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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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homes and other buildings have been destroyed. and the weather is not helping. it is about 100 degrees. it is very dry, and wins are about 20 miles per hour. we have developments now from adam housley. >> reporter: a ferocious brush fire burning in southern california is rapidly expanding. they are ordering 80,000 people to evacuate their homes. >> in my 40 years of fighting fires, i had never seen fire behavior so extreme. >> this is been a challenging year with things that we are seeing. it is at a point where explosive fire growth is the new normal. >> reporter: it burned 30,000 acres led by strong winds, dry brush and 1000 temperatures. firefighters are struggling to get a handle on the planes. >> as the day heats up, a lot of fire that laid down last night will stand up. and with the winds we are expecting it to be a difficult
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day for our firefighters. >> reporter: an unknown number of homes and buildings have been destroyed. flames can be seen creeping towards the local mcdonald's. more than 700 fire crews are battling the fire.>> in the work, it is devastating. there were a lot of homes lost yesterday. there will be a lot of families to come home to nothing. >> reporter: fueled by five years of drought and high winds, the fires here are not expected to end until november. back now to our live pictures over the blue cut fire. we have been watching these pictures all day. this will coming to us from near the small resort town of bright with. you can see, he saw the smoke on the roadway there. the fire has been blowing smoke through the fire all day. it can be seen for miles. it is expensive. ted bolin has arrived in that area.>> he is right there and
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tedãmet in san bernardino. what are they telling you ? >> reporter: they are telling us to get out. they are getting out finally. a lot of these bowls were told to get out yesterday. they thought they would wait it out. we have seen a steady stream of cars coming through downtown. what you see in the background, that is smoke and fire coming towards us. five minutes ago we saw flames. we talked to a neighbor that lives just outside of town. he says that his home is likely going to be demolished. he had a suitcase with them and a couple of other items. and that is all he had time to take. he did not heed the earlier warnings. you can see a lot of businesses have shorter third doors. this business here is the snowboard rental place. they have put sprinklers on the roof. that is not going to do much good if this fire continues on
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the path that it is right now. the town of bright wood is in the path of this fire. depending on the wind. it has been shifting. it has shifted back and forth in the time that we have been here. with gusts up to 20-30 miles an hour. but now it is called.  depending on the conditions, the town might be saved, but it does not look good when you look at the smoke and flames coming right towards us.>> what was it like driving down there ? there were two main escape routes in and out of the come home pass area with 80,000 people being forced to evacuate. what was the traffic like ? joke there were people leaving. and roads have been cordoned off by chp.
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they are urging people to get out. eusebius cars leaving. i saw a pet in the front seat of that there. people are now heating the warnings. when they look up and see the smoke at the flames coming towards their town. it was very hectic coming in here. and you can see the smoke for miles. people in los angeles can see it. and we are 60 miles east of los angeles. i have never covered a fire that has generated so much smoke. and it has grown so much. it is truly incredible. one firefighter said this is a fire of a lifetime. and he said the kick their butt last night. >> they said it is all divine. he said there is nothing you could do with it. you can throw all of the resources at it but it will keep going. a monumental fire there, 30,000 acres in the day. is there any estimate, if the
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fire makes it to where you are, how soon that could be ? >> reporter: it depends on the wind. right now we're feeling a huge gust of wind but it is pushing the fire away. if the wind turns the other way, it will be likely within an hour that this town of bright wood would be in the fire. it came over the mountain, now it is in the flat area. it's just a matter of with the wind takes it. and there are no active firefights going on right behind us here. we have not seen any airdrops and there is no fire personnel here. there are police telling people to get out. >> getting the sense, they're not going to try and put up a fight if the flames keep moving
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toward the town. is that the sense that you were getting ? that there is nothing they can do ? >> reporter:. is the sense that we're getting right here from where we are. we have not seen any active firefighting. this is a massive fire. keep that in mind. and they do have several thousand firefighters here working. but it is such a massive fire, that they are looking at different areas to concentrate the fight. that is one of the reasons that there are no airdrops. it may be unsafe to fly. but we do see the flames creeping towards this town. >> and we know that resources are stretched thin. what are your plans for the evening ? are you going to try to move closer to the fire ? or are you going to try to report from the time of bright wood ? >> reporter: likely we will go a little closer into bright wood and see what happens here. and see if everyone does get out, we will monitor what is
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happening here and then we will move whatever the fire moves throughout the evening. >> is a little hard to see. is that a roadblock at the end of the road ? if you wanted to keep going down that road could you ? or have police cordoned off that part of the area ? joke the roadblocks are several miles away from us. this is the downtown area of bright wood. and the people here are the folks that never left. you cannot get here in the shoe got through a roadblock. the car that drove by us, that person have been there a while and they have just decided to leave. all of the traffic that we his income through this area are people who are just now deciding to leave after seeing how close the fire is to them. >> i know that you have a lot to do we will let you know. and we will be back with you a little later on tonight.>> right now we want to bring in our chief mineralogist.
