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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> he is showing skills to teams later today. they are offering a spot on a winter league roster. we'll let you know what happens. it is cut week for the nfl. what will the 49ers do for colin kaepernick? >> plus, his comments about police officers sparking reaction with the alameda county police department. >> and, a change in travel trends. we will talk to an industry expert about where people are going and how they are getting there. >> and a brand new day it is. if monday necessarily wasn't your cup of tea, how about tuesday? we are looking outside at the north tower of the golden gate bridge and the fog right over
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the marin head lands. welcome to the 9. gasia mikaelian and mike mibach here. a busy newscast. a lot of talk about colin capper day. the question of the day, if you were president of an nfl team, would you cut him after the upcoming charger game? >> and why? >> strictly for his play? >> the sitting down for the national anthem? the second part of the question is very important. >> we are getting a lot of opinions on that. we begin in the east bay, there are a lot of questions about diane stewart who is on administrative leave. the city says she has been placed on leave pending the complying of a personnel investigation. the specific details are being kept confidential. she is 52 years old. she began her law enforcement career with the san jose police department in 1986. >> captain mark kohler has
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become acting chief. >> san francisco continues to search for a new police chief. paul chambers has more on when the process stands in oakland and how you can participate. in the south bay, happening today t city council is expected to approve the state of emergency declaration allowing them to suspend some parts of the police union contract allowing them to take 50 officer it is from gang task force and put them on street patrol cutting the amount of overtime officers work. if the council approves the emergency declaration, officer assignments would change. donald trump was in the bay area raising money for his campaign as well as the republican national committee. the fundraiser was in a home in woodside, fewer than 50
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invitations were sent out and tickets were $25,000. people are used to candidates comeing to town looking for money. >> honestly, i'm not a trump supporter, but you know, i think that's great. if he can do fund raising here, it's here for him, good for him. >> some hillary clinton signs had been placed along the roadway the day before, but we did not see protesters outside the trump fundraiser. donald trump is expected to lay out his new plans on immigration. in recent weeks, he has repeated his promise to build the wall between the u.s. and mexico, but he has appeared to back off the use of deportation of force to remove all undocumented immigrant ifs the country. today, the ceo of hewlett
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packard will be campaigning for hillary clinton. they appeared together at private fundraisers. you will remember she endorsed clinton over fellow republican donald trump. while colin kaepernick continues to deal with the controversy of his decision, there is more controversy about how he will make the team. >> this complicates the team's decision on what to do with colin kaepernick. >> brian flores joins us with more. >> reporter: this is a big talker amongs mike mibach and sal castaneda, the biggest niner fans out there. people want to know whether or not colin kaepernick is going to stay with the team or be cut. the 9ers have to make the decision by saturday. really, cap could be cut by the end of the week. we'll have to wait and see. that is because blaine has had a pretty good training camp so far. it appears he might be the
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starting quarterback. but by the end of this week, the niners have to make that decision. is the distraction of the national anthem issue too much for the team to handle? the team also faces a major pr problem with either decision they make. do they keep him or risk upsetting fans who are against his protest? chronicle reporter chuck told us many season ticketholders told the team they are not happy with this especially after all the money they spent on seats. then there is kaepernick's contract. he is guaranteed close to 12 million this year. if he gets injured the niners remain on the hook. some think this may be a ploy for him to stay on the team. we did speak with chad dewey. talking about cap's future for the team. >> now, you could or they could also look at it from this standpoint, we should have gotten rid of him when he had a chance. when he went to denver, almost had a trade with the broncos. so they may say we are going to cut our ties now.
