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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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california, or shasta, truckee, don't get surprised by pretty windy and cool, maybe cold conditions. fog has been chewed up. there's patchy low clouds right now, and it is a little bit on the cooler side since most locations are clear, but i'm sure there will be a little bit of fog before everything is said and done. tropical storm hermine 70 miles per hour, moving through southern georgia on its way to the carolinas, the track takes it right over them and out to the atlantic. we'll see if that trend continues. we do get some patchy low clouds, mainly thicker south. there's not much of a breeze. it is cooler for many, except concord, buchanan. novato 51. santa rosa, 53. that's it. we're looking pretty good. this system, though, is digging in right there, and that's going to give us a taste or a touch of fall as we go into the weekend. 60s, 70s and 80s. normal inland, a little bit below. sal i would think things would be quiet but you never know.
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>> one of my favorite things that you do, steve, is when you put nice on there. it's so subjective, but you and i feel the same thing is nice, right. >> it's nice out. >> some people might think an ice storm is nice. >> maybe if you're making ice wine. >> all right. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. thank you, steve. happy friday. >> you too. we are looking at a commute that is in very good shape. we're going to start with the solano county commute with people who drive a far distance to get to work. some people drive as far as sacramento, they drive through solano county. looking good through vacaville and fairfield heading down to the cordelia junction. some go on 680, others on 80 and it's looking good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see that traffic is light still. we're hoping for a lighter commute day on this friday before labor day. we'll see what happens. on highway 280, interstate 280 in san jose, northbound 280
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looks good getting up to highway 17. 4:32. let's go back to the desk. >> sal, we're following developing news from san jose. at any moment, former stanford university swimmer brock turner is scheduled to be released from the santa clara jail. we are out there live. media outside the doors of the jail. brock turner served just three months of a six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in a case that drew national attention. his release has caused an uproar and a big protest is expected outside the jail this morning. sheriff's deputies have put barriers outside the santa clara main jail. this is part of an unprecedented security measure. brock turner who turned 21 while in jail was released under a law that gives inmates credit for time served. he's expected to go back to his family's home in the suburbs of dayton, ohio. that's where he'll be required to register as a sex offender.
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ktvu will have continuing coverage of brock turner's release all morning long, including we'll get another live report from janine de la vega coming up at 5:00. the woman at the center of a sex scandal involving several bay area law enforcement agencies was arrested in florida. the 19-year-old who goes by the name celeste guap traveled there to enter rehab for substance abuse. the sheriff's office in martin county, florida, says guap was arrested monday, accused of assaulting a staff member at the rehab facility. according to the police report, she tried to pull down a large safe and bit a security guard on his arm. the report also says she had to be restrained in the backseat of a patrol car because she was beating her head against the window. guap claims to have had sex with at least 30 bay area law enforcement officers and says that some of the encounters happened before she turned 18. time is now 4:33. the city of oakland held the first of ten community meetings
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last night getting public input on selecting a new police chief. the meeting was focused on young people in oakland. ktvu's debora villalon was at castle rock high school and says the turnout was on the smallside. >> we are more fearful than the cops. when we get stopped, we don't know what is going to happen. >> fearful, awful, tense, broken, words these east oakland teenagers and youth activists use to describe their relationship with police. for some, the word was missing. >> a lot of people that have been shot have experienced leaving for 45 minutes before anybody comes. >> anything between macarthur and international is the slow zone. >> reporter: the ideal chief on paper has integrity and compassion and the room was divided on whether he should be from oakland and know its streets or come from outside, a clean state. >> he shouldn't have fear. don't take the job just because of the pay. you got to want to really see
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change. don't be afraid to come in and get your hands dirty. >> reporter: oakland with the help of a recruiting firm has launched a national search for a boss who will bring stability and reform to a department rocked by misconduct and revolving chiefs. >> this is the person who's supposed to be making us safe. i also want to bring up that it doesn't have to be a male. >> reporter: among those listening, councilman larry reid. >> i think there's enough applicants that she could select someone right now. >> reporter: reed worries the mayor's lengthy search is hard on the rank and file. >> i would love to have the process shorter than this. we've got to live with it. >> reporter: there were more teenagers outside the forum than in, but no shortage of views on a chief. >> make sure they keep the streets more safe, and make it safe so we can walk home. it's hard to walk home without getting robbed or something. >> reporter: whoever takes the job will be many things to many
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people. >> this is mayor shaft's first opportunity to hire a permanent police chief and so we want to take it seriously and do our due diligence around the community process. >> reporter: get it right. >> get it right. we have to. we have no choice here. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. 60 people have applied to become the new police chief in san francisco. eleven of those applicants are current or former members of the police department. the application deadline was wednesday. the police commission will now examine input from the community meetings held throughout the city as well as an online survey. they will pick the three top candidates and mayor ed lee will select the next police chief from that list. 250 police officers in san francisco now have body cameras. the department started handing them out last month. officers at the bay view and engelside stations are the first to be outfitted with the cameras.
