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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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is pretty light write down, but as you know, it will change as the morning progresses. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday, welcome back to mornings on 2 on this tuesday, september 6, and i am brian flores. >> good morning, i am pam cook, and thank you for waking up with us this early in the morning. it was a tough july and august for many along the coast, and now we are seeing that fog burning off a little bit sooner. that is usually the way it works around here, a slight offshore breeze yesterday but mainly i pressure building in more fog than this satellite is showing. santa rosa, half moon bay in the 40s, berkeley at 52. low to mid 60s and low 50s at walnut creek, danville, and blackhawk along with concord.
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running cooler, and the fog and low clouds will be burning off with high pressure building in for a couple of days and the temperatures warming up. 60s, 70s, 80s and even a few 90s. what do we have?>> it is nice and quiet for this tuesday morning, traffic on the solano commute is where we will start, looking good from vacaville to fairfield, and on to vallejo. a lot of people coming down the cordelia junction, and traffic continuing to look good. also to the benicia bridge, traffic looking good. if you're driving i-80 80 north and southbound, -- highway 8 80 north and southbound looking good. in here goes caltrain, doing
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well. counselors and psychologists will be at the james logan high school in unions 80 as the students deal with the loss of two classmates. >> i broke down, and i had to call and make sure that the text i received was real. i could not stop crying.>> friends and family gathering last night to remember 17-year- old isaiah meese, and 16-year- old joe ararama, and last night people shared stories, laughter and tears. they said that they had big hearts and even bigger personalities>> how many lives they have touched, and happy souls. remember to keep the spirit alive, and he was a good kid.
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he always got into trouble, but his head was right. >> he was driving with a friend when he crashed into a pickup truck, and we are told that one friend that was injured in the crash, his condition is improving. the judge that resided over the trial of brock turner is starting a new assignment, judge persky asked to be reassigned to the civil court division where he had worked before. the head of the santa clara county court system released a statement about the change, "and he says persky believes it will reduce the attention on the criminal court." the murder of a vallejo woman more than a year ago,
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isaiah mclain was arrested during a traffic stop yesterday, and he is believed to be the person that shot and killed two-year westbrook last year, and she was shot several times point blank when she drove away from her home, and he was seeking retaliation from an ongoing dispute and westbrook was the unintended target. mclain is due in court tomorrow. take a look at this suspect, richard edward hill from vallejo was the driver, and anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. the gun range in east bay is now closed, and it open more than 52 years ago as part of the east bay regional park district, but the directors
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chose to close the facility siting the high cost of cleaning up the lead contamination from the spent bullets, 45,000 people would use the range each year. >> it was an amazing place, very helpful and local. it is outside, a great place to be. it is definitely sad that we are losing it.>> there is controversy surrounding the closure, and the gun club in some of its members they that the environment is a convenient cover to oust the activity that is not politically popular among some people in society. the park district will decide whether to excavate the land and return it to its natural state or cap it with asphalt to cut down on the cost. staff members blaming overcrowding at the east bay psychiatric hospital for an attempted riot inside the emergency room. the incident appears to be a sign of a larger problem.>>
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patients are slipping on mats, eating off of the floored. at the john george psychiatric hospital, nurses say that the overcrowding may have reached another boiling point.>> leave me alone. >> reporter: the nurse that did not want to be identified said that three patients and cited a riot, encouraging others to push open the door to escape. three people were assaulted, and according to the hospital there was an average of 37 patients a day in july, but sunday night the number reached 81. some nurses responsible for eight patients each, above the target of the 42 1 staffing ratio. -- 4 to 1 staffing ratio, the latest in a string of incidents
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being uncovered at john george. nurses and doctors that are too afraid to show their faces say they have been complaining about overcrowded conditions for nearly a year.>> all of these people crammed together is causing people to get hurt. causing patients that are vulnerable to get hurt. >> reporter: after we began looking into it, the alameda county board of supervisors demanded answers from the hospital administration. >> we cannot continue disabled will fix it eventually. >> reporter: they are still negotiating about capping the number of patients at 50 in the board of supervisors is expected to take up the issue again in a meeting next week.>> we have reached out to the administrators at the john george hospital and they would not confirm the details that have been shared by the staff. according to the public relations representative, the incident had not been reported to the director and he could not comment, and we expect to
