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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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since yesterday, it has burned at least 18,000 acres. it is just one of more than a dozen wildfires burning across california. >> that includes the clayton fire still burning in lake county. we're going to have more on that fire and that blue cut fire in southern california in just a moment. first let's check in with steve paulson. i know you're saying hot and dry up and down the state. >> inland, yes. >> right. >> coast is foggy and cold by inland is hot. >> the fire is in the desert communities. >> it will be very hot there, no doubt about it. no help from cloud cover. that's staying off to the east, and it's stuck in arizona, and for us here, inland temps will be in the 80s and 90s and coast will be in the 60s, 70s. good news for lake county on the clayton fires. does look like the humidity's up and the wind has tailed off. it will still be about 100 degrees. cloud cover down towards southern california, that's not going to happen, though. temperatures are going to warm up really quick here on the high desert. they are looking for upper 90s
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again to near 100 degrees for some. for us what we are looking at is cool coast hot, inland same for tomorrow, maybe little cooler inland away from the coast as we head towards the weekend. had some thunderstorm activity over the sierra yesterday. that has died off. the breeze autoto the delta is just that. it's a little bit of a breeze. 50s, 60s on the temps, some of the santa clara valley temps will continue to warm up. had some 90s around morgan hill. 43 up in truckee, 59 ukiah and around lake tahoe looks a little better today. temperatures into the 80s. sal, what do you have for us sir? >> steve, i recently went to lake tahoe. it's god's country up there. and by the way. >> yes. >> there are a lot of people who either are from the bay area or know us for whatever reason. i'd go in and say you tell that steve, what do you want me to tell that steve. the weather's beautiful. >> all right, there you go. >> thank you for telling me. >> good morning, everyone. if you are driving on the car
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kunitz bridge heading to the macarthur bridge, it's a 19 minute drive right now which is not that bad. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you can take a live look, it's crowded. we're looking at the east bay commute and not a bad commute right now from hayward to fremont, a little bit of slow traffic, 238 getting up to 880. there was a little bit of a mishap there, a small collision not blocking. northbound 101, san jose a little slow after 280, the rest of the freeways are still good. this is the time when things start to change, so by the next time we talk about this, it likely will be more slow traffic. 6:02. let's go back to the desk. we'll check back in with you sal. now we want to go back to our coverage of the latest, a wildfire burning in southern california. christina rendon is here. governor brown, this is very unusual already declaring this a state of emergency and it
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just started yesterday. >> that is something we typically don't see him do until a fire has been burning for several days. this blue cut fire has just exploded out of control, and this morning interstate 15, which is the main road between the los angeles area and las vegas remains closed as firefighters try to get some sort of containment on the flames. the fire is now covering a massive 28 square mile area that at times is creating its own weather that you see there. yesterday this twisting column of flames burned near fire crews and a number of homes have been lost. right now officials don't have an exact number, but they do know that more than 34,000 structures are in danger and mandatory evacuations remain in place. >> this fire when it first got started was extremely dangerous. it was a undriven fire that got started in the canyon. and once it established itself and the wind it can it over the edge, it exploded in different
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directions. >> we know of six firefighters who found themselves in the path of danger while trying to protect homes yesterday. flames surrounded them. they took shelter, and they were later rescued. two of them suffered smoke inhalation, but all six are back on the fire lines this morning, just incredible resilience for fire crews. officials say they have no containment on this fire, but people remain just shocked by how fast this fire is moving. just to give you guys some perspective, this fire has burned an area that is more than half the size of san francisco in less than one day. >> wow, that's just incredible. thank you christine. i know you're going to be continuing to follow this from our newsroom. everybody anxious to hear about any homes lost. we do want to talk about the clayton fire as well in lake county the the man suspected of intentionally starting that fire and many others due in court today.
