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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch. than. more than 80,000 people forced out of their homes because of a fast moving wildfire. >> plus there is a new team running the trump campaign. we'll have more on that and new information about the hillary clinton controversial e-mail setup. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, wednesday august 17th. i'm dave clark for brian
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flores. >> i'm pam cook. we do want to start with developing news, wildfires across the state of california this morning. we want to show you the map right now. there are more than a dozen active fires burning across the state. they stretch from way up in humboldt county to the fire that is raging now out of control just north of san bernardino. >> that fire is the fastest growing fire all over the state. it's burned at least 18,000 acres since yesterday, and 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate across a wide stretch of mountain communities and the high desert. >> we're going to get an update on the tough weather conditions firefighters are dealing with with steve paulson in just a moment, but first we want to check in with cristina rendon in our newsroom. >> reporter: many people are waking up this morning to uncertainty, and that is because fire officials say they have no containment of this fire. first off, they say it poses two major problems, the first
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is 82,000 people live in several rural communities linked by two-lane highways. that is why officials call the mandatory evacuation for that area very quickly yesterday. many people were told to get their valuables and get out less than an hour before they knew a fire was burning. >> right now we're just trying to get our animals out and keep them safe. >> and heavy smoke shut down the two biggest freeways that could have been used as escape routes. the second problem is just how fast this fire is moving and how the wind is pushing it. fire officials say more than 34,000 homes are threatened by this fire, and they know some homes and a historic restaurant have already burned, but they've been too busy fighting the fire itself to make a complete survey of that burn zone. the governor has already issued a state of emergency. this proclamation for this fire, usually that doesn't happen until a fire has been burning for several days. you can imagine just how serious that situation is down
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in southern california, and now we want to go to steve paulson in our weather center. steve, yesterday we were seeing some of these crazy looking tornadoes, but it was in flames. >> the fire creates that. the fire can create its own funnel clouds from within there. you get tremendous heat, and it does create its own weather conditions. when it's that hot, yes. that's what they're dealing with not only here in lake county but also there. it's really hot for some inland areas. yesterday was record setting highs. all you have to do is go to the east of san diego and l. a. and you can find very warm and toasty conditions. the same applies in lake county as well. i don't see any break from this next couple of days. upper 90s to near 100. it is a little cooler and the humidity is up. that does help. the wind has not been a huge factor. when you get those big fires, yes you can get funnel clouds within the fire itself. and that's when it's 90, 100 degrees, that's what happens as well the fog and low clouds, no
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change on the coast. it's absolutely stuck. we saw similar on this yesterday, 2125, and it still didn't matter. travis hit low 90s. 50s, 60s on the temps, lower 60s, palo alto mountain view to the south. 51 gilroy. 56 santa cruz. morgan hill did hit 90 yesterday and low 60s campbell and saratoga and above los gatos. some thunderstorm activity finally fire department up over the sierra. things have calmed down now. the low associated with that has moved to the east. for us, slightly warmer for some of those inland temps, coast and bay not changing. 60s, 70s, and then 90s through the interior. 5:04. what do you have, anything? >> we do have traffic that is going to be a little bit slow on the tracy commutes. pardon me on the tracy commute as you drive on 580. westbound 580 and also 205 getting pretty slow as you drive west into the valley. once you get to the main part of livermore, it doesn't look that bad, but you will see some
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slow traffic getting into the area. livermore to dublin okay with some slowing at the dublin interchange. moving along to the toll plaza of the bay bridge, still time for you to get in front of the crowd so to speak before the main crowd arrives at the toll plaza, and this morning's commute in san jose looks good on northbound 280, 101 and 85. at 5:05 let's go back to the desk. we want to take you back down to southern california. we do have some video -- okay, i just heard that we're going to get that video in just a moment, but we're going to take you back to that wildfire in southern california where 80 ,000 people have been evacuated. we'll get that video for you in just a moment. later this morning, back here in the bay area, a memorial will be held for the blackhawk woman who was found dead in her home earlier this month. prosecutors say linda tashera was killed by her husband of 45 years. john teshara is in custody accused of hitting her in the