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if you have a guy on the roster who is not producing and not going to play, he is creating some form of distraction, do you want that with a football team? chip kelly is trying to get off to a good start in san francisco. >> reporter: there earlier reports, one being from fox sport's jay glazer who says cap may be released before the start of the season, chip kelly disputes that. the team could keep him but deactivate him each week. meaning he would be on the team but never play. all of this is speculation, guys. a lot of possibilities. we just have to wait and see what the niners do by the end of the week. >> thank you brian flores. our question of the day deals on this very issue. the decision facing the 49ers at the end of the week. we asked you if you could make the decision, would you keep colin kaepernick on the 49ers? why or why not? patrick mckenny tweeted us get rid of number 7. he has
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repeatedly done nothing on the field. it is too bad his release will look tied to his refusal to stand. >> there one tweeted i would keep cap. it is not mandatory to stand so why let him go. >> and he should stay or go based only on his performance. >> keep checking your responses throughout the newscast. more responses coming up at 9:30. we appreciate you using tvuthe9 on twitter. more on this controversy over colin kaepernick and his refusal to stand with the national anthem caused waves. >> kaepernick called into question the amount of training the police officers have. >> you have lures going to school for six years, lawyers. but you don't have to have the same amount of training as a
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cosmotologist if you are a cop. >> so they invited kaepernick to come and see for himself what they go through. here is pokes person jd nelson. so what sparked this off? >> well, the act of the anthem is its own separate issue. he certainly has his right to not stand if that is what he chooses to do. we were more concerned with the fact of what he said about training police officers so we thought to get a dialogue going, we would invite him out. after we put this on facebook, it clearly took off. a lot of people have paid attention to it. >> any response from kaepernick himself? >> it has not even been a day yet. >> how long does it take a person to become a police officer from where they are just a civilian. how many months or how much time before they are riding around in a control cart? >> each agency is different.
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for our agency because we are a sheriff's office, you have to go through an extensive background check which takes a long time. and we have a 28 week academy. one of them just started yesterday. and then you have going to have to go for us to our jail. you will spend two years there, have a jail training officer and then you will get assigned perhaps to the courts or perhaps to the control of what you are going to do. another 14 weeks of training. so, to say somebody just has six months and then they are out running around ... >> at least for your department that is not true. >> so law enforceability agencies have been in the spotlight over the last year. when an athlete or a high profile individual comes out and brings this up, you just shake your head? do you feel like it hurts what you guys are doing day in and day out when somebody of his stature does that? >> i think for us, we just want
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to clear the air on these things. if you are going to make statements. and a lot of people make statements. are you going to be a person who makes a statement and does nothing about it or ... are you going to accept our offer? we have a lot of people that levy criticisms. they monday morning quarterback us for everything. so, are you going to expand the dialogue? >> i got this letter they wrote to the nfl commissioner basically asking for an apology. do you want an apology for kaepernick? >> we have a thing about people demanding things. parents and judges can demand things. everybody else, it is is a request. he doesn't have to apologize. i think, we could learn from his experiences and he could learn from ours. >> what about the issue of
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police mistreating citizens? obviously, not all police do, but there have been well documented cases of some police officers not treating people well. i think that is what he was speaking to. do you think his point on that is something that wouldn't have been heard if he didn't stand up? in other words, his protest brought this out even more? >> well, that is certainly a good argument. you could go all the way back to the fist raising in 1968. did that expand the dialogue of people? here we are today. had he not done that, i'm sure i wouldn't be here getting the attention that we are getting. we are not pointing the fingers at him. we are talking about this getting the discussion going. >> in a broad sense, every time you say to a professional i could do your job, everybody's job is to make it look easy. you don't know. it is like the duck on the water, right? cool and confident. i don't need your paddling. so in that sense, is that what you are trying to get across?
