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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2news starts now. >> good evening, i am julie haener. >> i am frank summerville. donald trump is in the bay area raising money for his campaign and the republican national committee. jana katsuyama is at the fund- raising. >> reporter: high-priced, and i am told, highly attended. one person said this was at 100% capacity. there were some people who
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wanted to come who couldn't. we also talked to a man standing outside. he had plans to protest. there was no sign of any crowd or protests when donald trump are route -- arrived. you can quietly as did all the guests who came and went without talking. trumps motorcade slipped away just before 9:00 after spending nearly 2 hours at the dinner. sources told me there were fewer than 50 invitations that when out to this fundraiser. all day on the street, the law enforcement officers and steady stream of activity of the gated home was a clear sign to residents in this small town of woodside that presidential politics had come to town.>> there are a lot of high tech people here. it's not unusual for presidential candidates to visit in this area.>> reporter: candidates from the clintons to
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obama to -- obama to trump. tickets for the fund-raising dinner were reportedly $25,000 up to the limit of nearly $450,000. by 7:00, a few dozen cars had passed through the gates. one driver had traveled from st. helena. in town, some people were discouraged by what they see as big-money politics.>> i guess they are raising money. it's not about the people anyway. it's about who can get the most money.>> other people said they don't mind. >> i am not a trump supporter, quite honestly. i think that's great. if he can do fund-raising here and it's here for him, good for him. >> reporter: some clinton signs were placed along the road the day before. >> people have their political opinions. i think it is just as polarized here as anywhere else.>>
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reporter: while this resident knows no one who support strong, it doesn't surprise her that the visit was low-key. >> too contentious this year. you don't want to be in social situations where things get really contentious and he did.>> reporter: a source tells me this was trumps last event in the bay area. is expected to hold another fundraiser tomorrow. i don't know if they release this information, but i am curious. what did you get for $450,000?>> reporter: that is something which is a closely guarded secret, frank it sounds as though from talking to some other people who of attended the event's that it will get your photo with mr. trump as well as for some of the high- end donors some personal face- to-face time. that is something which here along the street they are used to having political fundraisers, this was a first to have trump here on the
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street and certainly it was very lucky and very quiet.>> jana katsuyama. trump is expected the layouts immigration -- lay out his immigration vision. he has been accused of flip- flopping. his previous speech was scheduled, then postponed. trump has stuck to his plan to use a wall that has backed off a deportation forced to remove undocumented immigrants. latin was not on the campaign trail today, but meg whitman is said to make her first public campaign stop for the democrat tomorrow. the hewlett record chief executive plans to meet this is the leaders in denver. whitman appeared with clinton at fundraisers of the weekend. there is late word that police chief diane bergen is on leave. the reason is not known. she is on administrative leave
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pending the completion of a personnel investigation. she is the first female chief in the history of hayward. she just marked her fifth anniversary on the job earlier this month. capt. mark colder has been appointed as the acting chief. now to the south bay where a san jose man is behind bars in connection with a drunk driving crash that killed two elderly women. marvin gather right was booked into the santa clara jail on suspicion of dui and two counts of vehicular manslaughter. the crash happened about 9:15 last night. investigators say he was driving a camry that broadsided in accord -- and accord on camden avenue. to victims were pronounced dead at the scene. a 75-year-old is hospitalized in critical condition. also, foothill expressway was shut down for most of the day
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after a deadly crash in los altos. release say only come one car was involved. it shut down eastbound lanes at st. joseph avenue around 12:45. the roadway reopened about two hours ago. the victim has not been identified. colin kaepernick went through his routine at practice in santa clara today after his national anthem protest unleashed a torrent of public opinion. a lot of critical, some of it supported. here is derrick car. >> my whole stance on it is obviously we all have the freedom to do as we choose. that's just the way that he is choosing to do certain things. for me, i have had some family that were in the military, and i will always stand to respect it. if he wants to do it a certain way, he has the right to choose what he wants to do, whether people agree or not.>> others have been less tolerant.
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dollard -- donald trump said, i think it's a terrible thing. maybe you should find a country that works better for him. former giant went -- aubrey huff went on twitter saying, this guy is a joke. get loss. if you don't like it in a country that has given you success, get out. mark cuban came to cap's support. he says i may not understand or agree with his perspective, but kaepernick told us we can disagree in this country peacefully. for more reaction we go to amber lee live in oakland with more perspective. amber?>> reporter: we went to a beauty shop to gauge reaction. clients and workers tell me they support what the quarterback is doing. the buzz of a barbers clippers accompanied conversation inside center stage west on lakeshore. business describes itself as a multicultural hair salon for women and men.
