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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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car. >> reporter: eerily similar to a accident last week. >> and donald trump shares the stage with the president of mexico. what the two men said after the meeting may surprise you. >> a home invasion caught on tape. five men carrying guns in and out of the a fremont home in minutes. police asking for help. >> and are we alone? bay area researchers analyzing a mysterious sound from space. the four on 2 starts now. terrible scenes out of scene -- seens. after a similar tragedy just out of the north bay. >> so sad here. two young children killed when a car they were in crashed into a river. their mother and another motorist tried desperately to save them under water. >> it happened here. live now at the scene with
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details for us -- >> yeah. it was an incredibly sad scene out here. as you can see, it's reopened. but the case of what happened here continues. that investigation goes forward. earlier today, authorities pulled out a white impala from the river. the car where two young sisters died after their mother lost control and flipped into the river this morning. the coroner has identified the girl as 7-year-old an 9-year- old cyst -- sisters. the california highway patrol says the mother, had dropped off a friend and was heading back to take her children to school. >> the witness told us that he's behind the car. the car had waved and struck -- weaved and struck -- not struck but went into the center divider. and overcorrected and shot off of the right shoulder.
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and there it drops to heavy trees and shrubs about twenty feet in the river. the vehicle hit the water and overturned. >> and the car was submerged in the river. s mother was able to escape but not the children. one rescuers suffer and minor scratch in the rescue but many had to comfort each other. the mother remained at scene and appeared distraught. what happened today is similar to the in jenner last week. a mother was driving two small children when she lost control and drove into the water killing the two sisters. their funeral was today. now, in today's accident, they plan to look at how fast the driver was going to and perhaps at any cell phones to see if there was a distraction. the latest from here, jen and heather. >> rob, it was just so incredibly sad to note that another mother unfortunately is going through this same sort of thing. >> all right. thank you very much. and as rob just mentioned, in
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the town of jenner today a funeral service was held for caitlyn and haley marcus. the 6 and 4-year-old sisters died in a very similar accident last week with had they're mother lost control of her vehicle along highway 1. she also tried saving her daughters but couldn't get to them in time. fremont police need help identifying suspects in two robberies. i want to show you home surveillance video from the incident that happened on sunday. there was a total of five male suspects. all had handguns and they enter through a patio door. all but one was wearing a mask. the homeowner was not home at the time. but during another home invasion, police say the suspect held the residents at gunpoint. while they stole several items. >> two teenagers have been arrested in connection with a
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home invasion robbery in the oakland hills that happened yesterday. investigators say two older men attacked and robbed inside of their home just above interstate 5 # 0 around 2:30 yesterday morning. oakland police say at least three people broke in and assaulted the two men in their 70s and 80s. hours later offers topped two teens in a van that had been reported stolen on monday. inside that van, police say they found items that were stolen from that home as well as a replica firearm. >> any time there's a home invasion robbery, it was absolutely alarming. if it has happened once, we're going to look into all of the other incidents and see if there are another connection with these two individuals. >> the intruders also stole a cadillac which police also found yesterday. they are still looking for more suspects. and i happen to have a
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tremendous feeling for mexican americans. i have many friends so, many friends and so many friends coming to mexico and in mexico. i'm proud to say how many people i employee. >> donald trump speaking in a surprise trip to mexico alongside president of mexico. >> joining us now is ja na and we're just a few hours away from the speech. what struck me about this meeting, was how colonel jail it was. cordial it was. >> the lead up definitely all of the things from the beginning. the mentions about race -- s you races, and criminals, coming across the border from mexico. the other side the. trump compared to hitler. a lot of animosity and i think what we were really seeing
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today was interesting in that change in tone. trump, yeah. a lot of his consultants saying he needs to appear more president. one of the criticisms they thought looked more like a photo opportunity. in the actual meeting it sounds like there is there wasn't any -- there wasn't any kind of change in touch's position or any sense of openness. >> -- trump's position or any sense of openness. >> or at least what they talked about pubically. >> and another thing that was interesting are they did, seem cordial and both said they had one thing in common and that was the wall, and a new immigration policy would benefit both countries moving forward. almost signaling the current administrations efforts have maybe come to a stalling point and no matter who wins, the mexican government is ready for some sort of change. >> and there is definitely, i think that sense of a need for some differences.
