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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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i'm cristina rendon with -- in for gasia mikaelian. >> a man accused of said it -- are setting the clayton fire as the fire burns 4000 acres. containment has increased to 20%. full containment is expected by sunday. at least 175 structures including homes have been destroyed. >> this is a photo of the man investigators say is responsible for starting the fire. 40-year-old damon anthony pashilk faces numerous charges including arson and aggravated arson with prior offenses. he's a construction worker born in san francisco and he is in bars at the lake county jail. his arrest has fire evacuees wondering why anyone would intentionally start a fire. >> people lost things that can be replaced. wide? what was so bad? what was so wrong that he had to do that? >> let's bring in our meteorologist, rosemary. she has been monitoring the
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situation. good news about the 20%. hopefully, 100% by the weekend. >> today is hot and dry. those are the two noteworthy items. the firefighters will have their work cut out for them. already 910. 23% relative humidity. winds out of the east at 9 miles per hour. the other map shows you just how hot i expect to get in the area today. a peak of about 1000 at 4:00 this afternoon with a light breeze and relative humidity down to 10%. when it's hot and dry, the fire burns that much faster and spreads that much faster, burns that much hotter. the winds shouldn't be any worse than yesterday, generally light, picking up in the afternoon. the winds could have the biggest impact on the fire. that's a little positive news going forward. again, very hot and dry. repair work is already underway in lake county. alex savidge met with pg&e
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crews today working to restore power to thousands of customers. >> reporter: while fire crews are still working to control the flames here with the clayton fire, pg&e crews are on the ground trying to fully restore power and replace a number of burned down power polls. we are in this open field off clayton creek road. take a look at the scene behind us. there are 16 replacement power polls sitting there on the ground and pg&e crews are actually using helicopters including a black hawk to airlift those new polls to some remote locations so they can replace burned down power polls. lindsay has -- lindsay with pg&e, explain to me why you have to airlift the polls. >> the area where these polls need to be replaced, where the fire damaged and destroyed the electrical pole's is rugged terrain.
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we can't get our trucks and there so we have to fly helicopters to get our personnel and the electric pole in there. we have about 20 folks on the hill waiting for these to be delivered. they will make sure the polls are set and then we will bring in the power line to get power restored as quickly and safely as possible. >> reporter: it looks, just driving through town, like there is quite a bit of damage to the infrastructure. do you know how bad things are? >> we don't at this point. we haven't been able to get access to some of the burned areas. we are hoping to get a full picture today. we have about 100 employees on the ground in lake county. we will bring more as needed. we will be assessing everything hopefully today and have a look at what other power polls, transformers and lines that need to be replaced. >> reporter: appreciate your time and again the scene here is four helicopters being used to airlift brand-new transmission polls to remote areas. the fire swept through there, burned out those power polls and now they
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need to be replaced. in terms of all the power poles and infrastructure that needs replaced, pg&e says their work is just beginning. >> as for the residents of lower lake, some evacuees are beginning to see what is left of their homes. >> this is an area that has been hit hard by several massive fires recently, including the valley fire. tom vacar is live in the town of lower lake. you talked to people about the news of the arson arrest. >> reporter: when you think about it, there ought to be a lot of relief around here because they've caught somebody, or at least they think they have but i'm sensing relief and dread. harvesters market has three locations in the communities where fires have ravaged the region. the last three years, employees have had to deal with the tragedy of so many victims
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throughout the time since. we asked employees if the man announced yesterday, charged with arson, what should be the appropriate penalty assuming it gets to trial? >> somebody will get a hold of him in jail. somebody knows somebody who lost their house and it's a small area. hopefully, somebody will take care of him before he gets a trial. >> throw away the key. never see the light of day again. he has put so many people's lives in jeopardy, disrupted so many lives. precious things that cannot be replaced. >> reporter: the arrest is a relief and a hope that it's really over. >> fires are happening so often, people didn't know why. people know now that arson was suspected in some of them. that there is a reason these fires are starting. it's not just random weather. people i think have huge relief today knowing that it will
