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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the hayward police chief has been placed on administrative leave because of a personnel investigation. we will tell you what officials are saying coming up. a low-key reception for donald trump, what we are learning about the fundraising event he held here. good morning. if you are just waking up it is tuesday, august 30 i am p.m. cook. >> and i am dave clark. steve is ready. >> that's right. we had many sunset photos now, sunrise. >> who took those pictures for you?>> this one is by kevin. >> that is gorgeous. >> obviously he is feeling better. >> has he been sick? >> the same thing i have had.
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>>.com thank you kevin. and, the sunset -- but, thank you kevin. but the clouds are moving out pretty quick. and a low moving in. probably to drive. and kevin kennedy over pleasant hill, many sunset photos here. we have the tropical photos. and there are patchy low clouds. it looks like a breezy day. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. and also, the fog is getting chewed up. but still, patchy low clouds and mostly sunny to breezy. what you have? >> we do have a problem on the
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richland bridge. there is an accident in the middle of the span. traffic will be slow on the bridge. so, we can tell you that traffic -- we are not recommending that you take that bridge. although, approaching the bridge toll plaza it is not so bad. but the traffic on the span will be slow as you drive closer. so please give yourself extra time. and let me see this, this is one of those things where i will have to check on this. all right. let's take a look. traffic will be busy as you drive through. the traffic will be okay. you know what, just as i suspected that is eastbound 580. someone called or texted me saying it was westbound. they may have gotten there directions mixed up. eastbound is heading over towards richmond. sulfuric leaving and heading over towards the richmond area
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that's why. we have to wake up and tell him, get on the road early. you will be in a world of hurt. so let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is going to be slow. if you are driving on 680 and 580, 68 is ashley, as you have south -- 680 especially, if you are heading south. you'll notice, the traffic is slow as you go down towards the fremont area. this morning hayward's police chief diane stewart is on administrative leave. but city leaders are keeping quiet about the reasons why. alex savidge is an hayward with what we do know about the sudden departure. >> reporter: yes, good morning. it is certainly a mystery here.
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the specifics are being kept confidential. but we are hoping to learn more from city officials at some point later on. we have reached out to them but at this point all they are saying is that the police chief diane stewart has been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of what is being called a personnel investigation. the 52-year-old has been in charge of the police department for the past five years or so. she began her law enforcement career at the san jose police department back in 1986. it is unclear why she has taken this lead. in the meantime, we understand that the captain has been appointed the acting chief. right now he has of the police department investigation division. again, a sudden departure here for hayward's police chief, diane stewart. she has been placed on leave for some sort of personnel issue. we have reached out to city officials trying to get more details on what exactly the issue is what the investigation is about, and when we find out
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more information it will pass that along. also today, the san jose city council is expected to approve a state of emergency declaration that could help with the stabbing -- staffing shortage. that would let them suspend the union contract it would allow them to have contracts taken on a special positions including the gang task force. san jose staffing minimum is 500 officers and right now there are only about 420 officer assignments. if the emergency declaration passes. new this morning, the fbi warning states about cyber hackers for the november elections. the fbi sent out a four-page alert after finding evidence that hackers targeted the information basis of two states. while they had not been officially identified they
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report that they are illinois and arizona. hackers breached one state and tried to break into the other states computer system. reportedly, a retrieves voter records in illinois and stole user names and passwords of a single election officer in arizona. donald trump was in the bay area last night raising money for his campaign and the republican national committee. the fundraiser was at a low-key event. reportedly there are fewer than 50 invitations sent out. tickets $25,000, the people that we talked to said they are used to seeing the candidate comes to town -- coming to town. >> i am not a trump supporter but, you know, i think that that's great if he can do fundraising here and it is here for him. good for him. >> some hillary clinton signs had been placed along the road the day before but we did not
