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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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prizes. this will be closed to the general public but light streamed online. -- live in -- streamed online. in contra costa county, i am joined by dan romero, hercules mayor who is planning on a personal visit to governor jerry brown. it looks like a statue may have a new home right in the bay area. comedian sinbad is performing tonight in pleasanton . he joined us live this morning onset. this is the wrong song but i like it anyway. [ singing ] this is not from the 80s. >> this is the cars. this is, maybe light my fire.
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-- this is light my fire. i will take this. it's one of my all-time favorite songs, especially the organ solo. welcome to "mornings at 2" "the 9". it will be sunny but overcast to begin with. good morning everyone. we have a lot of news to get to. we will start with what some people are calling humanness -- humorous and others are calling tasteless. a statue of naked donald trump was taken down overnight by city crews. >> lefty o'doul's restaurant is trying to see if they can put this statue on display. >> we have more on the story now with alex. >> reporter: good morning guys. it is a developing story here in san francisco. we understand that the new donald trump statue is in the custody of san francisco police
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. the owner of lefty o'doul's off of union square is working with the city supervisor trying to gain custody of that statue so that he can put it on display . he says he wants donald trump to go next to marilyn monroe in the corner. let me show you what happened overnight. this is cell phone video of city crews removing this controversial statue that was at the corner of castro and market. it appeared there early in the day. the city says the statue had to go because no one got a permit to put it up. donald trump's statue popped up yesterday andrew quite a crowd right away. -- and drew quite a crowd right away. the owner of lefty o'doul's is working with supervisor wiener to try to gain custody of the statue. the supervisor says it's important to save this piece of art. >> this isn't just a funny statue. it is a funny statue but the on that you have to look at why these folks created these
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statues and why they put them up and why people are so interested in them. it's because donald trump has, in my opinion, perpetuated a huge fraud on this country. >> we found him "naked and afraid" and san francisco and we are willing to show that san francisco is a city of compassion, not a city of hate. >> reporter: many from supporters have taken to social media. they say these naked donald trump statues are offensive to a presidential candidate. a group described as an anarchist or collective is taking credit for the statues. the group is known as "in decline" and they are put up statues in new york, l.a., cleveland in seattle as well as this one in san francisco. the statue came down as we mentioned, and now it's in the
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custody of san francisco police. the owner of lefty o'doul's is working right now with city supervisor scott wiener and a team of lawyers to figure out how to gain custody of the statue. the owner is willing to pay whatever fines may have been levied against the artist for a legally erecting that statue at the corner of market in castro. he's going to do whatever he can to get it in his restaurant. this is obviously a smart business move. >> there you go. with this statue possibly finding a new home, the question of the day has been, do you find that statue offensive or amusing, especially now that we are three months away from election day. >> i am seeing -- let me go into my list -- the best response i got was, really humorist but then thought about what is it was hillary or
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another candidate. i would find it horribly offensive work >> a lot of people -- horribly offensive. >> a lot of people have said it. that's interesting and a good point. >> the conversation continues online, use the hashtag #ktvu. we will tell you more responses coming up in 9:30. we just learned of another shakeup in the donald trump campaign. his campaign chairman paul manafort has resigned. this move comes just days after a major shakeup that reduced his role. it follows reports about his work for a pro-russian political party in ukraine. donald trump will begin -- donald trump will begin airing his first television ads in florida, ohio, north carolina and pennsylvania today. he has not aired any television and since he received the republican nomination. biskind and says -- his campaign says this will both
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attacking hillary clinton and promote national security and other positions of donald trump. the clinton foundation announced that if hillary clinton wins in november, it will stop accepting foreign donations. critics have questioned the context that hillary clinton with -- had with foreign donors while she was secretary of state. once again several cities are asking governor brown for support after a series of shootings, hercules, richmond and others have written a letter to the governor asking for money to install cameras along the highways in contra costa county. there have been at least 20 confirmed freeway shootings since last october. the letter says in part, "with the end of the current legislative session rapidly approaching, it's imperative that the 1.5 million dollars to $2 million in funding needed to found either through 
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legislative action or by some executive action should tap [ indiscernible ] they should be driving that letter up the interstate and handed to the governor later today. >> i am hoping i will be able to get into the office. if the governor is not there, it's just important i hand- deliver it. >> this is your second go around. >> yes, i was here may 26. the 5 mayors signed a letter. within two weeks i was in a meeting at the governor's office with the secretary of state -- secretary of transportation. they said, yes, we understand there is a problem. we take ownership of it. then our district attorney sent a letter to the transportation -- contra costa district attorney requesting money for cameras. here we are now, three