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head with a hammer more than 20 times. an arrest has been made in monday night's double shooting in san jose that killed a 16- year-old boy. 19-year-old alexander lozano was booked today. he shot and killed a 16-year- old on north white road in east san jose monday night. an 18-year-old man was also shot but is expected to recover, and police have not released any other information on a motive for the killing. time is 5:06. san francisco police searching for whoever brutally beat a man last week. 45-year-old tommy castelaani was attacked last thursday. he can't remember what happened. the last thing he remembers before waking up in the hospital is singing karaoke at the cafe, a popular club on market street. his friend who found him on the sidewalk says police officers at the scene told him castellani may have been beaten with his own bicycle helmet and
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that more than one person may have been involved. >> i had three drinks. i had a big mouth. i was hoping it wasn't a gay bashing or some random attack. >> i don't care if it was some or the of confrontation between them. no one in the world deserves to get hurt and put in the hospital like that. >> he suffered both a broken jaw and a broken nose. he says nothing was stolen from him so he doesn't think robbery was a motive. police are checking summers video from nearby businesses in the area. a chp officer in roseville is accused of being a peeping tom. 30-year-old jose ignacio roid was arrested monday on five counts of secretly recording a woman. he videotaped his 21-year-old sister-in-law with a pen camera. the officer's wife found a receipt for the camera two months ago but he told her it was for his work. but his wife later saw an app on his phone linked to that camera with videos of her sister taking showers.
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>> that's part of the charges that somebody's being videotaped in a place you would normally expect privacy like a bathroom without their knowledge or consent. >> authorities believe the camera was hidden in an air- conditioning vent. police say they also found almost 20 videos of the officer's sister-in-law naked on his cell phone. a federal appeals court in san francisco has banned the justice department from pursuing medical marijuana cases that comply with state law. now marijuana remains illegal under federal law, but in its ruling yesterday, the court said the feds would have to show that defendants in ten cases in california and washington violated laws in their own states before proceeding with criminal prosecutions. 25 states and the district of columbia have laws that permit medical marijuana. we want to go back to our developing story out of southern california. this is a live picture of that fast moving fire for people who know the area, this is off of
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highway 15 not far from the cahone pass, san bernardino county. you can see huge fire. it started as just a small little brush fire but that the wind quickly spread this fire. we've heard from people who had to basically grab their dogs or their kids and run from their homes. more than 80 ,000 people, we understand about 82,000 people have had to evacuate their homes. san bernardino county, again, you're looking at live pictures. you can see the fire line is just huge. >> unbelievable. >> and there's certainly a lot of fuel for that fire. >> and it's hot. it's hot and dry up and down the state as steve's been talking about. there's more than a dozen fires burning in california. a live picture in san bernardino area near highway 15. we'll continue to check in on that story. there's a big shakeup for the trump campaign this morning with a new manager now calling the shots. congress is also learning more about what hillary clinton told the fbi about her e-mail use.
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and reporter doug lose attar live in washington right now as it starts to wind down, doug. >> reporter: the trump campaign doesn't like that term shakeup, but that's clearly what has taken place there. no one's been fired but there is a new campaign manager and a new campaign chief executive. >> the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african- american community. >> donald trump making a direct appeal to african-american voters in wisconsin. what appears to be a new tactic coming from a newly reorganized campaign. paul med fort who was brought in earlier this summer to professionalize the campaign will remain the chairman. there are two new hires, kellyanne conway, a well-known strategist is the campaign manager and stephen bannon is the chief executive. conway said this is an expansion during the busy home
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stretch in the campaign. trump is preparing for his first intelligence briefing today as a nominee conducted at an fbi office in new york. just as the fbi turned over to congress notes on their investigation, information that the fbi says is classified which is something clinton critics are seizing on. >> the fbi has declared information to be classified that was according to ms. clinton and the state department unclassified. you can't have it both ways. this is a complete and utter failure of the system. >> now the clinton campaign will no doubt point out the fact that the fbi chose not to pursue charges against her based on that e-mail setup, and there are no new revelations here they would say. this does almost guarantee that that controversial e-mail setup is going to remain in the spotlight for a while longer here. thank you doug. time is 5:11. almost 200 homes destroyed in 20 minutes.
