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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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shoulder in san ramon, resulting in the death of the 3- year-old boy as they say that she was driving under the influence of drugs in that case. >> and she did have her driver's license in her possession. she was a valid driver with a valid driver's license. and there was no prior dui conviction on her record. the chp says that when somebody is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol that their license is typically suspended. the driver is then issuing a temporary license or pink slip and they are entitled to request that hearing. if the hearing is scheduled, that person and their driving privileges is extended pending the outcome of the hearing as they are waiting on toxicology results to determine what kind of drugs that they might have been on last friday. and that we know she is facing charges of the gross vehicular manslaughter and felony dui, frank? >> reporter: cristina at this point does she still have her license?
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>> we know that it is suspended last friday, but that chp says that they will be nailing it back to her and that they were only suspended if they were driving under the influence of alcohol, not drugs where she will be getting her license back. cristina rendon is reporting live for us tonight, thank you. now on ktvu, you'll find a complaint filed against a suspect in their prior dui arrest that you could look for this story neither top of their home page. all new at 6:00, they are announcing the arrest of the california highway patrol officer on child pornography charges. they say that 54-year-old officer patrick francis cooney was arrested at his home in auburn today and he is a 26- year veteran of the highway patrol. they say that officer cooney transmitted images under the age of 18 online. and that they live in the client neighborhood. one neighbor says that he mostly keeps some thoughts.
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>> and it is surprising and disappointing that they were arrested for that. and that in his demeanor and the way that they would react like that, they didn't want to do anything with anybody and that they were hiding something. >> he is free on $60,000 bail. that they have placed them on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> and they are investigating a deadly shooting involved in a deputy. that it happened shortly before 8:00 last night in saratoga. that they were called to a house on titus avenue when they came face to face with the armed man inside. and the officers say that the man repeatedly ignored their orders to drop their gun and they say that they were forced to open fire when they pointed that weapon at the deputy as they say that they were not hurt, that authorities, they are still investigating whether they fired their gun. and now to san jose where
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they are investigating a home invasion that was left hospitalized in critical condition. as they tell us that they will be looking for two men that are responsible for that attack. and what neighbors are saying. and it will show a very, very low type of human being to do such a type of thing. >> and something might be wrong. >> the only woman across the street, living a-- living alone. that she is the sweetest gal that you would ever want to meet in your life. >> she would say hi, flo. >> and that they would bring that welfare check on monday as they say that two men broke into her home on sunday night and monday morning and that they did not find her until roughly 18 hours after the crime, saying that she believes that they broke into their home. two hispanic male suspects. and they would beat her, they stole jewelry from her and also ransacked her house. >> reporter: the pair also
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stole flo's car, partially knock down the french door before ditching the older mold volvo down the block. >> i wish that it was out here when it was being done that it is in horrible tragedy. >> reporter: they worked inside the house dusting for fingerprints, saying that they would provide clues as they will keep a closer eye on the woman becoming a stabling in this neighborhood. >> and that they would need to do such a thing that i know that they would exist that they are bad people in the world and whatnot. and to have that happen right next door is kind of alarming. >> they would report seeing the suspicious men in the area just days and if it is connected to the attack on miss flo as they are hoping that the surveillance cameras would provide more information. in east san jose jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. a search for the mother and baby daughter are getting
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desperate. but they say that the 37-year- old alice wieland has not been seen since sunday after leaving her home in santa cruz with her daughter joan. investigators say that wieland did not fell family members where she was going. the missing mother is five-feet seven with brown hair and blue eyes. her baby is 15 months old with blue eyes and brown hair. a man pleaded not guilty to charges of killing his wife. john tercheria was arraigned this morning accused of hitting her in the head repeatedly with a hammer filing for legal separation from him last year and that they say that the crime happened at their home in the exclusive gated community of blackhawk being held on $2 million bail due back in court next month. we now know the name of the man arrested on monday in a double shooting in el sobrante being held at the detention facility on two counts of
