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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. we are live in san fransisco, where fire crews battled a two alarm fire from earlier this morning. we'll give awe update in a few
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minutes -- you an update in a few minutes. plus the controversy continues still this morning over 49ers quarterback kaepernick's decision to stay seated during the national anthem. we'll explain how long the quarterback plans to continue this protest. mornings on 2 continues. continues. . good morning, thank you for waking up with us. monday, august 29th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning,ism's dave clark. get ready for monday weather, steve paulson in his office with the forecast. >> not much change, maybe a little more sun on the coast. >> oh. >> warmed up a little bit the last couple of days, not the 62, 63s, 68, 69, close to where you should be this time of year. as we get to september that's a nice time on the coast. low clouds coming up from the west southwest. almost a change in the air here, but cloud cover will mainly be
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focused to the north and it is going to give a partly to mostly cloudy conditions, mendocino county, lake county, low clouds burn off sooner but they're still there. 50s and 60s on the temps. quiet in the sierra, clouds streaming over, northern napa county and also sonoma. coming up from the west southwest and the system to the north, kind of sweep it through. so the combination of low clouds, high clouds and some sun will give us temperatures where they should be this time of year, 60s, 70s and 80s. what do you have for us here, sal? >> good morning, steve. we have a rot of slow traffic on the sono grade. a crash on andrati road. if you are leaving dublin pleasanton, we're talking about speeds less than 10 miles an hour along this stretch. it is terrible, so don't be surprised by it.
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we're looking at real ly terrible speeds. 580 from livermore to dublin. castro valley not bad if you have the luxury of going around or perhaps want to do it a different way than the sonol grade. 680 towards fremont is terrible. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. 10 to 15 minute wait at the tool plaza and this morning if you're in san jose, the freeway system so far does look pretty good. 6:01, back to the desk. following breaking news about the fire in san fransisco. we told you about it about an hour ago. ktvu's brine flores is brian flores is in san fransisco for us. >> reporter: fire crews remain on scene here, pam and dave. good morning to you guys. they have the upper hand on it. looks like it's under control this morning from this fire from this
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four storey vacant building. you can see san fransisco fire resources, three ladder trucks, several firefighters on the top floor there. i don't know if you can see the flashlights up there but they're putting down hot spots. for the most part this fire is under control. as we go to video now, this is what we saw from our camera on california streets, you see the flames coming from the roof there. definitely visible throughout most of downtown san fransisco. san fransisco fire say three floors caught on fire from this vacant building. it's still unclear how this fire started but san fransisco fire quickly responded putting it out in about 45 minutes. the major concerns this morning is how old this building is, it's mostly made out of brick. but because of how old it is, there are some issues in terms of structural integrity, something that firefighters will face as they put out this fire this morning. >> when units arrived on scene there was a lot of fire activity to the top floors. this fire quickly went to a second alarm fire. rescue companies were able to do
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a rapid search of this building. they were not able to locate any victims which is dwood news for us. -- good news for us. >> reporter: this was a vacant building as you heard from san fransisco fire spokesperson there. 70 firefighters responded on scene. several fire crews also responded with several resources. we talk about ladder trucks, other fire engines as well. as we take it back out here live, the other impact here this morning is going to be traffic. san fransisco fire says the streets of 5th and 6th are going to be impacted on traffic at least for the next two or three hours as they continue to figure out exactly a happened. and fire investigators are on scene trying to piece that together, but it looks like, guys, this fire here off the 500 block of minna street is under control this morning. >> again, as you said, it's going to make for a tough morning commute for people in that area. >> reporter: sure it. >> thank you, brian. 6:04 is the time right now.