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see protesters outside of that fundraiser. donald trump is expected to lay out his position on immigration is accused of the plopping on what has get -- been his defining issue. in recent weeks he has retreated test retweeted his promise to build a lot. but he has appeared to back off in the use of deportation forced to remove all undocumented immigrants. today, hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman will be campaigning. she is a republican and will meet with business leaders in denver talking about hillary clinton's plans for jobs and for the economy. over the weekend hillary clinton and them -- and whitman appeared together. earlier this month she endorsed clinton over a fellow republican donald trump. longtime hillary clinton aide is leaving her husband
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separating, the disgraced congressman after he was caught again texting with another woman. they have been married since 2010, a report that he has been sending explicit photos for the last 19 months. although they have never met in person. one person shows him in bed next to a sleeping five-year- old son. he resigned from congress in 2011 after he was caught sending lewd messages and photos to women online. >> in los angeles teachers assistant has been charged with smuggling drugs and cell phones into san quentin prison. they found a ziploc bags in the area where she had been meeting with a death row inmate. they say she admitted to smuggling cell phone charges as well as herrmann into the present. if convicted she could face for years in prison. they say they plan to review
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their security procedures. a transgendered men who was best man who was scheduled for search -- man had his scheduled surgery canceled. it is part of his transition to become a man. on sunday he went to mercy san juan hospital for a presurgery and that's when he was told by officials that something that they apparently didn't know before. the mac i said, could you please make a special note in my chart that says, i am transgendered because, my pronouns mean a lot to me. i need to go by he, him, and his. >> the hospital called his doctor and said, it would not allow his surgery. mercy san juan says providing stimulation services without a serious medical condition goes against its catholic directives. his surgery has been rescheduled for another hospital
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it means, further surgeries will also be postponed for several months. 6:09 am is the time, 500 cows disappeared without a trace. coming up, the stolen livestock mystery that has investigators in new zealand scratching their head. and the colin kaepernick controversy has the attention of local law enforcement. good morning, we are looking at a commute where traffic is moving slowly. now, the richmond bridge traffic getting over looks good but if you're driving the other way, coming from marin to the each bit -- east bay you are in slow traffic. it's mostly sunny today, the fog is getting chewed up, --.
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welcome back, it is 6:13 am, more on the controversy over colin kaepernick, and his refusal to stand for the national anthem. he told reporters that a person could become a police officer in just six months and he says, a cosmetologist needs more education and training than an armed officer. the sheriff's office is now inviting him to come see for himself what recruits have to go through, to become a deputy. >> we thought that it would be
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best if calling came out and saw what we do. >> the share for crisco through 28 weeks of basic training -- the sheriff's recruits go through 28 weeks of physical -- basic training, a spokesperson will be joining us today talking about the training and also, about his invitation to come on out. the san francisco police officers union is also slamming colin kaepernick. the union president said, the law enforcement community cannot be continuously blamed for all of society's problems including, racial divide. it isn't fair and it isn't true. he wrote that in a letter to the 49ers president jed york and nfl commissioner. his decision to sit during the national anthem is still as i said earlier, it really hot
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topic. >> yes. brian florez has more on the controversy. >> yes, good morning. let's put this controversy on a brief aside for a moment. let's talk about him as a football player. there is talk that his training camp is not going so well and that he possibly will not be on the team, maybe on the inactive roster. so that is a consideration. as we go to video, because of lane gather he has had a good -- lane, he has had a good training. there was an article, you should check it out talking about this topic. there are reports, one being from the sports jay glazer who says that he may be released before the start of the season chip kelly disputes that and here's the issue of his contract as well. he is guaranteed this year for $11.9 million that is his base salary. but if he gets injured and
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can't pass a physical, that means that they will be on the hook for more than $14 million next year. so there is talk out here live, of what will happen with colin kaepernick. and certainly a lot of talk about colin the activists as well as colin kaepernick the quarterback. what we are doing, is right outside here, we're going to talk with chad in about 10 minutes and we will hear what they have to say. on whether he will make the team this year. >> it will be really interesting. club sports analysts are talking about it, as career suicide. >> yes, it's interesting. when you see colin kaepernick he has lost a lot of weight stemming from his injury from last year.
