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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the 60s. but at least the fog cleared out. we get hired clouds -- higher clouds and they help in the sunrise. nice job. patchy fog is making a move over the bay. sfo, oakland, and heyward are reporting low clouds. the low cloud deck will burn back. a weak system right there coming in. that will kick in the breeze, west and we have cost about 40. -- wind gust about 40. i'm going to send it over to south. -- sal. >> i can help you out. sometimes you have to go in the back. >> i'm going to do that. >> all right. do that. i need a new battery as a matter of fact.
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let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a backup at the toll plaza. you can see, it is backed up for about a 15 or 20 minute delay. there have been no major problems and now, in san francisco we have something that has just happened near the caltrain tracks. let's go to the san mateo bridge. you can see that traffic is moving okay. there have been no major problems. traffic is looking good. and, this is a look at 580. it is very slow as you come up on 580 coming out towards the altamont pass. not bad at livermore in dublin. i just want to ask, if we have the picture that you can show. well, there is a car that came off of the freeway and landed on the caltrain tracks. in looking at a picture.
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this is off to 80 at 25th. this looks pretty badly damaged from this photo. the fire department is there, and we're trying to get more information for you, coming up. new from overnight, northbound interstate interstate 880 is back open. after an overnight fire on a tour bus briefly shut down. happily, everyone got out safely. we are in san jose currently. >> reporter: well, it was a scary situation for all those passengers, and we are about to show pictures of what both of us look like. and we can see it's completely burned out. this is as you can see, from these pictures showing that the bus is in gold. that's engulfed in flames. -- engulfed in flames.
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he pulled over after seeing smoke. he tried to put out the flames but it got too big. he was able to evacuate all 16 passengers. >> this could have been a very tragic situation, fortunately, it worked out very well everybody. 4 -- >> reporter: the tour company was able to provide another bus. we are trying to learn more about the bus operator to find out the history. but right now, the cause is under investigation. >> thank you. it is 6:03 am, police will increase patrols at the westfield mall. it's the biggest shopping mall in san francisco, after the second violent robbery in the past two weeks. the latest crime was monday night. police say that several young boys targeted a couple in their
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20s. >> an unknown group of were juveniles came up to them and decided to steal their laptop, cell phone, and other items. they are juveniles, black males, it is a very vague description. >> one boy hit the man in the head, when the couple chased after them. they are checking surveillance videos. all of this follows an attack and robbery of a man inside of a westfield mall bathroom. donald trump is making a surprise trip to mexico. he will meet with the president to talk about immigration just hours before he gets a speech in arizona. this also is hillary clinton braces for the release of more emails. doug has more from washington. >> we knew that donald trump had a big speech planned in arizona. the surprise addition, the meeting with mexico's president someone who has compared donald trump to hitler.
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>> he is hoping for a one-two punch on immigration. a speech in arizona, is ground zero for border enforcement issues in a meeting with the mexican president enrique pena nieto. a fierce critic of donald trump. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> donald trump speaking in washington state playing up his speech today. those close to him have struggled to explain what appeared to be a shifting stance. does he support deporting all illegal immigrants? >> you will hear a consistent donald trump, no amnesty, no legalization, no sanctuary city. >> he is hinting that he may soften his stance. white house spokesman was asked whether his policy is now in line with the president? >> i guess it depends on the day that you ask >> hillary clinton has
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discounted his efforts to reach out to black and hispanic voters. she continues her fundraisers, building her run for election. >> we do not know exactly what these emails contain, that were apparently deleted from her private email server. some democrats in congress are calling on the fbi to investigate whether the presidential campaign was involved in the recent hack of computers. now leading democrats wrote to the fbi that his agency should examine whether his campaign and russia conducted cyberattacks to interfere with the presidential election. they know connections between trump aids including former campaign manager paul manna fort. he resigned following revelations.
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>> -- california lawmakers voted to set up a first of its kind university program specifically designed to research funding -- gun violence. they will spend $5 million studying the problem at a new center at the sacramento campus. state senator, is also a doctor is one of the main political forces. he says, that researching gun violence is a critical first step. >> we study things like traffic accidents, not because we want to eliminate orban cars, because we want to make them -- or ban cars but because we want to make them safer. >> the state sponsored study is the first of its kind in the nation. right now, a park in oakland turned into a scene of a homicide. coming up, more on web
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investigation stands now. you could get paid in cash if you slightly tweak your schedule. we will tell you more coming up. we are looking at a commute on the san mateo bridge.
