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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we will have the latest from the campaign trail. the oakland a's are checking out a possible new waterfront home. the four on 2 starts now a san francisco cab driver tased and dropped. -- robbed. >> police are hoping they can identify the suspects with the public's help. this justin it shows the entire incident as it unfolds. >> tara moriarty has been working the story and she joins us from san francisco. as ted says this was particularly vicious. >> reporter: definitely horrible. the cab driver was waiting for the passengers to grab their fair-minded when they shocked him by teasing him -- tasing
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him through the window. two men are picked up by a cab. >> if you can go to the top of portrayer also and the driver complied. >> this is where the suspects brought the cab driver they told him to wait inside the car where they ran inside to get the money. it was either this building or that one according to officers. they cannot tell which apartment they went into. >> you see the suspect come back without him realizing it he gets tased in the neck. >> reporter: a second suspect opened the passenger door and starts punching the driver who eventually gets away and runs off. the four rots the victim of his wallet, cellphone, and backpack.
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>> they are identified as african-americans in their early 20s. >> reporter: officer thompson patrols this neighborhood everyday. >> we don't know if they live here. there's they can units in each building. -- they can't unit -- vacant units in each building. >> there have been a lot of things like narcotics and vacant unit -- and patrol violations all involving vacant unit. >> reporter: police want you to call them if you recognize anyone. >> the last thing we want to do is make it feel unsafe for a cab drivers and even drivers for other companies whether they like they might be attacked or assaulted. >> if you are a cab driver do not drive anywhere where you feel unsafe. particularly a dead-end street in a neighborhood you are not familiar with. always keep your windows rolled
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up and your doors locked. live in san francisco tara moriarty. >> you said that cabbie was tased in the neck and punched. do you know how he is doing? >> he refused medical treatment on the scene that if you have ever felt the bolt of electricity from a taser you know that it is quite shocking and can be very unsettling. >> i have not felt that but i don't want to. >> tara moriarty for us in san francisco. thank you. will the a's get a new bald -- ballpark in the port of oakland? that is a big question today. >> they took up for -- it took a tour of the possible new stadium. >> reporter: it took about 40 minutes. this is one of about several locations under consideration all of which have pluses and
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minuses. about 2:00 pm a bus carrying representatives from the oakland a's arrived with representatives from the port of oakland. they were real estate people and port engineers and maritime people and they will explain if and how they 50 acres of land currently known as the howard terminal might actually be converted to use as a major league ballpark. >> there needs to be a formal proposal before you can investigate what any impact they would be on operations. it is a beautiful site if it can come to fruition. you look at what the giants have done with where they put at&t park this would be rivaling that. >> reporter: it sits at the south end of the port were a major entertainment complex still struggles to catch -- attract visitors.
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they would not comment on the inspection but in the wake of the oakland mayor's pronouncement yesterday that the a's are staying we should have some sort of reaction very soon. more on this at 5:00. tom descartes ktvu news. >> is this something that we should militate -- pay attention to in your estimation? >> can it be done? it would be built in the same way and on the same services that at&t park was built so it would be very expensive because of the earthquake protection and putting in the big pilings. yes it can be done. the second question is can they get the political or even more importantly the financial support that they need because it would be a major expense and would take away part of the port of oakland for shipping purposes which may or may not be okay. there are a lot of things to
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consider. it most certainly is possible but requires a lot of  preparation and we are still in the very early stages of it. >> we shall see. for a's fans very exciting. thank you tom. and other oakland team is on the brink of leaving the city altogether. some developments in the raiders saga and their potential move to las vegas. jason apple bound joins us with more. >> reporter: they filed last week a patent trademark to get las vegas raiders under their control. even bigger than that today marked the day the president of the oakland raiders was in las vegas to meet with the tourism board and present a former proposal -- formal proposal and there was a mockup of the stadium. there's a $1.9 million stadium that we are looking at. this is the stadium that would be financed in various ways.
