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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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but the 37,000 acre fire has taken a devastating toll. investigators say it destroyed 105 homes and more than 200 other buildings since tuesday. tens of thousands of people remain out of their homes tonight. the fire in san luis obispo is still tearing through thick brush there about three miles from the hearse castle. >> a lot of heat and dust and sneak. takes a toll on the -- smoke. take as toll on the body being out there. >> at least 48 buildings destroyed and only 35% contained tonight. the soberanes fire has entered
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its fourth week. it has burned almost 84,000 acres. evacuation orders are still in effect for most areas. firefighters don't expect it to be fully contained until the end of september. all of this of course having an impact on our air quality. its triggered two air alerts this week alone. >> it's transient. woebt be a permanent problem and probably not dangerous. if you have a lung disease however it could be dangerous. so you need to be careful of how much xeshgs you're doing out-- exertion you're doing outside. we've been tracking the skies all week long. how will it look tomorrow? >> today we have the haze out there. the biggest change that they
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have changed is the air kault. friday and today. -- quality and today. the weather pattern is beginning to change. you haerld all about these fires burning especially in the central can southern portions of california. and surface wind as well has a southerly flow trying to transport that smoke to the bay area. the forecast is very challenging it's an experimental model. see the bright colors indicating the smoke in the east bay ask south bay. this was today. here's the projection into tomorrow. we'll take this into 7:00 a.m. sunday and you can see the high concentration of the smoke being pushed to the south. main focus of the smoke. still a possibility to some haze and smoke in the skies. all depends on the fire aksivity and the be-- activity and the behavior. but there is hope that things should change tomorrow and into
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next week. good news with a relief in the air quality possible. ross? >> thanks a lot. new developments tonight in the olympic swimmer scandal. the international olympic committee has set up a commission to look into it. ryan lochte had claimed that he'd been robbed along with three other swimmers but brazilian police say they vapidlized a bathroom there then got into a fight with security guards over money for the doojs. the six-time gold medallist apologized for quote not being more careful and candid about the incident. . east bay police tonight searching for a teen missing for more than a week. kendelle patton from caster valley was last seen on august 11th. they believe she ran away from hoemg. her family says she's run away several times before. they also say she rides on bart to visit friends in san
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francisco and richmonday. she's -- richmond. she's about 120 pounds. and was last seen in a white shirt and black genes. both -- genes. both hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the campaign trail hard this weekend. clinton is still in the lead in polls. all of this despite third trump campaign shake up this week. peert that has latest. >> republican nominee donald trump met with the hispanic advisory council. >> hillary clinton is a throeback. -- throwback from yesterday. our campaign is about creating a new american future. i'm going do what's right for you. >> democratic nominee hillary clinton is attending fundraisers in nan ticket and
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mar -- nantucket and martha's vineyard. she leads by 8 percentage points. the poll shows she was supported by 42% compared with 34% for trump. >> you see her gaining strength since her convention with women in particular and she's trying to strengthen herself with blue collar voters that she doesn't have right now. >> the trump campaign is turning towards more traditional forms of voter outreach placing its adds in ohio, pennsylvania, florida, and north carolina. and fredericksburg, virginia. fox news. with the help of this 12- year-old boy. his mother is officially in charge but she hopes giving her son responsibility will teach other parents what kids can do. he has a simple message for
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other children. >> get involved. that's what i'm going to say. just get ininvolved. kids need to be educated. >> he started a group called colorado kids for trump and will be ready to run himself by 2040. well coming up. more fallout tonight for the obama administration. accusations continue after they admitted to giving iran millions of dollars just before american prisoners were released. and the kurdish wedding party that turned deadly. what police are now saying about terrorism.