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damon pashilk has his arraignment set for 1:15 this afternoon. he does face 17 arson-related charges. the clayton fire now at 35% containment. it has burned 4,000 acres the number of buildings destroyed, homes businesses at 175 at this point. coming up at 6:30, we're going to check in with alex savidge who is in lake county, and he's going to talk about as evacuees are waiting to return home. in other news this morning, new this morning, a controversial san jose housing project for the homeless is moving forward. modular homes will be installed in the willow glen neighborhood on evans lane. late last night, the city council made that decision. ktvu's janine de la vega in san jose this morning. tell us about it. >> reporter: good morning, dave, well, there's a lot of strong feelings, a lot of passion on both sides of this debate. home -- homeowners who live
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here don't want homeless people living here in this field of undeveloped land. advocates are saying we need to get the homeless off the streets. it was a packed meeting last night in city council chambers with people from the neighborhood asking city leaders not to allow this project to go forward, but the council voted to approve this proposal that would allow for more than 100 homeless people to live in modular homes on a 6- acre plot of land. councilman who represents the district says the area already suffers from crime. >> i think we need to move forward with a transitional housing situation now knowing that we can always change that to a permanent structure in the years ahead. >> reporter: these new renderings show what the homeless would live in. the house plan includes bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a dog park and a community center. adobe services, a nonprofit agency will run it providing on-
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site case management and 24- hour security. the city would lease the land to adobo for $1 for 15 years and after that the city would reevaluate what to do with the land since they own it and they could possibly end up proposing permanent housing there. dave. >> all right. janine de la vega in san jose. thank you. time is 6:07. santa rose city council provided new rent control measures. they're the toughest protections for renters in all of sonoma county. the paper says the new rules create a long-term program it requires landlords to have a good reason to evict their tenants. it also limits rent increases to 3% a year unless the landlord can prove they've made major property improvements. the measure needs a second approval which is expected later this month. then the rent control rules will change 30 days later. oakland police have made a second arrest in connection with a shooting that killed whoa people and injured a
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third. the 17-year-old son of the man charged in the killings is also now behind bars. this is a photo of the boy's father, 37-year-old francisco jesus hernandez. he shot if into a pickup truck near empire road last week killing two people. his son then shot a third person before the two and the third suspect set the truck on fire. police are still searching for that third suspect. san francisco police enjoy say the death of a -- now say the death of a man has been ruled suspicious instead of a homicide. 28-year-old frank gilisea was found dead in the stairwell of an emergency exit at the westfield shopping center in san francisco. his death was originally classified a homicide but yesterday police changed that after receiving autopsy results. a spokeswoman says galicea's death does not appear to be a homicide at the moment but it does not appear to be a natural cause death, either. a likely cause hat has not been
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released. time is 6:08, aguello boulevard is reportedly about to get major safety improvements to make things better for bicyclists and pedestrians. san francisco examiner reports muni's board of directors approved wider bike lanes between the presidio and golden gate park. this same plan also calls for bigger clearly marked crosswalks to make pedestrians easier to see for drivers when they're crossing the street. 6:09d is the time right now, we have some new developments from louisiana this morning, nearly 2 feet of rain has fallen since last week and unfortunately more is expected. we'll have more on the warnings for people living there in baton rouge. first a man who was brutally beaten in san francisco, and he can't remember whattened. we'll tell you -- remember what happened. we'll tell you the clues police have to go on. >> still getting busier by the moment on many of these commutes including the bridges. you see the golden gate bridge
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traffic is pretty good. the fog is pretty dense here in southern marin county.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco police searching for whoever brutally beat a man last week. tommy castelani was attacked last thursday about 2:30 in the morning. he can't remember what happened. the last thing he remembers before waking up in the hospital is singing karaoke at the cafe, a popular club on market street.