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the raiders are pledging 500 million and it would include money from the sands hotel and that was a meeting to find out if they could get the hotel tax pushed through. that is the sticking point for the sands who are pledging the money as well as the raiders. they say they need the tax money to go through for us to push the stadium through. if they build it -- if they get it they want to build the stadium. basically it is a point -- .88% sales tax. you're talking about $1.75. they think that is no problem. it's just a little bit of money and they say they will build the stadium. and mark davis says if they build it they will come. he needs the nfl to say yes.
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>> that would be the next step there's an owners meeting in january. the committee will meet again in september. they are hoping to push this through to the governor and have him push it to the legislature and if they agree upon it they would take it to the owners meeting in january. weather 24 of 32 owners would vote for this is anyone's guess. keep in mind that his father moved the team to la although i think 30 of the 32 owners voted against the move. we saw how that worked out. >> speaking of los angeles is that still on the table? >> it is. the raiders are thinking of moving and. there are options. i don't know are -- there are options. we have an update on this
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week's tragic story the accident along the russian river that cream -- claimed the lives of sisters. kaelin and her four-year-old sister haley died after the pickup truck their mother was driving plunged down an embankment. the girl's mother was able to break the driver side window to get out and she tried desperately to save her little girls but could not. today state senators mike maguire announced he's pushing forward a new move to get guardrails along that stretch of highway 1. >> we need to look at a cardwell -- guard rail ends -- and enhancements that the community has asked for months ago. that meeting should be taken place as soon as possible. >> investigators believe the mother lost control of her vehicle's -- her vehicle because of slick road conditions.
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new information from south bay where a judge has ruled that the trial of antolin garcia will not be moved. defense attorneys were not successful in arguing for the change of venue even though they said more than 82% of prospective jurors in the south bay know about the case. we will speak with our legal expert about what the ruling may mean going forward. a six-week-old baby girl is in critical condition in a case of horrific abuse allegedly by her own father. investigators say matthew zabala was arrested for child abuse. x-rays found the child had 14 bone fractures including a skull fracture. the victims mother is a victim
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of abuse as well. he is being held in the santa clara -- santa clara main county jail. more americans were killed in a siege of the university of venice -- afghanistan was a former law fellow. naqib was a teacher at the university . the attack started with the suicide car bombing at the entrance of the university followed by two gunman storming the campus. the gunmen were killed after a nine hour stand up. in a statement stanford university called the death a heartbreaking loss. they said he was a fulbright scholar and a charismatic and courageous young leader. our sympathies go out to all those affected. more aftershocks are hitting central italy where at
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least 250 people have died following the earthquake yesterday. they are searching through the rubble for any survivors. .com says dozens of aftershocks are rattling the area including a magnitude 4.3 today. that is making damaged buildings even more precarious. people are lining up at the local morgue to make identifications. >> among the members of my parachute died there are many children and youngsters and also adults. we don't have any tears left to cry. >> emergency funding has been authorized to help the victims. cleanup is underway after a round of storms in the midwest but the danger is not over yet. we will speak with our legal analyst about the latest war of words between the presidential candidates. cooler today across most of the bay area with some stubborn
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low clouds and fog over the bay. coming up the changing your friday forecast. we will let you know in the five day outlook.