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>> exactly. and that's not just true with our profession. everybody thinks they can teach better than everybody else. or, if i was a quarterback, if i was a quarterback, why did you make that pass? but you are not the person on the field seeing what you see at that particular moment. so yes. that is a true statement. >> okay, jd nelson. thank you for joining us. coming up next, a major ruling that could mean trouble for apple. why the company could be on the hook for billions of dollars. >> also, more information about that chaos at lax we reported from sunday night. up next, the sights and sounds that led to a panicked crowd running for safety. ty. how can this have been washed 12 weeks ago andme
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mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. >> you can see here the dow jones is down by more than one
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quarter of 1%. stocks are down just a little bit. in trading investors appear to be ingesting the news apple could be owing back taxes in ireland. we will watch apple stock and the dow jones and nasdaq all day long. speaking of which, the european union has been investigating how much apple pays in tax. >> now, the eu says apple owes billions of dollars to ireland. >> janine de la vega spoke to analysts. >> reporter: apple can afford to pay this tax bill, but the message the european union is trying to get across is stop the favorable treatment. the union is ordering ireland to recover $14.5 billion in unpaid taxes and interest from the tech giant. this comes after a three year investigation where ireland allowed them to pay a corporate
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tax rate substantially less than other businesses. while it is 12.5% in ireland, investigators revealed in ireland apple paid 1% tax on european profits and less other years. it appears the european union is using apple as a test case. >> they could do the same thing to google or a variety of large tech firms that have shifted their tax base to ireland to get favorable treatment. >> reporter: last year, fiat and starbucks has to pay millions in taxes as well. both apple and the irish government are saying they will appeal the decision by the commission. apple is concerned though that the union's ruling would hurt jobs and investments in europe. reporting from cupertino, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. now for more of the
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headlines we have been working on in the news. radio, let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the stories we are following. a teacher's assistance has been charged with smuggling drugs and cell phones into san quentin prison. terry nichols had been meeting with a death row inmate. she admitted she smuggled 18 cell phones and phone chargers and heroin into san quentin. she works in los angeles as a special ed teaching assistant. if convicted she could get four years in prison. in the meantime, san quentin's security is being reviewed. plans for a $64 billion high-speed rail service connecting san francisco and los angeles faced some congressional scrutiny. the project was criticized during a house subcommittee hearing where critics argue there's not enough money to finish the project. the railway could fall short of
9:18 am
connecting san francisco and los angeles. but supporters of the project are not giving up. it is going smoothly and he is confident the needed money will come through. well, now we are learning that a man wearing a zorro costume and bad information at lax may have led to a panic. they surrounded a costumed man. turns out the man was an actor. but when people say the police, a lot of people started running. some heard a loud noise and thought it was an active shooter situation. on top of that, social media fueled the chaos. well, the police checked security video but still don't know what caused that loud noise. those are just some of your morning headlines from our news room. mike, sal, gasia, back to you. >> thank you. coming up next on mornings on 2, the 9, three sea otters
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shot to death in the santa cruz area. >> and the highway patrol is out toe strengthen ties with the community. one hog at a time. we will show you how people came out to show their support and how officers may have changed negative views about law enforcement.
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>> san francisco police have released surprising details about police activity. these are officers and firefighters at the scene of octavia and green. people reported hearing gunshots inside a home. police were able to find that home and took one person into custody. a man, but he was later arrested after police say they found 60 firearms inside his house. a police spokesperson says that it appears at least some of the guns were owned legally. police are searching for three people responsible for an early morning home invasion. they also assaulted the elderly
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residents who lived inside. officers were called to a home on sequoyah road in the oakland hills at 2:30 a.m. suspects forced their way into the home and assaulted two residents, one in his 70s , the other in his 80s . anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police. now to the south near san diego where hugs are helping to change the relationship between law enforcement and some people in the community. the chp held what it called a hug a cop event yesterday. young children and adults came out. they say the event helps to change negative views and bridges the gap between the community and law enforcement one hug at a time. it is nice because they keep us safe. >> they stop the bad guys fortous make the world a better place. >> police officers do more than just stop people. >> with all going on in the world, they get a bad rap.
9:23 am
but it's azan a dangerous job. >> different law enforcement agencies have held hug a cop events. this is the 16th in the area since july. oakland has been without a permanent police chief for two months now. >> paul chambers has more on how oakland plan to find the perfect candidate and keep the community involved. >> it is very important to understand the con tect. >> reporter: surround by the next organization of oakland leaders, mayor libby schaaf talked about the search for a police chief. she said there will be community forums where city leader cans hear what their residents want in a new cop top. the mayor saying by the middle of next month, the job will be posted. one meeting will be in spanish,
