold back the fire. we were again hoping that when those winds do pick up we'll be able to keep this fire out of lower lake, keep it out of clear lake. the weather just this last several days ask working against us. >> i just have to ask you because in arrest was made and we are certainly hearing from so many of our viewers. we are just heartbroken. they can't
6:35 am
imagine it. what is the reaction from firefighters when you find out that something like this was set on pump? >> you know, i have got to tell you sunday was very difficult for us. any time structures are destroyed, any time property is destroyed, it's very difficult for us. that is what we have been fighting for. that is what we have been trying to keep this fire away from. to be able to arrest a suspect and get him into yale, really, it is good news for us here. he'll have his day in court. >> and not only did he start the clayton fire but 16 others. to get this individual off the street. >> thanker you splotch for giving us that update. the biggest update is that it is now 20% contained. we'll continue to check in with you. our time is now 6:35. and firefighting teams to help
6:36 am
battle that clayton fire. and they left sunday night. they are working 24 hours shifts. fire agencies in san jose, mountainview and sunnyv ale. they were trained and ready to go out at any time. >> you never can dictate or predict how it is going to be from one fire season to the next. this one has impacted us a lot and it is still not over. >> south bay firefighters had just come back on friday. other bay area firefighting units in lake county include strike teams from san francisco, san mateo, alameda and. several fund-raisers are planned to help victims of the clayton fire. supermarkets in the north bay. ukiah. all accepting cash donations. the account and amount will be printed on your receipt so you can have that for your tax records as well.
6:37 am
time is 6:36. the search is on for a shooter whether or not gunned down two people in san jose. it happened on north white road on the east side. you're on the story in san jose with the latest on the investigation. you have talked to people who live in that neighborhood? >> we did. so far we haven't found anyone who actually heard the gunshots yet. they saw a lot of police cars in the area and wondered what was going on. police originally didn't know about the shooting. they found out about it because two males with gunslot wounds showed up at regional medical center just before 6:30 last night. friends drove them there. after some investigating, police determined the shooting likely happened on north white road. now, we don't know if this was a drive-by or what lead up to the shooting. officers tell us one of the victims died at the hospital from his injuries. the other survived. the mercury news is reporting the deceased was a teenaged boy. the area where this happened is flown for gang activity. so it is likely that
6:38 am
police will look to see if there is any sort of connection. that tends to be the case when the victims slow up at the hospital rather than calling 911. right now, police have not released any sort of suspect description. we have reached out to them to get an update on this case. last we heard, no arrests have been made as of this morning. >> we'll keep checking back. a man in freemont has been sentenced now with connection of the case of road rage at half moon may. the 44-year-old was served one year of probation for pepper spraying a family on highway 1 and highway 92 at half moon bay. it happened last october in traffic during a half moon bay festival. now, he pled no contest to one misdemeanor account of disturbing the peace. prosecutors say he got into an argument with a family after he tried to cut in front of their car. he sprayed pepper spray through an open window. he is due to go back to doubter next
6:39 am
month to figure out if he will have to pay restitution to that family u. well, california boaters will decide on two competing initiatives in november and it deals with the death penalty. proposition 66 sames -- aims to speed up the apeoples process. proposition 62 would get rid of the death penalty sentence. california has executed 13 inmates since 1978. there are 743 people on death row. both measures need a majority to pass. if both are approved, the initiative then gets the most votes will take effect. san francisco police are using a new tool now to help fight bike thieves. they have a twitter account dedicated to finding stolen bikes and the people whether or not stole them. the police are asking for your help, the public, in finding bike chop shops. now, one tip led lead them to a camp and the mission where one man had more than 25 bikes and a lot of bike parts. ktvu was right there when he
6:40 am
told police he found all of those bikes in the parks. >> and so it is all -- step out of the car. >> yeah. and around the streets. >> and now, police cited him for illegal lodging, position of burglary tools, and for having a bike with liz cereal number scraped off. the police are hoping to expand the program. they are asking members of the cycling community to help them find more of these bike chop shops. santa clara's new family courthouse is now open and will start holding hearings today. the $240 million building officially opened yesterday. it combines family, dependency, and adult drug and mental health courts. >> when the judge makes an order for testing or evaluation, the litigants don't have to get in their cars or get on a bus and find a place they are supposed to go for their treatment. they can just be in a building. >> family courts start holding sessions in the new building this week.
