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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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sports in oakland. the san jose police department responding to claims that a staffing shortage caused a bacon festival caused it to be postponed. and good afternoon. i am mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian. today oakland a's executives and officials with the port of oakland are expected to tour a site that could be the future site of the a's. >> it's at howard terminal on the estuary a half mile from jack london square. ktvu's alex savidge live with more on what we are expecting from this visit. alex. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon to you guys. this is being described as a technical tour. a way for the a's to figure out if a ballpark would be feasible here at this site. we understand that will happen within the next few hours, sometime later this afternoon. a's executives will be touring
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the howard terminal at the port of oakland. executives expected to meet with a number of port officials to talk about building a new stadium here. and hopefully we can get you a look at some of the artist's renderings done by an architectural firm out of kansas city. a couple of cargo cranes flaming what would be a waterfront ballpark. has a similar feel to at&t park in san francisco. we know that the oakland mayor says this plan is in the very early stages. still she says that today's tour shows the a's are serious about building a stadium here in oakland. of course, this is also big news for the grassroots group save oakland sports. >> it's a beautiful site here. look what the giants have done. this would be rivalling at&t park. born and raised in oakland. 44 years old. talk about jack london square
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forever. if you could get 35 plus how to people down here 81 days a year, very exciting. >> reporter: now, there are some drawbacks to this particular site. first off, it's a long walk to the nearest bart station. as of right now there is no freeway exit that would get drivers to this immediate area. one appealing aspect is it can handle direct ferry access. we are standing by here at the howard terminal at the port of oakland. we expect executives will be taking a tour of this waterfront site thinking about the possibility of building a ballpark here. that tour is going to happen sometime later this afternoon. tom vacar is following this story. he will have the updates on that tour and what comes of this meeting on later editions of ktvu news at 4, 5, 6 later today. >> for years we at ktvu have been following the hunt for a
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new site. we will bring in jason applebaum. >> the silent owner of the a's, you hear from lou wolf. i think the fact that he is getting involved is a good sign they are serious about it. also a couple months ago the new commissioner of baseball said that oakland is viable, the east bay is viable. i think the a's think oakland is a site and revisiting the waterfront is a great, great sign. they have done this kind of in the past. the fact he is there is a very, very significant thing. i think it says that they are realizing it's oakland or nothing. >> i like he has been attached to the earthquakes and what he did to bring avia here. he wants a beautiful stadium whether it's at the coliseum site or along the water behind
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it. >> he built a beautiful stadium for the earthquakes. oakland or nothing. now, the fans, they have a little bit of a different take. they have been hearing about different sites for so long. does this feel more real to them? >> i don't really know what to believe. i would say i would like to keep hoping, but it does get a little tiring after a while to keep hearing about it and it never happens. >> i would like to see them stay. i have been hearing going, leaving for a long time. i think people are tuning out like it's just politics. >> there was like five or six years ago it was pretty positive they were moving to free month. that fell through. didn't happen. so now kind of i am going to keep coming until i can't come here any more. >> you get the wake me when it's over type attitude from the a's fans. they keep coming out and supporting the team despite the fact that the owners say we
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can't play at the oakland coliseum. the fans want them to stay. >> build it on the water because that opens up that coliseum site for the raiders and hopefully they stay here. the parking lot is yours. knock it down. build what you want. >> that would be great. >> that would be great. >> five days ago the raiders applied for a trademark for the las vegas raiders. meanwhile, there are ren decisions out -- renditions that have come out. very, very premature. it means that the raiders are at least preparing for vegas if it does happen. these renditions the southern nevada tour infrastructure committee met this morning. they were talking about a hotel tax. we don't know the results of those meetings. a hotel tax to raise money to help pay for this $2 billion stadium. they want public money in the
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form of $750 million. so they would raise taxes on hotels for tourists to come in. the hotel tax. 750 -- that's 40% of the stadium. mark davis, from his perspective. if they want to build a stadium for him, he has about 200 million bucks, if they want to build a stadium for him. i think he is serious about leaving. nfl has to vote on it. several folks say no way vegas could support a team. if they go 5 and 11 there would be 8,000 people in the seats. but that said, they are bringing in a hockey team. other people have different opinions. we shall she what happens. >> trademark thing shouldn't be seen as oh my gosh? >> no. he filed it five days ago. i think they are preparing if it does happen, they want to be ready. so it's not a sign they are leaving. >> okay. perfect. thank you. a father is under arrest
