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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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shocking and upsetting to neighbors. >> it shows a very, very low type of human being to do such a thing. >> reporter: a broken front fence first alerted neighbors that something might be wrong. the elderly woman across the street lived alone, but also a friend to all. >> just the sweetest gal that you would ever want to meet in your life. >> reporter: no neighborly exchanges since sunday brought a welfare check on monday. sheriff deputies say two men broke into miss flo's home between sunday night and monday morning. neighbors didn't find her until roughly 18 hours after the crime. >> she said that two suspects forcefully broke into her home. two hispanic male suspects. and they beat her, stole jewelry from her, and then also ransacked her house. >> reporter: the pair also stole her car partially knocking down the front fence before ditching the older model volvo down the block. >> it makes me sick. i wish that i was out here when it was being done.
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it is a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: investigators worked inside the house dusting for fingerprints and other evidence. surveillance cameras mounted on neighboring homes may also provide clues. meanwhile they say they will keep a closer eye on the woman who has become a staple in this neighborhood. >> yes there, are people out there that would do such a thing. i know people like that, they exist or that they are bad people in the world and whatnot. but you know that having that happen right next door, it is kind of alarming. >> reporter: and some neighbors, they report seeing the suspicious men in this area just days before the crime. but uncertain if it is at all connected to the attack on miss flo. the investigators are hoping if anyone has any information, if they saw anything or heard anything that they would like to call the santa clara sheriff's department. we are live in east san jose, yes, sir seagerly ktvu fox 2 -- jesse gary fox 2 news. >> do we know where she is and how she is doing, jesse? >> reporter: she is in a local
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hospital. i don't want to say which one, but she's in a local hospital beaten pretty badly. i mean there was a lot of blood, but she is recovering. she is doing better. but you take that kind of beating at 88, i mean it will take a little while to get over it, but she is doing better, frank. as to what kind of person that you could put in your own adjective for what kind or person or persons did this. >> a lot of adjectives, word said. jesse, thank you. and now to some breaking news that we're following at antioch. sky fox was overhead just a short time ago where police have made several arrests we're told after a shooting. shell casings were found near the 1400 block of plymouth road. and we saw at least one vehicle with a window shot out. and this happened around 4:00 this afternoon about a dozen people that responded there to the scene. again, we are following up more on this breaking news here as you'll see that gunshot there and the back left window. several arrests have been made in connection to this shooting. we are working to find out more. be sure to follow us on
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facebook and twitter for those updates. a man that lives in this community in the east bay pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed his wife. 69-year-old, excuse me john tercheria was in court for his arraignment this morning. he is accused of hitting his wife linda in the head with a hammer more than 20 times. she filed for legal separation from him last year. a motive for the killing is not known. police say that the crime though happened at the couple's home in the blackhawk community. at the same hearing today the judge dismissed a torture charge against tercheria. >> and i looked at the autopsy report and i looked at the crime scene photos. we didn't believe that there was enough evidence to support the torture charge at this time. >> tercheria is being held on $2 million bail. his next court date is set for october 18. new information from antioch are police have arrested a man and a woman for a hate crime against a black family. police say that the suspects tried to set the family's home
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on fire and also wrote racial slurs in front of their house. now they are facing a number of charges including attempted murder. ktvu leigh martinez is in antioch tonight with more on the arrest and also a possible motive. leigh? >> reporter: well the victim rashawn williams does not know the two suspects. if there is a connection between the suspects and her eldest son, she says that he has not lived here for years. she is grateful for the police for capturing these suspects quickly. she says that she is now ready to move on from the attack. now police had video of the crime, showing a person throwing a molotov cocktail at the home last week. the house is also spray painted with a swastika and a racial slur. it didn't take long for police to find the suspects. 27-year-old rory savari and 27- year-old christin amc daniels. the attack wasn't random, but spurred by a dispute between a
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person that is connected with williams and a relative of mcdaniel. the homeowner williams says she was not surprised by the arrest. >> i'm not at all surprised. i had my suspicion. i do not know them at all. never met them before. i don't even know what they look like. >> and now the fire from the molotov cocktail damaged the garage and roof. the victim and her family were home during the attack, but fortunately no one was injured. now the couple faces multiple charges like you said including conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit torture, and mayhem. also assault with a deadly weapon, and there is an enhancement because they considered this a hate crime. >> leigh martinez in antioch tonight. thank you. well we are learning more today about the woman accused in that deadly dui crash last friday that kill add 3-year-old boy -- that killed a 3-year-old boy. yarenit malihan of pleasanton is suspected of being under the