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welcome back. the families of two boys hit by an accused drunk driver in san francisco last year are now suing the driver and the city. the boys were walking to marina middle school in november and they were hit while crossing the street at bay and buchanan. they were seriously injured, and still are recovering. kristen was arrested on dui and child endangerment. they claim, that she was negligent. they are also blaming the city for dangerous traffic conditions. it is 6:11 am. how about getting some awards and perks from b.a.r.t.? it would reward them to make slight changes to your morning commute. brian florez is joining us --
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brian flores is joining us live to tell us about this program. >> reporter: good morning. you know, some passengers do and some don't. we are live here, where many passengers are making their way likely to their morning commute. likely, in the city. the goal is to get people to know about this program so that they can be rewarded and hopefully, they can ease the overcrowding that many see during that morning rush hour. that was a promotional video produced by b.a.r.t.. it talks about that program, slated to last six months. it offers points to passengers who shipped travel times. a new things -- a few things to note, you need to have a card and a paypal account.
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it works like this, you earned one point for every mile that you travel you earn more points if you travel during what is called bonus hours. these are the times between 6:30 am and 7:30 am. and a bulk of the can -- congestion happens between 7:30 am and 8:30 am and the thing here, as if you offer incentives for people to slightly tweak writing schedules it will ease overcrowding. so what are some of the incentives? while every thousand points that you earned that equals one dollar or you can play a spin to win game. and there is apparently no point accumulation limit. obviously, we will talk with passengers to see if they are aware of the program and whether this will help out. the program is primarily through a federal grant. >> thank you. astronomers searching for
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life on other planets are excited about a recent discovery. russian scientist heard an unusual paying from a star about 600,000,000,000,000 miles away. it could be from a technologically advanced civilization american astronomers including the bay areas, say that picking up signals isn't unusual, but this one comes from a star system that has a planet. >> could it be an extraterrestrial ping? you can't rule that out. but it was only seen once. the russians only found it once, we do not yet. -- see it. >> that could mean, what they found was interference. they will keep looking using several telescopes. something else that complicates the search, they saw the signal a year ago and it makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where it came from. it looks like and sounds like contact. >> yes.
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do remember that? >> he says yes. well, he has all of that equipment watching the commute. >> i did get a tweet from someone, they sent me this picture a car somehow ended up on the tracks near caltrain. it looks like it may have used the 280 off ramp near the 25th although, that is still trying to confirm. but you can see this photo of this car on the tracks or at least close to the caltrain tracks and you have to see if their service is going to be affected. there are a lot of emergency vehicles on the scene. we are on the scene as well. but we do know that this is pretty badly damaged. right on down to the tunnel right there on 280, actually
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down on the tracks, we will let you know more about this as we find out more. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, that is backs up for about a 15 minute delay getting into san francisco. san jose commute still looks good. so, if the silicon valley is your commute is not a bad one. >> 6:16 am let's bring in steve . in the words of stephen hawking, don't tell anyone that we are here. >> thank you. we have fog forming mainly san mateo coast, santa cruz looks to be fog free. that's not the case, you can let me know. and, it is filling in quite well. over to oakland, and the bay, even heyward, higher clouds have moved off to the valley. it could be an isolated sprinkle or two. but overall, we are looking for a couple of systems moving
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through the old northern california. that dozen hits the cloud deck. the water temperatures have cooled off. that's allowing that fog. escape or san francisco, the averages 70. if we do come in below 70 there will only be one day this month that they hit 70. 87, 1943. a gust out of 30, and that's stronger. weston oakland, and gusts are about 35 to 40. 50s and 60s on your tents, either cooler are warmer. -- in your temperatures. either cooler or woman. stanford is 54, and a little twist there. the mid-level clouds are in the sierra, but for us all gone. and, we will have to deal with
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that. they had a love sunshine yesterday but law, fairly sunny. nice to mild to warm. and, a couple of 90s are well inland yesterday. a lot of 80s to near 90. a little bit more of a breeze here. so upper 80s to near 90, 74 berkeley, 74 alameda, san jose 81, 60s on the coast, and palo alto at 81. a little cooler thursday, and cooler on sunday as we go into the first weekend of september. >> labor day weekend. >> the meteorological fall starts tomorrow. >> thank you. 6:18 am is the time. the new development for the santa clara county judge in the brock turner case. in 15 minutes, the public way