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have more information later today. tropical storm hermine expecting to grow weaker, in the center of the storm is heading out to sea, but forecasters are calling for wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour as well as rip currents and high surf. passengers aboard the royal caribbean cruise ship say they could feel the effects of the storm.>> eating in the restaurant, the ditches were going all over the place.>> in florida where tropical storm hermine first made landfall, thousands of people still without power, and in virginia and the carolinas, they are still cleaning up. and there could be as much as 10 inches of rain when you had north and across the land, there are sustained winds at 90 miles an hour, and people that live in the area have been preparing for hurricane newton since
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yesterday. forecasters expected to head across the baja, california peninsula and into arizona by the end of the week. and the former u. s. treasure will attend a gathering, making a presentation at the meeting of the new haven unified school district, and the district will pass a resolution today in support of the teachers writing history project, encouraging teachers to post history of important women in their classrooms. in hayward a mural was unveiled, commissioned by the city, and hayward was recently named the third most diverse city in the country, "one love, one family." the painting is located on mission boulevard and depicts
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17 portraits of those that grew up, live and work in hayward.>> that is gorgeous. a massive computer glitch, coming up and how it is affecting one bay area airport. president obama in laos for a first ever visit by a sitting u. s. president, but the trip is being overshadowed by the president of another country, the controversy is up next. looking at a commute that is mostly good, not a lot going on on highway 24 traffic moving nicely. it will be warmer, but hurricane newton has made land for, more coming up. honey, is the internet back yet? yes!!
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 4:42 am. one of the most famous conservatives in the country has died, phyllis schlafly, a message encouraging women to stay in their traditional roles. she also led efforts to defeat the proposed equal rights amendment to outlaw gender discrimination. her opposition to abortion and gay marriage help to shape the republican policies for decades.>> she would champion the traditional american values, and she has done it with grace. what a tremendous legacy she leaves. >> her family says that she died in her home in st. louis after a battle with cancer at the age of 92. president obama is on a historic trip to liles time to reinvigorate
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negotiations with the country. the trip is being overshadowed by the growing diplomatic controversy with the regional ally, and we have more.>> reporter: president obama has a full agenda arriving in laos, the first sitting u. s. president to visit the country, along isolated from the west. the president noted the symbolic value of the visit and acknowledging for the first time the damage done by the u. s. bombs during the vietnam war. >> as we are trying to build trust, a lot of work can be done around a war legacy issues. >> reporter: the visit is being overshadowed by a new war of words with the philippines president who is late into president obama for criticizing the philippines increasingly violent crackdown on the drug cartels.>> you must be
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respectful.>> reporter: the white house canceled the plan meeting between the two leaders, but the philippines is an important partner with the ongoing dispute against china, and walking a fine line, standing behind the criticism of the war on drugs while affirming the support for the key regional ally.>> obviously the filipino people are some of our closest friends and allies. the philippines are now live of hours, but i want to make sure we have a productive meeting and get something done. >> reporter: he will continue to meet with the asian leaders in laos this week and scheduled it back to washington on thursday. the search continues for the seconds as it did car thief involved in the highs from the fremont car
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dealership. we told you about the story yesterday, two me and broke into the bay auto dealership making off with two cars. an employee chased after the stolen cars, and one suspect hit three cars in crashed on interstate 880. the other suspect crashed a short time later. the management at the auto dealership have not commented, but another nearby dealership says they've been hit by the thieves before.>> that is enough for us.>> authorities say that the people in the car accidents had only minor injuries, and anyone with information on the second suspect is asked to call the fremont police. there are bad news for those plug-in electric car owners on the waiting list that will allow them to drive solo in the carpool lanes, the state legislature did not take action on the bill that would extend
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it beyond the current expiration date of 2019, raising the current sticker limit past 85,000, and there are currently thousands of drivers waiting for those stickers. a lot of people are also on the wait list for the new tesla, and maybe that will come out as the same time as the car.>> are you getting one of those? >> i did not put down my $1000 to wait for mac years for a car. -- four years for a car. the tesla is a cool car. so many of us do not like to wait in line for stuff. and that also means the traffic is a problem, westbound 580 at the altamont pass, traffic will be busy on 205 already, and 580 coming over the hill, but no
