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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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see any change. i'm a -- with -- it will be a little bit warmer and land tomorrow. but it looks cooler for everybody into the weekend. low fog, decent breeze, temperatures are about the same as yesterday. usually you look for each sign -- a sign of cooler weather. but we have some thunderstorms. we have a roaring delta breeze. that will not eager -- equal warmer weather. 50s here, 58, pittsburgh and antioch. everyone is pretty close together. those clouds will retreat and we know the drill 60s, 70s, and 80s. where do you want to start, sal ? >> yes things are picking up. today, it is the second day
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of school there may not be as many people off. the bay bridge is backed up all the way to a 15 or 20 minute delay. it is another 10 minutes into san francisco. and a live look at interstate and a live look at interstate 880 near the toll plaza -- not the toll plaza i'm sorry, near the coliseum. you will see that traffic is beginning to slow in hayward as we had south. -- go south. we also have slow traffic this morning on 680 we had earlier problems and those are gone. the traffic is a little bit worse than it normally is. if you're on a schedule is you may want to add -- schedule, you may want to add some extra time. president. obama is heading to anna to see the devastation caused by the recent -- to louisiana, to see the devastation caused by the recent flooding.
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the reason his visit is causing criticism >> yes, it will talk about that in a moment. a little bit more than an hour from now he will board air force one, and once he arrives he will meet with flood victims, and local officials. first, the devastation. some are saying that the constant rain likely created the worst disaster since super storm sandy. an estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged, 13 people killed. residents are going back to their homes to start cleaning up and salvage whatever they can and many have all ready applied for federal disaster relief. public and presidential nominee donald trump and his running mate, mike pence visited handing out supplies to many people. some say the president should have been there instead of vacationing in new england. the same be said for hillary clinton. >> the president has been focused on the response, and not frankly, is concerned with the outcome.
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>> just help us, no red tape just help us. don't make us jump through all of these hoops. some of the -- us don't have anything. >> the governor has -- had asked not to come right away because it would've taken away resources. 110,000 residents have filed a federal flood relief. we have also heard from residents who have lost homes and hurricane katrina and moved to baton rouge to be safer, but many of them are just picking up the pieces once again. he is expected to arrive around 10 am this type -- our time. >> so sad to hear those stories. >> yes, video is unbelievable. it is 6:03 am. >> the national weather service is revealing why many people in
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louisiana did not receive more urgent warnings about the severity of this storm in advance. in an interview, they said the likelihood that 20 inches of rain would fall in a 48 hour period was about 1/10 of a percent. local forecasters had trouble predicting the local flooding. there was no historical baggage to draw from. they said that the storm likely would have received more attention if it had been a hurricane. but the wind never got stronger have to issue that advisory. former santa clara county deputy has been arrested and accused of assaulting an inmate three years ago. executor say that the 35-year- old tammy was working -- timmy was working when he kicked an inmate in the head and face. they decided not to file charges at the time. a source says, that he was responding to a call for help from another deputy who was
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struggling to restrain an inmate. he says he kicked the inmate when he tried to grab his leg. in march, the ship's apartment -- the sheriff's department resubmitted the case. he has not worked for the department since august of last year. stanford university has new rules cracking down an alcohol fueled parties. alex savage is on the campus live explain how a high-profile case may have led to these changes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the new alcohol policy here at stanford appears to be a response to the brock turner case will remember he had been drinking heavily -- you will remember he had been drinking heavily a four he sexually assaulted an unconscious woman -- before he sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. hard liquor is banned at those campus policies -- parties.