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we'll show you the aftermath of the clayton fire in lake county. we'll also get a live report on what firefighters are up against. >> and we've been talking about the mandatory vaccinations required before kids attend school. this law has some parents scrambling to get that exception. >> we are looking at highway 24 westbound so far so good. a lot of people on the road, which is not unusual heading over to the tunnel. >> coast and bay not changing, fog cool, nice, mild, warm, hot inland and we'll take a look also in lake county. looks like another hot day for the firefighters.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. students in san jose go back to school this week but only if they're vaccinated which is required by the state. families filled up health clinics to get the shots and paperwork that will let kids start school. kids who have not had their shots will be sent home unless they have a medical exemption. only 36 of the 32,000 schools in the school district had received that exemption. elaine stein has concerns about vaccinations. she went to great lengths to make sure both her kids are exempt. >> we traveled to monterey. we paid out-of-pocket to find a medical doctor who would look at the test results that we've had done, who would hear my
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kids' histories and to write that medical exemption, so they will both be starting school. >> now the other parents we talked to say they're grateful for this new requirement, and say it makes it less likely their kids will catch a disease that can be prevented. as the school year begin some bay area school districts are facing a teacher shortage. they're taking extreme measures to fill those vacancies. many school districts are offering signing bonuses from 1,000 to $10,000. some districts even extending their search to southern california, and the san mateo foster city school district is even recruiting teachers from the philippines. that teacher shortage is due to a drop in the number of credentialed teachers, more retirements and the high cost of living in the bay area. most of us have seen the als ice bucket challenge in which a person gets ice water dumped on their head to raise
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awareness. today in san francisco, a pennsylvania man is going one step further. i think that's baked beans in the boston area. larry kaplan visiting all 50 states holding bucket challenges specific to the area. he went to vermont, he had maple syrup poured on him. there is glaze and sprinkles from the famous voodoo doughnut shop in portland oregon. kaplan has two events today in san francisco trying to figure out what he is getting dumped on hill in san francisco. we'll get to the bottom of that. new this morning, san francisco's argula boulevard about to get major safe improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians. muni's board of directors have approved new wider bike lanes between presidio and golden
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gate park. >> i love seeing all those bike lanes and the green, you know, it's painted and separate. at least it makes it more identifiable for everybody. >> they're trying for you not to miss it right? >> yeah. >> good morning everyone. our commute, it's okay. i would say gilroy to san jose is going to be all right, if you're driving northbound on 101 right through the morgan hill area. gilroy to san jose does look pretty good. it is a nice looking drive. a lot of people out there but not a lot of stop-and-go traffic as you drive into the west valley, people who are getting on the road early are getting a decent commute. also looking at interstate 880 in oakland. you can see the traffic is moving along nicely. steve and i always tell you, a lot of people on the road, a lot more than we started doing this gig, but it's still doable, at least right now. bay bridge same thing goes, about 5:30 at the bay bridge is when we start seeing the metering lights turn on, and then you start seeing a backup. now let's go to steve. there was nobody on the road when we first started
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doing this gig sal, seriously. >> and we didn't even go on as early. >> that's correct. thank you. southern california, zero containment is that what i'm hearing on san bernardino. temperatures are going to get really hot. you just can't get around that, and it's not too bad now, but boy, it warms up quick. i mean if you know the high desert, lancaster to palm dale and san bernardino over to victorville. that warms up pretty quick. 15, so the fire conditions will will be -- i mean they'll be tough any way you look at it. there's no cloud cover, that's for sure. again, this is 15, but i imagine getting over to 10 might be -- the last time i was in southern california, the smoke and haze was unbelievable. temperatures almost 70 degrees in san bernardino now. it's 84 already in palm springs so you know it's going to get really hot fast. there's no help from any cloud cover including fog. back up in lake county,
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clayton fire 100 today. we need a cold front to go through, folks or some kind of moisture to come by and not give us any lightning but give us some rain. don't see it right now. it's still going to be rather hot today for many through the inland areas. the coast though, absolutely no change. the coast dealing with fog and cool conditions. 21 gusts to 25. we'll keep an eye on that and see if it continues or falls apart. 50s, 60s on the temps, low 50s, upper 50s, north bay is running really cool. 51 above calistoga, novato's in there. sebastopol at 52. activity erupted over the sierra. the associated low is right there out of the picture. little pieces of energy will keep rotating through, although it looks like high pressure for those really inland and the high pressure's not going anywhere anytime soon. it might back off a little bit the weekend. the coast, 60s, 70s, for coast and bay, and you can find 80s and 90s to even 100s, clear