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assault with a firearm. and after they were shot on el central road at least one person said that it is the result of the dispute among neighbors, and that one is 37 years old and the other is 19. that they are both still in the hospital. that bail for ellis has been set at $100,000. it will be the attempted murder charges in connection to the hate crime last week. that ktvu lila alligood tells us what they know about the two suspects and their possible motive. antioch police says that it is clear that the attack on this home with a hate crime directed at african american family. >> and police, they say that video of the crime shows a person throwing the molotov cocktail at the home last week. and the house was also spray painted with the swastika and a racial slur. it didn't take long for police to find the suspects. 27-year-old roy sorvari and 25- year-old christyne mcdaniels were arrested the day after the attack on the home. police say that the attack wasn't random. that it was spurred by the
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dispute between a relative of the victim and a relative of mcdaniel. >> guys, the only reason why this was resident -- this resident was targeted. >> i'm not surprised, but i had my suspicion. i do not know them at all. never met them before. i don't even know what they look like. >> reporter: the molotov cocktail start add fire and damaged the garage and roof. the victim and her family were home during the attack, but fortunately no one injured. the couple faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder, mayhem, and torture. assault with a deadly weapon and arson. there is also an enhancement because it is a hate crime. the couple is held on more than $1 million bail. while they are still hurtful on the attack of their home, the victim says since the arrest she feels more comfortable and is ready to move on. in antioch leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. hillary clinton's campaign announced she would return to
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the campaign trail on thursday. right now, she is staying at her new york home and resting after a battle with pneumonia. as fox news reporter joel waldman tells us that they hit the campaign trails today to pinch hit. president obama in philadelphia explaning why they think that hillary clinton is the best choice to succeed him as the 45th president of the united states. >> and i believe that there has never been a man or a woman that is more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president. >> reporter: they will appear to fame after 9/11 memorial's event on sunday was too sick to leave home. the latest medical scare is raising serious questions about clinton's overall health as well as her transparency. today, house democrats are coming together to support their presidential nominee. >> we know less about donald trump's health today than what we have known about hillary for quite some time >> reporter: the republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is also on capitol hill today meeting with the
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house gop leaders, calling clinton out for comments she made about trump supporters referring to them as deplorables. >> anyone that would have that low of an opinion on the american people should never serve the highest level on the land. >> they are expected to call six weeks of paid maternity leave as a part of their proposal below the childcare cost nationwide. making the pit stop in off before the speech later this evening. >> and her comments, displays the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that lead her to violate federal law secretary of state. >> reporter: the most recent national poll shows that a tightening race with hillary clinton is just four points. in washington joel waldman fox news. coming up, experts say it is not a matter of if, but when. at 6:30 an eye opening look at the potential fire danger on one of the bay area's most popular peaks. the worse case scenario, people are trapped to die.
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unfortunately that is the reality. and i'm tracking the warm up that is coming your way. we will let you know how warm it will get as you head into the five days ahead. but first new developments in the bay area police sex scandal that would get nationwide attention. what the internal investigation has revealed. and we want to take you live outside for a look at this tuesday evening commute. as you can see here, the bay bridge plaza is showing you that it will be pretty jam packed. especially if you don't have enough. a different story for you there in oakland and the coliseum parking lot there on the right and the direction on the left. and it looks like they will be moving along pretty well right now.
