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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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pronounced dead after a car crash this morning. and donald trump meeting with the president of mexico ahead of his big speech tonight on immigration. and more people voicing support for colin kaepernick over his decision to remain seated during the national anthem last week. approximate. good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. a live look from sky fox over the north bay in the city of petaluma. we are learning that two children ages four and seven are dead after the vehicle they were in went off the roadway into the petaluma river. crews, as you can see here in this live picture, in the water now hooking that vehicle up to cables as they work to tow it out of the river. >> it happened at petaluma boulevard north between sycamore and skillman lanes. rob roth is on the scene with what's happening there. rob. >> reporter: gasia, just a
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heartbreaking scene. we are on petaluma boulevard. up ahead you can see authorities. they are making arrangements to try to tow the car out of the river. i am told it's going to be quite a challenge. now, what we know from the california highway patrol is that the car carrying a mother and two small children lost control and flipped into the petaluma river. the mother was not injured, but the two girls, sisters, were in the back seat and they could not get out and were killed. their ages are four and seven. we are told that a passer-by, firefighters and police dove into the water to try to save the girls. >> a witness told us that he was behind the car. the car had weaved and struck -- not struck, but went into the dirt center divider here for whatever reason, overcorrected, and shot off the right shoulder embankment. on that right shoulder is drops. there is some heavy trees and shrubbery. about 20 feet there into the petaluma river. the vehicle hit the water and
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overturned. the witness stopped and went down. saw that the driver had been able to get herself out, but she had kids in the car. >> reporter: now, family members have been in here, including girls' mother. the accident is eerily similar to the one in jenner last week where a mother lost control, plummeted into the water, killing her two young daughters. now, the chp will continue investigating, get a full picture of what happened. we are told that this accident happened, the family is from roanoke park. the mother was dropping off a friend here in petaluma and was heading back to roanoke park to take the girls to school when the accident happened. >> you talk about the mother being there at the scene. obviously, very distraught. can you get a sense. reaction from some of the first responders there, especially in that county? you mentioned this is similar to the incident that happened
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the preaches week. >> reporter: well, right. well, they were distraught, as well. we are told some of them had participated in the jenner accident. so here it was a week later and they are doing it again. two sets of small children. so it's certainly taking a toll. we are told there is counseling being offered for those involved in the rescue. but, yeah, it was just -- definitely a distraught bunch of people here right after this happened. >> rob roth live in petaluma. thank you for that report. also happening right now republican presidential candidate donald trump is in  mexico. he sent out this tweet yesterday announcing that he had accepted the invitation of the mexican president. in his trip to mexico it's ahead of tonight's primary address in the state of arizona on immigration policy.
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>> the fbi has now recovered dozens of hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. some directly related to the 2012 benghazi attack. joe waldman has more on what to expect in donald trump's immigration speech tonight and the latest on the campaign. >> reporter: today's meeting comes hours after a landmark immigration speech. >> you'll hear donald trump make it very clear we are going to prioritize getting people out of this country who have, in addition to being here illegally, have violated our laws. >> reporter: hillary clinton rebuffingen an inva -- rebuffing an invitation of her own. the fbi recovered dozens more e- mails with the state department saying up to 30 may be related to the benghazi attacks which killed four americans.