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one of the things that's also interesting is trump's change in state. calling mexican americans amazing. saying he felt as if he had gained a friend in the president. so that's definitely a warmer kind of approach. something that suggests there might be more openness but i think one of the things we're really going to have to look at tonight, tonight, he's going to speak tonight at 6:00 in arizona. and it's really going to be interesting because the audience is different. that's going to be something you can see of what is he looking at in terms of policy. we see a lot of terms of discussion and the feeling and being able to switch his position. but when it comes down to the polices, did the meeting have any substance difference on how he approaches the issue. >> and will we hear specifics tonight. >> that's what people will be look -- listening to. >> and let's bring in tony. he's running for a seat out of lodi and the u.s.
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representatives and tony, today, from a republican standpoint, i would assume, you would say that this was a pretty big day and a positive one for donald trump. what say you? >> reporter: well, absolutely. we had a presidential candidate meeting the president of mexico and i'm sure mexico understands that they have problems in their southern border just as we have problems here. and mr. pump understands the number one priority is to protect our borders. we have a right to do that. as we retired united states marshal i know that very well. as a former los angeles police department officer for 13 years in l. a. p. d. i understand that very well. >> so tony, will you be disappointed if later on this evening donald trump does not reference the wall, does not sort of push forward with his ideas he laid out. >> no. i won't be disappointed at all. because the charge from the united states is still to
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protect our borders. our country has a sovereign right to have a border just as mexico has the sovereign right to build a border south of where they're having problems in southern mexico. >> one of the things that has attracted many supporters to donald trump is his unabashed rhetoric. calling some mexicans rapist and thieves saying we're not going to put up with it anymore and we're going to stop what's going on. if he starts to soften after tonight in moving forward, will that hurt him with his base supporters. i know it's definitely going to pick up some people. but what's your take on that? should he stay in the hard line or move a little in the middle. >> i think he's doing quite well. i think the candor is really appreciated. especially the people who understand there are a number of drugs coming across the from the border. there are rapist and thieves. we're not talking about
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international terrorists or muss limbs, are -- muslims -- these with seeking a better life. but we do need to secure our border. we cannot an open country for everybody and we're not talking just about the southern border about mexico. when trump talks about securing our country we're talking about other places. remembering, that we have canada. we have people flying in. we have people coming in boths. so there's not just the southern border. so as a latino of mexican decent. and my wife being born in members cog also -- mexico, we understand that. >> thank you for your perspective. appreciate your time. >> you think that. and just hours away from the big speech. >> coming up next, people on both coasts preparing for
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storms. hurricanes barreling toward the hawaiian islands. we'll have an update coming up next. >> and at manage the president had. those in attendance on climate change. >> we'll continue to track the fog out here developing. let you know if temperatures will be changing. also, all of the storms you have been hearing about, especially the two urn hads approaching hawaii.
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president obama made his first trip to lake tahoe where he maze avenue made his keynote address to the summit. also on hand for the first day of the two day summit. and they talked about the money and the effort to restore the lake's clarity over the past 20 years. and during his speech, president obama drew a connection between those conservation efforts and stopping global warming. can had he warned is one of the greatest threats right now. >> the overwhelming body of scientific evidence shows us climate change is caused by human activity. and when we protect our lands, it helps us protect the climate for the future. >> also, with keeping tahoe blue, the president heard about drought and wildfire. tonight president obama will go to hawaii to address leaders.