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probably stop. >> i think they did say he didn't act alone. i think part of you thinks yeah, he's gone but they've caught him, but i think there's that doubt. maybe there is somebody else. there is so many sick people out there that think i'll be a copycat. >> reporter: in other words, there is no real closure here just yet. either with the arrest or their future prospects of people on fires going back as much as three years and perhaps longer. later today, we will talk to some of the victims whose anger is great to see what they have to say. tom vacar, ktvu fox news. stay with ktvu for complete coverage. follow us on twitter and facebook for updates throughout the day. an unusual search just
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ended in alameda county. a 4 foot long alligator was captured in alameda creek in the fremont area. there is no word on how the gator got there. it was originally spotted yesterday. fish and wildlife caged at about 20 minutes ago and we've learned officials did shoot the alligator. there is no word on where it will be taken next but it's out of that neighborhood extract two people injured after a fire broke out on the tahoe queen on lake tahoe. the fire broke out just before 8:30 am. the boat is used for lake tours. one networker suffered smoke inhalation and the other injured his back. fire officials say there was no hazardous material in the water . the cause remains under investigation. police are investigating a double shooting that killed one man and injured another person in east san jose. as ktvu reports, there have now been more homicides in the city
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this year compared to last. >> reporter: a lot of people who live in this neighborhood wonder what happened last night. they saw the police activity and they were wondering what was going on. police originally didn't know about the shooting. they found out because two males with gunshot wounds showed up at regional medical last night. it appears friends drove them there. after some investigating, police determined the shooting most likely happened on white road near mckie avenue. officers tell us one of the victims died at the hospital from his injuries. the other survived. the mercury news is reporting the deceased was a teenage boy. the area where this happened is known for gang activity so it's likely police will look to see if there is any connection. that tends to be the case when the victims show up at the hospital rather than calling 911. bells a sack description has been released -- no suspect descriptions have been released but that brings our total
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higher for this year. that has to be a concern for police. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco police commission is asking the public for input in the selection of a new police chief after its first open forum. about 40 people showed up to the form last night in the bayview district. that's fewer than what officials expected but say the informal discussion had no time limits and gives people -- gives officers a sense of what people in the neighborhood want. >> if you are afraid of the status quo, nothing will change no matter who you bring in. >> the acting chief has received praise for new use of force guidelines but he has not formally applied for the job. commissioners say there will be four more meetings. after 37 years, a business
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offers services to some of san francisco's people in need of medical help but they may be forced to close down. ash very psychological has offered psychotherapies to those in need for low fees. property owners now want to demolish the building and construct new housing. the clinic could be forced out in as little as 30 days. it has set up a gofundme page with the goal of reason $65,000 to cover first and last months rent's, deposits, and moving expenses for a new location. the clinic serves about 160 clients who they say have nowhere else to go to get help. still ahead, the latest in milwaukee after several nights of violent protests. how elected officials say the newly implemented 10 pm curfew was curbing violent clashes extract the death toll continues to rise in the state of louisiana. we get a look at the damage following days of flooding.
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two days after the deadly police shooting of a black man that led to writing, the police chief says he is something more calm. >> six people were arrested last night but the 10 pm curfew seemed to help. >>reporter: last night, there was no repeat of the violence and property damage we saw on saturday and sunday but people in this neighborhood say this is far from over. a third night of confrontations with police led to six arrest on an otherwise peaceful might.