9:24 am
two in cantonese, and two where the group are middle-aged. >> this group feels more connected to safety and justice. >> i know not every cop is bad. but i'm not going to sit here and say that i feel comfortable around all police officers. when i'm driving and i see a cop car, i tense up. >> reporter: the mayor doesn't want the next generation to have those feelings. she wants their experiences to be positive. some of the young people added they want more community involvement with officers. >> i think most importantly, would be trust and coming into the community and you know, getting involved. >> if you start with the community and the kids at an early age, when they grow up, they won't think a police officer is bad. they will remember the police officer that played basketball with them. >> reporter: the mayor hopes to select a new chief by december with him or her starting in january or february of next year. if you want to attend any of
9:25 am
those meetings, log onto paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. there is also that police chief opening in san francisco as well. tomorrow is actually the deadline to apply for the job. last night, the city held a final in a series of meetings to get public imput on the search. people who attended said they want someone commit today reforms as well as reducing crimes. tony chaplain has applied for the position. there a couple of dozen applicants so far. >> coming up, thieves use a rock to smash through the front door of a bay area business. up next t high-end tools they were after. >> and, a change in travel trends. we are live with an industry expert as people plan their last trips of the summer. comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california
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>> all right, checking twitter now on our question of the day. regarding colin kaepernick and the 49ers, if you are leading the team of the president of the organization, would you keep kaepernick or cut him and tell us why as well. one said cut him now. topper said cut him. i bet money he could not pass the test to become a cop. one more for you. reed urban said cut. the packers game was all we needed to steep from him. in regards to why, obviously, his performance on the field, not friday night for the anthem. and fake ron says they will keep him for trade value. they are paying him no matter what. >> well, ariel says keep him. people forget what a talented player he is. his strength and desire to stand for his belief is admirable. another said what has he done for the community? we appreciate you talking with
9:29 am
us on twitter and the ktvu fox 2 news facebook page. we love you for using the hash tag ktvu. here is a team player. it is mr. steve paulson. >> there you go. >> thank you. thank you. >> good morning steve. >> good morning. we have a nice day here. just, a little bit of fog left. had a lot of high clouds. made for beautiful sunsets last night. sunrises. but i think our focus of attention is on the big island here. there is a hurricane watch up. been a long time since they have forecasted a hurricane watch for the big island. it is category 3. 130 miles an hour winds. the kona airport has a website. you can go to that and then the left hand column, they have weather. so, i would click on that if you know somebody there. maybe trying to get out tomorrow. or if you are flying there, i would think it will be a tall order tomorrow. there will be many delays. looks like the track will take it just to the south or right near the big island. a lot of moisture got caught up
9:30 am
in the low visiting eureka now. there is another one coming from the gulf of alaska. it has swept most of the cloud cover out of the area. we went to mostly sunny. san francisco, went 70 today. that is average for this time of year. they have only had one 70- degree day this month. that was on august 8. but it will be close to the record, 89. 60s , 70s . looks warming up on parts of the coast. just some patchy low clouds left. finally, we are breaking through this stubborn fog bank which has been here since july. near average temperatures but even the coast and the bay are looking sunny to mostly sunny. inland 80s . looks cooler. i think the fog is pretty much like a roman candle. last little oof out of there has it uses a lot of its support. cool, breezy, fall like you guys. >> thank you steve.
9:31 am
>> you're welcome: following the top stories, u.s. postal service inspectors are looking for a pair of thief thieves in the city. tara moriarty, i brought this up when we did the q and a with you. how did they get the key in the first place? do we know now? >> your now, they still don't know. they think perhaps a disgruntled usps worker sold it to someone or it could have just been stolen. this was a story that we talked about yesterday morning and we were able to track down some surveillance video. look at this. it's pretty good. really good clarity here. we know that this video is from a building that was struck by the burglars three times earlier this month. and we know of at least two other buildings that were hit. now, we wouldn't be surprised if these two are caught stealing because the man's face shows up pretty well. it shows this man and woman holding cupping of coffee. buzzing themselves into the lobby with the key.
9:32 am
accessing several mailbox and making off with letters containing credit cards, personal bank statements and passports. one victim says the thieving duo stole a credit card for him and wracked up $5,000 worth of charges. >> yeah, they don't seem in a rush. it is very casual going about getting other people's mail. let's hope they are caught. if indeed, they are all caught, can you tell me a little about the penalty? you are going in stealing mail. >> reporter: oh yeah, you know the feds don't mess around right mike? you are looking at 20 years in federal prison just for being in possession of that master key. plus, five years for the mail left and a $250,000 fine. >> that is a lot. as it should be. you are not outside the bureau, you are in daly city. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right.
