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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 24, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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all-new today on "right this minute." a mom shares heartbreaking video of her baby to show >> just how serious -- >> what she wants you to know about some of the silent symptoms. an elite group of sky divers unite for something truly spectacular. the precision operation to light up the night. a guy's trying to get a cop's attention but, it ain't working. what happens when he pulls out all the stops. >> what's going on? >> plus the viral internet sensation known simply as chowder. and a funny carpenter pulls a good one on his co-worker. tyler! >> the prank that launched more than 30 million facebook views.
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>> this is a very important video, and the mother of little heidi here who is 5 weeks old decided to make this video and share it to make sure that people understood just how serious whooping cough is. this is video of her daughter, who is battling whooping cough. they do say this is a silent episode which means they have to be extra vigilant, because in a silent episode, children, babies, can stop breathing. and you see that they're holding an oxygen mask right to her face. >> call me ignorant, i didn't know this was still a thing. >> well -- >> i thought whooping cough, that sounds like a disease that was abolished years ago. >> well here's the thing the reason sandra wants this video out is because a lot of people are opting to not vaccinate, so it's becoming a big issue. you know a lot of people have very strong feelings against
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vaccinations, a lot of people have very strong feelings for it. this video is one of the strongest cases in that direction. in the video she's 5 weeks old, still too young to receive the vaccine herself. her mom also wants you to understand what the symptoms are so that when you start seeing them in your own child you know you have to take them to the doctor to get examined and tested immediately. the video's been shared a ton it's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and you'll also be happy to know that little heidi is recovering well. the internet turned 25 yesterday and i didn't get it a present. but don't worry the internet is a very generous friend. gave us a present instead. this pretty awesome video. to the facebook page of katie hundreds of thousands of views and i'm sure it's going to rocket ever higher. >> it's somewhat confusing you see a bundle of arms and legs
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and lights but then you can hear the rush of wind as we is exit the plane now you realize what's going on and then you suddenly realize there's significantly more people in the air than we first thought. this is a sky dive. this is a guy taking part in sky dive chicago you see now as they all come together all the different l.e.d. lights lighting up as they form this formation. this is a group of some of the most elite sky divers in the world who took part in the 2015 vertical world record and they are doing this and i quote, because we can. >> okay as cool as this is i just want to be on the ground and see tiny people floating to the ground. >> oh, i would love to see multiple angles of this. >> what's this? >> my start to smooth apart so they can all start to pull their canopies. >> oh! >> they form a circle and then from the top, super quick. >> wow. >> all right. it's the light. >> the light -- a whole different level. >> i know but i need to see this from the ground because as cool
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as this view is this could be 29 guys dancing in a night club. >> because you can't quite tell where they are. i need to see it from the ground. >> i don't need to see it from the ground to know this is freaking awesome. >> in the uk, cold, hard nerves of steel. you can't fluster them one bit, hard as these guys try. it ain't working. let's try something else. >> not exactly, you know, breaking a law. he's just acting a fool. >> there's a vehicle on a sidewalk. and here we go again. let's try a third time. and we get the attention of this police officer. >> if the guy played dead he would have wondered why are you carrying a dead body. >> this got the attention of police in poland. oops. >> not -- not quite. >> you do it --
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>> right, right there. >> the person driving that vehicle didn't do that by accident because you see there goes the second ram through that gate and a third time finally the car busts through the gate taking that gate with them for awhile. according to reports, that's a stolen vehicle. >> oh. >> and a stolen gate. >> and a stolen gate. the keys were left behind at a party. and the two guys that stole this car just saw an opportunity to steal the keys and the car. they got away. but they were caught in -- >> no! >> and they faced up to five years in prison. >> i'm sure they didn't notice the minivan driving with the gate attached to the bumper. easy to miss. ♪ >> this in my opinion is the cutest dog on the interin the. >> chow chowder. >> yes. i love chows because they have those purple tongues. >> oh, well you're going to love chowder even more. >> chowder's the name.
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>> -- chowder. >> you think chowder's owner tries to dry him off. >> are you sure that's not a animatronic teddy bear? >> no he does look like a teddy bear that's why he's so cute. >> that looks like teddy ruxpin. >> and it does keep getting better. he doesn't like baths very much. >> you know why. look at all that fur that has to dry. >> you see him trying to get -- he scurries up under the bed. look at all of these pictures on chowder's instagram page. >> chowder's a bad dog. >> such a little social media star he has over 55,000 followers, and always gets hundreds of thousands of likes. look at this one. >> 150,000 in dog followers. >> yeah, pretty much. this one says getting my chow-do done. >> that's not like a two minute snip snip you're done job. >> i thought my mane was out of control. chowder celebrates his birthday.