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for the horrific abuse of his six-week-old daughter. santa clara county deputies were called to valley medical center after the baby was taken there with cardiac arrest on sunday. x-rays uncovered 14 bone fractures, including a skull fracture. >> it's a horrific crime because you have a 6-week-old victim. she can't call 911. she can't tell you what's hurting. it's horrible. >> authorities say the bay bridge's mother is the victim of domoic abuse as well. matthew zab all a being held in the main jail on half million dollars bond. an officer was hurt rescuing a man trapped in a fire. firefighters tweeted out this video. two pittsburg police officers forced their way into that house and found a blind man
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lying on the floor unconscious. he was transported to the hospital surrounding from smoke inhalation. one of the officers got a severe cut on his arm getting inside and had to go -- undergo surgery. investigators believe this fire was accidental. the rescue and recovery efforts continue in italy today after yesterday's mastiff 6.2 earthquake that killed 241 people. >> there have been hundreds of aftershocks reported today. amy kellogg has the latest from italy. >> reporter: the devastation is extensive here in central italy. three towns have been wiped off the map. entire blocks of buildings crumbling to the ground as residents slept. the government mounting a rescue operation racing to find trapped victims before it's too late. around 1,000 men and women from our police forces are represented here are involved, and more than 1,000 firefighters are represented. we also have 400 people from the armed forces and more than
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3,000 others from different organizations. >> reporter: those efforts are slowed by frequent aftershocks. more than 100 since the initial quake. with rescue workers using heavy lifting equipment, search dogs and their bare hands in many case whens they think some people inside could still be alive. >> we use all the necessary means, including the very important role of the dogs. we have 30 of them working in the rubble. we are focusing on the possibility of finding somebody alive. >> reporter: survivors are assessing the damage. many finding they are returning to homes that have been completely destroyed, pinning their hopes on the government's pledge to rebuild the region. >> today is a bit better. we are hopeful that help will come. we need help because we don't have anything any longer. >> reporter: the italian civil protection agency issued an initial estimate for the reconstruction. somewhere around $11 billion. amy kellogg, fox news. we are learning one of the 13 people killed during a nine
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hour siege of the american university of afghanistan was a former stanford university law school fellow. he was a teacher at the university where seven students, three police officers, and two security guards were also killed. the attacks started with a suicide car bombing at the university entrance followed by two gunmen storming the campus. after a nine hour standoff the gunmen were killed by police. stanford university called the death a heartbreaking loss. they say he was a full bright scholar and an extraordinarily charismatic and courageous young leader. donald trump campaigning for young latino and african- american votes while the founder of wikileaks claims he has more information that could affect the clinton campaign. >> reporter: donald trump at trump tower this morning with republican operatives as they try to build a plan to bring in
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young and minority voters. >> they have been let down by hillary clinton and the democrats. >> reporter: last night trump telling folks at rally in mississippi his opponent was bad for minorities. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> reporter: on the democratic side the founder of the site that unearthed the dnc e-mails that brought down chairman debbie wasserman schultz promising more damaging leaks for hillary clinton. >> a variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign. some quite unexpected angles that are quite interesting. some even interesting. >> reporter: the wikileaks surprise isn't the only fire the clinton campaign is hoping to put out. the former president defending
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his family's charity. bill clinton firing back last night on calls for the clinton foundation to close over corruption claims. >> we are trying to do good things. there is nothing wrong with creating jobs and saving lives. i don't know what it is. >> reporter: while clinton's campaign continues to fight critics, the democratic nominee will receive her first intelligence briefing this saturday in new york. trump received that same briefing last week. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> and hillary clinton campaigning right now in nevada. we are looking live at her rally in reno on the campus of the community college. it is a state president obama easily won twice over his terms. hillary clinton though on the other side in a fight for it. polls showing her in a dead heat with donald trump. trump easily won that state. that helped him clinch the nomination for the republican
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party. we will see in november. the company that makes epipens is responding to criticism over its huge price hikes. mylan is saying it will offer coupons covering up to $300 for patients and health plans that have high out of pocket costs. the company has hiked prices as frequently as three times a year for the last nine years. the current price for a two pack is $600. massive clean-up underway in indiana after tornados. organizers saying postponing the bacon festival has nothing to do with a staffing shortage. meteorologist mark tamayo will be here to let you know if things are going to cool off for the weekend. blue skies over sfo. troubling video as a search is underway for a man who attacks a woman on a sidewalk in san francisco. what the man said to the woman
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as he was punching her.