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in addition to undergraduates are no longer allowed to have any bottle of alcohol larger than 750 ml. those who break those rules could be removed from university housing. we should point out, that this will also apply to seven fraternities and three sororities that are here on the stanford campus. and again, these rules come just a few months after brock turner's sexual assault conviction and diversity officials are trying to make changes hoping that the new rules will help change diversity officials describe as a culture around alcohol. they want to try to change the culture for students. again, new rules in place regarding alcohol. the judge in the brock case -- turner case has recused himself from a sex case. he was supposed to decide whether to reduce a san jose man's felony conviction for permit -- possessing child
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photography. according to the mercury news he recused himself thumbing saying he -- something they doubt that he is under scrutiny. the prosecutors wanted brock turner to get six years in prison. a deadly shooting is under investigation officers received a call just before 5:20 pm at 30 fifth avenue right near interstate at 30 fifth avenue right near interstate 580. take a look at the map. they found one man who shot at least once, who later died at the hospital. they believe that there are two gunmen out there descriptions have been released. the mayor of hercules hand- delivered letters asking for help after a series of pre--- freeway shootings. they took copies to the governor. brown and transportation secretary, brian kelly. in the letter, the mayors asked for money to install surveillance video -- cameras
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along freeways. there have been at least 20 confirmed freeway shootings there since october the city of pittsburgh installed more than 1000 surveillance cameras on highway 4 last month. a preliminary report from san francisco city controller shows that construction than the city may slow down if developers are forced to comply with laws aimed at increasing affordable housing. according to the chronicle, it suggests that it may not be financially feasible for developers to pursue projects where they have to rent at least 20% of the units at below market rates. the city controller says that 18% should be the maximum. the chronicle reports that the controller recommend the same affordability requirements for all neighborhoods rather than hire requirements in hard-hit neighborhoods like the mission and tenderloin. and overboard is expected next month. 4 -- students in
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overlake are now going back to school. coming up, the efforts to replace tens of thousands of dollars worth of sports equipment. that was lost in the fire -- those lost in the fire. -- that was lost in the fire.
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welcome back. a federal terrorism investigation is underway into a weekend stabbing in virginia. they want to know if the attack at an apartment in roanoke was inspired by isis. the 20-year-old was arrested and accused of possibly trying to be had a man. they say that he also injured a woman and according to witnesses, he yelled god is great in arabic during the attack. both victims are in the hospital, we do not know their conditions. there are reports that he may have been on the radar before the attack. in the past year he went to turkey he may have also tried
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to sneak into syria to meet with isis recruiters. turning to the presidential race it is the issue that doesn't seem to go away for hillary clinton she is facing the release of thousands of emails. donald trump is trying to explain what appears to be a shifting position on immigration. doug has more from washington. >> reporter: has donald trump flipped on immigration? and hillary clinton dealing with new email disclosures could at the very least undercut her claims that she has been fully transparent. >> have you considered using facetime instead? >> hillary clinton last night on jimmy kimmel taking light of her latest email problems. >> my emails are so boring. i am embarrassed about that. so we have are you released 30,000, what is a few more? >> a few is actually about 15,000 that she did not turn over. the fbi found them in their
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investigation and the state department has been ordered to make them public. it is not clear what they contain, but it could shed more light on the complicated relationship between then secretary of state, and the clinton foundation. it is reporting to evidence of influence. it is not clear how much traction any of this will get picked >> she has had one big piece of luck in that she has an opponent who has bigger troubles than she does. >> in donald trump is behind in the polls, his latest troubles immigration reform and whether his backing away from a commitment to deport all illegal immigrants. last night he said his priority would be those who committed crimes. >> they knew who they are. we don't do anything. they go around killing people and hurting people and they're going to be out of this country so fast. >> he was slated to deliver an address that has now been put on hold. it took pennsylvania
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emergency crews for hours to rescue a man who got stuck between two buildings early this morning he was jumping from run were -- one roof to the other and got wedged in. they tried to get to them by digging through the walls of the building and when that didn't work, they couldn't tell exactly where he was they move their operations outside and to the roof. they did manage to squeeze him out to come to the hospital and he was treated for an ankle injury. he was embarrassing part, he was up on the roof and try to jump to another roof trying to impress a woman that he had just met. >> boy. let's check in with sal. >> good morning, we're looking at a commute that will be busy. we will start with the east bay, and we're going to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see that is a 15 to 20 minute delay.
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there are no major problems. however, in the dublin area there is a new accident nearly hacienda exit. suddenly, this commute has gone from acceptable to very slow driving from livermore into dublin all of that traffic is slow. remember 680 we had some issues. this entire commute has been slow. this is one of those days where you need extra time. some people will get on 84. that is all ready very clouded -- crowded. this is your commute you might want to get on the road early let someone know they're waiting for you that you will be a little bit delayed. let's take a look at the -- i'm sorry let's look at 280. now, at 616 let's bring in steve. so, lots of smoke and haze. filtering around. and take your pick. down around this area. we have a fire.
