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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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. now today's top stories. #ers quarterback colin kaepernick is sticking by his decision to sit out the national anthem. kaepernick's protest has
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unleashed a torrent of public opinion. donald trump says kaepernick sudden finds another country that works better for him. others say they support his constitutional right to nonviolent protest. republicanmental nominee adopted trump is leded to the pens a 40 people have been invited to attend a dinner at the woodside estate of private equity investor saul fox. tickets reportedly start at $5,000 per person and go all the way up to $450,000. santa clara county sheriff's office says an inmate tried to break out of jail in milpitas. in video cams rask caused christopher would climbing fesses he will face the charge of attempted escape. you're watching ktvu fox news. a real scare last flight
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when rumors spread about a possible active shooter. >> a a man dressed in a zorro costume into custody. about the same time passengers who heard loud noises thought a gunman was opening fire in a terminal. >> it's an example of growing concern about passenger safety. >>reporter: all was calm in san francisco international airport today except maybe for some of the passengers. >> i'm always afraid some idiot will decide to go into a terminal start shooting. >>reporter: as this cell phone video shows that kind of fear exploding to full blown panic at lax officials say there say what turned out to be harmless loud noises was police interpreted by some passengers as gunshots. word quickly spread there was an active shooter at the airport and people ran for what they thought was their lives.
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no one was injured. a similar false report happened at new york's jfk airports about 2 weeks ago. >> i probably would be doing the same thing. because i don't know what to believe. >>reporter: year-old year at lax police detained a man dressed as zorro. the sword was plastic and the man was released. authorities are looking to what happened at those airport. >> as an airport community want to gather that information and kind of take from it anything that's applicable for our own airport. >>reporter: we spoke by phone with a psychologist about what appears to be growing airport anxiety. >> in the last 6 months or so because there have been so many violent events that seem to just spring up out of the blue and contribute to the feeling that one is not able to control
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events that they are experiencing. >>reporter: some frequent fliers told they they notice more jitteriness among passengers but don't feel worried themselves. >> i keep my headphones on keep to my several and go on with my business. >>reporter: passengers could feel less vulnerable if they turn their anxiety into something more positive such as knowing their surrounds and flowing where the exits are. rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. new federal safety rules for commercial drones went into effect today the ruse eliminate some of the red tape for businesses using drones weighing 55 pounds or less. under the regulations drones can only fly during the day and they are restricted from flying higher than 400 feet or faster than a hundred miles an hour. the federal aviation administration did create a system to grant exemptions for companies that can show they operate those drones safely. experts say the regulations
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open up a whole new world for businesses. >> the allows small businesses large businesses to get into the uses of drones and this new technology in a way that wasn't possible before because the rules and the exemptions were so strict good under special waivers companies like pg&e have already been using drones for operations such as infrastructure inspections. italian authorities plan to look into whether next or fraud played a role in the high death toll from last week's earthquake in italy. as kitty logan reports facebook founder mark suckerburg is visiting italy and weighed in on the rebuilding everytime as volunteers try to help thousands of people who have been displaced. >>reporter: emergency workers press on in the search for bodies buried underneath the rubble of last week's devastating earthquake in central italy. at least 290 people have died and several are still missing. >> all is focused on the
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ultimate goal of search alleged rescue. >> italian officials promise to investigate negligence or fraud in colleague with building codes made a role in the high death toll. crews try to displaced survivors. >> we know what it means when you recover anything that's why we try to find anything. photos anything that can make them remember what life was like before the earthquake. >>reporter: the. >> the 6.2 magnitude earthquake completely destroyed several towns and villages and strong aftershocks continue to affect residents and rescue crews. >> we were monitoring the situation four days after the eric earthquake. still 40% chance of having aftershocks up to a magnitude of 5. the situation is not really quiet yet. >>reporter: on monday italy's prime minister announced the national plan for quake and risk prevention. he asked an acclaimed architect to play a leading role. >> the spirit of the people here in italy that we're going
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to get through this and we're going to rebuild. i think is inspiring to people all around the world. >> state funeral was held to bid farewell to victims. in london kilt he logan foxnews. >> coming up here a generic epi-pen in the works following outrage over a 400% price hike. at 6:45 how much cheaper this generic version will be. >> also he is known for his quirky humorous roles. how hollywood is remembering actor gene wilder tonight. wilder tonight. . >> if i had been done that movie and then was nominated for academy award and all that i think i'd still be doing supporting roles on broadway.