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in turkey at least 22 people were killed and 94 hurt in an explosion at a wedding hall in southeastern turkey. officials say it may have been triggered by a suicide bomber. they sealed off the site and forensic teams are on scene now searching for survivors. you'll remember this video of a 5-year-old boy rescued in aleppo this week. he's come to symbolize the ongoing problem. the boy's 10-year-old brother died from his injuries in the air strike. in washington republicans demanding answers from the obama administration after it disclosed a $400 million payment to iran was contingent on the release of four american
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prisoners. they say he paid a ransom the administration says it was leverage. >> the obama administration is not backing down. they're refusing to call it ransom and they argue it was owed no matter what so why not use it as leverage? >> we took advantage of the timing to convergenese in a 24- hour period. and i make no apologies for the fact. at the end game in the final hours we use the lev ramg of having that money. >> that argument does not sit well are republicans on capitol hill. here's congressman ed rois. >> it was ransom we now know it was and it put more american lives at risk and we know they transerred that $400 million into the hands of the guard corp. which is a terrorist
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organization. >> president obama flatly denied a connection. >> this wasn't some nefarious deal. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here and won't in the future. >> now paul ryan says the president owes the american people a full accounting of his actions and the dangerous precedent he has set. whatever you want to call it sometime after congress returns from summer recess. in washington kis tin fisher fox news. londoners minding the gap. 24-hour tube service started this weekend. the all-night service is being offered on friday and saturday nights. he says it will be good for those who work and play in the early morning hours. >> you can get to work quickly and if you had a great night at
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the theater or a gig or a restaurant you don't have to worry about the last tube. you can enjoy your night out and get home. >> well he also says it was time for london to have 46 hour service just like new york -- 24 hour service just like new york and other cities. in a remote section of spain farmers kraeed a -- created a huge chess board in a field and used tractors as pieces. it was evened into the dirt drone video gave some perspective on the game which was pretty hard to follow from the ground and commands to move the pieces came by walkie- talkie. >> well organizers say they held this chess game to give local agriculture a boost an estimated 3,000 spectators turned out thor the big match. a player from cuba, by the way,
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won the competition. a look at the cost of living for teachers. how one bay area school district is trying trying tolessen that burden. and -- trying tolessen that burden. and what the officer says happened before this fiery explosion. in weather a bit cooler across the bay area. the low clouds and fog increasing pushing back into the bay. the temperature change for tomorrow and let you know if we have any major warm ups in the five-day forecast.
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new at 10:00 a police cruiser in baltimore catching fire outside of a newsroom with an officer still inside. police say they were responding to a call of suspicious -- of a suspicious person in the area. the officer inside the car says he heard a pop before the
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vehicle burst into flames. he fortunately wasn't hurt. firefighters were able to quickly put out that fire. there's still no word yet on what exactly started all of this. tens of thousands of bay area students ended their summer vacation and returned to school this week along with their teachers. maureen naylor tells us many of them are having trouble with the cost of living. >> obviously this was a fun first day of school activity. >> 35-year-old courtney teaches 7th grade and knew in the 2nd grade what she wanted to pursue. >> i was fortunate to carry out my dream. >> the sunnidale native is and her husband is finding their dream to own a home hard to realize. >> it doesn't seem like it's going be possible in this area. so we actually have considered
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moving and looking elsewhere outside of the bay area. >> the number of applicants is surely smaller than it was five years ago. >> the superintendent of the school says to help teachers with the high cost of living they're starting to work with landin a start up started by two graduates. they offer to have investors cover half of your down payment in exchange for depreegsuation. >> the people who -- beappreciation. >> they can be the -- depreciation. >> the unified school district says it's starting salary is $55,000 a year. which is about half the median santa clar ra salary -- clara salary. it loosed transfer rules and is
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offering a salary match for some teachers. >> my hope and dream is to stay here but it all depends on financially how things turn out. >> they're also reaching out to home ordinary reasons to see if they have inlaw units or rooms to rent to give teachers more options. maureen naylor fox 2. >> in addition to the cost of liing teachers spend an average of -- living teachers spend an average of $500 on school supplies. >> dozens of teachers lined up for the supplies. sa san francisco nonprofit offered paper, pencils, and classroom decoration for free. >> mainly for the arts and projects that are related to the arts but of course we have projects that can be done for math and science and whatever.