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>> chowder the chow chow chowing down on some chow. >> yes. on a doggie cake. >> dude's ready to step into a tall sun. >> he's going to conquer this rope. >> but see what happens when the wind has other plans. >> whoa! >> and this guy's wrapping for one of the hottest internet challenges. >> but he's got a little something extra. ♪ >> why his version of so gone is so gonna get the girl.l. gonna . >> oh. sy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours.
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it's got the key of the internet in a tizzy. it comes to us from new york. you'll see why quickly as this young girl that you see is just playing around on the fire escape right here and everybody is freaking out. [ speaking spanish ] >> funny enough, though, most of the ire of the internet is coming for the guy behind the camera people outraged that he didn't put the camera down, go up there, go into this building and go up and save this child. but the thing is listen. just listen to what the guy behind the camera does and says. [ speaking spanish ] >> he's using dad voice. as soon as he shouts out, where is your mum, get back inside, what are you doing? you see the young kid turns around, goes back down the stairs very carefully, a little bit of a dodgy bit there on the step before eventually climbing back in the window from whence she came. >> well it is up high.
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but fire escapes arere a thing new york. the only people who admit to being on fire escapes are firefighters, and hookers about to marry richard gere. >> or maybe people escaping a fire. >> that, too, and firefighters. >> check. >> i was getting there. >> good thing she didn't get in the metal on the floor on the side we've seen kids get stuck. thankfully she listened to that guy and ran right back inside. >> in 2003, r&b singer monica had a hit called so gone. ♪ >> 13 years later here we are, and that number one bill board chart topping song is back. except now, it's a challenge. it's called the so gone challenge and everybody, including monica herself, has hopped in on it.
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♪ so gone ♪ get your own man leave mine alone ♪ ♪ don't make me have to bring a snap make you wonder ♪ >> i have to say that was my jam back in the day. >> me, too. >> really? >> mm-hmm. >> sing the song. ♪ >> now you are obviously a loyal fan. >> you make my -- ♪ >> wow. woo-hoo! >> what i'm about to show you has people all over the internet melting. >> what exactly is the challenge? >> people freestyle to monica's song so gone. >> you already did it. >> like i did it.
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>> back to brandon. here you see him at dinner with his lady and her family. her name is ashley young. [ indiscernible ] >> and as you probably know by now he's got a little something extra. ♪ [ indiscernible ] >> oh, oh! >> oh, that's cool. that's a great way to do it. she never saw it coming! >> if you're a performer, you want to make sure that you're always entertaining your crowd, putting on a good performance.
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>> we know. >> sure. >> but you're not walking on a tight rope. >> see that's a pretty cool outfit. >> a bit windy. >> oh, oh. >> whoo! >> all right. all right. >> oh. >> all part of the show folks. >> and down he goes but he grabs onto one of those pieces of fabric. it's fine. a slight bounce. he's going to conquer this rope. >> the problems like, what are you doing? >> show that again. show that again. thank you, thank you. >> he gets right about halfway through. whoa! in >> did he land on top of the dude? >> knocked himself out. >> no! >> oh -- >> oh, easy, easy with him. >> now reports he didn't need any additional medical attention. >> let's go on to the -- >> nowhere near the green, that would be the rough. >> i know nothing about golf. >> i can tell you. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. i can see her problem you're going to try to hit the ball but you've got the tree right there. >> in around the trees. >> no, no.
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a 7 iron. punch, punch it. >> are you a caddie? >> i play golf. . >> the driver. >> oh. >> the club is cracked, broken. >> that looks expensive. >> not anymore. looks pretty cheap right now. >> human sling shots 360 degrees. >> you're all getting stretched out pulled to the brink and then, p.o.w.! >> oh. she's going to need a new nose. >> see it all-new next "right this minute." and still to come, this little kitty needs some help. >> i was feeling that it was broken. >> poor little thing has problems. >> see how some time and a little tlc heals everything. and why these shiny little things are blowing everyone's mind.. >> oh! the right things working together can give you an advantage. like trubiotics with immune support advantage.
