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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a san jose police officer arrested on felony charges investigators say he was speeding -- feeding information to gang members. >> obviously when you get confidential information out from police reports, obviously people's safety is compromised. >> good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a san jose police officer is out on bail tonight after being accused of collaborating with a vietnamese street gang. his arrest was part of a five-
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month investigation called operation gang of thrones. ktvu's azenith smith is at the main jail in santa clara county tonight with the crackdown that ended up netting nearly two dozen arrests. azenith? >> reporter: frank that officer posted a $135,000 bail, many of the other suspects are still behind bars. making their first court appearance today. i spoke to one defense attorney who maintains his client is in docent. you're taking a look at 23 suspected gang members or associates arrested as part of operation gang of thrones. charges include extortion, public corruption, drug trafficking and assault. among the evidence police seed five handguns, 69 illegal gambling machines and alligator and a car with a component hiding 100,000 in cash. authorities also recovered 4000 ecstasy pills, 300 xanax, and 600 pounds of marijuana heading from san jose to louisiana.
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the investigation also turning up something they didn't want. >> sadly, our investigation revealed san jose police officer derrick antonio was providing confidential law enforcement information to members of this gang. >> the nine-year veteran facing six felony counts for unauthorized computer access and for being an accessory after the fact. he's been on administrative leave since june. >> his acts were deplorable. in no way represent the character of the remaining members of this department. as for the suspected gang members tonight carrie pham says his client had no prior criminal history and no gang ties. >> he is a working man. >> the plea would be not guilty and completely innocent of all charges. >> reporter: this is the first crackdown on gangs in vietnamese neighborhoods. back in march of last year, authorities rated a series of cafes confiscating illegal
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gambling machines, last month san jose police released surveillance video from two unsolved homicides possibly linked to gangs. police identified three suspects tied to the cafe in san jose. this man worked near the cafe and suspected suspicious activity there. >> i feel relieved. i hope it stays this way. you know? keep the streets clean and that way it will be a more safer environment for the community and the workers there. >> reporter: san jose police union weighed in on the arrest of one of the officers. calling it a sad day for the department. many of the other suspects are due back in court next tuesday to enter a plea. six people are still outstanding. >> did the chief say anything else about the officer? >> well, he said that it was a punch in the gut to arrest one of the officers today. he also said that one officer arrest does not represent the entire department.
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once they found out he was involved, they didn't hesitate to arrest him. >> azenith smith in san jose, thank you. now to contra costa county where fire crews rushed to a home in pittsburgh's evening on a report of a blind man trapped by a fire. contra costa fire tweeted out this video of that two-alarm fire on west 11th near railroad avenue. you can see smoke was pouring out of the roof of that home. crews say the person inside was rescued and the fire is under control. u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox got a look at the upcoming bart extension to san jose. the new warm springs station in fremont is just about complete and set to open this fall. the 10-mile extension to north san jose is expected to go into service late next year. secretary fox also toured the next phase of construction which aims to bring bart into downtown san jose and santa clara. a half cent sales tax would raise $1.5 billion toward that effort.