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despite the democratic nominee claim this for more than a year. >> we turned over everything that was work related. every single thing. >> reporter: and there is an indication that the race is tightening. the real clear politics polling average showing hillary clinton just a little more than four points ahead of donald trump nationally. in washington, joe waldman, fox news. there are reports today that a california supreme court judge is separating from his wife who is a top advisor to hillary clinton. according to "the chronicle," clinton advisor ann o'leary and good win lou are separating. if clinton is elected president, the separation follows the announcement earlier this week that clinton and aide human a ab den is
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leaving her husband. in a letter addressed to the nfl and the 9ers president the poa president asked for an apology in colin kaepernick. >> supporters held a rally and news conference out of the po a's office in the city. this news conference wrapping up. it's just get underway. ktvu's alex savidge joining us live from the city. just wrapping up, alex? >> reporter: yeah, it finished up here, mike. good to you guys. this was put on by the justice for mario woods coalition. they were push back today against the police union here in san francisco. they held this event outside the police union offices. we just heard from the final speaker a short time ago. these are the offices right at the corner of 6th and bryant in san francisco. now, members of the justice for mario woods coalition are angry with the police officers association. they demanded an apology from
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colin kaepernick. after refusing to stand for the national anthem during three preseason games kaepernick was critical of law enforcement and angry about police misconduct. they say kaepernick has every right to continue to speaking his mind. civil rights attorney john burris said it's shocking the police union would try to silence a high-profile critic line kaepernick. >> they don't want public [ inaudible ]. the message is not about police training. it is about police misconduct through the nation. >> my message to colin is you're not alone. you are in good company. >> [ cheers and applause ]. >> keep speaking out. >> reporter: now, mario woods was shot and killed by san francisco police. again, this is a grassroots
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group. it was formed to help highlight cases of what they view as police misconduct and excessive force in san francisco. he has drawn criticism from police officers as well as members of the military who say his refusal to stand for the national anthem disrespects service members. the 49ers will be playing later -- excuse me. tomorrow night. they play tomorrow night in san diego and it is military night. as we pointed out, at qualcomm stadium. you can well imagine colin kaepernick is sure to get an earful from that crowd before that game gets underway in san diego. one of the greatest athletes of all time is defending colin kaepernick. caribe abdul-jabbar spoke to a sold out crowd last night saying kaepernick's protest exhibits patriotism and
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exemplifies what the framers of the constitution intended. >> he is in line with what mr. jefferson said when they were putting the constitution together. it's important to protect the speech of people who you don't want to hear because freedom of speech is the basis for what america is about. >> a group of active and retired service members are defending kaepernick with the hashtag veterans for kaepernick. they say part of their job in defending the u.s. is ensure that americans have the right to free speech. richmond police investigating an early morning triple shooting which claimed the life of one person and left two others injured. this happened before 12:30 a.m. at wright avenue and marina way. police found a vehicle with three people inside who had been shot several times. one victim died while the other two were transported to the hospital. they are expected to survive. witnesses say a dark car sped away from that scene. meantime, in the city of oakland police investigating a double homicide after the bodies of two people were found in caesar chavez park on
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fruitvale. police were called around 11 p.m. we are going told that the victims were shot and their bodies were discovered deep inside the park. no arrest have been made. the san jose city council has declared a state of emergency in response to the police department's severe staffing problems. yesterday's 10-1 council vote allows the police chief to shift officers and detectives away from specialized units and on to street patrol. it's forced some police officers to live in rvs in the city parking lot due to long shifts and mandatory overtime. many city leaders felt that drastic action was needed. >> ultimately, we felt in order to keep my officers safe and reduce, you know, quite frankly some of the fatigue and also keep our community safe, that we needed do this and need dodd -- needed to do this quickly. >> the number of officers has dropped dramatically due in part to the changes in pension and retirement plan that
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prompted some officers to leave san jose for other cities. pg&e is trying to figure out what caused a manhole explosion in downtown san francisco . >> it happened at 8:30 this morning on the 300 block of busch street. the 250-pound manhole cover flew 25 feet in the air. it did not hit anybody. no one was injured at the scene. people near bay say they saw smoke -- nearby said they saw smoke coming from the hole. >> we understand there was a traffic incident earlier this morning where a fire hydrant was hit. some water got into the underground vault. we are investigating and seeing what happened underneath the ground so we can make sure we can safely resolve the situation. >> that blast broke some windows in the area. lanes of traffic were closed and opened a short time late near a new program from bart that offers cash incentives to riders who are able to shift