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>> well, august is ending with some dangerous weather on east coast. three powerful systems threatening both eastern and pacific states. residents in north carolina, are all preparing preparing if -- for the worst. >> i'm not playing. i can't. i can't afford to. >> reporter: folks in florida preparing for the worst. a long line of cars as people wait to get sandbags. hoping to protect their homes from any flooding looming. >> i just remaryland l -- remodeled my house and don't want any damage. >> hurricane watches and tropical storm warnings going into effect. with land fall expected later this week. bringing rainfall across florida and strong winds near the coast. >> we will have trees that will go down on structures. we'll have trees go down on cars. we will have trees going into power lines. >> further up the coast here in the north carolina, people are monitoring a separate storm. it is moving away from land and
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will keep the surf rough and rip current risk high. some people here in the outer banks moving their cars to higher ground just in case. >> just in case the ocean came over or the sound blew up. the sounds have a ten den to blow up overnight. so -- tendency to blow up overnight. and another threat. power crews are working to repair for madeline's arrival. while peopler in the outerbacks of north carolina, apparently dodged a bullet. the people in the aloha state, lester, perhaps hitting there this weekend. in the outer banks, north carolina. fox news. yeah. mark joins us now from the weather center. and boy, a lot of people across the country are preparing it for the worst. >> the tropical activity really
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ramps up. even early october. so that'll be probably a growing concern. at least in the short term. you heard about multiple storms out there. there's a tropical depression impacting the carolinas. but down to the south and the gulf here. this is the next one we are watching. this is tropical storm mad lean. er -- hermine. trying to keep them straight. this approaches the panhandle. possibly approaching hurricane strength. so possibly just below a hurricane in a few days. that is hermine. back to the pacific, multiple storms out in hawaii. this is showing you the water temperature also. the warm water temperature, that's the fuel for the
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hurricanes. 82 degrees. here's a closer look at satellite. you can see two systems here. two hurricanes and this first one is madeline. thankfully this will be moving to the south. the core just moving to the south and then we have lester. so here we go with madeline. category 1 hurricane moving west 13 miles an hour. here's the projected track. this will continue to move to the south of island chain for friday. thursday, friday, and saturday. now the stronger one, hurricane lester. winds of 130 miles an hour. category 4. marriage hurricane -- major hurricane. there's a chance the line could go south or north. hawaii is not out of the woods yet but right now the forecast keep it is to the north. one thing that is encouraging, you can see it weakening along the path. and possibly by the time it reaches the big islanded it could be a category 1 and tropical storm as it
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approaches. we'll continue to keep an eye on these two systems. we'll track our forecast, coming up in awe few minutes. up in a -- up in a few minutes. >> and commercial flights take off for cuba. is cuba ready for all of the additional visitors?
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kfc. it's extra crispy good. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. history is made this afternoon when a jet blue
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flight touched down in the cuban city of santa clara. there was plenty of celebration when that plane took off from the forth lauderdale hollywood international airport there in florida. where transportation secretary anthony fox on board. another sign of just how things have changed. cuba was always this mysterious island so close to us yet could have been mars because we couldn't go and visit and see the beauty of that island. >> now, americans are not allowed to travel to cuba for tourist activities. however, through 12 categories. educational, cultural, religious as well as business trips. so cuba is open for business. and here to talk more about this -- i know, that you were actually in cuba when the president, president obama made the announcement that they would be normizing relations.
