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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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it will be diverted to the navy in 2021. it will be used to replenish navy ships and aircraft. a major development after multiple fires in the lake county area. details on the man arrested for arson. we are also live this morning in the fire zone where crews continue to battle the flames. a study reveals how much money the super bowl brought to the bay area. we are live at the ceo about the chances of bringing in another big game. it is a good-looking tuesday morning. we say hello to everyone out in the county. welcome, we have the pleasure
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to say hello to claudia. thank you for joining us. >> it is good to be here as always. >> it is a little gloomy outside but here we are on a tuesday. we begin in lake county, firefighters finally gaining ground on the clayton fire. this morning it remains at 4000 acres while containment has jumped to 20%. firefighters are making significant progress. strong wind and temperatures combined to feel the fire over the weekend. >> the fire activity we have an experience the last couple of years is not normal. fires don't just simply start. >> police say 40-year-old damin pashilk deliberately started the fire and more than one dozen other fires over the past year. agencies are trying to speed up
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the time when residents can return home. alex savidge is live in lake county with how pg&e is trying to restore electricity to the area. >> reporter: good morning. the clayton fire is still burning in the area but there is a major effort to try to fix some of the damaged infrastructure. we have crews working in this open field behind us and what you see over there on the ground, those are transmission poles, they have 16 transmission poles that they are airlifting to some remote locations where they have power poles that burned down because of the fire. they are trying to fix the infrastructure as quickly as they can. let me show you some video of a helicopter coming in to lift up those poles to bring them to those remote areas i want to bring in lindsay, and i appreciate you taking the time. explain what the process will
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be and why do you have to use helicopters? >> that is a a great question. we have to use helicopters because we can't to drive to the area. the terrain is too rough. we don't have access to it. we also have to fly out the damaged polls. we have four helicopters that will be working here this morning. we have one coming in right now that will pick up one of the polls and bring it to where it needs to go. we have got to replace 16 poles today. >> reporter: i know there were a dozen people who lost power after the clayton fire. right now it is down to 700. still, the infrastructure, you don't have a sense yet of how bad the damage is? >> that is right, you mentioned the fire is still active.
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we have to wait for cal fire to give us approval to go in to access some of the areas that we have not been able to get into so we can assess the damage. we do have crews here that are already in lake county ready to go in. we have 100 people on the ground and more coming in. the goal really is to restore power safely and as quickly as we possibly can. >> reporter: thank you very much. we have 1000 1000 firefighters still out here at the clayton fire. also utility crews trying to restore power to the area. we saw them drive in town through the lower lake area. you can see burned out power poles everywhere that you look. >> thank you. right now we want to bring in
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spokesperson scott mclean who is joining us on the telephone. thank you for joining us. right now to contain the fire where would you say is the most difficult area where all of -- the majority of your resources are focused? >> the most difficult area is north north. we have more air resources than anything else on it because of where it is at. we can't really get any mechanical equipment in at all. we do have lines above it. it is in an area that is in a habitable so that is good news. it has moved away from the community. >> i think the wind was a huge problem getting into lower lake. we know the wind is coming. do you feel like you are racing with the clock a little bit right now? >> i was listening to on the radio
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and things look good however, we can't be complacent. we need to pay attention. we have got to take the time to make sure any hot spots that could possibly develop will not. speaking of the wind, it is constantly changing direction. it was not a significant wind yesterday but the underlying factor is the change of direction of the wind in this area that at times hampers the fire fight. >> have you been up to the area since they announced the arrest of this man? does this bring a a sense of relief to some of the residence? here we are looking at a picture of 40 in -- here we are looking at a picture of 40-year old damin pashilk. have you been up to the area and spoken to residents about the arrest yet? >> no, i am heading in that direction right now.
