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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, we'll tell you why city crews took down the donald trump statue overnight and the well known restaurant in san francisco that wants to put it on display. the san bernardino county fire continues to burn. the progress firefighters made after two days of almost 0 containment. mrap ainment. mrap 0. good morning, i'm pam cook.
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>> and i'm dave clark. how is the weather looking? for some cooler today. they're saying on the coast, what are you talking about? i mean inland. pretty good fog bank. the delta breeze has been 10-15 and today it's 32. that's a big difference. that along with the fog bank is translating into cooler temps. a lot of cloud cover coming off the sierra from thunderstorm activity washing out. we get that along with very hazy smoky skies from the fire so an easterly breeze bringing that in. southwest 25 is stronger than yesterday. 50s and 60s and north bay temps, 59 in the hills and that's the thunderstorm activity which falls apart at night and picks up again in the afternoon. you see how it's coming east to
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west. the fog is west east like that. that means cool conditions for some and cooler but still near seasonal averages. a couple nients but that's far away. 6:02 now, what do you have sal? vta just tweeted about this problem in downtown san jose in front of the children's museum. the streetcar the thing that connected to the overhead wires is damaged. st streetcars aren't running because they can't run without the lines. vta the bus bridge for 901 has been shortened. its operating from san antonio stations. you can go to vta's twitter site for a full update but there will be delays. the bay bridge toll plaza will be backed up for a ten
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minute delay. it's lighter than usual getting into san francisco. the east bay commute is not bad. 880 in oakland looks good. i can put the maps up here and show you traffic is slow on 880 just after 238 but that's all. 6:03 back to the desk. new from overnight, the first homicide in berkley this year and the police are out there searching for the suspect. these are life pictures we're showing you from the scene near mabl and burnett street. the camera panning around and you get an idea of where the focus is. investigators say the man was shot before midnight and rushed from this neighborhood in southwest berkley to alameda county hospital where he died. so far no word on a possible motive and the police don't believe the public is in any danger. this morning a statue of a naked donald trump appearing in san francisco's castro district yesterday is now gone. alex savage joins us now to
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explain where the statue may be. alex? >> good morning, it turns out there is a well known restaurant here in san francisco that really wants the donald trump statue, the naked trump statue so they can put it on display in the restaurant. we'll explain that in a minute. we're in the castro district this morning, at the corner of castro and market where the statue appeared yesterday. you can see it's now gone. take a look at cell phone video from overnight showing city crews coming in and removing this statue of a naked donald trump. san francisco's department of public works say this statue had to go because there was no permit to give permission to put it here at this spot at the intersection of castro and market. a group described as an anarchist art collective in decline is taking credit for this statue appearing around the country and certainly the one in san francisco drew a lot of
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attention after it appeared yesterday. >> it brings more importance to election and the comedy of error and the reality of the importance of voting. >> reporter: the same group that planted the naked donald trump statue here in san francisco also put up statues in new york, los angeles, cleveland, and seattle. trump spopers took to social media to complain these statues showed disrespect to a presidential candidate. here in san francisco, lefty o dool's restaurant in downtown, the owners want the statue so they can put it on display and this morning at 8:30 san francisco supervisor scott weiner is holding a news conference along with the owner of the restaurant to talk about the plans to get the city to turn over this statue so that they can put it on display at lefty o dool's and this is a smart business move. if you put it up in your
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restaurant, it's drawing a crowd. >> such a strange story in general. >> reporter: it is kind of a strange story. one of the stranger ones that i have covered in some time, certainly. and the saga continues here. the naked donald trump statue saga goes on. . no tv airs have been ads for donald trump yet until today. they will promote trump's position on the economy and national security. a lot of attention on donald trump's speech last night in north carolina where he said he regrets some of the comments he's made in the past. police cal observers say the change in tone may the result of
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his new campaign advisors. reading from prepared remarks, trump acknowledged he sometimes say the wrong thing. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. >> now, hillary clinton's campaign also addressing weaknesses as well. the clinton foundation announced if she wins the election in november, it will stop accepting foreign donations. critics have questioned the contact hillary clinton had with foreign donors to the foundation while she was secretary of state. we are following developing news from san bernardino county this morning where crews are making progress on the huge wildfire down there. cal fire reports the explosive
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flames have burned 36,000 acres. the fire now 22% contained. the battle against this fire is far from over. more than 80,000 people remain under evacuation orders. for some people it's a ski resort town of wright wood ignored the evacuation ordered and waited until the fire was almost at their doorstep before leaving. >> we ended up leaving last night and evacuated. it got close enough that it gave us a bit of a scare. >> firefighters say it is still too dangerous to properly survey the destruction and let people back in. it's not known how many homes have been lost. meantime crews are battling a knew fire in santa barbara county and quickly grew to 600 acres. it's 20% contained this morning.
