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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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say was behind what turned out to be a false alarm. good morning thank you for joining us. mornings on 2. it is almost the end of august. monday the 29th i am pam cook. >> i thought you were going to say almost the end of the week. wait what? >> good morning i am brian flores. brand new week it felt cooler over the weekend. >> nights, mornings. >> breeze feels like a fall breeze. >> i would agree. still low clouds out there but does look like another day of temperatures warmer for some. i know the city warmed up some they get a little bit more sun not as much fog. there is a subtle breeze at times a few high clouds to the north but overall a pattern showing a little less fog west southwest 22, 50s, 60s on the temps. water temps came up, that makes a big difference.
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quiet in the sierra a lot of cloud cover starting to work its way towards us. more coming up later for some inland temperatures sneak back into the mid-80s or upper 80s, 60s, 70s for others. >> happy monday sir. >> same to you steve we are doing okay when it comes to traffic. we will look at the tracy super commute traffic looks good westbound 580 through the area. driving over the altamonte pass 205 and 580 right now is a good time for you to be out there. there have been no major issues driving through the area all the way to the livermore valley. driving to the bay bridge toll plaza light so far coming into san francisco. nothing major. san jose same thing, this is downtown san jose, northbound 280 traffic looks good. back to the desk. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's decision to not stand for the national anthem
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before games has ignited a fire storm. he spoke to reporters for more than 18 minutes at training camp yesterday he refused to stand for the national anthem at all three of the 49ers preseason gamewill continue to sit until he feels there is significant change in how people of color are treated here in the u.s. scott reese has more on his remarkreaction from his teammates. >> reporter: colin kaepernick took a seat to take a stand. >> ultimately bring awareness and make people realize what is really going on. >> reporter: the beleaguers quarterback who may be fighting nor his roster spot is fighting a more important battle for social justice. >> there is a lot of things that need to change. one specifically, police brutality people are being murdered unjustly and not held accountable. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that is not right you have people that practice law and
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lawyers and go to school for 8 years but you can become a cop in 6 months and don't have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist that's insane. >> reporter: his actions reverberate quickly among the 49er fan base and inside the locker room prompting a closed door meeting prior to sunday's practice. >> the message was let the other guys understand what he was feeling and where he was coming from. again personally we could approach this how we are going to approach it but be knowledgeable about his stance. >> we know colin we support colin we don't think she a bad teammate just because he decided to voice his opinion on a strong topic but we can't allow this to divide our team. >> you might agree what he did or didn't do at the timing of it everybody might have their different opinion about it but at the end of the day he is a
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49er he is our brother we going to go forward. >> the support i got from my teammates has been great a lot of my teammates come from areas where this might be a situation. their families might be put in this situation. the fact it has blown up like this is a good thing. it brings awareness. everybody know what is is going on and we can move forward. >> reporter: kaepernick owning his actions when asked if he would continue to sit he answered yes when asked if concerned for her safety going forward he said no. we will see if there is backlash when they conclude in san diego on thursday. santa clara scott reese ktvu 2 sports. >> several nfl players reacted alex boone said quote that flag gives kaepernick the right to do whatever he wants i understand it at the same time you should have some respect for people who served
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especially those who lost their life to protect our freedom. former nfl quarterback matt hasselbeck tweeted easy way to make sure you are not the starting qv on opening day. september 11th, 49ers play on the 12th miami dolphins running back aryan foster tweeted the flag represents the freedom to choose to stand or not. he also said he understood 100% what he is doing. colin kaepernick's decision to sit is also getting mixed reaction from 49er fans. some are considering boycotting games others are applauding his decision to take a stand on a controversial political issue. we got reaction at a sports bar in santa clara. >> i don't think his views represent the team's views it is not the appropriate platform. >> this is right as an american
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you don't have to stand up for national anthem it is pride, we can do it some times and some times we don't feel comfortable we can sit and be quiet. >> kaepernick is just the latest pro athlete to go public with views on a social issue earlier this month the dallas cowboys wore special decals on their helmets to honor the city's five police officers killed in july. also last month wnba players wore black lives matter shirts stating change starts with us. our coverage continues on our website listen to his entire locker room interview our top story right now on 4 of a.m. 4:06 a.m. reporting of a shooting last night at lax was a false alarm airport police shut down traffic to the terminal area no
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flights were allowed to land. police searched all the terminals but didn't find anything or one with a gun people inside say it was chaotic. >> we got off the plane and were exiting and saw just a mob a crowd running towards us and we immediately started running went through anker her gypsy exit close to a -- emergency exit close to a gate and ran down on to the runway and got close to a catering vehicle. >> police say what people thought were gunshots was actually just loud noises but they are trying to figure out where they came from. also happening today oakland mayor plans to make an announcement about the city's search for a new permanent police chief they have been without a chief since june. two other interim chiefs came and went in days, city administrator was then appointed head of the department, last week the mayor
