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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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if you are heading in from the east bay, 60s, 70s and 80s. fog is there. it has been there for the longest time. water temperature cooling off. inland temperatures are trending cooler. west/southwest 18. costa -- gusts are 34 at the altar my path. temperatures are 56 in north bay. east bay temperatures upper 50s. decent breeze today. brentwood 61 sunny today. fog burns back a little sooner. that is attained for the weekend coming in it will sweep through northeast california to the sierra nevada will be a taste of fall. 60s, 70s and 80s little cooler than average for this time of year. >> all right sal, i gave you a
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couple tidbits . >> that is good because i think drivers want to know what the weather is also the case they will be driving through huge fog banks. do not have any huge fog bags right now but visibility is mostly good. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza where we had an earlier accident. toll plaza looking for it. not appearing to cause a major delay. i want to mention traffic coming eastbound from the san francisco . you cannot leave treasure island because of a mud spill. i am not sure how that happens. maybe there was a big carry-on truck but it is blocking that road eastbound treasure island off brett. taking a look now at the other commute here. this will be 880. this looks okay. starting to see slow traffic in the morgan hill area around the 101. you can see the slow traffic here in morgan hill as you get
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up towards san jose. let's go back to the desk. you can not obtain legal status or become a citizen of the united states by illegally entering our country. >> you can't do it.>> well donald trump did not soften his position on immigration during a speech last night to his supporters in phoenix arizona. that highly anticipated speech followed donald trump's whirlwind trip to mexico in a meeting with mexico's president. we're live from washington. all of this come with a new poll showing the race tightening between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> good morning and let's start with the numbers. these are surprising. these are national numbers from a fox news poll including third- party candidates. that always makes the race >> titer nevertheless those of the choices.
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hillary clinton and donald trump has separated by just two points. nationally that is significant and it does not take into account everything that took place yesterday. donald trump taking the stage in phoenix to talk immigration serving up the kind of red meat that first put him on the path to the gop nomination . >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall.>> reporter: that hard line look at a data begin with a meeting between trump and president enrique pena nieto where the tone was a little friendlier. even companion compared trump to hitler and mussolini . >> we may disagree on some issues but your presence here mitchell donald trump shows that we do have fundamental common ground . >> we are united by our support for democracy and great love for our people and the
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contributions of millions of mexican americans to the united states. trump can't -- trump's campaign no doubt hoping to benefit from trump appearing presidential on a world stage. sometime to clarify his immigration process but what was left was what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants who have not done any crimes. hillary clinton attacked his visit to mexico . >> certainly takes more than try to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> reporter: clinton speaking to better groups yesterday trying to reach out specifically to republican leaning voters. donald trump will be addressing the same group later today.>> thank you. meantime donald trump is pointing to the shooting death
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of kate steinle in san francisco as an example of the immigration policy being a failure . >> on my first day in office i am also going to ask congress to pass case law named for kate steinle >> trump said he would create mandatory prison terms for undocumented immigrants who were deported and come back illegally. authorities say kate stanley was shot and killed by juan francisco lopez sanchez and undocumented immigrant who was deported -- back to mexico five different times . >> we have posted donald trump's entire address on our ktvu facebook page . >> people living in oakland will have a chance to weigh in on the cities nationwide search for a new police chief. we're joined from castle not high school where the community meeting will be held . >> good morning.
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castle land high school not open yet. no class yet but it will be a very long day at castle land five. this would be the location of a first of community meetings look looking for info on the new police chief. castle my has been the site of many engagements. young people are looking to get engaged. 10 community forms are scheduled for this month. tonight is one of two meetings which will be focused on the input they can get from young people. city officials are asking the public which qualities do you want to see in the next police chief. oakland will select a new chief by the end of the year so that person can start in 2017. tonight young people community forum set to start at 5 pm.