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we know that the weather is -- meteorologist. we know that it is very dry. >> yes it is. even in the scene with ted, firefighters know what they're doing. look at how this fire has a line. prevailing winds out of the southeast. they are cutting fire lines well ahead of the fire. they are not going to try to stop this fire. it will roll right over them. part of the fire is out of control but they know what they are doing. they are above the ridgelines and then letting this thing burned down the valley. you can see with the firefighters are making their stand. you don't the active fighting, but firefighters, they have prevailing winds they know exactly what way the winds are blowing. it is the southeast wind, it will be that way again tomorrow. they know what they are doing
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look at the line on that thing. they are above the ridge line to the right and left. and they are out in front of it. even though it is a scary thing, and it is and it is burning many acres rapidly, it is not one of these things where they have no clue. have a great opportunity here as we move within the next 24 hours to get a handle on this fire. you see the winds, that is a southeast winds. the winds are blowing. last night it was funneling through here. firefighters were on with this region this rate. when the fire gets out here to the flat it will be a lot easier to fight. this is what we are seeing. are seeing the firefighters letting a lot of the fire get to the canyon and the funneling before they mess with it. i did talk to a couple of them last night. the baby intimated that. they said we do have air tankers. but there are three planes on
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it last night and they are doing drops. if 98 degrees right now. the winds or at the surface of 15-19 miles per hour. one more thing, the trout in southern california, much worse. we had el niño this year. northern california was 134% of water content. and doing great. south, from pixar, it has been tried. and that is a function of 40% of the rainfall. you have dry, drought conditions, keep and winds. will come back and talk about your weather in keep you updated. a man accused of starting the clayton fire makes his first
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court appearance today. authorities say they have the suspect under surveillance for months. long before the fire started. >> reporter: that's right. they have been tailing him for quite a while. but they did not have enough evidence to arrest him until recently. he passed out before his court appearance it needed some water. when he walked in he turned away from news cameras. they say he started 11 smaller fires as well as a huge clayton fire which has destroyed 200 homes and burn thousands of acres. >> we are confident that this is our guy is serial arsonist. and the year-long investigation will prove that. >> reporter: they will not save the how they identified him as a suspect. but they do say they were
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sticking him out but they never caught him in the act. >> i want to make sure it's understood that our investigators, had they seen him start one they would have been arrested. joke but they say they could not arrest him without proof. >> if you take your shot too soon you jeopardize justice. >> reporter: he told investigators he lost his home in 2013.>> if i knew what the motivation was, i would be a psychologist making billions of dollars. joke they are urging the public not to rush to judgment. >> he is innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: the defendant never actively work the fire lines. we know that he was a volunteer firefighter. his bail is $5 million. >> a lot of people are is set about what happened. are authorities worried about his safety at all ? >> reporter: they are. they had kept him in isolation.