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it forced evacuation of many people. a young pregnant woman died after a car crash wednesday morning in san jose. the 18 year old was due to give birth in two months. the doctors were able to deliver her baby but he is in critical condition. this crash happened on highway 101. the woman had been picked up from work and on her way to meet her fiance, pedro and they both worked together at a taco bell. >> i can't imagine the pain pedro is going through now and his family. he has something to look forward to though with his son. >> her picture and story is put up at six locations. the taco bell owners plan to match any gifts. there's also a gofundme account set up to help pay for her funeral. a bay area woman has been
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arrested on stalking reality tv star kris jenner. she hacked into her social media accounts and harassed her with disturbing phone calls and texts for months. they also say she imprers nated her and sent police to her home by making a false report. she's ked san diego to make her first court appearance today in oakland. there's a new development in the scandal involving the u.s. olympic swimming team. coming up, how one swimmer who claimed he was robbed in rio was able to come back here to the u.s. new details on the (40) 000-0000 payment from the u.s. to iran. what the state department is now saying. saying. looking at a morning commute that is mostly good but we do have problems out there. we'll tell you more about the commute in the east bay when we come back. pretty good fog bank here.
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a much stronger delta breeze translating into cooling for those inland. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ the red cross calling the flooding in louisiana the worst disaster since sandy two years ago. it's estimated 6.9 trillion gallons of rain fell on louisiana last week alone.
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new this morning, a horrible story, a bus driver was killed in new jersey when two transit buses slammed into each other in newark. we showed you live pictures earlier. one bus crashed into the other head on during the morning commute. that is what happened after wards. along with the but driver who was killed, 19 passengers were hurt and seven of them are in critical condition. one bystander who rushed over to help the injured described the chaos as a nightmare. the u.s. state department now says there was a link between a $400 million payment to iran and the release of americans held prisoner there. both events happened january 17 leading critics to say the payment was a ransom. the obama administration denies that but they did say they withheld the payment as leverage
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until iran lets the prisoners go. they are afraid iran might go back on its promise to free journalists. twitter is working to crack down on the use of its site by terror groups. they have suspended 300,000 accounts promoting terrorism and extremism. daily suspensions are up 80% from last year. twitter has been criticized for not doing enough to keep isis from reaching supporters. a delta iv rocket blasted off from cape canaveral and it was a joint effort between lockheed and boeing. that rocket is carrying two surveillance satellites for the u.s. air force. this is a classified mission. we still don't know much about the satellites than they are
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designed to track other objects in orbit around the earth. a wild night at the at&t park. bumgarner was on the mound and it wasn't looking good. justin had a hit grand slam but the teammates picked up the score 4-1 and nunoz lined a triple down the right field line and brought two runs in. the giants are out one and bumgarner himself came up to bat and two run home run for the pitcher. the left per score lead and the giants added more runs but they had to hang on after the mets came back. a two run double in the 8th to make the final score 10-7 giants. wow. >> i would have loved to be at that game. >> i was thinking the same thing. what an exciting game.
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let's go to sal. you're watching our commute this friday. >> that's right. we're looking at a commute that is mostly okay. i like it because deaf nuttily lighter than usual. let's go to the toll plaza and this is a delayed toll plaza but not quite as far as back as the maze. if you're driving in on the 880 you're not slowing down much. traffic is moving on the san mateo bridge. if you're taking the commute here on 880 south it looks okay. i want to show you an area that is slow. we had an earlier accident at south mission. look at the slow traffic here coming down. it looks like we could have a new issue here on 680 heading down. if you have alternate routes i would advise you to use them because of slow traffic. it's 6:17 let's go to steve.
