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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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49er bruce miller used a cane to attack a 70-year-old hotel cast and his son. uc berkeley republicans confronted on campus. napa valley toasting what some believe is shaping up to be a fantastic year. relief for some people living in a south bay neighborhood. police are confident that the person shooting at cars is finally behind bars. this has been going on for the past two months. at least for drivers have been hit. maureen miller is life without investigators were able to tie the suspects -- suspect to the random shootings. i can tell you the campbell pop warner football team confirmed that he had been an assistant coach for the team last year. that's in place here at the
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campbell community center. they said that they are shocked at his arrest and says that he passed the background check and seem like a nice guy. about two hours ago lewis made his first court appearance and we heard from san jose police about what led to the arrest of amanda terrified itself the community. let's get to video showing you his first court appearance this afternoon in san jose at the santa clara superior court. he was wearing a red jumpsuit. several times he shook his head back and forth during the arraignment. police arrested him yesterday and say he is a man behind at least for shootings and sell san jose between may and august of this year. they say a search of his home in san jose came up with a handgun the crime line -- the crime lab match that gun to for shootings. >> when you have someone praying of people that are just money their own business is very dangerous. there have been incidents such as these nationally where there
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have been tragic results. luckily no one was seriously injured. >> police have been on the lookout for a black dodge charger like this one. in the middle an alert police officer cruising around 2:30 in the morning spotted a charged with blacked out windows. the driver took off. they chased the car and arrested the driver. as for the pop warner lee, i spoke with the manager and they say that lewis used to live here in campbell at the campbell community center. he moved to sell san jose. lewis is expected to be back in court tomorrow to be arraigned on for attempted murder charges. the big question police are not answering is why. they are not releasing a motive. reporting live in campbell, we will send it back to you. a lot of people are believed that
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he is in custody. a little more police officer is the latest to be fired among a teenage sex scandal. the mayor announced the four officers there were being let go for sexual misconduct involving a self-proclaimed call girl named celeste. the teenager claims to have had sex with dozens of officers of oakland, richmond, livermore, the alameda sheriff's department and contra costa >> it is shocking the number of officers who were engaged and who were found in this investigation. >> as for criminal charges, the da says that they are concluded their own investigation to extract one day after that family and antioch had been firebombed and targeted with racially charged vandalism, police are showing video of the person responsible. video captured someone tossing three molotov cocktails at the home early yesterday morning. the family awoke to the fire
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and made it out safely. once outside the notice the house had been spray-painted with swastikas and racial slurs. the mayor of antioch is going to give an update on the investigation coming up later at 5:00. we will stream his comments live and henry lee is there and we will have complete coverage on fox to news at 5:00. bruce miller used a cane during an alleged attack on a 70-year-old man and his son. a san francisco district attorney said miller was charged with seven felonies including assault with a deadly weapon. miller allegedly attacked two men and a marriott hotel in san francisco's fisherman's wharf on monday. the 29-year-old was seen on surveillance video bloodied and apparently disoriented. he is also charged with inflicting injury on an elder adult, assault and battery and
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he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. the mayor is saying last week the santa clara police union says it was offended by remarks about police and that it may consider refusing to work the security dealer -- details of 49ers games. all parties seem to be exercising their first amendment rights. >> i feel that mr. her neck has been mischaracterized about his and our police department has been mischaracterized as a their intentions. i am asking them to come back to work at the stadium on monday for that event and all the other future events. they are volunteers in our community and they have been an integral part of making her stadium successful and i just wanted to get back to work. >> mary gilmore said she wanted to speak out because of hate mail receipt by the city about police not wanting to do their
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jobs. the police chief said his officers don't want -- do not get to pick and choose their assignments and they have the duty to protect the public. no officers have confirmed a boycott of monday night's 49ers game. tolerance at uc berkeley. what tolerance looks like. you are tolerant people. >> a heated altercation terms of the physical as the berkeley college republicans handed out flyers on campus. the altercation took part on the historically liberal campus. joining me now is the president of the college republicans who is a marine. josi, what happened? >> yesterday we were proceeding with a normal event for representing the berkeley college republicans. we do these events to let other
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fellow incoming students know that we are an organization where they can come and associate with other students. and share common ideas and thoughts and opinions and perspectives. we were out there for any person interested. yesterday what happened was we had a group of protesters come in front of our event and proceeded to take down or damaged or destroyed our donald trump cut out that we had at our table. i immediately noticed this and jumped up and try to prevent the individual who attempted to take it away to prevent him from removing it. eventually the police department had to intervene. however, during this idea we had one of our members physically assaulted by a protester.