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kaepernick's protests resonates with those here.>> there is no violence. that's his opinion, that's his way of getting attention. if it works for in, then it works. -- if it works for him, then it works.>> reporter: he says kaepernick's critics are missing the point, putting the focus on unfair treatment of blacks. >> it is great disrespect far beyond sitting down during the national anthem that is going on in a corrupt rocard criminal justice system.>> reporter: today happens to be the first day of training for recruits for the alameda county sheriff's department. in response to his comments that law enforcement only receive six months of training, the sheriff's department has extended an invitation to the quarterback.>> i thought it would be best if colin kaepernick came out and saw exactly what we do.>> reporter:
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recruits go through 28 weeks of basic training with an additional 12-15 weeks of field training. there's also urban shields, special swat training. jd nelson says the invitation is a way to open a dialogue with kaepernick. >> are you going to be a person that will levy criticisms, be a monday morning quarterback, without doing anything about it? or do you want to see what we have to offer and we can see what you have to offer.>> reporter: at center stage, this stylist says an invitation to kaepernick does not address the problem of racism and injustice.>> if it's justice for all? for whom? not for me. when i see a cop, my heart starts to beat. he will judge me whether he is going to stop me for something. >> reporter: supporters say kaepernick is bringing attention to the uneven playing
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field that blacks and other minorities face and they say in their opinion not standing during the national anthem is not necessarily a sign of disrespect to the military or law enforcement. julie, frank?>> it has stirred a lot of debate. thank you. san francisco police officers union is among those slamming kaepernick or what he said. in a letter to jed york the poa asked the niners for an apology saying, the law enforcement community cannot be continuously blamed for all of society's problems. including racial divide in our country. it isn't fair and it is true. two thieves were caught strolling into an apartment lobby in san francisco and coming out with stolen mail. they have special keefer mailboxes stretching from fisherman's wharf into the western addition. tara moriarty tells us how the thieves may have gotten hold of
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that key. >> reporter: they look like they live here. a man and woman buzz themselves into this apartment building in the city's cal all over neighborhood. in minutes, they hit the locked mailboxes, unloading dozens of letters filled with credit cards and passports and then take off.>> they were totally relaxed, they knew exactly what they were doing. especially when they are carrying cups of coffee. then there they come walking.>> reporter: this man showed us surveillance video three separate times where the struck, entering what authorities believe that the united states postal service master key. road says the burglar swiped a credit card from his box.>> on saturday, they charge $5000 to local businesses. >> reporter: the thieves are using a physical key that fits into the intercom entry system. it also works on this keyhole,
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which is the mail door, allowing the thief to open up the panel's access boxes.>> mere possession is a felony. the mail theft is up to five years in prison, a $250,000 fine. >> reporter: postal inspectors are not releasing many details. reportedly the mailbox bandits key fits into all us ps locks in the 94109 zip code. how did they get the key?>> we've been told that it may be sold to them by a disgruntled usps employee or it was stolen.>> reporter: roads says us inspectors have known about the problem for 10 days but so far no locks had been chains. a process he says would take $200,000 to fix. rhodes is hoping it will be
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dealt with soon because people feel vulnerable. tara moriarty, fox 2news. two major hurricanes in the pacific. i will let you know what that means for hawaii. authorities are asking for help tonight to find whoever is responsible for shooting and killing sea otters in santa cruz. why wildlife officers are concerned more otters might wash off. comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over.