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws.
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don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. the organizer of a blanked bacon festival in san jose says the festival had to be postponed because there weren't enough police officers to handle security. >> police are refuting those claims. janine de la vega spoke with a festival organizer. >> reporter: the bacon festival was supposed to be held here on
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labor day weekend, but that won't happen now. police say it is not because of the lack of officers. on the bacon festival's facebook page to tells bacon lovers it is sad to report it had to postpone the event because of a lack of resources. they say it's no surprise given the department's low staffing levels. organizers anticipated around 13,000 people to attend. >> we got a letter two and a half weeks before the event saying there was enough resources to put it together. so we looked into it and found out it was a police issue. >> reporter: here is the letter from the department of parks and recreation declining the request for a permit. it states the city needs to receive an application 45 days in advance of the event. staff didn't receive it until 25 days before the event. a police spokesperson says had they sent in the application on time, the request would have been approved. festival organizers showed ktvu
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an e-mail they sent to parks and rec showing it was sent 57 days ahead of time. they maintain it's because the city does not have enough officers. >> have got an event decline two years in a row. we have people in the city saying, yeah, it's a police resource issue. there might be other small reasons where some application sits in someone's e-mail in-box and doesn't get checked. that's not our responsibility. >> reporter: organizers say the bacon festival has been moved to be held on october 15th and 16th here at the park. anyone who bought tickets for the orangy vent can use their tickets for the new date or they can be refunded. janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. weather-wise clouds and gray skies persist over much of the bay area. >> that's right. still some stubborn clouds out there. with that temperatures being held in check. not moving too much across parts of the region. this is typical summertime in the bay area. i will admit it's been a little
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bit unusual. that fog is relentless coast side, around the bay. looking live towards facebook's ceo some lingering patches of clouds there. clear skies up above. there is that fog bank up and down the coastline. eureka, cape mendocino for the bay area, monterey bay as well extending to southern california. so the fog, we cannot wipe away the marine layer. right now you can see the coverage out towards san francisco and the low clouds extending across the bay towards berkeley and oakland. as you can see here, some of the coverage pushing up into parts of oakland and alameda. did want to show you this up in the north bay because you can see still some lingering patches towards santa rosa, towards sebastapol. as a result, temperatures have not warmed up too much at all since this morning. take a look. santa rosa right now only 60 degrees. san francisco 59. san jose 72. some 70s to report livermore, concord, and fairfield.
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most areas a bit cooler today compared to yesterday. here is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge. we are showing you temperatures this afternoon coast side only close to 60 degrees. around the bay 70s. inland 80s. no triple digits. 60s, 70s, and 80s. once again this area of high pressure starting to build a couple days ago. it's beginning to lose its grip. with that minimal changes in the forecast. this will back off into friday and saturday. as a result, the temperatures cooling off inland. a bit of a breeze and drizzle could be popping up coast side and right around the bay. at least for today we have the clouds hanging tough near parts of the shoreline this afternoon. the cloud bank should be closer to the coastline. 60s there. 70s and warmest locations some low-to-mid 80s for afternoon highs. we can pick out antioch 86.