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influence of drugs, not alcohol. they will not say what drugs. court documents also show that she was arrested for drunk driving back in june and what you're looking at right now is the booking photo from that prior arrest. now 3-year-old elijah dunn was killed in that crash on friday when the family's black sedan was rear ended by malihan's white suv. the crash also seriously injured the mother and two siblings. the little boy's mom was parked on the shoulder of interstate 680 waiting for gas. the boy's stricken -- grief stricken father spoke to us yesterday about the loss of his son. >> daddy's home. he would run up to me and give me the biggest hug. i'm going to come home and have him run up to me, but he's gone. >> malihan is the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy, telling officers that she was under the influence when she crashed into that stalled car. she was arrested on charges of dui and cross vehicular
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manslaughter. in a previous incident, the one back in june, she was charged with dui and child endangerment because her child was in the car with her. a search for a missing mother and her baby daughter is getting more desperate by the hour. police say that 37-year-old alice weiland has not been seen since sunday after leaving her home in santa cruz with her daughter joan. that she did not tell family members where she was going. the missing mother is five-feet seven inches tall, 170 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. her baby is 15 months old with blue eyes and blonde hair. a 3.5 magnitude earthquake rattled the east bay overnight hitting 1:00 this morning east of piedmont. no reports of any damage, but a number of people called us here saying that they felt it in oakland, san leandro, and san francisco. well a san francisco supervisor is now demanding answers from the developers of that now infamously sinking and tilting millennium tower
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downtown. aaron peskins says that the building's engineers knew that there was a problem, but failed to disclose it. tara moriarty tells us how the city may be on the hook. >> there are huge gaps in the record. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin says that the department of building inspections or ddi is missing documents from millennium towers developers over the city concerns that it was sinking years ago. >> i believe and i know that this is a very serious allegation that there was some level of political interference with the day-to-day duties of individuals who are charged with making sure that buildings in this seismically-prone area that we live in were not allowed to do their job. >> reporter: peskin and jane kim say that the then head of ddi amy lee and the expediter will be required to testify before the government audits and oversight committee
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september 22. dbi's principle engineer hanson todd will also be called. >> we'll find out who knew what and when they knew it. >> reporter: engineers for the luxury millennium tower on the corner of mission and fremont streets anticipated that it would sink four to six inches. so far it has sunk 16 inches. experts project it to sink up to more than 30 inches. >> my heart goes out to the over 400 individuals and families who have purchased units in that building. >> reporter: ktvu learned about problem in 2011 when crews working on the terminal project next door to the tower. they claim that the tower was sinking, but no record of it. now it's come to light that transa and millennium dealers had reached a confidentiality agreement. in july 2012, the engineer hired by millennium told us he received a daily report on any movement of buildings near the transbay project. >> if there is slight movement occurring that we know why it is happening that it will be
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detrimental to the performance of the building. >> right. >> and it's not. as we sit here today. >> before the first shovel of dirt was turned on the transbay terminal, they already knew that that building was sinking. >> reporter: when engineers designed the millennium tower, they built drilling 80 feet into the sand as opposed to 200 feet as normally done, that the city never required them to do so. and in fact that they released a statement today saying, "to suggest that millennium partners for the developer of 301 mission street asked for or received any inappropriate treatment by city agencies at any time in this process that it is simply outrageous. in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. 43 years after two young girls were killed at northern california, police say they finally have their killer in custody. newly tested dna links william patterson and harvard to the murders of two young girls in
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marysville in 1973. 12-year-old valerie lane and 13- year-old doris derberry disappeared. their bodies were found along a dirt road near marysville. both of them had been shot to death. harper was arrested near marysville, patterson was taken into custody in oklahoma. well the internal investigation is now complete. a focus on richmond police officers and their alleged involvement with a self- described sex worker named celeste guap. coming up at 5:30, we learn how those officers will be disciplined. it a high school class that will be teaching students hands- on skills. coming up next, what these students are building and how it could impact their career choices later on in life. and the calendar, well it still says summer just for a few more days, right bill? we are already talking about snow in the sierra. the resorts where it looks like winter this morning. it is good to see that and it has been cool around here. but temperatures today, they did come back about four to five degrees a little bit
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warmer. we'll talk about the snow and the warm up coming your way after the break. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ a man is suspected of stealing a big rig filled with low grade hazardous materials that lead authorities on a three-hour slow-speed chase in southern california today. chp said that the truck driver woke up in barstow to find that his truck was gone. that lead to a chase before the driver finally surrendered at a truck stop near riverside county. the man reportedly told officers that he didn't want to go to jail. inspectors say that it did not pose a public health threat.