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lake out to vacaville, very warm. contra costa county, 60s and low 70s around berkeley and alameda. 90 in danville and brentwood at 97 degrees. 91 morgan hill to gilroy, 84 downtown, san jose, 88 saratoga. getting warm in santa clara valley as well. 60s on the coast in the cities, upper 70s, low 80s on the peninsula. that sound pretty nice to me to be honest with you. >> actually, yeah. just maybe a little bit of cooling through the inland area as we get to the weekend. i'll tell you, it's what we have. >> it's what we have. >> yeah. >> that's correct. >> yeah. >> thank you, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> all right. we want to take you now to -- >> look at this. >> oh, gosh. >> live pictures this morning. again, this is more from the southern -- the fire in southern california. just kind of looking up to get some new information. we don't know how many homes
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have burned. we are hearing from people who said when the smoke cleared they saw that everything was gone. the summit inn has been destroyed from reports down in the los angeles area. the l. a. times reporting, but again, it's just a massive fire in san bernardino county, at least 18,000 acres have burned since yesterday. started as a brush fire, quickly spread by wind. 82,000 people have had to race from their homes. this is not far from the cajon pass. 15 is closed and i believe 138 is nearby there, also maybe be closed as well. again, we are keeping an eye on this. this is high desert area so it's particularly hot right now this time of year right. >> yeah. >> so again, san bernardino county we'll continue to follow that and get some new information but you can see firefighters working on the fire right now. >> and just imagine, more than
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80,000 people have evacuated. >> and it sounds like very quickly, like the oakland hills fire where they just had to grab hardly anything and race from their homes. >> we'll keep an eye on it. still ahead as the school year begins, the ride sharing company lift wants to help move things along. supplies they will deliver to 80 schools today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 at 5:25. some new developments in
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louisiana where that massive flooding has taken place, at least eleven people have now died from the flooding, and because it was not caused by a hurricane or a named storm, the governor of louisiana is calling the natural disaster historic and unprecedented. almost 2 feet of rain fell in baton rouge since last week, and more is expected. officialswarn the danger of new flooding is very high because -- just because of the sheer volume of water flowing towards the gulf of mexico. we're finding out more about the deadly police shooting in milwaukee, the one that set off two days of violent protests. the milwaukee police department says the officer who shot 23- year-old sylville smith has been getting online threats. police say smith was running with a stolen gun on saturday when that officer shot him. the governor of wisconsin says a mandatory curfew put into place monday night seemed to work to stop the violent demonstrations that occurred
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after the shooting. >> i think you had people looking for an excuse to do this, and they tried to do it under the guise of a protest. those people will be held accountable for the crimes they committed against that gas station and other businesses. now the name of the police officer has not been released, but smith's sister says the officer and her brother knew each other from back in high school. the american civil liberties union is now asking state investigators to release that body cam video of the shooting. new this morning, the government of turkey just announced 38 ,000 prisoners will be released to make room for the thousands of people who have been arrested after last month's failed coup. the plan is to release inmates who two years or less left on their jail terms. the government is still arresting more people who may have been involved in that coupe attack. so far 35,000 people have been detained including soldiers,
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police officers, judges, and journalists. time is 5:28. controversial plan to deal with homelessness in the south bay, the first of its kind plan that was just approved overnight in san jose. we'll tell you the reaction from supporters and from critics. >> plus ktvu's alex savidge live in lake county, and some of the evacuees down there are starting to go home. >> some people did return home yesterday, but still many other people who were forced out by the clayton fire are not being allowed back into the heart of lower lake which was devastated by those flames as they came through this area. we'll explain why cal fire says it's just too dangerous at this point to let people back in. >> take a good look at the bay bridge toll plaza, because the metering lights haven't been switched on. when we come back, they might be on and you'll see something a lot different here. >> not much different here, temperature-wise. cool coast, warm to hot inland,