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the city is finally calming down after two nights of protests and riots following the police shooting of saville smith, a 23-year-old man they say was armed. >> i hope that's a good sign for the sherman park neighborhood. >> reporter: but milwaukee officials are split on the root of the tension. some are blaming outside agitators for taking advantage of an emotional situation. others say a major cultural changes needed throughout the city. >> the poverty rating in milwaukee is the sixth poorest reading in america. the k-12 milwaukee public school system is one of the worst in the nation. >> reporter: meanwhile, smith's family is speaking out saying he and the officer were high school friends and myth wasn't threatening him. smith's sister promises the protests will continue. >> if we don't have answers, we going to find them. we going to find him our way, not your way. we not going to compromise no more. >>reporter: no word yet on when
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footage will be released from the officer's body camera. caroline shively, fox news. >> the extent of damage from flooding in louisiana is coming into clearview at this noon time as the number of dead has increased. state officials have confirmed a 10th person has died. according to the governor of louisiana, the exact number of dead may not be known for several days. about 40,000 homes have been affected and 20,000 people rescued from the floodwaters. about 8000 people are in shelters >> the response phase is still ongoing. we are during -- we are doing search and rescue in many parishes as the floodwaters move south and the rivers are cresting further and further south. we have additional areas being brought into play. >> the water is receding in some areas and several rivers have crested but officials say more flooding could be on the way as the water moves
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downstream throughout the state. we want to move now to the weather. rosemary orozco is checking on the scene. winds at a problem today but it is hot. >> everybody is going to warm up including us in the bay area. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. this and tomorrow will be the two hottest days in the extended forecast. i'll detail that coming up. let's take a look at what's going on. over the oakland estuary towards san francisco, the marine layer not quite as deep. the onshore breeze, not quite as strong. temperatures are rebounding. we are warmer by a few degrees. here is a look at the cloud cover this hour. it's going to remain hugging the coastline today and a little still inside the bay. we had clearing overall. those clouds scattered a little sooner this morning them what we saw yesterday. still stretching across the bay toward richmond. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy at the coastline, expecting a few pockets of sunshine. the onshore breeze is with us but not too strong. 18 miles per hour or so in
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fairfield. we have 590 in san francisco. upper 50s in half moon bay with mostly cloudy skies. east bay, 670 in hayward, low 70s fremont. inland, 770 livermore. into the south bay of san jose, 730 for your lunch hour. upper 60s to near 700 on the south bay. yesterday, the clouds lingered over portions of the noon -- of the bay. temperatures warmed to the mid- 70s in the bay tomorrow. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. we shift to the east, a tad warmer in concord, 40 warmer in livermore. very similar to what we had yesterday with palo alto up a few degrees. 600 expected at pacifica with partly to mostly cloudy skies. mid-60s san francisco. around the bay, the 70s to the low 80s. 770 redwood city, san jose 820
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and inland locations warming up. 920 for antioch. we talked about the lake county area near 1000 for the afternoon. the giants play this evening with a southerly wind and partly cloudy skies. shouldn't be too bad but bring an extra layer. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures peak tomorrow just slightly warmer midweek wednesday. we see a turnaround as temperatures cool off thursday, friday and into your weekend. low 60s at the coast with cloudy skies and 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s expected inland. not a bad forecast with only subtle changes in the cooldown coming our way. it now appears that joaquin "el chapo" guzman may have been one of the men kidnapped yesterday on the puerto vallarta main road.
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officials say two suvs drove up with armed men inside. in austria, two men were seriously injured after a man with a knife began attacking passengers on a train. it happened early near the village of souls, not far from switzerland. the attacker was a 60-year-old german national who appeared confused. a 90-year-old man -- a 19-year- old man suffered injuries to the stomach and another man suffered throat injuries extract the russian defense ministry says russian planes have taken off from iran to target islamic state fighters in syria. this video from the defense ministry shows the first time russia has used another country's territory to hit targets inside syria. it's an indication russia and iran have been expanding ties. for diners who hate waiting for tables at their favorite restaurant, yelp is launching a new feature.
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the last tower of the iconic riviera hotel in las vegas was imploded this morning. a series of explosions toppled the tower, reducing it to rubble and smoke. this brings an end to the first high-rise in one of the
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biggest's most famous casinos. it hosted liberace and dean martin and was used in three movies. the rat packs original oceans 11, diamonds are forever, and casino. speaking of money, let's look at the big board. the dow jones down 50 points, u.s. stocks slipping as investors dump utility stocks this tuesday. a mixed batch of data shows inflation remains week while homebuilding and factory production strengthens. the nasdaq numbers down 22 points and the s&p 500 down seven points. aetna is planning to greatly reduce its participation in the healthcare marketplace. aetna currently offers coverage in 15 states but that will change to four states next year. the company blames a pretax loss of almost $200 million a year. obamacare supporters say it's a political move in response to the government's lawsuit to prevent the loss -- to prevent the combination of aetna with
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another health insurance company. at the university of california, the cost of running central administration has almost doubled in recent years. >> rob roth stoat with -- spoke with lawmakers to take a look at the books. >> reporter: state lawmakers want to know if the budget for the university of california in downtown oakland is money being spent wisely. if not, perhaps some of it could go directly to uc campuses including here at berkeley. cal student had no shortage of ideas for where the money should go. >> maybe something that would then if it student housing. it's next to impossible to find housing. >> some of the classrooms could definitely use an upgrade. may be somewhat words and bigger desks. >> the budget for the you see office has nearly doubled in the past eight years from $355 million in 2012 -- in $2007- $107 million last year.