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and in this age of technology where things could be done with your fingertips, some students at concord high school, they are learning the old fashion way to build. >> yeah, their teachers hoped that the students would remember these skills long after graduating. new at 5:00, ktvu brian flores with this unique year-long project. >> reporter: something pretty big is happening at concord. >> we should have done this a while ago. it is so good. >> reporter: when we say big, we really mean tiny. >> it looks good with that finish on it. for the past year these students under the direction of concord high construction tech are doing more than just carving from the woodblock. they are building a 2 -- a 200- square foot house. >> they picked up the power tool and they are using all the power tools in the shop. >> it started with just a trailer and then we started to put some flashing on there and the boards. then it went up. >> reporter: it's the labor of
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love, the teacher known by their students as mr. t. >> you have all seen their facebook post, right? >> you got it. >> reporter: mr. t has taught at concord high school for 12 years now. before that he spent 20 years in construction and then ran his own screen printing business before realizing that he wanted to give back. the graduate of so cal high school in santa cruz remembered working on his house in 1978. but would a project like this translate to the kids nowadays that were more accustomed to iphones than hammer and nails. >> they may not remember me or the class, a little bit of that school, but they will remember the tiny house that they built. 17-year-old kathleen batista has learned how to paint and install installation. building a house has certainly taught her new skills. >> and i plan to do art, but this is also another fun way because i can do construction, it pays well and it is
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something that if i don't go anywhere with my heart major or anything that i will go into construction. >> reporter: doing the project like this, kids learn so many life skills like problem solving, working with others. and when they are done that they would learn the skills that will help them in the long run. >> nowadays people depend on other people to do work for them. if you -- if you gain the experience of doing this, you don't need to do anything else. >> reporter: this house is quite impressive coming with a loft, a bathroom, kitchen sink, and it has electrical. it is almost done too and once it is they plan to sell it. the money will go towards building a new one next year. >> this could be a tiny house that the concord high students built and they did. >> reporter: in concord brian flores ktvu fox 2 news. all right, well for the first time in almost a decade, americans got a raise last year. that is according to new data released by the u.s. census bureau. the data is the overall projection on how they had been living for the past 12 months
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and to surprise you with some most of the news was good. the typical u.s. household, their income, it rose about 5.2% last year to $56,516 a year. but it is still below the median income of $57,523 reported in 2007 and that of course that it will be when the great recession hit. the rise of income will help lift millions of americans out of poverty. the nation's poverty rate would fall from 14.7% in 2014 to 13.5% in 2015. that is the largest decline in poverty since 1999. which was the last year of president bill clinton's term. and we would have some snow that is up in the mountains last night as the weather will be showing you how they brought the cooler weather here as you look at the time lapse there. it is not a lot of snow, but it is snow as you can see it start to clear out around their mid-
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morning. not a lot of accumulation, just a trace amount. but still you know, not even in october you'll see the snow. that is always a good sign for their precipitation year ahead. that is the system that we will be talking about. the weather system that will bring us that, not only snow around lake tahoe, but it will be big time snow and that it will be snow up here in their northern rockies towards montana and parts of idaho with the low pressure center and that the circulations will be seeing it move around here too and that is how the weather will be a little bit different with scattered showers out there. mainly to the east of the sierra-nevada, a few stray showers are moveworking their way out towards -- moving their way out towards the south. and that low, they will be going that way towards their east. oh by the way as they move out to the great plains, it will cause the significant weather out there to have some severe weather and that system will be tracking over the next two and a half days. for us, we've got fog that was at the coast. but because of the low that they have been chewed away. we have a lot of clear skies
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out there right now, a little bit of the cloud cover, but not much. and the reform happens here again, which means that they will have an opportunity to drop back down into the lower 50s as they would get last night. a little chilly overnight. 74 right now in fairfield. it is 7 degrees warmer in fairfield than what it was yesterday as you'll forget that yesterday, it was silly. but today 12 degrees warmer in hayward. hayward right now, 74. so it will be 12 degrees warmer. so it will be only 62 degrees for hayward at this time yesterday. san jose is four degrees warmer. the winds are bringing in that cool marine air, fire danger is bound, air quality is good. we have some gusty winds, 30 miles an hour gusts in some places. the forecast model for tomorrow morning, just a few clouds, right? and that i think that they will have a little patchy fog, more of the low cloud thing. more yellows, starting to work