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any change for the weekend, we'll take a look. j?j?j7
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welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we begin this half hour with developing news, that clayton fire in lake county. the man accused of deliberately setting the fire is scheduled to be arraigned today in
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supreme court. 40-year-old suspect damin pashilk. >> more evacuated residents are being allowed to go back to their homes, we have live team coverage for you this morning. steve, of course, will talk about the weather conditions facing firefighters. >> first we want to check in with alex savidge who's up there in lake county where evacuees have been waiting for days now. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning to you guys. a lot of those evacuees they're going to have to keep waiting here. unfortunately the main fire zone still is just a real hazardous place. a lot of people staying in those shelters. they want to return to their homes as soon as they possibly can, but this is what you find here in the heart of lower lake, entire blocks that were just wiped out. and here in the main fire zone, fire officials say this is really just not a safe place for people to return to. so people who live in this area will remain evacuated and staying in those shelters for the time being. pg&e crews they've come in here. they're trying to replace damaged power lines and get the
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lights back on for those folks here in town. firefighters still are keeping an eye on many of these burned outbuildings to make sure there are no more hot spots that could reignite. the clayton fire of course has destroyed at least 175 homes and businesses as it raced through town over the weekend. crews finally, though, are getting the upper hand on the fire. it's now 35% contained. just north of here yesterday about 4,000 people who were evacuated were allowed to return to their homes in clear lake yesterday. that area now no longer considered threatened, but here in lower lake where we are, this town took a direct hit from the fire and we heard from a cal fire battalion chief late last night who says the people who live in this area are really just going to have to be patient. >> as you can see pg&e has been working in this area getting those poles back in, getting those lines strung. we need to make sure there's no hazard as far as the fire service, making sure there's no hazard around those structures.
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>> it's safe to say a few more days at the very least. >> yes, yes, but we're not going to go too far out. >> so cal fire not making any predictions as of yet as to when people would be able to return here to the town of lower lake, this area remains shut off to the general public but of course a lot of people staying in those three nearby shelters that have been set up. they are ready to return home, even though a lot of those people, some of those people know that their homes are destroyed and are gone. they still want to get back here to see what's left, and this is one of the interesting sights you'll see here. here's a swimming pool that's right in the middle of this burned out area here. just one of those things that sort of stands out here as you walk through this area. cal fire making a lot of progress on the fire. 35% contained and they do feel like they're gaining the upper hand. it's acting the same way it did in those first couple of days.
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of course they still want to get this thing contained. they want the weather to cooperate in this area. we know it's going to be hot later on today, steve. what do we know about how the winds, how strong those winds are going to be today? >> alex based on what i'm seeing, it's actually on the little cooler side. the humidity's up. there's no breeze, but this afternoon it hits about 100 degrees. does that sound about right? >> okay. yeah. i would imagine so. as soon as the sun comes up here, right when that sun comes up you feel the heat, so it's certainly hot and certainly dry. but you know, we haven't seen those real strong shifting winds over the last couple of days. >> and that's the key, one of the keys. >> thank you alex. >> we do have good news. it has cooled off a little bit. the breeze has tailed off. the afternoon as alex touched on it, it doesn't take long to get warm. will be warm to hot pretty quick here, still going for about 100 degrees. at least that breeze has died down considerably, although it
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still looks like an easterly direction that wants to show up. thunderstorm activity up in the sierra yesterday. that's calmed down as the source of that. the low has move off to the northeast. we have a delta breeze that's okay. it's not strong. 50s, 60s on the temps, some low 60s, some low 50s. peninsula mainly upper 50s or right at 60. hillsborough says 52 along with pacifica. 58 los altos hills. there's some of that thunderstorm activity yesterday associated with that lull, but, again, it's really just -- we need a much stronger system to come in to kind of break down this ridge of high pressure, and that's not really happening. if you're on the coast, fog, cool, 67, inland 80s, and well inland 90s to near 100 degrees. all right, sal. you had something you wanted to tell us at 5:30 on the bay bridge. >> yes, we're going to look at the bay bridge in just a moment, steve, but we are also going to start with that solano commute for a lot of people who are coming in from the dixon area, vacaville, fairfield, not a bad commute.
