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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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serious accusations. >> this is a profound concern to the city and county of san francisco. an east bay millionaire accused of killing his wife with a hammer is back in court. the 4:00 on 2 starts now. in east san jose, santa clara sheriff deputies are searching for a pair of suspects wanted in connection to a brutal home invasion and beating of an elderly woman. welcome to 4:00 on 2 i'm ted rowlands. >> i'm heather holmes. that 88-year-old left for dead was found by concerned neighbors. the scene is the 200 block of kragmont avenue neither key road. >> ktvu key reporter -- reporter jesse gary has been recovering the story. >> reporter: yes, that's right. she told them after suffering a vicious beating that left her bloodied and bruised, now
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recovering inside an intensive care unit. amongst the days, deputies have been out front canvassing the exterior of the home, repolice station the van that was out here earlier around noon. now they have a larger structure of trailer hitch today a pickup truck parked out front. earlier in the day investigators were inside the house dusting for fingerprints and other evidence. neighbors identified the victim by her first name. but her full name flo douglas, she is 88 years old living here for half a century. described as warm, endangering, a friend to everyone. now last night neighbors became concerned when they noticed that the older model silver volvo was down the street. the car was ransacked. and also damage to the fence outside flo's house. they found someone had broken into flo's home, beating her and robbing her. the attack took place overnight
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on monday. the victim laid inside roughly for 18 hours until she was found by neighbors. >> it is terrifying that there are people out here that would do things like this. that people are out there and that there are bad people in the world or whatnot. but having that happen right next door is kind of alarming. >> it is a horrible tragedy, just horrible. horrible. never locked our doors. we've never, you know, none of that. and now we'll start slobbing the -- we'll start locking the doors. >> reporter: it is unclear if it is connected to this crime. sheriff deputies say that surveillance cameras were mounted on some of the homes in this neighborhood. they're using that to try to get a composite of the two hispanic men they say fled this house committing this crime. we'll have more about this coming up within the next hour. live on east fifth jesse gary
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ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is disturbing. now we want to tell you about new information today on the hate crime at antioch. police have arrested the two people that you see there on your screen. 27-year-old roy severi and 25- year-old cristina mcdonald for allegedly fire bombing a black family's house with molotov cocktails as well as writing on the home. the two are also facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder as well as assault with a deadly weapon, and a charge for arson for that attack on that home last week. but today they did reveal a potential motive. >> this was an ongoing dispute between a relative of mcdaniel's and a resident who lived within the house. that is the only reason why this resident was targeted and it was not a random incident.
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>> savari and mcdaniel are also charged with hate crime enhancement. the family was inside that home sleeping when the fire broke out, but everyone managed to get out safely. a blackhawk man accused of killing his wife appeared in court this morning. 69-year-old john tercheria pleaded not guilty, accused of hitting his wife, linda in the head with a hammer more than 20 times. she filed for legal separation from him last year. a motive for the killing is not yet known. police say that the crime happened at the couple's home in blackhawk. the judge this morning dismissed a torture charge against tercheria. >> i've looked at the autopsy report. we didn't believe that there was enough to submit torture charges at this time. >> reporter: his next court appearance is set for october 18. a man with a gun was shot and killed at a home by sheriff deputies. the reason why santa clara county authorities initially responded and their prior knowledge to that home.
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>> reporter: we are told by a sheriff spokesman that they have been out to this home on titus avenue in the past, but they will not say what for. sheriff officials are not sure why he refused to drop his weapon. deputies were called to do a welfare check on a man at a home on titus avenue near prospect. this was at about 7:40 last night. they ended up knocking on doors and windows after about 15 minutes they entered the home through a back door and that is when the confrontation took place. >> the subject had a firearm in his hand raising that firearm. and then deputies gave him several verbal commands to drop that firearm and the deputy shot that individual as he was later transported to the hospital pronounced deceased. >> reporter: authorities are investigating whether or not the suspect ever fired. it is unknown if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or had a mental illness. no officers were injured. the deputy who opened fire, he is a veteran of the department.