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their travel time a little bit.. a historic flight to cuba. storms preparations in hawaii. mark tamayo will have the latest as well as a check of our bay area weather. in a few days the man at the center of the stanford sex assault case set to be released from jail. what they are saying about security for brock turner's friday release. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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the first commercial light in more than 50 years -- commercial flight in more than 50 years to cuba. it landed just about an hour later in the central city of santa clara, cuba. this is the first commercial flight since diplomatic ties were restored between the cuba and the u.s. last year. >> cuba is ready to expand bilateral relations based on mutual republican and reciprosity. >> jetblue, american, delta and other airlines will soon make up to 100 flights a day to cuba. now, travelers are still required to fill out a government questionnaire before booking. it asks flyers to give the reason for that trip to cuba. in hawaii people on the big island are stocking up on food
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and water as hurricane madeline approaches. it's a category 1 hurricane and is expected to pass south of the big island tonight or early tomorrow. some areas may get up to a foot of rain. you can see people are boarding up their homes and businesses. schools and county offices, by the way, are closed today. on the eastern side of the united states one of two powerful storms is expected to hit north carolina today. it's expected to bring drenching rain, thunderstorms, and rough surf for the next day or so. people in florida are also getting ready for another storm expected to make landfall tomorrow. volunteers have been filling up sandbags so people can protect their homes against potential flooding. meteorologist mark tamayo joining us now. a lot of activity in the atlantic and pacific right now? >> yeah, it's that time of year. take a look at the storms. first here is a tropical storm hermine. can you see it out here in the gulf and also you heard about the story with the flooding rains as this system moves up towards parts of the carolinas
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as well. you can see all the action on the radar right now approaching parts of north carolina. that is not an organized, at least a named storm. here is tropical storm hermine with winds of 40 miles per hour. there is the projected track. not expected to be a hurricane but strengthening into thursday with winds at 65 miles per hour. flying towards the pacific for hawaii, you can see those two storms you heard about. two circulations. one is clearly stronger. you can see the eye showing up. that is a hurricane. lester. now, right now hurricane madeline winds around 75 miles per hour and there is the eventual track. significant rainfall in the forecast and also an increase in some of the surf, as well. hurricane lester, this is the one we have to keep an eye on. winds 130 miles per hour. it will continue to weaken along this path to the north of
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the islands, but still we're seeing a line right here and that could often change as the forecast -- as we head into thursday and friday. so we will have to keep an eye on this. if it does change and does head to the south, that could mean a completely different forecast for the hawaiian islands. thankfully, the main energy forecasted to be just to the north. outside right now back here in the bay area no storms out there. we just have some scattered low clouds hanging out near the coast and parts of the bay. here is the latest on the satellite. you can see still some patchy overcast near the shoreline. we have had some systems move in from the north and they have mixed out the marine layer. so the system should cool us off. it warmed us up as the fog went away. current numbers out there, san francisco 60. san jose 72. livermore mid 70s. fairfield in the upper 70s. 77. there is santa rosa checking in at 76 degrees. here is the plan for today. still some patchy overcast near parts of the shoreline.
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here is your wednesday afternoon. then into thursday morning low clouds. they will eventually be more of a factor as we head into thursday morning. temperatures this afternoon warmest locations will be back up into the mid-to-upper 80s. san francisco 66. santa rosa 82 degrees. pacifica 63. san jose 80. half moon bay 64. santa cruz 73 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. tomorrow some more clouds to start things off for your thursday morning. it will be nice to warm for friday and then a few scattered high clouds as we head into the holiday weekend for saturday and sunday. maybe a bit of a breeze out there, as well. but typically, as we all know growing up here in the bay area, mike and gasia, ar labor day we get our nice summer here in the bay area. we will be watching for that. >> looking forward to it. bart has launched a program that rewards passengers who slightly change their schedules. >> ktvu's brian flores explains
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how it works. >> reporter: the goal for bart is to let people know about the bart perks program. so people can get rewarded and perhaps it will ease some of the overcrowding, especially during the very busy early morning rush hour. the bart perks pilot program kicked off on tuesday and it's slated to last six months. it offers points to passengers who can rearrange their schedule away from the peak morning hours. you earn one point for each mile you travel on the system, but you earn more points when you travel during bonus hours. these are the times between 6:30 to 7:30 in the morning and 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning. the bulk of the congestion on bart happens between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. the thinking is that if you offer cash incentives for people to slightly tweak their riding schedule it's going to ease the overcrowding. but will the program work? that is what we asked the bart passengers? >> it would be better. in the morning less more seats.