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their way into the 80s. and that they will be working their way into fairfield or vacaville and those areas. everything will be starting to go up from there and those temperatures are on the increase throughout their next three to four days. they will be getting back up into the upper 80s with a few 90s. today, we saw a little bit of wind as this low will be tracking off. they will warm up. 75 in napa tomorrow. 80 in brentwood and their warm spots for their trend that will be warming up. thursday, friday, saturday and then as we head into sunday you're going to see those temperatures that will need to get back up to the 80s as well. a nice little forecast ahead. the air quality is real good with this pattern. fire danger is down. it is kind of fun to see little snow. >> yeah, it is. >> is that early? >> yeah. >> you will see it every once
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in a while that it is pretty early. >> right. >> about three weeks early. >> all right, thank you. well people from all over the world, they will visit the winding famous part of lombard street. but as where she been reporting, some problems as all those tourists are creating some problems for those who live there. up next the measures that are being considered to cut down on their congestion. and later coming up new at 6:00, a show of support on the cal campus for survivors of sexual assault. the new display in light of several cases. also it is being called a game changing study. how northern california researchers are working to zero in on the cause of autism. it is all coming up at 6:00.
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well san francisco is looking for a way to appease residents who live along the very popular streets in the world. lombard street residents say that they are being overrun by tourists over the weekend and that the crowds, they are growing larger on the weekdays. but tonight the city is holding a community meeting for suggestions on how to handle the situation. ideas include the use of reservations or even selling tickets. charging tolls to both drivers and the pedestrians, something that might be a first on any residential street here in the u.s. also requiring that peel, they use ride sharing cars, also up for consideration, putting parking control officers on duty. and now some people, they are skeptical that they will stop the flow of people. >> i don't know if they would slow anyone down.
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it's kind of a destination that it does not bother me. >> reporter: residents are not just bothered by the crowds. but they tell us that the vandalism and car break-ins are an issue. that drones are flying overhead to makuta constant lawnmower -- overhead making a constant lawnmower sound. what do you think should be done to make lombard street better or should the city do nothing at all? people from all over the world come to sf for a variety of places to see. and the people who live there, they should have understood the ramifications of living near a popular tourist attraction. it is just like if you bought a house near train tracks. there is another response that i want to read to you from kelly on facebook. most of the people living on it have been there for generations. traffic and lack of respect have grown. to enforce the care and respect, it should have hours 9- 5 just like most other attractions. in phoenix police say that two
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other officers were injured after a driver intentionally ran into them. it happened early this morning outside a gas station near i- 17. police say that the 44-year-old suspect was driving under the influence when he targeted the officers, but there is no word of any specific motive. both officers are expected to survive the driver who is now facing several serious charges including attempted murder. a wells fargo executive who oversaw the unit that created two million unauthorized customer accounts is reportedly retiring with a $124 million golden parachute. kerry holstead will retire the end of the year from the san francisco-based bank. last week the consumer financial protection bureau imposed a $185 million fine on wells fargo for defrauding customers to generate more revenue. the bank also fired more than 5,000 workers. and investigators say that the fraud was tied to the division, but that he was not named in the complaint and it is not known if she was aware of the
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practice. an internal investigation found 11 east bay police officers didn't break the law in a sex scandal involving a teenage prostitute, but they will still be punished. coming up what they are recommending for the officers. what has hillary clinton at home resting. she'll begin to travel soon. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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richmond police officers that were wrapped up in the sex scandal claimed prostitutes did not break the law. >> our crime reporter henry lee is here now. henry, some of the officers are still going to face discipline. >> reporter: that's right, frank. five current or former officers are facing the criminal charges. that's not the case in richmond. we learned 11 officers were investigated internally that some of them are facing sanctions ranging from counseling to termination. internal investigations focused on 11 current and former richmond officers who were involved with this woman. a self-described sex worker who goes by the name of celeste guap. an undisclosed number of officers will face termination, reprimand, or counseling. the investigation cleared some officers of wrong doing. richmond police chief owen brown declined to comment tuesday. reading a memo to city officials, the chief said that they reviewed 10,000 text messages and cell phone records, 5,000 social media