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he is now on paid leave. the shooting happened just across the street from christa mccullou -- mcauliffe school. they had mental health counselors here on campus to make sure that the children are okay. reporting from saratoga fox 2 news. the woman accused of a fatal dui crash was also arrested for drunk driving in june. 3-year-old elijah dunn was killed last friday when the family's black suv was rear ended by pleasanton resident yarenit malihan. the toddler's mother was parked on the shoulder of interstate 680 because she was waiting for gas. malihan was arrested for drunk driving and gross vehicular manslaughter. in the previous incident she was charged with dui and child endangerment because her child was in the car, this is a mugshot from her arrest back in june. malihan is the wife of an
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alameda county sheriff deputy. richland police have released the results of an internal investigation into an alleged sex crime involving 11 officers. investigators say that none of those 11 officers will be charged with any crime. however the department says that an undisclosed number will either be fired, reprimanded, or ordered to get counseling. all the other officers who were linked in some way to a self- described sex worker who goes by the name celeste guap. guap says that she has had sex with at least 30 officers from various east bay departments. in some cases when -- when she was under age. however, the mayor of richland did weigh in on these findings saying in part, "any time something like this happens, you know it's not good for the perception of the department and the image of the city." well just yesterday we reported that the 19-year-old guap has been offered a plea deal in an assault case in florida. she was charged with attacking a security guard at a rehab
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center. guap has not said if she will accept that offer, but expected to appear in court tomorrow. the alameda county district attorney wants guap back here in the bay area because she is the key witness in the case against seven current or former bay area officers who face criminal charges in that sex scandal. >> on the campaign trail, donald trump is set to speak in pennsylvania this evening about keeping childcare costs down. meanwhile hillary clinton, she remains on the mend at her home in new york. her campaign manager says that she will return to the road on thursday. in her absence the president hit the road to make a pitch on why he thinks that she should take his job. joel waldman has more from washington. >> reporter: president obama in philadelphia explaning why he thinks that hillary clinton is the best choice to succeed him as the 45th president of the united states. >> she knows what it means for working families and senior citizens and small business owners and soldiers and
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veterans when we make policy in the white house. >> reporter: clinton who appeared defamed after the 9/11 memorial is still too sick with pneumonia to leave home. the latest medical scare is raising serious questions about clinton's overall health as well as her transparency. today house democrats are coming together to support their presidential nominee. >> she is not a demi god, but acceptable to the same things we all are. >> reporter: republican vice presidential candidate mike pence was on capitol hill today meeting with house gop leaders, calling clinton out for comments she made about trump supporters referring to them as deplorables. >> it is so important that people around the country know that this was a prepared speech. >> reporter: trump inspected calls among other things, six weeks paid maternity leave as a part of the proposal to lower childcare cost nationwide, making a pitch stop in iowa before a speech later -- later this evening.
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>> her comments display the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that lead her to violate federal laws secretary of state. >> the most recent national poll shows a tightening race for hillary clinton, only four points ahead of donald trump. in washington joel waldman fox news. well it is one of san francisco's most expensive luxury towers. it is sinking. the new accusations today that politics may have played the role in the now problematic millennium tower. would it be a nightmare? it will be chaotic. i'm fearful that a lot of people will lose their life. >> in a time of extreme fire danger, officials are warning about one spot in the bay area that will need to be monitored very closely. around the bay area this afternoon, another unseasonably mild day. we do have changes that are in stored for the back end of your week. i'll have a look at what to expect coming up.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ well, we watched the wildfires burn up and down the state this year. now, fire officials are sounding the alarm about a fire potential one at a bay area icon. experts say it is not a matter of if they fire strikes, but when. >> yeah, they say when they do, the chance for casualties in the fire storm is in fact high. the reason why fire officials are so concerned. >> reporter: this year we watched the fire destroy the town of lower lake, endangering
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communities throughout the state. now experts are sounding the alarm that this could be next. >> worse case scenario, people trap and die. unfortunately that's the reality. >> reporter: marin county fire chief jason weber says 80 years of unchecked growth in five years of drought have primed mt. pam to burn. >> that's leaving us with just an incredible fuel load that it is just one spark away from a disaster. >> reporter: weber says that spark is likely to catch on the mountain's dry under pressure and spread quickly. >> this is what will start those trees, homes, the kind of stuff? >> that is exactly it. you have something like this underneath the deck. i mean the house will go up almost instantaneously. >> reporter: people living in this house, they say that they recognize that risk. >> it is the only one here. >> reporter: just like the oakland hills fire in 1991, rugged mountain terrain and scenic winding roads will make getting out during a fire close