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>> the last thing we need in the situation room is a full who cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. who buys so easily into racially tinged rumors. >> hillary clinton accusing
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donald trump of running a campaign of hatred. the democrat ran down a list of what she called trumps steady stream of bigotry including his birth her campaign questioning obama's citizenship and his criticism of a federal judge of mexican heritage. >> when democratic policies fail they are left with only this one tired argument. you are racist. >> donald trump meanwhile in new hampshire said clinton's speech was aimed at distracted people from the fact that they provided big donors to the nonprofit clinton foundation to meetings and access while she was secretary of state. earlier trump met with ben carson at a roundtable discussion in new york it was aimed at ways to find help for african-americans. this has been far from a
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civil campaign from the get-go. this has taken an ugly turn. >> reporter: accusations and counterpoints and that sort of thing -- we are definitely into the 24-hour news cycle compartment that we are used to seeing about this stage of the campaign. >> each side has their war room ready to respond immediately on twitter and social media. when one says something -- today's case donald trump was almost responded before hillary clinton came out and accused him of being racist. >> they are so clear on what the other campaign is attempting to do on both sides that they are ready and spitting it out almost immediately. >> donald trump called hillary clinton a big it -- >> yes and with tortured logic that goes along with that saying that she knows she can't deliver on her promises therefore that is bigoted. that is a real twisted course to get to that point of view
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but in turn then hillary clinton is accusing him of bigotry and all kinds of thanks for he -- things he has said along the way. >> she has a new campaign ad of a super pacs supporting her trying to connect donald trump to the [ null ]. >> that has been going on for quite some time. mainstream democrats have spoken about it for some time. people like david duke the so- called head of the [ null ] has come out and other people and said we like this guy we endorse him. the question is really for viewers -- if somebody supports somebody does that de facto make you a supporter of what they stand for? everybody has to come to that conclusion for themselves. there are certainly people supporting hillary clinton that she has disavowed. >> who is gaining in all of this?
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it seems like you are turning voters off on both sides with this kind of language. >> you have a huge amount of undecided voters because of all this back and forth. it is not based on issues. it is based on sub issues and personality things and frankly the voters are turned off. they are turned off by donald trump but they are also turned off by hillary clinton. in this mix we will find a president, i guess. >> neither of the two candidates are particularly popular. once i just is not like the other candidate and that's why they are supporting their particular candidate. >> a lot of people are faced with the choice of not liking their party's candidate they are really in a quandary. they are not voting for the other party's candidate but they don't like their candidate so are they going to take a pass on it? that's the question people are asking. >> and we have not even got into the debates yet. >> they are underway.
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>> that will be interesting. severe weather in the midwest. let's send it down to mark and the weather center. >> we are talking about severe weather in the springtime months but still an active week this week. people in indiana took him all the damage left behind. the gop vice presidential nominee got his first look at what is expected to be a major cleanup and recovery. we are looking at the damage left behind. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods looked like war zones. torn off roofs and blown out walls and damaged cars as far as the eye can see. the result of the severe storms in a dozen fast-moving tornadoes across indiana. mike pence leaving the -- left the campaign trail to return to the hoosier state to get a firsthand look at the devastation. he toured one neighborhood by foot and got a look at what they are doing to begin
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cleaning up the damage. the severe weather toppled a 50 -- a silo. it strapped tree limbs like matchsticks. >> we were in the bathroom and did not see it come through but we heard the crack of the tree in the front yard come down. >> reporter: those downed trees took power lines with them and left thousands without electricity. >> we have a lot of homes that are still without power. we have had outreach from other cities. we have crews coming from other cities that will offer assistance and i want to thank them. we've had a big outpouring from lots of mayors across indiana and will probably have to take them up on their offer for assistance. >> reporter: in woodburn winds destroyed a commercial farm with 20,000 chickens. conditions are right for even more storms today. mike tobin fox news.