4:23 pm
your reaction, first of all to that announcement. >> that was back in december of 2014 and we happened to be out on a group to a bus trip and cubans were upping -- jumping up and down. and they were mistaken i will excited about the embargo being lifted. which seemed doubtable. but we were excited to get back to the hotel and find out what the real news was. that's when we heard was going to really make a lot of changes. many of those things have already happened. and the cuban people were so excited to see us. i mean people would find out we were americans and they were hugsing us and had american flags and really seeing it as a really new time, a new chapter for the cuban people. >> and now, here we are, first flight. what do you make of that? >> it's a long time coming. i think that, although there have been a lot of charter
4:24 pm
flights out of the u.s. and into cuba for many years. the flights are very expensive. difficult to get to. there's a lot of other cost involved and i think what it's going to mean for people is a lot more accessibility to cuba. it's going to be a lot cheaper and i think that this mostly effects right now, cuban americans who will able to travel much more frequently to see their family members and loved ones. >> they're talking about maybe as many as 110 flights a day. does cuba have the infrastructure to support the increase in that number of visitors? >> one thing about cuba, they're incredibly resourceful and they'll figure out a way to make this work. but many of the issues, it's a small island. they don't have the a lot of hotels. many hotels are in disrepair
4:25 pm
because of not putting enough money into the hotels -- >> so you think that'll change. >> yes. it's already changing. there's a bunch of new hotels going up. and already remodeling older hotels. a lot has changed. they have opened up hundreds of thousands of rooms that are quality than they were. but kind of not really enough. and also a thriving business right now for the every day cuban is many are renting out their houses. it means you're in a private house. the prices are really inexpensive. you can get your own apartment with a kitchen and everything or a room for between maybe 25 -- >> something like a b and b here. >> they do have air b and b there. >> what will be the impact on cubans and their financial situation? >> well, the impact so far -- and around 2010 they really opened up a lot of private
4:26 pm
sector jobs for the average cubans. they released 500,000 cubans from their government jobs. so over the last four years they have already been working in private enterprise. starting their own companies, their own restaurants. >> in anticipates to the visitors. >> just being able to work with other cubans that need services. not only directed to tourism but directed to services in their communities. and -- but now with the influx of even more people, more businesses are opening. there's so many restaurants. so many chefs moving there. the food quality is like gone through the roof. >> yeah. you take groups of people to cuba. do you anticipate taking more now? >> those same infrastructure questions you ask about, effect small businesses like ours. we have been booking hotels over a year in advance.
4:27 pm
so now the prices have tripled. >> i guess sort of growing pains now that things are different there. thank you so much for sharing your expertise with the issue. that first commercial flight landing today in cuba. ted? all right. tesla says it's working on a fix for the auto pilot mode that will satisfy the even most skeptical customers. the electrical call company plans to up grade the autopilot software. while auto pilot was engaged. can update software using wireless networks. called overthe air software. similar to how cell phones are transmitted. >> all right. is it a message from another being? we are going to speak with some of the scientists investigating the detection of space noise. >> you're not alone.
4:28 pm
you're in good company. speaking out. >> and next, community leaders gather in san francisco to stand behind colinkaepernick's message. stay tuned.
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all right.
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he continues to catch heat about his comments regarding law enforcement and their training. now, in a letter addressed to the nfl and the 49ers president, the p. o. a. president asked for an apology from the 49ers quarterback for his comments about law enforcement. kaepernick has refused to stand for the national anthem until he sees change. specially for minorities. controversial stands held a rally today. and public defender was among those in attendance showing support for the quarterback. >> we have to not only support him, but we have to stand with him when he stands with us. because we knew he was going to catch for this. he knew he was going to be attacked. he knew he was putting himself at the risk. but he did it anyway. >> law enforcement, as well as other police officers and members of the military has
4:32 pm
said his refusal to stand is disrespectful to service members. one of the organizers of today's event was civil rights attorney john buris and first of all, why the event? >> i think this was to protest the san francisco police associations letters in response what kaepernick had done. and the reason that was important because the association asked for an apology and tried to poo-poo his efforts. he was basically exercising his first amendment rights. >> aren't they always exercise their first amendment rights? >> i have no problem -- >> we deserve an apology. >> i don't know if they deserve an apology. and our view is this, clearly, we have first amendment rights. you can see whatever you want. and his response was, okay but