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his friend found him on the sidewalk. police officers at the scene told him castellani may have been beaten with his bicycle helmet. >> three drinks, he has a big mouth. i was hoping it wasn't a gay bashing or some random attack. >> i don't care if it was some sort of confrontation between them, no one in the world deserves to get hurt and put into the hospital like that. >> his jaw and nose were broken but he says nothing was stolen so he doesn't think robbery was the motive. police are checking surveillance video from nearby businesses in that area. there has been a big shakeup in donald trump's campaign with a new manager now calling the shots. paul manifort who was brought in earlier this summer to professionalize the campaign will remain the chairman but there are two nor hires, kellyanne conway, a well-known republican strategist and stephen bannon who heads
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breitbart news is the chief execkive. yesterday trump made a direct appeal to african-american voters in wisconsin. >> the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african- american community. >> donald trump will get his first intelligence briefing today as a nominee. that will be conducted at an fbi office in new york. time is 6:14. in philadelphia, hillary clinton held a get out the vote event. she told the crowd that while she may be leading in the polls she's not taking anything for granted. she also criticized what she called donald trump's negativity and pessimism on the campaign trail. >> and then i watch the olympics and it's exactly the opposite. you have young people going out doing their best every day to get prepared to compete, and that's what we're going to do in america. >> now according to the current polls, hillary clinton right now leads donald trump in many
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swing states including pennsylvania. right now it's 6:14. want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. what are you keeping an eye on now at 6:15? >> we're looking at some of the freeways here with highway 24 starting off in the east bay, pam, and dave. and westbound 24 not a bad commute as a matter of fact. the traffic continues to look pretty good. if you are driving through the area there are no major problems. the commute also looks good if you are driving on 24 after in oakland. you can see traffic is looking good here. also, if you are driving out to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see the traffic continues to be slow but not that bad. this is about a 10 minute delays before you make it on to the bridge. as we look at the east by a community, we're looking at a freeway system that is getting more crowded. at 6:15 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have foggy cool
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conditions for some, coasts. around the bay no change there. just an average high san francisco, 678. they're not getting there. they're getting about 63, 64, or 65 almost for the last several days. yet some inland locations can't get below 90. fire conditions in lower bake, 56 right now. east, southeast breeze. we'd rather see a west wind. we will see temperatures near 100 degrees today. so it's not bad now. humidity's up, but again, i think there's a little east wind. the blue cut fire san bernardino, it's going to be smoking hot down there. i've seen forecast highs about 105 degrees and there's no moisture to help hem out. there's some in arizona, but not in southern california deserts. it's already 66 and temperatures will be very hot very soon. not good news there for the firefighters. we could use a little pattern change. cool coasts, hot inlapped. cool coast tomorrow, hot inlapped. maybe shave off a couple of degrees. system fired up some
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thunderstorm activity over the sierra yesterday. looks like that has moved out. still a decent breeze, but it's not that strong. 50s, 60s on the temps right at 60 for palo alto. 62 in kelceyville, yet low 50s around napa, novato and 50 above calistoga and the calistoga hills. 59 ukiah, 43 in truckee, the sierra nevada dealing with thunderstorm activity, 40s and 50s on the lows. it's been a warm, sunny summer except back to june but july and most of august was very quiet thunderstorm wise. yesterday it did pop up that little low. most of that energy has moved to the east. a little bit will drag back towards southern california. so we have the temperature range up 40 degrees for some. 60s on the coast, 70s, 80s, 90s through 100s. i think some of the east bay temps will bump up few degrees. a cooling trend for concord,
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livermore is 89 degrees right? >> not today. oakland, alameda and berkeley upper 60s, low 70s. santa clara valley did pop up yesterday. san jose 84. east san jose, always about 4 degrees warmer. downtown, 60s on the coast, in the city 70s. very low 80s on the peninsula. not much change the next couple of days. inland temps should come down a few degrees. no change on the coast. >> boy, you're caught in the middle, the people dealing with the heat are saying steve, help. the people on the coast with the fog. >> where's the sun. >> nobody's happy. >> usually -- there's one or two that are happy. >> it's fairly nice at my castle. >> pam's happy. >> little zone of niceness i guess. >> at your castle. >> i think you have to be right in between the beat and inland. if you're around the bay it's been pretty nice. it has been foggy in the morning but the sun comes out. >> exactly. thank you steve. >> some families are scrambling in san jose.