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and, the training camp will continue. and chip kelly says he is part of the team but we will see as the weeks progressed. that will be interesting. it is 6:17 am, let's check in for traffic. >> yes, i was yelling to the newsroom. i can go like this, i would just keep talking -- and i push a button. the old switch. we have a picture of that. >> good. because for people who are heading there is east round, right westbound? -- west right? >> yes. this is heading away from the san rafael bridge. and getting over to the richmond bridge. there is an accident. chp has issued a signal or and this is an unexpected backup. now, going the other way is not
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affected. and you can't see it so the traffic here, remains pretty good. we will keep an eye on it. and we will keep an eye on that. it is slow for most of pittsburgh and into the bay point area. and, as you drive into walnut creek. and the bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. those lights are on. so let's talk about san jose. this looks good getting off highway 17. and we do have mike's picture. this is beautiful sunrise. and he is stuck in the traffic and hasn't gotten to the accident yet. at 6:18 am, he is on the air at eight. >> i would pay to have a cough
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button for the past week. >> you get one. we have patchy low clouds out there, and higher clouds as well. it will clear out. and most of these tropical clouds made an impact last night. that was sunset over beautiful lake merritt. how about that? and you should see the cloud cover and associated low. i love it. let's hope that it continues. this one though, it is moving in on the north coast and that is also picking up the breeze. some of these higher clouds -- oh man. >> are you still fighting it? >> yes. i was fine until i got to work. no correlation. we have hurricane madeleine heading towards the big island.
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we have 130 miles per hour, moving towards the big island and it looks like wednesday evening into thursday, high surf warnings and watches. so there's another one behind that. san francisco 7058, -- 70, to 58. the record is wayback. it looks like this cloud cover will clear out. they do not have the strength they did have the last couple weeks. they are burning out. and this is 5060s lower 50s at stanford, and most of the cloud cover will kick out. mostly sunny, breezy to wendy. a few high clouds the morning -- to wendy -- windy. and a few
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high clouds. but 70s and 80s. 60s and 70s on the coast. have a couple of isolated 80s on the peninsula. >> another month. >> yes, sir. 6:21 am, friends and the fans -- and pans are mourning test and fans -- and fans arm morning -- are mourning gene wilder. >> they say, they remember him playing richard pryor, or in the mel brooks films. he was married four times his third wife was gilda radnor who died from cancer in 1989. he mostly stayed out of the
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public eye. he died sunday night from complications of alzheimer's. he was 83. -- his friend tweeted, jean welder one of the truly great talents of our time he bless every film we did and he blessed me with his friendship. >> and he spoke so well with just his eyes. still ahead, a bad choice for a man held in the minimum- security jail. in 15 minutes, escape attempt caught on video and why he is even in more trouble now.
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welcome back today in italy a funeral will be held for more than 200 of the 292 victims of last week's big earthquake. constructions work -- construction continued after they complained about the government's original plan to hold the funeral in a distant airport hangar. they plan to televise the funeral and watch -- have survivors watch it on tv.
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but survivors were battling grief and trauma they got angry and the government reversed course and they built a place to have a funeral close to one of the cities. a couple people working at a liquor store narrowly escaped injury after a car plowed through the store. one of the workers ran for his life. this way came crashing down. they barely escaped the impact of this lexus. the manager said that the driver was an older woman who seemed to be in shock. >> i told her to stop she got panicked. and she kept her foot on the pedal. i told her to stop so she stopped. it was like a bomb, i thought. >> the sheriff's department says that the 77-year-old driver mistook the gas pedal for the
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break. she was unable to react fast enough to correct her mistakes. police in new zealand are investigating after more than 500 cows were stolen from a jerry farm. the farmer said he realized they were missing this month. the last time that he counted them in early july he had a cal /count -- count but they don't know when they were stolen. >> the owner started to get worried when the counting got underway. the numbers didn't stack up. 500 is a lot. >> the farmer says they are worth more than $1000 each. the police are encouraging farmers to check and count stock once a week. a strange and heartbreaking story, sea otters shot and killed in the area.
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what is being done to talk -- catch that criminal.