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pages, and interviewed guap for 13 hours during five separate meetings. guap is in jail in florida charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly attacking a security guard while in rehab. she has been offered a plea deal so she could potentially be back in the bay area soon. but the chief struck back at accusations against their department spirited her out of california even as their own probe that is ongoing and that the department, they would have no control over where the victims will be going to rehab. but they said, "the representations that we have sent this teenage witness away or had her removed to florida distort reality." and he also said that guap was considered a crime victim for an earlier incident unrelated to the police misconduct scandal. he declined to give specifics. the state victim compensation funds for used to pay for her rehab. in a statement richmond mayor said, "any time something like this happens, you know it's not good for the perception of the department and the image of the city." >> reporter: now celeste guap
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and her attorneys will be holding a news conference tomorrow in florida. we'll certainly see if they have anything to say to these officers in oakland. >> yes, it will be taking up a plea deal that will be offered. >> it is very possible, i think if that is the case that you will probably do that back here and that is where alameda county district attorney o'malley wants her to be a key witness before formally filing charges against the officers in alameda county. >> is there a possibility even though the internal investigation found that those officers didn't break the law that the district attorney could still charge some of them, which is what happened in alameda county with the oakland police officers? >> it is possible. i reached out to the d.a. and they don't have any open cases against any officers. they have looked at some oakland officers, but no charges have been brought. that is always a possibility in contra costa, san francisco, and in san joaquin county. >> henry, i'm still a little confused as to why and who is paying for her to get treatment outside of the state. >> well regardless of it, outside the state or in the
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state, why would the state be paying for her to get treatment? >> so there is a board that has allocated crime victims ranging from domestic abuse, victim abuse. she falls into this category for the last seven years. and they can secure funding through the state fund. in this case, the city of richmond and the contra costa da's office would help her with the paperwork, treating her as a crime victim. >> what was she a victim of? >> reporter: she was a victim of some kind of an incident before the whole sex scandal materialized, saying she was eligible for funds as they would see her as someone that needed some kind of help to get her back on the right track. >> all right, okay. thank you. the santa clara county sheriff's department is investigating the deadly officer-involved shooting that happened shortly before 8:00 last night in saratoga. sheriff deputies were called to a house on titus avenue near prospect road when they came face to face with an armed man
5:35 pm
who was inside. that lead to the deadly confrontation. >> the subject had a firearm in his hand. he raised the firearm. and then deputies gave him several verbal commands to drop that firearm. and deputies shot the individual as he was later transported to a hospital and pronounced deceased. >> the sheriff deputies, they were not hurt. authorities are still investigating whether the suspect ever fired his gun during last night's confrontation. the name of the man who died has not been released. we now know the name of the man who police believe was involved in that double shooting in el sobrante. 32-year-old jason ellis was arrested yesterday, not far from a home where two people were shot on el central road. one victim is 37 years old and the other is 19. both men are still in the hospital being treated. ellis is being held at the attention facility with two counts of an assault with a firearm. his bail set at $100,000. late this afternoon hillary clinton's campaign announced that she'll get back onto the
5:36 pm
campaign trail on thursday. right now she's staying at her home in new york and resting following a battle with pneumonia. joel waldman tells us that president obama has stepped in now to pitch for why he thinks hillary clinton should be our next president. >> reporter: president obama in philadelphia explaning why he thinks hillary clinton is the best choice to succeed him as the 45th president of the united states. >> i believe there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as our president. >> reporter: clinton who appeared defamed after 9/11 memorial events sunday is still too sick with pneumonia to leave home. the latest medical scare is raising serious questions about clinton's overall health as well as her transparency. and today, house democrats are coming together to support their presidential nominee. >> we know less about donald trump's health today than we have known about hillary clinton's health for quite some time. >> the republican vice