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i just left base camp. but as far as the emotions and that, i was on the cold the fire a couple of weeks ago and people were just livid and coming to us with leads, if you will, information that they thought would be helpful on that fire. these people here -- i was here all summer for a few small fires helping out and people are tired, they are fearful, now with this news, the initial was thank god we are safe and now it has turned into anger. it is just a myriad of different emotions. >> from the perspective of cal fire
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was damin pashilk on the radar with any investigators? had you heard his name before prior to the clayton fire fire -- prior to the clayton fire? >> it is still an ongoing investigation. these types of cases are extremely hard to work. i will not say anything to jeopardize it. >> you talk about the emotions we did here -- we did hear cheering when the announcement was made. it does turn into anger. do firefighters experience that same anger? they are trying to fight this fire. >> sure, what does the firefighter do? the firefighter wants to help. that is why we became
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firefighters. we want to protect citizens and property. for someone like this that starts these fires, that causes all of the damage, it is intolerable. we are also angry. >> scott mclean, thank you for joining us. of course we will be covering this the entire day and bringing you updates. turning to the presidential race. donald donald trump talked about his plans for combating terrorism in ohio. >> a new approach, which must be shared by both parties in america, by our allies and our friends in the middle east, must be to halt the spread of terrorism. >> part of his plan includes suspending visa's to countries with a history of terrorism.
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he also says he wants to screen idiot -- he says he also wants to screen all immigrants. hillary clinton was in pennsylvania yesterday with joe biden. joe biden told voters that clinton understands the hopes and aspirations of middle-class families. >> some time this week the oversight committee could receive the fbi's file on an interview with hillary clinton about her e-mails. in july the fbi interviewed hillary clinton about the email server she used when she was secretary of state. the interview wasn't recorded but the fbi prepared a summary of the interview, which was known as the max 02. it is one of the key documents lawmakers want to see. >> in terms of this interview they will learn everything about the content of that interview by looking at the notes.
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>> the state department also said it will release the deleted e-mails from hillary clinton -- from hillary clinton's e-mail server. coming up, cristina rendon has put some information into the new hunt for the san francisco police chief. this morning we asked you, what quality would you want in a police chief? >> one that is for an independent investigation of all charges against offices. >> someone who stands for justice, someone that will call his fellow officers out when they are wrong. >> able to implement tactics over gun play as a first option. >> we will check more of those responses later. again, let us know what you think. coming up, will another super bowl returned to the bay area? up next we are live with the
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ceo of the host committee about how much the big game actually brought in. in. -- coming up, will another super bowl returned -- coming up, will another super bowl return to the bay area? up next we are live with the ceo of the host committee about how much the big game actually brought in.
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at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. taking a live look at the big board for you. the dow jones and nasdaq down. telecommunications stocks also down today. home construction is up, that is good news. we will keep an eye on the markets for you. the host committee at the super bowl released a new study that shows the event had a positive economic impact in the bay area. it analyzed spending and costs associated with the super bowl. the area benefited from more
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than $35 billion in tax revenue. about 12% went to san jose and 7% went to santa clara. the super bowl generated at least $300 million in positive financial impact. >> joining us this morning is the ceo of the host committee. you are back again. >> welcome back. >> you came with some good news. the study did control for the cost of security and all of those things that the city had to pay for and on top of that they made a lot of money. >> that is right. this is pure economic impact money. it excludes money spent by locals who may have gone to an event. it excludes the cost for public safety. this is money spent by out-of-town visitors who came in for the game.
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who came in for the weekend and spent money even though they did not go to the game. >> when you what are talking to cities trying to get them on board with posting and trying to see what the impact is, are these the numbers you expected? >> i have said from the beginning that the game always generate a positive financial story for the region that hosts it. this study proves it. this was the last data set we needed. we knew we had a successful super bowl. now we know we had a financially successful super bowl. it does trend consistent with other super bowls. >> did it take into account people who said i will go to the bay area, was at a potential loss of revenue?