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bart passengers may also see more retail shopping opportunities in the coming months. >> it's working with the company to bring stores and services, dozens of stations systemwide. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee has the story where small businesses learned how they can participate. >> how many of you wake up in the morning and you cannot wait to go take that b.a.r.t. train? >> reporter: the answer from the audience of small business owners was laughter. they are attending an open house looking for the opportunity to expand their businesses by setting up shop at one of bart's 43 stations. one potential bart retailers is a brick and mortar store is beyond her reach right now. >> really expensive. to get a lease, to try to put together a whole package. >> reporter: selling her home -- her homemade soap products at a b.a.r.t. station could be the first step
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in realizing her dreams. she said she sells online and at farmers markets. >> it's a great opportunity for local businesses. >> reporter: the company partnering with bart hopes to find about 40 to 50 retailers. these are artist renderings of what the retail spaces would look like. ceo says there will be a wide range of offerings from clothing to personal services. a pilot program was launched last november at the montgomery stations. >> one of our partners was an organic dry cleaning company. that allowed barred writers to drop off and pick up the dry cleaning on their way to work. >> reporter: the length of the leases ranges from one to seven years. depending on which station and how large the space, rent can run from $1000 up to $4000 a month. for example a space at the station will be the most expensive because of the high volume of passengers. one nonprofit which helps entrepreneurs says this could
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be a great fit for many small businesses. >> the vibrancy, the investment and to see open possibility is a long time coming. i'm happy about this. >> reporter: the bart stations in san francisco and oakland will be the first to launch this retail expansion. frank and julie >> amber lee in oakland tonight, thank you. hillary clinton wrapped up a series of fundraisers in the bay area tonight, apple ceo tim cook hosted the third and final fundraiser in los angeles -- los altos. a clinton supporter shared this picture with us. earlier in the day clinton attended a fundraising luncheon at the hotel in redwood city where clinton supporters paid as little as $1000 to as much as $27,000 to attend. and in the crowd was at least one registered republican who told us why he is voting for
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clinton in the upcoming election. >> my party has gone completely mad. you know? i think hillary will be a great president and i hope four years from now i can go back to voting republican but for now, it's hillary. >> last night clinton was raising money in piedmont, she began her week in southern california and in just three days hillary clinton has raised an estimated $12.5 million for her campaign. republican presidential nominee donald trump tried to clarify his shifting views on immigration policy during an appearance in mississippi. he held a rally in jackson after appearing in tampa florida earlier today, on the topic of immigration trump appeared to praise president obama by saying the president has removed a tremendous number of illegal immigrants from this country. trump said he would follow existing laws and do the same thing but do it with more energy. he also lashed out at his democratic opponents portraying her as self-centered. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. who sees people of color --
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only as votes. not as human beings. worthy of a better future. she's going to do nothing for african-americans. she's going to do nothing for the hispanics. she's only going to take care of herself, her husband, her consultants, her donors. >> trump has been relentless in his relentless in his accusations that clinton used her role as secretary of state for personal gain saying donors to her foundation had special access and influence over her decisions. tonight clinton fired back on cnn saying trump's accusations are ridiculous. and that trump is essentially creating a lot of smoke with no fire. governor jerry brown said today he would sign a 10-year extension of california's landmark climate change law. earlier in the day lawmakers renewed the legislation sending it to the governor's desk. the law imposes a tax on pollution and also includes
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mandates for zero emission vehicles and restricts the carbon content of gasoline and diesel fuel. the governor calls the passage of the legislation a milestone for the state. >> the passage of this bill gives legislative force to our clean air goals for 2030. this is a real commitment backed up by real power as a result of the votes taken. >> the legislation set ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in california to 40% below 1990 levels by the year 2030. a waterfront stadium for the oakland a's may be a long way from reality. we are told that team executives will be scouting out a spot at the port tomorrow. that proposed site is at howard terminal a half-mile from jack london square. ktvu's tom vacar walks us through the pluses and minuses. >> reporter: the port of
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oakland has very large underutilized spaces that could be used for sport venues. the a's confirm howard terminal on the estuary right next to jack london square is under consideration. these drawings from the kansas city architectural firm of mennecke envisions two pairs of cargo cranes framing a waterside venue. >> numerous expressions of interest in the howard terminal. right now it is used for maritime related purposes. such as drayage truck parking. and the port will listen to any appropriate use that makes financial sense and sounds good for the community. >> reporter: there are reports that the site will be examined tomorrow by no less than majority co-owner john fisher and perhaps mayor schaaf. >> this is not the only one they're looking at. but they've gotten very serious, they are only looking in oakland. we're going to keep our a's in oakland. >> reporter: the large enough howard terminal has pluses and minuses. minuses, no direct freeway
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access to already congested port and jack london square streets. pluses include direct ferry access on a dock that can handle multiple fairies at the same time. plus the biggest plus, rabid fans. >> i feel would be a great idea for the community and this team overall. drawing the new fan base and keep the old fan base as well. >> they need a new park because there's not enough people coming to these games right now. you know? they put something nice out of the water like the giants. >> the thought of having a stadium, that's a good thing to me. >> reporter: even though there has been proposal after proposal after proposal, either here in the bay area or somewhere else, these things do at some point in time have a tendency to have an endgame. it does seem we're getting very close to that. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. a devastating toll from a destructive fire. at 10:30 a new assessment of
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the clayton fire in lake county as people who live there are asking for help. today was a little bit warmer than the other days we had this week so far but tomorrow temperatures are going to trend downward. how cool it will get and the bay area weekend, you'll be surprised at what i show you.