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to impossible. >> there is no way that anybody could get out in an orderly fashion without chaos, without nightmares, without all of that. so then what do you do? >> reporter: this road is a perfect example of why they are so worried that you can see dry vegetation on both sides of the road, a canopy overhead, the road is so narrow that you can see how tough it could be to get that emergency equipment in and when they are trying to get the evacuees out. >> this will be a nightmare and chaotic. i'm very fearful that a lot of people will lose their lives. >> reporter: marin county sheriff lieutenant regularly drives these narrow winding roads. and they say that emergency officials, they have worked for years to come up with a plan to fight that inevitable fire. >> we've actually had scientific models that we have used for training and just for our own awareness of what we might expect. >> reporter: that model shows their fire is starting at just three acres. 15 minutes later, 12 acres are burning. not even an hour into the fire, 120 acres and four homes that
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have burned. the fire grows quickly. and in just eight hours in, 2,200 acres and 502 homes have burned. officials agree that the key to saving lives is getting people out of the area quickly. >> this is the emergency operation center for the county. >> reporter: the emergency services manager, chris riley says that when residents hear an evacuation warning, they need to start packing so that when the order comes, they can go quickly. >> we have a responsibility to organize those evacuations and hopefully conduct them safely. but they have a responsibility too. >> reporter: that means that leaving the moment that word comes down. but many residents living on the mountain, they say that they still don't have a plan on exactly how they are going to get out. >> i never really thought about my own exit route or my own strategy. but i probably just barricade myself in the basement and hope for the best, but i don't know. >> reporter: now experts are saying that there is a lot that residence can do. they are asking for everyone
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who lives in the fire zone to register with the county at so fire officials can alert them and let them know when that fire starts. we set up a link on our website under web links so you can get that information immediately when the fire starts. work out your family's escape plan now. if you're trying to work out an escape plan bit time the fire is burning that it will be too late. just from being in that area, the roads were so tight. >> yeah. >> so narrow that it is unbelievable to me and i cannot see how they could get those fire trucks in there and get out. that's the big problem here. >> yeah. if there is any hint of danger or an evacuation, get out right away. don't try to save any lives. >> they say when that fire strikes, they need you to move quickly and out. that equipment could get in. and that is the big balance, right? getting them in to fight that fire and get people out? >> right. >> okay. thank you so much.
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well, the magnitude earthquake rattled the east bay overnight striking just before 1:00 this morning east of piedmont. there were no reports of any damage, but a number of people called us here and they said that they felt it in oakland, san leandro, and even over san francisco. all right, you probably noticed it. a bit cooler across the bay area. even cooler in the sierra. take a look at this time lapsed video of the snow in the sierra. we will go to meteorologist rosemary orozco. my question to you, how rare is that snow? here we are on september 13 in the sierra. >> yes, we typically get those early fall type of patterns, but it is still something that will be nice to see early on that we have not seen it in months. yes, many folks, they woke up in that area with just a little bit of in a moment it -- a little bit and it is melting as we speak. let's take a look at the system here that brought snow to the sierra with a little bit of drizzle in our area. although that most of us today,
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a little warmer than where we were yesterday. here is a look at storm tracker 2 and the center of circulation that is right in there. you can see that moisture right now, the brunt to have over nevada and still just a little bit here in the sierra. for us here at home, we are partly to mostly clear with mild temperatures. so we will move in just a little bit closer there that you can see those areas over the sierra, still dealing with a little bit of rain over areas like bear valley, south lake tahoe, the pink indicating a rain/snow mix going on there. but this is pushing out. with it we will have drier air in place for the bay area as well as we get into wednesday and the next few days. here is a look at us right here at home where we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies at the coast. inside the bay partly cloudy conditions and we are looking at the winds that will be on shore, but not too bad and not too strong and not as strong as yesterday. but they will be reporting about 10 miles an hour. napa reporting 14. nova doe is reporting eight and the -- novado is reporting about eight. the temperatures will be continuing to cool off as we have a cool evening in stored. but right now afternoon highs look like this.
