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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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brown. while he posts videos from inside. the 4:00 on 2 starts now. colin kaepernick's statements are continuing to surface debates today. in a recent interview he said that officers don't get enough training, only six months. he says that it will be less training than needed to become a hair stylist. welcome everyone to the 4:00 on 2 i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ted rowlands. the alameda county sheriff's office responded online with a facebook post that has gone viral. the sheriff's office challenged kaepernick to attend training to see what officers go through. they also invited you christien to talk to the academy folks there and veteran officers about their experiences. >> reporter: absolutely. i've been talking to sheriff deputies all day today. what they really want to do is
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to keep an open dialogue that colin kaepernick might be misinformed about just how much training actually goes into getting an officer ready to patrol the streets. we watched them take part in this 28-week initial academy instructor and those students here that they will go through months of classroom and field testing. it includes a lot of emphasis on their use of force policy as we talked to one recruiter who said that they would need to go through shoot and don't shoot simulator and so that they know when and exactly how to use their deadly force. >> not only the mechanics of the handgun, but also the judgment that will go behind it that it is something that they needed to train us well. >> reporter: and yes, instructors here tell me that while the last 28 weeks, the training is never really over. the cadets need to go onto their field assignments lasting 12 to 15 more weeks. even when they are on the force that there is continuing education on the best policies and the proceeds so they say that -- procedures and so they say that education is never
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really over. coming up at 5:00 we'll take you inside that training to show you what it is like. one final note, they have not yet heard back from colin kaepernick about coming out for a visit, but they say that they are being realistic that they know that he and the 49ers are getting ready for their nfl monday night kickoff. they know they probably have a lot of other things on their minds at this point in time. >> all right christien kafton, thank you. in the meantime head coach chip kelly spoke on camera for the first time since kaepernick ignited that fire storm by sitting during the national anthem last friday. kelly said that there have been no discussions to cut kaepernick and that he is still one of the top two quarterbacks on the roster. kelly would not say whether kaepernick would start in thursday's pre-season finale in san diego, but he would play while the presumptive starter
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blaine gabbert will not suit up. this is what kelly had to say. >> i think that we need to talk to the players. they are focused on the 2016 season and how good of a team that the san francisco 49ers can be. like we have said all along that we recognize his right to speak his mind. but that does not affect what we do here at 8:00 in the morning. my viewing is that when he is here he is all about the ball. he has been very good about that. >> all right, coach kelly, he did go on to talk a little bit more about their controversy. if you would like to hear his comments be sure to go to our website on to listen to his full news conference today. you'll also find an interactive overview of colin's career in the nfl. and so let's go back to the alameda county sheriff's department and talk about their motivation for inviting colin kaepernick to come train with them. to do that let's bring in a spokesperson, j.d.
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nelson. obviously you want him to see firsthand what your folks go through to train? give us a sense. is there anger from the department? i know that law enforcement across the country were put off by what kaepernick said. but give us the sense of what the feeling is there. >> no. some people are upset about that national anthem thing, but this is a separate issue. an issue of him making the statements about their training. and that we have decided to take him on over to it. we are not confrontational about it, but we want to see what he has to do. >> between the amount of training that it will take to become a hair stylist and needed to become an officer. can you set everyone straight on the actual training that is required to become a deputy in alameda county? >> well, for us now, you'll start with a very extensive
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background that you'll have to pass. prior to that you also need to pass their application process, which is a written and oral test. only 200 make that. so then if you can get through the background, you'll be there for practical and book work for 28 weeks. then after that you'll go to our jail where jail training. probably doing two to three years of jail before you have a chance to see a patrol car. when you do you'll have another 13 weeks of fdo training. for us a person starting here is probably not going to see a patrol car for close to four years. >> what would you say to kaepernick if he were here now? >> we would like to have him come out here and as he said that he has had their experiences with law enforcement. and we would like to hear about that and show him what we do and that the dialogue will be