9:33 am
you noticed. in the west lake area, we are doing a little story. a lot of trouble brewing between uber and residents of daly city. we will let you know what that is and how the city is handling it coming up at 5:00. >> is it sunny in daly city this morning? >> reporter: it is never sunny in daly city, mike. [ laughter ] >> just checking. time is 9:33. two women were brought together by the tragedy of losing a very young child. allie dodd is one of those mothers. her son died last year. the oklahoma mom had to return to work full time so she took her baby boy to a day care. a few days in t he was put in a car seat to sleep and slipped down and suffocated. and another mother's son died of undetermined causes. they believe if they had more time at homes with their sons,
9:34 am
the deaths could have been prevented. they want the next president to take action on paid parental leave their first 100 day ins office. >> so, we were just looking for a way to advocate for at least longer unpaid leave or maybe get families more access to paid leave. >> the two women delived the petitions. they were able to have a sit down meeting with hillary clinton's campaign advisers. trump's managers took the petition back down of a meeting. they are still in contact with the two women. >> california has some of the most generous family leave laws in the nation. the state pays 55% of full earnings for up to six weeks and beginning in the year 2018, that will go up to 70%. many states don't have their own policies predicting working families. many rely on a federal law that
9:35 am
guarantees 12 weeks of leave unpaid. a fast acting burglary crew was caught breaking into a bay area store stealing high-end tool. here is the crime as i it happened. the thieves are wearing masks but the store owner still believes someone will recognize them. >> it was over in three minutes. debora villalon spoke to the owner who says power tools are being stolen up and down the state and he believes the thieves will strike again. >> these were closed. >> reporter: mike shram got a phone alert. glass was breaking at his business. it was a rock lobbed through the front door. then in comes a foot to widen a hole. a grinder breaks the lock on the security gate and a van forces the doors open with a crowbar. >> everything you see on that side of the shop cleaned out. >> reporter: he was five minutes away and arrived behind police. it doesn't matter. he had been loots of 40 items. power tools, chain saws,
9:36 am
blowers, weed and hedge trimmers. >> this is what all your commercial gardeners use. homeowners. people with large properties. >> reporter: average price, 300 to $500 approaching $15,000 total. high end equipment sold mostly by dealers. the half dozen thieves knew what they wanted. got it. and got out. >> they were done at three minutes. they were done. they attempted to get in a few weeks ago. >> reporter: last time, they couldn't cut through the padlock. this time, they were better prepared. >> and talking to the company still, they said the same group of guys were hitting businesses like us all over california. >> he started his family business nearly 20 years ago and says he had a break-in within months of stocking products. those two were caught in no
9:37 am
time. last week's crew likely part of a burglary ring. wore hoods and masks. still, shram thinks the video is his best weapon. >> these people need to get caught. the more people see the footage, sure, they couldn't see their faces but they might recognize the clothing. the way they walk. >> reporter: surveillance shows the men cased the place for a half hour before breaking in. not drawing attention though the store front is a busy highway. that has shram planning a security update. >> i will get a text saying somebody is near. it will send me a photo or a video. that is what we are looking to do now. we have to get ahead. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the owner of the store says he is going to have steel plating put at the bottom of his front door and glass with wire mesh up top. the license plate spotted turned out to be stolen and did not match the van. labor day weekend is days
9:38 am
away. >> how is the travel industry wrapping up the next few months and we will look ahead to next year. >> for more on where people are going and how they are getting there, we are joined by skiff cofounder jason clampett. let's talk about the trends. are you seeing a shift of people not buying as many goods and putting the money toward services? >> it has been a long term shift of people focusing on experience and travel. this summer, we have seen a huge increase in spend and travel. >> their experience is different. we did a little poll ourselves. three out of four of us including one of our directors, jason was not included. we have airbnbed. >> i think that is not necessarily taking business away from hotels but it is a new type of travel. it is adding on. we have seen hotels up again
9:39 am
this year as well. >> suppose you want to take a last minute trip. is it too late to get a spot somewhere with just a few days before labor day? >> yeah. i don't know why someone would want to do that. the great place is already booked up. if you want to fly somewhere. the air fare is really expensive. >> let's talk about people hiting the road. we talked about going to tahoe. i do a lot of staycation. how much of a factor are gas prices this year? >> they are down around 15% year after year. so it is a good time to drive around. anywhere is a good time for a road trip. the whole year has been great for road trips this year. if you are in the u.s. >> you also said inside the u.s. let's look abroad. any time there is a terror attack in turkey. at belgium. a lot of us think i don't know if i want to go to europe. >> there's been a lot. >> do you see people pulling back on the international
9:40 am
travel to europe? >> you see pull back from certain areas. turkey is down, belgium is down. europe will be up 3% over last year's tourism numbers so it is hurting certain areas but not others. spain will have a record summer this year. >> people still going to paris? >> no, tourism to paris and france is down. that is part of a long term shift. >> not so much on the attacks. >> i want to ... labor day is out. what should i make plans for now? >> when we think about travel trends and strategies, it is always good to think outside of the holiday period. so what are some periods where you can carve out space that makes sense to you and your family and workplace so you are not going when anybody else is going? that is the key. and think smart about the great destination. if you want to go on hawaii, don't go on president's day weekend. >> we talk about americans traveling overseas. what about people overseas coming to the bay area of san