4:20 pm
75 in concord. 73 livermore. low 70s in oakland. 66 in san francisco. to the north bay it will be 71 in santa rosa and to the south bay 73 for san jose. getting into the evening hours, partly cloudy skies with cool conditions. the warming trend will be on the way as we get into wednesday. ville a look at what you can expect -- i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up. >> all right, thanks, rosemary. we are following breaking news out of antioch. sky fox is over an alleged shooting that took place near the 1400 block of plymouth. a witness on scene says that he sees shell casings on the ground and paramedics standing by. you can see police activity and the police tape there. this is a live shot, but it does also look like it is not necessarily an active situation. people are standing around. we are learning more about what's going on. we'll bring you any updates as they become available and we'll also have the latest online at tourists certainly love it. residents that live here, not so much. but they would probably love
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all right, san francisco is looking for new ways to find the world's crooked street. >> lombard street is one of the biggest tourist attractions here around the world, becoming a little too crowd there had
4:24 pm
for some residents. they claim it is getting worse. brian flores tells us about a meeting planned for tonight to solve a solution. >> reporter: yeah, especially during the weekend. even on the weekdays, the people that live here say they are being evaded. this has been a problem for years, but some say it is really getting out of hand. what the city is doing tonight, they are holding a community open house. officials with the transit authority will be taking suggestions from the public about how best to handle the larger crowds. according to the chronicle, the authorities are considering more options here. one of them includes requiring reservations or selling tickets. another one is charging tolls to both pedestrians and drivers. another is restricting access to the street by closing it to non-residents, using ride share to take people down lombar.
4:25 pm
>> it is kind of a destination. that it does not bother me getting around. >> reporter: it is not just the crowds though, one woman who lives on lombard told us off camera that vandalism, trash, and car break-ins are a growing problem along with drones. she describe it is as a constant lawnmower noise especially during the weekend. as we take you back out here this morning, the meeting is scheduled from 6:00 to 7:30 tonight at yick well elementary school off jones street. in san francisco i'm brian flores ktvu fox 2 news. some serious allegations today against developers and san francisco's city government over the sinking millennium tower. the 400-unit luxury high-rise was expected to settle about four to six inches overtime. but has sunk 16 inches continuing to drop. the building is also leaning 15 inches to the northwest. today san francisco supervisor says that he is convinced that developers knew the building
4:26 pm
was sinking before selling the first unit. he also said this about the city's potential involvement -- involvement. >> i believe this is a very serious allegation and hopefully that it will come out at the hearings that we'll start holding next thursday at the government audit committee with some level of political interference with the day-to- day duties of the individuals who are charged with making sure that buildings in this seismicically prone area that we live in -- seismically proned area that we live in are not allowed to do their jobs. >> reporter: city engineers were raising concerns about the building as far back as 2009. now developers blame the sinking on the construction of the nearby terminal. >> that is indeed a bold accusation. if true certainly very, very trouble willing. >> yeah. tesla is getting a run for its money. we'll get a firsthand look at latest electric car that could travel more than 200 miles on a
4:27 pm
single charge. and next a woman featured on a stanford facebook page wearing this is responding to hateful comments that she has received.
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4:29 pm
tesla has supported the electric car market when it comes to length of rides on one charge. but that might be changing.