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this morning, 49ers quarterback kaepernick is standing business his decision to sit during the national anthem. he has stayed seated during the national anthem all three of the preseason games thus far. we are in santa clara with how long kaepernick plans to continue this protest and reaction. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. despite all the controversy, colin kaepernick remains defiant. the 49ers quarterback says he will continue to sit during the national anthem to should light on how communities of color are being oppressed. >> ultimately it's to bring awareness and make people you know realize what's going on in this country. there are a lot of things that are going on that are unjust, people aren't being held accountable for and that's something that needs to change. >> reporter: that was colin kaepernick speaking to reporters yesterday. he says he is fighting for
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social justice. specifically he's angry about issues of police brutality in this country. the controversy over his refusal to stand for the national anthem led to a closed door meeting of 49ers players before yesterday's practice here at the team headquarters in santa clara. >> the message was to let the other guys just understand what he was feeling and where he was coming from. so again, that personally we could approach this how we are going to approach it but be knowledgeable about his stance. >> we know colin, we support him, we don't think he's a bad team mate because he decided to voice his opinion on a strong topic. we can't let this divide our team. >> reporter: now kaepernick said his decision has been a long time coming and it was borne out of years of witnesses how people of color are being mistreated and he says he was mistreated himself in the past.
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the 28-year-old quarterback is biracial. now head coach chip kelley weighed in on the controversy saying kaepernick has the right not to stand for the national anthem. the quarterback acknowledged yesterday that there could be somewhat of a backlash especially as they head to other cities to play games. they will be playing this thursday down in san diego, pam, so we'll have to see how fans will react. no doubt this will be something that becomes a focus prior to that football game, exhibition game this thursday. >> i was just telling dave and steve, everybody was talking about in the grocery store line. this is something people are talking about. >> reporter: it has people talking, and that, you know, colin kaepernick said during his lengthy talk yesterday with reporters that that is part of what he wanted was to begin this conversation. so if it has people talking, whatever they are saying, that's what he wants. he wants the focus to be on this issue of social justice. >> certainly has started the
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conversation. thank you, alex. we have more on the reaction as well. new york giants offensive lineman justin p are ugh made it clear, before his game yesterday he tweeted "i will standing during the national anthem tonight. thank you to all that put your lives on the line for that flag." the owner of the nba's dallas mavericks publicly supporting kaepernick. cuban said "he didn't throw a bomb, start a riot, throw a bunch, shut a business. yell at someone, troll anyone. he sat there quietly." 49 fans have mixed reaction for kaepernick's refusal to stand for the anthem. some fans said they may boycott games while others support him. here's what some fans told us at a sports bar in santa clara. >> i don't think that his views represent the team's views. i think it's his own personal
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view so it's not the appropriate platform for something like that. >> it's right. you don't have to stand up for national anthem. it's pride, we can do it sometime and sometimes we don't feel comfortable we can sit and be quiet. he's not disturbing anybody turbing anybody . >> he's the latest athlete to take a stand on a hot social issue. earlier this month the dallas cowboys wore dekals on their helmets honoring the lives the five dallas police officers killed in july. also last night players in the wmba wore shirts supporting the black lives matter movement. now our coverage of the controversy continues on our channel 2 website. you can hear his entire lockerroom interview. it's our top story right now on reports of a shooting last night at los angeles international airport turned out to be a false alarm. hundreds of people panicked and ran out of the airport after hearing
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that someone inside was shooting. airport police shut down traffic to the terminal area. no flights were being allowed to land. police searched all of the terminals but they did not find anything or anyone with a gun. the people inside the airport say it was chaotic. >> we got off the plane and were exiting and saw a mob, a crowd running towards us. and we immediately started running. went through an emergency exit that was close to a gate. ran down on to the runway and got behind a catering vehicle, so that's all we could think about doing is just getting safe and getting out of there. of there. . police say what people thought were gunshots was loud noises but they are still trying to figure out exactly where those noises came from. time is now 6:10. back here at home, happening the day oakland mayor libby schaaf will make an announcement about the search for a new permanent police chief. the police department has not had a police chief since june when sean wendt resigned after the growing
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sex misconduct scandal. two other interim police chiefs came and went in a matter of days. city administrator was then appointed head of the police department overseeing it. last week the mayor told us that the city will hold a series of public meetings getting input on what people want to see in their next oakland police chief. the dates of those meetings may be announced today. also today, san fransisco city officials are holding a meeting on the selection of the city's next police chief. tonight's meeting is from 6 to 8 at st. mary's cathedral. this is the final week that the public can fill out the city's online survey about the qualities they'd like to see in their next police chief. the police commission says it will stop accepting applications for the position on wednesday. while the commission is keeping the list of applicants secret, acting police chief tony chaplin said he is interested in the job.