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>> we have had to watch the reader all day long. right now we are not talking about major storms in that part of the country. we have some thunderstorms and showers developing across parts of the south out toward the louisiana. there is not a lot of coverage right now with this one cell. we are keeping an eye on the short-term and chicago is moving into the picture. thunderstorms that are not widespread but it could be popping up in the next few hours. back here across the west we have very stable weather patterns. we have low clouds and fog bank up in the coastline. this is all summer long. we will not -- we will hold on to the fog. no major changes for us. as far as current numbers. santa rosa 72, san francisco 62, san jose 74, warmest locations are in the 80s. cooler weather pattern here is
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our camera looking toward american pyramid and here is the plan for tomorrow. 60s for the beaches and low clouds around the bay. hazy sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow morning you might encounter wet road race especially around -- roadways especially around town. the sky cast is showing you this in san francisco. clouds and drizzle 54 degrees. we are on track to reach 64 degrees by about 4:00. we will call it partly cloudy with partial clearing. the temperature is the big headline. we are not talking about major heat. at the warmest locations tomorrow are only in the mid- 80s. this temperature patterns will not be changing too much as we head into the weekend. san mateo will be 71 degrees. in a few minutes we will talk about the smoke that could be
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approaching the bay area from the south. that could be a factor with the forecast. we are talking about the air quality and we will return that tomorrow. the weekend outlook will also be coming up. a texas teacher is stirring up a national conversation as the school year begins. the change made by the teacher that has many parents across the country applauding her decision. i know what we can do. what if papa tells us some stories? oh i don't think so... oh come on dad you have great stories, come on. well okay. you kids know how your grandmother and i met? not that one, skip. what? just next. swipe. i used to collect marbles when i was... next haha. thanks. swipe. get high speed internet from at&t with over 99% reliability.
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at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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san francisco public school students are doing quite well according to the state of california. half of their students met or exceeded national math or english standards. in english 53% of students got those marks compared to 49% for the rest of the states. in math that number is 50% for san francisco students compared to 37% for the state. a teachers no homework letter sent home to parents has gone viral thanks to a mother posting it on facebook. the letter says after much research this summer i am trying something new. homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school year. there will be no formally assigned homework this year. joining me now from commonsense education -- the internet went wild with this one.
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.we have too much homework especially in elementary school? what is your take on the letter and the current state of pollock been sent home. >> this is not a new debate. it has come in -- been going on for a century now. this is starting the conversation about the culture of homework and its purpose. denise pope has started an organization called challenge success says we should not be talking about the quality and achievement -- the amount of homework but rather the quality and achievement. >> sometimes your child is struggling at 11:00 at night and sometimes your teacher said -- i'm not going to sign homework have a meal with your kids go outside and make sure your children get a good nights rest. how do you juggle making sure the teacher is happy in what you are witnessing with your
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child. is it okay to contact the teacher and say we did not get the homework done last night because she was tired. >> i think they really need to be partners in the education. it's not just what happens in the school day is what happens at home. american educational research association had a quote. they basically said that homework is crowding out activities outdoor and social and infringing on sleep we need to think about it differently because that is not good. the other thing is i get the feeling that teachers would get together and say that monday is science day and tuesday as math and they are loading up on a knife we -- nightly basis and every teacher has their own personal desires with the homework being done.
4:30 pm
think about it being done. do you think it is okay for a parent to reach out to the teacher and push the envelope a little bit without hurting your kid in class. >> absolutely. it needs to be a conversation. we are very competitive when it comes to kids we need to realize it's about their well- being. homework you can have a place but it depends on the purpose of the activity. how are we not dampening our kids curiosity but really encouraging them to explore and to question what is better suited for home and out in the community. it's been purposeful and making sure that kids are finding it valuable and meaningful and can tie it to real-life and interest. nowadays when we talk about 21st-century learning skills it's about collaboration and communication and critical thinking and communication. we call them the foresees. he can't really do that if you are doing exercises that are just wrote memorization.
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>> thank you for your time. it is being billed as the smartest highway corridor or in the country. next right along with us as we learn about the smart interstate 80 corridor that can save you time on the road. we will speak about our legal expert about a recent ruling and how it will affect the sierra lamar trial.
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today we learned in the south bay that the trial of antolin garcia will not be moved out of the county. i am here with legal analyst michael quarters at. this is not a big surprise to you what is your reaction.? >> it's not a surprise to me at all. i said i doubt this motion will be granted. that begs the question should have been granted. it's an interesting decision. i did not think it would be granted when you factor in the money that it would cost to move it for example down to los angeles and santa clara county that are having many difficulties >> you don't want to leave a legal decision like that to somebody whose life is at stake is a finances. >> because of judicial economy they have that in their mind.