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that's because students are required there to have up to date vaccinations before they can go back to school. we'll tell you how far one parent went to make sure her kids are exemptioned from the new law. >> a new twist on the ice bucket challenge, what one man is doing in every state to raise money and awareness fals.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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welcome back to mornings on 2 at 6:22. unfortunately another pokemon go robbery to talk about. fremont police are looking for a man who robbed two pokemon go players. the victims were playing the game sitting this a parked car near cabral and bianca drive on sunday. a man walked up to them, pointed a gun and robbed them of their wallets and cell phones. similar robberies have been reported in san francisco is berkeley. police are warning pokemon go players in particular be aware of your surroundings. san jose police have made an arrest in connection to the city's latest homicide. 19-year-old alexander lozano was booked on suspicion of homicide and assault with a deadly weapon. he shot and killed a 16-year- old boy on north white road in east san jose on monday night. an 18-year-old man was also shot but is expected to
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recover. police have not released any other information about a motive for the killing. we're finding out more about the deadly police shooting in milwaukee. the milwaukee police department says the officer who shot 23- year-old sylville smith has been getting online threats. police say smith was running with a stolen gun on saturday when that officer shot him. the governor of wisconsin says a mandatory curfew put into place monday night seemed to work to stop violent demonstrations that occurred after the shooting. >> i think you had people who were looking for an excuse to do this, and they tried to do it under the guise of a protest. those people will be held accountable for the crimes they committed against that gas station and other businesses. >> the name of the police officer has not been released but smith's sister says the officer and her brother knew each other from way back in high school. the a clu is asking investigators to release the
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body cam video. the zika virus in the u.s. has spread beyond florida with cases showing up in texas and new york. there are now 49 cases of zika in new york city. one child has been born with that birth defect that's linked to the virus. new york city mayor bill de blasio says the city does not have enough resources to fight the virus and called on congress to act. >> we need the federal government to get involved. we need the federal government to protect the people of new york city and the entire country. we need the federal government to act now. >> president obama asked congress back in february to approve $1.9 billion to fight the zika virus, but lawmakers have not been able to agree on a funding package. time is 6:24. i know we've all seen the als ice bucket challenge where somebody gets ice water dumped on their head raising awareness and raising money for fighting als. today in san francisco, a man from pennsylvania goes a step
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further. ouch. that's larry kaplan. he is visiting all 50 states and holding bucket challenges specific to each state. now he went to vermont. they poured maple syrup on him, starbucks coffee was poured on him in seattle, glaze and sprinkles there from the famous voodoo doughnut shop poured on him in portland oregon. kaplan has two events today in san francisco. as of this moment, we're not sure what they're going to pour on him in san francisco. a fascinated san francisco supervisor harvey milk set to make history again. the u.s. navy held a naming ceremony at treasure island yesterday for the u.s. ns harvey milk. milk served in the navy in the 1950s before moving to san francisco and becoming california's first openly gay lawmakers. the secretary of navy said milk stood for equality, justice and freedom. >> every time, every time we've
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opened the military to people who have been kept out for the worst of reasons, we have become stronger. >> construction of the naval refueling ship is set to begin in about three years in san diego. today santa clara university will break ground on the new hall of law. the ceremony starts at noon right on the edge of campus where the law school building will be built. the law school will be able to consolidate its clinics and programs under one roof for the first time. this looks beautiful. the new building is made possible because of donations from several alumni. the school is expected to be finished by early 2018. >> very nice. >> yes. >> 6:26 is the time, a pickup truck slammed into a building and a gas meter. up next, we'll show you the damage done after that crash sparked an explosion and fire. >> plus, crews up here in lake county, they are beginning to get the upper hand on the clayton fire that blew through the town of lower lake and