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for more information about the information and for a link to that survey on line go to web links tab on our home page, . there are reports that a postal service master key is being used to steal mail and packages in san fransisco. someone on the website is saying the key is being used on buildings in the 94019 zip code. the person said their building has been hit several times. call the posal inspector and the san fransisco police department if you have any information. is a private site where neighbors share information. new this morning, the drug maker, mylan announced it will over generic version of the epipen.
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this announcement today makes a sharp shift after mylan defended the price hikes that resulted in a list price of $600 for a two-pack of the emergency injection treatment. that's up from $100 just seven years ago. right now it's 6:12. donald trump will lay out his plans to deal with illegal immigration. the key part of his policy he needs to clarify. three, two, one. >> come on! >> there they are. a celebration in a hawaii and an important experiment comes to answered. up next why six scientists were kept in isolation for a year. good morning. we're looking at a commute that is going to be busy in many areas, including the bay bridge, san mato mateo
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bridge an alternate. prz
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. welcome back to mornings on 2 on 6:16 and happening today the federal government's new broad rules for drones take effect. the faa says thousands of drones pilots are ready to get going. more than 3300 people have already signed up to take the test required for drones certification. that will allow them to fly drones up to 400 feet in the air during daylight hours but they have to also keep their unmanned aircraft in sight and away from other aircraft. in the drought stricken central valley where every drop of water counts farmers are used drone technology to save their resources, they're looking for leaks in buried irrigation lines. 2100 companies and individuals
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have federal permission to fly drones for farming. one central valley farmer estimates drones can save enough water to sustain 550 families of four for a year. >> and now with this drone technology we can get if there and make sure that the system is working probably that we're designing the systems probably and we're detecting any problems before they lead to water loss. >> among other things, farmers are also using drones to spot color variations in plants that might signal a problem. what's been a very long year for six scientists trying to simulate what it's like to live on mars. their families gathered in a remote location on the island of hawaii to welcome the researchers home with a countdown and some cheers. >> three, two, one, come on! [ cheers ]. >> the researchers had lived inside that small dome and they could only go outside if they were wearing
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space suits. communication with the outside world was put on a 20 minute delay just like it would be in deep space. the university of hawaii is leading research on how people would cope with the isolation of living on another planet. >> the research is vital when it comes to picking crews and figuring out how people work. space travel, colonization, whatever you're looking at. >> two more isolation experiments and the university of hawaii is already looking for volunteers. pam? >> i would rather be on the beach in hawaii, maybe. >> well, yes. >> okay. >> okay. 6:18 is the time. sal is covering traffic of course, including that fire. brian flores out there on the scene saying it's going to affect traffic for a couple of hours. >> yes so the fire department would like you to staff off of 5th and
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6th and minna there. the streets are open. howard street affected in that south of market area. let's go to the bay bridge, though, if you're trying to get into san fransisco to begin with you will see traffic is okay on the stand. but it has been slower on the approach to the bay bridge. at the toll plaza. it has been slowed down. this is about a 20 minute delay before you make it on to the span. i want to mention that 680 southbound is going to be busy as you head down the sonol grade. we had an earlier accident. and look at that slow traffic here on 680 heading south. want to move all these icons here to give you an idea of just how slow it is. you might want to think about using 580 over to castro valley. 880 is not too bad from heyward to union city, if you can do that that would be good. if you're leaving dublin heading down to the fremont area, that
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is going to be a terrible commute. 6:19, let's go to steve. >> sal did you watch your bears down under. >> it was weird? >> it was weird, it was night time yet it was daytime. >> but they looked good. >> yeah, they did. let's get to our weather. couple of changes, get to that in a second. still plenty of fog although it seems to be burning off sooner. two people wrote me on facebook and said they had sun in pacifica yesterday. yay! the fog is losing its support. why are we starting in colorado springs, i-25. just to the west southwest interests this hill called pike's peak and guess what's happening on pike's peak. it may be sunny but not on pike's peak where it's snowing at 14,000 feet. for some, it's already a taste of winter and we still have a ways to go. not that cold, but it has been cool for august in san fransisco. coolest day was 60 on the 4th.