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they say it is the right thing to do. they want to make sure he has his day in court. >> what about any families who lost their homes were they in court today ? joke we saw a few visitors in court. we asked them if they had suffered losses but they said they had not. but they were from the community. bayous of the clayton fire is 40% contained and it is not growing. it is still at 4000 acres. it has been a 4000 acres with a pass couple of days. 175 homes and other buildings have burned. an hour ago fire evacuation orders were lifted for lower lake. we will be updating the fire both in lake county and in san
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bernardino county as we get new information. a very busy afternoon for the san jose fire department. in a matter of half hour, around 4 pm, 3 different buyers broke out sending smoke and flames into the sky. a woman's body pulled from the water at san francisco's ocean beach. what we are learning from the investigators. it is a spare the air day again tomorrow. things are changing around. temperatures will trend the other way.
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three fires erupted in san
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jose within the last 90 minutes. skyboxes overhead. the fire sent up a huge plume of thick, black smoke. some of the fire, this one a grass fire in south san jose broke out after 4 pm this afternoon. turning off of 10 101 there baylis road. it started at around 3:30 pm and quickly burned 75 acres. 200 firefighters are battling the flames. right now it is about 10% contained. a third fire this was started within the last hour near the sap center in san jose. no word yet on what caused any of these fires. park police are investigating the death at ocean beach this morning. witnesses says the woman's body was floating 20 feet offshore along lincoln away.
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we are on the scene tonight. first responders tried everything they could but they were not able to save her. >> reporter: that is right. a sad story out here. when she left she was in critical condition. when she got to the hospital about 12:15 pm she was pronounced dead. park police are investigating. they say there is no criminal aspect. tell me what happened, this all unfolded just before 11 am. >> at 10:45 am we received a report of a woman in the water. and our beach patrol and our lifeguards were on scene within two minutes. they went in about 15 yards into the water to retrieve her and began cpr on the reach. san francisco fire arrived to assist and when she got to the hospital she was pronounced dead. >> reporter: they say she was a
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40-50-year-old asian female that was fully clothed. we hertha with someone sitting that description who fit the description of someone with dementia. are there any link between those stories ? >> there was a be on the lookout, but the victim did not match that description. >> we have no indication of how she got to the beach ? >> and her identity and cause of death will be released by the san francisco medical examiners. >> reporter: we did talk to the san francisco medical examiner's office and they say she is being identified. after the family is notified we might be able to determine the cause of death. back now to developing news. the massive blue cut fire raging out-of-control in san bernardino county. it started yesterday morning
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and forced more than 80,000 people to evacuate. we are joined by rick with the latest on the firefight. >> reporter: we are at mountain lakes in the background. you may be able to see a water dropping helicopter take off from the small pond. they have been picking up water and dropping it over the fires. this is done on all day and all afternoon as the blue cut fire continues to rage out of control. from 30 acres inside and still zero containment. let us show you why. we will show you footage of the blue cut fire. all through the day, some 30,000 acres, that is the official count so far have burned. we are expecting that number to climb over the evening. so far the affected areas are
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the nearby communities of brightwood which is a ski area and west cajon valley and oak hills. 34,000 homes and 82,000 people have been evacuated. firefighters are battling heavy brush and steep terrain. they are also dealing with hot temperatures and low humidity. it is those gusty erratic winds that are giving them trouble. they forced the closure of a number of well-traveled roads and highways including interstate 15 between the towns of four and is very you. 15,000 firefighters plus are on the ground. and there are a couple supertankers that are dropping
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that red dust. as we come back alive, i will step aside. we do have a water dropping helicopter that is about to swoop in for a pickup. these choppers have been making nonstop drops. other than to stop for fuel all day long. in fact, many of these choppers operate through the course of the evening hours when it is most dangerous. one is coming in overhead. we will give this a quick look so that you can see the procedure as it comes down. the spider looking aircraft will swoop down with a long hose and nozzle over the small lake, and pinpointed the it will make its dropped into the lake and scoop up hundreds of gallons of water and make a quick trip over the fire zone to make its dropped. that happens continuously throughout the course of the day.