4:35 pm
it can be revisited if enough people get up there and say yes i have heard about it and yes i have made my mind up in the judge could say weight i will granted. let's move the trial. >> we will have to see what happens during for dear -- for dear -- voire dire >> the defense is asking that the dna be excluded. >> let's assume the judge says no. >> how do you as a defense attorney combat this? there's no body i assume you go after the collection of the dna or the process. >> the das office runs the crime lab. there's no other county in california that is like that. they can be attacked that way --
4:36 pm
there have been big-time issues with that. >> i think two murder cases down there had to be dismissed because of dna problems in the collection and the process. the defense will attack it both ways. >> before we go that -- this case is about to go to trial. what kind of defense attorney do you want. >> you want smart because you have to talk about no body. the circumstantial evidence is keep -- based on the dna. his dna on her clothing found at the bus stop. his dna found -- her dna found in his car. his dna found in her clothing. that's the circumstantial evidence. keep in mind you have no body and that will trouble a lot of jurors. >> thank you michael. of the commute along the
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interstate 80 freeway you may notice new science to reduce congestion. we will find out how they work. >> reporter: this is part of the interstate 80 smart corridor project. the idea with the new freeway signs is to alert drivers of a crash or any sort of issue up ahead that may be blocking the roadway. let me show you from the camera mounted on our truck with these new signs look like. more than 80 of them were activated this morning along a 20 mile stretch of westbound interstate 80. you may see them dark and that is because they will only light up if there is a crash or the lanes are blocked for some reason. the signs will show green arrows if the lanes are clear and ahead, a yellow x if the lane ahead of you is slow, a red x if the lane is blocked directly in front of you. a spokesperson for caltrans said the idea is to give drivers time to change lanes and ease congestion.
4:38 pm
>> by clearing the lanes we are enabling first responders to make a more efficient path to the point of a collision. that enables them to respond and get those motorists some help faster and safer. we are enabling them to clear out the collision debris perhaps or cars that are broken down. we are enabling them to get it out of the way faster or do it safer. all of that will hopefully reduce the congestion. >> caltrans told me on average there are about 25 crashes a week along this stretch of interstate 80. about half of them have been secondary that happened as a result of a sudden slowdown. the new sign was officially activated this morning but the thing that caltrans once drivers to remember is they will be dark unless there is some sort of a problem ahead of you. alex savage ktvu fox news. coming up we will speak and those -- we will speak to those in favor of a soda tax.
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in weather with low clouds and fog's -- fog still we will have a forecast after the break.
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>> the bottom line is this is not a soda tax, it's a grocery tax. >> what do you mean?
4:42 pm
>> if you go into a store you are not paying the tax on the drink itself. it's on the distributors of the drink. they are actually going to be bearing the brunt of this and they pass it on to low income folks and they spend a higher portion of their income on groceries so it really hurts them. that's why people like bernie sanders opposed it and said it's an aggressive grocery tax. as he can see yesterday we spoke to an opponent of the soda tax proposed for oakland and san francisco. that city recently saw a huge drop in soda consumption. i am joined by britney from the american heart association. the argument from the other side is it is a grocery tax. is that a fair argument? >> absolutely not. this is a soda tax and it's on sugary drinks. the reason we target them as they contribute uniquely to diabetes, heart disease, and tooth decay. we are really going for the
4:43 pm
number one comfort -- contributor to these chronic illnesses. >> this tax in berkeley has been effect -- in effect for some time and we've seen a 21% drop in soda consumption. san francisco tried to get that for and it failed. at 56% but any two thirds. were also trying to do the same thing in oakland. how is it going with this argument. it's a grocery tax trying to -- where you stand in this campaign? >> the american heart association does not stand alone. we are a broad coalition of community members who want the best for our children. we want folks to know that sugary drinks at -- are uniquely contributing to outcomes and we want folks to know that the
4:44 pm
american heart association just recently came out this week with a limitation on how much sugar children should be consuming. we want families to be healthy and thrive. >> is there any polling to show where this dance with voters -- stands with voters? >> i know people want to learn more about how to live healthily and they are talking about productivity. you do not have to miss work to go to the doctor's office to care for your diabetes. and improve school performance because children are missing school because of tooth decay. it's the number one reason for absenteeism. >> the opponents are saying this is a grocery tax. we also already have extra taxes on cigarettes they can buy at a grocery store.