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more people left in the morning. frees up the commute for the rush hour. i see how it could work. >> for the money that was given to us, i think it could have been used inside a better way. >> reporter: how so? >> now we are going to set up another bureaucracy. i don't think it helps that much. i think we just need more trains and more cars. >> reporter: what are some of the incentives or perks? for every thousand points you earn, that equals a dollar. or you can play a spin to win game where you can win various cash prizes. you need to be 18 years old. you need to have a clipper card and paypal account. each month reward balances are transferred into a user's account. if 1200 people got to work a little earlier or later, it would equate to a 10-car bart train. earlier this morning i spoke with a spokesperson who says so far 4,000 people have signed up. if you are interested sign up
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on in walnut creek, brian flores, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, neighbors versus uber drivers. why residents in one peninsula city say a recently opened uber support system is ruining their neighborhood. comfort food...
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a stead stream of cars coming and going from a daly city neighborhood and neighbors say they can't take it any more. the drivers are visiting an
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uber support center. >> tara moriarty talked with neighbors who say they are absolutely fed up with the traffic, noise, and the trash that have come along with it. >> reporter: people who live here say uber is driving them crazy. >> i feel, after 33 years, that i am a prisoner in my house. >> reporter: she says when uber moved its driving support center next door back in may, hundreds of uber drivers inundated their street. >> they have no respect for the people that live here, and it is dangerous. we're afraid. they go so fast up and down this street. >> my daughter-in-law had a newborn and a two-year-old in the car, and almost had a head- on collision because of the uber driving on the smartphone. >> reporter: they say they snatch up all of the parking and they have had to post signs to remind drivers not to trash the streets.
12:26 pm
>> after uber came the streets were littered with starbucks coffee cups. i have seen diapers outside. people's leftover lunches. >> reporter: residents have complained to uber and the city but say nothing has been done to mitigate the problem. >> at 2:00 in the afternoon when people are pulling in your driveway, doing u-turns in the middle of the street, speeding down over 35 miles per hour, it's insane. >> reporter: uber says it is cooperating with the city to find solutions. we have opened up eight other satellite support centers around the bay area to reduce flow to daly city. we want to make sure drivers who use daly city are local residents. but we met drivers from as far away as petaluma, oakland, and even sacramento, and all of them told us they weren't even aware that parking was an issue for the residents here. has uber said anything to you guys about the parking situation? >> no. >> reporter: we spoke to city manager pat martell who said
12:27 pm
uber misrepresented their use of the building when it applied for a business license. they asked for a dozen parking spaces for administrative staff. they never mentioned anything about uber inspections on site or hundreds of drivers needing to visit this location daily. >> uber, contact my office. i will let you sit down with the neighbors and find concrete solutions. right now, according to the neighbors, you are being a bad neighbor. >> reporter: if the issue isn't resolved the city says it will take legal action. in daly city. >> we'd like our block back. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. google is reportedly expanding a ridesharing service. it's been testing it in the south bay. this is based on the wave navigation app but is similar to uber pool and lyft line in that it matches carpools up with drivers. google's version is expected to be less expensive than uber and lyft. they have been conducting a pilot program in the south bay and they are expecting to expand the service this fall.