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average high has been 65. the warmest only one day at 70, although got close over the weekend. there was 68, 69. but the 70 degree temp is something, if you don't hit that, that's very rare because that's only happened three other times in san fransisco's history and it looks like there might be one more but i doubt any more than that but we to have the one day. but 41, 1917, and 1882, is the only times that san fransisco did not have a high of 70 in august. usually september as you know is when things change. fog loses its self there a little bit. get an off-shore breeze, not as hot inland, high clouds streaming over the north. there is a westerly component, cooler in the valley, upper 40s there. oakland west of 10. 50s, 60s, 60 at oakland. east bay temps are in a couple of degrees of each other.
6:22 am
57 brentwood. higher clouds streaming in mendocino county, lake county, napa county, associated right there. tropical moisture coming up. that system will sweep through and keep us in a pattern here that is on the cooler side for most, but it does help i think chew up some of the fog. so 60s, 70s, and then 80s through the interior with a few upper 70s and it does look like a pattern that is not going to change all that much. cool maybe wednesday, thursday, and just nice as we go into the weekend. >> m-hmm. thank you. 6:22. sounds like something out of a movie. two men from canada learn that they were switched at birth. >> what? >> coming up in minutes, how they figured it out. and why they're blaming the government. plus a new wildfire in northern california up next. how it started. who police blame for starting it, and the charges that may be filed.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. the cleanup work continues in italy after last week's devastating earthquake that killed 290 people. crews are demolishing buildings close to falling down. the quake destroyed several towns. thousands of homes are too badly damaged for anyone to live there. and tent cities have been set up
6:26 am
in the hardest hit areas. yesterday earthquake survivors attended a mass held in one of the tent cities. that service was held in front of a large cross constructed from two fire ladders and the helmets of various rescue teams. pope francis is planning to visit the area and meet with the survivors. our time is now 6:26. we have new information about how that wildfire near san andreas gun. the chp arrest add woman who was driving in the area where the fire started for dui. she was driving on a tire rim that was shooting off sparks into the dry grass and the sparks started the fire. now she's facing several charges connected to the fire. the exact charges have not been made public yet. 300 firefighters are battling the flames but some of the homeowners say they didn't wait for help as that fire got closer to their property. >> here, like, ten minutes before the fire, like i got on the property and it came up pretty close before the fire department got here and
6:27 am
we kind of just got the hoses out quick and started just spraying away from the house. >> how close do it come? >> it burnt around the house five feet, some spots it burned to the house, the porch was burned up. >> in the next hour we have update on the fire. the latest report we have is it's only 15% contained. 6:27. another visit by republican presentation candidate donald trump up next. what he will be doing here in the bay area today. also, an 84-year-old woman in oklahoma pepper sprayed by police in her home. you just saw it. up next, why police barge into her home and the backlash they're now facing. good morning, we're looking at a commute that is not doing well in some of these freeways. san fransisco, though, the traffic here on 101 does look good approaching the downtown area.