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welcome back. to our continuing coverage of the colin kaepernick national anthem controversy. he will start as quarterback in the preseason game in san diego against charges. while he sits during the playing of the playing -- the song, they will host -- the other team will host a ceremony. the 49ers coach chip kelly says that his silent protest has not been a distraction for the team. >> they are focused on the 2016 season and how good of a team they can be. and i think like we have said all along, we recognize his right to express his feelings but that doesn't affect what we do when we get here at 8:15 am. >> he says his protest is
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against police brutality, not against military servicemembers. chip kelly says that he will watch the performance before announcing if colin kaepernick or blain will start the opener. nba legend kareen abdul- jabbar is coming to the defense of colin kaepernick. he spoke to a sellout crowd at san francisco's theater. it was for an event organized by the commonwealth crop -- club. he says he doesn't think it is unpatriotic. he says, that is what the framers of the constitution intended. >> he is right in line with what mr. jefferson said, when they are putting the constitution together. it is important to protect the speech of people who you do not want to hear because freedom of speech is the basis for what america is about. >> a group including the justice for mario woods coalition will be holding a rally outside of the san francisco police
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officers association supporting her neck that colin kaepernick -- colin kaepernick. today, we will preview that rally with civil rights attorney john burns. for suspects and three guns are off of the street after reports of 11 shots fired. it happened in the iron triangle. when officers got to the scene they found the victim who is able to describe the suspect's car. officers quickly found the dark suv with suspects inside but were led on a chase on interstate 80. the driver eventually got off of the freeway and took off running. pictures of some of the guns found inside of the car. but the three other suspects including a 16-year-old were arrested. the driver was found 30 minutes later near solano avenue. police are looking for a woman accused of passing counterfeit money. these are surveillance photos they say she is in her 30s with platinum blonde hair and a
6:25 am
butterfly tattoo on her back. police say that she used a fake $100 bill to purchase a small item and pocketed the change. anyone with information is asked to call police. governor. jerry brown has signed the latest bill designed to crack down on wasting water in california. state senator. jerry hill wrote the measure it increases penalties for those who ignore mandatory water restrictions as california enters its fifth year of drought. water wasters could be hit with higher bills and even have their names made public. this law takes effect january 1. state lawmakers have passed legislation banning smoking in the use of e cigarettes at state parks and beaches. the bill now goes to the governor's desk. if he signs it into law people caught smoking at state beaches or parks could face a $250 fine. they say the bill would reduce
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the threat of wildfires and also eliminate the effects of secondhand smoke. emergency crews had to rescue several kayakers from the hudson river after they were hit by a fairy. they say the ferry was pulling out of a pure when it hit them. -- a pure. they are looking into a possibility that the glare from the sun may have caused them to miss the kayakers. they were on a routine tour led by a local kayaking company. our time is 6:26 am. they say that they are fed up with uber. complaints about trash, traffic and noise. we are looking at a commute or traffic is moving along relatively well. the golden gate bridge looks good. well, there's a little fog, but for many of you we will look to the sun.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. let's check in with stephen who is showing us a beautiful sunrise and sunset. >> i was answering the question. technically, this goes until 21 september. >> the equinox. >> yes. >> how did you do that? >> i told him to find something good. >> he did. >> that is gorgeous.
6:30 am
>> you have got to find something else. but see, it's good that we can just enjoy the moment. >> that's really pretty. >> we both posted a sunset picture from last night. that was equally as gorgeous. >> yes, those have been really good. the higher clouds are moving off, we still have a few around. the fog is still around, mainly san mateo. it is starting to make a bit of a push. the little systems are continuing to equip us right there. if it -- to clip us right there. it wasn't there, we would warm up. we have low clouds coming in, and 50s and 60s on the temperatures. the sierra is partly to mostly cloudy. for us, the fog will burn back
6:31 am
but it looks like it's filling in. the and when temperatures warmed up -- inland temperatures warmed up. we have near average temperatures. all right, what you have for us? we have slow traffic, steve. we're going to start at the east bay. let's go to our bay bridge camera. this is backed up, you can see it's backed up to the maze. if you notice, it's not doing too poorly. also, we are looking at the commute on 280 and san jose. the commute looks good, so does the 101 and the 85. some of the biggest -- busiest traffic is the five -- fave 80 interchange. -- 580 interchange. and altamont pass it felt has just been very habit -- it's self has just been very heavy. as you head down towards fremont it has been slow.