5:37 pm
presidential candidate mike pence was also on capitol hill today, meeting with the house gop leaders calling him out for comments that she made about trump supporters, referring to them as deplorables. >> anyone that would get that low on the american people should never serve in the highest office of land. >> reporter: trump inspected calls among other things, sick weeks of paid maternity leave to lower childcare cost nationwide. making a pit stop in iowa before the speech later this evening. >> and her comments, displayed the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that lead her to violate federal law and secretary of state. >> the most recent national poll shows that tightening the race only four points ahead of donald trump. in washington joel waldman fox news. broadcasters across the country are joining races. the government statistics, they now show that heroin and
5:38 pm
prescription drug abuse have soared in recent years with an estimated 78 americans that are dying every day. and so now the national association of broadcasters, they are teaming up with the partnership for those kids to fight opioid abuse. >> these are the kinds of things that they could do and that they want to do them and they see the worthiness of the cause. >> it is affecting families coast to coast in small cities and small towns and large cities, everything in between. >> now they will join other fox stations across the nation for this campaign. our stations, they will blanket the air waves with the anti- drug messages both on air and online and as you would know that they have been taking a closer look at this rapidly growing drug problem for the last several months now. we've had several in-depth report on the incidents tied to heroin as well as prescription drug abuse and we will continue our in-depth coverage. they are promoting football games on their website, but they were not expecting all the
5:39 pm
negative backlash to this picture of a student who is wearing a hijab. coming up, she responds to the hateful comments that she has received. and plus the nfl announces a special uniform. and raider fans are not so happy about it.
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the second touchdown of the game as the 49ers will go on to destroy the l.a. rams, 28-0. it was a pretty impressive start for the 49ers playing their debut game under their new head coach chip kelly. >> as joe fonzi tells us that the crowd, they certainly enjoyed beating a team from los angeles. >> reporter: it was 22 years since the 49ers crowd could echo that chant. maybe the only people inside the nfl who thought they could open this season with a 28-0 season over the rams are the 49ers themselves. statistics were as lopsided as the final score. but they had 28 first downs to the ram's 10. and they were penalized 10 times for 102 yards and that was included in ejection. the 49ers penalized twice for
5:43 pm
10 yards. it was all reflected in a very positive 49 locker room. >> there are ups and downs throughout the games. the biggest thing is that they were catching their way for the w and that is all that matters in this league. >> just the way that we would play as a team and special teams, defensively, offensively that we would rally off one another. >> and there is still a national anthem side show around the 49ers. and that it will likely follow them all over the season. after the game at least one 49er was vocal in their displeasure that there is a huge amount of reporters that took three mop-up snaps rather than the stars of the game. if there is something about their political dialogue that opened up in the 49er locker room rather than be devicive could be served to unify the team. >> it is equality, you know what i'm saying? and that i feel like it is a guy who is trying to represent something on standing up or something. and that you should not shoot
5:44 pm
that man down and blow them when they are on the field. there have not been any issues in our locker room that it was handled in the beginning right away. when we come to work here. i give colin the most credit because when he comes here it is all about football. this week it is about preparing for the panthers. >> reporter: whether it is going for a two-point conversion on winning a game or getting a team shutout for a team that was not really highly regarded in the nfl season. week one proved to be highly unpredictable. we can hardly wait for week two. in santa clara joe fonzi ktvu fox 2 news. well the nfl unveiled new uniforms today. all the teams will wear these special uniforms when they play on thursday night. as you can see the 49ers will wear all black when they play the arizona cardinals coming up on thursday, october 6. the raiders will play their thursday night game in all white. and some raider fans are upset that they are wearing white and instead of black. the raiders play the kansas
5:45 pm
city chiefs on thursday december 8. coming up here a stanford student was in an ad promoting the stanford cardinal football team. her friends thought it was cool seeing it right there in the middle. but then the hateful messages started coming in. the worse one i saw is definitely the one where the lady is like oh i hope someone puts a bullet in your head on campus. coming up next we'll talk to the student about her response to the hateful comments and what she wants stanford to do with this ad. and definitely warmed up a few degrees today significant warming coming your way. we'll talk to you about that right after the break.