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>> basically that is called substitution money. what the study did was deducted the amount of money projected to be lost by people leaving town. so there is an adjustment for that. there is also an adjustment for the locals would have come into the city. >> there are some businesses downtown that lost business because the locals did not want to go. if you were to do this again are there some best practices you have figured out? >> i think venue location, whether or not super bowl city is separate from the experience next time. this was a very special event. there were reasons we did what we did to create that larger- than-life event in san francisco
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. you might be more consul doll -- there may be more consult data -- there may be more consolidation next. >> i remember talking to the mayor and i said would you do it again? he said, yes i would do it again. when you talk about the restaurant who had to sacrifice , it is the feeling, do you feel like that is a success in making the city feel good about being the host? >> if you look at the hotel industry over $180 million fell into the bay area that week. restaurants on average for up that week. so, you have to look at the entire region. that is what the study does. it accounts for all of the money being spent in the entire region. i think those are the types of indicators you have to look at. do you want to host another super bowl, -- based on the
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numbers we know the bay area came out a big winner. but you also have to learn from the first one. that is the benefit we will have the next time. the last one we had was 30 years ago and there were no workers. >> did hotels benefit the most? >> i think hotels, restaurants, transportation spending, uber had a record week. there was a lot of incremental spending in the market. i know that is something that will be taken into account when the next bid is put in place. >> are we going to do it? >> the new arena has super bowl 55. they have awarded the next five games. so the next super bowl that the bay area could bid on would be 222. -- would be 222. -- would be
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20 22. but the study will help to contribute what ever the bid will be. now we know financially it worked. that is what the owners and the nfl will look at. it is also important for us to say, this did a lot of good for a lot of people. it put the area on the map. san francisco, the bay area, performed very well. >> you raised a lot of money for a lot of nonprofits also. great to see you. >> thank you for coming in. coming up, a san francisco clinic providing a low-cost psychotherapy could have to move to make room for housing. coming up the effort to make money for a possible relocation.
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welcome back. the commonwealth club of san francisco is holding a series on big solutions for big problems. >> problems that include how can we get good health care? how can we drive in full-time jobs are being replaced by part- timers? >> we have the career coach here. here. good morning. thank you for coming in. the job market right now, i would say is changing but i can't tell if it is for the better. what would you say? >> that is because the statistics are very misleading. it implies everyone is well employed.
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but there are underemployed people who have college degrees that are working at jobs that they could have gotten out of high school. i don't think it is as good as the government and the media has perpetrated. >> a lot of people had jobs thatused to pay full-time benefits and now they are getting shifts a 4 hour a 4 hour so the company does not have to pay benefits. that is happening a lot. is there a way to reverse that? >> that is the problem. we all feel great when they say there will be paid family leave, but all of that comes out of the employer's money. that means they will want to part-time a lot of workers. >> these problems are so big. you talk about the domino effect, with jobs or healthcare, in terms of finding solutions and
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narrowing down what led us to this point. how do you tackle all of it? >> we try to be positive. two things could really help. one is what i call creating an army, the one thing we know is the jobs get created, not by taking more taxes, but by getting more people to start at the call, successful businesses. the most important subject that colleges don't teach is entrepreneurship. i think we should be teaching people how to start small businesses and that will create jobs. all of us, whether we are a parent of a newborn need help with that kid. if we encourage more people to higher personal assistant that would create a lot of good jobs. >> you give people advice on
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how to get a job. who has at the worst? is it people coming out of college or in middle aged guy like me? >> you are stuck. the really young have a hard time because they do not have a lot of experience. every job wants experience. how will you get it if you can't get the job? at the other end we live in a youth oriented culture. we think someone who is 50 or 60 will be tired of will not be technology savvy. you have got to use both. if you are young you should technology advantage. facebook, twitter, instagram, with your network. that is your advantage. if you are older you have to sell your age as a plus. >> are we doing better in the bay area? >> absolutely, but it is a technical savvy world here.