6:32 am
thank you. we are getting news and details coming in. it's breaking news from restaurant. that's richmond. they say that there was a triple shooting at marina way -- richmond. they say that there is a triple shooting at marina way. they found a vehicle stopped at the intersection, one person dead, and two others are hurt. they were taken to the hospital. the injured are expected to survive. a witness told police that shots were fired and a dark colored car ran away -- drove away. they are asking anyone who heard or saw anything to get in contact with richmond police. the bodies of two people were found in oakland cesar chavez park. they are investigating how they died. they were called about 11 pm, and so far we are being told that the victims were shot. their bodies were discovered deep inside of the park.
6:33 am
no arrests have been made but the investigation continues. a couple of developments regarding brock turner and the judge that presided over the case. judge aaron persky has launched a website to fight the recall campaign against him. on the website he writes, i believe strongly in a judicial independence, i took an oath to uphold because the tuition not to appease politicians. >> he is by far, one of the hardest working most thoughtful , dedicated that we have in the county. >> but recall organizers say he has shown a pattern of bias on the bench and that he should be removed. brock turner is scheduled to be released on friday. he will have served three months of a six-month sentence. he will be released at other inmates, probably between 5 am and noon. but they are evaluating security needs with a crowd of journalists and protesters
6:34 am
expected. more information coming out about the suddenly of hayward police chief. they placed her on administrative leave pending the results of a personnel investigation. it caught the police rank-and- file by surprise. the former city manager said they had brought allegations to city leaders in the past several days. it also reports, that her husband was paid to teach a communications course to police managers. we do not know if those classes are related. a san jose city council declared a rare state of emergency in response to the police department severe staffing problem. it allows the police chief to shift dozens of officers and detectives specialize units to street patrols. this staffing shortage has forced some to live in or be -- rvs in a sitting up -- in a
6:35 am
city parking lot. because, they are working long shifts and mandatory overtime. many leaders felt that drastic action was needed. >> ultimately, we felt that in order to keep my officer safe, and reduce, you know quite frankly, some of the fatigue and keep our communities safe. we needed to do this and do it quickly. >> the number of police officers has dropped dramatically over the past 10 years. due in part to the changes in the retirement plans that offer -- that forced some to leave. a police officer has been sentenced to one year in prison for illegally searching a residential hotel room and fighting a false were -- and writing a false report. they said that he did not get consent or a warrant to enter the room during a drug investigation.
6:36 am
he had been a member of the police department for 19 years. in addition to present time, he also find him $12,000. people living in one neighborhood said that they are fed up with the new uber support center. it just opened up in may, the more traffic, noise, and trash came with it. they came to the center to apply to be uber drivers and get help with issues. neighbors are saying that the drivers have been taking all of their parking spots and, that they have had to post signs reminding the drivers not to trash the streets. they say they have complained to both uber and the city. >> after they came, the streets were littered with starbucks coffee cups. i have seen diapers, people's leftover lunches. >> at 2 pm when people are pulling into your driveway, doing you tunes -- u-turns, over 45 miles an hour.