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told us that the city plans to hold a series of public meetings to get input on what people want to see if their next police chief the dates of those meetings could be announced today. >> san francisco city officials are holding their final public input meeting on the selection of san francisco's next police chief tonight's meeting at st. mary's this is the final week people can fill out the city's online survey. the police commission says it will stop accepting applications on wednesday, and will begin interviewing candidates in september. while the commission is keeping the list of applicants secret acting police chief said he is interested in the job. for more information about the meeting and link to that online survey head over to our web links section of our home page, >> new information about that
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wild fire that burned 450-acres in the sierra foothills. investigators now know how that fire near san andreas a woman was arrested in the area for dui she was driving on a tire rim shooting spark into the dry grass and those started the fire. she faces charges connected to the fire but those have yet to be announced. more than 300 firefighters are working to put out the flames but some homeowners say they didn't wait for help as the fire approached their property. >> here like 10 minutes before the fire like got on the propty and came up close before the -- property and came up close before the fire department got here we got the hoses out. >> reporter: how close did this come? >> around the house 5 feet in some places it burnt to the house. >> the fire is 15% contained
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there had been mandatory evacuations that order has been lifted and no reports of injuries. 4:09 a.m. next republican presidential nominee donald trump scheduled to be in the bay area today the fundraiser he is holding ahead of the speech where he will lay out his plans for immigration reform. >> workers continue to dig through the rubble 290 people now confirmed dead in the central italy earthquake. the visit to the area the pope is now planning. good morning we are looking at a commute off to a nice start on the east shore freeway as you head out to the mcarthur maze. >> a little change to our monday forecast. more on that coming up (scal): good day, m'lady!
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290 people are now confirmed dead after last week's 6.2 magnitude earthquake in central italy. kelly wright has more on recovery efforts. >> reporter: the death toll continues to rise after last week's devastating earthquake in central italy rescue crews continue to look for survivors and bodies beneath the rubble demolishing buildings dangerously close to falling down. >> you can see behind me our firefighters working with the mobile ladder trying to remove loose tile that is are loose and a chimney not stable. >> reporter: the 6.2 magnitude
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earthquake completely destroyed several towns several are displaced from homes living in tents or cars. >> all these days i have been living in a car down near the river now the bishop said they will give me a tent. >> reporter: the pope now planning to visit the region and meet with those devastated by the loss of their homes. >> readiness for which the authorities civil protection and volunteers are operating demonstrates how important solidarity is. dear brothersisters as soon as possible i hope to come and visit you and bring to you the comfort in faith. >> reporter: at least one town is grateful to not see more damage. this is near the epicenter of the quake but saw little damage due to a government program that strengthened buildings. >> if the project did not take place then we would probably be in the same situation like the
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people in other locations. >> reporter: museums will donate all ticket sales from sunday to the rebuilding effort in new york kelly wright fox news. two pilots arrested in scotland are scheduled to appear in court today the united airlines were supposed to fly scotland to new jersey saturday morning but authorities say they had too much to drink united delayed the flight almost 10 hours they are not identifying the pilots but they are 35 and 45 years old and have been removed from service until an investigation is complete. >> six scientists wrapped up their yearlong attempt to simulate living on mars. >> three, two, one. come on. [ cheering ] >> welcome back to earth the researchers lived inside that small dome and could only go outside only if they were wearing space suits communication with the outside
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world was put on a 20 minute delay to mimic deep space conditions the goal was to find out how people would cope with isolation of living on another planet they are eating pizza when they return back to earth there. they are now back and are looking forward to feeling the sun get into the ocean and eating fresh fruitvegetables and pizza. >> seems to be what everybody misses the most. camping, or in space, pizza. >> i would miss it too pam. >> me too. >> good morning we are going to start off with the gilroy commute, northbound 101 looks okay if you are driving from gilroy to san jose. certainly a lot of people already out there but not enough for you to be delayed at all get into the main part of the valley looks very nice and there are no major problems on the main valley freeways also looking at the commute here, if you are driving on the san mateo bridge westbound 92
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traffic looks good heading down to the highrise. bay bridge per happens the busiest commute traffic looks good. let's go to steve. >> thank you let's get to it san francisco had a tough summer here, a little better the last couple days the warmest day this month was august 8th when they rocketed up to 70 degrees that is the only 70 this month. has not reached 70 in these three months, 1942, 70, 82, it got close a couple times 68, 69- degrees the average temp look how warm, warm and then boom this year we drop last year was very warm remember the warm ocean temps last year had a lot to do with that. cooler ocean temps play into a cooler pattern this year. still some fog but not as much as we have seen.