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it looks good. a lot of people are coming in from far away, and you will see the traffic is still moving along well to the 680 interchange. no major problems there. i do want to mention that the bay bridge, the one i was talking about. when we saw it last in about 5:28 or so there was no slow traffic. now they've turned the metering lights on and there is slow traffic. it just changed in the last 10 minutes. you can still get there and wait for about 10 and get on to the bridge with no major issues. looking at 280 in sap hose, also looking a little more crowded. nice traffic-wise getting up to highway 17. it's 5:37. last night in oakland a man reportedly barricaded himself inside of a liquor store and then reportedly set the store on fire. police were first called to the scene just about 9:00 last night on seminary avenue near foothill. there were reports of a disturbed man with a knife in that building.
5:38 am
authorities say he then set the store on fire. we checked with the oakland fire department this morning. crews eventually put out that 2- alarm fire. the scene is clear, still though this morning we're not sure what happened to that suspect. the controversial san jose housing project for the homeless has just been approved by the city. modular homes will be installed in the willow glen neighborhood on evans lane. it's a neighborhood that some say already suffers with crime. ktvu's janine de la vega in san jose this morning. so janine, why did the city go ahead with this. >> reporter: gave, well, the city has been working for quite a while now on getting the 4,000 homeless people in the city off the streets. they have worked on this project about converting motels into homeless housing, and now this new project, that's just part of their vision. this decision, though, it came late last night during a packed city council meeting. the decision came past midnight
5:39 am
as city leaders voted to approve putting manufactured homes on a 6-acre plot of city- owned land located on evans lane near highway 87 and courtier. the homes would be bedrooms, shared bathrooms and kitchens. there would be a dog park and community gardens. homeless advocates praised project, but critics says it's going to make things worse. >> adding this type of environment to an already problematic neighborhood that suffers from loitering, crime and other issues is problematic. >> homeless people are people and that in an environment where there's dignity, rules, common support where people support each other, homeless people like the rest of us thrive. >> reporter: adobe services is the nonprofit that will manage the community providing 24-hour security and on-site case
5:40 am
management for the homeless. the location is just east of willow glen. it was chosen because it's near transportation and services that serve people who live in affordable housing. the community would house 102 homeless people. coming up at 6 we'll tell you why a city councilman says that doesn't make sense and what he wanted here instead. dave. >> all right, janine de la vega in san jose. thank you. in san leandro police are putting out a suspect sketch in the hopes of finding a man who tried to kidnap a woman last month. the man is described as african- american between 25 and 40 years old with a goatee. he was driving a silver nissan sentra h police say has distinctive gray or metal aftermarket wheels. police say the man was hiding between parked cars on washington street the morning of july 28th when he jumped out and pepper sprayed a woman as she was walking to work. he tried to drag her to his car, but a good samaritan intervened and saved that woman.
5:41 am
investigators say two other women have since come forward to say they had contact with that same man that week. if you have any information you are asked to call san leandro police. fremont police are looking for a man who robbed two pokemon go players. the victims there playing the game while sitting in a parked car on sunday. that's when police say a man walked up to them, pointed a gun, and robbed them of their wallets and cell phones. similar robberies have been reported in san francisco and berkeley. police are warning pokemon go players to be aware of their surroundings. >> some stronger protections for renters in santa rosa. coming up at 6:00 a new ordinance approved by city council, the deal with the city housing crisis. >> the new owners of an online media company who filed for bankruptcy after a racy post with pro wrestler hulk hogan. >> the morning commute is getting busier in many areas including the bay bridge coming
5:42 am
around the berkeley curve. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead.
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welcome back, it's 5:44. johnny depp and amber heard have settled their divorce. heard settled for $7 million but she also said she's going to donate any proceeds from the divorce to charity. they issued a joint statement saying in part that neither party made false accusations for financial gain. they were married for just 15 months. hugh hefner has sold his famous playboy mansion for $100 million. hefner sold the los angeles property to his next door neighbor. he is the son of a billionaire who owned papst brewing. under terms of the deal hefner can live in the mansion for the rest of his life. he is 90 years old.