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months later, no money. its government, which i understand. but i want to make sure that we get to where the governor opens this letter. civic you said the key is this his government. if a private company were to put up cameras, it would be done rather quickly and cost a lot less. because its government, how long will it take to get this done? >> i think public safety is never -- number 1 with this issue right now. i think the wheels of government will speed up because it is a public safety factor. i am hoping -- governor brown was a mayor in oakland and a state attorney general. he knows all about this. i think he understands the importance of the public safety factor for west contra costa county and east contra costa county. i am hoping that we can open the door and a little bit more
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help. >> we have traffic cameras along various parts of the bay area and the state of california. i know you have done your research. how often has the state pay for this type of camera on roads? >> the freeway is a state property. the seaway should not be paying for the cameras. that is my point. -- the city should not be paying for the cameras. that is my point. this has been successful in other areas. this city has a system to collect all the data as well. >> is it possible the governor doesn't want to give you the money? >> i don't think so. i think it is going to a cycle right now. my concern is that the current legislative session is going to be ending in a week or 2. want to make sure that we have some sort of the answer. >> what -- i want to make sure that we have some sort of answer by then. -- >> what other possibilities are
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you looking into? >> it is impossible for the local city to operate the freeway. this is mandated that it is state operated. the cameras give us the ability to see what is occurring, shotspotter's, live recordings. >> this would also be directed to storage of the data. >> this would be another item coming up. another one of the cities and west county is looking into that issue. >> thank you for coming in mayor. good luck. >> good luck with the letter. hopefully you will get to see him. up next, more on what is being called a monopoly in the options you have to keep costs down with the epipen.
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welcome back to ktvu, the 9. the dow jones is down just a little bit. that has been the case all week long. the s&p 500 has been down as well. the nasdaq is gaining a little bit. it could pick up in the next week because we will start getting into regular schedules after people come back from vacations. >> -- people with severe food allergies are spending more money for it depends which could save their life. >> it used to be a lot less. it now costs an average of $600 for one package of epipen's -- with an epipen.
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>> some are calling this a monopoly. thank you for coming in. this is a serious topic. this is a matter of life or death for kids especially. why has it gotten so expensive? >> it is the classic problem of a company that has a monopoly. the company that actually produces the epipen is a 90% market share of all the epinephrine that is sold in the world. >> how did he get to that point? >> there have other companies that have tried to develop similar products. the medication itself, epinephrine, is a medication that has been around a long time. but they hold the patent on the actual injectable system. there is not another company that allergists the -- that has been approved by fda. this is the only company that
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allergists feel comfortable with. >> will this patent run out at some point? that's when the drugs usually get cheaper. this system, when does this patent run out? >> it is currently patented. i don't know the exact year. there are two companies working on developing other ways of delivering epinephrine that would be able to secure their own patents. neither of the 2 most promising want to been fda approved at this point. we are probably looking at 2017 or 2018. one company is in massachusetts . they are actually looking at producing a much smaller pocket- sized injectable version but we are not there yet. >> the actual cost of the drug itself, is just a couple of dollars? >> is a very old drug that has been around for a long time.
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civic is a rating that state attorney general's can do to tap into the company. bring the price down. >> it is difficult with a company that has a monopoly. what i could suggest for your viewers is, there are a couple of websites they should keep track of that are reliable ones. one is community. kids with the other is a blog posting. it is these sites track the development status of these other methods of delivery. you
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want your children to have access all the time, if you are a parent. they want one set at home and they want another set at school. they want to have something at an afterschool program. they want this in case their child needs something then. >> does the insurance not cover this? >> some do. mail-order is another option. with mail-order you can get a 90 day supply for less money. >> there's a lot of prescriptions available like that. we will put those things on our website for people so that you can get that information of how to get a discount. thank you. >> thank you for joining us, joanna. coming up on "morning at 2 on the 9", rebuilding the dream after a lake county fire torches or home. the tragic string of events that happened to a bay area member of the u.s. fencing team while was in rio for the olympics is coming up. it's the first public high school to be house on the corporate campus. live with the founder of this new high school. it's being built at oracle.