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we will look to see if we can talk to some of the students attending the high school here and find out what they are looking for in the next oakland police chief . >> that is nice because they are tapping into young people and how they are affected and what they would like to see. that will be interesting. thank you christian. also new this morning one suspect in custody following an early morning stabbing near 580 near oakland happening after 3 am on harrison street near morse avenue. they arrested a man was stabbed two people. at this point there is no word on the condition of the victims police are trying to determine what led up to this morning's attack. we are also learning more about the tragic car crash that took the lives of two young sisters from the park. girls were killed yesterday morning with their mothers car ran off a road and landed upside down in the petaluma river. the child's women alexander herrmann did matt survived the crash. she did not have a drivers
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license. her daughter delilah gonzales and her sister sayra were belted into their seats when the car plunged into the water. they are now trying to determine what caused the deadly crash. at least one witness saying speed was involved. a little bit of we been so will be looking at distraction the vehicle. we always look for evidence of impairment . >> the chp says hernandes passed a of the latter test. she told officers that another car caught her off which forced her to swear off the road. the chp is looking for more witnesses. work crews in san francisco have started working on a very busy intersection to help make it safer for bicycle less. -- bicyclists. it will create the first ever protected intersection for bike riders. it will have cement islands at each corner to help protect icicle is from cars. this is considered a high crash
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intersection for people who ride bikes. the officials are also considering protected intersection that other locations around san francisco. caught on camera the surveillance video that shows a group of armed masked men in bidding a home in fremont. >> plus will be follow continue for colin kaepernick. we will tell you about security in place for a preseason game in san francisco and what fans said they will do. we have a live report.
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welcome back. turning out to a developing story about the colin kaepernick controversy. he is now receiving support from a group that was protesting opposite involved killings in san francisco . >> demonstrators rallied yesterday outside the san francisco police officers association. the union president wrote a letter to the nfl and the 49ers criticizing colin kaepernick think law enforcement should not be blamed for societies problems including the racial divide in the us. one of the reason colin kaepernick is refusing to stand is because of police brutality he said towards minorities in the us. all they see is someone who is being defiant. is not being defiant. is bringing awareness to the situation and the reality is
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that we all don't equally experiences country the same way. the police officers association released a statement saying in part that its members are committed to fighting racism in all of its forms. also today the 49ers play their final preseason game in san diego that means there will be a new chapter created in the colin kaepernick national controversy box reporter alicia martinez live in san diego right outside the stadium where there are making special preparation for tonight's game and what has been the reaction down there in san diego?>> reporter: well you know the reaction base this is a military town. so the reaction has not been so great. tonight ironically is the chargers 28th annual salute to the military so it will be interesting to see what colin kaepernick does tonight but only did colin kaepernick not
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stand for the national anthem but he later said he would not show pride for a country's flag that oppresses black people. the quarterback who is biracial and grew up with white adoptive parents is even under heavy criticism by donald trump. the time-based the charges have big plans for the salute to the military which will include a pregame parachute jump by retired navy seals and a performance of the star- spangled banner while 240 sailors and marines and soldiers present a us flag and service emblem from all branches of service. color guards from the navy, marines and colorguard will also be presenting up flag during halftime and it will be quite the patriotic night tonight your apples and stadium which the kickoff is at 6 pm . >> or 7:00 sorry. will be showing that game at 7 pm . >> thank you . >> other news. tropical storm warning in effect from northeast florida to south carolina because of
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tropical storm arlene. you see people standing on the beach is though. this is expected to become a hurricane when it makes landfall . it has been raining steadily throughout the southeast causing flash flood in parts of florida. in the meantime in hawaii the people there have to base two separate storms. madeleine has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it has wind up to 70 mi./h however some of the islands had more than half a foot of rain yesterday in hawaii. starting to clear up today and there is hurricane lester moving in this weekend. it is about 1000 miles off of hawaii with wind of 110 mi./h . >> let's check back in with sal as it starts getting busier. definitely a few spots around
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the bay area right now . >> that's right . we are looking at commute going into san francisco and they said the bay bridge is the busy time . you will see this here for yourself as we get up onto the deck. westbound traffic getting into the city is slow coming around the corner and getting into treasure island. if you are leaving treasure island and heading into oakland you cannot exit treasure island because of mud on the road . they are cleaning it up now with a loader but it is going to be closed until they clean it up so you will need to go to oakland and then get on the bridge and come back and go to treasure island. that could be putting more cars on the freeway. bay bridge backed up all the way . online traffic will be busy. looking at other things we are getting word of a new crash. southbound 680 at highway 84. right here where 680 and 84
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come together. just reading it right off the chp computer. a non-injury clash -- crash. doesn't take much to get that commute flow though. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you sir. good morning. we will get right to it here usual fog. september 1st period fog is there. missed, drizzle. a little cooler for some inland. tropical storm looks like it wants to become a hurricane. hormine going into florida into tampa. should be a category one moving in to the carolinas over the weekend. at the other end of the spectrum boston massachusetts, the warmest august ever. temperatures 76. we had what we call fogust. this system may travel to the east monday and tuesday. maybe new york.