6:37 am
this is insane. >> the city manager says that uber misrepresented the use of it building when it applied -- use of the building when it applied for the license. uber says they are cooperating to find solutions and says, that it opened up eight other satellite support centers around the area trying to reduce the flow. google is reportedly getting into the ridesharing business. the new service will be based on the navigation app and will reiber -- rival uber. it will match the muppets drivers who are heading in the same direction but it is expected to be less expensive. this new service will launch in the san francisco area this fall. several states held primary elections including florida. marco rubio won the republican primary in florida and will move on to face patrick murphy in november. he won 72% and it comes five
6:38 am
months after he suspended his presidential campaign. at first, he said he would not run for reelection. he then changed his mind. murphy is a two-time democrat, and political experts say that this race could determine which party will end up with control of the senate. >> everything is on the table. >> debbie wasserman schultz won her primary race she resigned of the democratic committee after an email scandal that appeared to show party officials favoring hillary clinton in her race of bernie sanders. now, she was able to fend off a challenge from tim canova. and in arizona, republican senator. john mccain had an easy victory defeating kelly ward by a double-digit margin. he was thought to be vulnerable with only 50% of voters
6:39 am
approving of his job performance. in the end, his opponent was unable to win support from six -- conservative groups. our time is 6:39 am. president. obama heads to the lake tahoe summit. he will appear at harvey's casino in nevada along with california's 2us and odors. -- two united states senators. and we are in tahoe about that visit. good morning, brian.>> reporter: good morning. it was my first year in the business, in 1977 when president clinton came to the first summit. it's hard to believe i've been in the business that long. it has had a difference in today that it has made a difference. and today -- it has made a difference. and today, we will hear not
6:40 am
only from state and federal leaders but president. obama will be here to address the crowd as he will head out to hawaii from here. but today, listening to the concerns of what is needed to protect this gem. they say, but the restoration projects have made a difference from the time that the first restoration act was signed and what the key initiatives were to keep other contaminates from flowing into the lake. the clarity that was once at 100 feet at worst down to 64 and today it is at 73. so they say they have seen a significant improvement that they contribute to those restoration initiatives. but they say that much more needs to be done. not only with the clarity, but with the temperature. >> the biggest influences that we had so little snow, 5% of the rainfall -- precipitation came with snow. so we had rain runoff as opposed
6:41 am
to the snow mold -- melts. it flows across the surface caring contaminants and that's what obscures our measurements of clarity. 4 harry reid started this summit he will be here today addressing the cloud. along with president. obama they will listen to some of the concerns surrounding the lake. one of those is continued funding for those restoration projects. so far nearly $2 billion has been spent for those projects. but the lake tahoe restoration act has expired and the latest one has been floating around congress since 2009 and has not had the inertia it needs to pass. they hope, that they will finally be able to make some progress and get the additional $400 million set aside. back to you. >> thank you. 6:41 am, she wasn't really
6:42 am
a fan before but she is now. a san francisco small business owner won a contest that was put on by lebron james. and coming up, the social media shout out she received. and chris brown is out on bail after a 14 hour ordeal at his home in la. why they were called their early yesterday morning. a commute that is getting busier, and 24 westbound as you head towards the tunnel you will see some slowing. the sun came up, and it looks like a nice day.
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it is 6:45 am. welcome back. we are still waiting to hear about the condition of a pilot whose plane crashed into an rv park last night. they say the small plane appeared to be heading to the reno international airport. no one on the ground was hurt. the plane did not hit any trailers directly. it did spark of fire, which damaged several rvs and cars. several people had to be evacuated and they spent the night at a nearby casino. they're trying to figure out who owned the plane and who may
6:46 am
have been on board. the first commercial flight in more than 50 years today is -- 50 years, is on its way to cuba. it was said to take off a few minutes ago. they had a symbolic ribbon- cutting, the flight will land in an hour. it is the first such flight since diplomatic ties were restored between the united states and cuba last year. jetblue, american, delta, and some other airlines will soon run up to 100 flights a day. chris brown is out on bail, he was arrested yesterday when a woman claimed that he pulled a gun on her at his home. he was released on bail and --. they went to his home early yesterday morning, but he refused to come out until they had a warrant. that took almost 14 hours.
6:47 am
while the police were outside, he posted videos telling his side of the story. >> good luck, when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you're going to walk right appear and see nothing. my the worst gang in the world. the police. >> they searched his home, he was arrested peacefully. the woman who made the claim against brown, says he became angry and pointed a gun at her face when she looked at his friends diamonds necklace. he is due to be arraigned next month on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. it's time to check in the newsroom about what's going in the next hour. >> we all want to know what's happening in our neighborhood. and when it comes to public safety sooner is always better. we are going to talk with the founder of a new app that lets you share crucial information and alert others in moments. the big connection to the idea and the execution.