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and some of these continue just filtering and with haze guys -- hazy skies. really, you need a cooler air aloft pattern change and that is possible as we go towards the weekend. there are signs of a much cooler pattern into the week on friday. let's see if that holds i think that it will. low clouds, and drizzle a couple of reports around rohnert park and big storms that have since fallen apart. you get 28, a gust of 36 and that is a roaring delta breeze. i have seen gust of 30 and 50s and 60s and low temperatures i think are stuck. and also stamford. and the bay temperatures are also about 60 or 61 to get a little southeast breeze. that holds those up a little bit. 58 monterey, and over from
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carson city it is a little quiet but up and down, look at that activity. and especially into arizona eventually that low pressure will carve itself out a series of systems will dig and probably come in. they might bump up a couple of degrees but that coast staying the same. breezy for some, below average temperatures inland areas are closer to about 86 or 87. and here, pretty warm not as hot as it was. 76, and 78 sonoma and also napa. 82 four travis or fairfield 89 brentwood, but 626 alameda to 68 downtown oakland. lower 80s morgan hill to gilroy, and 70s around the santa clara valley. upper 60s low 70s to middle and upper 70s on the peninsula only
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and then temperatures will drop -- jump up a couple of degrees. >> in general, it is pretty pleasant. >> yes, i think that he is finally broke -- heat is broken for now. >> yes, people are getting sick of that fog. >> it might get chewed up this weekend. >> we might get fun at the beach? >> -- son at the beach -- son at the beach? >> maybe. more fallout following ryan lochte and his olympic scandal.
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new this morning the court of arbitration for sport has decided to confirm russia's ban for the paralympic games in real. the verdict comes after an investigation revealed a state onto doping program. nearly 270 russian athletes will miss this -- games. they accused russia of doping and coverups from 2011 two 2015. and an appeal by the paralympic committee to switzerland's federal court is possible
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though unlikely before the games begin. ryan lochte and his scandal is proving very costly. sponsors are cutting ties which estimates of $1 million. speedo, ralph lauren, and a japanese masters maker are cutting ties. -- matches maker are cutting ties. -- mattress maker are cutting ties. tmc says that there may be one load for him to take. >> we asked him, are we -- are you thinking about going to rehab. because remember, this is something that michael phelps did and he not only resurrected himself but he became a hero of the olympics. and he left that open. >> he said he was drunk when he knocked down a billboard, and the olympic committee said it will take further action
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against him and the other swimmer. >> -- we are seeing unintended consequences caused by the massive release of personal information by wikileaks. the associate rip -- press reports that they published the medical files of 100 of private citizens the sensitive information reportedly includes family information, financial or identity records posted online. wikileaks is also accused of naming teenage rape victims. -- six children, and the mentally --, six children, and the mentally ill. more concerned about the zika virus has the governor. and the mayor accusing each other of not doing enough. miami beach has been singled out as one of the centers of the outbreaks along with a win would neighborhood in miami. miami mayor has said that they
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have not been enough to fight the zika virus and has not kept people informed about the latest cases. and, the governor claims that the mayor is the one who is not stayed on top of things. the battle on the proposed cigarette tax in california is heating up. they are accusing the other of dirty politics. it is known as proposition 56 it would increase the cigarette tax a two dollars a pack. until yesterday people who went in and type yes were automatically redirected to be no on the website. -- the no on that cyber website. >> they are redirecting the web traffic and yes directly to know and that is a violation of california law. >> the yes on 56 campaign filed a formal complaint with the atty. gen.'s office and the secretary of state. the no on 56 campaign call the use of a website and
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inadvertent error and took it down. our time is 6:25 am. seeing a coyote is not rare but this is not your normal coyote sighting. look at this. the health has wildlife officials urgently trying to capture it. comfort food...
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you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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good morning to you. thank you for joining us. tuesday, august 23. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is a must 6:30 am. if you are just waking up, and you want to know how it is outside? >> no change really. thank you. the and then temperatures are maybe a little cooler -- the and land temperatures -- inland temperatures are maybe a little cooler. but most locations are in the 80s. it is cool, too mild, too warm. all sites point towards a cooler in -- forecast was the weekend. today is fog and drizzle. and we have are ready had three reports of joseph. we will probably have storms pop up it went bonkers the last couple of days. be careful. they downpours, and 50s and 60s
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on your temperatures i don't think they will move at all. we are stuck in this pattern. cool too mild, too warm, and generally below average temperatures. upper 60s, 70s, and little -- lower to middle 80s. where do you want to begin? we have a couple of different things. good morning to you. 80 westbound, the cordelia junction the commute has really taken a beating. it is backed up to fairfield as you get back because of a calf -- as you get back there because of an accident. the traffic will be slow then, we moved to 580 westbound from the dublin interchange almost all of that traffic in livermore westbound is slow to be dublin interchange. and, at one point one of the vehicles was on fire. they tried to the to the shoulder but the traffic is very slow.