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be advised. it could be closed. close enough . >> higher clouds, mid-level clouds moved out of the picture. decent breeze. cross-check 34 at the ultima past. gusts about 28 out of travis. westerly component. 50s and 60s on the temps. woodside checking it at a cool 50. palo alto not fall away is that 60. los altos hills at 55. matteo 57 degrees.. retreat. system low on its way. be advised of the weekend. coming up. >> that will sweep. it does not look like it has a lot of moisture but it might be enough for a few isolated showers at the sierra around reno so maybe days it will be
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cool and breezy that is for sure. some of fog is very thick. 60s, 70s or 80s. below usual for here., and much of the bay. so far no sign of fog yet. maybe a slight warm-up friday not a big deal. cool and fall like pattern into early sunday . >> labor day looks better. good enough for a barbecue? >> sure. >> that's good . >> caught in a recall and it might be what you are having with your morning coffee. coming up the reason entenmann's pastries are being pulled from the shelves . >> also pope francis making history again. the additional act of mercy he is calling on christians to perform. >> ur t over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever.
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food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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welcome back. knew this morning pope francis proposing historic change it to the traditional seven acts of mercy the catholic church has long as christians to perform. the pope wants to add care to the environment for a list that includes a call from jesus christ in the gospel to feed the hungry in help the sick. pope francis said that today to highlight his green agenda . >> brazil has a brand-new president. today . after the first woman
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to run the country was impeached by the senate. critics claim the budget was manipulated. funds were moved around. >> they suspended russo in may after voting to move ahead with an impeachment. right wing wiebe -- rivals wanted her out. this left several high ranking officials facing charges. >> president. obama is traveling to date making a rare stop in midway . a tiny speck of the land halfway between asia and north america. this is part of this two day conservation tour. yesterday the president wasn't lake tahoe to be the keynote speaker at the 20th annual tahoe summit. since this summit started two decades ago almost $2 billion has been
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spent to protect and restore lake tahoe . >> just as this state is sacred to natives americans it should be to all americans and that is why we are here. to protect this special pristine place, to keep these waters crystal clear, to keep the air as pure as the heavens. today president. obama will go to midway because this is at the heart of a marine national monument that the president recently expanded to four times its current size making it the world largest marine reserve. one of the light side naked donald trump statues will be sold at an auction next month. julien's auctions in los angeles as part of the proceeds will go to the national immigration forum. it is an immigrants rights group. the statues popped up last month in san francisco seattle cleveland and new york. you are looking at video of the one in sentences the one being
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sold is in los angeles. the auction estimates the statute is worth $10,000 and $20,000. the statue in san francisco is still being held by the police. apple ceo tim cook says he expects ireland to bite the upa commissions ruling that his company owns more than $15,000 in back taxes. on tuesday the commission ordered ireland to go out there apple for the money. is said arlen unfairly gave apple a tax rate so it would put its european headquarters there. irish officials will meet today to decide if they will appeal that ruling. cook says apple will put the money in an escrow account until a final decision is reached. hanjin is filing for bankruptcy. hanjin ships often port in docs. some international ports are not refusing entry to hanjin ships. we have a call into the port of oakland to see what if
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anything day decided to do and how this will affect think that the port. other shipping companies could see increased demand for space on their ships as the retailers are preparing for the very busy holiday season picture coming up next the actions being taken to make schools in the bayview more enticing for students.>> plus, former sanford swimmer sentence to six months behind bars will be set free tomorrow we will tell you about the protest that brock turner will face as he walked out of jail. >> good morning. we have several incidents now that are going to make the commute a little top. several different parts of the bay area. this is a highway look at 24. it is getting busier through the tunnel . >> pretty good fog bank out there. maybe drizzle. looks a little cool. i have numbers coming up.