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new information now on a sex scandal involving a teenage sex worker and several bay area police. they found that their officers did not break the law. >> yeah, ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more on this internal investigation. henry some of the officers say that they did not break the law, but they will still be disciplined? >> reporter: that's right. in oakland five current or former oakland officers are facing charges, but that's not the case in oakland. they were investigated internally and some of them are facing the sanctions ranging from counseling to determination. >> reporter: an internal investigation focuses on 11 officers involved with this woman a self-described sex worker going by the name of celeste guap. an undisclosed number of officers will be facing
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reprimand or counseling or termination. they cleared some officers of wrong doing. richmond police chief owen brown declined to discuss the investigation on tuesday, reading a memo to the city officials. they viewed 10,000 text messages, 5,000 social media pages, interviewing guap for 13 hours during their five separate meetings. guap is in jail in florida and charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly attacking a security guard while in rehab. she's been offered a plea deal to potentially be back in the bay area soon. and the chief struck back at accusations that his department spirited her out of california and even as their own probe was ongoing. saying that the department, they would have no control over where the victims will go to rehab. but they said, "representations that we have sent this teenage witness away or had her removed to florida distort reality. and also said that guap was considered a crime victim for an earlier incident unrelated to the police misconduct scandal, declining to comment
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specifically, citing their laws. the state funds were used to pay for her rehab. in the statement, richmond mayor tom butt said that any time something like this happens that you know it's not good for the perception of the department and the image of the city. and now celeste guap and her attorneys, they will be holding a news conference tomorrow in florida. we'll engage her reaction to see whether she will return to the bay area or going back to rehab for work. >> if she does come back to the bay area at some point, wouldn't nancy o'malley want her to testify? >> absolutely. and she is waiting for guap to return to the bay area to formally file the charges. if she files too soon, you know, that the countdown will start and that these officers, they could say that i want to file this quickly and without their star witness here in town. and let's talk about their other municipalities. now that we've got oakland and richmond and what about the other law enforcement agencies in which some of the officers will be there?
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>> and that they said that they do not have anything active, but that is not to say that something will be filed down the line. >> reporter: but the internal investigations, they are all going on? >> there is a federal guard who has been reassigned and that it will be ongoing and always the two-prong approach. >> moving elsewhere. >> all right, thank you. all new at 6:00, the san leandro police force has added a new emergency vehicle to their force. the armor truck is a medical rescue vehicle call add bear cat medivac. they say that this vehicle has been purchased through a state grant. and that they say that the vehicle will be a critical resource for police and first responders. and that they will ultimately improve their community safety. sacramento police chief sam summers announced his retirement today. the 53-year-old is scheduled to step down in december citing family reasons for his departure. his resignation will come at a
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time of controversy for sacramento police. the department is recently under intense scrutiny over their use of force especially when dealing with people from low-income minority communities. san francisco is looking for a way to impeach resident who is live along the popular crooked street of the world, lome lard street residents -- lombard street residents are being overrun tourists. tonight the city is holding a community meeting for suggestions on how to handle the situation. some of the ideas include the use of reservations or perhaps the selling of tickets. even charging tolls to both drivers and pedestrians. now that's something that might be a first on any residential street here in the u.s. other ideas will include requiring ride sharing cars or putting in the parking patrol officers there. it is pretty skeptical that any of these solutions will stop the flow of visitors. it is kind of a destination. it doesn't bother me getting
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around. >> the car break-ins are also an issue. but she says that the drones are flying overhead making a constant lawnmower noise over the weekend. this brings us to the question of the day. what do you think needs to be done to make the noise better on lombard street? people all over the world will come here for a variety of places to see and the people who live there, they should have understood the ramifications of living up to the popular tourist attraction that it is just like if you bought a house near the train tracks. they also responded to it on facebook saying that most of the people living on it have been there for a generation and that traffic and lack of respect have grown. and to enforce the care and their respect that it should have use hours such as 9:00 to 5:00 just like most other attractions. a little snow up in the mountains last night and early
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this morning as you can see the time lapse that will be up in kirkwood up there. but the dusting of snow, a quarter of an inch in some places, the very cool weather system that will be dropping snow just above 6,000 feet. and if you got under some of it, it was a bit early and kind of unusual, just a few weeks early. but things are changing around out there as we will start warming up, that is going east. the temperatures today, they warmed up about four to five degrees as that system will go off to the east. by the way, i think that it will create a lot of severe weather and some extreme weather as it will be moving out the plains. that's a very nice couple of days. but the temperatures will be coming up. these are the highs from today and the highs tomorrow, they will be warmer than these. we are kind of stepping up our temperatures. it will be warmer. that's the forecast the warming trend. the sun is getting ready to go down the horizon to see some red in the atmosphere with pretty good air quality because of the winds the last couple of
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days where it has been breezy. there is the system that we have been seeing significant temperatures about three to four inches of snow, aspen towards montana and sun valley, idaho. and it is that system moving off. that it is just not what you would expect for this time of the year. it is very interesting actually. you don't expect to see that guy right there. in september and middle september. so it will be interesting to see how the rest of the season will go, which is kind of an interesting position for that. we are setting up for the day tomorrow a lot like today, but slightly warmer. current temperatures in the 70s. highs tomorrow are going to be into the low 80s in the warmest spots. when i come back, we will give you all the numbers, we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. shedding light on a growing problem is affecting those families. in small towns and their large cities and then everyone in between. >> the effort is underway to address that rising number of
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opioid deaths out across the country. and also the 49ers won their first game, but now they would have cam newton in the carolina panthers coming up next. later in sports, what coach chip kelly is saying about the panther quarterbacks. plus, a driver leads police on a three-hour chase in a big rig filled with hazardous materials. what we are learning new about a bay area connection.