9:41 am
francisco? are people in europe coming to america? >> this has been a great year for u.s. travelers. not a great year for other travelers coming in. we will see more next year. the strength of the dollar is wonderful if you are abroad this year. in spain, it was fantastic in terms of what we got for our dollar. >> and now it is reversed cigarette has been reversed such a long time. dollar is better than it has been in about 15, 16 years now. we are in a good place. you see places like orlando that have been affected by tourism from brazil. canada. and the u.k. i think we will see that over the long term effect. >> how was spain? >> wonderful. >> i have never been there. >> very warm. very warm. >> you travel for business. >> yes. of course. >> thank you jason from skiff
9:42 am
for joining us. coming up next on mornings on 2, the 9, clydesdale horse back home after evading capture in the santa cruz mountains. the escape attempt orchestrated by another resident of his stable. >> plus, a very special back to school give away underway in fremont. hear what they are passing out. free daisies students will be giving to their teachers on the first day of school. it is the cutest give away you have heard of. we will talk to the owner of this fremont flower shop. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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indulge moisture-deprived hairwhole blends by garnier. nourishing haircare. infused with avocado oil & shea butter extracts. restores and moisturizes for naturally-beautiful, nourished hair. garnier whole blends avocado oil & shea butter. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered to whoever shot and
9:45 am
killed three sea otters in the santa cruz area. a fourth oater was found this month, but they have not confirmed whether or not it was shot. the otters are protected as a threatened species under federal and state law. anyone caught killing them could face a $100,000 fine. around possible jail time. >> it is very unfortunate. it is very tragic. sea otters play a very integral part in the eco system. they are considered a key spoken specie. >> meaning the they are wiped out, the rest of the eco similar is threatened. there will be a gathering of college and community staff focused on providing low income students with tuition free education. it is called college promise program. this is video from a similar gathering in oakland in january. the aim of the college promise program is to provide students with financial support in wrap-
9:46 am
around services to enable them to attend and complete community college. governor gavin newsom will speak. >> and mike, i know you and i both got our start at our local community colleges here. for launching to university. it worked for us, it the work for you all right. thousands of additional student ins the san francisco unified school district will be able to eat breakfast and lunch for free this year thanks to a federal subsidy. the san francisco examiner reports the federal program will reimburse school district for $146,000 in meal costs at 54 schools. the paper as last year, only 16 schools qualified for the federal program. the subsidy will provide meals to 137,000 students. bay area wholesale opened its doors to students around the area. >> they will be allowed to pick
9:47 am
up a flower to make the first day extra special for their teachers. >> and alex savidge is helping out. >> reporter: absolutely. they are putting me to work here. this is just the sweetest way to show our appreciation for the teachers in our lives. let me show you what you have going on here. we are at fremont flowers. they are all lined up here waiting to get their hands on a free flower. all these students are going to take the flowers with them. they are going to give them to that very special teacher just to show them how special they are. and, it is just an absolutely wonderful give away they do every year. they have been doing it the last ten years or so. i want to bring in dirk lorenz. good morning. why do you do this. >> well mom, 89. i don't know if she likes me saying that. she is a retired schoolteacher
9:48 am
for the unified school district. i always saw how hard she worked. teachers became my heros. they worked hard. what a role model they are. this is just our way of honoring children and going back to school and their teachers. >> reporter: first day of school tomorrow. and kids from the fremont area know all about this. so they show up and they register and they could get one of those free flowers. they will give up 1200 or so, flowers and vases today. here is one of them. joe, you are hanging onto that flower tight. who are you giving this to tomorrow? >> ms. back. >> reporter: which school? >> cabrillo. >> reporter: and what are you going to say to her when you give her this daisy here? you still thinking about it? >> yeah. >> reporter: okay, that's fine. you have all of tonight to ponder what you will say. but you love your teachers don't you? pretty special? what do you think about this dad? >> i think it is an amazing
9:49 am
give away. it is pretty awesome. they have given back to the teachers and the community and the kids. and the kids enjoy it too. they get to come pick out a flower and bring it to their teachers on the first day. if we had something like this when i was going to school? we used to pick them from my front yard. >> reporter: that works too. >> grandma got mad though. [ laughter ] >> reporter: absolutely. but what a great way to show your teachers how much you appreciate them. that's what you are trying to show them. all right, have a great school year. all right? i hope your teacher appreciate it is flower. so, this give away is happening throughout the day today. as you can see, a lot of people know about it here. it goes on until 5:00 today. fremont flowers, 4050 alder avenue. in the city of fremont. and again, a free flower give away all for those very special teachers in our lives. >> we love our teachers. if you can't get to fremont, the front yard option still works. thanks alex. >> it does.