4:30 pm
the chevy bolt is giving tesla a run for its money as they announced their 238-mile vehicle that is a bolt. i owe one of those and outside in our parking lot and behind him is a chevy bolt. first of all give us the specs of this car not available yet. when will it be available and what will you get for your $34,000 plus? >> reporter: it will be available later this year, here in california later this year. 238 miles on a single charge, full charge. unprecedented for a vehicle that is twice around $30,000. >> not only is it a nice compact package of a small crossover, but more interior volume than a tesla model s. >> now, the tesla, it is, it
4:31 pm
has obviously taken the headlines in terms of electric cars because they were the first to come out with the 300- mile range on theirs. but their mold 3, which is out in 2017, giving us the specific date, that they groining to go -- that they are going to go head to head. is that pretty accurate and your answer to the model 3? >> that we are very proud to bring the first long range of the affordable electric vehicles for consumers here in california and the rest of the country. that when it does go on sale later this year. >> you sold about 100 bolts since 2010. electric cars have not picked up this quickly as a lot of people thought they would. i know that chevy has invested a lot in the electric market. are you confident that overtime your investment will pay off? or is there a concern that you may have gone all in too early?
4:32 pm
>> reporter: oh no there is no doubt that this will pay off for us for the long haul. you know you think about the first and second generations that have been out on the marketplace. the sales of the volts are still increasing even as -- for the bolts are still increasing. we think that 200-plus mile range and our studies prove it. customers begin to think about making an electric vehicle their only vehicle in their garage. there's no issues with range when you think about 238 miles. the average person travels about 40 miles a day. there's no issue here if you want it to be your only car. >> how long do you want it to take to get a full charge on the vehicle? >> reporter: several different ways. first of all we would like to promote the dc fast charge networks that are starting to pop up around california and other parts of the country. you can recharge this car 90 miles in 30 minutes of range using fast charging. and now in about using 240 level 2 charging you can recharge it in about nine
4:33 pm
hours. so even overnight you can get a full charge on that bolt. >> and again the sticker price, it is $37,000, but you get about a $7,000 federal rebate is that accurate? >> yeah, that is netted out after full tax credits that you're looking around $30,000. so i mean $30,000 for 238 miles of range, no range anxiety, quiet driving, great package, just look at it. we're really excited about it. >> yes. >> was did -- when is it available? >> not only does it look good, but it moves 0-60 in under 10 seconds. it's a great car all the way around. >> all right, if you were fearing range anxiety and looking for an electric car, the chevy bolt is going to be out on the market before tesla's version of it. thanks for your time, kevin, we
4:34 pm
appreciate it. >> thank you. welcoming up, reaching the hard to reach and the new approach to help those struggling to afford food to get the food that they will need to fight diabetes. i'll talk live with those offering the service that no one else does here in california. and after feeling a bit like fall over the last couple of days. temperatures are expected to rebound. seasonal weather on the way for their final weekend of summer. i'll have a look at what to expect coming up.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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well stanford athletics is promoting football games on its facebook page with this ad. what they weren't expecting is negative backlash to the photos of the students picture. one of the students is wearing a hijab. the facebook page was flooded with negative and many times islamic comments. >> they join us now from washington, d.c. thank you so much for joining us. here you are your picture cheering on the team and you become the target of so many hateful remarks. i'm guessing that you're surprised by that? >> yeah, thank you for having me by the way. yeah, it was pretty surprising. at first i saw some of the comments that i just brushed them off. i mean that this kind of stuff happens on the internee i'm on social media a lot, so i see pretty hateful stuff that are directed towards public figures
4:38 pm
usually. and so to see it on an ad, a stanford ad from random people who have no connections to stanford was kind of shocking. >> and was this a photo shoot? did you know you were a part of this or how did it all happen? >> no. the photographer happens at football games all the time taking pictures of the fans, the students, cheering the team on, of course. this picture was taken last october at a football game. i knew that there was obviously a photographer there, i saw them taking pictures, but when the ad ran, i had no idea that it came out until someone tagged me on a post in facebook. >> it was back in march of this year and i interviewed a 13- year-old student in hayward. she wore the hijab to school and other students pulled at it, they called her a terrorist. she was completely disheartened by what happened. you know here she is, she is
4:39 pm