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brentwood 87. santa rosa 70. san mateo 72. morgan hill 86 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. temperatures, they are cooling off just slightly into friday. over the weekend looks like we are going to trend up a little bit for the second half of the weekend by sunday, and then stabilize into early next week. mike and gasia, these are all just minor changes to talk about here in the bay area. no extreme weather here in the bay area. one thing that will be changing, the southerly wind tomorrow could transport some of the smoke from the big sur fire closer to us. we will be talking about that in a few minutes. >> thanks. big clean-up underway in the state of indiana after eight tornados hit that state. the tornados hit central indiana destroying homes and businesses, knocking out power to thousands. eight tornados have been confirmed. three of them actually touched down. no serious injuries or deaths reported. people are saying it was terrifying. >> i tried to push the door and the wind was just blowing so
12:22 pm
fast. i came out. i never seen it like this in my life. i shut the door and then it blew my window out, and then that was it. i just ran downstairs. i was just so scared. >> republican vice presidential nominee mike pence, governor of indiana, left the campaign to return to his duties as governor. he is scheduled to tour the damaged areas today. shopping at bart? why some small businesses say opening their doors at a bart station could be the boost they need to get up and running.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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the u.s. transportation secretary was in the bay area for a look at the upcoming bart extension to san jose. this map shows that extension. bart's new warm springs station in fremont is set to open in the fall. the ten mile extension is expected to begin late next year. secretary anthony fox toured the next phase of construction yesterday. it's designed to bring bart into downtown san jose and santa clara. a half cent sales tax would raise $1.5 billion for the effort. more retail shopping in the coming months as bart works with a company toe bring stores and services to dozens of bart stations. >> how some small businesses can participate. >> reporter: how many of you
12:26 pm
wake up in the morning and you can't wait to take the bart train? >> the answer of the audience of small business owners was laughter. they are attending an open house, looking for the opportunity to expand their businesses by setting up shop at one of bart's 43 stations. one says a brick and mortar store is beyond her reach. >> really expensive to get a lease. to get, you know, how to put together a whole package. >> reporter: selling her homemade soap products at a counter or kiosk may work. she sells online and at farmers markets. >> it's a great opportunity for local businesses. >> reporter: transmart hopes to find 40 to 50 retailers. these are artist's renderings of what the retail spaces would look like. the ceo says there will be a wide range of offerings, from clothing to personal services.
12:27 pm
a pilot program was launched last november at the embarcadero and montgomery stations. >> one of our partners was a organic dry cleaning company that allowed bart riders to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning on their way to work. >> reporter: the length of the leases ranges from one to seven years. depending on which station and how large the space, rent can run from $1,000 up to $4,000 a month. for example, a space at the embarcadero station will be the most expensive because of the high volume of passengers. one non-profit which helps entrepreneurs says this could be a great fit for many small businesses. >> to see a vibrant company in the east bay, to see investments and see open possibilities has been a long time coming. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a push to help provide housing for san francisco teachers is heading to the governor's death. senate bill 1413 passed the
12:28 pm
state assembly yesterday. it would allow them to lease property for affordable housing for educators. many teachers have been struggling with the high cost of living. the mayor says the new law would mean 1-2 surplus properties could be redeveloped for employees starting in the next two years. all right. taking a look at the big board. stocks edging lower in trading on wall street as investors sift through a handful of earnings reports. the dow jones down 22 points. the nasdaq is down just 4 points. a woman suddenly attacked on a san francisco street. the video police are asking you to look at as they search for their man. also, a san jose police officer arrested by his fellow department members in a gang sweep that stretched all the way to louisiana. what investigators say this officer was providing to gang
12:29 pm
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san francisco police are searching for the suspect in an unprovoked attack in pacific heights over the weekend. there is surveillance video. we would like to warn, some viewers may find the images disturbing. that having been said, the man you see runs up to a woman who
12:32 pm
is walking along the sidewalk. she is in her 50s. he attacks her and punches her in the face over and over, keeps punching her even after she falls to the ground. this happened about 7:45 saturday night on washington street bordering lafayette park. police say the woman did not know the man, but he did say something to her. >> i believe he asked her to say, say you're sorry. something along those lines. and she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about because she did not know him. >> the woman was able to call 911 after the man ran away. she has a broken nose. police say the suspect may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. authorities have yet to find any witnesses. they are asking anyone who may have seen something to come forward. a muni driver is recovering after being being attacked by a man with a skateboard. the driver suffered a cut to the forehead and police are reviewing video from the bus. this attack comes after another
12:33 pm
report of assault on a muni driver earlier this month. police are investigating a stabbing in which the victim was found on the platform of the san francisco civic center station. this happened 10:00 last night. authorities are not sure if the pearl pinson was stabbed inside the station or out -- person was stabbed inside the station or out on the street. we have not received word on the victim's condition. this incident forced the closure of that station. sf bart alert tweeted messages to riders informing them that trains were not stopping at the civic center station due to police activity. a san jose police officer is now out on bail after being accused of collaborating with a vietnamese street gang. >> his arrest was part of a five-month investigation dubbed operation "gang of thrones." arizona muth smith reports, it netted two dozen other arrests. >> reporter: this is 23 suspected gang members or associates arrested as part of operation "gang of thrones."