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and the earlier issues heading down, this commute which had been good for the past few weeks is taking a beating getting out of the dublin area. let's go to some live pictures it is moderate, backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. if you're driving on the san mateo bridge that traffic looks good. this is also easy getting over to the 101. let's go back to the desk. thank you. an american soldier was killed and another wounded while on patrol. it happened in the southern province. the pentagon says that the patrol hit a roadside bomb. and, six afghan soldiers were also hurt. and they help to the in the area against the taliban. they control that 80% of that. back here at home, the city of san jose and its police department is scrambling to get more police officers out
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patrolling the streets. and, just to reassign detectives on police patrols. janine is at the headquarters tell us more about this. >> reporter: well, they are in desperate need for officers as you can see, they what the signs as they are now hiring. just to give you a little bit of a perspective the number i am hearing is that you would need to hire about 170 officers every year for the next six years just to get to 1400 officers. that's what we need -- that's what we had in 2008. that number is taking into account officers leaving and retirements each year. now, the reason for all of this is that this is where officers are needed the most in patrol, they need a minimum of 500 for that duty but when it came time for officers to bid for ships only 400 when it came time for officers to bid for ships only 413 officers are available.
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there are now considering moving around officers to patrol. that means that there will be more focused on the streets, less detectives investigating cases such as poverty, crime, and sexual assault. >> your state of emergency can be a technical term. everyone agrees we have a problem. it is a problem that has been a growing over the last six months for sure. >> -->> reporter: that change may have an impact on the officer morale as well. any look horrid to working different units. but if this move is made some officers will be forced back into the troke. but for patrol officers it would being -- bring relief. they seem to report this, they are going to discuss this. coming up, we will tell you how many more the department is
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expected to lose to retirement by the end of the year. >> thank you. san jose police are asking for help cut they want your help to find whoever killed two brothers sunday night. 35-year-old ramirez and his 27- year-old brother michael both fathers and commercial truck drivers. police say that one or both had left the game life behind them. the gangs apparently didn't let them go they were killed in a drive-by shooting sunday night. >> you become no good to them anymore now you are like a threat to them because your been around them and you know a lot and you know what they know you have seen what they saw, you have been in the meetings and in the inner circle. >> their families are planning a double funeral. it brings the number of homicides so far this year to 33 which is more than all of 2015.
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please haven't released any information about the suspects or vehicle descriptions. but witnesses say, that a white pickup or suv was used by the shooters pick a hearing continues on whether to move the trial of the murder suspect accused of kidnapping and killing the morgan hill teenager sierra lamarr. they are considering motions on the change of venue am depressed -- and suppressing evidence. they say it links -- dean evidence links him to sierra lamarr picks a black hawk man is expected to be formally charged with killing his wife. they say that john hit his wife linda in the head with a hammer more than 20 times. they say that the crime happened at the couple's home. and she had filed for a legal separation from him in april of last year. john has been held at the county jail in martinez since
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he was arrested early this month picks one of the biggest wildfires a mile and a half away from the hearst castle. we said -- we sent by fox flying over the castle it closed because of the chimney fire. state fire officials say that they are ready to protect that landmark if the fire gets too close. but historians are worried about smoke damage to all of the artwork and architecture there. the chimney fire has jumped fire lines several times since it began 10 days ago this morning it is 35% contained. but erratic winds have made it very hard for firefighters. it has burned 52 mi.2 it has destroyed 52 buildings including homes. 1900 buildings directly endangered by the flames. and 2500 people have been ordered to evacuate. today, students are heading back to school in lower lake.