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last time -- last week oracle broke ground on design tech high school, the first public school to be housed on a corporate campus. >>the school will be opening for the 2017 school year. students are encouraged to fail as part of the learning process. >> joining us now is the founder of design tech. larry ellison always had the vision of a high school on campus. here you guys are connecting to gather. how did this happen? >> we were actually running a school before the connection with oracle. this started in the spring of 2014. the oracle education foundation was using design thinking which was a process that stamford uses. they had a design challenge around what the mission was of the oracle education foundation. they brought together nonprofit
9:21 am
organizations as well as oracle employees and school leaders. we were part of that group to help them figure this out. our group came up with an idea that maybe oracle employees could volunteer to teach students. it could be a project in a box. it could be two weeks where they can come in and help any school where kids can learn tech skills. that was the start of it. as we were building that program out, calling the executive director of the oracle foundation -- we said, we like this school. we would like to try to teach kids to think and do things differently. we got really inspired by the vision of the school. she said, what does this school need. we were in half of a hallway at a high school at that time. so colleen said, you need a home. at that time, it was discussed that we own that lynn on the
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oracle campus -- land on the oracle campus. >> this is different from a typical high school you may have a football team or track team. do you have a coding team at your school? >> [ laughter ] >> we have swimming in cross- country in basketball and things like that. the biggest differences we feel that we are about one thing which is teaching kids that the world can be a better place and they can be the ones to make it happen. it's about giving students a transformative experience in building up the missing as well as self efficacy. >> this is not happening in california today. >> a lot of times schools focus on the next four years, getting kids into college. this is important but we are focused on the next 40 years. we used to have this deal with the kids, go to high school and get good grades and get good grades and graduate and there's a career waiting for you for 25
9:23 am
years. that deal doesn't exist anymore. we're not ditching -- teaching kids to create a career we're not doing the right thing by them, if we do that. >> i like your concept of teaching kids to feel. we learn more from mistakes often times than when things go really well. how are you going to implement that in the classroom. how you going to guide through -- guide them through that learning process. >>that's a good question. how do you implement failure the classroom? [ laughter ] no one to harass me that before. [ laughter ] >> you know what i mean. >>if you try something in it doesn't work, that's not failure. if you try something and it doesn't work and you don't learn from it, that is failure. we encourage kids to take big risks. they have this mindset that they can be the ones to make things happen. at the groundbreaking last
9:24 am
week, one of our students come with me, got up and spoke. she said, we're going to take this program globally picks him up and i was thinking, great -- globally. and i was thinking, great! [ laughter ] the building is an amazing resource but it is just as important having the access to the oracle employees and volunteers. some kids were working on a coding problem and they got stuck. they were looking at the source of the code and they said, that person is over in the 300 building. so they were able to ask them. >> i know that mark zuckerberg and his wife started a nonprofit school. can you get people like that involved in teaching our children? >> absolutely! the thing that's great about the relationship with oracle as we have full autonomy at the school. they are providing the building and access to their expertise of their employees. but we get to run the school. it's a really nice partnership
9:25 am
>> you see this being the future more and more? >> collaboration? >> absolutely! learning has changed so much. we can't say that learning just happens in the school. it happens out in the world. we want our kids to be able to solve real problems. we believe professionals working on solving a real problem can teach kids how to do that. >> they are certainly making connections as well. when i >> -- connections as well. [ overlapping speakers ] >> thank you for coming, founder of design tech high school. coming up at 9:45, we will talk with the executive producer of their music fest about all of the age appropriate action going on. from the big screen to the small stage, sinbad has been making people laugh for decades. he joined is live up next. -- us live up next.
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our question today was regarding the donald trump statue. do you think the statue was offensive or did you find it humorous? we're getting a lot of reaction. one person says both. i guess that is possible. another person says it is offensive to the presidential race. not everyone agrees with this view. some people said, it was offensive. >> another person chimed in and said i have a sense of uber but let's face it -- i have a sense of humor. let's face it, if it had been a hillary clinton statue, there would've been outrage. >> good point. >> one said i don't find it offensive but a lot that he has said is extremely offensive.