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>> the annual event helps cut down on landfill waste while helping the teachers through the school year. after some controversy about 800 freshman moved in today. they were assigned to move into brand new dorms but they aren't ready yet. so they moved into the old dorms today. one student from southern california says she's not worried about having to move twice. >> i'm really nervous. it's so stressful. >> what about you? >> i'm nervous, stressful. mixed emotions. this is my baby and she's off to college. >> the university says crews worked double shifts for months to minimize the impablgs. new dorm should be -- immakt. the new dorm should be ready in a couple weeks. this weekend the university is holding its annual welcome days event for new students and families. more than 7,000 freshman and transfer students are expected
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to descend on to campus this weekend and as they haul in their bags there are of course many emotions. >> i'm a little sad. i'm going miss my parents a little bit. but a new city, big city. i'm excited. should be fun. >> i'm really excited. by i'm nervous to move in. >> welcome days gives students and their parents an overview of the campus and community. and also introduces them to the range of resources available at the university. a celebration of maritime history today with the return of the festival of the sea this year for the national park services 100th birthday celebration the pier sailed back in time. sails were raised on the 1895 ship. these are no ordinary ship sails. >> they don't make sails and rigs for an 1895 ship anymore so we had to have the riggers
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build the lines and rope. we had to have sails made and had to have the blocks you put the ropes through specially made. everything is custom-made for a boat like that. >> it was also rededicated but didn't leave the dock this time. park rangers hope the festival reminds everyone of the long sailing heritage. a brand new research ship made its first vis it to san francisco today. the ship is named in honor of the laet astronaut who was the first american woman in space. the public was allowed on board to see the labs where scientists will collect day day. the -- data. the ship is owned by the u.s. navy and operated by the skripps institution in san diego. well coming up. it's a nontraditional way to get more teens involved in libraries. >> my whole idea is a place
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where teens can come and feel like they own this space. and that they're exploring things they've never had a chance to do before. >> how one library is going high neck hopes of in-- high tech in hopes of inspiring the next generation. and louisiana digs it out from devastating floods. search parties are going door to door looking for survivors.
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in the south bay today kids have a new reason to head to the san jose library. a new facility called teen hq that opened today filled with the latest high tech gear. >> if you thought the san jose public library was just about books the newly opened teen hq
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is entirely different. >> the teens referred to as the groundbreakers have been coming here. there's a gamer lounge, hang out zone. >> i'm coming from the teen hshgszq and there's the maker -- hq and there's the laser space. >> we never had a space here until now. there's the children's room and then now we have this space for us designed by us and i think that's cool. the hope is that teens will find this cool and want to hang out here. >> my whole idea is a place where teens can come and feel like they tone space. they're exploring -- they own the space. they're exploring things. . >> the mayor says he hopes teens will take advantage. >> the fundamental premise
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being that it's free. we can engage a 15-year-old that might be distracted. >> those that came to check it out say they're impressed by what's here and say they'll be coming back to check it out. >> maybe the recording room. because i like to play my bass guitar and it's cool. >> it will be open seven days a week. the only catch is you have to be between 12 and 18 to enter. no one older is allowed. ktvu fox 2 news. temporary bart closures continue this weekend. trains won't be running between glen park and daily city instead passengers will catch a shuttle. if you're headed to sfo add another hour to your trip for delay.
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finally some good news in louisiana. some of the flood waters have started to recede after a week of flooding there. while the clean up and recovery are underway the devastation remains. at least 13 people have died so far. but now they are working to overcome their losses as brian reports there's no shortage of people and corporations willing to help. >> after devastating rainfall in louisiana the hard work of rebuilding is just ramping up. the storm system dumping more than 20 inches of rain over four days leaving rivers and creeks severely bloated. officials say about 4,000 people remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. first responders are still efforting rescues. >> we're door to door. if anyone is unaccounted for. this is a tight knit community.
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but you know if anyone is missing or whatnot i'm going to make sure that everyone is accounted for and taken care of. >> volunteers have been arriving to help. busch giving cans of drinking water. and tide is providing free laundry service. >> it's a god send. i'm not as bad as everybody else but it's awesome how people come it. -- come out. >> president obama has come under criticism for not interrupting his vacation to dom louisiana. meanwhile donald trump and mike pence visited flood victims on friday. >> you're not playing golf that's all we can say. >> the white house says president obama is receiving regular updates on the situation down south and plans to visit baton rouge on tuesday to get a firsthand look at the
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damage. brian fox news. coming up. critical -- at low levels. people need to take climate change more seriously than ever before. in next with more on that haze in the skies and your detailed bay area forecast.
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nasa scientists say this year's record breaking heat is more evidence that people should take drive-by mat change seriously. -- take climate change seriously. they say it's causing low sea ice and that's crucial because it acts as a refrigerator.