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. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, monday, august 29th. itch's dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. want to check in with steve. i love how you're saying, i tweeted out your comment that someone told you we're ending faugust. >> a lot of people are calling it faugust. >> a little bit better over the weekend. >> true. >> some upper 60s, even a little bit of sun. a couple of hurricanes here in the eastern pacific. some of the moisture from madlin, it's closest to the islands but it's tracking to the north. some of that moisture is streaming off that and moving into northern california. luster to the right, should be close to the big island by friday. we'll keep an eye on both. the cloud cover is streaming northward and that's what's coming over parts of the north bay. still fog, just not as much, and
6:31 am
it will burn off sooner. some areas socked in are getting sun now throughout the day, i should say, not right now. west southwest of a breeze, 22 off the delta, not that bad. 50s, 60s on the temps and the higher clouds could lead to a few isolated showers probably on tuesday but probably more cloud cover than anything else. keep an eye on that for you. 60 rs, 70s, and 80s close to seasonal averages this time of year. looking at the bay bridge because that's become filled in. we had some earlier small issues on the bridge but really a normal commute right now. backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make it on the span. if you want to use the san mateo bridge instead facing slow traffic from 238 to 92. but it's not too bad. the traffic is going to be okay when you get to the peninsula. worst traffic in the bay area right now is 680 from dublin all the way to fremont. we had earlier problems here and
6:32 am
this commute is a big mess. so if you drive on 680 out of dublin and head south, beware. it's going to be slow in the area. i pull back, we can go to the south bay. south commute looks okay. we haven't seen any major issues object the freeways here. now at -- on the freeways here. back to the desk. donald trump is scheduled two bay area fundraiser today. first on the peninsula at an undisclosed location. tickets at $25,000 a piece. then, trump holds another fundraiser in napa county. both of these events are closed to the public. this will be donald trump's first visit back to the bay area since june when some of his supporters clashed with protesters at a rally in san jose. and donald trump will lay out his plans for immigration reform this week. he's trying to appeal to more minority voters. meantime, hillary clinton is trying to lock down a big lead in the polls while dealing with
6:33 am
more fallout from her family's foundation. doug luzader with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has been planning on speaking about immigration for a while, but he's had to cancel one appearance. now it is rescheduled for day after tomorrow and he's expected to clarify a position that's gotten kind of murky recently. >> what a team! >> reporter: donald trump's recent twists and turns on immigration may reach some kind after resolution this week. -- of a resolution this week. yesterday he announced he would outline his plan on wednesday in arizona. but his policy is still unclear. would he, for instance, still try to deport millions of illegal immigrants. >> his position is going to be tough. it's going to be fair but his position will you humane. >> reporter: hillary clinton greeting a crowd in the hamptons but keeping out of public sight through the weekend while making an impressive fundraising haul in
6:34 am
events throughout the area. the state department is trying to delay his release of schedules as secretary of state until after the election that could stave off problematic disclosures. both candidates preparing for their first debate less than a month away. >> it is going to be difficult because you'll have to prepare for many different trumps. kind of like well behaved, modest trump, i doubt we'll see that. a trump to doesn't prepare for anything and that's how they're doing it. >> i think they're nervous in the clinton catch because he is the unpredictable x factor, she is a scripted status hillary clinton that basically needs to memorise lines. >> reporter: the clinton camp is saying they're having to prepare for absolutely anything because they know trump is down in the polls and he may see the debates as an opportunity to turn things around. back to you guys. >> thanks, doug. the topic of the
6:35 am
presidential candidate's health is getting attention. donald trump and his supporters have criticized hillary clinton saying she does not have the capacity to serve as president. they have not been forthcoming about their medical histories. if donald trump wins he will be the oldest president ever elected. if clinton wins she becomes the second oldest. trump is going after clinton on the issues. >> she doesn't have the strength, stamina, or the ability to straighten out our country. >> the clinton campaign responded with statements saying she is in excellent health and that trump "has failed to provide the public with basic financial information disclosed by every major candidate for the past 40 years."