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essentially preventing our member from recording the incident. >> you are a republican at berkeley. obviously you must see a lot of flak but has donald trump increased the amount of competent -- confrontations that you have seen quite >> i am not sure if i would attribute the attention all towards donald trump and the current election cycle. being a republican at berkeley, it has always presented unique challenges and obstacles for incoming students or continuing students. there is a tendency at least from what i know quite >> you need a thick skin, don't you. >> absolutely. >> any injuries? any charges at this point quite >> today we had a follow one protest where they grabbed it
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and ripped it up and began to intimidate some of the members that we had their. i wasn't present however, i immediately went to the table after i heard about it and you see police department to secondary incident report on the altercation today. they have filed -- followed up with that. we are going to remain resolute. we're going to exercise our right to free speech and expression. uc berkeley is no for the free speech movement. i am hoping the university can come to our aid and to our defense in terms of our ability to exercise their free speech, our right to free speech. >> all right, resident of the public and organization that uc berkeley. >> tough talk on the campaign trail after last night's
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national security forum. we're going to tell you about the embarrassing misstep by the major third-party candidate that is making national headlines today. flights to europe, the new routes set to take off next year. we will tell you all about them coming up. the fog is back and big- time: today with temperatures down as much as 15 to 20 degrees. we will let you know if the cold and continues as we head into the weekend.>>
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as your commander in chief i will not trash our country or countries most cherubs -- our country's most cherished values. >> clinton was clinging to just over one point lead over trump in that state. she is looking to become only the second democrat to win the battle ground state since jimmy carter did it in 1976. one day after announcing she would expand every aspect of the military, trump took on another important issue, education. >> my first budget will add an additional federal investment of $20 billion toward school choice. >> and for the first time this election cycle, gary johnson is talking national -- taking national headlines.
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johnson is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. we are joined and we will start with the gary johnson remarked. a lot of people were supporting him. if you look at the polling, the support that he gets takes away primarily from hillary clinton. before you talk about it, let show everyone what happened to him during an interview yesterday on msnbc. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> aleppo is in syria and syria is a major issue for any presidential candidate. how bad is this that?>> caught in the headlights look said it all. it is a question you don't want
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to get and he did not know what it was. he thought it was an acronym. obviously a very important place in serio where is the epicenter. and so what happens? does it affect people. i think people give candidates the past mostly. if this were a continuing pattern where he appeared not to know that >> you think people supporting him are still going to crack >> i think they will say, they will assign it to something else. that does not make him a candidate. it could make a difference if he loses and that helps hillary clinton. there were different numbers and when you add the other candidates. they are draining from hillary clinton typically. >> it could be a bit of an effect. >> right now we're looking at the great undecided which this year exceeds past years. it is at 14%. so if you say on a national basis, 14% is a big number.
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>> last night on nbc it was basically a mini debate in that the candidates were on the same stage but they shared the stage one after another. did anyone when that it did we hear anything new crack >> it was called the commander- in-chief forum. it talked about national issues, veterans issues, the war in iraq, afghanistan. i think they both basically held the wrong. isol clinton misstep by talking about no ground troops in iraq. we have thousands of ground troops in iraq. i think donald trump stumble greatly quite frankly especially among flight officers, generals and others by saying they have been reduced to rubble and that he would come in and basically tell the general's what to do. i don't think that will fly in the military service. >> we will have many more
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conversations. 20 days until the first debate. >> yes. it's going to be exciting. yesterday i was basking in the sunshine. in san francisco. it was beautiful and so warm but not so much today. >> it's never gradual. last night in san francisco to walk around in the evening hours was beautiful. waking up this morning hearing fog horns. so in the bay area we can't liken that fall weather pattern just yet but keep a sweater and jacket nearby. >> take a look at those temperatures. >> you can see numerically those numbers coming down quite a bit. 95 yesterday in santa rosa and today 72. livermore 97 to 84 and in san jose from the 90s to the upper 70s. on the satellite you can see that fog bank at -- up and down our coastline.