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that's why assemblyman phil king helped get saw -- helped get state lawmakers to conduct a financial audit on the you see president administrative budget. >> where's our money going? >> reporter: king says he wants to know if the office is running efficiently. >> we need to really figure out what their budget should be and what their resource allocation should be and whether we need to take more direction to tell them where that money should go. >> reporter: a spokeswoman says the university will cooperate with legislative requests and said the budget increase is due in part to getting a new online course initiative off the ground , a new payroll system and 3% employee raises. king is also concerned about you see accepting more higher- paying out-of-state students as a way to make money. >> if we could move $100 million it to the actual students, that could help get more california students in. >> reporter: the audit is
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expected to take about nine months. after that, it will be up to lawmakers to decide whether to withhold money from the uc system. >> yelp could soon help diners cut down on their wait times. the company is now teaming up with an app called no wait, which tells during is how long the wait is at thousands of restaurants. yelp users will be able to put their names down for a table and getting text when it's ready. if you are running late, you can text the restaurant. yahoo reports the list is expected to release in the next couple of months. some breaking news about wildfires in northern california. the clayton fire, 4000 acres and 27 -- 20% contained. this is a new fire in southern california. it's called the blue cut fire. it's in san bernardino county. cal fire says at last check 300
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acres but there is multiple resorts out of los angeles that this has grown to 1000 acres, specifically along interstate 15 near kenwood drive this is not far from highway 138. no word yet if there is any structures in the area that have been destroyed or in the path of this fire. as you can see from this live picture, a new fire is burning in san bernardino county. the blue cut fire. we will continue to monitor the situation throughout the newscast. still ahead, clayton fire evacuees now trying to get back home to see what's left. >> they wouldn't let me come in . >> it was worse than what they were showing on tv. >> what several residents discovered after sneaking past police roadblocks and how you can help the victims of that fire. republicans continue to raise questions about hillary clinton's email scandal. why they are now accusing her of perjury.
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. it's my pleasure to announce the arrest of damin anthony pashilk, age 40 of clearlake. >> [cheering] >> while authorities make an arrest in connection with the devastating wildfire in lake county, the firefight continues
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this afternoon as dozens of homes are still threatened. >> the fire has now burned 4000 acres. cal fire said containment has increased to 20%. at least 175 structures including homes have been destroyed and today classes are canceled for all schools within the area. >> evacuation orders remain in place as crews continue to assess the damage. >> but as doug johnson reports, some residents are sneaking back into the area to see what's left. >> reporter: bryan shaw past the roadblocks desperate to see if his parents home is still standing. >> my brother was recently living there. we wanted to go check it out, see if the property is fine. >> reporter: but his family's home was lost in an instant. it's not just the house. >> that's metal from a car. >> reporter: his family hasn't heard from his older brother and they are not sure if he evacuated in time.
12:32 pm
>> it's worse than what they showed on tv. >> we can't stand to our animals. i'm afraid my animals haven't eaten. >> reporter: this ranch owner refused to evacuate but when he left for supplies -- >> i've got like 30 pigs, goats and deer, horses, dogs. >> reporter: he wasn't allowed back past the roadblocks. not sure when he will return or what -- or what he will come home to. >> my high blood pressure is getting higher all the time. >> reporter: jim mallard found his way home pick >> they wouldn't let me come in so i walked in. >> reporter: his is still there. >> they saved it somehow or other. there's only three on the block left.>> reporter: street after street, some just sprayed with retardant while others are gone. >> if you want to help victims of the clayton fire, there are several fund-raising drives at supermarkets in the area.