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higher clouds coming up from a tropical system mainly over north bay more show than go westerly component to the breeze feels fall like to me especially in the morning. 50s, 60s on the temps held up a little bit mill valley 47, a lot of 50s though, all quiet in the sierra very quiet last couple days. just more broken than anything else but plenty there we will put partly cloudys in the north bay pretty good system churning in the pacific northwest the fog is getting chewed up still a component of it but not as much as we saw earlier 50s, upper 60s, low 70s then 80s inland these are near average to slightly below temps i don't see much change maybe a little cooler wednesday, thursday then levelling off as we go into september. >> all right does it look like september typically we go down in temperatures or rebound up? >> the city warms up.
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>> usually we get warm weather. >> will we? because you were talking rain. >> there might be some north like mendocino county it is not going to get hot any time soon but the fog is loosing its umph. september -- >> some sun. >> they have seen a little bit last couple days. trouble at the santa rosa marathon we will talk about the mistake made that could cost runners entry into the prestigious boston marathon coming up. >> face that way now or i will spray you. >> an 84-year-old woman pepper sprayed during a police search what lead up to this and the reason police released the video. "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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welcome back 4:22 a.m. latin music fans around the world are mourning the loss of juan gabriel. ♪ [ music ] >> he died yesterday after suffering a heart attack at his home in los angeles he was one of mexico's most successful music artists he sold more than 100 million records had a star on the hollywood walk of fame and was inducted into the billboard latin music hall of fame in 1996 he was on tour in the u.s. right before his death he had just played a show in los angeles friday. he was 66 years old. new jersey transit police officer is being called a hero for pulling a man off the train
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tracks seconds before the train arrived. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video take a look this video shows officer victor ortiz struggling to get the man off the tracks he appears to be resisting seconds before the train arrives ortiz is able to pull him to safety. the new jersey transit police department released a statement saying the video is a reminder what officerrers do every day to keep people safe. pepper spraying of an 84- year-old oklahoma woman during a police search prompted an internal police investigation. want to show you police body camera video it happened last week in a town outside of tulsa officers were looking for the woman's son for running a stop sign and refusing to stop for officers police asked him to come out of the woman's home when he didn't they entered and tased him that is when the woman came forward police told her to turn around after a
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minute she does not she is pepper sprayed and handcuffed chief of police released the video to be transparent with the community. >> videos can't give you the full sense of what happened but at the same time they do eithervalidate or expose any worts you might have. >> the chief also said they are working to resolve the situation, the woman says she was wrongfully attacked and plans to pursue legal action. coming up time now 4:24 a.m. they are trained dogs that find drugs, bombs, suspects and missing people. a closer look at alameda county canine unit in this mornings crime files. >> alameda county sheriff's canine units. i will send my dog. >> reporter: ktvu got an inside look at alameda county's canine
4:25 am
training in dublin these dogs can find weapons,. >> where is it? where is it? >> reporter: drugs, and suspects themselves. >> right now he is smelling human odour trying to find his way to get to it. >> reporter: this dog found the suspect hidden in the big crate. deputies ordered him to come out and took him into custody. >> dogs for us are locating tool so they help us find suspects and most of the time we get surrenders when suspects don't surrender and it meets our use of force criteria we will deploy a dog to bite a suspect. >> reporter: there are 21 dog s with the canine unit 8 assigned to patrol and narcotics protection one assigned to
4:26 am
oakland airport, the rest sniff out explosives the pedigree? they are from across the pond. >> we import them from europe. >> reporter: their bite just might be worse than their bark but it is all work nothing personal. >> we literally have had bad guy where is we bit a bad guy a minute later he can go pet the dog the dogs don't hold a grudge. >> in dublin henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> they are amazing >> absolutely. >> 4:26 a.m. the chp officer shot a man walking on a peninsula freeway what authorities say that suspect did after officers tased him. >> another symbolic sit in for gun control congress woman spears called for change in how a local gun store owner is responding. >> off to a good start commute so far highway 4, doesn't look bad coming over the willow pass grade. >> fog is there but not as much
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as in the past, and higher clouds moving in north we will see if those lead to anything
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it is monday august 29th i am brian flores. >> i am pam cook we are back at it again monday morning what is the weather going to be like? >> clouds north otherwise a bit more sun. >> i have noticed more wind. >> breeze has picked up a little. >> yeah. >> cool mornings too. >> temperatures this august or foggest have been on the cool side here, we are long over due for that. let's everybody have some heat for awhile we had ours in june or july. unless you are on the coast. this is downtown san jose. the coolest was 75, average high 80, that is below average and hottest 88 they have not
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had a 90 officially although i know some areas have, that is officially san jose other locations last august where they were below 90 was 2014. not uncommon. livermore below 100, 78, 88 this month 98 the hottest believe me we had our fair share of 90s or hotter june and july we were over due for a cool down inland. the coast has been dealing with fog higher clouds coming up from the west, southwest, water temps have come up all in the 60s now that will play into a smaller fog bank still a decent breeze not crazy 50s, 60s on the lows they are a little warmer partly cloudy skies, 50s 60s for everybody sierra looks good higher clouds moving into the north. look for 60s, 70s, 80s partly cloudy to the north. all right


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