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good for everyone. >> also you plan to extend the offer to the other critics of law enforcement who made similar allegations? >> this is not the first time that we have done this to the other critics to come in and use their option simulators. we will give you a little bit of a work up as we have done it with the reporters from this challenge. >> and what about those critics? have any of them taken up the offer? >> no. we don't know if people have come out to take us up on the offer, but you know it is tough because you get put into a situation where you are not comfortable. and that you need to go through those things that are not easy. it is much easier to criticize than it is to come out and actually try to be a part of the solution. >> all right, j.d. nelson for the alameda county sheriff's department. the offer still stands for colin kaepernick. we will see what they will do
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to train to become officers. thanks, j.d. >> thank you. the city of san jose is going ahead with plans to dramatically shift their resources, putting thedetectives from 30 different units back on tot streets. it becomes a part of what the city has passed today. over the past decade, the number of full duty sworn officers have declined from approximately 1,300 to 812. they'll likely go into effect on september 11, and last until march. the police chief has them placed on administrative leave as a part of the personnel investigation. that the police chief formally diane urban was placed on leave last night. and the 52-year-old has been in charge for that department for five years now. the city council member spoke to us briefly about this case this morning and that she is urging people not to jump to
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conclusions. >> to know that the city has done the jobs with managing all of our employees. and that it will be no different than that, so just have patience with us. >> the captain mark koller is the active chief. there is no word on how long this investigation involving chief stuart will take. it is quite a mystery as people are wondering what happened here. joining us now is claudine wong. claudine, you recently interviewed the chief. this is somebody who you can talk to anybody and they say boy she is something else. >> and not a bad word to say. it is really a mystery. but your take on your interview with her just recently a couple weeks ago and what more can you share about not only her, but the person now taking her job? >> you're right. i mean when we talk to her rank and file, even officers with the departments said a lot of good things about her. by most, all the accounts we
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heard of she is a very popular chief among the officers, a little confusing and shocking now. the chief was getting ready to leave for a fitness competition. the story and the interview that was done, that certainly before we would have any indication that she would be quick on the administrative paid leave as we don't have any official confirmation as to why this happened. the chief did talk to how many hours that she was working, about the fact that last month was her five-year anniversary with the department, right before she went to this international competition. they will try to face it in the gym and show you what would happen in their personal life. >> my real jobs, you know, that you are the chief of police with the city of hayward. >> it is the first when you became chief, wasn't it? >> and my five-year anniversary is coming up this year. so it is a big benchmark. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> a big anniversary, you just
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got married. >> it isn't easy being newly married and training for the cross fit games. >> work? >> working out. and sleep. that's it. my husband doesn't see me all day because i work all day. and then i'm at the gym for three and a half hours. i come home, take a shower, eat, then go to bed. that's what i do all the time. >> the pretty real schedule that she was talking about. we also talked to mark koller who was there, now the acting chief while diane stuart is on leave. he has not made any comments about what's happening either, but he had nothing, but positive things to say about the chief. >> she is a dedicated and hard charging woman. she puts her mind on something and gets it done. we worked out together and like i said, i couldn't keep up with
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her. she is fit. she's got to be the most fit police chief that i have ever met. >> you see them smiling in terms of what's happening. people are a little confused by it. >> what kind of personnel issues could have prompted this issue as i confirmed that she is paying a lawyer to help sort this all out as you might expect, reaching out to him, but no comment because it is still very early. it is what we have heard, all very positive. we're trying to figure it out. >> all right, claudine wong, thank you. coming up next here, los angeles police have been at the home with singer chris brown for more than 12 hours. he has been posting online video rants while they have been outside. it is all about the claim where he pulled a gun on someone.