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people can donate at checkout time and the amount will then be printed on the receipt so shoppers have a record for tax purposes. >> many firefighters are from teams across the bay area. 44 are from santa clara county. they are working 24 hour shifts. they come from fire agencies in san jose, santa clara, mountain view, and sunnyvale. they are trained and prepared to go out any time. >> you never can dictate or predict how it's going to be from one fire season to the next but this one has impacted us a lot. and it still not over. >> some south bay firefighters had just returned on friday. other bay area units fighting in lake county include teams from san francisco, san mateo, alameda, and solano county. stay with ktvu and for continuing coverage of the clayton fire.
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you will find updates from our crew and video online. we are also updating twitter and facebook throughout the day. a shooting left two people dead and a third injured during a birthday celebration sunday morning at a gallery on fifteenth street a few blocks from city hall. police say they don't have a motive and there are no arrests as of yet. people we talked with say the violence comes at a time when the area is becoming known for nighttime entertainment. >> we represent real oakland park all this other stuff is not what we are about. >> there are two downtowns. it's an incredible place to be and its vibrant and diverse. and yet, i guess gathering a lot of people together, there can be an element that is not savory. >> the two men who died have been identified as terrence mccrae and craig fletcher cox, who both lived in berkeley. the shooting happened around the corner from where original jefferies was killed in june. police have determined that
12:35 pm
a shooting at a mall was the result of an argument over shoes. this happened on august 6 at the sunnyvale town center. two groups of men were arguing inside the mall and a physical fight broke out. two of the men pulled guns and the fight spilled to the mall parking lot where the shooting took place. thankfully, no one was hit and police have not made any arrests. a 20-year-old man told police he was beaten and robbed by three men inside a restroom last friday. the men stole the victim's newly purchased school supplies and he suffered minor injuries. the incident comes days after the body of frank alicea was found in an emergency exit stairwell at that mall. police are investigating his death as a homicide. san francisco police are using social media as a new tool to combat bike theft. >> police seized dozens of bikes from one suspected thief.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: in your first stop today, san francisco police found one man they say had parts to more than 30 bikes in his impromptu camp. today's bust began on social media with the sf anti-bike theft twitter account calling on the bicycling public to tell officers were they had spotted chop shops. >> it's a pretty lucrative business to steal high-end bicycles and take them apart and sell the parts or mix and match the components enough to sell a fully equipped bicycle to somebody else. >> reporter: dozens of tweets board in. one led officers to the mission near 18th. san francisco police say the recovered more than two dozen bikes and dozens of bike parks in his encampment. officers cited him for illegal lodging, possession of burglary tools, and for having a bike with serial numbers scraped off. >> it's all the parts in frames i got out of the garbage.
12:37 pm
>> you pulled that out of the garbage? >> yeah. >> reporter: the bus wouldn't have been possible without the cyclists input. john says he's had five bikes storm living in san francisco. is happy to see something being done but wonders how effective it will be. >> i think it's sort of like what happens when there is cops clearing out prostitution from one block and it just moves to another block. >> reporter: san francisco police are looking to expand the program, reaching out to the cycling community to try to find more bicycle chop shops. christien kafton, ktvu news. house republicans are once again raising questions over hillary clinton's email controversy questioning whether she committed perjury. >> as joe waldman reports, this comes as some noticed differences between her testimony and recent findings from the fbi. >> reporter: in a six-page letter from the district of columbia house oversight chairman and judiciary committee
12:38 pm
chair led a perjury case against hillary clinton saying the 2015 testimony is incompatible with the fbi findings when it comes to her use of a private email server during her time hitting the state department. >> there is zero chance the obama administration will pursue this. >> truck there was only one server used during the time when the fbi concluded there were several servers used. clinton also said nothing was marked classified in her emails when the fbi found that there was. additionally, clinton's attorneys didn't go through every single email before deciding what got deleted despite what she said. this evidence not every work related email was turned over. >> each one of those has an interpretation. what is going through an individual email? searching individual emails or reading every individual email word for word?