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that's it from southern california we send it back to you. >> is very loudly you are, i am hoping you can hear me. you have covered a lot of fire. how does this fire compared to others ? have you ever seen anything like this ? >> reporter: not in terms of the way it exploded. this fire really took off so fast, it went from 5 acres to 5000 acres in a matter of just an hour or so. the winds were so powerful yesterday that this fire grew out of control so quickly that firefighters never had an opportunity to try to get a handle on it before it got out of control. that's how quickly this fire has moved. the firefighters are making some progress. you can see the denuded hillsides. and you can maybe see some of the red dust areas. they have had some success in some areas.
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as we look to the northwest, that is the direction we are looking now and you can see there is lots of smoke in the air. firefighters have their work cut out for them through the evening hours. >> a big fight on their hands. thank you rick. the numbers here are staggering. zero containment, 30,000 acres burned and 80,000 people have been evacuated. and the weather is not helping. >> yes 3 days of red flag warnings in the area. this is the perfect storm for fire. were talking about this route. they of have so little rain down there. we did okay in northern california but the el niño did not do well by them. were talking about extra drive in this reason -- region. they had got about half of what they normally get. you also have winds gusting fairly significantly. we got gusts up to 45 miles per hour. today they are around 25 miles per hour. i don't know if you saw the light shot. -- live shot.
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julie asked the question, about seeing a fire like this before ? there was a fire back in 96-97. it was the same idea. you have to follow link. look at the canyons and the goalies in those hills. and you can see what the fire does. it's like a big chimney. were following the fire. the fire is trying to find more oxygen. you see the red of the ridgeline ? that is what they are doing they are protecting to ridgeline. they will at the canyon burned out and protect both of those ridgelines. they will be right about these ridgelines. they don't want it to come back this way. the winds are going up the canyon. even though 0% contained, in many ways it is contained because firefighters know what the wind is doing. they know which way the wind is
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blowing. they are out in front here fighting the fire. it is a big fire and the funnel, look at this. it moved so quickly in here. it's hard to explain the difference in wind speed. when you get down in here and start funneling the wind, they can swirl up to 45-50 miles an hour. it is definitely seeing here. the last fire like this was in malibu in ventura county and 96- 97. the footage or whether quickly. fire danger always high. it is summer. until we get to the first rain which is not coming for a long time. were talking about increased higher danger. we have fought along the coast. more fires up a long mammoth lakes.
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temperatures tomorrow are about where they should be for august. we had temperatures in the midshipman 90s tomorrow. and tomorrow about the same. it is a spare the air day tomorrow. they will push this in for tomorrow. a day similar to the day we have today. we will see you back here and update the fire and talk about your long-range forecast. today was back the school day -- today was back to school day. we look at the cost of living challenge for the teachers there. >> reporter: this was a fun first day of school activity.
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she knew in the second grade what she wanted to pursue. >> i wanted to be a teacher. and i was fortunate to carry out my dream. >> reporter: but the sunnyvale nato and her husband are finding it a challenge to own a home. especially since both -- since the average home price is $1 million. >> reporter: the superintendent says to help teachers with the high cost of living they are starting to work with a start up down to bite 2 stanford graduates. the san francisco-based company has investors cover half of your down payment. >> the people who care about educators and believe in educators they can be the replacement to the bank of mom and dad. >> reporter: they say the
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starting teacher salary is $55,000 per year. which is about half the median salary which is $107,000. this year they offer a one-time 7% pay bonus. and they are offering a salary match for some incoming teachers. >> my hope and dream is to stay here. however, it depends. >> reporter: here they are also reaching out to homeowners. to see if they have any in the units or rooms to rent. still to come the blue cut fire burning out of control. a day and a half after it started the fire has burned 30,000 acres. you get some sense from these pictures just how bad this fire is. 80,000 people -- think about that -- 80,000 people have been
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it back in with her. as of tonight there is still zero containment of this fire.