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good morning. thank you for joining us, i am dave clark. >> good morning. thank you for joining us it is 6:30 am. >> a beautiful shot of the sky. >> we have a few raindrops in
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lake county. how about that? >> a little earlier than you thought.>> yes, it's not rain, rain but it is there. we do have a lot of high mid- level clouds. these are associated with hurricane madeleine. they the great sunset photo from last night and i'm sure that the sunrise photos will be arriving any moment. look at that line, lake county from south to north. and a few drops here in clearlake. and this line right there is for me to the east of upper lake. but still, the mere fact that it is there. and associate with a little low moving to the north. most of this cloud cover will be for the morning. and decent breeze. some of the higher elevations
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can be downright wendy. and these are starting to come down, and mcrae mostly sunny day. highs are near 60s, 70s and a few 80s but your average temperatures. >> this accident is blocking one of the lanes, and we have photos to show you of what happened. it looks like that car there cut off a truck. it is either a caltrans truck some sort of highway utility truck. so they have to get the car unwaged. the tow truck is on the scene. and that is why the one lane is taking away taking a little bit and traffic is backed up all the way up -- down to san rafael. as a matter fact, we can show you on the map, we can show you how the traffic is backed up.
6:33 am
you can see, how the traffic is backed up near the san quentin area all the way up to the point. 580 westbound, normal commute. the accident is not visible to people going into miranda. let's move along and take a look at any other traffic pictures that we might want to put in there. traffic is going to be okay, there have been no major problems here, it looks like a normal commute. also looking at a commute traffic looks good on 283 and downtown san jose. 6:33 am, let's go back to the desk. a big announcement involving apple, the tech giant owes billions of dollars in back taxes. janine dela vega is live at apple headquarters. with reaction from ireland. in the stock market this morning.
6:34 am
>> we have been watching it because the market just opened. it is all ready assessing the apple stock. it is down a half percent it could be in reaction to the news that apple was getting illegal tax breaks. the european union is ordering ireland to recover $14.5 billion in unpaid taxes plus interest. that news comes after a three- year investigation and the commission concluded that they allowed apple to pay a corporate tax rate that was substantially less than other businesses. the standard rate in ireland is 12.5% investigators revealed they paid 1% tax on the profits and even less in other years. it comes as they are us desk are expected to release its newest iphone. both of them are saying that they will appeal the decision by the commission. they are concerned that the ruling would hurt jobs and
6:35 am
investment. they are the only company that has been scrutinized. last year, fiat and starbucks were ordered to pay millions back. >> we are keeping an eye on the stock as well. because, certainly it will be affected by this news. and here, this is the big board. the dow jones is up a little bit. i am pulling up yahoo stock. there is. it is flat, surprisingly. they are not losing ground on this. it is up as i am watching it, but we will keep an eye on the stock and analysts reaction to all this. but the market is starting a little higher this morning. there is followed from a government decision about students using itt tech
6:36 am
financial aid. they have stopped enrolling all students. students who are all ready enrolled can stay in school but analysts says that that means that the school could file for bankruptcy at any time. they have campuses in oakland and in concorde. the mayor hopes to have a new permanent place chief in place by early next year. oakland has not had a permanent police chief for more than two months. and the mayor outlined her search plan. she will hold several community forms so that the public can speak out about the qualities that they want to see in the next police chief. one will be in spanish, another cantonese, and two of them will focus on young people. they will officially post a job opening i the middle of next month. >> certainly next -- a lot of people are paying attention to the bay area is a great place to live and write for
6:37 am
opportunity to make their mark.>> she says she hopes to pick a police chief by the end of the year that person taking over in january or february. if you want to go to one of the forums go to our mornings onto section and click on those web links and you'll find the full schedule. san francisco is looking for a permanent new police chief. they held the last in a series of meetings to solicit public input on the search. this form is held at st. mary's cathedral. the people who were there said they want someone committed to reforms as well as reducing crime in san francisco tomorrow is the last day to apply for the police chief's job. the acting police chief says he wants the job. the police commission says that there are 34 applicants so far. in inmate at a correctional facility was spotted on a surveillance camera trying to
6:38 am
escape. she says the inmate christopher tried to break out of the correctional facility sunday afternoon. deputies monitoring surveillance cameras spotted them shimmying along a power line. they say, that he climbed a couple's -- offenses jumped on a roof and even left a sandal stuck in the fencing. i think it is what prevented the escape other than the two heads up deputies that were paying attention. >> elwood had recently installed new surveillance cameras as part of a push for more security. they were treated for minor injuries after falling from the power lines. he has been transferred to a maximum security facility. it is 6:38 am, a man was arrested on suspicion of stabbing two men on a train with a screwdriver. police say the 48-year-old stabbed a man saturday night
6:39 am
and robbed him. both victims were hospitalized but we do not know their conditions. after he got off he stole a bike from a man on the street. he is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and robbery. he is being held without bail. a $10,000 reward is being offered to find whoever killed three sea otters. the otters washed up earlier this month before santa cruz harbor and see cliff beach. the four items found that have not and whether or not it was shot. wildlife officials say the the otters are protected as a threatened species under federal and state laws. anyone caught killing them could face a $100,000 fine and possible jail time. >> it's very unfortunate, it's very tragic, they play a very integral part.