5:45 am
spanish language television network, univision, the new owner of gawker media. it paid $135 million for it at auction. gawker filed bankruptcy after hulk hogan won a $140 million lawsuit after gawker posted a sex video of him. gawker runs several websites including dead spin and jezebel. duo is similar to other video chatting services except it gives a video preview of who's making the call, where they are helping you decide whether or not you want to pick it up. google refers to the feature as knock knock. the duo app is out. it will be available for android and iphones. it will compete with apple's face time, skype and facebook messenger. lyft drivers are going to make a special delivery. the drivers have volunteered to use their cars sporting the pink mustache by picking up 4500 backpacks filled with school supplies.
5:46 am
they will take the backpacks to 80 schools across oakland today. the backpacks and supplies will be given to students in need on the first day of school. lyft officials say the project is already a success because they have never had so many volunteers sign up for any other event. 5:46 is the time. let's check in with sal right now for a look at traffic. how's it look out there sal? >> it looks good. as a matter of fact, for the most part it's not a bad commute. we're going to start with the tracy super commute and take a look at westbound 580. there are no major issues, although there is some slow traffic. the traffic is moving along okay. now i do want to mention that traffic has been okay at the toll plaza, but there is some slow traffic. this isn't the time for me to mention that today between 10 and 2, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., b.a.r.t. will single track trains between south hayward and fremont stations as part of
5:47 am
work on power infrastructure and cabling on that section of the track. the work is scheduled to continue through friday september 9th. monday through friday, and that may create some delays on b.a.r.t. or for the most part it hasn't been too bad. they do it during the middle of the day. let's move along to one more thing. this is 280 northbound as you drive through downtown san jose, it looks okay. the commute's beginning to wake up. it's 5:47. let's bring steve in here. >> sal we have a lot of fog out there for some, and it's going to be another day where temperatures are hard pressed to get above average. coast and by a, yet inland they have no problem soaring past temperatures, which should be about 86, 87. they tend to settle in to about 92 to 94 for some. the fog keeping oakland, san francisco slightly below average for this time of the year. city should be 68, and they've been checking in at 63, 64, and 65. good news for the fire, the wind has tailed off. the humidity is up, at least for the morning. it still looks like by the time they get to afternoon, evening hours it will be near 100
5:48 am
degrees again. at least the breeze has died down. love to help southern california as well, but monsoon's going bonkers again. cloud cover in arizona is not making it to southern california. over by the coast, yeah, they're dealing with fog. inland they're not and it's going to be very hot again today. no help there as well down towards san bernardino county. for us a live picture shows cool coasts and hot inland today and fog there. not much change tomorrow, fog, sun, cool to warm as we head into the weekend. looks a little cooler for inland areas. today looks to be slightly warmer for inland areas, although there's an okay breeze to the delta, but there's hardly anything else for most locations. 50s, 60s on the temps, especially around santa clara, and saratoga. gilroy at 52 degrees. boulder creek's at 53. 43 in truckee, thunderstorms blew up yesterday over tahoe truckee. it looks like though that little low that was responsible for it, 43 truckee, 46 south
5:49 am
lake tahoe has moved off. there it was yesterday afternoon. that's been a rare occurrence this summer. they had some in june, then after that july was very quiet, but that system has moved east so it looks a little better today. they'll probably get buildups left behind. and the low clouds here mean temperatures not going anywhere for the coast. san francisco or around the bay. that's 60s, 70s, 90 toss 100s as you work inland. 70 oakland, 68 alameda. that has not changed. low 90s santa clara valley, san jose, 84 east probably be about 88. 60s in the city. 70s to upper 70s and low 80s on the peninsula, 60s on the coast. maybe a little cooler it looks like as we go into the weekend for inland areas. no change on the coast. thank you steve. you touched on the conditions and the wildfire burning in southern california. we want to take you back down there live. this again in san bernardino county. this is a live picture, live
5:50 am
video from our sister station's helicopter. we are getting reports, this is a state of emergency already which is very unusual. usually that's not called until after a fire has burned for a few days or at least a couple of days, but it's been declared a state of emergency because it started as a small brush fire quickly spread. it has burned at least 18,000 acres as the last official word. certainly it is probably bigger than that now. we are getting reports out of southern california that homes and businesses have been destroyed, but they're frankly too busy fighting this fire to give updated information on a number of homes, but we do know that 82 ,000 people had to race from their homes in the mountain communities of san bernardino county area. this includes rightwood and salin off the cajon pass. we do understand that highway 15 is closed. again, these are some live --