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very nice. i like it. fog that. slow right. hopefully your commute is not much of a slow ride . >> great way to start the morning. thursday, first day of september . good morning. it is friday evening -- it is friday eve like he likes to say . >> i think that was for our
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producer jessica. it is a slow ride back to hell . >> feel better jessica . >> maybe sell will stay at this time. >> who knows. let's get to it here. chloe is up in clearlake. she is our ace reporter. >> yes he is . >> chloe loves clouds . >> 53, clear with the north breeze. clear as we wait for sunrise. >> fog is there. a little miss, drizzle embedded in it. very thick pockets of fog. really higher elevations gusty around 30. really close on the temps. bottoms that 53. a lot of 60s. south breeze helping keep these temperatures up. first hint of fall will be from
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this system. we will get cool and breezy conditions. few isolated showers. slightly below average temperatures. 60s, 70s and 80s . >> all right sal . >> there is a lot going on steve . >> a lot of slow rise. take it easy. >> southbound 101 as you drive out of san francisco there is a crash at the 280 interchange. chp arrived there. they just managed to move all the vehicles to the right-hand shoulder however traffic is already slowing from cesar chavez exit as you head south. hopefully this will not have a major affect on the topic getting down south and towards the airport. we are also looking at another part of the bay. northbound 17. sugarloaf just north of the scott valley. there is a crash their. if you're driving in from santa cruz from the valley give
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yourself extra time ticked this commute will be after slow because of the crash. we are also moving the mouse all over the bay. you can see 680 84 now out of pleasanton. 680 is on a bad start. we also had an accident on a 80 on winton avenue off the other shoulder. both directions of a 80 are okay but south that is beginning to slow at 238. busy already. let's move onto life pictures. bay bridge toll plaza backed up for 15 minutes. quick look at the richmond bridge not too much slowing but there is some as you approach the toll plaza head over to san raphael. let's go back to the desk extract thank you sal. turning to the developing story regarding brock turner the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault. he is set to be released from the santa clara county jail tomorrow. ktvu alex savage joins us now with the preparations being
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made ahead of the release. you will be let out the front door like all of inmates, but it kind of makes us wonder because they will probably be a lot of protesters and journalists. ? yes . it will certainly be all eyes on the main jail for brock turner's release and we understand he will be coming out of the main entrance to the jail. the same as all other inmates are released. we certainly believe that will be the case tomorrow. no special treatment for this particular inmate despite his high-profile status here at the jail. security for this release is certainly the top priority according to the center klara county sheriff. she knows this case has garnered national attention and as turner walked free you will be met by a whole lot of protesters . many believe he has gotten off easy and they are outraged these efforts it was sentence only took six months in jail . judge aaron persky were handed out the sentence is facing every. this recall effort right now.
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by the way we should point out turner only had to serve half of his sentence because he had no prior criminal history. because of the huge crowd expected for his release tomorrow there will be extra deputies on hand to make sure things don't get out of hand. >> we are looking for crowds to bring attention to the fact that brock turner is spending only a few months in prison and this decision excuses a normalized rape and that is not accepted in america . >> there are some angry protesters and we will be here keeping the peace. >> once he is let out turner is planning to serve his three years of probation in ohio his homestate so it sounds like he will be headed directly over to ohio once he is released from jail. he will be required to register as a sex offender once he is let out of jail.