9:29 am
>> as usual, if you want to chime in for the question of the day you can always #month -- had tag must -- you can contact us at #ktvu. cal fire has reported that 37,000 acres have been burned. the strong winds have let up a little bit and this fire is now 26% contained. however, the battle is far from over. more than 80,000 people are under evaluation -- evacuation orders. firefighters say it is still too dangerous to property survey the destruction. it is not known how many homes have been lost during the past four days. >> we are learning more about the rest of the man accused of setting the clayton fire in -- clayton fire. police have found the suspect, damin pashilk with his car videod at various fires. he had
9:30 am
no explanation for why his vehicle was seen near those roadside fires when he was asked. >> 12 fires and one attempt, keep in mind that some of those were very minor, just a few square feet that was burned or less than an acre. >> but they all had the potential? >> they all did work -- they all did. authorities say the first fires were set along highway 20 just 20 minutes apart. there were three fires in clear lake in august 2015 including one near an elementary school. last month, he is accused of starting three more fires and lake county. his attorney a skeptical he says he is not convinced by the evidence he has seen so far. here are the latest cal fire numbers for this fire.
9:31 am
containment is now at 65%, up from 60% last night. there are still evacuation's within the fire perimeter. 300 structures were destroyed, much of which were homes. a member of the u.s. fencing organization has returned to the u.s. only to find that his home was destroyed in the fire while he was in real. he prepares all of the fencing equipment for the athletes. they one for metals -- won 4 medals in real but he then heard about the fires while he was in real. he didn't know what was going on. >> i was not sure what was going on. i was trying to find out. >>the yard was filled with smoke. the yard was orange. i grabbed the dog and threw him
9:32 am
into one container. >> a gofundme page has been set up for the couple. they are now staying with friends. they plan to return and rebuild. the bay area weather has been stuck in a pattern for a while. it's usually find in the morning and sunny in the evening. are we getting warmer or cooler? >> we are going to cool it down a little bit. if you are craving summertime heat, you will have to go inland. even there it will not be too bad. the clouds are continuing, the marine layer is a little bit thicker than yesterday. the onshore breeze is stronger. gusts have been reported at about 30 miles an hour. cool pacificare has been pumped through all the way into sacramento they will see -- where they will see a bit of a cool down as well. around the bay, over 50s -- upper 50s to low 60s. at the coast it's cloudy and cool, 57 in san francisco. they are look at temperatures
9:33 am
-- looking at temperatures into the high 80s and low 90s in the inland valleys. the rest of us are partly cloudy in san francisco to mostly clear away from the coast. temperatures again are feeling quite nice for most, 79 in san jose, 76 in keylor -- in hayward. to the north we are looking at 79 in santa rosa. we have a minor cooldown underway as we get into the weekend. i expect that we will have mostly clear skies but a little bit of smoke and haze possible in the east bay and south bay locations. if you're going to tahoe, there is a possibility of thunderstorms. all in all it should be a quiet forecast however. it's flashback friday. we're taking a look at the legacy of william randolph hearst. it was this week city five years ago when he passed away leaving behind his castle for all of us to enjoy.
9:34 am
>> >> reporter: it is said that this house might be the best example of the sentiment of artistry. he had a sense of magnitude. he left his fingerprints on the culture of the country, from the way it thought about itself to the wars it waged to the movies it watched. this power and influence made him wealthy beyond imagination. in 1919 when he set about to build himself a simple country home, it was inevitable that in reality he would set it up as a grand minute mental stage upon which -- monumental stage upon which the whole world would play. >> it was designed by julia morgan, a female architect.