6:48 am
also dog owners your pets may actually understand some of what you are saying. dave, i know that you have happy the weather dog, and pam i have seen low. well, researchers say it's not what you are saying but how you say it. these stores in more when i join you in a few. >> yes, they definitely know treats, and walk. thank you. the coco crisp era could be over. they are expected to announce today that he has been traded to the cleveland indians. he waved the no trade clause to facilitate a trade. cleveland is where he began in 2002. he has been with the a is since the 2010 season. they are expected to get a prospect or two in return. they lost their second straight grain -- straight game. they threw out be writing --
6:49 am
throughout ryan healy. the next inning, he had a home run. they lost to the astros. they close out their games -- three-game series today. the giants lost at the diamondbacks, and they are two games behind the dodgers. johnny had a bad fifth inning, he allowed four runs. and two of them came in on the single by castille. they tried to make a comeback but they didn't get the hits that they needed. they lost. the dodgers game was rained out, so they gained a half again with the giants losing. -- a game with the giants losing. 6:49 am is the time. i know, that he has pulled out that giant jersey trying to send -- >> yes, spend some good mojo to that team.
6:50 am
-- send good mojo to that team. this is a look at that bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the maze, he will slow down. 880 is starting to slow down here when you make it onto the bridge, this is 880, so far 880 and 580 are not too bad. and we are finally beginning to get a little bit of slow traffic especially on 85 as you can see, a little bit of 101, but for the most part traffic is looking good and on the peninsula the 101 looks good. now, let's go to steve. all right, the fog is coming back. yesterday it got completely chewed up. we had the upper 80s and a few were near 90. we had a nice sunset and a nice sunset/sunrise.
6:51 am
-- sunrise. it's mainly in the 60s. this is trying to circle the wagons santa cruz. but it fell a little bit over the bay. high clouds coming through, punching in on the north coast. san francisco is a 68 forecasted high. if we do not get 72 -- 70 today, only one day in august has hit 70 and that was on the eighth. except for, a few high clouds -- except for a few high clouds, the breeze has picked up. it is 50s and 60s. santa rosa is a little bit cooler at 51. fairfield 60, 51 kelsey bill, there are cooler lows. the sierra nevada is looking
6:52 am
for cloudy skies and partly to mostly sunny by the afternoon. the clouds will fill in on the coast. so another day, with the fog back. and, the morning fog is fair. it will be nice, too mile, to warm unless you are stuck in that fog. -- to mild, to warm unless you're stuck in that fog. and gilroy, we will keep that in their the lower 80s. -- we will keep that there for the lower 80s. and, this looks like a little cool down on thursday. and it will be cooler again on sunday. >> i have to ask you about labor day weekend. a lot of people want to barbecue and picnic. >> it is slightly warmer on monday than sunday. >> that we have son? -- some sunshine? >> i think that we could. it
6:53 am
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oakland police arrested two teenage in connection with a home invasion robbery. investigators say that two older men were attacked tuesday morning and robbed in their homes on sequoia road above interstate 580. oakland police say that several people broke into the home and, attacked by the two people inside. one of them was treated for moderate injuries. and they were in a band that was reported stolen on monday. they say they found a stolen items from the home and a replica firearm. >> anytime up as a home invasion robbery it is alarming. if it has happened once we will look into all the other incidents and see if there are connections. >> the intruders stole a
6:57 am
cadillac. they found a yesterday, they're safer more -- they are looking for more suspects. a new wildfire is burning in southern california. this one is in riverside county. it is near the time of beaumont. -- town of beaumont. the firefighter started yesterday afternoon it quickly spread cal fire says that it has burned at least 1000 acre so far. it has destroyed one building not a home, but you can see on the ridge. the latest report had about a 10% contained. we are expecting an update. and it is safer to fly. they say that the fire was caused by people. they're looking for several juveniles who are seen during the entrance -- at the entrance. a woman in a north bay has a problem that won't go away. it is rats.
6:58 am
she is blaming dumpster to ship -- dumpsters shared behind her house. she has lived there for 20 years long before they moved in and cost says that she has had to repair walls and wires. and, anything that a rat can chew through. it has used exterminators many times but she makes her own tracks. -- traps which killed up to two rest of day. and, the dumpsters attract the rats. >> i threw away my barbecue and there is a rat family living there. you can't eat there. >> she says that she has complained to the city, that this is a fire, health, and safety issue. the manager says that he is complying with city codes. coming up, a tour bus burst
6:59 am
into flames on a bay area freeway. up next, they will tell you what happened on board.
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