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it is now morning in italy where rescuers are trying to pull survivors to safety following a earthquake which reduced entire towns to rebel. there was a celebration overnight as crews pulled a 10- year-old girl alive from the ruins of a collapsed building. in the last hour officials raised the death toll to 247. italian officials say it's likely to rise again, the large number of vacationers in that area, for the final days of most italians summer break. the 6.2 magnitude quake was centered 80 miles northeast of rome in central italy. san francisco's historic north beach neighborhood shares a strong bond with italy. this earthquake came as a real shock for a lot of people ktvu's is at -- jana katsuyama is a washington square where there was a special prayer service. jana? >> reporter: julian frank, this
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priest said he wanted to pray for those souls who lost their lives over there in italy especially here in north beach which shares an historic connection with the devastated region. we hope for healing. and the power of song and prayer brought people to the church of saint peter. >> we pray. >> reporter: thoughts this wednesday night about italy. >> the earthquake in italy is something that we want to pray for and especially this community because north beach has been, italian community for a long time. >> reporter: the stones and stained-glass of this san francisco church rose up to the destruction -- after the discretion of the 1906 earthquake here. paris shares a bond with italy. >> a priest who built the church of saint peter and paul in north beach was from that
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region of italy. >> reporter: now among the areas devastated by this week's quake. in the bay area italian- americans and ex-pats watched news reports, stunned. >> so close to your house, something wakes up, wait a minute. you know? it touched me too close. now it's a really close call. >> reporter: alessandro, the owner of a restaurant says he got a call from his parents. >> my mom and dad live in rome. they woke up because the house was shaking. >> friends and family are all fine. but the scenes of suffering pull at his heart. >> we want to help, somehow you want to help. but you're on the other side of the world. >> reporter: a world some say that remembers in these moments of deep pain and loss, our deepest humanity. and compassion. >> we pool our energies together and there is no evil without some good. >> reporter: jacob pebley the
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owner of the restaurant said he wanted to do something so he is holding a fundraising dinner on monday. and donating the proceeds to disaster relief efforts in italy. i also spoke with staff and they say they have established emergency hotline for anyone trying to reach someone in italy. in the devastated area. we have posted that on our website. >> jana katsuyama in san francisco tonight. two years ago to the day that a powerful earthquake hit the napa valley, 6.0 quake damaged hundreds of billions and as alex savidge reports, for some repairing the damage has been slow. >> reporter: the damage wasn't extensive. some cracks in the walls and a crumbling brick chimney. that damien and melinda say it has taken nearly two years to repair their home which was yellow tagged after the quake. >> we didn't know we could get
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in line to get it repaired. we saw other houses that were way far off worse than us. >> reporter: $6000 in damage but they didn't have the money and they grew frustrated trying to get federal aid. eventually habitat for humanity stepped in to do the work for free. >> the fact we did get help from habitat and the community, it's a blessing. >> reporter: with their fireplace finally fixed, they are now looking forward to the holidays. >> seeing stockings on the mantle and having the home be heated by the wood burning fire. >> reporter: still today there are more than 700 buildings in napa that have some sort of quake damage. downtown, scaffolding surrounds the first presbyterian church where the violent shaking shattered stained-glass windows and rocked the foundation. but just last month a major milestone. >> finally. >> reporter: the congregation
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returned to its sanctuary after having to hold services in the gym for almost two years. >> it was never really about the space. it was really about the people and how we as a congregation have really over those two years have really come together , to think about what's really important as we worship. >> reporter: restoring this sanctuary took a lot of time but also a lot of money. and to pay for those repairs the church relied on the generosity of this congregation. raising $1.5 million. they say it was a true blessing from the community. >> and the final step in fixing this house of worship? straightening the leaning weather vane on the top of the steeple. >> reporter: what has been an unmistakable reminder of the disaster. >> for me, it really symbolize we're a work in progress and we have straightening out to do. >> reporter: alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. >> severe weather earlier
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today, upper ohio mississippi valley up here near indiana, some very strong storms, as you push through, you see by cleveland this line of thunderstorms he is moving off. the tornado warnings and watches have been broad but as the system progresses east, towards williamsport and out towards pittsburgh on the eastern seaboard you're going to start seeing more severe weather developer, so if you have travel plans to the northeast tomorrow, check your carriers, you might see a ripple effect from some strong severe weather. numerous or a number of tornadoes today and some damage. the fog off our coast is deep, thick, it's not going away. temperatures tomorrow will be like today. maybe a little bit cooler in some places. a lot of fog already pushing over the east bay hills. livermore valley and central. air quality is good with the pattern, fire danger is down but talking about temperatures that are down as well. so forecast, there's the footprint, fog footprint. everybody's got some. even san jose.