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the fog line was around santa cruz and it has been moving to the north. we call that the southerly surge and it really impacted the bay area for today. that fog bank was pushing back into san francisco and a pretty good dose of onshore winds as well. >> 76, san jose. you can see right now in san francisco there is 61 -- 61 degrees. the fog bank really is making a big comeback. tomorrow in san francisco, 7 am, low clouds and 55 degrees. by lunchtime, 61. temperatures will meets -- temperatures will reach the mid- 60s. lots of hayes is still in the air. the temperature tomorrow, were showing 76. san jose will be closing in on 80 degrees for your friday afternoon. coming up we will be talking about your weekend outlook.
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tomorrow a little bit warmer and there could be warmer temperatures as we head into saturday. we will have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. we all know the bay area is anything but a cheap place to live. we're going to speak with an expert about what people are doing to avoid paying an arm and a leg for a home. that's coming up next.
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we're getting word of breaking news happening in san francisco. we are live from the scene. these are pictures from sky fox. a large police presence is there and they are responding. and overturned vehicle right there at 16th and mission. we do not know the extent of the injuries or how the people that were inside the vehicle are doing. as you can see there is a vehicle rolled over right in the heart of mission street. we will head over to 1310 van ness were there is another accident. we do not believe these two incidents are related but this is going to create quite a traffic tie up in san francisco with two accidents. we're going to continue to follow both of these stories and have new developments on twitter and facebook as well as right here on the the four on 2
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a strong economy is helping all airports but oakland international is having a field day especially if you're thinking about flying to europe. tom baker reports. >> oakland airport announced its new international routes. a news conference, the mayor and cancer officials from norway, denmark and spain revealed that norwegian air will begin twice a week air service to copenhagen next march 25 and twice a week to barcelona, spain. the first nonstop to the catalonia region will begin on june 7. the introductory one- way fares are wowsers. $179 to copenhagen, $199 to barcelona. seats are on sale right now on the airlines website this comes on the heels of the new london route as well as southwest announcement of new flights to los cabos and put the buyer to mexico. oakland airport is on a roll.>> the economy is going the airport is growing.
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we recently imported 32 consecutive months of passenger traffic growth at the airport. more people are flying and people coming in from other destinations like those announced today are spending their money and oakland. >> the new flights make oakland california's third largest gateway to europe. ktvu fox to news. high-paying jobs here in the bay area make this a destination for people all around the country. i want to share with you some results from his fellow study. it shows that san francisco is one of the most popular housing markets search by people who don't live here. on the other hand have a san francisco resident searching for a home are looking outside the bay area. that can be traced back to affordability. for the median home billowing -- the median rent is $3400 a month. our chief economist
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joins us now. there is a great desire by outsiders to get into san francisco. >> i think it can be attributed just like that. a strong job market and lots of folks looking to move in. it is attracting a lot of people. these are views. not everyone looking for housing in san francisco will make the move. or be able to afford the move. and that's important to keep in mind. >> the study also shows that tech epicenters such a san francisco are really booming right now. >> that's right. we are seeing lots of these markets like seattle, denver austin are getting a bunch of increase page views from outsiders because these areas are blooming. these areas are attracting new folks. dislikes san francisco they are seeing a lot of demand in real estate. markets like seattle and portland are seeing fewer people looking elsewhere and more looking inside of these markets when they're looking at real
4:26 pm
estate. >> i mention that the people that live in san francisco are looking for places outside of the city. is that typical of other hotspots are you finding that same sort of thing in seattle truck >> we're not finding that in seattle. seattle is attracting page views but people that are based in seattle also tend to look within the seattle market when they are looking for housing. there are some differences there and i think a lot of that can be driven by the fact that san francisco was very expensive. a market like seattle might have seen was going on over the last four or five years while this market has really gotten to be quite expensive. for someone coming from san francisco where the median home cost 1.1 feet -- $1.13 million and then going to seattle where a home is much cheaper that seems much more affordable.
4:27 pm
you can find much more affordable homes within the seattle area that are relatively close to the downtown center. that is harder to do in san francisco. >> what are some of the factors that are driving people away from the city and the bay area. we mentioned affordability. is that the primary reason quick >> i think that is one of the main reasons. a lot of personal preferences injuring that calculation as well. we are seeing a lot of new folks entering san francisco and they are often times looking for jobs. the attractiveness of a great city. however as they are building their careers there and want to start a family and are starting to look for a home often times making that transition from winter to homebuyer we are hearing stories of people saying they can no longer afford to live in this market if they want to buy a home with the yard and its larger.