4:45 pm
>> that's when characterization . it's really just on sugary drinks and it's about making sure people have health opportunities. sugary drinks are killing people. sugary drinks are toxic and making people sick. we want to make sure people have an opportunity to live there healthy lives. >> we will see what happens with the boat. >> 50% this time around. >> we are very optimistic. >> thank you very much britney. let's head to whether. -- let's head to the weather. >> we have some low clouds and fog's still banked up by the shoreline but temperatures have been held in check. a little bit of the breeze hitting the tree but no major
4:46 pm
heat. no triple digits and not much in the way of 90s as well. here is the fog bank up and down the coast line. the california oregon border all the way down as easy to central california. the fog bank is over 500 miles long and distance. the bay area has the onshore wind to help transport the fog back into the bay. san francisco is covered with overcast right now and as you can see approaching clouds in the coast has been socked in all summer long. half-moon bay toward pacifica mostly cloudy conditions. san jose 74 degrees, livermore 82, fairfield 84, santa rosa 72, san francisco downtown checking in at 61 degrees. here is our light camera. we showed you the fog and the satellite. here is the cloud deck.
4:47 pm
it's not a dense, compact marine layer. it has expanded. forecast headlines increasing -- it will be warming up a little bit as we head into sunday. temperatures will be in the upper 60s with a little bit of a freeze. -- breeze. this is driving back down into california so tomorrow should be a little bit color. at the surface we will have a southerly wind develop and here are the fires developing with the major fires to the south. with the southerly flow that can transport some of the smoke back into the bay area. air-quality could be changing a bit for friday and possibly all weekend long especially in the south bay. sunday should be a little bit warmer. these are also minor changes. it's kind of a factor in the south bay we snapped this
4:48 pm
picture earlier today. this is an experimental forecast trying to track the smoke. you can see bright yellows and oranges that's the high smoke concentration. as we take this to friday afternoon you can see it expand or blahs from -- blossom. we can have air-quality coming down a little bit with hazy skies for friday and possibly all weekend long. as far as tomorrow morning we will wake up to gray. drizzle out there around the bay. clearing back to the coastline and temperatures inland are pleasant in the 80s. we are talking about no excessive heat. antioch 84, oakland 69, san jose 75, san mateo 71. here is a look at your five day forecast. temperatures begin to warm up a little bit especially on sunday.
4:49 pm
these are very microscopic changes that will cool things off into next week for monday and tuesday. it has been a cool summer in parts of the bay area. i just saw this statistic. how many times has san jose been over 90 degrees the summer. >> i will guess a seven. >> only three times. >> that is unusual. >> it's not in the forecast anytime soon. julie joins us from the newsroom to look at what stories we are working on for 5:00. a terror attack on the university of afghanistan hits close to home for two bay area campuses. hear from people with close ties to one of the 13 people who were killed in that attack. courageous police officers in pittsburgh. a blind man was trapped inside his home when a fire started. tonight at 5:00 we talk to the officers that are called heroes after their struggle to save
4:50 pm
the man. and the serious injury one of the officers suffered. that is coming up tonight at 5:00. >> we look forward to it. next a bacon festival was postponed. we will find out why the event had to be delayed. ally a hug.