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a little further south, there's your afternoon tomorrow. yellow 70s. there's the pitcher. we've been looking at that footprint for the last couple weeks. that's the story for tomorrow like today. slightly cooler, next time i see you, long forecast and the chance for more smoke from the soberanes fire moving into our area. unprovoked attack. a woman punched repeatedly on the sidewalk, it's hard to watch. the attackers description and what he demanded from her. the giants really in need of a win tonight at dodger stadium where pitching and defense dominated, mark ibanez will show as the only run that scored.
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new at 10:00, detectives in contra costa county have recovered several large
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sculptures stolen from a home near martinez. these are pictures from the sheriff's facebook page showing some of the items that were stolen. detectives say they were taken during two burglaries at a home on a libra valley road last month. authorities say they got several tips and finally located the stolen items in el sobrante, 49-year-old charles summers of san pablo was arrested for possession of stolen property. he is a parolee held at the county jail. police in hayward are asking for the public's help in locating two men suspected of a deadly stabbing. investigators released these sketches today, take a look. the attack happened on sunday august 14 in the 900 block of cottonwood avenue. jason be a guess of hayward was pronounced dead at the scene. witnesses told police two assailants fitting the descriptions of the men in these sketches here, left the scene in a white car. anyone with information is urged to contact hayward police department. the two men hit by a taxi cab at a shoe so -- shoeshine
10:26 pm
stand are hospitalized. today we spoke to one of the men, mohammed saleem bey told us by phone from his hospital room that at first he had no idea what happened. he thought someone had set off a firecracker. he quickly realized the cab had jumped the curb. bay broke his hip and now has a pin in his knee. he says the other man who works for him known as jazz suffered much more serious injuries. as for the cause of the crash, investigators say the taxi driver may have had a medical issue and hit the gas pedal instead of the break. the cab demolished a newsstand as well as a shoeshine stand located at sutter and market. the cab driver has been released from the hospital, quoted as telling the san francisco chronicle that he is sorry. two more people behind bars suspected in the killing of a homeless man in golden gate park. the killing happened in may. a man's body was found facedown in the lake near the end of
10:27 pm
haight street. 19-year-old samantha runs from was arrested in flagstaff arizona this week. 26-year-old michael grasso was picked up in san francisco. the two along with four others already in custody are charged with killing 66-year-old stephen williams. investigators say williams was beaten and tortured over a period of three days before being dragged into the water. starting on friday money will be available to help property owners upgrade their wood-burning fireplaces and heaters. the bay area air quality management district has approved $3 million for the program, the goal is to reduce pollution caused by woodsmoke and its health effects. the grants vary in amount depending on the type of device being installed. only 1500 grants are available, the money is on a first-come first-served basis. you can apply online, the program opens friday at 10:00 a.m. she was punched over and over while out for a walk for no apparent reason. the description of the attacker that police are looking for.
10:28 pm
in recovery mode, how people came together tonight to take their first step to rebuilding after the clayton fire.
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this is hard to watch. a woman attacked on a street in san francisco and punched repeatedly and police say this attack was totally unprovoked. it happened over the weekend in the pacific heights neighborhood. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us the woman told investigators her attacker made a strange request. >> reporter: the video is hard to watch so if you don't want to see i would suggest covering your eyes. what you see in the surveillance is a woman walking down this very sidewalk when a man walks up alongside of her and starts punching her in the face for no apparent reason. san francisco police released this video to ktvu.