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northern, mission, and tender loin stations will get cameras next. they hope all officers will be wearing a body camera by the end of the year. firefighters say a car parked inside a garage may have sparked a fire at a home in kentfield last night. the marin county fire department tweeted this video of the fire. it started at about 7:30 last night at a home on evergreen drive. firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to the garage and no one was hurt. cal fire says a grass fire burning west of morgan hill is now 40% contained. that started at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon near oak glenn avenue. the fire has burned about 25 acres. cal fire says two helicopters and four air tankers were sent to help the firefighters there. right now, no homes are threatened and no one has been injured. our time is now 4:37. a man who played football at cal almost a half century ago is now suing the ncaa and the pack 12 conference for
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concussion related injuries. his name is neville hawkins, he played line backer at cal in 1970 and 71. the lawsuit accused college football of failing to protect athletes. he claims he suffered a hit that could have caused a concussion or brain injury, his coaches sent him back into the game without medical treatment. hawkins blames his severe headaches and dementia on the concussions he suffered as a player. neither the school nor the conference are commenting about that lawsuit. some oakland residents are hoping to get a very specific message across after dumping trash on city hall steps. they say oakland allows illegally dumped trash to sit uncollected in their neighborhoods for days at a time. the citizens group picked up trash in east oakland yesterday and brought it all to city hall. they say that there are not enough city crews to handle the trash, and police need to step in. >> the system is broken. there's not enough people
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working to deal with all this trash. usually we're the last ones they come to to pick up. >> i can tell you whose trash it is but the city of oakland does not enforce it like we should. >> council member noel guyo says starting next year, waste management has agreed to make 25 illegal dump pickups a day. the city is also looking at surveillance cameras to try to catch some of the illegal dumpers in the act. time is 4:39. truck drivers refusing to pick up any cargo at the port of oakland that belongs to a now bankrupt shipping company. the company has thousands of containers at the port. drivers say they won't get paid for transporting that cargo. they refuse to take any of it. a similar scene is happening at ports in los angeles and long beach. hanjin cargo could be stranded for months, as that south korean company tries to get funding to pay port fees: there
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are reports that billionaire elon musk is having cash problems combining tesla and solar city into one company. tesla revealed it owes $422 million to bondholders this quarter. separately, solar city is going through some cash at a fast pace. at the end of june,
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bring down to the booking area, return all this property, and then finger print him out, and he'll walk out the door, walk through the lobby and walk down here. >> we're not happy about the sentences right now. >> i'm not. i think anybody charged with, convicted of rape should do time in state prison. i'm supporting the assembly bill, 2888 on the governor's desk right now.
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it makes mandatory prison sentences for anyone convicted of raping an intoxicated and unconscious person. >> was he a good inmate, a bad inmate? >> i don't know how he was as an inmate. he was in protective custody because of the risk to him. >> reporter: what kind of message does it send to the public that brock turner is being released after just 90 days. >> you know, that's the court decision. it's a decision i'm not happy with. i think it should have been a state prison sentence but that's why we're moving so quickly on getting the law changed and urging governor brown to sign the legislation that's on his desk now. >> reporter: we understand he's also getting a lot of hate mail; is that correct. >> i'm not sure about that. we don't read the inmate's mail. i have been told that is true. he was in protective custody. >> reporter: why is that? >> for the protection of him. a lot of people who are charged with crimes, homicide, and
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things like that, very often they're in protective custody, if they're a risk of other inmates. >> reporter: given the volume of hate mail, has he received any death threats. >> we have an ops plan. we're not going to talk about the operations plan. we are well prepared for him walking out. i don't think there's a definable threat but there's a lot of hate. we're not sure of the level. >> reporter: we have a classification system in the jail, and all inmates are interviewed and we determine the level of risk. because of the sensational nature of the crime and also the nature of the crime, he was placed in protective custody from the beginning. >> reporter: has he been here or at elmwood. i'm told he was in a dorm like setting. >> he's always in protective custody but i think he was at the elmwood facility at one point. that is not as secure or as many protective custody people. he was moved here.