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but they're missing some very important sports equipment. a shed storing equipment was the only real property damage on the campus. the girls soccer team uniforms are also gone. the coach took them home to wash them but her house burned down. players and school officials say that sports can help fire victims regain a sense of control after a disaster. >> a lot of people lost their homes him stuff like that is a lot more important then softball. it does mean a lot to these young ladies that work there but off to fund raise. >> it is like our second home. i can't wait to go back and get into a normal routines and sampling sports again. >> the football team lost some of its equipment and the school band had many instruments destroyed but they still plan to hold homecoming on september 9 as scheduled. summer cal fire says that it's
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firefighters are tired stretch then and they deserve a raise. yesterday firefighters union held a rally at the state capitol they say that brand-new entry-level firefighters are only paid minimum wage and the mid-level firefighters deserve more money. they said that their job has become more and more dangerous with the drought causing bigger wildfires that burn almost year- round. a high priority on the men and women out there fighting the fires and protecting california's one billion-dollar resources. it's only fair. >> they say many firefighters are leaving for better paying jobs with cities and counties. the gauche asians broke down about four months ago after the union turned down the states last best offer. wildlife experts are trying to hunt down and capture a coyote. there are photos on social media.
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wildlife experts say that the coyote is sick suffering from mange. and they have tried to capture him. and they had just came out of reach. and they want to know when and where they see him. they have that coyote welfare rather than wanting to see him dead. they hope that they will let them see the coyote. they do not want people to feed it or go near it because they do not wanted to run away. if you live in rohnert park, you may smell a national gas order. and they are installing a connection to it -- is expressway. and it may be a strong gas order -- odor. they say that is normal. as part of the plant and inspected construction operation.
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the rapper e- 40 will be helping students go back to school. he is said to visit his middle school at 8 pm -- 8 am. this is video of him in the past when he has helped shift -- spread holiday cheer. his real name is earl stevens he would about $27,000 to kids at franklin middle school. >> has done so many things. a man is accused of canceling a reservation and burglarizing that house.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes.
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reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. power has been restored to all but about 50 customers. we have been following this story since 4 am, a car hit a power pole at 2:30 am and
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knocked out power to about 1000 people. the cause of the accident at the heart of this is still under investigation. after being victimized twice over a year they think -- a family is thinking about moving. they caught the two attacks. on saturday it woman pulls up in her mercedes and her two- year-old was in the backseat. a nissan maxima passes by twice and two men jump out and try to open the mercedes doors but they are locked. they sped off and almost crashed into another car. the second incident happened in the last year. the grandmother was getting flowers from the trunk of her car when two different robbers got out of an infinity and was dragged a few feet. they made arrest in both cases but they tell us that they no longer feel safe. it is 6:44 am. police arrested a man who is accused of burglarizing an
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apartment that was listed for rent. the 35-year-old made a reservation earlier this month for an apartment and then he canceled that reservation at the last minute. person renting out the apartment later got a call about somebody opening up a credit account in his name at an at&t store would be picking up a new iphone. it went to the store and arrested him. they also found several items on the apartment in his car. they say they are seeing a trend where criminals make reservations on short-term rentals only to get information about the homes in than later burglarizing. b.a.r.t. is starting to upgraded elevators. if it is to address an ongoing problem. they are damaging the with -- the floors in some cases they had begun to corrode. they are spending $340,000 to
6:46 am
replace it and protect the floor. >> i would really appreciate it now -- i really appreciate it now. there is no smell. >> yesterday they replace the flooring at the coliseum station. they plan to install the new floors in several dozen other elevators by april. >> thank you. let's welcome her back from vacation and see what's coming up. in a couple of minutes we will talk about the fact that thousands of polling places could close under legislation proposed at the state capitol. and if you haven't voted absentee, you may feel a push to do so. what would pop up in the place of those close polling spot is what has to happen before the idea becomes reality. also, will introduce you to a smart watch that the creator says could save your life. much more than getting your
6:47 am
text, and searching the internet, the new technology those into the watch that will monitor your health and could even get you help if you can't call for it yourself. it will talk about the debut that's happening right here in just a few. -- we will talk about the debut that's happening right here, in just a few. and we are following a power outage and antioch. it -- inman -- in antioch. >> yes, it's not really affecting the freeway traffic. but the freeway traffic is getting our attention. as you drive past the lafayette bar station there's a lot more traffic than yesterday heading over to the tunnel. and we also have traffic on 580. that is a mess coming through the livermore valley. we had a couple of accidents blocking lanes near hacienda and that's just terrible traffic.