6:40 am
and, they are actually considered a keystone species. >> that means, if they are wiped out the rest of the ecosystem is threatened. if you have any information about the shooting call the fish and wildlife service jc is asking federal judges to reconsider her lawsuit against the federal government. she was 11 years old when people -- when philip kidnapped her near lake tahoe and held her captive. for 18 years before he was arrested. she claims she would've never been kidnapped if federal parole officers have been doing their job and revoked his parole years earlier the past violations. last friday, a peels a panel reaffirmed an earlier decision throwing out the lawsuit. but the lawyer is asking the appeals court to have the case reviewed by an expanded 11 judge panel.
6:41 am
a man accused of pretending to be a doctor is facing new charges. he was arrested yesterday on new charges of grand theft. now, he is accused of writing a bad check $1500 as a down payment for a car. in february he made national headlines after being accused of practicing medicine and stealing more than $35,000. new information about the weekend police shooting along highway 101 in belmont in 20 minutes, the new evidence may be connected not far from that shooting scene. brock turner will be released this following week. what is following his conviction.
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welcome back. it is 6:44 am, a measure to require mandatory prison sentences for people convicted of raping an unconscious person is on its way to governor. jerry brown state. they unanimously approved it yesterday.
6:45 am
was in response to the brock turner case. he is a former swimmer who was sentenced to six months in jail after he was convicted of assaulting an unconscious woman. if the governor signs the bill it would ban probation in similar cases. in the meantime, he is due to be released from jail on friday after serving only half of his sentence. he was sentenced to three years probation and after he gets out he will have to register as a sex offender the rest of his life and complete a sex offender program. it is 6:45 am that means is time to check in with gusts. -- check in. >> we have been reporting on the apple tax ruling, now we're going to take a look at the iphone seven. what they predict will be different this time around. also, heartbreaking stories two women brought together by the
6:46 am
tragedy of young and a very young child and how they are calling for paid parental leave. why they said if they would've had more time at home their deaths could have been prevented. the push that they are making. these stories and more when i join you. there is a hurricane watch in effect for hawaii's big island. hurricane medline reached category for strength it is expected to weaken but it is likely to be near or over the big island by tomorrow. to tropical depression's may soon be strong enough to become tropical storms. north carolina's outer banks is under a warning for tropical decision eight is under a warning for tropical decision 8/tropical -- tropical system eight. meanwhile, a similar one is in the gulf of mexico. sometime today, here is the
6:47 am
satellite image, it should make landfall here later this week. storm preparations are certainly underway. >> we were watching the weather as the vacation was drawing near. >> getting information out so we are aware that we are under a thunderstorm on -- tropical storm watch. >> it could affect the coastlines of other states including alabama, officials say that they are preparing for the worst. do member tim tebo? the former college football store he all ready -- tim tebow cracks the former college football star --?. the former football star is showing his baseball skills off. but a team that has won two championship titles is offering him a spot on its winter league roster and if he expects -- if he accepts he could face some
6:48 am
major during the -- majors during the off-season. i want to know if you have heard from mike he was tweeting and not really moving at all. >> we do have those pictures. that will be coming, i have put my lineup in. i do not want to ignore the good people of the east bay commute, but jeff, and our director says we want to use this first. let's go to that. this is a huge pile of traffic mess. and you can use your own words. if you're stuck in this, you're not in a good mood. it is backs up all the way out to 101. and in fact mike is walking in. he just made it to the station. but this car cut off a vehicle and a big accident ensued.