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>> no one can afford to live here. to you pack up and go to another state? >> i think in the bay area savvy consumers are not savvy enough but they can learn to live on this money. when i first came to berkeley i paid $87 a month to live in a mansion. what did i do? i put little signs in my which neighborhood is saying, i am a young student looking for a place to live and a rich old lady was looking for someone to keep her company, $87 a month to live there. you have got to be savvy. >> i like that. >> thank you very much for coming in. coming up, bicycles was
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stolen and sold for parts on the streets of san francisco. up next, the crackdown underway and how police are using social media to put the brakes on bicycle chop shops. getting community input on a new police chief in san francisco. what people say they want in the department leader. that is coming up next. mystery beauty treatment.
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we are checking twitter right now. we asked what quality would you like to see a new police chief? san francisco had its first community meeting about exactly just that. >> police chief should be flexible and less rigid. >> minimum 4 years commitment
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to the position. >> that reminds me of oakland where we had the chief in oakland who did not stay for long. >> people want that longer- term commitment. we would like to hear from you so you can tweet us your responses. back to lake county where firefighters are hoping the wind will remain calm attitude clayton fire. the acreage burned remains at 4000. which means firefighters have been very successful in preventing that fire from spreading. at least 175 buildings have been destroyed but that number could be even bigger. it is still too hot to enter some parts of the fire zone. >> this is a man accused of setting that fire.
9:32 am
toney chaplain is due in court tomorrow facing a series of charges. we have learned he has a criminal record with drugs and weapons offenses from 2009. >> there are numerous fundraising drives to help the victims of the fire. lucky supermarket is collecting cash donations. to make it easier people can donate at the checkout and the amount will show up on your receipt. is the weather going to help today? >> the humidity is higher and that is good. i think the wind may pick up again today. temperatures might drop off a little bit. the breeze is the concern but the humidity is at 70% so that is good. we do have some good news. we could certainly use some
9:33 am
cooler temperatures. but it does look a little better than yesterday. temperatures inland will be warm to hot. others near the coast and they are cold. >> where is september? >> some people in the city are getting depressed. for more on some of the headlines they have been working on let's go to dave in the newsroom. >> reporter: fire officials in the county reminding homeowners make sure that you have a defensible space around your property. clear away brush from around your home. clean debris out of gutters and you should do it now. don't assume firefighters will be able to protect your home. if there is a fire evacuate sooner rather than later and
9:34 am
don't wait for officials to knock on your door to tell you to leave. they also advise that you have at least two ways to get out and you plan for evacuation early and practice it from time to time. the psychological services in san francisco has been offering counseling services at the same location for years. now it may be forced to move. the owners of the building want to take it down and build a housing unit. the clinic now has a gofundme page hoping to raise money in order to pay the first and last months rent and moving expenses for a new location. the clinic operators say they may be forced to move out with just 30 days notice. in milwaukee after violence it was mostly calm last night following the police shooting of an african-american man. tension has been high since saturday when a police officer shot the 23-year-old man who police said was running with a
9:35 am
gun. several businesses were destroyed during riots that followed and police officers were attacked. but the police chief says community leaders helped to calm things down. >> the faith community has responded and they, along with various leaders, did an excellent job of seeing to it that the vigil, that attracted hundreds of people, remained peaceful. >> there was one confrontation last night between a group of people and police that ended in six arrest. also a 10:00 pm curfew was in place. those are just some of your morning headlines. back to you. we have new information on a story we brought you this morning about the kidnapping of a group of men in mexico. there are no reports that the son of el chapo may be among the men who were kidnapped early monday morning.
9:36 am
police say the kidnappers and the victims are believed to be members of gangs. police say two suv's drove up with armed men inside. police say now only six men were kidnapped. importance just being taken towards selecting a new san francisco police chief. the commission holding some community meetings asking the public what do you want to see in the next chief. cristina rendon joins us live from san francisco. how many people have applied for that position? >> reporter: right now we know 60 people have -- right now we know 16 people have applied. right now acting police chief toney chaplain is not one of those people. we have been speaking to people on the street and we heard his name came up last night at the meeting.