going to school. here you r -- here you are cheering on the team. to have those sort of comments is shocking. but how does it make you feel? the biggest feeling is disappointment, knowing that there are people out there that feel so comfortable getting on facebook and saying these type of things especially towards people that they don't know and that none of them don't know who i am. all they say was the picture. the fact they felt totally uncomfortable, that it was just disappointing. >> and you did not shy away from it. you took some of those comments, retweeting it and owned it if you will. what kind of response have you gotten from that comment? >> i got over 8,000 retweets of people just constantly telling me to keep going, keep doing what i'm doing. saying that the picture is beautiful. saying that, you know, we all
4:40 pm
need to be fighting islamaphobia. also a lot of people are saying that it is unsurprising especially given the current local climate that seeing all this stuff is disappointing and kind of shocking at first that it is not surprising as well. i'm really grateful for all the positive response especially from my stanford community and all my friends, but that is the overall response. >> the fact though that you did receive these sort of remarks if you had to do it all over again would you still want to participate in this sort of, you know, photo and advertisement? >> absolutely. i was really happy with the advertisement. no matter what, i mean afterwards that i got some people asking my if they would like me to take it down, i told them absolutely not. i loved the image and i wasn't going to back down to some haters on the internet. >> all right, stanford did release a statement that is read in part the outpouring support that this courageous student has received from within the stanford community
4:41 pm
and the world has been affirming. stanford university supports freedom of expression, but they will not tolerate hate. nice to know that stanford has your back i assume. >> definitely, definitely. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you, thank you very much. very nice weather around the bay area as we just started out with a little bit of drizzle this morning. partly cloudy skies. for the afternoon, those temperatures fell below average once again. here is a live look at mount diablo with a mix of sun and clouds there and cumulus clouds that are popping up around the bay area. it is a little bit like fall out there. a look at santa rosa. and actually that is san francisco. oakland 71, livermore as well as san jose. temperatures came up from four to eight degrees over yesterday. we would have more sunshine to start the day over portions of the central bay and over the north bay and the south bay started out with mostly cloudy skies and the drizzle reported over the south bay all the way
4:42 pm
into areas like santa cruz. if you're going to see the giants play, the 60s in the forecast with partly cloudy skies and winds are coming from the west at 12 to 20 miles per hour. we will continue to cool off as you get into the evening hours with a look at their system again that would bring us the clouds and a little bit of drizzle this morning to continue to bring us the cool weather, unseasonably mild at least. there's the look at what was going on the sierra a little bit earlier today. they reported some and that is going to continue as we get into the next couple of hours. then it will continue to push off to the east as you can see just a little bit here south and east of bear valley, a little bit of rain in south lake tahoe. still a little bit of the mix of rain and snow at the higher elevations. here at home, partly cloudy skies will be with us through the evening hours. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to partly cloudy skies. and along the coastline just inside the bay that we have changes in stored. ridge of high pressure is going to rebuild as we get into the coming days. tomorrow, perhaps similar to slightly warmer by thursday, friday. our inland communities issue these are back into the mid to
4:43 pm
upper 80s. that's where we will go as we head into the weekend. giving you a look at the numbers that are expected for tomorrow, learning under partly cloudy skies. mid-50s for san francisco. a lot of 50s in the bay, low to mid-50s expected for the north bay and napa and the inner east bay that will be starting out. 5 degrees for antioch. your afternoon highs, they look like this. mid-50s for pacifica. a lot of 70s around the became 73 in oakland. 73 in redwood city. in the south bay, 76 expected for san jose. in the north bay 75 for santa rosa as well as napa. the inner east bay is getting to near 80 degrees. upper 80s for livermore, concord. 80 degrees expected for antioch. look at the extended forecast. temperatures will continue to climb as we get into thursday, friday, and then into your bay area weekend. back into what we would consider normal for this time of the year. mid to upper 80s in the forecast for inland cities. low 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast. seasonal temperatures to start for the final weekend of summer. back to you.
4:44 pm
>> all right, thank you so much rosemary. the new food pharmacy is set to open tomorrow in san mateo with only the second of its kind here in california. both of them are operated by samaritan house. second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo county. joining us now the ceo of samaritan house. thank you so much for joining me. >> hi, heather. let's first explain what this food pharmacy is. >> a food pharmacy is a very special situation in which you're going through a medical clinic. as a doctor will be prescribing it for, you the diet to take care of your diabetes that you just walked right across the clinic to get that food for free. so you get everything that your family needs and to eat well. and you also get the nutritional education. cooking demonstrations here for the new food, it is pretty exciting. >> it is very exciting because the thing with diabetes that the types of food that you need to eat when you have diabetes are varied. i don't know t is very ex-- i don't know, it is very expensive and it is tough to stock those food banks with those sort of items, right? >> it very much is.