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major problems getting into the area. there are no major problems on 580 but it is a little bit slow. let's move over to the livermore valley, traffic is looking good. there is a crash northbound 880 right before the airport, and at alameda at san jose, and the traffic is a little bit slow, but no major problems. the accident is off to the side. 280 looking good, and the bay bridge toll plaza is light traffic so far. i took amtrak a to -- up to sacramento, and with the warriors play, it will revitalize the downtown.>> that sounds good, i will have to check it out.>> you can take
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amtrak, and it is about a five block walk to the arena. it will be very impressive. we have quiet conditions, but let's take a look at st. lucas, hurricane newton has made landfall, and it looks like it has just gone by. the track will take it across baja, and over parts of northern and western mexico. the wind is at 85 miles an hour by a -- by 11 am, and it looks like it will make a beeline toward tucson in new mexico. if you have travel plans, maybe down the albuquerque or tucson, and even phoenix, you could be in line for heavy rain, but right now moving over cabo san
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lucas. berkeley at 51, half moon bay 48, and woodside at 49, mineral park is closed, along with stanford and los altos. look at monterey at 49, and cooling-off period truckee in south lake tahoe when the 30s, incline village at 46. the coast will see the fog burning off, but this high pressure in for a couple of days, and you can find some very warm air a little bit higher translating into warmer temperatures. inland temperatures are now above the upper 80s, and a few low 90s. the warmest period will be tomorrow and then we will level off and ease into a slow cooling trend.>> i like that.>>
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this will hit cabo and then end up somewhere around tucson by tonight and tomorrow. the giants have lost five out of the last seven games, and they are four games back from the dodgers, and they fail to the colorado rockies yesterday, 6- 0, and carlos gonzalez responsible for four of those. matt and ty, and his family there watching as he makes his debut, and the a's continue to struggle as well.>> the a's lost to the angels yesterday, and the angels took an early lead pulling the major debut,
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and the a's attempted a comeback, getting within one, and davis it is 35th home run of the season and having an outstanding year, and hanging on for that win.>> too bad for our team. 4:52 am is the time. an accomplishment worthy of a big celebration, coming up, the unusual domino effect, and also how many shot glasses are involved in that. creepy crawlers that are looking for love, and take a look at your screen. this is made more tarantulas, and the reason why. an unprecedented natural outburst
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seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? security. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon , natural is back. welcome back to mornings on 2. here is your little story for the day, a warning for those that enjoy the outdoors, tarantula mating season is underway meaning the big spiders could be more visible on your hiking and biking trails. steve loves them. typically the mail tarantula believe the den in search of a burrell occupied by the female tarantula.
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after mating, female spiders could catch anywhere from 50 to 100,000 eggs. these tarantulas do not pose a real threat to be full. -- threat to people, so don't worry. actor chevy chase is receiving treatment, he is at the addiction treatment center for a "tuneup" in his recovery for an alcohol problem, and the actor has been having troubles with his addiction. legendary actor hugh o'brien, who shot the famous white her -- why it -- wyatt eurp died yesterday at his home
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in beverly hills at the age of 91, and that made him a star, and the show let the air in 1961. he continued to work in the movies, television and theater through the 1990s. he made his mark in philanthropy as well. the organization continues to bring together promising high school students for leadership seminars, and he definitely left a mark. up next, the 25 foot fall at the music festival. the financial deal with the san francisco based nonprofit organization. good morning, we have some issues outside right now on highway 4 west found coming up over the grade. we have a new injury accident on highway 24.
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it will be warmer, but hurricane newton has made landfall in cabo, but moving fast.
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good morning, we are following a crash that is shutting down a major road in
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oakland. family and friends remembering a 14-year-old that was hit and killed while riding his bike, just about to undergo potentially life-saving surgery next month. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us. here's a look from the roof camera, a nice look into downtown oakland this morning. a nice start to the day.>> actually, it is.>> labor day is done in the end of the summer vacation. we will keep an eye out on your traffic. it is tuesday, it is tuesday, september 6, and i am pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. it feels like monday.>> it was hardly work yesterday. we have a little bit of fog, but


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