6:41 am
plans call for the adult drug and mental health court and a dependency department for children in foster care to open next beak. can. our time is now 6:41. and the. the u.s. navy will officially be made. and the supervisor and gay rights activist. and the secretary of the navy will hold a they are moanny. and an openly gay person has had a u.s. professor. harvey milk will be delivered to the navy in 2021. it is a fleet replenishment. it will be used to deplanish navy slips and the aircraft deployed of them -- navy ships and the aircraft deployed out at sea. we now know how much money superbowl 50 brought into the bay area. coming up in 20 minutes, which city benefited the most and which the least. before the next police chief is closen in san francisco.
6:42 am
commissioners. we'll tell you what they are saying about the qualities they want to see in the city's next chief. the community is still pretty busy. we are looking at a commute here on the san mateo bridge that is getting more crowded. >> there is a lot of fog out there for some. very foggy. a little mist, drizzle for others. it will be sunny and warm. we'll have a big difference in the temperatures.
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stobs. the crucial first step. and the public of what they want to see. in the city of the next top cops. inform san francisco with details about the police commission's first community meeting. we're told the acting police chief has now formally applied for the position. things did come up at last night's community meeting. at this point, we told only 16 people have applied for the police chief position. before the finalists are chosen, police commissioners want to get a chance to get input from the public. that is why they are holding these public meetings. the first one was held last night. an open forum that was attended by about 40 people. that was fewer than what some officials had anticipated. those that were there wrote down exactly what they want to see in the next police chief and they openly shared ideas and priorities.
6:46 am
>> nothing the going to change no matter who you bring in. >> the request for community input comes as departments nationwide -- police policies in the bake of fatal police shootings and acting police chief has received public praise for reporting new use of force guidelines in place. he has not formally applied for that permanant position. the deadline to apply is at the end of this many month. san francisco resident can say have their input heard. one of which will be held tomorrow night here at this elementary school in chinatown on clay street. it is one of four meetings. the public does have a clans to voice their input. we'll keep you updated. we'll be talking to people on the streets to see what they want to see in the next chief. we'll bring that to you in the next hour. time is 6:46.
6:47 am
is everybody behaving? >> yeah. there is slow traffic. it is warming up as it normally does. you will see that traffic is going to be busy as you drive on the east shore freeway. it is taking about 27 minutes to drive to the mcafterthrough maize. that is not a bad time. sometimes we get 50 minutes. we have had some real doozies. we have it when there is no traffic. why us to give you a frame of reference, the average speed is 43 miles an hour. getting out to the bay bridge, you will see the traffic is backed up from a 15 to 20 minute delay. and there was an earlier crash near the toll plaza. it wasn't all that serious. and as we look at marin county, seeing some slow traffic on southbound 101. 37 down to central. as we switch over the east bay, not a lot going on when it comes to the traffic here on 580 or 880. 6:47. let's go to steve.
6:48 am
all right. some fog, drizzle. cool for some. very cool north bay, but a little warmer towards the peninsula and south bay. plenty of low clouds to go around. every reporting station, except concord. i know there are some low clouds near there. frequent fog bank the last couple of days. you know the people who sit there at the airport and they are saying oh gosh, i am heading to houston today. look at that. austin, houston. watch the line. and it goes all the way up to arkansas and the st. louis. it is almost past now st. louis, chicago, into detroit. maybe back behind that in the northern plains. back to the northeast, washington d.c. and cincinnati. just tremendous rain just keeps going and going. not here, though. it is the fog. the real we built this city in san francisco in san francisco. so much fog walking to balboa park this morning. i have
6:49 am
heard that. many people saying the fog. they could use some fog up in lake county. we have made a star. she says this is great information. currently, 65. clear, calm, and some smoke in clear lake high. high today about 100 to 101 h. we are right there. the fog is there. plenty to go around. a little mist in the mix. drizzle. there is a low moving in to the north. i'll show you in a second. 20, 25. decent little breeze. west of the napa airport. 50s on these temporarilies. low -- temperatures. and so there are some upper 50s. low 60s on the peninsula. 61 los altos. 52 pacifica. some are cool and on the mild side. 50s and 40s in the mountains. and 54. 44 south lake tahoe. a quiet summer thunderstormwise up in the sierra that is about to change the and looks like a system might get a little instability to tahoe, and maybe