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out-of-control wildfire burning and san bernardino county. the blue cut fire has destroyed 30,000 acres and forced 82,000 people to flee their homes for fire officials say they do not know how many homes or
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structures have been destroyed. but the number will be high. >> there was an ominous quote who said there will be a lot of families that will be coming home to nothing. here is a look at the response to the fire. 1300 firefighters are on the scene. 152 engines 8 air tankers and 2 very large air tankers. those of those massive dc-10's you see dropping fire retardant on the flames. there are also 8 helicopters. an additional firefighters and equipment. >> ted rollins has made his way to san bernardino county. he is in brightwood. he is now in the process of making his way closer to the fire line. were waiting to hear from him and get an update from. >> brightwood has been evacuated because potentially it could be bright in the path of the fire. it all depends on the direction that the wind take. a lot of the helicopters filling up. a massive firefight
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going on. there is zero containment. this fire has just exploded. if it continues to burn out of control. on to another fire, and lake county. the man accused of setting the lake fire that burned 175 buildings was in court this morning. he did not enter a plea to charges that he deliberately set the clayton fire and others over the course of about a year. this comes as fire crews were going to the community of the word lake. the fire is 40% contained and some evacuation orders are being lifted. stay with ktvu and throughout the night. we will update the conditions both in lake county and the massive fire and san bernardino county as we get new information. an expert testified today and the man accused of killing
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sierra lamar. he killed the teenagers on march 16, 2012. the court is hearing 2 motions. one is for a change of venue. the other motion is to exclude dna evidence. they say key information about dna evidence was left out. a 17 year old haywood point is under arrest in addition -- in connection to a double homicide. he is being charged as an adult. his father was also arrested and is facing similar charges. investigators say the victims were fatally shot on august 8 what they sat in a truck on
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empire road. a third victim was wounded. the truck was then set on fire. a huge pothole forced officials to shut down highway 85 n. of fremont avenue. the shutdown to lanes for emergency road work. you see the traffic that resulted. they have been working on the problem all afternoon. we know that the chp was able to reopen those lanes around 4:15 pm. a music studio on west sent carlos on w. sent carlos st. caught on fire. there is some water damage. it's not clear what caused the crash. a silicon valley company, what cisco announced today
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about demand for its products. they are about to play host of -- to 900 seismic centers. to give a sense of what will happen in another big quake.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer.
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just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ a bay area tech company
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announced today it will lay off 5500 and penalties. cisco systems said that is part of the process to adapt to the man's. they have been hit by declining sales for the telecom company. they have been investing in his wireless security and data center business. that will come at a cost. the layoffs represent 7% of cisco's employees. a member of the olympic committee said he is stepping aside from his job after being arrested for scalping tickets to the summer games. police arrested patrick hickey in his hotel room. he has been part of the ioc since 2012 and is the president of the olympic council in ireland. he is accused of plotting with six others to illegally sell tickets for the rio games. minor injuries at the scene of a two-car crash ended with the death of an 18-year-old woman. the chp says a honda civic beard off of highway 101 around
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2 am. it crashed into a parked bmw. the drivers and passengers appear to have minor injuries. the chp says one of them was an 18-year-old woman who appeared to be pregnant. the hospital said she died of dramatic injuries at 5:30 am. so far there is no word on her identity or why the honda veered off of the road. the trail camera captures an overnight site in the santa cruz mountains. fires are burning up and down california. how fire investigators get to the bottom of how buyers get started. i have the forecast for your bay area thursday. it will be a spare the air day tomorrow.
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distractible bonfires does not end the flames were out in the fire is contained. whether it's last night fire in oakland where a barricaded man died, or one of the many wildfires throughout california, at some point fire investigators will take over trying to figure out how the fire started. there 2 types of investigators. those who focus on wildland fires and those who focus on structure fires.