12:34 pm
their charges include extortion, public corruption, drug trafficking and assault. among the evidence police seized five handguns, 69 illegal gambling machines, an alligator, and a car with a compartment hiding $100,000 in cash. also 4,000 ecstasy pills, 300 xanax pills and 600 pounds of marijuana head interesting san jose to louisiana. their investigation turning up something they didn't want. >> sadly, our investigation revealed that san jose police officer derrick antonio was providing confidential law enforcement information to members of this gang. >> reporter: the nine-year veteran facing six felony accounts for unauthorized computer counts. he has been on administrative leave since june. >> his acts were deplorable and don't represent the character of this department. >> reporter: a defense attorney
12:35 pm
says his client had no prior criminal history and no gang ties. >> he is a college student. a working man. this would be not guilty and he is completely innocent of all charges. >> reporter: this isn't the first crackdown on gangs in vietnamese neighborhoods. in march of last year authorities raided cafes. last month san jose police released surveillance video from two unsolved homicides possibly linked to gangs. police identified three suspects tied to this cafe. >> i feel relieve the. i hope it stays this way. keep the streets again. that way it will be a more safer environment for the community and the workers here. >> reporter: azimuth smith, ktvu fox 2 news. a bill requiring law enforcement officers to lock up
12:36 pm
guns they leave in marked vehicles has been sent to governor brown's desk. it was created in the wake of the high profile killings of kate steinle in san francisco and antonioraimios in oakland. investigators say in both cases the suspected shooters used handguns stolen from law enforcement's parked vehicles. it would require all officers lock up their guns in a secure compartment in the vehicle or trunk in the vehicle and those who don't would be forced to face a fine. a councilman was arrested earlier this week. jeffrey cristina was taken into custody early tuesday morning. this is a picture from the city's website. city officials say his fiance told officers that the two had a fight and cristina wouldn't let her use her cell phone to call 911 or leave their home. cristina was booked in the san mateo county jail. was released after posting
12:37 pm
bail. gives neighbors a place to post about a range of topics from garage sales, lost pets, to urgent alerts about break-ins. the seat came under fire after neighbors for racial justice complained that many of the posts are about suspicious strangers who are usually people of color. nextdoor hired consultants who worked with the aclu and donald trump jr. to help them understand the complexity of the issue and now the site requires users to describe criminal behavior rather than racially profiling people seen in a neighborhood. >> racial profiling is an extremely small percentage of the total content on nextdoor. even one post can be so damaging and so harmful, this is something we had to do. >> the nextdoor website holds private accounts for 110,000 neighborhoods across the neighborhoods. public agencies have joined nextdoor to foster better community relations. if you commute on the east shore three way, you may notice
12:38 pm
some new electronic signs. >> reporter: this is all part of the interstate 80 smart corridor project. the idea with these new freeway signs is to alert drivers to a crash up ahead or any sort of issue that may be blocking the roadway. now, let me show you from the camera mounted on our live truck what these signs look like. more than 80 of them were activated just this morning along the 20-mile stretch of westbound interstate 80 between the carquinez bridge and the bay bridge. you may see them dark. that's because they will only light up if there is a crash or if the lanes are blocked. the signs show green arrows if the lanes are clear ahead, a yellow x if the lane in front of you is slow, and a red x if the lane is blocked directly in front of you. a caltrans spokeswoman says the idea is to give drivers time to change lanes and hopefully ease congestion. >> by clearing the lanes we are
12:39 pm
enabling first responders to make a more efficient path to the point of a collision. that enables them to respond and get those motorists some help faster, safer. we are also enabling them to clear out that collision, debris perhaps or cars that are broken down. we are enabling them to get it out of the way faster and do it safer. hopefully, that will reduce the congestion we experience. >> reporter: caltrans told me on average there are about 25 crashes a week along this stretch of interstate 80 and about half of those crashes are secondary accidents that happen as a result of a sudden slowdown. the new signs they activated this morning. they want drivers to remember the signs will be dark unless there is a problem ahead of you. alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. now to southern california where investigation say the driver of a garbage truck may have had a seizure causing him
12:40 pm
to side swipe and crash into a number of cars in san gabriel. a man began filming the scene on his cell phone video. watch as the truck repeatedly drifts into oncoming traffic, crossing the double yellow line in the middle, side swipes a car and rear ends another car. the truck just keeps on going. in the end it crashes into a line of cars here. those cars were waiting to make a left turn. this is where the dump truck finally stopped. witnesses say the driver of that truck appeared to be dazed. in all, eight cars were hit. five people were hurt. amazingly here, no reports of anyone seriously injured. starting today the world's first self-driving taxis are picking up passengers in singapore. the taxis are operated by a massachusetts company. for the tests the cars have a driver in the front who is prepared to take over if necessary. passengers must have an invitation from the company to use the service and then they can order it on an app.