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a big controversy brewing in the south bay. the organizer of a bacon festival said it had to be postponed because they were not enough police officers to handle security. >> this is in san jose. police are refuting the claims. we spoke with the organizer about what is going on. >> reporter: the bacon festival was supposed to be here at this
4:53 pm
plasm but it won't happen now. please tell us it's not because of the lack of officers. on the facebook page it tells bacon lovers it is sad to report it had to postpone the event due to a severe lack of police resources. organizers say that has happened two years in a row now. they say it is no surprise given the police department slow staffing levels. organizers anticipated around 13,000 people to attend. >> we got a letter saying there was not enough resources to put it together. we looked into and found out it was a police issue. >> reporter: here is a letter from the parks and recreation declining the application for a permit. it states the city needs to receive the application at least 45 days before the event and they did not receive this application until 25 days before the event. the spokesman said had they sent in the application at a time it would have been approved.
4:54 pm
they showed an email that they sent to parks and rec show when it was sent 57 days ahead of time. they maintain it's because the city does not have enough officers. >> i have gone and event the claim two years in a row and people are saying the police resource issue and there might be other reasons -- reasons why an application may not get checked out of somebody's email but that is not our responsibility. >> reporter: organizers tell us the bacon festival has been moved to be held on october 15 and 16th. anyone who bought tickets for the original event can still use the tickets for the new date or they can be refunded. the future of funding for zika is still in question today. the white house is speaking out on the issue. we will be right back on the four on 2. stay with us.
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the future of fighting the battle of the zika virus in florida and elsewhere remains up in the air. congress will return from its month long recess after labor day. it's expected lawmakers will continue to be at odds over president obama's proposed $1.1 billion in funding to fight the spread of the virus. the white house press secretary said house republicans will have to back the plan. >> we'll need to see republican house members from texas and alabama and mississippi appeal to speaker ryan and make the
4:58 pm
same case that president obama and leading scientists have played about the necessity of congress acting on zika funding. >> the zika virus has spread to three areas of florida with 43 nontravel-related cases so far. the national institutes of health warns that texas and louisiana could be next. volkswagen agreed to a deal to compensate 650 u.s. dealers who lost money because of the diesel emissions scandal. the company announced the deal after a hearing today in san francisco but did not disclose the dollar value. sources told reuters it would be more than $1.2 billion. vw previously reached an agreement with car owners. the german carmaker said it would spend up to $10 billion in that deal to buy or repair cars with those emission cheating devices. that's going to do it for us at 4:00, time to turn over to ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 with frank and julie. >> thank you. developments tonight involving the three sports
4:59 pm
teams in oakland, the warriors announce a change after more than 30 years. >> and the raiders are in las vegas hoping for money to build a new stadium there. >> and the a's considering waterfront views from the port of oakland as they discuss the possibility of a new ballpark there. >> look what the giants have done, how they developed the market because of at&t park. this should be rivalling there. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the team joined port officials on howard term located right along the oakland estuary. ktvu's tom vacar joins us now live with the details. >> reporter: it was a 40 minute inspection, put that's more than enough time for a first initial look-see.
5:00 pm
at about 2:30 this afternoon a bus carrying representatives from the oakland a's arrived with key representatives from the port of oakland. those key port people will explain if and how the 50 acres of land currently known as the howard terminal currently used for port shipping activity might be converted to use as a major league ballpark. >> the port of oakland will have representatives from its engineering, commercial real estate and maritime divisions. >> reporter: earlier in the day chris dobbins, the commissioner of the oakland alameda port authority, talked to the media. >> it's a beautiful site here if they could come to fruition. you look at what the giants have done and developed south of market because of at&t park, this should be rivalling there. >> reporter: the terminal sits at the south end of the port right next to jack london square, a major restaurant and entertainment complex struggling still to attract visitors. >> they've been talking about revitalizing jack london


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