5:45 pm
we spent the day with fire investigators to see how they do their jobs. joke it's amazing getting to see them do their jobs. as you might imagine getting to the bottom of how a structure fire started versus how a grassland fire started at two different things. investigators use a combination of size and experience, and they can determine how the fire started. all buyers share -- all buyers share a few similarities. they need oxygen and fuel. tracking down that ignition source is what fire investigation is all about. jason smith is one of 3 oakland investigators. oakland police say a man barricaded himself inside and
5:46 pm
set the fire himself. the investigators will have the final word. it starts by working backward from the edges of the fire in word.>> by working backwards, you can eliminate certain areas . >> reporter: fire science can hope to pinpoint the origin of the fire. it is when things don't add up that they start looking for human intervention. >> factors that might take you down the road would be that the fire moved more quickly than you normally see. >> reporter: and wildland fires they rely on witnesses and with the fire is first reported. in the recent cold fire, investigators begin working out a grid crisscrossing on their hands and knees looking for the source of the fire. in the middle of hundreds of acres of burning grass even as other firefighters were working to contain it.>> as a spot -- spot the small indicators, they can stand back and say it looks
5:47 pm
like it's coming from the smaller area. and that is where they focus on hands and knees with a ruler. >> reporter: experts in the field has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 50 years. fire department say this is part of the reason they need funding. more now on tonight's top story and the out-of-control wildfire. we want to go straight to ted rollins. he made his way to southern california today. he is in the small resort town of brightwood. ted ? >> reporter: you can see the fire creeping down this ridgeline.
5:48 pm
brightwood is on the other side of this ridge. the wind is working in favor of firefighters in this scenario. the fire is getting over the ridge and the wind is pushing it back onto itself. if you look up to our left, you can see the homes that are up in the hillside. these are the folks that are nervous. and if there are any folks still in this home they are watching this. it is a slow moving progression. firefighters are using to win. they are not actively fighting it because mother nature is doing the fighting or them. they are letting the win put down this fire as it creeps down the valley. and hopefully that will save the town of brightwood. if there is a dramatic winship, all bets are off. and this fire with quickly start moving toward the town. at this point, brightwood looks to be in a good situation because of those wins.
5:49 pm
and the fact that the winds are helping to keep the flames as it goes up and down these valleys away from brightwood burning onto itself.>> i cannot tell from the picture, it looks like you were close to the planes. sometimes when the camera zooms in, how close are you ? >> reporter: we are a couple football fields away. and as i said the main thing is it is moving slowly. you will see a tree erupt in the wind will push it back. and you can see the weight the smoke is going up the hill. the wind is pushing the smoke and flames back up the hill. it is a slow progression. we could be 20 feet away and not be in much danger as long as the win stays the way they are now. any shift in wind will change the game dramatically. >> i have a question, do you see a lot of fire personnel ? or are you in the middle of nowhere ? this could be a dangerous area.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: there are fire personnel on the other side. and they are monitoring this. and they are fighting this actively. we are seeing a lot of police in this area. they have the main goal of getting people out. this is a potentially dangerous scenario. if the wind shift this could be a catastrophic of fact. any scenario that we saw last night happening again tonight would be a hari l scenario for the town of brightwood. >> we will let you go for now. and we will hear much more the people that you are talking to. thank you. let's bring in bill martin once again. it's great with ted was showing
5:51 pm
that is what you are saying. the fire trying to come down the hill. you can see a couple of trees go up, but the wind is pushing the fire.>> with ted said is right. the firefighters are using the weather pattern to their advantage. they know exactly what they are doing. and i would suspect they will have great containment on this fire. when you have a fire burning this hot and long with this much wind, you set a fire lines and you work your way in get out in front of it and try to stop it. you don't stop it at the strongest part of the fire. we have live cameras video of the fire. ted is there now. you can see a lot of area has been burned out. and that's all you need to know about why the things spread so fast. the family that occurred yesterday, it is still windy there. a big fire lots of evacuations. i would suggest to you that