4:28 pm
they look at other markets that have the types of jobs are looking for but have more affordable housing options. >> final questions. for those who are priced out and searching for your cracking the clicks. where are they looking? were they want to be quite >> a lot of markets that are attracting folks are denver, seattle austin, portland. those are the people -- those are the places people are looking. santa barbara and palm springs or markets where people are looking. a lot of that will be driven by curiosity as well. not everyone is actually going to move but it's just fun to look. >> thank you so much.>> coming up with the mayors did to push for upgrades to the park infrastructure. >> the call today to get the governor to take action on the bill to prevent janitors from
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being sexually assaulted. i'm going to talk life was a supporter who says it's time to keep women safe. >> ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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oh! hey, hold on, you're losing your tenders there. it's finger lickin' good! ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ the sexual assault case involving former brock turner and a lenient sentence of followed sparked calls to change state laws. right now several bills are on the governor's desk designed to prevent sexual assault and increase the punishment for those who are convicted.
4:32 pm
the president of united service workers west is joining me to talk about one of those bills. it is bill 1978 and it would create more workplace protection. email janitors especially need more safeguards us -- against sexual assault took >> yes . thank you for having us here. we are seeing that in a system where there is systemic issues around rape culture and how victims are treated once they come forward, we are seeing in an industry the janitorial industry which primarily the workers are immigrant workers primarily women and many of them single moms who really depend on this job. we are seeing an issue of workplace violence, rape sexual violence and abuse. it goes unnoticed and underreported and when it does get reported, the few who come forward very often are unheard our end up losing their jobs instead of the situation being
4:33 pm
taken seriously. >> what would this bill do? >> it would create awareness. justin the work we have been doing to get this bill to pass, both the senate and the assembly with bipartisan support we have gotten a lot of women who have come forward with their stories. women who didn't feel safe before. this bill will set better training for the supervisors in this industry and also for the workers so that they have training that will be in person and will meet their needs so they are aware of their rights and aware of what is that line of when it becomes sexual harassment or abuse. so that the industry as a whole has better protections around if you're a bad actor on this and other things that plague this industry the janitorial industry and many low-wage
4:34 pm
industries but in particular the janitorial industry if you are having issues of sexual violence at your workplace in your company you will no longer be able to do business in the state of california. there will be a registry where they will be keeping track of companies that have habitual situations. >> what is the primary push back quick >> we've gotten a lot of support from republicans and democrats. we got overwhelming support from our community. there is a lot of community organizations and women's rights organizations that have come forward as a coalition to work with the union. i would say i think the biggest pushback is fear and fear of
4:35 pm
talking about it. a lot of people do not want to bring up the situation. we are seeing this happen on college campuses, and professional workplace environments and the most vulnerable of the women who work late at night and these buildings alone who were primarily immigrant women who really depend on these jobs are not speaking out. so when we have an issue like that, i think there is support out there and we are urging that it needs to happen. we cannot wait one more year. victims are treated with dignity and respect that they deserve. we have stopped making excuses for perpetrators. >> we will wait and see what the governor does. thank you. >> the mayors of the bay area's three largest cities came together today to push for new improvements to the aging part system.
4:36 pm
they all hopped on a bart train this morning at the 12th street station and headed into san francisco. the mayors are asking voters to support a measure that would raise $3.5 billion in property taxes to pay for improvements on the 44-year-old system. >> we would ensure that every dollar is focused on ensuring that we've got a viable system for many decades to come. i am confident that we will ensure taxpayer dollars are used well on the system. >> the measure need support from two thirds of the voters in san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties. and eight-year-old is recovering after a rattlesnake that him while he was playing in his backyard. he was sent to the hospital. the family lives on discovery way. fire officials say the boy was playing outside yesterday when that snake bit him.
4:37 pm
it was a baby rattlesnake. officials say rattlesnakes are more active on warmer days and be sure to call 911 if someone is bitten. the father of kristin smarts says all he wants is his daughter back. the fbi continued to search for her remains along the hillside of cal poly san luis obispo. she was a 19-year-old when she disappeared in 1996. her parents live in stockton and today her father talks about the possibility that -- the possibility that they may find his daughter's remains. >> i would really rather have her alive and full of injury -- alive and full of energy. it does into enclosure. >> investigators have been taking all week. they are following up on what they call new information in the case. get out the wineglasses. it could be a fantastic year and wine country. we're going to talk live with the winemaker about the factors that are leading to such optimism in napa valley.
4:38 pm
major cooling today across most of the bay area. the fog is making a comeback. temperatures are down a good 10 to 20 degrees.