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a good fog bank out there. a delta breeze equals cooler for some. a lot of gray. just a pattern that is absolutely locked in. although we get a little subtle changes. we get smoke from the fireses and also thunderstorms which collapse at night. some of the cloud cover drifts back towards us. partly cloudy and 58 for the mets and giants tonight. west wind outside stronger than that. they are getting help with that blue cut fire. temperatures continue to be very low. 67 and 28% humidity. that's high for right now. below normal rainfall. we have near normal and slightly below and they have hardly any in southern california. 52 in ontario and river side 45%. the friday forecast calls for elevations that go from the surface which is hot up to
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6,000 feet so 80s and 90s and the wind picks up. there's a lot of rain across texas. a whopper of a system moving through wisconsin going through the great lakes. one area that is not getting rain is boston. the driest summer ever so far. june, july and through august here only just three inches of rain. they need about an inch of rain to not set the record in the next 14 days. for some it's very good and for some very dry. they are getting some rain in southern nevada and also some of the moisture drifting back into parts of eastern desert california and mainly it's in arizona. no lightning strikes but some of the cloud cover has made it a bit. we'll see if it makes it to san bernardino. over tahoe and truckee, definitely a difference. west at 25 and 50s and 60s on
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the temps. upper 50s in walnut creek. everyone is close. 43 in truckee and 61 in sacramento and ukiah. in northeast california over in the sierra, some of the cloud cover drifting back over us in the eastern direction bringing the smoke and that southeasterly breeze. that put a lot of haze and smoke in the sky. in the sky. 0 ofrjts the coast and bay not much change. 60s and 70s and a quiet weekend. >> what are the winds going to be like? >> those fires east of us and south so the wind is in the upper atmosphere easterly and
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southeasterly and monterey smoke has made it up there for sure. >> okay and it seems like the lake county has made it down. >> yes, sacramento back into napa. >> right. thank you. 6:21 is the time now. a new report on housing prices in the bay area. coming up in 18 minutes, the drop in sales compared to last year. uber oufrss a $100 million settlement to its drivers. why a san francisco judge said no and turned down the offer.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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traffic jams and the 80s are here. thank you very much. this request by linda shoeman who hit us up on twitter." people are people". >> one of my favorites. >> if you want to hit us up, do so. if there's a special song you want to hear i play your request every friday morning. >> very nice. because the 80s are back in our temperatures so we have it in our music as well.
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>> 6:24 is the time. san jose shortage of police officers prompting one leader to look outside for help. they have 800 officers but that's down from a high of 14009 years ago. a city councilman wants to contract with the chp and sheriff's department to help patrol san jose. >> it's simply the right time to ask for help. you won't rebuild the police department for a decade and the residents shouldn't have to suffer. >> the recent cadets only had eight graduates. four years ago voters passed measure b which reduced retirement benefits for officers and as a result, many police officers left san jose for other departments. a judge in san francisco rejected a proposed settlement between drivers and the company.
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they say they should have employee rights and benefits. 850,000 uber drivers filed a class action lawsuit seeking $850 million for gas and other expenses. uber however says the $100 million settlement is fair and the company is now considering its options. a california gun rights group has filed a lawsuit against attorney general pam la harris and the sheriff of los angeles. they want to block a state law that prevents most open carry. the gun rights group says the county has too much power over carrying a gun. the court ruling that denies most concealed weapon permits has compromised second amendment rights. the office of harris says her officials are reviewing the case. in november voters in oakland will decide whether or not to impose a soda tax. the measure would place a tax on
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sugary drinks. the proceeds go towards fighting obesity. the beverage industry has spent $600,000 to defeat the measure. they argue the soda tax would lead store owners to raise prices on other items. city officials disagree. >> the soda industry is lying to poem and telling them it's a tax on groceries. there's no proposed on bread or vegetables or any other groceries. >> the case is it's spread out across everything. >> voters in richmond turned down a similar soda tax four years ago but berkley voters have approved the tax since 2014. a member of the u.s. fencing team who came back to find his home destroyed by the clayton fire. fire. students are supposed to move into a new dorm at san jose state over the weekend. but that is not happening anymore. we'll tell you what happened and how the university is dealing with it.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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good morning, thanks for joining us and welcome back to mornings on two, it's friday august 19th. i'm dave clark. >> if you're just joining us it's 6:30 and you want to know what the weather is like. >> i want to know. >> if it's cooler for crying out loud. could we get some sun sheer? we're getting to the end of august and september on the coast in san francisco when things usually begin to change. the only change is cooler weather for inland locations although we get a few clouds coming off the sierra and a lot of smoke and hayes from the numerous fires. there's cloud cover working its way towards san bernardino but not enough to make impact adds far as fighting the fire. still hot and dry there. a bigger fog bank today and a