9:37 am
people want someone who will do the job right. that is why the commissioner is holding this public meeting before they choose a finalist. the first meeting was held last night. people wrote down exactly what they want to see in the next chief. things like accountability and integrity. ultimately they want someone who will do what is best for san francisco. >> i want someone who is willing to work more closely with the federal government instead of turning them away in dealing with crime. >> reporter: the request for public income comes as departments nationwide revisit police policies. there will be four more meetings where the public can voice their opinions. the next meeting will be held
9:38 am
tomorrow night at an elementary school in chinatown. that police chief position will be open until the end of the month. again, toney chaplain has not officially applied for the position and we do not know if he wants to. we will keep following these meetings and see if the commissioner can take the public's of voices into consideration. >> thank you. activist in san francisco calling for a a nationwide 90 day moratorium on police use of force. protesters gathered yesterday, they say officers of the to be better trained in de-escalation tactics and should not allowed to use guns to subdue people. people we talked to had mixed feelings. >> i don't think that is smart. i don't think people are out there trying to kill people i don't know what that will resolve. what happens after the 90 days?
9:39 am
>> i have never been in jail. i have never been arrested. i am a retired civil servant, i am a homeowner, i leave here but i feel threatened every time i walk down the street. >> the demands, after those riots in milwaukee and another other -- and other controversial police shootings. >> police are starting to use social media to combat against the bike thefts. police seized dozens of by some eight suspected thief and ktvu was there. >> reporter: san francisco police found one man they say had parts to more than 30 bicycles. the bust began on social media with the anti- bicycle theft twitter account calling on the bicycling public to call police. >> it is a a pretty lucrative
9:40 am
business to steal these bicycles. they can sell the parts or a fully if bicycle. >> reporter: dozens of tweets came in. one led officers here. san francisco police say they recovered more than two dozen bicycles and dozens of bicycle parts. officers cited him for collegial lodging -- officers cited him for illegal lodging, and for possessing a bicycle with the serial number taken off. >> it is just garbage that i found. >> reporter: they say the bus would not be possible without the input of the cycling community. -- they said the bus would not have been possible without the input from the bicycling community. >> i think it is like what happens when the police clear out
9:41 am
prostitution for one block and it just moves to another block. >> reporter: sam fuld -- san francisco police are looking to expand by reaching out to the bicycling community. what is going on at that was filled shopping center? >> reporter: a lot of not good stuff, that is for sure. a lot of trouble for the shopping center. last week we found out there was a body found in a stairwell and now we come to find out two days after that there was someone who was robbed of their school supplies. apparently this happened on friday. three men entered one of the restrooms in the mall and jumped a 20 we are -- and
9:42 am
jumped a 20-year old man. they then went through his backpack and took off with some school supplies. the young man did suffer some minor injuries but he was not taken to the hospital. the incident came just after a body was found in an emergency exit at the mall. the victim is a 28-year old and a cook in union square. we were hanging out quite a bit last week trying to get images and talking to some people. it is definitely not in the area you want to hang out in for very long. >> let's talk about toney chaplain. we know they try to keep passengers safe. there is a new ad campaign to keep the driver's safe. >> reporter: a lot of drivers have been attacked. so muni wants to put a stop to that. they are launching this new campaign. it comes on the heels of an attack of a
9:43 am
a muni operator over the weekend. these ads will feature boats not just votes not just from muni operators but also from their families. the effort to crack down on assaults goes back to before this most recent assault, dozens of incidents reported of operators being punched and spit at. so today if you see a muni driver if them a smile and be polite. we have an unusual search to tell you about. we want you to take a look at this picture because it is a little hard to see. apparently that is an alligator. it is believed to be on the loose in the fremont area. janine de la vega tweeted this picture.