6:50 am
carson city, reno. we haven't had anything up there since june. there is a possibility in the mix the next couple of days. that the low. doesn't have a lot to work with. any time you get the lift over the hills, that could certainly alienate a little thereunderrerstorm development. it will also give us some temperatures a little easterly breeze might send some cloud cover back towards us the end of the week. until then, it is 60s to the 100s with 70s and 80s and 90s in between. longest temperatures north and east. not too bad north. from santa rosa to san jose, it's not that bad. it is much warmer out to the east bay and also lake counties very hot. the 50s to 60s. 7 0ás. right at 80 on the peninsula. anything you want. if you are in sales and you have to drive your car around the bay area. keep an eye on that thermometer. it will probably go all over the place. >> that's true. it does. >> you see that. >> drive around the bay area, yes. thank you, steve. 6:50 is our time. the former mayor appears to forget about the 9/#
6:51 am
1 terror attacks -- 9/11 terror attacks. coming up in 20 minutes, the surprising comment he made. >> plus poof, it's gone. an iconic las vegas hotel goes up in smoke overnight. up next, the implosion of the livier are hotel and casino.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
and there it goes. in las vegas, the last power -- tower of the iconic riviera hotel and casino was imploded several hours ago. several explosions knocked down the tower and reduced it to rubble in just a bunch of smoke. this ends the vegas strip's first high-rise of one of the most famous casinos. hosted singers and entertainers from dean martin and used in a lot of movies. the rat pack's original 1960 oceans 11, the james bond movie "diamonds are forever" and the movie "casino." today marks the 39th anniversary of the death of elvis presley. >> when a baby leaves you, you have to tell the tale. walk down lonely street to heartbreak hotel. i'm so lonely. >> the fans remember him with a candlelight vigil at graceland.
6:55 am
there was an increased police presence because of a nearby protest supporting the black lives matter movement. >> it's time. 6:55. the gymnastics program of the 2016 rio olympics wraps up today. one of the final events is the women's floor exercise featuring american simone biles. now, biles and teammate lorie hernandez both competed in the individual events finals on the balance beam yesterday. simone biles landed awkwardly and grabbed the beam. she lost a few points. she would win the bronze. lorie hernandez won the silver with a score of 15.333. they liked it. a gymnast from the netherlan actionerands won the gold. miller of the bahamas dove across the finish line. it took about 20 seconds for the final results to be posted. look at that dive. now, felix's silver medal was
6:56 am
her seventh olympic medal. she is now the most decorated female athlete in u.s. track and field olympic history. now, the u.s. contortion lead in the medal count with 75 -- continues to lead with 75. yesterday, the first u.s. woman won an olympic medal in the steeple chase taking the bronze. clayton murphy won bronze in the 800-meter sam took bronze in the pole vault. china is second in the medal count with 46 followed by great britain with 31, russia with 36 and japan with 27. former san francisco giant got a warm welcome as he pitched in at&t park with his new team. the 2012-2014 world series champion receiveed a standing ovation when he took the mound for the pittsburg pirates. meantime, new giant matt moore was making his at&t park debut. he got some defensive help from hunter in the 49 inning.
6:57 am
fell down in -- fourth inning. he fell down but still made the catch while on his back. that is amazing. leading with 5-4 lead. the pirates extended that to 7-4. the giants threatened in the seventh but a diving catch took away a hit from nunez. pirates went on to win 8-5. the oakland as have lost four of their last five games. they had a 2-1 lead in texas last night until belcher hit a grand slam in the fifth inning. the rangers won 5-2. they are the first american league team to win 70 games this season. they lead the american league west. the as are in fourth plates. 14 games behind. >> yeah. all right. time is 6:57. we'll keep following that devastating wildfire in lake county. up next, details about the arrest of the suspected arsonist and how he is connected to the bay area. >> and there was an attack inside the west field shopping center in san francisco. the latest crime now reported just
6:58 am
days after the death of a san francisco chef.
6:59 am
california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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we are getting new information about progress crews have made overnight on the clayton fire. >> good morning. check out these live pictures. just devastating. this is a lower lake. you can see some of the damage. you can see the cars here, how hot this fire burned and how quickly it got away. firefighters still fighting the fire at this hour


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