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caused so much destruction destroying at least 175 homes and businesses. we'll tell you about the evacuees who were allowed back in yesterday and when people may be allowed to return to lower lake. >> as we look at bay area bridges, not too bad right now on the san mateo bridge or the dumbarton bridge heading over to the peninsula.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, welcome back to mornings on 2. live pictures, fire trucks, firefighters already busy this morning, and look around. the cameras panning around the damage this morning. we're showing you more of the damage caused by the clayton fire as the sun comes up. within the last 20 minutes, cal fire did tell us firefighters made good progress on the fire last night, but you can still
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seed damage left behind. coming up in 2 minutes, ktvu's alex savidge who is right there, he's in lower lake. he'll tell us how the evacuees are anxious to get back to see what they have left, if anything, but alex will talk about that. good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. wednesday august 17th. i've dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. check in with steve for a look at the weather. so i think it's 35% containment in lake county. what's the weather like up there? >> the wind, you know, except for day one was not a huge issue. >> okay. >> but it does pick up in the afternoon. the humidity's higher. the wind has tailed off, but it's going to get hot. 56 degrees, 81% humidity, east southeast. that's not good, but i don't think it will take long to warm up. going for a forecast high of 100 today and the humidity will be bone dry. there is a little east, southeasterly breeze that tends to show up. if you're over by the coast
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around the bay, there's nothing new. a lot of gray, so cool coast, it will be hot inland, cool coast tomorrow, hot inland. fobbing, sun, cool mild to warm. it does look a little cooler for some inland areas. thunderstorms popped up over the sierra yesterday. there's not much of a delta breeze, so it looks like eastern solano, contra costa county and north and maybe south will start to warm up. coast and by a, 50s will give way to 60s and 70s. that's it. low 60s for some but 50s for most here. 57 blackhawk, some of that thunderstorm yesterday. looks a little quieter. the low associated with it has moved into northeast nevada. a series of teeny systems are trying to erode the high. 60s, 70s, not much change. 90s, upper 90s even a few 100s. all right sal. we do have slow traffic. that's for sure, steve. gashing to you. it's slow -- good morning to you, we're going to start with the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backed up for a is a
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minute delay. once you make it past those metering lights it looks good on that span into san francisco. we're also looking at a commute on interstate 880 that is not too bad passing the coliseum north and southbound. southbound i want to show you the maps a little bit farther south you'll see some slowing in hayward and part of union city. hasn't been all that bad. in the south bay northbound 101, we had a couple of different crashes reported in the area of de la cruz and the area of trimmable road. it could be the same crash. there was also a crash reported southbound 101 near marsh road. a couple of different items that. is not reportedly causing any slow traffic. the road sensors show that commute from san mateo to palo alto to be in good shape at this hour. let's go back to the desk. more than a dozen wildfires are burning all across california. look at this map. the fires are stretching from humboldt county to the blue cut fire burning out of control in san bernardino county.
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that's a lot. more than 80,000 people there in san bernardino have been ordered to evacuate. and north of the bay area, the clayton fire is still burning this morning in lake county, but cal fire just a little while ago, containment has gone from 35% to 40%. that's better news. ktvu's alex savidge live in lake county this morning, some people are being allowed to go back home, while others alex, they still have to wait. >> reporter: yeah, a will the of evacuees of people who, especially who evacuated here from the town of lower lake, and they were forced out by the flames late in the day on sunday. they are going to have to wait quite a bit longer, potentially until they can get back into this area. we're in the middle of the fire zone, and you can see the destruction, just whole blocks that were leveled by this fire. there's still a lot of hazards here, downed power lines, downed trees in this area, and you also have all of these burned out areas. there are potential hot spots
6:34 am
that could reignite so fire crews keeping an eye on that. a short time ago i talked with the couple that lives at this home or lived, i should say, at this home here on daily place, and obviously they have found out that their home is gone. they've been staying in the shelter, but they want to get back in here to try to see what they can salvage from this home and also find their missing cats, and i talked with the man who was living here with his girlfriend. he described for me just how fast this fire raced through here on sunday. >> flames, you know, they came. they were roaring and you didn't have a chance. fire is something don't reckon with. it will take everything from you, you know, if you ain't -- if there's a fire, get out because you might not make it out. it happens so quick. >> reporter: now late yesterday about 4,000 people who evacuated from the clear lake area were allowed to return to their homes, but that's a goodies tans away good distance