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much stronger delta breeze and that's the key. 50s and 60s on the temps. everyone is close. lafayette at 64. 41 in truckee. that's the thunderstorm activity. you can see them heading back towards us. the fog keeps temperatures cool on the coast and some breaks though. we picked up a couple in the last couple of days. sal, what do you have for us? we are looking at the south bay commute and this morning we're starting off with interstate 280 and freeways not looking too bad. here in downtown, traffic looks good. there are vta delays downtown because of a power issue. shouldn't be too bad of a problem but you shouldn't be caught unaware. we'll be reminding you this problem is going on for the entire am commute. southbound 680, there was a crash on the shoulder but the
6:32 am
damage is done. the traffic is back up as you head south look at the slow traffic and the speeds are low here as well as you try to get out of the area and get down to five miles an hour. that's awful. westbound 580 to 880 including 238. not a bad commute or option for you. let's g to the bay bridge filled in. a ten minute wait. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. we have new developments this morning in the scandal surrounding four u.s. olympic swimmers. two of them just arrived here in the u.s. this morning. a third made a deal in court to avoid prosecution. christina joins us now in the studio. >> reporter: that deal was made on behalf of james feigen. he negotiated a deal that allows him to come back to the u.s. if he makes an $11,000 donation to
6:33 am
a brazilian charity to get his passport back. he is set to return to the u.s. later today. they recommended indicting ryan lochte and james feigen. authorities say the men were drunk and trashed a gas station bathroom and tried to leave without paying for damages. they were ordered possibly at gun point to stay there and wait for police to arrive. >> reporter: there's strong evidence that at least one of the swimmers took actions that would be defined as false indication of crime. >> just a few hours ago they landed on american soil in miami. this is video of them at the airport. they covered themselves on the flight in order to avoid the media and the two for initially pulled off the plane yesterday for questioning. r questioning. 0 t. the u.s. olympic committee issued a statement that red the
6:34 am
behavior of the athletes is not acceptable nor does it represent the values of team usa are the conduct of its members. it's unclear what action will come against ryan lochte back here in the u.s. but the swimmers do risk losing endorsement deals over bad judgment. >> people are still talking about it long after. >> it's surprising to hear all of that. >> thank you, christina. the time is now 6:34. new information about the clayton fire burning in lake county. cal fire said containment went up overnight from 60% to 65%. that's good news. now this fire has burned more than 3900 acres. some areas still under evacuation orders. 300 structures were destroyed and a lot of them were homes. more on the arrest of the man accused of starting the clayton fire. authorities say surveillance cameras recorded the car of the suspect near the scenes of a
6:35 am
dozen road side fires in lake county since july of last year. ktvu has learned that cal fire investigators also followed him. they secretly put a gps tracker on his car. after he was arrested at a traffic stop, they say he couldn't explain why his car was seen near the road side fires. >> we charge him with lighting a fire with premeditation with intent to cause injury or damage. both of those counts carry a potential to life sentence. >> authorities say the first fires were set along highway 20 just 20 minutes apart. there were three fires in clear lake in august of 2015 including one near an elementary school. last month he's accused of starting three more fires in lake county. his lawyers says he's not convinced by the evidence he's seen so far. a member of the u.s. olympic fencing organization has returned to the bay area only to
6:36 am
find his home lost in the clayton fire while he was in rio. matthew porter maintained the fencing equipment for the athletes. the u.s. team won four medal, two individual silvers and two team bronzes but he spent nervous hours in rio when he heard about the fire. he didn't know if his wife was okay or if their dream home which they just bought a few months was still there. >> yes, it was horrible. i was not sure what was going on. i was trying to find out the yard was filled with smoke ask the air was orange. i grabbed the dogs and through them into one container. >> in the rush of buying the home and getting ready for the olympics, the ports say they didn't have time to buy proper insurance on the house. friends have set up a gofundme page for the couple and they plan to return and rebuild.