4:45 pm
you're talking about high- quality proteins like chicken, turkey, tuna fish. they are very costly or even whole grains. it is a lot more costly to have a real whole grain bread than white bread. >> and also fruits and vegetables. >> yeah. >> so this is the second one. tell me why it was important to open up the second location. >> well, we want to serve more people. this is a pilot. we want to see how well it works. >> for a year? >> no, we will keep going. we know that diabetes is going to be around for a while. >> when you say pilot you mean that the two locations are sort of the experiment and hopefully spread? >> yes, you have the idea. >> and how many of these new locations, how many will be able to get this sort of service? >> we expect to start out about 100 families. as it works well and the food is more available that we'll expand it. >> okay. tell me the number of people that you believe have diabetes that are in need of this. do you have any idea on that sort of number? >> it's a big number. you know diabetes is one of the most prevalent diagnosis and diseases in the united states right now.
4:46 pm
when the food bank did their study, they found that people living in poverty, that they were three times as likely to have diabetes, three times. >> oh wow. >> okay, when i was looking at the pictures earlier, i noticed those brown bags. what's in the brown bags and why those are important. >> what's in those brown bags that you might have cans of tuna fish. you might have chicken breasts, all sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables that you would choose. by the way, people get to pick the food that they're going to eat. >> okay. and i get that bag and i get to add other things? >> yes, you do. you and your whole family. >> okay, tell us about the services that are also associated with that. okay, i get the food, but then you mention the sort of counseling and the aspect as well. that is important as well. >> remember it's a medical clinic, so you have doctors that are actually monitoring your health and they are seeing what effect that this will have on your diabetes. but you're also getting nutritional education. so there is printed materials, computer materials with live
4:47 pm
nutritionists. we'll counsel you on how to eat nutritionally . >> yes, that's great. >> if you have never cooked with something like quinoa, how do you use it and let it get into your diet? when you see it it is simple. >> thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today. we wish you a lot of success with the second location and we'd love to see it across the bay area. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, ted? frank joins us now live with a look at the stories we're working on for the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. >> ted, thank you. internal investigation of 11 richland police officers is now done. it focuses on the officer's involvement with a self- subscribed sex worker celeste guap. tonight the level of disciplines for the officers in the richland department. hillary clinton still on the mend? >> yes, this afternoon we learned that hillary clinton will resume campaigning after battling pneumonia. we learned when she is going to come back onto the campaign trail. coming up at 5:00, details about her plans and also the powerful person who is stepping
4:48 pm
in for her while she's on the sidelines. >> all right, thanks. coming up next though, the heroin epidemic is reaching all- time highs all across the country. how laced drugs are making their way right here to california. we'll tell you about that when the 4:00 on 2 returns.