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away from here. they are gaining the upper hand, 40% containment on this fire, and last tally from cal fire is that they believe 175 homes and businesses, many of them in downtown lower lake have been destroyed by the fire. but, again, 40% containment. crews say they may be able to get the upper hand on this fire by sunday, and obviously they're hoping the weather conditions will continue to cooperate in this area. >> before you go, i know it's early, any wind out there to speak of this morning? >> reporter: none whatsoever. very calm conditions today, but obviously we know how things change. in terms of the temperature and also the winds as we move throughout the day. we'll have to wait and see. they feel pretty confident. they've been adding containment lines, especially overnight each of the last few days, so i think cal fire is feeling
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cautiously optimistic about getting the upper hand on this fire and getting it fully under control. they're looking at the end of this weekend to have full containment. meantime on our channel 2 website, you'll find more on the fire situation there in lake county, including how you can donate to help fire victims. just click on the story right near the top of our home page. also new this morning, police in hayward are searching for the gunman who shot and wounded a man. it happened shortly before midnight near florida street and dulson lane. the gunman approached the man and his wife on the vet demanded -- street and demanded they hand over their smart phones. the gunman shot and wounded the man who is expected to survive. the gunman sped off in a candy apple red suv. it had gold rims. we're waiting for word on what happened to a man who reportedly barricaded himself inside an oakland liquor store, then set the store on fire last night. police were first called to the
6:37 am
scene on seminary avenue near foothill after reports of a disturbed man with a knife in the building. authorities say he then set fire to the store. we just got off the phone with the oakland fire department. they say crews eventually put out that fire. the scene now considered clear, but neither the fire department nor police have told us what happened to the suspect. a crash sparked an explosion and fire last night in san jose. that happened at 8:45 last night on west san carlos street right near lincoln avenue. a pickup truck slammed into a building and hit a gas meter. ktvu reporter jesse geary arrived on the scene and took this photo. you can see smoke billowing from that building. the crash sparked a fire which spread through the building. there's a tattoo shop and ha music recording studio damaged. >> it did crack the gas meter. at that point the gas started flowing and then ignited.
6:38 am
>> there are no reported injuries. theaters say the truckdriver is cooperating with the investigation. our time is now 6:38. there's actually a happy ending for a man in santa rosa who had his belongings stolen including a box containing the ashes of his wife. last week someone broke into the garage of bill claus. they stole hundreds of dollars worth of tools. 75 sally zarand had died from cancer last month. when mr. claus talked to reporters he pleaded for the return of his wife's ashes. he planned to scatter the remains on the sonoma county coast. the press democrat reports police are returning a stolen car to the rightful owner. that owner looked in the trunk of his car and found all kinds of stuff that didn't belong to him. one was a box with the name zarit. he traced it and called mr. claus and returned the ashes. time is 6:38.
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the chancellor of uc berkeley is resigning. nicholas dirtz released a statement saying he's making a personal decision to step down. he has been under fire for the way the university handled sexual harassment cases on campus and for financial decisions he made in the face of a budget deficit. he says he'll officially resign once his successor is picked. he plans to stay on with the university teaching full-time. dirtz is the second uc chancellor to resign in the past week. last week controversial uc davis chancellor linda katayhe announced she's resigning. families filled health clinics to get shot s and paperwork needed to start school. kids who have not had their shots will be sent home unless they have that medical exemption. 36 of the 32,000 students in
6:40 am
the district have received that exemption. elaine stein has concerns about vaccinations and went to great lengths to make sure both of her children are exempt. >> we traveled to monterey. we paid out-of-pocket to find a medical doctor who would look at the test results that we've had done, who would hear my kids' histories, and to write that medical exemption. so they will both be starting school. >> the other parents we talked with say they're grateful for the new requirement. they say it makes it less likely that their children will catch a disease that can be prevented. our time is 6:40. drivers for lift will help thousands of oakland students today anonymously. the drivers volunteered to use their cars, the ones with the mung mustaches to pick up 4500 backpacks filled with school supplies. the backpacks and supplies will be given to students who need it for the first tampa day of
6:41 am