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severe weather, boy it is getting ready to slam parts of the east coast. the gulf coast as well as hawaii. the tropics are very active right now. we'll check in on that and plus bring you the local forecast. what to expect for tomorrow and the remainder of the week coming up. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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we are rounding out summer with some powerful storms that will be on the coast. they're expected to impact
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florida and north carolina while hurricane madeline is expected to hit hawaii just as president obama prepares to visit the state. laura engel has more on what's going on. >> the winds are picking up. >> reporter: high surf and northeast florida as a massive storm will churn in the gulf of mexico. the tropical system is forecasted to turn towards their sunshine state later this week, bringing heavy rain and severe storms to the area. >> and it will get mixed in. the tide has been crazy lately. >> folks are stocking up on free sandbags, keeping any flooding at bay. and ahead of the storm's arrival. >> we will have tools, extra batteries and radios to listen to the news. nonperishable foods. about a gallon of water per person per day. >> people further north are
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keeping a close eye on yet the other storm threatening north carolina. the system is expected to bring rough surf to the region. coastal areas could see several inches of rain. >> we're going to keep them on and we're going to monitor waves come -- to monitor the waves coming in. >> wet weather is also threatening a specific state. hurricane madeline is expected to pass by hawaii's big island on wednesday. the white house is monitoring the storm. as of right now they do not expect it to impact president obama's upcoming trip to oahu. in new york laura engel fox news. tropical depression is sounding -- pounding parts of the north carolina coast. i'll move in a little closer and point out exactly where tropical depression eight is. a thunderstorm, strong winds, rough surf, storm surge right there along the north carolina coast. there is a storm warning in place that will go for the next couple of days. some of those winds right now report about 35 miles per hour, but they could gust up to 70. the thunderstorms and the rain
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will continue as well as the rip currents. here is something that i wanted to show you, it is not expected to move up shore. if you look at the flow there, the flow is coming from the east moving towards the west. that is actually going to push tropical depression out to the atlantic and so that right now these sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. but it is moving northwest at 5 miles per hour. it is expected to shift and strengthen, expected to be moving out into the atlantic, so that'll be some good news there. meanwhile as they mentioned tropical depression nine is getting ready to perhaps move across florida and georgia and then they will move up along the north carolina coast. at least that's what it looks like for their coming days. we'll be looking at two hurricanes that will be taking aim towards hawaii. when i come back, i'll have a look at their hurricanes, what you can expect as you would look at their pacifics and the forecast here at home. back to you. >> all right, a lot of bad weather out there rosemary. thank you. los angeles police have now been at the home of singer and
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song writer chris brown for more than 12 hours. they are there investigating a claim that brown pulled a gun on a woman early this morning inside the home, which is in the l.a. suburb of tarzana for several hours. brown was inside posting videos on instagram. reacting to immediate reports that he was barricaded inside. >> barricaded myself in my house? have you seen myself? i'm going to barricade myself? i'm not coming out for what? good luck. when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do that you're going to walk right up in here and see nothing you idiot. >> well police, they did get that warrant at about 1:00 this afternoon and they went inside during some of the search brown was outside sitting on the ground. the woman who accused brown of pulling a gun spoke to tmz this afternoon.
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>> he pulled out the gun and threatened me with it and that is when i just left. >> the grammy-award winning singer has had multiple run-ins with the law spending six years on probation after pleading guilty to attacking the former girlfriend rihanna in 2009. we will keep you posted on what happens here. the clock is ticking for the state to pass a measure to step up the oversight of the contractors in the wake of the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. that collapse last year killed six people and injured seven more mostly students from ireland. current laws do not require contractors to report past settlements for the state licensing board. the bill would require disclosures and cases of the construction defects. and the author of one of the women killed spoke in support of the bill at the state capital earlier this month. >> she will never get married. her father will never walk her up the aisle. and the cousin olivia will never be a bridesmaid. if the construction board was aware of the past issues with
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the balcony, together these six kids could have been prevent -- together the deaths of these six kids could have been prevented. in berkeley a $15,000 reward has now been offered to find who shot goodwin outside his home. he was shot on august 19 near maybelle and burnett streets. his death is the city's first homicide of the year. so far there is no word on a possible motive and anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call berkeley police. police in san francisco say that 48-year-old dahl is in custody accused of stabbing two men on a bart train with a screwdriver. he attacked the two men on the train and then robbed them. officers say that he then got off the train and stole a bike from the man in the street. he faces charges with a deadly weapon and robbery, being held without bail. both of those victims were
4:21 pm
hospital ides. in oakland two people are in custody charged with a home invasion this morning. it happened near sequoia road after 2:30 a.m. the suspect forced their way into the home and assaulted two elderly residents. one in his 70s and the other in his 80s. there's no word on the extent of their injuries. police say that the investigation is -- is ongoing and additional suspects may be outstanding. donald trump is preparing for his much-anticipated speech on immigration. the presidential candidate's fundraising on the opposite sides of the countries. today a new poll showing hillary clinton's lead might be shrinking. all that and more next when the 4:00 on 2 returns.