12:39 pm
>> reporter: clinton is campaigning in the delegate rich state of pennsylvania. yesterday, she appeared with vice president joe biden who said clinton is a candidate with integrity in the race. >> hillary clinton is going to write the next chapter in american history. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton will appear with vice president joe biden in pennsylvania, a state she leads by more than nine points according to the real clear politics polling average. joe waldman, fox news. still ahead, the latest on the results from rio and what one track star did to steal the gold. also, a bay area teenager bringing goodwill and baseball to children in ethiopia. what he was most surprised about learning when he arrived.
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to the latest in real. simone biles went after a fifth medal during her competition in the floor exercise. she and teammate laurie hernandez both competed in the individual event finals on the balance beam but she landed awkwardly and grabbed the beam, landing a deduction but she still came away with the bronze and laurie hernandez won the silver. allyson felix is now the most decorated woman in u.s. track and field history after winning the silver in the women's 400 m race she came in behind the bahamas by just 7/10 of a second. millard elva cross the finish
12:43 pm
line. it was her seventh olympic medal overall. the u.s. continues to lead the medal count with 75. emma coburn became the first woman to win and olympic medal in the steeplechase. clayton murphy one bronze and 800 m, sam kendricks took bronze me pole vault and china is second in the medal count with 46 followed by great britain with 41 and russia with 36 and japan with 27. former giant ryan vogelsong got a more mock him as he returned to at&t ballpark with the pittsburgh pirates. the world series champion received a standing ovation as he took the mound. for the giants, matt moore made his at&t debut in a giants uniform. hunter pence gave some help after a tumble infeld territory. he still made the catch on his back. his eyes never left the side of the ball.
12:44 pm
the pirates extended a lead to 7-4. andrew mccutchen, very nice diving catch back the pirates won a good to 5. the oakland a's also drop their series opener against texas with a 2" 1 lead. the rangers won 5-2. they are the first american league team to win 70 games. they leave the american league west while the a's are 14 games behind. summer comes to an end and one sophomore is returning to school with quite a story to tell. >> claudine wong introduces us to a 16-year-old who was inspired by his family to bring his favorite sport to children in ethiopia. >> reporter: there's not much left of the summer but for nick due to, it was already -- for nick dudo it was already unforgettable. >> we went to this place called
12:45 pm
night river. >> reporter: the trip had many layers. it's where his little sister was born. >> reporter: tell me about your sister. work she's adopted from ethiopia. she is eight years old. at first, i wanted to go back to give her a taste of her country and then it turned into something major.>> reporter: it grew much bigger based on his passion for baseball and his desire to share the love of the game with the children of ethiopia. >> we wanted to teach them to play and explain what it means to our country and culture. >> reporter: so he started a gofundme drive and when they went, he didn't just pack a bag. >> we brought 25 gloves, five bats, all the bases and equipment to build it. once we got there, the kids were already at the field waiting for us. we started a day early because they were so anxious. >> reporter: in one week, the plan was twofold. build the field and teach the game took
12:46 pm
>> we didn't really know what to expect about what they knew but it turns out they knew absolutely nothing about it. we really had to start from scratch and teach them all the positions and how to play and show them a game clip. >> reporter: did they get it right away? >> they did not. they were really good at catching and throwing and hitting but once we explained the rules, they got confused. it probably took four or five days to build the field. in the mornings, all the kids would help us build the field. about 3:00, they would come and we would teach for a few hours. >> reporter: mixes it wasn't always easy but one thing was constant. >> the kids who were there are always super happy and extremely enthusiastic. >> reporter: in just one week, lives were changed. his little sister got to see where she was born. >> i was focused on doing art with the kids and helping out my friends. the experience was amazing. to
12:47 pm
go back to my country was really fun. >> reporter: and nick got a chance to see just how small the world can be. >> was there a moment when you thought i am so glad we did this? >> probably the last day we were playing. you just see them having so much fun enjoying the game. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu news. we want to bring you up to speed on breaking news from earlier in the newscast. this is called the blue cut fire. this is from when we first mentioned it to you. the blue cut fire, 1000 acres burning in san bernardino county. in terms -- interstate 15 is the main highway between los angeles and vegas is shut down. >> we're learning mandatory evacuations have been underway and reverse 911 calls are also being sent out to residents in