6:36 am
a man is dead in walnut creek. larry griffin was arrested in bay point. police say he fired several shots into a group of people early saturday morning as the bars in downtown walnut creek were letting out. courtney brown, a husband and father to be, was shot three times in the back. police say they don't believe the shooting was random but they have not told us about a possible motive. over the weekend, congresswoman jackie speier had a sit-in to protest gun violence and called for congressional action on gun control. >> we have a gun culture in this country unlike any other country in the world. >> speier is calling for congress to vote on universal background checks and a ban for anyone on the terror watch list from buying guns. but a gun shop owner says more gun control won't necessarily stop gun violence. >> nothing that they're proposing is going to change anything when it comes to criminal activity.
6:37 am
criminals are going to buy guns on the streets, law abiding people are going through a check. >> speier wants congress to take action on her proposal when it returns from a month-long recess. but she says she also recognizes it's unlikely anything will get done in this election year. time is 6:37. almost 200 bills waiting to be signed now sit on governor brown's desk as california lawmakers are wrapping up their two year session. the bills include legislation to eliminate the statute of limitation on rape prosecutions. one bill by san mateo state senator jerry hill would require breathalyzers on vehicles for drivers who are convicted of drunk driving. and lawmakers may still send even more bills to the governor before their session ends wednesday. the governor has until the end of september to either sign, or veto the bills. this morning, investigators in belgium say this morning's fire
6:38 am
at the national criminology institute in brussels was likely a criminal act, not an act of terrorism. police say one or more attackers slammed a car into the building causing a fire that severely damaged the building but no report of any injuries. investigators believe it was probably an arson attack designed to destroy criminal activity. brussels does remain on high alert ever since that devastating attack on the airport and metro system in march. we're learning the driver responsible for a bus crash in louisiana that killed two people, including a fire chief and injured 36 others was an illegal immigrant without a driver's license. it happened sunday morning west of new orleans. the hit bus hit a car. one person in the car was killed, along with the fire chief. two other firefighters were also hurt. and dozens of the bus's passengers were hurt as well.
6:39 am
the passengers were volunteers heading to help flood victims in baton rouge. the driver faces many charges. a massive cleanup effort in baton rouge continues in the wake of the deadly flooding issues. emergency response officials say they expect another 60 to 90 days of debris removal. at this point nearly a third of louisiana has been declared a federal disaster area. 13 people were killed, as many as 40,000 homes were damaged in the flooding. officials say they expect the scope of the destruction to grow because the water still has not receded in some areas. the two united airlines pilots arrested in scotland and accused of being drunk, they're due to appear in court in glasgow later today. on saturday morning the pilots were supposed to fly from scotland to new jersey but instead they were arrested in the cockpit suspected of being drunk. united had to delay the flight for
6:40 am
almost ten hours while it found a replacement crew. this is the second time in two months that scottish police have arrested a flight crew for being too drunk to fly. the crew arrested last month was from canada. well, the canadian government is launching an independent investigation after it was revealed that two men from the same small town were switched at birth. david tate and lean swanton were born at the same hospital in manitoba. people noticed how they resembled each other's families more than their own. this is the second time in that same year in that same hospital they had this kind of mistake. now it's raising questions about substandard health care for canada's indigenous people. >> the first time it could be a mistake, a second time is a
6:41 am
criminal activity. >> canada's health minister says she is looking into what happened at the hospital. she also wants all records checked to see if there are other cases of babies switched at birth at that medical facility. >> wow. i know. >> wow. >> time is 6:41. reports of a possible active shooter at l.a.x. in los angeles turned out to be false. in 20 minutes the chaos that followed as passengers were evacuated and flights were diverted. a police shooting on highway 101 on the peninsula. what a man wassing to on the side of the -- was doing on the side of the road that caused officers to open fire. we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing okay on the san mateo bridge. some commutes are doing better than others. whose commutes are not going to be good this morning. still have a fog bank out there but also some higher clouds up above. we'll see if that shows any change in our forecast.