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last month crews began harvesting times of grapes in napa valley. they are anticipating a tremendous year in terms of wine. let's talk to napa valley winemaker matt read. how good is a quick >> it is fantastic. today we picked our first grapes for red wines, soraya. it looks fantastic. >> let's bring our meteorologist. weather does play an important role in all of this. >> that's right. we've been talking about cooler conditions in that had a big impact on how things are turning out this summer for you guys with the grape harvest. >> absolutely. we've had cool weather last few weeks and it's been a cool summer overall. we got a really early's dart. even though we're still picking what we consider to be the early side the grapes have had a lot of pain time. labor development is excellent. >> as far as being able to taste the flavor, can you
4:42 pm
notice that flavor with the weather change? >> everything is coming along beautifully. the flavors develop slowly. it is always a race between flavor development and sugar accumulation and we are finding wonderful flavors without lower sugar is typical. >> the weather is warming up. will that change things up for you guys? we had to heat up yesterday.>> it does not hurt but it looks like yesterday was a one up and were off to a cooler pattern as far as i can tell. that is welcome. we're going to keep bringing in one lot at a time and see how things look. >> what grapes are doing the best quick >> the support -- the soraya we brought in today was beautiful. the cabernet is excellent. we specialize in center raise and we will probably start picking that next week. >> i know there was a lot of anticipation.
4:43 pm
is this what you had expected quick >> the coolness is not expected. el nino may not have packed a punch we call for but we got plenty of rain in napa valley. we were pretty much other historical average in terms of rainfall. so we have got to be happy about that. the timing was really good too. we got a big jump in march which was helpful. we got a great start. >> we're all looking forward to testing those varieties. -- taking those varieties. thank you so much for joining us. >> you helped out the wine industry with your wonderful weather. >> i had no idea. it's always fascinating to how nature links up with the end
4:44 pm
product. so that's great news in napa valley. and then up toward sonoma as well. as far as the fog, yesterday we talked about the heat and today we talked about a cool down. closer to san francisco and closer to the headlines as well. we have an on-shore winds pushing that into the bay for your thursday evening. í numbers out there are showing san jose is at 76. livermore, 81. inland we had upper 90s but today were struggling to reach the lower 80s. san francisco, 60 degrees. here is a be area weather forecast. just by looking at the bay waters, a bit of chop. it gives you an idea of the on shore went. no big changes for tomorrow but it will be a little bit warmer as we head into your friday forecast. temperatures in the 60s and a bit of a southwesterly wind.
4:45 pm
san jose is kicking in -- checking in at 76. for tomorrow, we do have temperatures that will be on the mild side in san jose around 80 degrees. a low of 56, san francisco will be mid-50s. as his area of high pressure sticks around for tomorrow and saturday, it will strengthen. in the neighborhoods will be warmer close to 90 degrees. around the coast, patchy fog. the next developing headline will be into next week. temperatures cooling off for tuesday, wednesday. as is whether system moves them from the north, we will see these systems develop and not making a direct hit in the bay area in terms of rainfall but it does change the temperature and is starting to feel like
4:46 pm
fall around here. here's a look at our forecast map. friday morning, 7 am we will put this into motion. 60s for the beaches. in the neighborhoods a bit warmer than today with upper 80s. santa rosa, 82. san rafael, 79. right around the rim of the be lots of low 70s. more neighborhoods in the south bay, san jose, 82, gilroy, 88. pacifica should be 63 degrees. the coast many in the 60s. here's a look at your five day forecast. temperatures are turning up a little bit. just tiny changes. cooling off in the second half of the weekend and then the next headline will be dropping off those numbers. no heat in the forecast. 60s and 70s and that is just about it. as we approach fall, it looks like temperatures will be cooling off quite a bit.
4:47 pm
obviously we have cool mornings a warm afternoon's. we will be watching out for that. >> julie joins us live with a look at the stories we're working on for 5:00. >> were going to have the latest plan to slow down traffic on one busy stretch of road. shock and relief over an arrest in the southland. a former coach was arrested and is accused that shooting and moving cars. today the husband, father of two had his hands shackled when he made his first court appearance. what we are learning about him and how one officer apparently made that arrest. these stories are much more are coming up in just a little bit.