12:41 pm
google will begin offering driverless parse in pittsburgh, pennsylvania in a few weeks. the 49ers are getting ready to host the packers in their third preseason game tomorrow. what colin kaepernick has to say about his chances to become the team's starting qb. for twenty years, box tops for education has helped schools earn over 750 million dollars to get what they need! families at lawton alternative school in san francisco collected box tops to help pay for field trips like the 5th grade overnight trip! don't be absent from helping your local school!
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tomorrow the 49ers host the green bay packers in the third game of the preseason and fans can expect to finally see quarterback colin kaepernick get into the game. he returned to practice this
12:44 pm
week after missing the first two exhibition games because of a sore shoulder. yesterday he said he most definitely has a chance to be the team's starter. >> yeah, most definitely. i am going to go out, show everything i can these next two games and make sure i put my best foot forward to show this organization, this team, this coaching staff what i'm capable of. i don't think there is any reason for me to be cautious or feel uncomfortable. i am excited about what we're capable of doing and opportunities that we do have. >> someone else who hasn't played is aaron rodgers. the green bay for the green bay packers. he is expected to take a few snaps come tomorrow. that came kicks off 7:00 levi stadium. big news for warriors fans. if you listen to games on the radio, 95.7 will be the flagship station. the radio station plans increased coverage of the warriors through the season as well as the off-season.
12:45 pm
play-by-play announcer tim roy will continue calling games. they had been on station knbr for 32 seasons, and a total of 40 seasons since 1964. the giants haven't been able to get out of the slump. it was scoreless until the fourth when justin turner hit a solo shot off johnny cueto to left field. that was the only run of the game. the dodgers win 1-0. rich hill, who was traded to the dodgers with josh reddick, made his l.a. debut pitching six solid innings. a nice curveball going. the giants could not capitalize. crawford a nice shot. it did not go over the series finale is tonight. the a's beat cleveland yesterday 5-1. kendall grave man got his tenth win of the
12:46 pm
season. he gough up six hits and two walks and struck out two. the a's are off today and then headed to st. louis for a three- game interleague series with the cardinals? katie ladecky showed she can also play some baseball. she threw out the first pitch before a washington nationals game. first she had bryce harper hold her five medals. not bad at all. this was the third time the 19- year-old threw out a first pitch at a nationals game. she did it after she won gold in the 2012 olympics. hope solo has been suspended for six months. this follows comments she made after the u.s. lost to sweden on penalty kicks at the olympics. she said the team from sweden was, quote, a bunch of cowards for focusing on defense rather than attacking. the president of u.s. soccer said the comments are
12:47 pm
unacceptable. on her social media account solo said she was saddened by the decision. she also wrote, i could not be the player i am without being the person i am. even when i haven't made the best choices i said the right thing. she says i have only wanted the best for this team, for the players, and the women's game. now, the suspension means that solo cannot play for the women's national team until february. there is a chance she might not play for the team again but will be eligible to play for her club team the seattle rain. bay area weather. not a lot of big changes through the week. but tomorrow, mark, we could see some? >> yeah, a few more changes over the next few days with possibly some smoke drifting in from the south. big sur fire, that could be a factor in the bay area. right now still stubborn overcast near the coast, over the bay, parts of the north bay as well. you can see on stormtracker there is no storms out there. look at all that fog out there.