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a stanford student is speaking out now after being the target of hateful remarks. they all started after she appeared in a stanford university football ad wearing a hijab as a head scarf traditionally worn by muslim women. ktvu leigh martinez spoke to that student from her home in arlington, virginia about the attention she has received over the ad. >> reporter: the online ad was to attract football fans to stanford university games. it showed a group of enthusiastic students cheering at a game last fall. >> i thought it was really cool. my friends were all like look we're famous guys this is so cool and we were joking about it. >> reporter: shortly after posting the ad on facebook, the comments that came in were not funny. >> the worse one i thought was definitely the one where the lady says oh i hope that someone puts a bullet in your head on campus. >> reporter: the hateful and sometimes threatening comments
5:49 pm
specifically targeted her for wearing a hijab. >> people are racist, but when they are literally asking for an attack on my life i'm like what the heck is going on, this is beyond ridiculous. >> reporter: the stanford university facebook administrator deleted many of the threats and hateful remarks. >> and then i saw more and that is when i got frustrated and decided to tweet about it. >> reporter: her tweet has been retweeted more than 8,600 times. she returns to campus next week and says that she is 99% sure that the hateful commenters are outsiders and not connected to the stanford community. in a statement, stanford university says that the outpouring of support that this courageous student has received from within the stanford community and around the world has been affirming. stanford university supports freedom of expression, but it will not tolerate hate. she told the school to keep running the ad. >> i mean the picture is great, right. me and my friends are having fun at a football game. i really enjoyed it. i didn't want them to take down
5:50 pm
the ad. >> reporter: she is excited to return to school. and in san francisco leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. two missing firefighters who disappeared in the yosemite have been found safe and sound. dave brown and captain avilar work for the fire department. they planned a six-day backpacking trip neither yosemite national park. but when they didn't return on sunday their loved ones got worried. their vehicle was found in the park on monday. today brown showed up at a ranger station. captain avil, r was found a short time later. details about how they got lost were not released. temperatures today generally on the cool side, but certainly warmer than those of yesterday. and so it is 80 in antioch, 80 in fairfield. still slightly below average for this time of the year. but going to the warmer side. we were very cool yesterday. temperatures are significantly warmer than yesterday about
5:51 pm
five to eight or ten degrees in some places. air quality is good. the wind has been up. this system, the ones that are sitting right in the middle here, this one coming over the course, showing you some wind  as we've got that snow up in kirkwood. and then as that system rolls off, that it will be widening out the basin, working their way out towards their plains that it will be exploding into the significant weather for folks in that region. for us it is starting to move and as it migrates east, we will begin to warm up. that's kind of what we saw today as they move east, a few hundred miles east picking up the heat. that's how it goes again tomorrow. that the fog should be patchy at the coast tomorrow, but feeling more like fall out there. the temperatures are relatively warm. 58 and 59. and the high pressure, it is coming to the point where it is not that strong that we should be seeing enough condition that it will be correct for the fog to form. 11 in novado. it is 70 degrees warmer in fairfield so temperatures are definitely warming. san jose tomorrow maybe a
5:52 pm
little bit of patchy fog about 57 degrees in the morning hours. and then as we look at the afternoon, you'll get partly sunny. around noontime in the upper 60s. look at the sky with the good air quality and a beautiful day. then late in the day your high for san jose is 76 degrees in san jose. so as you look at this world pressure center that they will give us the breezy mild day certainly yesterday. and then today. and now we'll be going with the sky. he pops in, and temperature wills warm up as you see it happen a million times, it'll happen again. we stay warmer here on thursday and friday and wednesday, thursday, friday that we're not talking about big heat wave, but talking about the mid-80s and the upper 80s on thursday and friday for tomorrow near 80 in antioch and brentwood for your wednesday forecast. now livermore 78, 77 san jose. and here is the five-day forecast. that it really does feel like fog, doesn't it? the pattern and the way that it is moving outside. the five-day forecast quite frankly is very late september and almost really for you in
5:53 pm
early october. there you go. we'll see you back here at 6:00 with the updates. >> thank you. coming up new at 6:00, the show of support on the cal campus for survivors and their sexual assaults. the new display in light of several recent cases. plus, it is being called a game changing study. how they are working to zero in on their cause of autism. that's coming up at 6:00.