12:28 pm
uber is teaming up with local offers. they offer a point for every dollar charged at certain shops for a point. they say it's not a short-term promotion. it's part of the uber app. for now it's only available in the bay area and los angeles. taking a look at the big board, stocks falling on wall street as the market wraps up kind of a quiet month overall. the dow jones down 57 points. the nasdaq is down 9 points. oil now below $45 a barrel. the man at the center of the stanford sexual assault case. what jail officials plan to do when brock turner is set free on friday. another violent robbery at san francisco's largest mall. who the robbers targeted and what police are doing about mall security. a north bay woman shows us a maze of rat traps she set up around her home and explains why she is blaming her neighbors for her ongoing rat
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president obama is set to arrive in the sierra at any moment now to headline the 20th annual lake tahoe summit. this is video of the president taking off from joint base andrews this morning. a sellout crowd is expected,
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including california senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer. one hurricane celia -- scientists say it's 73 feet for the lake. it had higher temperature readings last year than ever before. >> we had rain and runoff as opposed to snow melt. it's warmer. >> along with keeping tahoe blue, the president is also expected to hear about the impact of drought and wildfires on forest land in the sierra. president obama will then go to hawaii to address leaders at the world conservation congress. new information about former stanford swimmer brock turner and his scheduled release from jail in just days. >> as ktvu's azimuth smith reports, a spokesman from the jail says he will not receive any special treatment. but the sheriff's office is re- evaluating its security needs in anticipation of media and protesters. >> reporter: this friday brock
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turner is set to be a free man after serving three months of his six-month sentence in county jail. in march the former stanford swimmer was convicted for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman outside of a paternity party. his sentence reduced by automatically applied credits. a spokesman for the santa clara county sheriff's office tells ktvu turner will be released like any other inmate without any special accommodations likely between five in the morning and noon, leaving via the jail's main entrance. meantime, the judge who sensed turner is fighting to keep his job. >> very disappointed and saddened with what's happening to judge persky. he is by far one of the hardest working, most thoughtful, dedicated jurists we have this county. >> reporter: a san jose defense attorney supporting judge aaron persky. on a new website judge persky states, i believe strongly in
12:34 pm
judicial independence. i took an oath to uphold the constitution. not to appease politicians or ideologues. he calls the attacks against persky unfair giving that he followed the probation department's recommendations. >> i don't think that judge persky is someone who has an ideology. he doesn't come on to the bench with an ideology one way or the other. >> reporter: michelle dauber, who is leading the recall effort against persky, appearing on ktvu the 4 via skype. she believes his record shows a locked in pattern of judicial bias, undermining faith in the judicial system. >> this judge is biased. he has shown a pattern of bias. we believe this should go to the voters. >> reporter: azimuth smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> court documents reveal turner will be on probation three years, he must register as a sex offender.
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he has reportedly requested to transfer his probation to ohio where he has family. in san francisco this weekend police plantain crease patrols at the city's biggest shopping mall after the second violent robbery at the westfield mall in the past few weeks. the latest crime happened on the fourth floor of the mall monday night. a group of 14 age boys targeted a couple in their 20s. >> an unknown group of four juveniles came up to them and decided to steal their laptop, cell phone and other items that they had. they are juveniles in age. all i have or black males at this time. it's a very vague description. >> police say one boy hit the male victim in the head when the couple chased after them. investigators are reviewing security video as they search for the robbers. this follows an attack and robbery of a man inside the westfield mall bathroom on august 12. a man sentenced to a year in prison for illegally searching a residential hotel room and writing a false report about it.