4:33 pm
i don't have to give you an apology. and if you make that q -- request, that's on you. but basically he said there's some misconduct is taken place among police officers around the country. i feel bad about that. there's nothing wrong with that particular statement because it is true. there's over 20 investigations have taken place by the justice department looking at various police stations and i have looked at them for over 0 years. that doesn't -- 30 years. that doesn't mean all officers. >> he went at step further. but during that news conference the next day after the erupted he spoke for 18 minutes and a couple of things he said were directed directly at law enforcement agencies. one of the things he said basically said to be a cop alled you had to go was go through a short training period and a cosmetologist gets a harder training period. what he said was aggressive and
4:34 pm
was targeted. why wouldn't you expect anything else than law enforcement fighting back? >> certainly law enforcement -- >> you don't like it when people make fun of lawyers. >> because they're different kind of lawyers. that's the way its. the nature of the business i have chosen. but at the same time i don't have a problem with the police officers association saying whatever they want to say. but they want to -- they went a step further. they tell the employer, you ought to do something this. you're trying to interfere with his employment. it's one thing to disagree, now, the fact that he made statements about police officers training, i think it it's a little misplaced there. you can be well trained and still engage in the same kind of conduct. >> what do you think is the ramifications for him. do you think this will adversely effect him? he is the on the bubble with the niners. do you think other teams will
4:35 pm
avoid him because of this? >> i can say this. football playing issue, that's on him. if you perform, then you ought to be able to keep your job. on the other hand, if you don't perform, you can lose your job. what happens if you lose this particular job, it could effect him and that's the probe and that's part of the -- when you stand up, on an unpopular position. one of the negatives, you may lose your statue in the employment market. but i think from his point of view, an act of courage as he did, something he has to live with. i think it was admirable when you take a daughter courageous statement. you have something to lose and that's what he did. >> appreciate your incite. appreciate you coming. one of the greatest athletes of all times is also defending him. jabar spoke to the sold out
4:36 pm
crowd last night at san francisco's theater. saying his protest exhibits patriotisms and what the founders of constitution intended. >> he was flight line with what jefferson did, it's important to protect the speech of people who you don't want to hear because freedom of speech really is the basis for what america is about. >> a group of active and retired service members also is defending kaepernick the #veterans for kaepernick. they say part of their job is ensuring that americans have the right to free speech. and efforts to ease overcrowding on dart trains. the new plans to get people to change their schedules. >> reporter: the goal for bart is to let people know about the bart perks problem. so people can get rewarded and
4:37 pm
hopefully ease some of the overcrowding especially during the earl morning rush hours. the pilot program kicked off on tuesday and slated to last six months. it offers points to passengers who can rearraign their schedules away from the peak morning hours. you earn 1 point for each mile you travel on the system. but you earn more points if you travel during bonus hours. these with the times between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning. and 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning. a bulk of the congestion on bart during the rush hour happens between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. the thinking here if you offer cash incentives for people to slightly tweak their riding schedule but will the program work? that's what we asked the bart passengers. >> be better because in the morning there's more seats. so more people left in the morning. it would free up for the rush hour. >> offer money that was given to us, i think could have been used in a better way.
4:38 pm
>> how so? >> because now we're going to set up another bureaucracy and it really doesn't -- i don't think it really helps that much. i think we just need more trains. and more cars. >> what are some of the perks you ask? for every 1000 points that equals a dollar or you can play a spin to win where you can win various cash prizes. you need to be 18 year, old. have a clipper card and a pais pal account. -- papal account. each month rewards dollars are transferred. they analyze 100 people got to work a little earlier or later, it would equate to the a 10 car bart train. earlier this morning i did speak to a person. 4000 have signed up so far. if you're interested, sign up on bart and earlier in the week, we had is someone on bart on reaching out to employees.
4:39 pm
to try to get them to shift schedules forever workers. >> an audio cig mall from space. is it aliens? we don't know. we're going to talk toen a expert coming up. >> and satellites up in space tracking the clouds. and some slow clouds redo. ing. but inland, a completely different story. lots of sunshine. temperatures warming up as we head into the holiday weekend.