10:31 pm
it shows a woman strolling on the sidewalk that borders lafayette park around 7:45. suddenly a man walks up beside her, says a few words and starts punching her in the face. after he's done, he tries to pry her hands off of her face but the woman is able to guard herself. >> i believe he asked her to say, say you're sorry. something along those lines. she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about because she did not know him. >> reporter: the victim was able to call 911 on her cell phone to get help. she suffered a broken nose and was treated at the hospital. police believe the suspect may have been high on drugs or alcohol or perhaps suffered from melt -- mental illness. white male, 40 to 50 years old wearing a dark sweatshirt possibly. authorities have been unable to find any witnesses so they are asking anyone who might have seen something to come forward. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. victims of the fire in lake
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county packed the community meeting. they were told damage from the clayton fire has hit $25 million. new at 10:00, ktvu's debora villalon is live in lower lake with the questions people were asking tonight. debora? >> julie, so much to think about, can you imagine after your house has burned down, people are coming here to the lower lake fire station to pick up free cleanup supplies. masks, gloves, garbage bags, hazmat suits. cases of them as the community starts taking its first steps. spot your spirits are actually admirable. given what you guys have gone through. >> reporter: for a week fire evacuees dealt with what-if, now they are asking what now? >> a list where you sign up for the hazard cleanup. >> there will be, we don't have that yet. >> is there some way to get the federal regulations waived on a temporary basis? >> we are required to pay the
10:33 pm
fees. >> this fire recovery task force was already in place. >> reporter: from last year's devastating valley fire, now it's shifting to help 200 more families made homeless by the clayton fire. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the losses more than double early estimates. when it roared through lower lake neighborhoods. only this week residents got the all clear to return to the ruined properties picking through ash for anything recognizable. >> whatever you need, we'll pick it up. you will see a yellow or green fire truck. >> damage to lower lake wasn't severe enough to qualify for federal disaster aid. that threshold is 800 homes. so no fema but state assistance programs will kick in. >> we're hoping that fda gets on the ground by next week.
10:34 pm
we think so. they would then be evaluating lost businesses, lost homes and kicking them to help. >> what lower lake has going for it? >> reporter: water and sewer infrastructure. so it will be easier to rebuild than stricken communities that were on wells or septic systems. >> i didn't lose my home. i have no idea what that's like. no idea. i'm not going to pretend to but i will tell you that i will be here until this is done. >> reporter: people were told to expect it to take two months for hazmat crews to clear the fire wreckage. those meetings will rollout new information every two weeks. there's also the local assistance center here in downtown lower lake. and the fire stations have all kinds of supplies to help people move forward. >> so nice to see all those boxes and boxes of resources and supplies for everyone to move forward. thank you. the city of oakland is looking for a new police chief
10:35 pm
after the department sex scandal led to sean wentz removal in june after sean went, two other chiefs cycled through within days. for now the department is being run by the city administrator. we spoke to mayor libby schaaf on "mornings on 2", she said the city is close to announcing plans to get public input. >> we're going to be having different meetings all over the city, we're going to have an online survey for people who can't make meetings. we want to hear from them too. >> we spoke with people from -- familiar with the process of finding a chief. they say the average search takes a minimum of four to six months and is usually a methodical and painstaking process. tim cook is marking five years as ceo of apple and to mark the occasion listened this, the company unlocked stock bonuses for tim cook worth more than $100 million. cook took over from steve jobs steve jobs as apple's chief executive back on august 24, 2011. since then the company's stock has increased in value by 132%. on wall street stocks
10:36 pm
closed lower today led by sharp declines in healthcare sector, the dow jones industrial average fell 65, the nasdaq was down 42, s&p 500 dropped 11. another planet that could support life, the discovery that astronomers describe as hitting the jackpot. comfort food...