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. >> 6:44. the pepper spraying of an 84-year-old woman in oklahoma during a police search has prompt add internal police investigation. this is police body camera video of the incident which happened last week in a town outside tulsa. officers were looking for the woman's son for running a stop sign and refusing to stop for officers. police asked him to come out of the woman's home. when he didn't, they entered and tased him. that's when the woman then came
6:45 am
forward, police told her to turn around. about a minute after she did not turn around, she is pepper sprayed and then handcuffed. the chief of police says they released the video to be transparent with the community. so the woman says she was wrongfully attacked. plans to pursue legal action against the police department. police in delmont, the highway patrol and the san mateo county da. are investigating after a chp officer shot a man who was walking on highway 101 yesterday. now, it happened after the chp received reports of a man walking in traffic near the ralston avenue offramps about 3:30 yesterday morning. police tried to get the man to get into a car. they even used a taser. that didn't stop him. >> ultimately the suspect produced a knife, held it over his head and lunged toward one of our
6:46 am
officers and that's when one of our chp officers used his service weapon. >> the man was taken to stanford medical center. he was treated for life threatening injuries. we haven't been able to get an update on him. investigators still trying to figure out who he is and why he was on the freeway. 6:46 which means it is time to check in with dasia in the newsroom with a look at what's coming up in our next hour. >> reporter: when i join new an if you minutes, trouble at the santa rosa marathon this past weekend when several ruppers were -- runners were steered in the wrong direction setting them offcourse by a mile why the oners got off course to begin with. heavy rain that's heading to florida and how that tropical wave in the caribbean could also make it harder to control the zika outbreak which stands at dozens of cases in florida alone. of course, yes, the storm could
6:47 am
below mosquitos away but the lingering effects of the storm could leave a much more dangerous situation. these stories and more on the kaepernick controversy. >> thank you. the annual silicon valley pride celebration was held in san jose over the weekend. [ music ]. . >> the rainbow flag with the 44th annual parade yesterday. this year the theme was diversity, inclusion, and success. a nice day down there. time is 6:47. hey, sal, is our commute nice right now? >> for the most part, most freeways but not all, dave. there are some slowdowns. go to highway 4 in bay point. going to start there and traffic is going to be busy as you drive over the hill toward concord, out of the pittsburgh area. news looking sunrise there, but
6:48 am
the traffic is backed up to concord. 680 is not bad as you drive through the area. traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. it hasn't been anything unusual, but we've had some slow traffic. the east bay is taking a beating. double down to the sonol grade, heading toward fremont or san jose, the 680 commute is not going to be to your working. 238 is where it starts to slow heading south through heyward and down to fremont. heading south out of the east bay not a great commute this morning. 6:48. let's go to steve. a lot of high clouds streaming over us. hurricane lester, tracking north to the big island. it looks like lester is a better opportunity than madelin. high clouds over mendocino county, a little over the bay area, a
6:49 am
decent system to the north that will sweep in clouds as well. fog is there but it's not as robust or strong as it has been. so there are some breaks in the fog and that means some areas are getting sun on the coast that haven't seen much in a while. still we have plenty of low clouds, drizzle up in the low bend. west southwest 22 at travis, still okay delta breeze, 50s, 60s on your temps a lot of upper 40s. mid-50s to upper 50s in the east bay. cloud cover tilling into tahoe up from the west southwest but the possibility some of that might trigger some high based thunderstorm activity i think north tomorrow but it looks marginal to me. 60s, 70s, upper 70s, 80s, close to temperatures where they should be near the end of august. warmer and cooler especially as we head into wednesday and thursday. then it looks like temperatures level off as we go into the weekend.
6:50 am
first weekend in september. >> that's right. thank you. time is 6:49. thieves using a master key to steal mail and other valuables. who is being warned in a specific bay area zip code. we're learning more about the shooting that claimed the life of dwayne wade's cousin. up next the arrest police made and the reason investigators called this case especially concerning. narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased.