12:36 pm
they say he didn't consent or a warrant to enter the room during a drug investigation at the hotel in 2010. he had been a member of the police department for 19 years. in addition to prison time, the judge also fined him $12,000. fremont police are asking for your help in identifying suspects in two home invasion robberies that happened this month in the city's aloni college mission hills neighborhood. look at this home surveillance video. five men with handguns entered the home through a patio door. all but one were wearing masks. the homeowner was not home. in a home invasion on august 16 police say the suspects held the residents at gunpoint while they stole several items. the victims were not injured in that incident. anyone with information about the robberies is urged to call fremont police. in oakland two teenagers were arrested in connection with yesterday's early home invasion robbery in the oakland hills. two older men were attacked and robbed around 2:30 yesterday morning. opd says at least three people
12:37 pm
broke into the home and assaulted the men inside in their 70s and 80s. officers stopped two teenagers in a van that had been reported stolen on monday. now, inside the van police found stolen items from the home and a replica firearm. >> anytime there is a home invasion robbery in the city of oakland it is absolutely alarming. if it has happened once we will look into the other incidents and see if there are connections with these two individuals we have arrested. >> the intruders stole a cadillac which police located yesterday. they are looking for more suspects. anyone with information is asked to call police. four uc berkeley students are hoping their prime tracking app will catch on like wildfire. that's what they named it. wildfire. it's to keep track of crime on or near campus. people sign up and send and receive push notifications based on how close they are to a reported crime. it uses the phone's location settings to establish where the user is, and, therefore -- they
12:38 pm
add it is not just for extreme emergency situations. >> what happened here in berkeley was there was a power outage. students were saying this library had power and this one didn't. there is a lot of different cases. kind of coming together as a community to keep each other informed and safe. >> the app uses alerts from the daily cow, police, and the berkeley police department. some students are concerned that it could perpetuate racial profiling on campus since the information is user generated. the creators are working with student groups on campus to make sure those concerns are addressed. police looking for a woman accused of passing counterfeit money. investigators say she is in her 30s with platinum blonde hair and a butterfly tattoo on her back near her right shoulder blade. she used a fake $100 bill to purchase a small item and pocketed the change at seven
12:39 pm
local businesses. the chp is investigating a tour bus company after one of its buses burst into flames on a freeway in san jose last night. these are pictures from twitter that show the bus engulfed in flames. this happened after 9:30 last night on northbound 880. the chp says the bus driver pulled over after seeing smoke on the bus. they are crediting that driver with safely evacuating all 16 passengers. >> fortunately, the driver observed the fire before it got out of hand. so he was able to pull over to the side of the road, get owl of -- all of his passengers out. he attempted to put the fire out with his fire extinguisher, but he wasn't able to extinguish the fire. at that point they had to wait for the fire department. >> part of 880 was closed down for a short time while firefighters put out the fire. the bus is operated by medina tours which according to the department of transportation has had some minor violations. no word yet on what caused this fire. a north bay woman says
12:40 pm
dumpsters are to blame for her continued rat problem. >> right. those dumpsters are used by a bakery and taco shop. they are located right behind one woman's home in downtown novato. >> last night they came in and they ate through the wall. >> reporter: michelle derviss has repaired walls, vents, wires, her roof. anything rats can chew through, she's seen it. >> they have come down through the roof vents in the toilet. a constant battle. i fix one hole. they eat the siding off another area. >> reporter: derviss lives one block off novato's downtown. a landscape designer, she has been in her property for 20 years long before the current restaurants went in. >> i have rat traps. >> reporter: it's been a long battle. worse lately. >> a clever rat. >> reporter: she has used exterminators many times, but makes her own traps killing
12:41 pm
one, even two a day. >> they are attracted because the garbage is constantly overflowing. >> reporter: on this evening the dumpsters were closed and tidy. but she has documented occasions they were too full to shut with overflow garbage on the ground. she says this keeps rats coming. then it's a hop over the fence to her place. especially since trash falls into her yard when the dumpsters are lifted. derviss says she has made many sacrifices to the rodent. no more vegetable garden or fruit tree. >> i threw away my barbecue. you can't eat out of that. these are my complaints. >> reporter: she has complained the situation is a fire hazard, safety hazard, health hazard. she has been rebuffed. >> they say i am harassing the city for complaining about the garbage. >> reporter: she wants the dumpsters moved away from her house. the bakery is closed in the evenings.