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. >> we have sad news hollywood's actor gene wailedder died last night following complications from alzheimer's disease there wilder was 83 years old. adam housely looks at highlights of his long career full of memorable and very funny movies. >>reporter: a chance meeting with mel brooks turned him into a leading plan. in 1968 he appeared in a brooks hit the producers. >> under the right circumstances a producer could headache more money with a flop can than he could with a hit. >>reporter: wilder earned an's consider nomination and name for himself in hollywood. >> if i hadn't done that movie and then was nominated for academy award and all that i think i'd still be doing supporting roles on broadway.
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>>reporter: but there were bigger roles to come in 911 he captivated willy wonka and the chocolate factory creating one of the most endearing characters of the 20th century. >> century. in the 70s the wildser brooks collaborations continued with blazing saddles. >> i used to be called the waco kid. >>reporter: and young frankenstein which he co-wrote another collaboration came in 1976. in silver streak wilder teamed up with richard pryor for the first of four films. in 1982 wilder started stared opposite saturday night live alum gilda radner in hanky
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panky he they fell in love married two years later and starred in two more movies. wilder himself admitted his marriage to radner wasn't an easy one and ended tragically with radner losing a two-year battle with cancer in 1989. he acted little in his later years staying way from the big screen but appearing occasionally on tv including emmy winning spot on will and grace. adam housely foxnews. >> i loved him and richard pryor in silver streak that was a funny move he it you've seen it? >> i think so but i can't remember it too well. i always remember willy wonka. >> you probably were really young. >> maybe. parents turning to generic epipens following a major price hike. >> seeing medication exactly the same. >> controversy over the high cost of the drug. >> i'll got your forecast for you we'll look at the five-day coming up. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at the maker of the epi-pen will provide a cheaper generic version after a growing controversy over theizing cost of that drug. >> one woman from northern california had already been coping with the price increase with a little known generic already on the market. reporting kathy park has her story. >> when i'm using this i'm trying not to die basically. >>reporter: cat besting doesn't go anywhere without her
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epinephrine. >> realistic you need more than one. i have one in may purse everyone bedside and one in the health different. >>reporter: a rare health condition gives her no choice. >> i have an over clocked immune system that randomly triggers anaphyllaxis. >>reporter: for knife years the medicine in this tiny tube came to her rescue dozens of times. and in the last year she went from using epipens to there generic version of adrenia click. >> with an epi-pen you pull one off it arms it when you put it in your thigh you have to pull two off here. the only differs i can tell. >> it's the same medication active ingredient is the same. >>reporter: soon patients access to another generic on the marked skyrocketing price of epi-pen the maker mylan receive national backlash last week today the company announced plans to launch its first generic epi pin. >> that means they are listening to patients that are actually using the product and paying for the products.
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>>reporter: the generic promises to be identical to the brandsed product. except you'll notice a huge savings 50%. while medicare and insurance have covered the cost for besting's drugs. many other families have had to foot the bill annually with the current products on the mark. >> tracking the forecast as we press forward into your bay area tuesday. it was mild today. it's mild tomorrow. we talked about that. it's raining on the east coast lots of rain out there scattered showers as welcome in includes you see it's been wet the southeastern part of this country from louisiana texas texas, louisiana, alabama it has been wet and continues tropical storm moving in towards florida area, might want to hit that upper panhandle as we head towards the middle of the week. and then out in texas more rain. even louisiana where they still have standing water it's he been wet down there. now it's tropical storm time. more an in the forecast in to
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form of perhaps hurricanes and tropical storms. for us high clouds. they are giving us that really beautiful sunset. th not a lot of fog off the coast. tomorrow will be just like today except for high clouds. those are mostly high clouds. it's pretty much clear at the cliff house you're going to see the the sunset s tropical moisture which is remnants reminding us it's coming up on fall. this is very fall like weather pattern. so there's the outside shot. you can see the fog clear you can see the sunset starting to take form. it's going to be a beautiful night out there. as the sunsets. and you'll get a chance to see it along the beach it will be flies tomorrow morning. clouds not necessarily there will be a little fog the clouds are back. tomorrow morning it's middle high clouds maybe a little fog san francisco partly cloudy mid- 60s lunch time and more clouds and it gets up to replied 60s upper 660s at the end of the day in san francisco. tomorrow's highs in the hotspots are basically going to