6:51 am
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or this or this. not guilty. if it doesn't upset your allergies like paint, is it still paint? natura is certified asthma and allergy friendly. and you can only find it at your benjamin moore retailer.
6:53 am
. welcome back to mornings on 2. a memorial service will be held wednesday in sonoma county for the two little girls who died when their family truck crashed into the russian river last week. 4-year-old haily markus and her sister caitlin were trapped in the truck when it went out of control and sank in the river. the mother escaped but could not get to her daughters. emergency workers also tried to save them but they couldn't, either. the girls will be buried on wednesday afternoon at calvary cemetery in bodega. two brothers are under arrest in chicago in connection with the shooting death of the cousin of dwayne wade. she was killed friday when she pushed a stroller. darwin sorrells and derren sorrells face first degree murder and attempted murder in the death of nykea aldridge. the targets were shooting at someone else.
6:54 am
the 32-year-old woman was a mother of four who was walking to a nearby school to register her children. both men are gang members who are out on patrol. the police superintendent says this is an example of the court system's failure to stop repeat offenders. >> this act of violence is an example of how we need to change the way we treat habitual offenders in city of chicago. when will enough be enough? >> aldridge's baby is not hurt and is being cared for by family members. there have been 455 homicides in chicago already this year. the sister of singer mariah carrey was arrested on prostitution charges in upstate new york. 55-year-old alison carey was arrested after an undercover sting. police were tipped off by internet posts advertising her services. one of those ads included lyrics from mariah's hit song "fantasy."
6:55 am
alison carey appears to be homeless. the two sisters have been estranged for years. lovers of latin music all over the world are mourning the death of juan gabriel. [ music ]. . >> singer, juan gabriel died yesterday after a heart attack in his home in los angeles. he was one of mexico's most successful performers sell more than 100 million records. he had a star on the hollywood walk of fame and was inducted into the billboard latin music hall of fame in 1966. he had performed in los angeles on friday. he was 66 years old. . [ singing ]. . >> that was in mexico. people have been celebrating gabriel's life. hundreds of people poured into the street to sing some of his most well known songs. there have been vigils and
6:56 am
prayer services there since news of his death started to spread. by beyonce was a big winner last night. >> and the video of the year goes to beyonce. >> that was jimmy fallon dressed up as ryan lochte. all together she won eight awards, blue the audience away with a 16-minute mini concert. rhiana performed, and britney spears returning after ten years. some called it a disappointing lip syncing performance. also making appearance at the bmas, the final five with one
6:57 am
noticeable absence, olympic gold medallists. they presented beyonce with the best video of the year. gabby douglas was not there because she was being treated for an infection. she has been fighting a mouth injury that led to a very serious infection. >> that's too bad. >> yeah. we are are coming up on our 7:00 hour and up next we're continuing to follow that fire in downtown san fransisco. the flames are out, but the traffic problems continue. also 49ers quarterback kaepernick making national headlines still. he says he will not stand during the national anthem until there's a big change in how people of color are treated in the u.s.. we'll tell you the reaction from around the nfl.
6:58 am
the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma.
6:59 am
we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. the fact that it has blown up like this, i think it's a good thing. it brings awareness. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick speaking out about his decision to stay seated during the national anthem. we will tell you how long he plans to continue this protest, and what his teammates have to say about his actions.
7:00 am
and a fire this morning in downtown san francisco. you can see flames for miles around. the building that was damaged and the traffic problems that still remain. this and more ahead on "mornings on 2". 7:00 on the dot this monday morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk about your weather this morning, whether you are going to see sunshine today. steve? >> yes. it's starting to happen on the coast a little bit more now. a little bit, gasia and dave. we also have a couple hurricanes. madeline moisture is streaming off and heading towards us. not a lot. that's the source of it. it's heading to the big island. category 1. wind 85 miles per hour. expected to go just for men a little just -- just a little bit to the south. possibility tuesday maybe some of that developing into a little something. for us, fog is


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