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the '97 jodi foster movie "contact." a mysterious sound has been detected by the russians. and it has a lot of people wondering, are we alone? joining me now is bill diamond the president and ceo for s. e. t. t. e. first off, tell us about the signal. what are the components? what did they hear? >> first thing you have to understand is that it's not really an audio signal. these are radio telescopes. they're aimed at sky. they're looking for narrow band signals that would be lie the
4:43 pm
presen or technological exist tense. what they did is specked -- picked up a wide band signal. as a bit of a sign wave or peak on their scopes and what they picked up was a strong signal what appears. to be a star around 94 light years from earth. and they were very curious at the time as to what might be the source of this signal. was this indeed something coming from that region of space or might this be some interference coming from closer by or even a satellite? >> -- the fining did >> what's your take and what you know of it now? what's your take? >> sure. so the interesting thing about that story. this discovery, this pick up of the signal was made back in may of 2015 by the russians and they kept it quiet. perhaps they didn't know what they were dealing with. didn't want to make noise. it's only a couple days it leaked out about the presence
4:44 pm
of the signal. we have tuned our own allen telescope arare. we can actually look a little finer details of this signal if it exists. we're out looking for it. my take is that, given the russians only saw this one time in 39 attempts is, it's most likely to be a terrestrial in nature. military satellite or other object passing through. but of course until we know one way or another, it's an intriguing question. >> and you -- this is your business. bottom line here, do you think that -- if indeed you can replicate this signal, that you can basically take with a had they did and follow and get what they got or is it so difficult to point in the right direction, give a since of how you can follow up on their work
4:45 pm
and see if it's valid? >> right. yeah, we can point it precisely at region of sky. precisely at this star. we can point our instrument at it. if you go to the website of the satellite and teen in as or radio antennas, study you can see our observations even right now. so we can also look in finer increments of frequency. what we would hope to find as a narrow band signal of official intensity for us to believe able to pick it up. the russians looking with a much wider band antenna. the detail somewhat lost. so if we were to see a narrow band signal, we would alert our colleagues and look for follow up from other centers. >> we're running out of time. yes or no no. are there aliens.
4:46 pm
>> definitely aliens. whether these are the ones that make all of the difference, not sure. but we are not alone. i'm certain of that. >> keep hunting. thanks for your time. >> will do. >> okay. mark? he's no alien. he's one of us. >> so true but so interesting. >> a lot of learn. definitely some exciting discoveries taking place. and as far as weather, we have kind of a mild weather pattern setting up. although this week feels different. that change today looking out toward san francisco. and there's something we have been seeing seems like forever. regrouping right near had the immediate coastline. here's a look at satellite right now. we'll come in closer and show you the on shore winds. transporting the fog back into the bay. i think we'll have a little bit more in the way of coverage first thing tomorrow morning. there is the current cloud pattern out toward south san francisco. looks like we have some clearing skies right now. but the cloud deck will
4:47 pm
gradually expand in coverage. san francisco checking in. 64. and some 80s to report in santa rosa. fairfield 85 degrees. wind speeds are up in fairfield. that's a south westerly wind. gusting to 26 miles per hour. oakland 16 miles per hour. and look at observation, that's a gust of 37 miles an hour. so pretty windy out toward parts of the coast and parts of bay across the region. tomorrow, will be about the same today. could be a little bit cooler. 60s for the beaches tomorrow, round bays inlands in the 80s. grabbing too much over the past few weeks. the weather pattern fairly static. low clouds, first thing tomorrow morning. 57 degrees. and then by 12:00, the sun clouds mix, 62, as we wrap up the afternoon hour, partly cloudy. mid-60s for san francisco, just
4:48 pm
like today. overnight lows. first day of september tomorrow. san jose 57. low clouds on the move. once again for tonight. there's a weather system up here. it's going to be kind of moving into northern california. not really bringing us cold temperatures but capping our temperatures. so tomorrow, inland, mid-80s. around the coast. mainly in the low 60s. areas of fog for the morning hours, gradually clearing back to the shoreline. here we go with the fog. 7:00 a.m. thursday morning. near san francisco, oakland, hayward and free -- fremont. inland more sunshine there and temperatures we're thinking lots of 80s. concord 81. san jose -- santa rosa 83. and here we go in the south bay. lots of. 0s -- 70s and 80s. half-moon bay, 64 degrees. >> and a look at ahead.