5:52 pm
even though there is no containment the firefighters have a good handle. they are planning that this will work out very well and it appears it already is. we'll keep an eye on it for you. as far as weather around here, we have fog around the coast. we have hadãbut the clear lake fire did not get as big as last year. southern california had a dry winter despite the el niño. 50% of rainfall average. we were 95-100% of rainfall average. our fires have not been -- fingers crossed, not quite as volatile as it could be. 92 in the valley. tomorrow will be a lot like today. it is a spare the air day tomorrow. and we're talking about right here, livermore valley. that is
5:53 pm
where the air quality will reach unhealthy levels. you may see another one on friday. temperatures coolers as we head towards the weekend. when you see a fire like that, -- julie you were on that fire in 94. >> i remember covering that. that was down by pepperdine university. >> there was so much funneling there. >> the explosive growth of the fire, were not going to see that ? >> i think it's moving quickly but they thing that's right they have this thing contained in the canyon. that is what i have been told they are doing. it does not appear they will have to many more problems other than cleanup.
5:54 pm
0% containment now but i will expect to 36 hours they will have a good handle on it. will be back with more.
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on september 7 the survey would use many explosive to generate a swarm of undetectable earthquakes in napa. they tell us the ? will be small but the information gathered will have big to fit for earthquake damage predictions. >> reporter: david grades and
5:57 pm
his home in downtown napa was damaged in the quake. the damage to central napa was far greater than shaking maps predicted. they are allowing their backyard to house a couple of 900 sensors that will be placed throughout the town about 100 yards apart. the sensors will gather data are from many explosions to generate many quakes to produce the detailed map of the surface. that will give scientists new insight into how earthquakes work. >> i believe that the more you know the less fear that she will have. i believe that knowledge is power. just the sensors are so sensitive that the many quakes will have to happen in the dead of night. evening dropping these key permit -- creates enough of the earthquake to set off the sensors.
5:58 pm
>> 900 sensors is significant for the whole bay area not just for this area. the love the things we will find here, we will be able to create a model that will more accurately matches the shaking we saw. the difference between what we predicted and what we will see with an updated model, the information can help update and improve other models in other places.>> we can look for the same types of things anyplace worldwide. sc at the same things are happening. >> all of coastal california is under threat from damage from earthquakes. the more we know the better prepared we will be. the less loss of life there will be the last property damage. all of that is really important. >> reporter: the first whistles will be released this december. developing news from southern california's with tens of thousands of acres have burned and i know number of
5:59 pm
homes have been destroyed. a wildfire is in its second day in it is still burning out of control. >> it was devastating. a lot of homes lost yesterday. there will be a lot of families that come home to nothing. >> tonight firefighters and san bernardino county say there is no containment on the blue cut fire. >> we begin tonight with live pictures over the fire burning in the san bernardino county. massive amount of smoke the fire out of control. zero containment tonight. 30,000 acres have burned and less than 30 hours. we have seen hold up in flames. at this point there is no official count of how many may have earned. you heard the firefighter a moment ago say there will be a lot of families coming home to nothing. an estimated 34,000 homes were
6:00 pm
threatened and 82,000 people have been told to evacuate. >> we want to show you a house fire in the area that is burning. it is of all the cajon pass. it shows just how big the fire has grown. 30,000 acres or 47 mi.2, roughly the same size as san francisco has burned. >> weather conditions are tough, temperatures 100 degrees down there. wins and dry brush are helping to fuel the fire which exploded in size overnight. the conditions making it difficult for fire crews and veteran firefighters, they say they have not seen a fire like this one. >> i have never seen a fire danger so extreme as yesterday. >> this is challenging. the fire is burning in unprecedented fashion.


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