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presidential candidate hillary clinton and donald trump on the opposite side of the country today. and while trump, he will be out preparing for their big speech coming up tomorrow. we are in washington with the very latest on the campaign trail. >> reporter: back on the stump today, first fundraising out west, preparing to talk to the voters here tonight. meanwhile their running mate in georgia, rallying support for a presidential ticket. >> if you want a president that will cut taxes, grow the economy, squeeze every fickle
4:25 pm
out of -- nickel out of that bureaucracy. >> reporter: instead hillary clinton is sending out senator tim kaine. >> the trump campaign feels like trump's next big con. donald trump, it is time for you to come clean. release your tax returns, explain your business interest, start telling the truth. >> reporter: clinton's vp pick in pennsylvania where the new poll shows that keystone state voters prefer clinton to trump by eight points. but brand new numbers now show clinton's national lead narrowing. a university poll out has hillary clinton up by just seven percentage points. despite what the polls find, election experts say that the race will come down to just a handful of states. >> and we are really only looking at 10, maybe 11 states that could go either way for trump or clinton. states like california will be going for texas and they will go for trump.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: fox has confirmed with a democratic source that the clinton campaign is using psychology experts to figure out how to best needle their opponent during their next debate. in washington lauren blanchard fox news. meanwhile the fbi is warning about cyber attacks on u.s. election systems. the bureau sent out a four-page alert after uncovering evidence that foreign hackers in june targeted the data bases of at least two states while the states have not officially been identified. the washington post identifies that the states are illinois and arizona. hackers breached the website of one state and repeatedly tried to break into the other state's system. >> more and more manifestations of information warfare means to destabilize the u.s. public opinion and undermine institutions, for example, like our systems. >> reportedly the hackers retrieved voter records in illinois and stole the user name and password of a single election officer in arizona.
4:27 pm
well after a three-year investigation, a major brewing story against apple. see why they are on the hook now for more than $14 billion. and after months of silence, we are hearing from judge aaron persky for the first time after his controversial sentence of brock turner coming up. see how he's fighting back.
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the judge at the center of the recall of the ruling of the brock turner sexual assault case has launched his own website to fight the recall effort. he asks for support and writes that he believes strongly in judicial independence. he took an oath to uphold the politician or the ideal logs. he also says he has a reputation on being fair for both sides. michelle, first of all your reaction to the judge's website? >> reporter: well you know, he is the candidate for office. and i welcome the opening of this campaign. and i welcome a discussion of his record. >> the idea of judicial independence, which has been brought up by a lot of retired judges who cannot comment on the litigation against brock turner, but a lot of retired
4:31 pm
judges have come out and a lot of attorneys that have come out to say that we cannot really mess with the judicial independence. do they make a bad decision, that will be bad, yes, but that it is, if you could have put a system in place where they would lose their job because of a decision that we think that it is bad that it will undermine the entire system. but why doesn't that argument hold true in your opinion in this case? >> well first of all it is very important to understand that it is in fact the system that we would have. that the judges in california are elected officials. they are accountable to the people that they serve. every judge in california, under the california constitution is elected, they are accountable for their record. but judicial independence is very important. no argument there. but it will depend on a lack of judicial bias. judicial bias, like what we believe that judge persky has
4:32 pm
shown repeatedly in cases involving violence against women is very corrosive to trust and the confidence in the legal system. when people feel like they don't have access to the unbias decision maker that it is really a threat to that rule of law. >> wasn't there an investigation that they found that there indeed wasn't clear bias in his record? >> no. i think what you're referring to is an article by the ap. the ap journalist, he wrote that story and actually says right in that story that he was unable to obtain even a list of the cases or the calendar to look at his full record. that he was only able to get the cases that the court would provide to him as he would look in their jury trials, but of course 90% or more of the cases are the result of the plea
4:33 pm
bargain. >> why do you think that there is a bias then? >> we have been able to obtain, which he was not able to. and a list of the judge's cases. i have a team of volunteer attorneys and lawyers that have been going through these cases. in fact just last week that one of those cases we researched the cases of mr. gunderson the collegiate football player who was involved in that domestic assault, in which they would punch her in the face repeatedly and then strangled her and then threw her out of the car. and they bursted. they allowed him to go to hawaii without placing him on probation, which probably violates federal and state law. that is just one thing. >> would it be better to wait until your investigation or more investigation is finished? it sounds like you're in the midst of it all before you are asking for this judge to be recalled over at the beginning where you asked for it, over
4:34 pm
one sentencing. >> no. actually we feel that we have plenty of evidence. we have many cases that show a long standing pattern of bias in cases of violence against women. domestic violence, and sex crimes. we did a full investigation of every child pornography sentence, for example for possession of child pornography in santa clara county over a four-year period. we showed that there were 15 such cases, one of which was sentenced by judge persky. the other 14 cases, 11 judges, every defendant got six months. judge persky gave the defendant one night in jail and told him to come back in a year and he would reduce it to a misdemeanor something that no other judge in the county did. so we are quite confident that this judge is bias. he has shown a pattern of bias. and we believe that this should go to the voters. >> all right, rock turner due to -- brock turner due to be