4:49 pm
a holiday weekend coming up. and temperatures the big headline here. not talking about any major heat. 80s around the bay and 70s in the coast mainly in the 60s. typically we warm things back up as we head into september and october. so we'll see if that happens. but i was talking to a friend, he was saying he used his heater more this summer than he did over the weekend. that's how cold it's been near parts of bay area. >> a strange august. >> certainly. >> youthank yous. frank joins us now some of the stories we're workingen for ktvu news at 5. >> just a horrible story. and now we have just learned some new information about the mother who was driving the car that unfortunately went off the of the road and landed up side down under water in the river. both of her young daughters ended up dying in the crash. coming up at 5, what rod has been able to uncover.
4:50 pm
>> and just about an hour away from donald trump delivering his big speech on immigration. >> big speech tonight. earlier today, he met with the president of mexico. he talked about the border wall that trump wants to build but not who will pay for it. tonight the president of mexico contradicted donald trump. what he's saying about trump whether mexico will contribute to that wall. >> all right. looking forward to those stories. we'll see you a little bit later. and next on the four on 2, if you own a medical marijuana card, you cannot buy a gun. now a san francisco judge has weighed in on whether the issue violates the second amendment. the four on 2 will be right back.
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4:53 pm
federal law banning medical marijuana card holders from purging firearms does not violate second amendment rights. that ruling today applies to the nine western states that fall under the court's jurisdiction. the lawsuit was filed by a woman in nevada after a gun store there refused to sell her a firearm. marijuana, of course, is illegal under federal law. four uc burke lee students hoping their newly created time tracking app will catch on like wildfire. app designed to keep track of crime on our near campus. police sign up and send post notifications. the creators say the app uses location setting to establish where the user is and therefore, where the crime is and that should help police
4:54 pm
moving forward. but they also add, it's not just for extreme emergency situations. >> what happened here in burke lee, there was a power outteenage. people were saying this library had power and this one didn't. so kind of coming together as a community to keep each other informed and safe. >> it uses alert from the daily cal, university police, and the burkey police department. some students are concerned it can create racial profiling. a controversial move. we'll tell you about the ties a new teacher has that is raising some concerns. the four on 2 will be right back.
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george washington university is raising eye brows following its decision to hire a former islamic extremist. the man form -- the man spent three years in prison for supporting al-qaeda. but he goes by the name of jesse morton said he's reannounced extremism and working at a fellow on the program of extremism. the unit is fully aware that
4:58 pm
hiring morton is a risky decision but feel he'll be instrumental in helping the university track, understand and develop ways to keep people from being radicalized. >> he brings a unique perspective. he is his martyr's from columbia -- his masters from columbia. it helps us know how to prevent keeping other officials from joining the groups. >> not only did they seen off -- sign off on hiring morton, so did the federal prosecutor that put him behind bars. it's time to turn things over for "ktvu channel 2 news" at 5:00. and mush more on the tragedy there in north bay. >> two young sisters died this morning when their car ran off a road, flipped and went into the river.
4:59 pm
>> people jumped into the water in an attempt to save the 7-year-old and 9-year-old girl. there was nothing they could do. the car was upside down and under water. "ktvu channel 2 news" at 5:00 starts now. good evening. >> this is what it looked like when skyfox flew over the scene. you can see a did i ever in a red wet -- a diver in a wet suit. all you could make off the car are two wheels. all this happened on petaluma north. rob roth is at the scene tonight. rob, you just learned new information about the woman who was driving. >> reporter: right, frank. police have identified the woman at the wheel. she's allah hawn dra hernandez. he was driving without a lines. from the sky, you can see where the car came to rest, that's the white chevy impala submerged in
5:00 pm
the mroom live. authorities -- out of the petaluma river. authorities try to piece together what went wrong. she was driving her two daughters to school after dropping off a friend in petaluma. they were on petaluma boulevard. >> a witnesses told us that he was behind the car. the car had we've had and struck -- not struck, but went into the center divider here. joseph corrected and shot off the -- over corrected and shot off the embankment. it drops heavy trees and shrubbery into the river. >> reporter: the car came into the brush, smacks into the tree and justifying -- and jumping into the river. the mother escaped from the car. despite efforts from the fire department, the two girls did


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