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yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. several people believed dead and as many as 25 injured following an attack at the american university in kabul. a number of gunmen forced their way onto campus. after detonating a car bomb at the front gate, professors and students took cover in classrooms and safe rooms. at least two of the attackers were killed. u.s. state department calls the incident an attack on the future of afghanistan. a 28-year-old man from southern california has been identified as the american soldier killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan. staff sergeant matthew thompson from orange county was killed yesterday while on patrol in
10:40 pm
helmand province. he was a member of the green berets and was on his first deployment to afghanistan after previously serving in iraq. almost 10,000 american troops remain in afghanistan in support of the afghan government's efforts against the taliban. thompson's death is the second u.s. casualty in afghanistan this year. imagine being on vacation and being bitten by one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. it happened to a bay area teenager three months ago in central america. within seconds she was unconscious, her mom didn't think she was going to make it. but she did. ktvu's rob roth tells us it's been a long road back. >> reporter: stroke by stroke audrey benton is working her way back not only to her high school water polo team in american canyon but to the way she used to be. that she's come this far is something of a miracle. here is why. >> i got bit on this ankle. >> reporter: bit by a snake in
10:41 pm
belize. not just any snake, this snake, one of the most poisonous in central america. it struck audrey while she and her family were walking on the sidewalk at a resort in june. >> no scar. >> reporter: within seconds she was unconscious and having seizures. her family rushed her to a medical clinic. >> i was absolutely convinced that this where she was going to die. i couldn't -- i could not at that moment imagine anyone being able to provide -- to survive what was happening to her. >> i remember waking up in the hospital and seeing my mom and family. >> reporter: audrey was flown by ambulance to florida, she had also suffered a stroke perhaps triggered by anti- venom. recovery has been steady but far from complete. >> there's thousands of mental tasks we do in a day. she is essentially having to relearn almost every one. >> reporter: audrey is not ready to attend school where she was a candidate to be valedictorian. but she expects to be ready for
10:42 pm
water polo. >> i'm competitive. so it's -- it's just like -- feel good in the water and doing swimming helps a bit of that too. >> reporter: for her mother watching audrey regain her abilities is a joy but one laced with uncertainty. >> has a little bit of fear mixed in with hope. very complex and emotional situation to be in. >> through it all audrey's family is receiving support often from people they don't even know. >> a lot of angels in the world. and they come in a lot of different, surprising places. >> reporter: in american canyon, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. nice to see her doing better. >> what a story. coming up, a discovery years in the making, the closest planet yet that could support water and life. also chief meteorologist bill martin tracking cooler weather.
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astronomers say they hit the jackpot spotting the closest planet yet that could possibly support life. the european southern observatory says the planet orbits a star in alpha centauri. that's the nearest star system to earth just over four light- years away. scientists say this planet is in the goldilocks zone, that area is warm enough for liquid water which obviously is a key component for life. checking out the temperatures from today, a nice day, slightly warmer in many places. especially inland and yesterday still really not all that warm, 85 in fairfield, 86 livermore. slightly warmer, temperature
10:46 pm
this was the one day, temperatures tomorrow go the other way. inland bay valley, back into the mid-and low 80s. we talked about that severe weather on the east coast. that continues in the northeast. for us we continue on with the fog, sun pattern with pretty good air quality because of the onshore winds. strong onshore winds, fire -- hayward and fremont, working its way down towards milpitas, there's the bay bridge, thursday is going to be a lot like wednesday and tuesday. except a little bit cooler, there's the high that made today the warmest day which wasn't that one. tomorrow as we get towards the end of the day towards the weekend we're going to see low start to move in and that's going to start doing this, southerly wind pulling into the slow, bring that smoke up from the soberanes fire which was a problem last week at this time. remember? still burning down there, not out yet. we had that poor air quality with the southwind. look for the potential for that smoke to move into the santa
10:47 pm
clara valley and then parts of the tri-valley area, going to favor the south bay valley and the east bay valley. san francisco, san rafael not going to notice it. oakland you won't notice it. mainly out in this area in the far edges. 88 in brentwood, that's the warm spot, 75 in hayward, find 86 in morgan hill, 80 in san jose. nice day similar to today. five-day forecast is one that if you are in the firehouses, for cal fire, pretty happy with it because that's a really good scenario. not looking -- these are the highs, as hot as it gets. you may pop 90 somewhere. even up in sacramento where you might expect mid-90s, or low one hundreds, you're going to be in the low 90s. so there's the five-day forecast, a nice-looking one, we didn't do any stories about fires today. notice that? didn't do air quality issue