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a $10,000 reward is being offered for information about the killing of sea otters in santa cruz. three otters have been shot to death, each was found washed ashore within a few miles of each other. azimuth smith -- as azenith smith is live.>> reporter: officers found a forethought or and are determining if it was killed by gunfire. what's difficult, these otters don't know when they were killed and they could of an dead for weeks. the big question tonight, why would someone target them? beachgoers call it a treat to find sea otters in the water. they are often seen floating on their backs.>> they are great poster animals for the bay and for biodiversity and wildlife in general. what's not to love?>> reporter: authority say four male sea
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otters washed up dead, three killed by at least one gunshot, another suspected. all four reported -- were reported by visitors. the first along 19th and 20th in santa cruz august well. three days later, juvenile on twin lakes state beach. another juvenile on secret state beach august 19. the last daughter discovered august 20 at natural bridges.>> it's unfortunate, it's tragic. sea otters play an integral part of the ecosystem of california's beaches and they are actually considered a keystone species.>> reporter: southern sea otters protected as a threatened species. 3000 of them living between santa barbara and san mateo coastlines. >> it's unique. the last time that three sea otters were found shot and killed was on psalm our state beach in 2013. >> reporter: that case remains unsolved. fishing game is conducting an
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autopsy to determine when the otters were killed and to recover the projectiles to determine the weapon used. it's unclear if it's the same weapon or same person.>> my children loved coming over here to see all the marine life. for someone to just blatantly shoot them, it's horrible.>> people that live. find the same expressions. you don't live in this area without thinking about the sea life and the birds. it is sad.>> reporter: whoever is caught killing a sea otter could face $100,000 fine and up to one year in jail per otter. anyone with information is asked to contact the us fish and wildlife service.>> i imagine everyone out there is wondering why would someone want to kill sea otters. what are some of the reasons they are possibly looking at?>>
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reporter: we asked the wildlife officer. he doesn't know if it's someone who might take otters are a nuisance, also in terms of fisherman, he says that fishermen are often complain that their upset with cli ends, not see otters. -- sea lions, not see otters. a 25-year-old man is in critical condition after being beaten and stabbed in san francisco. witnesses say a group of 10 men chased him from dolores park to the corner of 18th and church. that's when the mob began beating and stabbing him. it's not clear if the man knew his attackers but police believe they may have been a game. in santa clara county, man held on misdemeanor charges at elmwood jail in mount pedis is now in deeper trouble facing felony charges for an alleged escape attempt. cristina rendon heard from the sheriff about the escape attempt in the men's
10:19 pm
recapture.>> i think the cameras are what prevented the escape other than the two heads up deputies paying attention to the monitors.>> reporter: lori smith says two deputies watching video footage notice something strange on sunday afternoon when they saw movement on the camera.>> they started calling deputies. >> reporter: this is what they saw, and inmate upside down shimmying along a pair are line -- power line to get away. christopher brca cheap started his escape by climbing offense. he jumped on our roof and climbed a bigger fence, leaving his sandals behind before crawling on top of what deputies call candy cane fencing. >> you can see where the fence was supposed to fail, it did. the breakaway part where it won't support a person. >> reporter: the inmate kept going and make it to the power -- made it to the power line. >> when he got here, he went across the power line over to
10:20 pm
these fences and he fell between the two fences. i that time deputies were en route. he never reached the exterior. it was an attempted escape and are deputies did a good job.>> reporter: elmwood had old security cameras, but they became an operator bowl -- in operable. smith says the cameras help capture crimes, provide evidence for inmates who may claims against deputies, and in this case they send the message.>> don't try to escape. he was in on a misdemeanor. now he has a felony.>> reporter: he was treated for an ankle injury. he is now in a maximum security facility. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2news. now to the pacific. not one but two number hurricane showing up on the radar tonight. they are making their way towards hawaii this week.
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l martin is tracking the storms and their path. are they going to hit hawaii?>> the past look like they will go south. it's a big hit to the island chain because there will be giant surf and it will rain. look at these big hurricanes. this is the one closest to the islands. right now it's a category three. forecast to drop down to a category one. you see it go south of the islands. that's enough. that will be significant rainfall. then we go back further towards the east. the next system, this is leicester. leslie dougher -- leicester is a category four. a number of days away from going most likely to the north or south of the islands. it will drop down to a category to know more three as it gets closer. lots going on in the pacific. we will keep you posted. a lot could happen. it is going to be wet on those island chains starting
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wednesday night. there's the cloud cover outside. not a lot of log but we have a lot of high clouds coming from the tropical moisture. the moisture works its way up here. forecast for tomorrow morning, high clouds and a little bit of fog. these are the forecast size, just like today, lots of 70s and 80s, upper 80s in the warmest spots. heavy hitters in ice- skating were at the santa fe sap center to announce a big event coming to the arena. officials were joined by olympic champions that you fleming, brian borta any, -- brian boitano : christus gia medici and -- kristy yamaguchi, and others to make an announcement.>> it is such an important championship coming to san jose. as thrilling. i think it will inspire many more generations of skaters to come.>> the that will brown
10:23 pm
champions in 20 events in women's, men's, prayers, and ice dance. still ahead, a new information released about oakland's search for a police chief. where it stands and how you can participate. more on the colin kaepernick controversy, along with a former adversary. roles as memory as his movies from candy man to sheriff, gene wilder's death after a career of cinematic comedy.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes
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on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. fans are remembering shield lot -- gene wilder tonight. he died last night of complications from alzheimer's at age 83.>> he starred in some of the most quotable and funniest movies ever made>> reporter: the chance meeting with mel brooks turned him into a leading man. the appeared in brexit the
10:26 pm
producers.>> a producer could make more money with a flop than a hit. >> reporter: he earned an oscar nomination and the name and hollywood>> if i hadn't done that movie and then was nominated for an academy award, i think i would still be doing supporting roles on broadway. >> reporter: there were bigger rolls to comm -- roles to come. he created -- one of the most endearing characters in willy wonka and the chocolate factory. [ music ]>> reporter: in the '70s, the wilder brooks collaboration continued with blazing saddles.>> i used to be called the waco kid.>> reporter: and young frankenstein, which he cowrote. [ music ]
10:27 pm
>> reporter: another collaboration came in 1976. and silver street, he teamed up with richard pryor for the first of four films. in 1982, wilder starred opposite saturday night live alum guild no radnor -- guilder radnor and hanky hanky. they starting to know more movies. wilder admitted his marriage was not an easy one. >> gene wilder dead at the age of 83. chaos at lax, but no threat in the end. the investigation into how two incidents prompted panic in a terminal. how thieves used to rock to smash through the front door of the bay area business. the tools they were after in my the owner says it's happening more than you might eight.