6:37 am
>> each team is donating 10,$000 to the school district that were impacted by the fire including lower lake high school where sports field and equipment were damaged. classes in the district were supposed to start monday but were cancelled after the fire. if you would like to donate to victims, we have information on how to do that on our website, go to the mornings on two section and click on westbound links. the time is 6:37. getting started in college can be stressful. maybe even more so for students who were supposed to move into a brand new dorm this weekend at san jose state but the dorm is not ready. live from the campus with more. >> reporter: yeah, on the san jose university website there's a letter that's dated yesterday that tells the student this new
6:38 am
dorm you see behind me is not ready yet and they have to move somewhere else. university officials say construction crews have been working around the clock to try and complete the campus village two dorm but they confirm more work needs to be done before students can live in it. construction started two years ago and was supposed to be done by this weekend. the dorm which will house 850 freshmen should be ready in 2-4 weeks so for now students have to move into older dorms known as the bricks which are slated for demolition to make way for a new recreation center. >> i think it's an unfortunate situation. i don't think san jose state expected that to happen. they really thought everything was going to be done by the move-in date so they weren't prepared as well. the fact that they were the least notified people a couple days before, that is not
6:39 am
helpful. >> once the new building is ready, the university plans to hire professional movers to help students and also giving them free sweatshirts and $150 gift card to use on campus. they realize some students want to live at home and they say that's fine. moving day is tomorrow and classes start on monday. the time is 6:39. buying a bay area home continues to get more expensive as home prices rise. $735,000 was the average home price for the bay area. in san francisco the median home price in july was $1.250 million, 8% up from the same time last year. overall july home sales for the bay area counties were the loeser for that month in five years according to an analyst
6:40 am
for core logic, despite low mortgage rates there's not a lot of people who can afford a home in the bay area. a proposal to add affordable housing in california didn't pass the state legislature. lawmakers wanted to negotiate a plan. funding was dependent on lawmakers approving the governor's controversial approve. labor unions objected to parts of the plan. a richmond man in custody for a psychiatric evacuation died after a struggle with police in ma rin county. he was taken to the hospital by a friend. police say he ran out of the
6:41 am
hospital and police and deputies went after him to place him on a psychiatric hold and he then became violent with officers and during the struggle he became unresponsive and died. the county district attorney office are investigating the death. a decision could come as soon as today on whether or not to move the sierra murder case out of santa clara county to find impartial jurors. garcia is accused of killing the 15-year old from morgan kill more than four years ago even though her body has not been found. 82% of prospective jurors know about the case. he recommended moving the trial out of the could bety. the court is considering options including bringing in jurors from other areas. our time is now 6:41 there was a big pot bust in sonoma county. the traffic stop where deputies say 100 pounds of marijuana was found. found.
6:42 am
also, thieves targeting diners in downtown walnut creek. the video to show you that police hope will lead to an arrest. arrest. we're looking at a slow down approaching the mcarthur maze. there's a crash right there and you might be able to see the slow down on the connector ramp to southbound 880 causing a back up getting up the east shore freeway. well, for many coast and bay there's not much change but inland temps looks like they're cooling off. we'll have your forecast.
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welcome back, it's 6:45 and the mayor of stockton pled not. he's accused of providing liquor to minors and recording the teenagers while he coerced them into playing strip poker with them. they have video and photo evidence. he maintained his innocence yesterday and says, "everyone makes mistakes" i'm human and far from perfect but those things are a far cry from any sort of criminal activity. >> he is running for re-election this year and says the timing of the allegations is "extremely suspicion". police in walnut creek searching for two women who have been stealing wallets from people out eating in downtown. police hope the surveillance individual yeses will lead to an
6:46 am
arrest. it shows the two women sitting at a table. one of them steals a wallet out of a woman's purse while the other one looks out. these crimes are making people in downtown keep a closer cry on their wallets and purses. >> you don't feel safe anymore. when you go to restaurants you need to hold your purse. when i did this -- here or in the restaurant -- now i do this. >> police say the women used the stolen credit cards and wallet at nearby businesses and also at the sun valley mall in concord. take a look at these pictures. if you have any information about them, call the police right away. a futuristic retail robot is making its first public appearance in the united states and an electronic store in palo
6:47 am
alto. >> my name is pepper. >> yeah, that's pepper, a four foot row boll developed to design and entertain customers when they come in the store. it's programmed to answer questions such as where you can find something in the store. the company plans to sell the robot to small businesses later this year. >> are you okay with that? >> if pepper can help me around the house i would like that. >> in the meantime we have sal helping us with the commute. i know you're watching the mcarthur maze. let's go right to it. catching the last part of the accident here, they just finished towing the car away. you can see they just left here but the traffic is very slow here at the mcarthur maze as you drive through the area because of that earlier accident. if you're driving on the mcarthur maze approach trying to