10:48 pm
stories because of the five-day set up this way. >> and it's getting dark earlier. it was chilly when i went out. like fall. >> jake has got football friday. >> yeah. it is fall. friday night lights. before we get to football, a little baseball to talk about. giants and dodgers, game two. ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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how about those a's? how about the beat goes on? >> man. i have talked to so many hard- core giants fans who say they can't take it. they can't watch. >> it's hard to watch. >> what's going on here? >> yeah. >> we say that every night. >> we do. >> the beat goes on. i mean, they are, if it ain't one thing, it's another. giants for sure, the collapse continues. so many fans frustrated because if you look at it, very talented, highly paid, but they have a lot of guys grossly underachieving and it's a combination, boring and agonizing to watch. the dodgers are now three up in the west. not to say there isn't plenty of support, guys underachieving, not johnny cueto. he was on his game tonight and looked like brandon crawford, another guy coming through, that is a sensational play to rob chase utley early in the ball game. however, as you look at the
10:52 pm
replay, brandon crawford would have a chance to be a hero with a bat later and that wouldn't work out either. one little mistake for justin turner, from cueto, writes it over and lofting his 24th home run of the year, solo shot. 1-0 and it would hold up. brandon crawford, they couldn't touch rich hill, six scoreless but they threaten joe blanton, two on, two out, brandon crawford gets good wood on it, deep right-center, you are thinking finally. no. josh reddick another former a with the catch, 1-0 the final. they've lost four games in the standings in the last four days. the giants have lost 8 out of 10. you talk to most fans they will tell you one of the worst if not the worst trade ever made by the athletics, josh donaldson to toronto. not saying they are not kind of right but be fair, one of the guys they picked up is really coming on of late.
10:53 pm
the pitcher wins another, the a's put the indians away early, two of three in the series. and in a five-run second, getting a look at the youngsters, about as last month or so, ryon healy base hit scores crash davis who had tripled. 1-0. another youngster max muncy in a 5-38 funk, another rbi single to center, yonder alonso scoring. get this, two on, two out. danny valencia easy pop. the son was in my eyes. fair to say it was. carlos santana, that's a great play. 6 2/3, only one run, and he is a 10 game-winner now. so he is looking good. once teammates, still very good friends, but they have flip-flopped in the record books. albert pools with this longshot passing mark mcgwire, on the all-time home run list. the angels victory over toronto, pools now has 584 home
10:54 pm
runs, future hall of famer having a good year also, 99 rbis. coming up on the third preseason game, for both the 49ers and raiders which is usually when you get a good idea of who the coaches are leaning towards when the real deal begins, a little different twist for the 49ers, third exhibition features quite a bit of colin kaepernick. has not played a down so far. plenty of action against green bay friday, sore shoulder has kept him out so far. looks like blaine gabbert has the first string job but kaepernick publicly believes he has a shot at it. >> most definitely. i'm going to show everything i can. the next few games and make sure i put my best foot forward to show this organization and coaching staff what i'm capable of. i don't think there's any reason for me to be cautious or feel uncomfortable on the offense. i'm very excited about what we're capable of doing and opportunities that we do have.
10:55 pm
meanwhile we do know he will start at the all-important quarterback spot for stanford. not much separating the two guys going for it. nonetheless david shaw had to go with one. that will be senior ryan burns narrowly winning the competition at least for now over keller chris, burns, big guy, 6'5", 235, 30 mobile considering his size and kind of reminds me of andrew luck although let's not put him in that sentence quite yet, both quarterbacks are going to play in the opener next week against kansas state. she has made a career of overshadowing her great athletic talent by getting into trouble. one time after another, hope solo has done it again, remember her calling the swedish national team a bunch of cowards during the olympics? because they played an offensive lee on aggressive, defensive oriented game against team usa? and beat team usa. solo suspended for six months. united states soccer president says her comments were unacceptable and do not meet
10:56 pm
the standard of conduct required. certainly wouldn't be unprecedented because bill bradley, kevin johnson, governor arnold, just to name a few, that is athletes, going into politics after athletics. tell you what, kobe bryant looks the part. he might have that in mind down the line in l.a. today, officially kobe bryant day. and he certainly has a way of unifying the city. he is addressing the gathering today, a certain way about him. >> there he is with his wife and -- >> he still has the great smile. >> they love him down there. he's been in l.a. 20 years. and you know, you never know. didn't rule it out when asked about that. >> mark, thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow night.
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