6:48 am
and there is an accident as you drive south you will see a lot of slow traffic through the hayward area it is solid into fremont. so today, this is much worse. the commute than it was yesterday. at the bay bridge, will see that traffic is backed up for at least a 20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. let's go to steve now with the weather. . after. a big fog bank in place. -- thank you, steve. a big fog bank is in place. not much of a change here. it is mile to warm, but hot if you're in land. a little warmer in land tomorrow maybe a three or 50 jump but no change in the coast or bay. smoke from many fires but, especially monterey coming up a southerly breeze, and hazy smoky conditions and 6258
6:49 am
what's the average 6865. so way below on the side most of the record highs. and it 77, 60. the lows are up but the averages 83. running well below. in the and linda locations are below average. big thunderstorms in the sierra. that has been the big story. and that has continued into the weekend. they fall apart at night but they pick up again in the afternoon. gusts out of the southwest in delta at 35, that is a message that is tough to warm up. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. it's pretty close to everybody. and middle 50s suppressibleã sevastopol and, 72. and 58 monterey, and more that thunderstorm activity during
6:50 am
the last 18 hours and kind of going into the four corners and eventually it looks like that pressure will work its way towards us. and until then, really not much change here coast and bay and lynn temperatures one day cool off -- inland temperatures one day we will cool off and one day we warm up. 60s to 90s here, the warmest towards ukiah, and 70s in between calistoga and vacaville. have upper 80s for some antioch, brentwood, and livermore is 83. we have been running very cool. 77 san jose, 70s or low 80s around saratoga, los gatos. redwood city is 75. wednesday, we will be a little bit warmer in land.
6:51 am
-- inland. >> okay. >> all right cost ep i know you're not hungry, but pay attention. i'm not making this up. how would you like to smell like fried chicken when you are getting a healthy -- a tan? also, a small sliver of would stolen from a san francisco -- wood stolen from a san francisco church.
6:52 am
the oil companies pollute our air.
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putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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san francisco police are looking for an ancient relic. it is a sliver of wood said to be from the cross that jesus christ was crucified on. someone broke into the church and broke the lock beneath the case where the relic was displayed. they had security cameras but not where the theft occurred. >> it is a shame that somebody takes it and prevents the congregation here of having access to that potential for a miracle and possibly is going to probably just try to sell it for a few bucks. >> church officials have placed a sign on the display case asking that the the fraternal relic with no questions asked. i say if it is returned they will put it in a more secure
6:55 am
display case. a deal for a new emergency homeless shelter in san rafael has fallen through. the center wanted to buy a 19,000 ft.2 building on mark drive. the plan was to make it into a year-round shelter providing meals for the homeless and a place to sleep. according to them, the owner are ready had another offer even before the city could put a formal session are ready had another offer even before the city could put together a formal -- all ready had another offer before the city could put in an offer. the airport raise parking fees by 40%. it was $18 a day, it is not $25 a day. it went from $28 a day for short parking to 20 -- $30 a day. sfo plants use the extra revenue to build another long- term parking lot. the san francisco giants
6:56 am
down in southern california will play tonight against their longtime rivals, the dodgers. lle -- la is leading by one game after they beat up the cincinnati reds 18 to 9. look at this, hit after hit they had seven home runs. the giants will send madison to the mound to pitch the first game of this big three-game series. well, i had promising starting pitching but the a's dropped the first game of the series. it was scoreless until the eighth inning that's when the carlos santana went deep to give cleveland a one to nothing lead. that ended up being the final score. those same two teams play again tonight. the man who saved a woman from an attempted kidnapping was honored before the game. he chatted with players and throughout the first pitch.
6:57 am
they say, that he saved a woman as a man pepper sprayed her and try to grab her and dragged her into a car. -- and drag her into a car. the time is 6:57 am, a former jail deputy was arrested. the attack for years ago that he is accused of. and why his only been charged now. -- he is only being charged now.
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good morning. a new stricter alcohol policy for undergraduate students here at stanford. we'll tell you about the high- profile criminal case that may have led to some of those changes. and president obama is headed to floor-ravaged louisiana today. why his visit is drawing criticism and how the white house respond. this and more ahead on mornings on 2. a beautiful tuesday morning, august 23rd. i'm gasia mikaelian.
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>> good to have you back. did you have a good vacation? a staycation. >> gassa, welcome back. go ahead and say it. >> he is feeling under the weather. >> he is. >> i have a lot of company, though. >> yeah, you do. right, dave? >> a lot of people. >> welcome back, gasia. >> good to see you. >> dave and gasia, a lot of haze, a lot of smoke in the air from a lot of fires. big one, of course, big sur. big one by lake naciamento. last week has been pretty bad. that's contributing to it. san francisco, 62-58. not a big difference between the high-low. the highs should be in


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