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>> reporter: he's going to come out the front door? >> he will come out the front door. >> have you seen him this morning at all? >> reporter: do you know if he's going to stay in the bay area or leave. >> i don't know. i don't have any information on his conduct. there's several exits out of here. >> i ewe that this was -- i knew this was of interest to the public. we want to make sure he's treated the same way anyone else is. certainly we have a lot of people here this morning, and we need to make sure the public is safe. this is how everyone comes out and there's no special treatment. >> do you know who will be accompanying him. >> i don't think anyone will. he'll come through the door where the releases are and then walk directly out. >> reporter: no lawyers accompanying him? >> not that i know of. they won't be inside. i don't know what his arrangements are for transportation. he'll walk out like everybody
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else. >> reporter: is the sheriff's office going to accompany him to the destination. >> no, no. >> thank you, sheriff. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: that's sheriff laurie smith coming out. >> we have been listening in live to sheriff laurie smith. very adamant, she said she does not agree with the sentence of brock turner, working on legislation, hopefully the governor she says to sign that will require mandatory prison sentence for a convicted sex offender, particularly if the victim is unconscious, which is the case here, and of course you can see video from earlier, and outside the courthouse, a huge media presence. a lot of people are unhappy with the sentence for brock turner. >> he'll walk through the door, expected to be released in the next couple of hours. we'll check back there. let's check traffic now, get
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you out the door. >> if we go to the tracy commute, which we follow every day. usually by now, we have stop- and-go traffic. this morning we don't, just as we expected this friday before the labor day weekend i think things are going to be lighter, we're going to see a different traffic pattern in the morning, anyway, this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic looks good. usually at about 5:30 is when we'll see the crowd. we'll see what happens then. if you're driving this morning in san francisco along northbound 101, it looks good approaching the 80 split. >> if you say it's quieter in tracy, that's a sure sign. >> let's get to our weather, it's quiet. patchy fog out there.
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a couple hurricanes. honestly, i feel great. >> poor steve. >> unbelievable. if i didn't have to talk, everything would be great. >> all right. madeline did what we thought, a glance, the big island has moved out of the picture. we have one more. this one is taking a different path. madeline only 35 miles per hour is long out of the picture. it's moving well away. but lester continues a track now that's more north. and we'll see if that stays in its path, and i think it will. hermine, though, right through georgia, heading into the carolinas, 70 miles per hour wind, and it looks like it will head out into the atlantic, might brush the northeast. right now it does not look like it's going to happen. patchy fog for us. a little bit of a breeze. not that strong. a lot of low 50s, come on.
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come on. 52 half-moon bay. 51 novato. there are a little south wind. i believe antioch, brentwood 57. another observation in concord is 53. there's a big difference there. 36 up in truckee. be advised, there will be in northeast california, maybe a few little pop up showers. if you're heading to shasta, tahoe t truckee, windy -- tahoe, truckee, windy and cooler. as a system drops from the gulf of alaska, there it is. tail end of that just clipped the northern part of the state. it's going to cool us down as well. 60s, 70s and some 80s. looks like fog will regroup tomorrow as the system approaches. straight through saturday night into sunday morning, very cool then. and it looks like we see a slow rebound monday into tuesday. time is 4:56. all eyes on the south bay including us. coming up at five, we'll continue to follow release from
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jail of sanford swimmer brock turner, the security measures outside the main jail. we'll tell you about it. we continue to follow the colin kaepernick protest, what he said after last night's game, and the reason he chose to kneel instead of sit during the national anthem. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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we are live at san jose's main jail which is surrounded by media because brock turner is set to be released at any minute. we will also hear from the sheriff as well. all eyes are on colin kaepernick who decided to neil -- kneel during the national anthem. >> it was a way for me to show respect to the military but still make my point. >> and there were others that joined him. good morning, our top story, we are live in san jose as the sword for -- as


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