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turn is expected to walk out the be county jail sometime between 5 am and 9 am tomorrow morning. that is the word from the sheriff's officers. no exact time. of course we will have full coverage throughout the day but pam, you do raise a very good question. there are certainly other ways that inmates could be released but we do expect that he will be walking out the same door that all of inmates walk out of . >> okay. i know you are going to be there tomorrow morning waiting for that . >> yes. we will be. we will be here tomorrow morning with full coverage throughout the morning waiting for his relief. again we don't have an exact time on it. we will be standing by waiting to see when brock turner walks out of those stores. us and many other members of the media as you can imagine. this case has drawn nationwide attention international attention as well. >> yes i would imagine all over
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the country perhaps like you said international as well. thank you alex . >> fremont police hope releasing surveillance footage will help them identify and catch a group of men that broke into a home last week. police say that this black and white surveillance video is very frightening to watch . you can see they are armed to it shows the time -- five armed men waiting and apparently hoping the family would return. >> the family called police when they got an alert on their security system . >> you said there are people in my house with guns and something to that effect and can you check outside? >> the thieves left before police arrived. they stole electronics and other valuables . it was also a similar crime right around the corner last month.
6:37 am
people there are worried that a group of criminals is now targeting this foothill communities where property values are listed well about $2 million . >> san jose want your help . police say that man got into a house in danby avenue in north san jose to the backyard and escape with a mountain bike and contractor tools worth more than $10,000. take a look. police believe he is about 30 years old, 180 pounds. if you have information leading to a conviction you could be eligible for a cash award . >> police searching for two men that hit another man with a bottle and sold -- stole a cell phone. a 34-year-old man was driving a patient riding and muni bus went two man came up around 10:30 in the morning.
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one man said something to the victim and the other smashed a bottle on his head and grabbed his phone. no arrests have been made . >> there is speculation that recent vandalism in san jose may be linked to whoever cut down 50 newly trees in the city. the bay area news group reports someone splashed paint a utility box that had a very colorful mural on it. it happened on meridian avenue and dry creek road. the art. spans of may also be responsible for cutting down 46 trees in two other incidents. the city announced a $5000 reward for information leading to arrest extract the palo alto school district is preparing new guidelines for how teachers should interact with students. this superintendent told the military news that it is a response to questionable behavior and also crimes reported in the last school year. the guidelines could include reminders to maintain physical distance from students. avoid interacting with students on an social media and not being the only student a person
6:39 am
talk to about personal issues. three teachers work accused of having inappropriate encounters with students during the last school year . >> and effort is underway to make debut school district more enticing to help enrollment. the school district said more than 70% of the students who live in the bayview area choose to go to schools outside of their neighborhoods. recent report shows enrollment in schools and bayview dropped to a 20 year low. as a result the district is considering building new schools in the bayview district and making improvements to the existing schools in that area. >> the big soda companies are excelling oakland. up next the accusation the beverage companies are making against the city. start the nfl once again moving the location of the nfl draft. in a moment the new city that will host next year's draft.
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looking at slow traffic in the e. bay including hwy. 4 which is slow to bay point all the way over to concord. a lot of that is slow traffic. >> shun days sunrise shows there is cooler numbers. we will show you them coming back. -- sunrise shows there is cooler numbers. we will show you them coming back.