9:35 am
it has been immortalized by film including "citizen kane". >> charlie chaplin, carly grant -- cary grant, just to name a few of the celebrities that visited this home. the neptune pool is arguably the most beautiful feature a top the hearst enchanted hill. nowhere is the penchant for change more evident than here. this is the third version of the pool. nothing would remain intact at san simeon, not the bell towers or the pool or any of the 4 houses on the hill. hearst castle was never finished. 1947 hearst himself grew too ill to keep living there and he moved to beverly hills in order to be closer to his doctors. he would never return to his beloved home atop the enchanted
9:36 am
hill. when we randolph hearst died in 1951, san simeon brought one -- became a severe drain to the family fortune. it was then donated to the state of california as the jewel of the park system. in 1919 when hearst approached julia morgan and said i've grown tired of camping on the hill at san simeon and i'm thinking of building a little something -- >> for more details on the story go to you can find flashback friday right on the home page. he is a comedian you know by one name only. beginning tonight is performing human the bay area. >> this is the age where people say, i always wanted to be here. i was lucky as a kid. your living legend. and i'm like, you're almost dead. >> [ laughter ]
9:37 am
>> that is sinbad. [ laughter ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> i want you to give me a come back. we all hear the same thing i grew up watching you. what you say when someone says that? >> you cry. >> [ laughter ] >> my mascara is going to run. >> i was in a club years ago and someone said, my grandmother died who used to watch you. and i was like, yikes. sea-tac one of the stories we are following in san francisco is a statue of donald trump that has popped up in a couple of cities. you were on celebrity apprentice. you got fired. >> i got fired work >> how did you get fired -- i got fired. >> how did you get fired? >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> i've got a guy with a lot of money. he is my friend. donald trump is always about a show. even in the 80s he was a
9:38 am
showman. it's like barnum & bailey. we don't know how much money he has. we never really knew anything. he would've kept that up if he hadn't run for president. he may have killed his other game by running for president. >> you know him. you have worked with him. >> people who were his friends and have been with him, running for president is a real thing. >> you are back to stand up comedy which you really love. you also had your own show on this very network do you have any favorites of things that you have done? you have been in films. >> and never left. i have been doing comedy since 1983. comedy made everything else possible. i love acting. i love becoming something that i'm not. that way you can make your mother happy. you can be a doctor for a week.
9:39 am
then i can be a cowboy. i love that part of it. it's me getting to do my own thing. i love doing that. >> and you are writing down jokes with pen and paper or does it just flowing your hair? >> it just flows. -- flow in your head. >> it just flows. it's in the air. it's more like jazz. once you know the skills and notes, when you're on the stage, do you think you are like this -- miles is like this. >> is it true you were in the air force? >> yes. >> did you start your comedy there? did you tell people jokes there? >> i got kicked that -- kicked out. >> because you were too good? >> i still entertain troops. i just came back from doing that. if it hadn't been for the air force, as crazy as i was, i
9:40 am
wouldn't be where i am today. >> what do you say to people who say you are not funny. --? >> i cursed when i started. lenny bruce, richard pryor, red fox, they cursed but they were as funny as all get out -- redd fox, they cursed but they were as funny as all get out. disguise a comedian and probably shouldn't be. >> if you are funny, you are funny. it doesn't take cursing or not cursing. if you are more clean, you can get on tv. >> can you reach more people if you don't curse? >> these days? the same people that see me, will see me whether or not i curse. people will say, i am so glad you are clean.
9:41 am
>> as a parent, i appreciate when people are funny and they don't use all of that language. sometimes it's a crotch. i want to be able to watch comedy with my kids. >> i did this because there was no option. my father is a preacher. i just said, i will be just as crazy but i won't curse. people thought i was cursing. they thought i was cursing in my career. i didn't lose my energy. >> what about performing in the bay area? do you like coming here? you are going to be performing all weekend. >> i love it here. i want to live here. >> you should come on back. >> i love it here. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> it is real. >> this is real. i'm used to the blue screen. >> you are always welcome here. >> sinbad is performing tonight through sunday. we have it to get information on . -- we have
9:42 am
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welcome back to "morning at 2 on the 9". tickets are on sale for the bear music fest called the coachella for families. the man behind this has produced music experiences for an event such as -- for even such as the recent the camera -- democratic convention. it seems like coachella for families -- there's a lot of
9:45 am
nonfamily friendly things going on at coachella. >> i think that's a buzzword. truthfully, we like to say summercamp, houseparty, music festival. it's really a music festival and summer camp experience. you get a little cabin and you get your food taking care it. a sleeping bag is pretty much all you need. your kids have activities during the day with camp counselors while you can watch the music. that the kids are a little older they can come to the music with you. all of the music events on -- are curated. it's not eight stages going on at once. it's very much like hamilton. we have mother hips which is quintessential california music . one of the other headliners has another album coming out next month. he's going to be mere some of that at the music festival as well. >> that's fun. a lot of time to try to get the
9:46 am
headliners but it's really cool to be exposed to a new band as well. we have had bottle rock and you haven't heard of them. >>absolutely! we produce these big-name acts across the country but also get exposed to a lot of ask that we don't have the ability to put on with these big shows. we thought, let's put on some people that we want to introduce the audience to come people they may not have heard or gnome. i promise you the quality is right up there with the big acts. they sellout shows all over the country. they are just not the things that you will see on the big awards shows or something. it's really exciting for us because we get to promote these things, these high-quality music acts. >> in a video we were just watching, they've got the bear in the cow. they have the woods in the camping. you were inspired by bringing music out into nature as well.