6:49 am
and as i said traffic is a big -- there is mike. he didn't know he was on tv. but please, give yourself extra time. traffic will be busy and i want to mention, that traffic on highway 24 it will be busy. and these are more like normal commutes. steve, the commutes like it everyone upset is when something is there and you are not expecting it. you know cracks it takes a certain amount of time to drive to work but if there is an accident all that is out the window. >> when you are stopped and you keep going and nothing is there. >> i have seen that. >> like what in the sam hill? >> thank you.
6:50 am
>> we do have higher clouds and low clouds the both of them will get out of here. the higher clouds are on their way out. the low clouds are patchy. it does look like a sunny day at a breeze is picking up. there is radar showing a little line. and i don't see any rain. but david said, there are a couple of drops here. >> calm down. it is there. it is dry, and a drop or two. and coming in on the north coast, there is the north coast picking up the breeze. and also near mount diablo.
6:51 am
some of that moisture coming up, 130 miles per hour winds, and it's heading towards the big island. it looks like late wednesday into early thursday. and we do get the cloud cover over us. these are patchy, and 50s and 60s on the temperatures. they are up a little bit starting to inch down, 53 in the valley, and most of that cloud cover is just lingering but i think in a couple of hours the low clouds will get chewed up much quicker. mostly sunny, partly cloudy, wendy on the coast it up as missiles. we have 60s, 70s, and 80s. the inland temperatures, which for the longest time i could pencil in 90, they are now coming down.
6:52 am
so, these are right around where they should be. it looks cooler going towards the end of the week.>> and chloe likes clouds, did she like rain? >> yes. >> it usually goes together. >> so she will let you know how many drops. >> yes. >> david said they were a couple. why would anybody like? >> 6:52 am, and thieves have been using a master key to steal mail in san francisco. up next the video of the people who may be behind this.
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welcome back san francisco police are looking for a group of about 10 men who beat and stabbed another man. they say the 25-year-old man was chased from dolores park just after 68 just after 68p -- 6 pm. he fell down were police say he started last and police say they started -- and police say they stabbed and kick the man. no arrests have been made. a business owner is hoping that surveillance video will lead to thieves who stole $15,000 in power tools from a
6:56 am
store. the video shows several men breaking into the yard and garden. they threw a rock for the front and -- store -- door. the store's owner says they store -- stole more than 40 high and tools, and it shows them casing the store for at least 30 minutes before they broke in. the thieves knew what they were doing, according to police. >> they were done in three minutes. cut, and, out. they attempted to get in four months ago. the white van that was used was stolen from solano county. the owner thinks that the thieves may be part of a burglary ring and says that the company that distributes the tools told him similar thoughts have been reported up and down the state. a man and woman with the postal service master key are stealing people's mail. they say, that the thieves are
6:57 am
breaking into mailboxes and there is a map showing the area. it stretches from fisherman's word to the western addition. it shows them buzzing themselves then -- in to an apartment building. they have -- they have a cup of coffee but then they clean out the mailboxes. they steal letters the with credit cards, and even passports. one tenant showed us his security video of the suspects stealing mail three separate times this month. >> on saturday, they charge five grand in local businesses. >> tenets have been told that the thieves may have stolen the master key or bought it from a discount -- disgruntled employee . possessing the key is a federal crime. they had known about the thoughts were at least 10 days. but replacing the locks could be kong -- could cost.
6:58 am
the police chief of heyward abruptly put on leave. up next, the questions surrounding the latest shakeup. plus, fears of election fraud, the fbi's warning of cyber hackers corrupting the presidential race. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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good morning. hayward's police chief has been placed on administrative leave for a personnel investigation. what a hayward city council member told us about this investigation. the november vote under threat. the cyber attack on the election systems of at least two states. 7:00. >> oh, man. >> take a look at the screen. all is peaceful this gorgeous morning. >> i put that golden glow that steve put out we are the golden state. >> you are right. >> thank you for joining joining this morning. >> see how sh


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