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the preseason kicks off today. more action in response to tran19's decision not to stand. there is word that the division rival the seattle seahawks may do something as a team with a play on sunday. wide receiver doug baldwin tweeted saying to express a desire to bring people together our team will honor the country and flag and a pregame demonstration of unity. last week seahawks quarterback jeremy lane set during the national anthem and solidarity with kaepernick and says he plans to continue to doing it this season . >> fans also seem to be
4:51 pm
supporting kaepernick . sales of his jersey are continuing to skyrocket. >> the jersey sales jump because people's belief that there can be change. we can make this country better and that they believe i am someone that can help that change. >> kaepernick spoke that link to reporters on wednesday. he is still the backup quarterback so it seems that could -- it seems clear the surgeon jerseys has more to do with his refusal to stand for the national anthem. >> i supported. i love what he's doing. i know a lot of people hate it but who was will take a stand for what's going on. >> at all sports and emeryville the store manager says his jersey work listed at half off. they did not cell. in the past 10 days he sold around 10 kaepernick jerseys at full price.
4:52 pm
kaepernick says he plans to donate his share to communities in need. >> to me that support is something i have to give back to the community. >> the commissioner made his first public comments about the controversy saying i support our players when they want to see change in society. we do not live in a perfect society. we believe strongly and patriotism in the nfl. i personally believe very strongly in that. >> i have great respect for people's right to believe what they want to believe>> with kaepernick asked if his girlfriend influences decision he says he has had ongoing conversations with her and others. >> i have not converted to islam. i have great respect for the religion and know a lot of people that are muslims. they are phenomenal people. i think that that comes along with people's fear of this protest. >> steph curry has waited
4:53 pm
saying i applaud him for taking his stand and hopefully the conversation is about his message and that will he stand or sit for the national anthem. >> i wish people would be as outraged about the murders happening in the street as they are about a protest. >> amberly, ktvu fox2 . >> hoping to make a bit of history soon. were going to tell you about an effort to collect a sample from an asteroid. the four on 2 we will be right back. >>
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the the doctor who implanted the device said patients can go home the same day. >> it's very small. close to a quarter. it doesn't have cables. there's no restrictions for movements afterwards, after the procedure is performed and there's no need for closing. also risk of infection is small. >> doctors say the patients should have a stable heart
4:57 pm
rhythm for more than ten years with the device. nasa is embarking on the first to send off a probe that the agency hopes will be able to recover part of an asteroid. >> reporter: it's a mission billions of years in the making. nasa launching its first effort to return and collect a sample from an asteroid sending the spacecraft to the mass. >> this is science fiction becoming science fallibility -- fact. >> reporter: they believe the asteroid may hold clues about life on earth and whether life could be somewhere else as well. >> we think it contains molecules or carbon. we want to go touch and taste the time capsule of the solar system. >> reporter: it would take the
4:58 pm
spacecraft two years to reach benau. >> i'm really hopeful that we will get some unique materials that in our met right collections. thrivable. >> reporter: the window from departure will open march 2021 and the sample is set to arrive back on earth to also two and a half years later to the year 2023. at least 75% will be saved at houston's johnson space center. >> these samples will be ar could i haved carefully as a -- archived for generations that will invent new technique nexts to study in the future. >> reporter: it cost 800 million dollars all to bring back to earth 60 grahams of an asteroid. at the kennedy spies space center. "ktvu channel 2 news" at
4:59 pm
5:00 starts now. >> a youth football coach and father of two arrested at shooting random cars in your elbowing good evening -- cars in san jose. >> several things to tell you about a few hours ago, the police give an update on their investigation as the former youth coach made his first court appearance. marie was there with what happened and what we're learning about his background. >> reporter: you spoke with the head of campbell warner football league and say mike lewis was an assistant coach saying his two sons are part of the league and he did pass a background check. the league plays here at the community candle center. friend say he loved close to the center here until he moved not far where police say he shot at moving cars. lewis made his first court appearance and police unveiled how they came to arace him. woring a red jail jumpsuit, he
5:00 pm
made his first apress on tuesday. the his, father of two and former youth football coach had hands skackeld and several times shooj his head -- shook his head back and forth. police say the san jose man was behind at least four of the ten shootings along blossom hill road between may and august of this area. >> you have someone preying on people minding their own business is dangerous. there's been incidents such as these nationally where there's been tragic results. luckily no one was seriously injured in these incidents. >> reporter: a 3-year veteran of the force noticed a black charger like this one 1:00 along plos some hill road at 23 in the charger like this 1:00 along plos some hill road at 23 in the morning. when he approached -- at 23 if 0 in the


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