10:28 pm
the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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new at 10, a fast acting burglary crew seen on for -- surveillance video breaking into a store, then stealing high-end commercial grade tools. even though the thieves are wearing masks, the store owner think someone might recognize them. it was all over in three minutes. deborah villalon in santa rosa with a story on who wants that crew caught.>> reporter: he has every reason to believe they will strike again. these pricing power tools being stolen up-and-down the state.>> the store was closed all the way. these were close.>> reporter: mike chance got a photo alert. glass was breaking. it was a rock lobbed through the front door. then incomes of foot. a grinder breaks a lock on a security gauge and a van forces
10:31 pm
the door -- man forces the door open with a crowbar. he was five minutes away and arrived right behind police. he had been looted of some 40 items. industrial size power tools, chainsaws, blowers, weed trimmer's, hedge trimmer's.>> this is what commercial gardeners and homeowners used, people with large properties. >> reporter: average price, $300-$500, $15,000 total. all of its deal products -- steel products. >> they were done at three minutes. in and cut and out. they tried to get in here for months ago.>> reporter: last time the burglars could not cut through the padlock. this time they were better prepared.>> talking to the cutter company, they say the same group of guys is hitting
10:32 pm
people all over california.>> reporter: schram started his business 20 years ago. he had a break in within months of stalking steele products. last week's crew described by police as professional, likely part of a burglary ring, words -- wore hoods and mask. schram thinks the video is his best weapon. >> the more people see the footage, they couldn't see their faces, but they might recognize the clothing, the way they walked. >> reporter: surveillance shows the men case the place for happen our before breaking in. schram is planning a security upgrade so he will get a alert -- get an alert before glasses broken.>> we have to get ahead of them. >> reporter: locking up
10:33 pm
tonight, schram says he has no choice but to harden his front doors. he is going to have steele on the bottom -- steel on the bottom and wire mesh up top. the van was spotted but the license plate was stolen. deborah villalon, ktvu fox 2news. or >> plans for railway connecting the bay area to southern california could be in jeopardy. the $64 billion project came under fire during a house subcommittee hearing. republican state funding still isn't in place to complete the project and without more money the rail line could end up in an orchard. supporters of the rail project are not giving up. the chairman of the project told the subcommittee the project is going smoothly. air travelers were on edge following the chaos at lax last night. police confronted a man dressed as zorro outside attorney model in lax. when passengers saw the police can't many panicked and ran out
10:34 pm
of the airport. some say they thought it was an active shooter situation because they heard a loud noise. we heard passengers who said traveling these days comes with added anxiety. >> i am always afraid that some idiot will decide to go into a terminal and start shooting. >> 280 flights were delayed last night, at least 27 planes were diverted and two flights were canceled. oakland has not had a permit police chief for two months. today the mayor revealed her plan for hiring the next you. paul chambers tells us how oakland plants and find the perfect candidate and keep the community involved.>> it's very important to understand the context. >> reporter: surrounded by the next generation of oakland leaders, the mayor made an
10:35 pm
announcement. >> we want to >> from the community before we finalize a job recruitment statement.>> reporter: she said there will be community forums where city leaders can hear what residents want. currently the job is not posted. by next month, it will be after most of the meetings. one is in spanish, another in cantonese.>> this is the group that often feels most vulnerable and least connected to what our city currently has been doing around safety and justice.>> i am not naove. not every cop is bad, but i'm not going to say here and say that i feel comfortable around police officers. when i see a cop car, i-10 sub, i feel nervous. >> reporter: those our feelings that the mayor does not what the next generation to have. some of the young people here echoed that statement and add
10:36 pm
they want more community involvement.>> i think most importantly, to be trusted coming into the community and getting involved.>> if you start with the community and the kids at an early age, when they grow up they won't think police officers are bad. they will remember the one that played basketball with them. >> reporter: the mayor hopes for a new chief by december. if you would like to attend any of the meetings, log onto and it's on our homepage. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2news. or >> tonight the last series -- was the last of a series of meetings to get a new police chief for san francisco. it was at st. mary's cathedral. residents are looking for someone with a commitment to reform as well as someone addressing crime and the citi. san francisco police told us there are 34 applicant so far. the deadline to apply is this wednesday. mark zuckerberg
10:37 pm
at the vatican.'s conversation with the pope and the gift he gave him. temperatures on the mild side. this week is going to be an interesting one. it will feel a lot more like fall than summer. we will see you back here. apple sends out invitations for its release event. what we know so far.