school. a chp officer has been arrested accused offend secretly videotaping his sister- in-law in the shower. up next we're going to tell you how those videos were discovered. >> good morning, the east shore freeway is a lot more crowded than it was just a few moments ago. it is going to be a little bit slow as you head out to the macarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge there is also waiting to do.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:43. new developments from all that flooding in louisiana. at least eleven people have died from the flash flooding, and because it was not caused by an earthquake or a named storm, the governor has called the natural disaster historic and unprecedented. almost 2 feet of rain has fallen in baton rouge since last week, and more is expected. officials are warning the danger of new flooding very high because of the sheer volume of water flowing towards the gulf of mexico. back here at home, a chp officer in roseville is accused of being a peeping tom. 30-year-old jose ignacio roid was arrested monday on five counts of secretly recording his sister-in-law. investigators say he videotaped his 21-year-old sister-in-law with a pen camera. the officer's wife found a receipt for the camera two months ago, but he told her it was for his work. then his wife saw an app on his
6:45 am
phone linked to that camera with videos of her sister in the shower. >> that's part of the charges that somebody's being videotaped in a place that you would normally expect privacy like a bathroom without their knowledge or consent. >> authorities believe that camera was hidden in an air- conditioning vent. new numbers indicate that people are using all kinds of transportation to commute between marin county and san francisco. the marin independent journal cites new figures from the golden gate bridge district, and more than 41 million people drove on the bridge in the past fiscal year. that's a million more than the year before. in comparison, 39 million people drove across the span ten years ago. ridership on golden gate transit stayed relatively even dropping just 2% between july 2015 and july of this year. ferry ridership reached an all time high for the larkspur and sausalito to san francisco routes. anybody driving on highway 24 now? >> yeah, you know, highway 24
6:46 am
traffic is going to be more crowded dave and pam for sure. as you drive up to the tunnel, you will see that traffic is going to be a little bit more crowded. not a major delay, of course, but you will see slow traffic in that area. the traffic is not all that bad. we're going to come back to this region in just a moment. i want to show you 680. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic here is going to be backed up. this is about a 15 minute delay. speaking of 680, it's also slow on 680 just after 242 as you head down to the walnut creek interchange, and in the newsroom this morning, we learned what a continental crosswalk is. see those stripes down there, see those four unidentified gentlemen who are walking across, that is called a continental crosswalk, all right, so now you know. >> i've never seen that picture, before sal. >> it's a nice one.
6:47 am
i just pulled it up. >> very well done. we have too many fires to discuss. we'll start with california, san bernardino, the blue cut fire. it is going to be smoking hot down in san bernardino. 100 to 108 is the temperature. the humidity right now is about 48%. it will go down to about 10%. the wind is variable. it's not strong, but it does tend to favor easterly or southerly direction. it's just going to be brutal. brutal fire. it's already 72 in victorville, 67 san bernardino, you look at the high desert and it's already 84 out in palm springs. 10s okay, it's 15 and 138 and what's other one, 2 something. i can't remember. i'll think about it. try to get some cloud cover in there. it's into arizona again. when i went down to phoenix i had one day of thunderstorms and ever since i left every day. i wish. but we miss it had. can't get it into southern california either. they could use some cloud cover. they don't want to have any lightning but they could use
6:48 am
some rain. lower lake clayton fire, some good news as alex savidge has touched on, the breeze hasn't been too bad. it picks up in the afternoon. it is a little east, southeast but the humidity's way up right now. it's going to be a very hot day. 86 by noon. 100 again just today and tomorrow you're going to be in there with the temperatures 90s and 100s. cool coast, hot inland, fog, sun, cool to warm. i took the hot out but it will still be hot for some. san francisco, 65, 54. average 86. cannot get above average. one day this month it's 70 degrees. most have been about 63, 64, 65. the record 92 back in 1892. and the fog is not so close to the ground today. yesterday it was socked in at balboa park b.a.r.t. station. still cloudy, still gray, blossom hill in san jose, 60 degrees, overcast.
6:49 am
seems to be we are just locked into a pattern, and if you're in the fog can't get through it. if you're inland there's some hot conditions, and there's not enough of a breeze or a pattern change that they're really saying anything different here. 60 seems popular for some, 50s for others, low mid to upper. 51 cool degrees in gilroy. 52 boulder creek, low 60s los gatos. cupertino at 57. 41 truckee, thunderstorms finally erupted over the sierra yesterday. looks a little more marginal today, 40s, 50s, 45 south lake tahoe. the system responsible for it, there it goes, a little piece of that might hang back. there's only subtle day-to-day changes. it looks a little warmer for some inland. that means some 90s to 100s. santa rosa 81. san rafael 78. 70 in oakland, 90 in walnut creek. 97 in antioch, 94 in livermore.