4:49 pm
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for months now, ktvu has been exposing the growing opioid epidemic all across the country. the numbers are indeed staggering. 78 americans will die today alone from the opioid abuse. ktvu along with fox stations across the country are teaming up. blankets of opioid abuse issues on air and online and those deaths, they are skyrocketing
4:51 pm
up 248% over four years. as we have been reporting, it is only getting worse. now the politics are -- politicians are getting involved. >> it is affecting families coast to coast in small cities and small towns and large cities and everything in between. >> broadcasters are rallying again behind this effort. i thank you for it. >> we don't want to arrest people, we want to cure people. >> reporter: now the other major issue, opioids are being laced with a strong drug called feint michigan fentanyl. >> dozens of people have been overdosing because of laced drugs. it's troubling when you consider that fentanyl is a narcotic that is chemically identicalled to heroin, but up to 50 times more potent. >> reporter: federal agents are worried about a spike of lethal a heroin laced with synthetic opioids like fentanyl. >> when officers are talking
4:52 pm
about heroin, we are talking all about opioids. we are talking about painkillers, fentanyl, which is coming over from mexico. >> reporter: according to the dea, fentanyl is chemically identical to heroin, but 50 times more potent and likely to cause an overdose. >> it is coming from china into mexico where they will make it into fentanyl. it comes across in pills, powder, across as a liquid, across mixed with heroin. and the threat is real and it is literally everywhere. >> reporter: and the demand is only growing for the cartels there is never a drug more lucrative. the combo could be marked up 3,000%. >> this is something that the 19850s, the -- in the 1980s, those guys who made a whole lot of money on cocaines, this is beyond their wildest dreams to make money. >> every single day we come up
4:53 pm
with a different plan, different ideas, different operations to seize -- to be unpredictable. all right an indiana doctor is being charged over allegations that he used his own sperm at the fertility clinic that he ran. according to court documents, 77-year-old dr. donald klein used his own sperm to help women get pregnant at least 50 times. now the doctor is being sued by two of the biological children say that they will never know how many siblings that they actually have. >> i want to know every sibling that i have. i don't think that it is ever going to be a possibility. >> i just want validation. i want to find out as much truth as i can that i know deep down that we will never ever know the complete truth as to how many siblings that we have. >> and in response to this complaint, dr. klein provide
4:54 pm
add written letter claiming, "that in no time did i use my samples." however dna proved that it was not true. >> well the u.s. is sending a show of force in north korea. >> coming up next, the accidents taken after the latest nuclear tests by the communist nation. the 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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the cease fire appears to be holding mostly in syria after a day of it going into effect. the u.s. and russia brokered a deal between syrian rebel forces about a week ago. the british-based syrian observatory for human rights says that there has been calm almost across the country today. if the cease fire does hold far week, the u.s. and russia will begin coordinated attacks on isis and al qaeda militants. well today the u.s. is trying to send a message to north korea following the latest nuclear test. frank palcott has more on the military jet flight over south korea. >> reporter: a show of force from the u.s. on the military flying two b1 bombers over the air base 75 miles from the north korean border escorted by both american and south korean jets. the bombers are capable of carrying the weapons. >> the united states, they have the unshakable commitment to defend those allies in the region and that we'll take
4:58 pm
those necessary steps to do so. >> and that comes just days after north korea's fifth nuclear test. friday's blast, their most powerful so far and it is second in their eight months. officials, they warn that another test could come at any time. >> north seattle, once again, they have demonstrated the reckless disregard for their commitment and international obligation. that this is quite unprecedented even by their military standards. >> reporter: china, they are condemning their latest attack, but beijing is blaming the u.s. for tensions on the korean side. their main ally that are calling for calm following the bomber demonstration. >> reporter: we are concerned, showing restraint and avoid taking any provocative action against each other. >> and seoul does not have nuclear weapons, they rely on
4:59 pm
their alliance with the united states when it comes to attacking. in london greg allcott fox news. navy base find an -- neighbors find an 88-year-old woman severely beaten inside her home. tonight the search for those two suspects that are wanted for this brutal home invasion. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. they call her miss flo, they all like her and they all know her. tonight deputies are looking for a pair of suspects accused of beating her up during the home invasion. jesse gary has been covering the story all day. jesse, you learned more about the victim of this attack? >> reporter: that's right, miss flo owned a beauty salon over on akee road for many years. now at 88, she had retired from the business. but still a friendly face out here in the neighborhood. that is why this crime, the site of detectives and the equipment outside her home, that they have really been
5:00 pm
shocking and upsetting to neighbors. >> it shows a very, very low type of human being to do such a thing. >> reporter: a broken front fence first alerted neighbors that something might be wrong. the elderly woman across the street lived alone, but also a friend to all. >> just the sweetest gal that you would ever want to meet in your life. >> reporter: no neighborly exchanges since sunday brought a welfare check on monday. sheriff deputies say two men broke into miss flo's home between sunday night and monday morning. neighbors didn't find her until roughly 18 hours after the crime. >> she said that two suspects forcefully broke into her home. two hispanic male suspects. and they beat her, stole jewelry from her, and then also ransacked her house. >> reporter: the pair also stole her car partially knocking down the front fence before ditching the older model volvo down the block. >> it makes me sick. i wish that i was out here when it was being done.


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