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a heartbreaking story tonight about an incredibly different issue. she wants to end her own life because she's in constant pain. her mom actually supports her decision, but others are working to stop her. >> reporter: meant to look like a prom, this is dubbed their last dance. only because 14-year-old jerica bollen doesn't want to go on living. she has an incurable disease. she says that she is in pain. she has already endured 30 surgeries, telling her mother that she wants to stop fighting. turn off the breathing device, go into hospice, and let her life slip away. >> mom, i want to die. and then i realize that i can make some more. >> reporter: i say that i love you that much. >> that i will not let you
5:57 pm
suffer. if it is that bad, then it is okay, i'll find a way to be okay. >> reporter: however a disability rights group is asking child protective authorities to intervene, saying that her condition is manageable with treatment. that she has a quality of life ahead of her and she is too young to make this life and death decision. >> she is only 14 and that we know that the brain is not fully matured, there is a reason why we don't let 14-year- olds join the military. there's a reason why we don't let the 14-year-olds vote. >> reporter: wisconsin law is not entirely clear on one hand her mother's support would make a difference. however a court ruling from 2014 stated in wisconsin in the absence of a persistent vegetative state, the right of the parent to withhold life sustaining treatment from a child does not exist. >> right now in the absence of any litigation, it's the moral question with legal implications. >> reporter: many people in her hometown appleton, wisconsin say that if she is suffering she has a right to stop
5:58 pm
fighting. including the dj who played at the farewell prom. >> she is in a body that is nearly paralyzed and painful all the time -- all the time. think about how you would feel. >> reporter: the parents write that disengaging from the breathing machine may not bring about a rapid death. in fact that she could suffer from complications brought on by troubled breathing for a long time. and the mother has stopped making public comment. in appleton, wisconsin fox news. new information tonight about the driver being blamed for a dui crash that claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy. tonight we're learning that the suspect has been arrested for dui before. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. it is the wife of the alameda county sheriff deputy who is 39 years old and she is from pleasanton and now accused in last week's crash that killed a
5:59 pm
3-year-old boy in san ramon. we'll get the new information now from cristina ramon at chp headquarters in vallejo. cristina? >> reporter: frank, chp is saying that they believe that they were driving under the influence of drugs when she crashed last from time to time and that we do know that they are not saying what kind of drugs that they believe she was on, but we do know that she has been arrested before. take a look at a picture, a mugshot of the 39-year-old when she was first arrested for dui back in june. court records show that she was pulled over in pleasanton for driving under the influence at that time her blood alcohol level was .13 and her 10-year- old child was in the car and that the california department of motor vehicle says that in that case that it was due to be suspended, but they requested a dmv hearing, which means that her driving privilege will be continuing until the hearing, which is set for october. and last friday, she crashed into a park car on their
6:00 pm
shoulder in san ramon, resulting in the death of the 3- year-old boy as they say that she was driving under the influence of drugs in that case. >> and she did have her driver's license in her possession. she was a valid driver with a valid driver's license. and there was no prior dui conviction on her record. the chp says that when somebody is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol that their license is typically suspended. the driver is then issuing a temporary license or pink slip and they are entitled to request that hearing. if the hearing is scheduled, that person and their driving privileges is extended pending the outcome of the hearing as they are waiting on toxicology results to determine what kind of drugs that they might have been on last friday. and that we know she is facing charges of the gross vehicular manslaughter and felony dui, frank? >> reporter: cristina at this point does she still have her license?


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