9:50 am
>> can't go wrong. >> do you have flowers? >> we have native flowers we have picked. not fancy. but they work. coming up next, the latest pokimon craze is now edible. the burgers served down under has fans lining up for a taste of pikachu.
9:51 am
♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service.
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priority: you >> historic hearst castle is open to the public again.
9:53 am
they closed the landmark after flames of the chimney fire got within three miles. they say it was never in serious danger but it was bet tore have fewer people in the area while crews battled the fire. it has burned 46,000 acres and is 75% contained. apple has alerted us to a big event coming up in a little more than a week. apple said see you on the 7th to members of the media. everyone is expecting them to unveil the iphone 7 which could be why that date, september 7, was chosen. it will be at the bill graham auditorium in san francisco. they say it will not have the port for ear buds but rely on wireless headphones. aming is announcing new products every year for the last four years. the oakland as couldn't get the big hit last night. in houston. the astros jumped out to a two- run lead early. the as had a chance to come back. but failed to score with the bases loaded in the fifth.
9:54 am
jose altuve, 22 homer of the season. two bases loaded single. propelled the astros to a 6-0 win over oakland. >> the giants had the night off. they were able to move closer in the standings to the dodgers. la lost to the rockies in denver 8-1. their lead in the nl west now a game-and-a-half. the giants began a short two- game series at at&t ballpark against the arizona diamondbacks. >> the biggest figure competition in the country. the 2018 national championships are held at the sap center. at the end of the event, the skater who will compete for the u.s. at the 2018 winter olympics in south korea will be announced. a clydesdale horse has been wondering around the santa cruz
9:55 am
mountains five days has been found. this is budweiser. pictured with lancelot. the owner of the horse and the goat said that the goat used his horns to open the gate. bud budweiser moved out. they found him hideing in a small patch of trees about a mile from his home. police in new zealand are investigating after 500 cows were stole from a dairy farm. police don't know when the cows were stolen exactly. police say it likely happened over a period of time. >> the owner started to get really worried once carves got underway. how many cows were there. and it just didn't stack up. the numbers didn't stack up. 500 is a lot. >> yeah. it is a lot. the farmer say it is cows are worth more than $1,000 each. that's a big loss. we have all seen pokimon go
9:56 am
players around town. now, people can go eat them all in sydney, australia. every day, there is a line outside #burgers which is serving pokeburgers. you can't say which character will appear. each has toppings inspired by the character's power. >> we have bulbasaur over here known for his green vegetables. pikachu has electric aoli and chips and cheese to match with his yellow. charmander is a nacho file burger with volcanic cheese and salsa. >> never had salsa on a burger. the popup restaurant serves 100 of these. so for those who want to go try one, they have to move past. the last burgers will be served on saturday. >> i need to know what i'm getting. i don't like things like that left to chance so i'm out. >> 500 cows missing and then a story about pokeburger ins. >> before those stories, the
9:57 am
budweiser. do you know the story behind why he is named that? >> because of the budweiser clydesdales. >> i guess that's it. that's all there is. all right, thanks for joining us this morning everybody. we will continue to have the debate about why budweiser is really called budweiser. we will see you back here at noon. >> thank right. .
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