4:35 pm
released from prison this week. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> sanford has issued a new policy on drones preventing them from flying over campus with some exceptions. drone flies are now strictly prohibited from certain areas on campus including those near highways, hospitals, and public venues. some signs have been posted around campus. they must get approval to fly the drones. the emergency service agencies such as police and fire are exempt from these new restrictions. they are facing more scrutiny. yesterday the project was criticized during their house subcommittee in san francisco. and without more funding that they could end up with the one line to fall short of actually connecting the two major cities. the supporters of the railway project are not giving up. the chairman of the project
4:36 pm
told the subcommittee that they are going smoothly and that he is confident that the needed funding will eventually come through. a landmark decision against apple. they say that the tech giant received illegal tax benefits. and apple is now on the hook for billions. >> reporter: the european union thinking differently about apple's taxes. the company ordered to pay up just $14.5 billion in back taxes plus interest after the eu determined that they received illegal tax benefits for over a decade. according to the blog, apple paid $56 in tax for every 1.1 million in profits under their last -- $1.1 million in profits under the last raid. >> members cannot give unfair tax benefits to selective companies. >> reporter: the decision comes after a three-year investigation into the iphone maker. for their latest call, apple
4:37 pm
posted $42.4 billion in revenue and a net income of $7.8 billion. the california-based company says that they employee nearly 6,000 people. most of them here. >> they followed the tax rules, so what is to question here is island. >> they both say that they have done nothing wrong and they will challenge the eu's decision. apple's ceo tim cook releasing an open letter reading, "beyond the obvious targeting of apple, the most profound and harmful affects of this ruling will be on investment and job creation in europe. using the commission's theory, every company across europe is suddenly at risk of being subjected to taxes under a law that never existed." apple's stock is under pressure after the ruling. in london benjamin holl fox news. a bay area officer struggling with a suspect.
4:38 pm
the heroic efforts from one man to come to the aide to help get that suspected thief in handcuffs. stick around because i'm going to talk live with this heroic citizen coming up next. sunny skies, temperatures a bit warmer than where we landed yesterday. i'll have a look at the current conditions. what to expect for the rest of your week, as we are tracking two hurricanes where they will move a little closer to hawaii coming up.
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okay we've got a question for you. what would you do if you saw an officer in trouble? would you walk on by, step in? well jason dewitt is here to explain all of it. >> i was meeting a client at starbucks. i heard a commotion right around the corner. i first thought it was some kids breaking some stuff. i got up, i went and looked, and i saw a guy who was just absolutely wailing on one of our police officers. they kind of got into a further struggle and went to the ground. i ran over, i asked the deputy, you know, do you need some help. he said yes. between the two of us within 20 to 30 seconds we had the suspect fully restrained.
4:42 pm
>> why did you decide to step in? a lot of people just keep walking on by when they see something like that. >> i think that law enforcement officers have probably the most difficult, maybe the most dangerous job and they protect us day in and day out and they protect their communities day in and day out. there comes a time when you see one of them that is actually in a situation where they are a little bit vulnerable that it is kind of our obligation to do what we can to do to help out. >> the sheriff's office was appreciative of what you did. a full screen statement of a letter they are saying to you say thought actions were nothing less than selfless and courageous. i mean that you had no idea what the suspect had just done. if he had a knife or a gun, but you still decided to intervene. >> well, i guess i wasn't real smart. but you know, at a time like
4:43 pm
that you do react. and it is just kind of, you know, some old training things that would take over. >> and now we're going to bring in someone that is very grateful that you stepped in, the officer involved. officer joe ladner thank you so much for joining us by phone. we know it's your day off and we appreciate you making this phone call to us. describe that situation. i mean that you were really afraid that this suspect was going to get away or you needed to escalate force. >> thanks for having me. yeah, the situation was, you know, it was not in hand. the suspect was fighting with me very roughly. and i was concerned for my safety and the safety of the people in the shopping center there. i wasn't sure if this guy had a gun or a knife on him. i wasn't sure who he was, what he was about. he obviously didn't want to go to jail that day and fought the best that he could to not go to
4:44 pm
jail. >> were you surprised that you heard someone asking if you need help? >> yeah, you know, in today's light with law enforcement, that is the least thing that you would expect to someone saying hey can i help you? most of the time it is people with their cell phones out video taping you oh hey look at this and they can post it on their social media thing. yes, i was very surprised and grateful that he was there to help me out. >> the association is n but kind things to say about you. and also to talk about the fact that this guy, he had a long criminal history according to law enforcement. he had just stolen some items from the cvs. not only has he been arrested for theft, but for a battery of another police officer and weapons charges, which meant that there was a good chance that he could have had a gun. this again is what the contra costa deputy sheriff's office is saying about your actions.