6:48 am
get on the southbound 880, please give yourself plenty of extra time. the accident was here and gone but the traffic is still going to be tied up for a bit. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's not too bad. some people are caught in the back up. i do want to mention vta if you're in the south bay i'm going to put up a picture of the vta train. this thing here became damaged and took out some lines and that's why vta trains are not running in a portion of downtown with bus services instead. expect delays. 6:48 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a very good morning and happy friday everybody. it looks cooler for those by the bay. no changes in the 60s and 70s but it's been smoking hot for some. looks like temperatures are coming down and a little more fog today and a delta breeze so cooler. weekend about the same. cooler and warm and next week same thing. mild to warm and really not a
6:49 am
huge difference here. warmer one day and cooler the next. no big changes here wiping out the fog or bringing in any rain. yesterday santa rose 82. 81 in palo alto and dropping to 82 today. sometimes the forecast model miss on the rapid cooling. san francisco again hard pressed only one day this month that's been below 70. other areas are warmer. 91 in 1995, the record high. desert southwest another very warm day especially around san bernardino and the for the firefighters some tropical monsoonal moisture is trying to get closer. there's a low spinning helping fire that up. southern nevada and arizona
6:50 am
going nuts and a little of that has made it back towards barstw. for us cloud cover is there but there's two sources, one low and high. southwest 25 and 50s and 60s on the temps. peninsula temps -- why are they so warm? two reasons, the water temps inside the bay at redwood city and oakland and around the san mateo bridge are about 61. you get a southeast breeze coming up from the valley and that keeps your lows up along with the low clouds but that's what holding the temps higher for them than others. santa cruz there, holding it up
6:51 am
there. 41 in truckee. the cloud cover in southeast california bringing clouds back towards us yet at the surface it's west to east and that brings us the low clouds. lake county and parts of mendocino county it's not happening. more 80s than 90s but clicking down a couple degrees many have been very hot for a long time. 70s and 80s in the valley and 60s and 70s. he is the ocean explorer, the one who found the sunken titanic. up next, what he's doing in the bay area for something that hasn't been seen in 65 years.
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♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the 80s, baby. your traffic jam, this song "she's a beauty" requested by janice, one of our loyal friends. this song is written about a club in san francisco.
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if you have a request let us know on twitter or instagram or facebook. >> are you having fun, sal? yes, sir. later today a big dedication ceremony honoring tony bennett. at 1130 tim tum this morning the city will unveil an eight-foot tall bronze statue of tony ben nit in front of the fair mont hotel. that's where he sang "i left my heart in san francisco" back in 1961 and then today at noon, the bells at the beautiful grace cathedral played the song for the public. tony bennett is due to perform tomorrow evening for a benefit concert. by the way, he's a young man that just turned 90 years young. happening today, 11 birds will be released back into their natural habitat after a ceremony in oakland.
6:56 am
the birds were rescued from a dangerous situation earlier this year. the rescue was part of a new three way partnership involving the golden gate auto bonn society and the oakland zoo. the ceremony will be at the martin luther jr. shoreline. one of the best well known ocean explores brought his ship and crew to find out what is at the bottom of the' off our coast. the crew of the naught nautilus will explore the uss. one of many things he will explore is the hulk of the uss independence, a world war ii aircraft carrier deliberately sunk off the coast 65 years ago.
6:57 am
two deep sea vehicles will photograph that. >> we're going to a place no one has ever been. we're going to deep water so we're going into habitats no one has really explored and we always make discoveries so tune in. we go there expecting a and find b. in many cases b is more interesting. >> i love that statement. much of the research is sponsored by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and everything they find is live streamed by satellite to the world 24-7. >> very interesting. coming up in our 7:00-hour, overnight san francisco workers removed the naked statue of donald trump and now the restaurant that wants to put it on display. east bay mayors requested support from governor brown but never heard back. the next steps they're taking to get security cameras installed
6:58 am
on local freeways. ♪ ♪
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. good morning. a statue of a naked donald trump
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that popped up in castro yesterday is now gone. a lot of people are bombed out, they say. the fire continues to burn in san bernardino county. firefighters have made some progress after almost 2 days of zero containment. should i stay or should i go. that is a classic. i heard that in my dorm room every single morning. thank you for joining us. it is 7:00, friday, august 19. >> you should stay. let's check on your weather.


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