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a man suspected of stealing a big rig filled with low grade
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hazardous materials lead authorities on the three-hour chase in southern california today. the chp says that the truck driver woke up in barstow to find his truck gone. los angeles tv stations are reporting that the driver had been planning to go to sunnyvale. instead a thief lead police on the chase until he finally surrendered. the hazardous materials did not pose a public health threat. there is still no word on why he stole that truck, but at one point that he repeatedly told those officers that he did not want to go back to jail. >> the national association of the broadcasters is taking aim at the rising number of the heroin in the other opioid deaths in america. it is a problem that they reported it in the past, joining us on this new effort to shed light on a growing problem that is just having a huge impact on families across the country. tom fitzgerald tells us that the effort was unveiled today in capitol hill on washington.
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>> denise mariano never thought she would walk the halls of congress, but she will also tell you that she never thought her own son would start abusing opioids. >> i didn't know. and i was blind sided. >> reporter: the numbers are shocking. 78 americans, they will die today from the opioid abuse. a national problem that is clearly in demand of national attention. >> and these are the kinds of things that they could do. and that they would want to seat worthiness of the cause. >> and that is gordon smith the president of the national association of broadcasters on capitol hill, announcing that through the end of 2017, that you will be seeing ads like this one on opioid abuse. they are bold and they are blunt. and beneficial. >> they were targeted. but to find out she tried heroin. >> reporter: the broadcasters including fox television station, they are teaming up to blanket the opioid abuse message on air and online.
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the goal? getting your attention when you and your family watched tv. >> the abuse deaths are skyrocketing up 248% over four years, and it is getting worse. all for partnership for the drug-free kids. >> it is affecting families coast to coast in small cities, small towns and large cities. and then everything in between. >> reporter: on capitol hill with those politicians, they do not agree too much on bipartisan agreement on their anti-opioid effort, that they will save lives. >> they are rallying again behind this effort. and i thank them for it. >> we don't want to resonate people, but we want to cure people. a cure that they are now finding as he fights that addiction. >> it is one of the lucky ones who made it into recovery. we were hopeless. >> her hope now is that their fight will help your family avoid their addiction her
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family is battling for years. you may have already seen some of those public service announcements airing on this station. broadcasters, they have already aired more than $15 million worth of psas for the partnership for the drug-free kids. well fears of the fire storm on one of the bay area's most popular peaks. >> i'm very fearful that a lot of people will lose their lives. up next their segment report and why experts say it is not a matter of if, but when. and blaming the moon. why the nasa researchers say that gravitational pulls could be the cause of the earthquakes like the small one we had last night in the east bay. and plus the san francisco skyscrapers are thinking about the building and their engineers that are to blame ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is -- are to blame passenger the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. ♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ a look at the top stories in san jose. police are looking for two men after a home invasion left an elderly woman hospitalized in critical condition. police say that two males entered the 88-year-old woman's home on sunday night, ransacked the place and then beat her up. the suspects then left in the woman's car. she was found about 18 hours later when neighbors stopped by to check on her. the investigators would hope to use


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