4:45 pm
but when i tell you about the suspect's history, does that make you think twice about what you did? >> no, not really. and actually i think that it is, it may have been a good thing for him because i think that the situation, it was pretty close to being one where if you could continue, you know, using the force on the police officer that the officer could have made a tough decision about escalating the use of force. you know, it ended up, it could end up seriously hurt on the suspect for you the same time. >> your actions were preventing the further injuries to officer ladner. what do you think? jason dewitt joining the force this year? >> hey any time, you know, we are always looking for good people. any time you want to come out jason, i'm sure we've got a spot for you. >> all right, thank you both for taking the time to talk to us. thank you for what you have done. we appreciate. it >> all right, heather. and thank you jason. hats off to jason. that is fantastic. police along the monterey bay are still searching for the
4:46 pm
person who killed endangered sea otters in the santa cruz area. four male sea otters have washed up dead this month. right now there's a $10,000 reward being offered for information. three officials have confirmed the sea olters were killed -- otters were killed by one gunshot. another suspected that the two were shot. the four dead otters were found over eight days. one found along 19th and 20th avenue in santa cruz while one was found dead on twin lakes beach. >> it is very unfortunate and a tragedy. sea otters play an intricate part. they're considered a keystone species. >> sea otters are protected as a threatened specie under federal and state law. 3,000 of them live between santa barbara and the san mateo coastline. outside our doors this afternoon mostly sunny skies.
4:47 pm
temperatures are up overeyed not a lot of change coming our way over the next few days. how about a view there of all that blue sky? we start off with mostly sunny skies. we have had sunshine ever since. we will come back to the local forecast in the end. but again notice the hawaiian islands on the west side there. that's where they are headed. here is a look at the math. madeline first. winds right now 115 miles per hour moving west at about 10 miles per hour. expected to cross just south of the big island tomorrow. it's expected to weaken. right now a category three down to a category one. notice that it is just going to brush the southern half of the big island and it will continue off. we're looking at the possibility for the rain there as well as strong winds. but thankfully it is not going to take a direct hit. lester is coming right behind it. winds are at 120 miles per hour moving west at 14 miles per hour. lester is expect today move north of the islands as you can
4:48 pm
see right where the cone is, you can see the rain and thunderstorms and the high surf. definitely a possibility. but lester also at this point not expected to make a direct hit on the islands, but it will be a little choppy and very wet over the next few days. if you have plans going into labor day week heading to hawaii, it is something to consider and watch. here is a look at what's going on here at home with the on shore breeze and the sunny skies. as i pull back just a little bit, the trough that will begin to move closer and settle in over the next few days, keeping us very similar. looking at the 60s at the coast and 80s inland for your wednesday. starting off with the morning clouds and the afternoon sunshine. although those temperatures are going to change from day-to-day and overall the big pattern change is not so much. here is a look at those numbers right now. it's a warm day. 87 in livermore and the lower 90s in brentwood. 80 degrees in napa. 66 san francisco.