5:51 am
the live video from our sister station, the helicopter down there you can see it is just raging out of control. firefighters seeing 0% containment. we're going to check in on this fire throughout the morning as well as alex savidge is up at the clayton fire as homeowners waiting anxiously to see if anything is left of their homes in lake county. we'll be right back.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
new this morning, firefighters at menlo park say a squirrel probably caused a small explosion and knocked out power for a while. yesterday evening crews responded to reports of a loud noise on crane street. power was knocked out to hundreds of customers. someone was even trapped inside of an elevator. a dead squirrel was found in that area, and investigators say that squirrel bit into a power line causing that small explosion and knocking out power. state ifish and game officials in alameda county, they're defending a decision to shoot and kill an alligator. a 4-foot long alligator spotted monday in alameda creek near fremont. state fish and game officials say they decided to shoot it after they decided they could not safely remove it. however, many neighbors were hoping they would simply catch and relocate the alligator. >> i think it's pretty
5:55 am
inhumane. it's 4-foot. it should be able to be caught and released somewhere else. >> very, very difficult to tranquilize an alligator from a distance, and they're very spooky around people. if we tried to get close we would lose it. >> alligators are not native to california. fish and game officials say the young alligator probably started out as a pet until its owner abandoned it in the creek. san francisco transit leaders have approved a test program to legalize the long time practice of people parking along medians on dolores street. that's according to a report in today's san francisco examiner. muni's decision means drivers will be allowed to park at dolores street medians fridays through sundays during specific hours during a year-long test program. it will directly affect people attending religious services at the mission dolores church, the corner stone church and several other houses of worship along that street. a solar energy project in the south bay is on hold after
5:56 am
the discovery of ancient bones. solar panels were being installed on the field just west of the guadalupe parkway. it turns out it's a burial site that was mapped decades ago but was overlooked until now. a san jose state archaeologist and anthropologist said decades ago 100 remains were found on the site. now they want to see what else is there. >> in this case, it was known by the county and was omitted from their final environmental impact. >> at the time we didn't even have a survey, so we immediately asked the contractor to stop work. >> the report on the possibility of more remains at the construction site could be finished by the end of the week. time is 5:56. still following the out of control blue cut fire in san bernardino county. it just exploded out of control more than 80 ,000 people have been forced to evacuate. coming up next, tense moments for six firefighters who were trapped and surrounded by
5:57 am
flames. >> we also have an update on a double homicide in east oakland. last week the son of the suspect already in custody has also been arrested. what police say his role in the killings is. >> good morning, we are looking at a commute that is definitely coming up on full here, 80 westbound coming in from the hercules area to richmond and berkeley is getting more crowded. >> well, fog is there for some, so no change. inland temps looks like a warmup a little bit. we'll talk about that and more coming back.
5:58 am
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
5:59 am
good morning we have another wildfire burning out of control in california. this time tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes in san bernardino county. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning, thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, august 17th, i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. we're starting with the latest big fire here in california. it is the blue cut fire. it has forced 82,000 people out of their homes in san bernardino county.
6:00 am
since yesterday, it has burned at least 18,000 acres. it is just one of more than a dozen wildfires burning across california. >> that includes the clayton fire still burning in lake county. we're going to have more on that fire and that blue cut fire in southern california in just a moment. first let's check in with steve paulson. i know you're saying hot and dry up and down the state. >> inland, yes. >> right. >> coast is foggy and cold by inland is hot. >> the fire is in the desert communities. >> it will be very hot there, no doubt about it. no help from cloud cover. that's staying off to the east, and it's stuck in arizona, and for us here, inland temps will be in the 80s and 90s and coast will be in the 60s, 70s. good news for lake county on the clayton fires. does look like the humidity's up and the wind has tailed off. it will still be about 100 degrees. cloud cover down towards southern california, that's not going to happen, though. temperatures are going to warm up really quick here on the high desert. they are looking for


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