6:50 am
upper 80s to low 90s. on the coast it's 50s, 60s, peninsula upper 70s to low 80s. even mid-70s for some around san mateo, san carlos. a little cooler inland by the weekend. >> okay. steve. thank you. >> it's 6:50. with all the wildfires burning, firefighters are working overtime up and down the state. coming up in 15 minutes, the symptoms they may experience that's similar to those who serve in the military. >> first, a solar energy project now on hold, what was found at the south bay site and why archaeologists now want to dig there.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
welcome back, police in san leandro released a sketch of a man accused of trying to kidnap a woman last month. the suspect described as african-american between 25 and 40 years old with a goatee. he was driving a silver nissan sentra. police say it has a distinctive gray or metal aftermarket wheels. police say the man was hiding between parked cars on washington street the morning of july 28th when he jumped out and pepper sprayed a woman who was walking to work. he tried to drag her to his car but a good samaritan jumped in and saved the woman. investigators say two other women have since said they've had contact with that same man that week. if you have any information call san leandro police.
6:54 am
state fish and game officers in alameda county are defending their decision to shoot and kill an al gator. now the 4-foot alligator was spotted monday right near fremont. state fish and game say they decided to shoot and kill the alligator after they decided it could not be removed safely. many neighbors were hoping officers were catch and relocate the alligator. >> it's 4-foot. it should be able to be caught and released somewhere else. >> very difficult to tranquilize an alligator from a distance, and they're very spooky around people. if we tried to get close to it, we would lose it and we just couldn't take that chance. >> alligators not native to california. fish and wildlife officials say the young alligator most likely started out as a pet and then its owner abandoned it in the creek. a solar energy project in san jose has been put on hold after ancient bones were found. solar pams were being installed on the field west of the
6:55 am
guadalupe parkway. it turns out it's a burial site that was mapped decades ago, but it was overlooked until now. san jose state archaeologists and anthropologists says decades ago 100 remains were found on that site. now archaeologies want to see what else may be there. >> in this case it was known by the county and was omitted from their final environmental impact. >> at the time we didn't have the survey, so we immediately asked the contractor to stop work. >> now a report on the possibility there may be more remains at that runs site is expected by -- at that construction site is expected by the end of the week. today at the rio olympics, the u.s. men's basketball team faces argentina in the quarter finals. they've been challenged in their past few games. they need to win this afternoon to guaranteed a medal. meantime it was a shocker on the beach last night. south bay native kerri walsh
6:56 am
jennings and her partner lost to a beach volleyball team from brazil. the u.s. will play in the bronze medal match today. one of the highlights yesterday was simone biles once again. she won her fourth gold medal of the rio games by coming out on top in the floor exercise. it is her fifth overall medal. teammate aly raisman won the silver medal on floor. the u.s. women's gymnastics team has won nine medals this olympics. way to go. the giants lost last night. they've fallen out of first place in the mls. they lost to the pittsburgh pirates 4-3. the game was tied when jung ho chen. and then the dodgers won last night, so the dodgers took over first place. it's the first time since may 10th the giants have not been on top of the division. they're going to try to avoid being swept this afternoon at
6:57 am
at&t park. the oakland a's will try to avoid a sweep in texas. they battled until the end, tied the game up in the 9th. they went up by 2 runs in the ten o'clock. then in the bottom of the 10th after the rangers tied the game at 4, ouch, a's pitcher hit a batter with the bases loaded. that gave the rangers a 5-4 win. the a's have lost five of they're last six games. we are coming up in our 7:00 hour. more than 80,000 people forced to run from their homes in southern california, a huge wildfire exploded. it is still burning out of control. we're going to take you there live and have the latest on this fire and the challenges firefighters are facing this morning. >> also a controversial plan dealing with homelessness in the south bay. we'll tell you the first of its kind plan just to prove last night by san jose, and we'll have the reaction from supporters and critics.
6:58 am
6:59 am
homes up in flames and more than 80,000 people forced to flee their homes. we are following the latest developments on an explosive
7:00 am
wildfire burning out of control in santa barbara county. we are live in san jose. a controversial housing project for the homeless was approved last night in san jose. we will tell you why it's being crout scrutinized. st. pete has been working -- steve paulson has been working on the forecast. >> no relief. humidity is 48%. it's going to go to 10% on the blue cut. wind variable at 5 to 10 miles per hour. no cloud cover at all.


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