9:47 am
what does that bring to the venue? >> to me it is quite an intimacy to it. i think when you were in nature, one of the stages is surrounded by pine trees, you start to disconnect from the rest of the world. at some of these stages, your phone will not even work. so there aren't as many distractions. all of a sudden this brings everything into focus. part of the experience to me as being out in nature. it's a tight knit community. there is something about being in that isolated experience. >> i love that! as a parent with teenagers, a lot of bands are calling for put -- putting down the phones. but everyone wants to use the social media to put this
9:48 am
information out. >> parents are bringing their teenagers because they want to experience a music festival with them. they are not quite ready to do coachella with a 13-year-old. this is a great first step. maybe it will be the only step. >> thank you so much, kevin. i was a little bit skeptical. but you have me sold. again that festival begins september 9. you can buy tickets now. we have a section ride on the "mornings at 2" tab on our website, if you are looking for some information for tonight, consider the belgian brewing beer festival tonight. we are joined by several low, new belgian's east bay the arranger. >> we are a sales representative first and foremost. we say we are out there to protect the make sure your beer
9:49 am
is super fresh. >> you are there to protect us? >> it is my beer ranger uniform. >> i heard that >> was in town. went to school in boulder, colorado. every time a smell this, it takes me back to the days. explain a little bit about what we are drinking right here. >> is a satire, our flagship amer al, the number 1 in the country. this is a special year for us -- amber ale, the number 1 in the country. this is a special year for us. >> the year they started was 1991. >>tonight in oakland, 7:30 is the start. we heavy traveling baron film festival called "clips. >> it will be a short film festival. we will have some rare and special beers for people to try. we will have short films with a
9:50 am
theme of 1991. >> what is the beer in the middle? >> this is the new beer of 2016, named citra -- citradelic . >> all of the money raised goes to what? >> we visit 16 cities and our goal is to be as local as we can . we don't take any of the money. all of the beer sales go to local nonprofits. they are here to help us get our bike lanes opened to make this it safer place -- make this a safer place to ride our bicycles. >> some people don't like sour beers. i happened to like them. people will be able to try some of these when they come to the festival. >> we will have three sour these -- beers. we are one of
9:51 am
the first breweries to make sour beers. this is our sour brown ale. this is a flowering citrus al that we made -- citrus ale that we made. >> let me ask you real quickly, what makes this so successful? this is the seventh year? >> this is the seventh year. >> why does this keep on going? >> we are local, and out of colorado, 100% employee owned. we chose mosswood which is nestora cole park in oakland. -- which is a historical park in oakland. we're looking for people to come tonight, bring your
9:52 am
blankets, ride your bikes, free admission. >> have you ever gone to fatty jays? >> yes, it is still there. >> i have to go there with you. >> i think we should go. this is tonight at mosswood park in oakland. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> the doors open at 7:30 in the movie begins at 9:dirty. admission is free. -- 9:30. admission is free.
9:53 am
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with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. some students attend only stay -- san jose state are learning a difficult lesson even before they start classes. they were supposed to move into the next -- new a storm by construction will not be finished for a couple of weeks. they will now have to move into dorms that are slated for demolition to make way for an aquatic some recreation center. the old three-story residence halls are known as the bricks. >> that's very famous at san jose state. in 5 minutes, kanye west new clothing store -- kanye west's new clothing store will open for the weekend. the wrapper is opening up pop-
9:56 am
up stores around the world. -- rapper is opening on pop-up stores around the world. he is expanding the pop-up store concept after similar events in new york, los angeles and paris earlier this week -- this year. it generated $2 million in sales. a futuristic real tale -- retail robot is making its debut in downtown palo alto. >> my name is pepper. >> pepper is a lifelike forefoot -- 4 football robot -- foot tall robot which answers people's questions such as where to find a product. companies -- the company plans to sell the robot to companies over the next year.
9:57 am
the eyes allow the robot to react to facial expressions. this would be nice to have at a house party. you could have pepper handing out drinks. >> cleaning up after the party too? >> i think it's strange. that's our show for this morning. our next newscast is the new news. thank you for joining us and have a great weekend. an unprecedented natural outburst
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now here's wendy! ♪ >> wendy: so nice. >> kwhwhooo, whooo! >> wendy: thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. the girls are in the building.


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