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be in the 80s and upper 80s that's about it. forecast tomorrow morning there's clouds cover that's not fog necessarily little fog here but that's mostly subtropical moisture here come the temperatures. reds are '90s. most of us are 70s and 80s. there's your temperature footprints tomorrow there's your temperature footprint on tuesday , weld, thursday it's not going to change that much this week. >> so 87 in fairfield tomorrow, 80 in napa. 88 brown woods. santa clara valley. air quality is good with this pattern and it feels employer like a fall pattern much more. it's getting close enough but its feels a little early. here's the forecast they don't really heat up in the height of fire season we are getting a break with these numbers. there's the five-day forecast. we'll keep you posted on any changes. steady as she goes. traveling rest of the country especially south and east they are getting happening lewd and lascivious erred with rain and going to keep getting happening erred this week. >> our forecast seems similar to last week. >> week before julie it's very
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these are a chance to be part of a team. and this is the chance to succeed. female announcer: with your support, everyone at sleep train proudly dedicates their time, hearts, and resources to giving local foster children one important thing: - hope... - hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ joe joins us with more on the colin kaepernick controversy. >> we will be talking about it
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for sometime i think. as far as the 49er locker room is concerned the stands colin kaepernick made before friday's game with the packers is old news. it was yesterday that kaepernick met with reporters for some 18 minutes and elaborated on his position. coach chip kelley has stated his political positions have nothing to do with whether or not he'll get playing time. blaine gabbard had locked down the starting quarterback job before publicity about kaepernick erupted. he doesn't think any of this will affect team unity. >> we always respect each others as human beings. yeah we all have different opinions on certain subjects, but football brings everybody together. socio economic backgrounds different ways you were raised, but the great thing about this sport is we're here for a common goal working together for that. >> it's on the national level that reaction to kaepernick has dramatically heated up today.
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jim harbaugh was the 49er head coach when kaepernick first came to prominence in the nfl. harbaugh in his second year held coach at the universities of michigan wade in today on his former quarterback. >> i ago emergency is right to do that but i don't respect the motivation or the action. >> harbaugh later amended that statement tweeting i apologize for misspeaking my true sentimentss to clarify i support collin's motivation it's his method of action that i take exception to. former cal bear and current carolina panthers heads coach ron rivera is another guy with local ties who was asked to comment. >> the national anthem is a very personal thing for me. it obviously for specific reasons because of my father and mother's family. and their service to this country and that's why i stands. it has to be personal for each person and again that's what this country is based on it's freedoms and again you have the right to do what you want to do
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because that's what those men and women fought for and sacrificed for we should be grateful for that. >> there is the time of year when it's also about making the roster in nfl camps former 49er will not be a member of the cleveland browns this year andy lee had just puned to tampa adam humphreys about to turn this into a 73-yard return for a touchdowns. this isn't exactly what you call sticking your heads in there make a tackling. lee found himself traded to carolina. held coach hue jackson is trying to change the culture in cleveland and that apparently means puntsers doing more than going through the motions in ex- licks games. olympic heros have a way of ending up on the whities box no surprise that michael phelps is the latest athlete to be featured. phelps just concluded his haul in rio that gives him a records 28 overall olympic pled always and 23 gold. lion lochte not expected to be so long order anytime soon.
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we take you to the atlantis resort bridge hotel in bahamas collin sexton will be a high school senior in georgia. he's 17 years old he's on the 17th floor he's a highly recruited player and if colleges are looking for someone who can shoot from long- range he is their guy is he not? i don't know if you get more than 3 points for that shot or not. but you should. >> you definitely should. that was very cool. >> grow thank you. >> thanks joe. >> our coverage continues now over at ktvu plus. >> thanks guys coming up we heard from the 49ers went inside their locker room coming you we'll go inside the van d chargers locker room to see what players down there think about colin kaepernick. it seems everyone has a opinion on that controversy. remember gene wilder he passed way we're going to have a look back at his extraordinary career. >> also talking about looking back remember the beatles final concerts happened right here in the bay area at candlestick
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we're going to revisit that as welcoming up on the 7 on ktvu plus. >> hope you can join us. you can join us.
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