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promotional considerations provided by -- gra-d®? my congestion's out of my way strong. allegra-d®. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d®. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. he's a familiar character here on "right this minute." that's dr. matt from vet ranch and this time he's helping out a sweet little kitten. >> kitny so cute. i love kitties. >> he named this little creature. this kitten is about 10 weeks old, flea ridden, probably has worms. but he said this kitten is walking funny. >> he just seems a little bit painful. mostly on this one. >> oh, you're not kidding. >> ow. >> poor little things has problems. >> i could feel that it is
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broken. >> oh. >> so he x-rays this poor kitten, and he discourse -- right there he's got a slipped growth plate he has a broken tibia and a broken fibula but on the other side, the poor thing has a fracture. >> what happened? >> well they don't know what happened. this poor thing was a stray but he says kittens heal so well on their own, he doesn't need surgery. >> we're just going to restrict his movement basically, by keeping him in a small cage, not going to let him jump up and down on couches and beds and stuff like that. like kittens his age normally do. >> going to have to wear kitty cast on his back leg? >> no they're not even going to cast it. >> a splint, something? >> no. >> really? >> i think within three to six weeks he's going to be a normal, functioning little kitty. so today i'm going to give him vaccines, a little dewarmer and put something on him to get rid of these fleas. >> all the surgeries performed here, all the care that they give these animals, supported by people viewing their youtube channel and donations. >> basically we're just going to baby sit him now for another few
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weeks. >> kitty sit. >> kitty sit. we've had him for about two weeks and he is doing really well. >> check out little vanilla here in his little cage. >> now, he is moving around like a normal kitten should. happy little guy. >> and here's the good thing, somebody already wants to adopt it! >> oh. >> cute little thing. i'm glad -- >> thanks for supporting us so we can support him. see you guys next time. >> you guys know i love shiny things, right? >> yes. >> so imagine my surprise when i logged on to facebook yesterday and saw these. >> oh! >> whoa! >> okay. i like this. >> wow. does it leave -- >> that is totally cool. >> yes they're derby shorts -- >> they're like roller derby shorts? >> yes. you know the roller derby ladies
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have to have a little extra flair. they're created by emily, aka suzy seam ripper. >> oh, my gosh. i totally want these. can i have them? >> yes, me too. and i think that's why these shorts and the video has gone viral because you see with the sequins you are one way it changes colors, you rub it the other way back to the original color. >> i think we should all get a pair. >> i think so too! >> oli don't you have a sport coat that was like this? >> oh, that will match my jacket. >> yes. >> waiting for an update. >> oh, lord. >> look at that. you guys probably didn't know that oli was intern for liberace. >> take a little bit of time because the sequin shorts are so popular that they're sold out. they're saying that he has to allow six to ten weeks for delivery. >> no! it will be winter by then! >> i will wear them in the house!
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>> a carpenter's found himself in a tough situation. so, time to call one of the sharpest tools in the shop. >> but see why the only thing he's nailing is one painfully funny prank. comfort food...
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>> oh, my gosh. >> it's science! >> working in the shop with power tools can be dangerous. jason's got a problem. he's put a nail through this finger. time to call one of the sharpest tools in the shop. jason's being pretty cool about this. >> gets to sniff. jason's obviously a little sensitive here. he's being a little tender about this. not very easy. >> the guy still has laser focus. >> got it. he still wants to help! >> whoa! >> he did it again.
2:27 pm
in his defense -- >> was it the shock of the situation maybe? >> maybe. >> oh, come on. maybe -- oh! >> no way. please tell me you're joking. >> -- said so -- >> in this case you can -- you are way -- that's never had anyone, even children respond like that. >> he's so confused. >> about ten minutes -- >> maybe this was in the morning, before he had his coffee. >> i'm not sure he should be working around any sort of power tools whatsoever. >> basically what he did here, put a little bit of red paint on his finger and took one of those staples, just cut the leg off the other staple so his finger
2:28 pm
would slide through so it would look like he stapled his finger. >> oh, that makes so much sense. >> this video quickly got more than 30 million views on facebook and you can see why. >> -- after you understand what it's like to be pushed around and bullied by your coworkers. >> all right you guys are all caught up on the day's best viral videos. go to for more. or tune in to the next "right this minute."
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all-new today, on "right this minute." >> videos of women behaving badly going viral. >> if you all are on the ground -- >> see why this tiger has her fighting shoes on and what this gracious lady dumped in an office building. >> what? >> those ducks might want to keep their eggs away from -- >> ricky tiki atf very the mongoose here. >> see how many times he takes the prize. >> next time i'm bringing one of those. >> as rescuers race towards a stranded kayaker, they send a drone. >> the stunning story behind a life giving delivery. plus revealing the baby's gender with a burnout. and what happens when dennis roady brings his back of tricks to


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