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>> we're opening the door so the arctic's cooling mechanism is becoming less and less efficient as we lose the sea ice. >> by 2018 nasa says they will launch a satellite that will take advanced measurements. the california senate voted down a bill yesterday that would require public water agencies to disclose the businesses who use the most water. it would have made it a public record. it wouldn't have applied to private residences. agriculture groups didn't want it to pass. air quality is and mark has been watching it for days, mark? >> that's right ross. poor air quality across the bay area beginning thursday friday and today. it looks like things should improve by tomorrow. some lingering haze but an
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improvement into sunday. the highs from this afternoon. san francisco maxed out 63 degrees. the temperature has no changed too much all month long. lots of 70s and 80s in the warm warmest locations. on the satellite here's the big picture. some thunderstorms out toward the sierra. we have the low clouds and fog regrouping near the coastline. there's that fog bank hugging our shoreline from point rays to monterey bay. those cloud decks back into the bay for your saturday night. waking up to clouds and fog. first thing for your sunday. some of the numbers out there. lots of 50s and few spot hs the lower 60s. little livermore 61. here's our live camera towards the bay bridge and you'll notice this the fog working its
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way back into san francisco. forecast headlines weal go with this. fog -- we'll go with this fog increasing. sunday cool to warm and next week a bit of a warming trend but nothing too major. no extreme heat in the forecast. first thing tomorrow morning in san francisco 7:00 a.m. clouds and fog. here's a sky cast temperature around 55 degrees. by lunchtime some patchy overcast. wrapping up the overcast hours. probably if you're looking toward the golden gate bridge you'll see the marine layer near the shoreline. we're heating things nup the short term. -- things up in the short term: with that for tomorrow more low clouds out there. some sxhoek and haze possibler -- some smoke and haze possible.
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should have improved air quality tomorrow. the coast has been a constant mainly the lower 60s with the fog nearby. a forecast model. showing you the overcast out there over san francisco. santa rosa oakland hay ward and fremont and into the afternoon hours the clouds gradually crawl back to the shoreline. warmest locations inland. not much in the way of 90s. lots of 80s for antioch and brentwood. some more neighborhoods coming up for you. gilroy in the lower 80s. your five-day forecast might be cooling off a little bit. bump up the numbers for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. ross not seeing any major meet in the forecast -- heat in the forecast. the rest of august could be on the mild to warm side. no triple digits out there as far as i can see right now.
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>> looking pretty good. >> we'll see how september looks that could be a different story. >> thanks a lot mark. kids in contra costa county are set to start school in style. they teamed up with the black employees resource group to give away hundreds of backpacks. kids got to pick the color and design and were given school supplies like pens and pencils. organizers say it helps the students start the year off on a positive note. >> we're making sure that we as a black employee resource group as a police activities league do our part in connecting with the community in a situation where they may not have to means or resources to do so. >> they gave away more than 400 backpacks and several thousand pens, notebooks and binders. still ahead. second game of the 49ers
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preseason. they're still evaluating the ros ere. and the giants hoping to distance themselves from the dodgers. joe fonzi up next with sports wrap.
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fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. >> good evening welcome to the saturday night edition of sports wrap. the giants and dodgers continue to play a game of cat and mouse to top the national league west with a big series between the two at dodger stadium approaching. against the mets today at at&t park. you can bet this is not the pitch buster was calling for.
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cespedes back from the disabled list. giants try to make a game of it. the -- bartolow on the mound. you can expect there to be a frenzy for the ball. 3-1 giants closed the gap to 3- 2. jake was on the relief for more. diaz sent one deep. not as deep but works. cespedes will do it again many the seventh. making 24 home runs for cespedes and an 8-4 new york lead. giants weren't finished they made some noise in the eighth and addison reed with the bases loaded. two runs come home on the double for nunezment they make
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it -- nunez. they make it 8-5. a line drive to first span doubled off at second. giants modest win streak ask at two they lose 9-5. the attention shifted to the scoreboard and it is not too early now for scoreboard watching. a's fans remember brett anderson making his second start since returning from back surgery in march. this is how he was greeted. former jiept send one deep -- former giant send one deep. a four-run first. anderson relieved with a runner and replaced by dayton. here's how jose said hi. the only drama was when the game would end. is seventh was delayed for an hour and 19 minutes by rain. an 11-9 win giants in first


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