12:42 pm
the taqueria manager said he is complying with city code. traps along the alley suggests everyone knows rats are a problem. but whose problem? >> they don't want the rat habitat next to their building. would you want to have a rat habitat next to your building? i don't. >> the homeowner also says the owner of the restaurant property has refused mediation, so she is taking to facebook and next door sharing her story and urging customers of the two restaurants to pressure the restaurants into being good neighbors. another devastating blow for the oakland a's and their fans as they trade away a player that has been with them more than seven seasons. chris brown now out on bail. what we're learning about the incident leading up to his standoff with police.
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singer chris brown is out on bail after he was arrested yesterday when a woman claimed he threatened her with a gun. brown was released on $250,000 bail. we showed you live yesterday here at noon how police showed up to his los angeles home but he refused to come out until they had a warrant. the situation turned into an hours long standoff while police were outside. brown was posting a number of videos to instagram essentially telling his side of the story. >> good luck when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you can walk right up in here and you're gonna see nothing you idiots.
12:46 pm
y'all the worst gang in the world. the police. >> they searched brown's home and he was arrested. the woman who made the report is baylee curran. she told the "l.a. times" the singer became angry and pointed a gun at her face when she looked at his friend's diamond necklace. brown is set to be arraigned next month on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. mark tamayo for more on this wednesday forecast. hey, mark. >> hi there, guys. no major changes. this week is a bit different with more sunshine near the coast. but the fog has been regrouping coast side at least for the morning hours, especially south of the golden gate bridge. here is our live camera looking forwards san francisco bay. a beautiful wednesday afternoon. the last day of the month, as you can see. some patchy fog hanging out near parts of the shoreline here. there is that. the cloud deck. welcome in closer. closer to pillar point for half moon bay. typical summertime fog we cannot shake. as we head towards september, that's when things really warm up coast side. at least on a normal year.
12:47 pm
we will see if that delivers this year. current numbers out there. livermore 75. walnut creek 76. san francisco 62. half moon bay 63 degrees. as far as wind speed you will seafair field winds southwesterly 18 miles an hour. sfo it's windy here. that's a gusty to 22 miles per hour and san jose 7 miles per hour. here is our live camera outside once again. you can see the forecast headlines and forecast headlines today will go like this. fair skies. a bit of a breeze. tomorrow it will be warm inland. the weekend, it will be cool to mild. no major heat in the bay area forecast. in fact, this guy is kind of in charge of our weather pattern for today and tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. a bit of a breeze out there. that translates to 60s for the coast. the bay 70s. some minor temperature changes heading towards the weekend. just some minor changes out
12:48 pm
there. here we go with the fog though. you can see hanging out near parts of the shoreline this afternoon and then pushing back into the bay for your thursday morning at 8:00. tomorrow could be just a little bit cooler out there as we bring temperatures down by just a notch. forecast highs this afternoon, you can see still some mid-to- upper 80s inland. san francisco 66. santa rosa 82. novato 83 degrees. some more neighborhoods coming up with half moon bay 64 and san jose 80. gilroy 86 degrees. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast. temperatures do cool off just very slightly as we head into thursday. we will call it nice to warm for friday and then maybe a few high clouds as we head into the weekend. but mike and gasia, hard to believe today is the last day of august. we say hello to september tomorrow. hard to believe winter is approaching. we will be talking about sierra snow before we know it. >> it's like we never had a summer. >> exactly. in sporting news, it's official. the coco crisp era in oakland is now over. the a's officially made the
12:49 pm
announcement this morning. crisp had waived the no trade clause and he is now headed off to cleveland where he began his major league career back in 2002 after more than seven seasons with the a's. crisp has been one of the familiar faces for fans who have seen lots of changes in the roster over the years. in exchange, the a's received minor league picture colt haines. it comes as the a's try to get back on track after losing their second straight. ryan healy at the plate. rasmus hit a home run in his first at-bat. the a's lost to the astros 3-1. right now the teams are back at it in a matinee in houston. the a's are up 3-1 at the end of five. the giants are also trying to redeem themselves at at&t park where the game against the arizona diamondbacks are getting underway.