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september 7 is the day apple is expected to unveil its new iphone. the company is sending out invitations with the title see you on the seventh. the event is being held at the bill graham civic center. apple is expected to unveil an iphone seven. they expect the iphone will eliminate the portrait your buzz and have wireless headphones. this will be the fifth straight year for an event to announce
10:40 pm
new products. mark zuckerberg and his wife met with the pope today. a vatican spokesperson said the meeting focused on using communication technology to fight poverty. zucker berg gave the pope a miniature model of a drone facebook wants to used to being the internet to impoverished areas of the world with no online access. a measure that would increase penalties for violating an unconscious or intoxicated person is heading to the governors desk. the bill was introduced in response to a six-month jail sentence for former stanford university swimmer rock turner after he was convicted of assaulting an unconscious woman. turner is scheduled to be released this week. the new legislation would bar probation in such cases. another bill before the governor would allow counties to send out vote by mail ballots -- vote by mail ballots to everyone in 2018.
10:41 pm
under the current process, voters need to request them. a similar voting system in colorado is credited with helping improve voter turnout. a clydesdale escape from his stable and spent i days roaming the mountains before it was tracked down. this picture shows the horse name budweiser. on the left next to him is lancelot. his owner tells the sentinel that the billy goat is his headbutting -- uses headbutting skills to open the gate. that enabled budweiser to run off. budweiser managed to elude capture with a whole policy of volunteers looking for him until he was spotted yesterday hiding in brush. we are happy to report that the horses back home safe and sound.>> partners in crime.>> that cracks me up. coming up, new rules for the commercial use of drones.
10:42 pm
why some say it could open up new possibilities. bill martin checking out the forecast for the week and the weekend. he will show us what to expect in a moment.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
new rules for commercial drones went into effect today. the rules eliminate some red tape for businesses using drones weighing 55 pounds or less. under the regulations, drones can only fly during the day and they are restricted from flying higher than 400, -- feet or faster than 100 miles an hour. there is also a system to grant exceptions for companies that can operate drone safely. the regulations will open up a whole new world for businesses.>> it allows small
10:45 pm
businesses, large businesses to get into the uses of drones and this new technology in a way that wasn't possible before. the rules and the exemptions were so strict.>> companies like pg&e have are even using drones for operations including the inspection of infrastructure. historic hearst castle reopened its doors today for the first time in almost a week at the landmark is hate was shut down while crews battled the chimney fire that spread over 45,000 acres and burned within a few miles of san simeon. all evacuation orders have been lifted. the chimney fires is now 70% contained. bay area residents are jumping at the opportunity to replace fireplaces and save money. it only took 24 hours for homeowners to take advantage of $3 million in at -- in grants. more than 2000 households
10:46 pm
applied to replace their wood- burning fireplaces with cleaner gas or electric heating devices. this was the first ever such rebate sponsored by the district. here we are monday night getting ready for the rest of the workweek. we have more of the same. that means mild temperatures or lower temperatures, fire danger not off the charts. this is part of the reason there is pressure. you can see the controversy or. that loose combining with this high which rotates to bring some tropical moisture into the bay area. it's also the balancing point between the low and the high, it's lifting the inversion in making it thicker. not a lot of fog out there, but it's definitely bring in cooler air onshore. temperatures in the 80s, temperatures tomorrow mostly in the 80s. 65 in concord, 64 in fairfield, about where they were last night. this whole week, very similar
10:47 pm
to last week. and the week before that, too. the pattern has been advantageous to firefighters. the only issue with air quality has been smoke from the fires. in terms of the inversion creating goes on issues at the surface we have had a couple of weeks of no spare the air days. fog is already pushing inland, san francisco tomorrow morning, not necessarily fog, this is tropical moisture lingering at 7 am. 77 in san francisco, partly cloudy in the afternoon. 63 in san francisco. you get the feel for the sky cover. there will be patchy fog but also this higher level subtropical cloud they gave us a pretty amazing sunset. the richmond distin -- district, the first real pretty