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welcome back to morning on 2. matt morris struck out seven in
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five innings yesterday. his first career victory at at&t park. giants ended august with 11 wins and 16 losses. this was the worst month of the season but they did get a great catch right there. the giants set gorky hernandes. they are a game and a half back of the dodgers after la split a doubleheader yesterday. now the oakland a's will begin a series against the boston red sox when they return to oakland tomorrow night. the a's lost to the astros yesterday 4-3. it was a rough road trip they wrapped up. the astros scored three in an eight inning rally to give houston that's where it does series sweep. -- to give houston that series sweep . >> the nfl is moving next year's draft of philadelphia. the leak has held its draft for the past two years in chicago. today's announcement says it
6:44 am
will be really hall. the last time was in 1960. the raiders play in oakland tonight. it is the final game of the preseason with the raiders hosting the seattle seahawks. while many other teams are still scrambling the raiders roster seems to be set. coach is not said if you will have quarterback tell card play. of course they can rest up and be ready for the season. you can watch that game right here with us. ktvu fox to starts tonight . the raiders and the season -- seahawks . >> the morning dave and pam. when i join you in a few minutes donald trump's speech on immigration yesterday included a special mention about stripping federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities.
6:45 am
we will explore how that could affect san francisco and just how likely it is it will happen under a trump has a the. also survivors of the colorado movie theater may have to pay hundreds of thousand dollars to the company cinema. how a loss lawsuit could lead victims families on the hook for $700,000 and who has the final word on whether or not they will have to pay a . >> take a look at your screen a cautionary tale with very clear video to go with. something we have all been warned about. this happened to one woman in roseville. why police said they are certain this grocery store purse pirate has done this before. see you in a few with these stores and much more. a popular treat is being recalled this morning. the maker of the little bites snack is recalling several varieties of its budget brownie and chocolate chip muffin because they may contain pieces of plastic. >> the announcement was made
6:46 am
last night by involve bakeries which owns the entenmann's brands . the company blames the problem money manufacturing failure in an ill away -- illinois bakery. one injury has been reported . >> what motivates you and other workers to work harder at the job? according to a new study it is not cash, but praise and pizza. a professor at duke university conducted an experiment on four groups of workers in an israeli factory. one group was promised a $30 bonus at the end of the week. second group pizza, a third group a well done text message from the boss's boss, and a fourth was offered nothing. the end of the week the group that got the text message increase productivity. they were closely followed by the pizza group. the control group came in third and the group that was given the cash came in dead last.
6:47 am
>> i am sure our bosses are watching. fyi, i want cash . >> many thin crust pizza . >> i may have to go with pizza . >> sal, you were with pizza as well? >> i figure i get pizza i get some of south pizza also . >> when there is pizza in the newsroom days you see people clapping . >> anything in the newsroom . >> i see people i have not seen in years come down . >> how about handling candy this halloween candy? >> we will start off with the treasure island eastbound the bay bridge being cleaned up on somebody spilled so you cannot get off-line eastbound 80. right here that exit is not an option for you. you just have to keep driving and go all the way across to the other side of the bridge. they are cleaning it up. there is a mud spoil.
6:48 am
-- mud spill. unfortunately you have to sit in the bay bridge backup. let's move along and take a look at westbound a bridge as you come up you will see traffic is backed up all the way out from the maze really this is about a 30 minute delay. i also want to mention there are problems. this is the golden gate bridge. there are no major problems. let's put the maps up. south 0101 at 280. they are a clearing an accident. traffic is really slow. also an accident northbound 17 at the santa cruz mountains to the sugarloaf area. traffic really busy and last but not least 680 a couple crashes. 680 southbound will be slow right from the dublin to interchange. this commute is another bad day for 680 approaching 84. let's go to see . >> i will take the cash . but
6:49 am
it is probably going to be cash tax so you will get $12.50. you're right about the pizza. people come down that you have not seen in two years . >> you are right. let's get to it. we have a tropical storm. not here but in florida. almost a hurricane. sunrise over the big city. there it is. that will slam into northwest between tampa and jacksonville -- hormine. this has been tracking a long time. then flirting with the northeast on monday. this again is true. the path of the saga we have been following for a long time . came off the cape verde islands across the pacific went down into the golf makes a right turn now finally becoming a hurricane. it has been there a long time. golf water very warm. we do get low clouds here.