9:44 am
at this point there is no word on how the alligator got there. >> that is too big. we will have more on that story coming up at noon. coming up, a a special outing for dogs in washington state. how starbucks is helping them to find their forever home. up next we are live at actor david oyelowo for more on his next project. -- up next we are live with actor david oyelowo for more on his next project.
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. in 2014 our next guest
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received his first award for his portrayal of martin luther king jr. now he is starring in a new movie. >> in chess the small one can become the big one. >> we are joined alive by actor david oyelowo. one of the stars of the film. welcome. a game of chess, take me back to when we you read the screenplay and what made you want to do the movie. >> it was actually less the game of chest and more how this young girl, this 11-year old, who lives in the slums and how her ability as a chess player was found in the most unlikely
9:48 am
of places and given a platform. i am a believer that genius can be found anywhere. but how unlikely that this young girl in this place to become a chess champion. it was a real played bridge for me. -- it was a real privilege for me. >> the theme of what people will connect with in this movie, it sounds like it is a genius is found everywhere. was it in its firefighting -- was it an inspiring thing for you to be a part of? >> it was inspiring and important. unfortunately in the west a lot of times we view africa as a place that is challenged as a place of poverty, as a place where bad things it's -- as a place for bad things are happening. but this story could happen anywhere. that, to me, is why this film
9:49 am
is important. that a young girl in iowa can look at her and say, that is me. i think that is the power of movies. >> your character in the film is a very important character because of the way he inspires people to not give up. >> particularly young girls, for me, i have a daughter myself and i want her to be anything and everything that she has the potential to be. for that to be something that a man is saying to a young girl or any young person in the context of the film is very empowering. >> in terms of as you go along in your career you talk about movies and it sounds like it is important for you to do them.
9:50 am
when you choose your projects -- to they all have to have a meeting? >> they do for me because i have four children. anything that i do has to make sense for me. but i am also aware of how impactful film can be culturally. i have made the choice that i want to do what does that. i want to be socially responsible. it does not mean i won't do popcorn entertainment but when these movies come along i want to do them. i really believe in them. >> did you have to learn how to play chess? >> i did, very quickly. >> you play her coach and we will see in the film for life to change, as a coach, does his life change also? >> absolutely because for him
9:51 am
the real man was also incredible. he is someone who had very little opportunity, very little advocacy on his behalf. he very much sees himself in this girl and the a product -- and the opportunities he did not receive. the byproduct from him is getting a real sense of achievement for him seeing how their lives are being made better. he said to me that if just one of these children have a better life because of what i have done for them my job is done. >> when you think about the audience it seems that any age can take away from this film. what do you really hope the take away is? >> i hope that people not only realize that they have greatness within them but that
9:52 am
they work hard to find out what it is. what it is they want to do. this girl's environment dictated to her that she should be nothing other than what she was. this man encouraged her to look beyond. it was not just about him telling her. she had to believe it it and go for it. >> the line that got me, "you belong where you believe you belong." >> thank you. >> we will be right back after the break.
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today simone biles has a chance to win her 5th medal. on the balance beam yesterday he landed awkwardly. that resulted in a deduction, she won the bronze medal. lori laurie hernandez won the silver medal. shaunae miller the across the finish line to win gold beating american, allyson felix. allyson felix the most
9:56 am
decorated athlete in track and field history for the u.s. the u.s. continues to lead the medal count with 75. clayton murphy wins the bronze yesterday in the 800-meter. china is second in the medal count -- trine is second in the medal count with 46. an animal shelter in washington is using starbucks to get some dollars a little extra attention. every tuesday eight volunteer takes a dog out for a drink. besides receiving the treat starbucks also puts up a fire about the dog of the week telling customers with the dog can be adopted. this week some of our children are headed back to school. we looked around to find some pictures of our school days.
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guess who this is? >> this is a mike mebach. he looks the same. >> is that may? >> let's show claudine. >> let's not. >> what is going on in your mind? >> nothing good. all right, here is sell. look at that. >> catholic school. thank you for joining us. have a great day. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade.
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