10:48 pm
sunset without fog to contend with. that problem will not be the case tomorrow. tomorrow, 84 in pleasanton. here we go again. when i say again, this is what we did last week. the same dance. not too hot. fire danger, it's not what it could be. this is august, late august. i would expect the 90s, mid- 90s. we would be doing stories on fire. we haven't been. there is such a correlation between the five day and the top row of numbers and the fire issues we have in the bay. as soon as the numbers get back in the 90s and low 100s, we will see fires.>> one-week where the temperatures spiked, all those temperatures spiked -- all those fire started.>> it definitely is helpful in not having them. mark is coming up next with sports right after this.
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mark is here now, moron colin kaepernick.>> what are we going to talk about for the next few days? there is outrage for colin kaepernick's sitdown protest. if one of his goals was to get everyone talking about it,
10:52 pm
mission accomplished. whether it will lead to anything positive remains to be seen. how disruptive it is or how it affects his career will be interesting to watch the next several weeks. widely thought just on the grounds of is completely ineffective play in regression -- hand regression is a cory back, he will -- as a quarterback, he was on denice anyway. one thing is certain right now, everyone has an opinion. here is his former coach, jim harbaugh and notable flow, richard sherman. >> there is some depth and some truth in what he was doing. i think he could've picked a better platform and a better way to do it, but every day they are so robotic and do everything by the book. when someone takes a stand, he gets his head chopped off.>> i don't challenge his right to do
10:53 pm
that, but i don't respect the motivation or the action.>> reporter: later he soften that a little bit. i apologize for misspeaking my true sentiment. i support his motivation. it's his method of action i take exception to. it seems like he completely contradiction what came out of his mouth. i'm sure michigan had something to say to him about that one. the coaches trying to make a statement, but he may wind up regretting it. talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. hugh jackson got rid of one of the best punters in the game today because he didn't like his lack of hustle. andy lead pantene here, tampa is -- campus adam humphrey gets it and takes off with it. and jog over, doesn't attempt
10:54 pm
to make a tackle at all. he is a punter in an exhibition. today he really let him have it, he traded him. he got casey retford. andy lee is gone and hugh jackson makes his point. see if he regrets that. coming off a weekend when they took two out of three from st. louis, you can't say the a's are mailing it in by any means despite the fact they are way out of it. tonight they just look like can't this season just 10? not a lot of energy. there were down only two known nothing. loaded basis. danny valencia down on a real bad pitch by joe musgrove. astros six. this is the guy you have to see. jose altuve a, smallest guy in the major leagues. that's his 22nd home run, getting .354, running away with the national league batting
10:55 pm
title. alex bregman with a two run single. the a's pretty quietly go down in houston. they just want the season to and with no more major catastrophes. the a's have certainly had their share. it looks like maybe that one, everything seems pretty routine. he clutches his shoulder. it turns out he actually threw only one more pitch and was lifted from the game. they are calling it a right rhomboid strained. he will probably go on the disabled list. not the full complement of major league games tonight. that does not mean there weren't teams that did play and had several moments to check out. look at jason kipnis. see why cleveland, cleveland is making it work.
10:56 pm
a beautiful play, throwing his body out there to make the through the first. in the pirates have a second baseman, josh harris and, who can go get it. dexter fowler, cubs continue to win. josh donaldson gets into the mix. he just continues to pound the ball. reinhold will track it down, putting his face right in the middle of that one. he is okay, but here is the catch of the night. ian desmond deep, leona's martine tracking it down. that is a high degree of difficulty catch. i mentioned the dodgers lost tonight. the dodgers are a game and a half back. thanks for joining us, everyone, see you tomorrow. ♪
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