6:50 am
drizzle in the mix. fog on september 1. water temperatures are cool. onshore breeze. little bit of a south wind in concord. 60s there . 61 brentwood 60 palo alto and san jose although woodside says 49. cool. 60 in belmont. 36 in truckee. feeling very fall like in the sierra nevada. we get a little enhancement of our fog bank. weak system coming in. wind system through the gulf of alaska sweeping through saturday and sunday. 60s for our coast.'s slightly below average. concord should be about 85. san jose 80 to upper 70s. city should be 70s. september usually brings nice
6:51 am
warm weather to the coast. looks pretty cool and breezy. that are on monday . >> you need to get in some tea. >> i feel fine . >> i feel fine. i threw in the towel yesterday. i will live my life the way i want to live my life. not the way this cold wants me to. >> i did my own version of night quill . >> at this point what ever works . >> sleep .. that helps also . >> thank you for your concern for steve . >> band from buying guns . and 20 minutes we will tell you the group of people who can no longer buy guns in california because of a new court ruled . >> major cell phone overload. how drones are working to bring you better cell phone service.
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welcome back to morning on 2. bart says it's trains will be quieter. bart riders are used to that loud track noise. hearing experts say it can cause permanent damage. prolonged exposure to 85 db or more can hurt your hearing and we recorded part noises at
6:55 am
about 15 db higher than that. bart riders said that is not a surprise. sometimes it is so bad that i want to stick my hands on my ears . >> now bart engineers said the problem is over time bart rails become an even and that when the wheels travel across those bumps it causes that squealing noise. bart says over the next six months it will start reshaping the wheels and grinding down the tracks to reduce noise levels. california lawmakers voted on several hills before the midnight deadline of the two- year legislative said -- deadline. one bill included ridesharing services to run background checks. the been also bans violent sex offenders, balance or convicted in the past seven years driving under the influence. that measure will head to the governors desk. he has until september 30 two
6:56 am
sign or veto those bills . >> tesla trying to fix its autopilot mode. it says it will go a long way to help prevent crashes. tesla ceo says the software update will be ready in a couple weeks. this follows a deadly crash inmate a tesla driver was killed after he crashed into a big rig while his cars autopilot mode was on. the software update will make it harder for drivers to ignore autopilot warnings. >> and it takes if several alerts are ignored autopilot will automatically disengage . >> at&t eases the drones to help improve mobile phone service even in the middle of a huge crowd. during yesterday's giants game at&t's drone team operated a drone 700 miles away. they did at the football station
6:57 am
up in seattle. even with thousands of people using mobile devices at that giants game at&t's says they were able to use the same communications equipment to apply the throne. the goal is clearer connections, yet less interference and fewer slowdowns for mobile customers . >> the downloads, the uploads, they can stream. they can do anything they want. >> at&t says with the drone technology it's team can quickly measure the signal strength customers are getting in one day. instead of having its technicians walking around and that takes five days . spirit we are falling breaking news now coming up at our 7 am our we will have more. we want to show you live pictures from cape canaveral of an explosion of the space x rocket that was on the launchpad that you can see the smoke in the middle of your screen. we will have more on that breaking story up next. donald trump laid out its plans on illegal immigration. we will bring you highlights of
6:58 am
the speech and why he focused in on the bay area.
6:59 am
you cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of
7:00 am
the united states by illegally entering our country. mills [ cheering and applause ] mills. donald trump delivers his much anticipated address on immigration reform. the proposals he laid out and the possible impact here in the bay area. we will tell you how young people will get a clans to weigh in on who is going to lead oakland 's police department. mornings on 2 continues. this is k t vu mornings of 2. i am dave clark. yes, and there was an explosion that rocked the space x launch site in florida. these are live pictures you are looking at, the location there inspect distance, you can see the smoke right in the middle of the screen, heading to the middle of the screen. nasa says that space x was doing a test when the


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