12:48 pm
cape mendocino out towards parts of the bay area as well. monterey bay and closer to big sur. as far as the current satellite, there we go, coming in tight over san francisco. golden gate bridge. that fog, look at this up in the north bay. stubborn parts of sonoma county. you can see for sebastapol, santa rosa, and roanoke park. a big impact on some of the temperatures. we will move the maps around, show you this towards portions of the east bay for oakland, piedmont and we have clearing skies closer to alamo and danville. current numbers out there updated for the 12:00 hour. we are not talking about any major heat. livermore 72. fremont 69. san francisco 59. santa rosa checking in 60 degrees. so once again up and down the coastline we have the fog hugging our shoreline. this area of high pressure warmed up parts of the bay area over the past few days. with that temperatures today down a few degrees over
12:49 pm
yesterday's readings. then into friday and saturday continuing to cool things off. we could be talking about maybe some drizzle for the morning hours coast side and right around the bay. san jose, this is the case today. could see some haze starting to return to parts of the south bay. we are watching the wildfires to our south. this is an experimental forecast model trying to track the smoke. this is today. so this is the smoke just to the south of monterey bay. that's the projection for this ash. look what happens tomorrow. a southerly wind setting up. some of that smoke could be drifting closer to parts of the bay area. especially senior and parts of the inland east bay as well. temperatures for this afternoon in the 80s. the warmest spots towards antioch and brentwood. santa rosa will go 70 degrees. san francisco 63. and keeping it cool coast side. half moon bay 62 and san jose we will go with 80 degrees.
12:50 pm
a look ahead. your five-day forecast. temperatures cool off slightly into friday. stabilizes into saturday. can you see warming up a few degrees into sunday. mike and gasia, whether i see a weather pattern like this extreme on the cool to mild side, i know sometime down the road we will have the opposite where we could be talking about major heat. we will see if that happens heading into september. damage from the clayton fire has reached $25 million. >> residents packed a community meeting to learn more about beginning the recovery process from that devastating wildfire. >> your spirits are admirable given what you have gone through. >> reporter: for a week they dealt with what if. now they are asking what now. >> the list we sign up through the hazard clean-up. >> there will be. we don't have that yet. >> is there some way to get
12:51 pm
those federal regulations waived? >> we're required to pay the fees. >> reporter: this fire recovery task force was already in place, forged from last year's devastating valley fire. now it's shifting to help 200 more families made homeless by the clayton fire. >> i strongly urge you to talk to them. >> reporter: the losses were racked up on the fire's second day when it roared through lower lake neighborhoods. only this week residents got the all-clear to return to their ruined properties picking through ash for anything recognizable. >> whatever you need, welcome by and pick it up. you see a white fire truck or yellow or green fire truck. >> damage to lower lake wasn't severe enough to qualify for federal disaster aid. that threshold is 800 homes. so no fema. but state assistance programs
12:52 pm
will kick in. >> if they get on the ground by next week, we think so, and sba would then be evaluating lost businesses, lost homes, and kicking in to help. >> reporter: what lower lake has going for it, water and sewer infrastructure. so it will be easier to rebuild than stricken communities that were on wells or septic systems. >> i didn't lose my home. i have no idea what that's like. but i will tell you that i will be here until this is done. coming up, fans of music legend prince will have a chance to tour his paisley park compound. when it will open to the public and how much it will cost.
12:53 pm
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident
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a taxi driver in san francisco attacked and tased before being robbed. >> today on "the 4 on 2" we will show you the dramatic surveillance video as police ask the public for help to catch those thieves. that's today on "the 4 on 2". a check at the market right now. just a few minutes away from the closing bell. not a lot of activity. the dow jones industrial down 35 points. the nasdaq down 7 points. the s&p 500 down just 3 points. fans can tour prince's home. paisley park is a 65,000 square
12:56 pm
foot complex near minneapolis that includes recording studios, a sound stage. family members say prince always wanted to open the estate to the public and was working on a plan to make that happen before he died. tours will be run by the same company that manages elvis presley's graceland in memphis, tennessee. tickets go on sale tomorrow starting at $38.50. it starts october 6. the national parks service turns 100 years old. the first national park yellowstone was create inside 1842. august 25, 1916 president woodrow wilson signed a law creating the national parks service. there are more than 400 different national parks and park monuments through the country, and you can visit any of them for free today as well as through sunday. and today's google doodle honoring the national parks service. the doodle takes viewers on a virtual tour of some of what can be found on the 84 million
12:57 pm
acres of land designated as a national park. happy birthday. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us here at noon. we will have more for you on "the 4 at 2", and we will see you then.
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