12:50 pm
two runs scored on a two-out single by castillo. they couldn't get the timely hits. they lost 4-3. dodgers game half a game after their game in colorado was rained out which means the giants are now two games back of the dodgers in the nl west. popular sportscaster craig sager is undergoing a stem cell transplant today. known for his courtside basketball interviews in the nba and colorful sports jackets. he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014 and began a new round of chemotherapy last night. the bone marrow is coming from an anonymous donor. the 23 second message a bay area woman had for lebron james that she says helped make her community safer.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
after this year's nba finals lebron james is not exactly a fan favorite around here in the bay area. >> right. he is winning praise from a san francisco business woman who sent him a short video about her company. >> reporter: yolanda jones was never much of a lebron james fan, but she is now. >> i was a lebron fan watching the tv with my son. now i'm a total lebron fan. i am team lebron at this point. >> reporter: it appears lebron
12:54 pm
has become a fan of hers. jones started her own business in bayview hunterspoint six years ago. yolanda's construction and traffic control or ycatc. it provides traffic safety equipment at construction sites, including flaggers. jones heard about a nationwide contest called pitch lebron. it's for small business owners who had 23 seconds to tell their story. hers was a social message. >> put the guns down. put the dope down. pick up a stop sign. earn a decent living. >> reporter: the contest was a social media promotion for james reality tv show about entrepreneurs called cleveland hustle. she learned she had won. >> it was like, oh my god, i really won. >> reporter: this is her prize. a mention on lebron's facebook page where he has 23 million followers. that's a lot of exposure. yolanda says she wants her business to grow so she can hire more young people. people like this young man who says he was constantly in trouble before he began working
12:55 pm
for her. >> keep me out of the system. >> reporter: she started her company in honor of her son. he was shot to death by san pablo police in 2009 while sitting in a stolen car. her business carries the message. >> if they were thinking about picking up a gun and robbing somebody, don't do it, okay? don't do it. if you you were thinking about selling dope, don't do it. let me show you a better way where you can make just the same amount of money, but you don't have to riskier life. your mom does not have cry at your grave. >> reporter: she is hoping lebron will one day pay her a visit so her teenage son can meet his second biggest idol next to his mom. >> it's great to see hard work paying off and becoming bigger. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. today on "the 4 on 2" we will have details from donald trump's visit with the president of mexico.
12:56 pm
also gathering new information for you out of petaluma. >> that's right. rob roth is learning more about what led up to that car rolling into petaluma creek killing two girls. the very latest again on "the 4 on 2". just a couple minutes away from the closing bell, stocks on track for their first monthly loss since february. energy companies sliding with the price of oil. you can see there the dow jones down 56 points. let's also not forget that president obama not too far at lake tahoe for a summit focusing on keeping lake tahoe blue and then heading to hawaii. now, what's important here the dodgers, because they got postponed yesterday, are playing a doubleheader. i love doubleheaders. >> i am sure you do. two for the price of one. >> dodgers are losing 2-0 in the first game f they lose that game and the next game and the giants win today, bottom half of the first, zero-zero, we are
12:57 pm
in it, right? >> that's a lot of planets to line up. i have faith it will happen. we leave you with that. have a great day. be back here for "the 4 on 2". many people clean their dentures
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with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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>> we love steak, pork chops, nd sausages, but should we worry about meat causing cancer? part of the argument was that nitrates are a big problem. explain the issue. plus the truth about all natural labels. what does it really mean? are they misleading shoppers looking for healthy alternatives? we break it all down in our food truth series. walk us through what we can learn from what's out there now. oming up next. >> we'll save lives today. get healthy! [cheering and applause today is food truth dr. oz:wednesday.


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