4:49 pm
we are looking at 80 degrees for san jose. i mentioned earlier it's a warmer day with a look at the 24-hour temperature change. up to 77 degrees this afternoon. around the bay a few degrees, a little bit warmer than that for san carlos. tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures ranging from 64 degrees pacifica up toker 50s oakland. 58 for livermore and 61 degrees expected to start your day in antioch. for the afternoon 60s at the coast. we'll go 66 for san francisco. upper 60s to upper 70s around the bay. 69 in oakland, 75 mountainview. into the south bay san jose 79. the inner east bay low to mid- 80s expected. upper 70s and low 80s for the north bay as well. here is a view of your extended forecast as well. temperatures will draw just a tad. you may not notice as we get into thursday and friday back up. all in all as i mentioned, only minor changes in the forecast. for the inland communities, mid to upper 80s with partly cloudy skies throughout the weekend. low 70s at the bay and 60s for
4:50 pm
your coast. we will end august and start september with very little change. >> yes. it is comfortable. absolutely. thanks, rosemary. julie joins us with a look on the stories we are working on for you on their ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. >> a mystery with one of the bay area's cities. the police chief is on administrative leave. coming up at 5:00, we'll reach out to hayward pd and city hall to figure out why the chief is being investigated. a local business owner will get the attention of lebron james. >> he's one of the biggest names in the nba. awarding a small business right here in the bay area. it all started out with a 23- second pitch to lebron james as a part of a nationwide contest. we'll talk to the local business owner who won. these stories and much more coming up at 5:00. >> all right, thank you, julie. all right, now also stick around, an olympic gold medal has now been returned to their owner after they were stolen. and the story is just who found that medal and where.
4:51 pm
the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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4:53 pm
you can see the pictures from sky fox with heavy police presence there. it is unclear where the package is. evacuations are underway in the area as we are still working to gather more information on this. we will bring you more as we get it on the ktvu news at 5:00 and also on well an olympic champion reunited now with his gold medal all thanks to a 7-year- old girl. he won the medal in the men's
4:54 pm
double slathom. now his car was broken into back in june and that medal was stolen. a few weeks later, chloe smith was walking with her father when she spotted the gold medal in a pile of garbage. she returned that prize piece to the former olympian, but posted the theft on social media. >> we have incredible role models to look at right inside an elementary school. >> okay, so she visited the school letting her classmates know about her good deed. and as promised, well he showed up at the school stopping by with that gold medal in hand. we hope tomorrow is the first day of school for kids in fremont. some of them will be giving their teachers something extra special to show their appreciation for what they do. fremont flowers and bay area is giving local kids daisies in a vase with a thank you card for
4:55 pm
their teacher for free. they expect to give out 1,500 of them. the owner of the flower shop says that the gestures show that teachers are heros and positive role models for children. well still to come, blood donors will soon be screened for the zika virus. next where the screenings have began. and the changes that are being made by donation centers. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back. ally a hug. this toy is a reminder that someone cares.
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4:58 pm
blood donated in the united states will be tested for the zika virus. some need to test sooner due to the high rate of the travel- related infections in the areas there. the fda is tightening security measures, safety measures against the emerging virus, expanding the directive that is now nationwide. plus, they are now working on the logistics to implement this new screening. >> and our computer systems, they have to be changed in a way that they can accept those zika testing results. >> in february the federal agency required only certain areas of the country to test the donated blood for that mosquito-born disease, but it is now ordering zika testing for the blood donors in every city and state. the new broader fda rules for the screening blood donors at another layer of the zika protection. well that'll do it for us at 4:00. and let's send it over to julie and frank with the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. >> ted and heather, a mystery
4:59 pm
surrounds one of the bay area's largest city. >> but the police chief is on administrative leave. tonight, we'll reach out to hayward police and city hall to try to figure out why chief diane stuart is the main investigator. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. there are many questions due to the changes of the hayward police department. chief diane stuart is on administrative leave while city officials conduct an investigation focused on personnel issues. ktvu paul chambers spent the day trying to get reactions from the community leaders joining us live outside police headquarters. paul? >> reporter: julie there, are a lot of rumors and speculations out there as to why she is no longer working and on administrative leave. what we do know is that the chief is now being represented by a lawyer and the captain is in and out acting chief. her name is on the building.
5:00 pm
that is when diane urban now diane stuart became the first police chief. right now there's no end date, but that could change depending on the outcome of the city manager's personnel investigation into stuart's position. we went to hayward police department to get reactions. they would not go on camera, but confirmed the chief is on leave and requested all reviews to the city manager's office. so we went to city hall and were told that they were not available. however, she responded to me via e-mail saying that at this time i'm asking that everyone to respect the investigation process. that i will not be making those comments regarding the personal matter. >> and today they were on the 9th just 20 days before stuart was placed on leave. i reached out to i hayward police association and -- i reached out to the hayward police association.


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