12:48 pm
the area. we are getting word that structures are threatened in the area. firefighters are now heading south to fight this fire. cal fire is on the way to help fight from above. >> i want to bring rosemary in for a look at conditions. it looks fairly windy at this hour. >> you are absolutely right. not only is it going to be near 1000 this afternoon the relative humidity is expected in the single digits. you can see the smoke moving. there is a red flag warning in the area with wind gusts expected to reach 50 miles per hour. this red flag warning goes through tomorrow so they have some more some elements when it comes to the weather. it could be explosive in the area. it looks like it's moving pretty fast. we also have our warm, dry weather at home. on the other side of the country, they have a lot of flooding. a quick peek at the golden gate bridge where we have still fog
12:49 pm
lingering. i think the fog will linger along the coastline. let's check in with the flooding that continues from texas into the ohio valley. you can see areas of texas getting hit pretty good this afternoon with thunderstorms. corpus christi, houston, arkansas, the mississippi valley. the ohio valley, all the way into the state of new york. this is going to continue to push north and east in the coming days but they can't catch a break. at home, we have high pressure in place over the pacific. notice this week disturbance over portions of northern california. that's not really impacting us. we are warmer today than we were yesterday. some of our hotter spots in the low to mid 90s. the winds are definitely coming from the north. we haven't lost the onshore breeze completely but it has tapered quite a bit. low clouds at the coast today. mostly sunny elsewhere. the winds right now, fairfield
12:50 pm
reporting 18 miles per hour, southwest breezes. concorde a southeasterly breeze about 9 miles per hour. temperatures up a few degrees over yesterday this hour. low 80s already reported in brentwood, which means low to mid 90s for the second part of your afternoon. about 4:00, we peak within lend temperatures. 680 santa rosa, 630 oakland, 600 san francisco. 830 for santa rosa, 790 san rafael, upper 60s and low 70s in the east bay. alameda, oakland, upper 80s to low 90s. 890 for pleasanton. self-pay 820. san jose, 810. for the peninsula, 780. 600 in san bruno. your extended forecast and temperatures warmed nicely this weekend. we turn the corner and temperatures come back down
12:51 pm
thursday and friday. very comfortable weather for the weekend. mid to upper 80s for inland cities and 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. nice and pleasant for your bay area weekend. keep in minds the fire danger and the firefighters out there today. hot today and tomorrow but better weather later in the week. >> hank you very much. glad we will catch a break. the series hit committee is now available. details of what's new in entertainment after the break
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belligerent birds make the jump from smart phone app to the big picture. adam housley has the details on what's new in entertainment. >> reporter: in my a passionate bird? yes. at what does it matter that we are not the same? from a phone up -- phone and to a big screen, angry birds makes the list with its island of feathered friends and their green pig visitors. >> faith isn't on trial here. >>reporter: continuing the god's not dead series, melissa joan hart is a teacher responding to a kids question
12:55 pm
in class. but her answer lancer in court. from the world of tv, find the complete second season of golf from as the villains continue -- gotham is the villains continue being the bad guys. for those looking for binge watching, the complete series "community.". for the kids, there's a complete season of power rangers mega forts. with its signature spin on the fairytale world, the fifth season of once upon a time is now available. so is the season vampire diaries. plus, season two of the golden globe winning series, the affair. >> ♪
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>> reporter: legendary country singer dolly parton sends out a new album called pure and simple. actor kiefer sutherland shows off his physical skills with his own collection. and electronic loyalist 1c serling rocks out -- and electronic violinist lindsay serling rocks it out. adam housley, fox news. just a few minutes from the closing bell. the dow jones now down 75 points. the nasdaq down 32. the s&p 500 also down 10 points. wants to bring you up to speed again on that breaking news out of san bernardino county. a massive wildfire has exploded in the last couple hours. these are not live picture's. this was from about 30 minutes ago. it's called the blue cut fire. 1000 acres in the last couple
12:57 pm
hours burning 15 miles from downtown san bernardino near the community of devore. >> it's also threatening an area called victorville. the images coming out of there, you can see people tweeting about the smoke. we will be monitoring that. >> interstate 15 also shut down in both directions. our coverage continues at light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch.
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