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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  September 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ a look at the top stories in san jose. police are looking for two men after a home invasion left an elderly woman hospitalized in critical condition. police say that two males entered the 88-year-old woman's home on sunday night, ransacked the place and then beat her up. the suspects then left in the woman's car. she was found about 18 hours later when neighbors stopped by to check on her. the investigators would hope to use video from surveillance
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cameras to find the two suspects. the woman arrested in the deadly dui crash that killed a 3-year-old boy in san ramon last friday was also arrested for drunk driving back in june. police say that yarenit malihan of pleasanton rear ended a car that was parked on the shoulder of interstate 680. a 3-year-old boy was killed. his mother and siblings were seriously injured. the chp says that malihan was under the influence of drugs on friday's crash and under the influence of alcohol in that incident back in june. two people are now in custody in antioch for suspected hate crime. police arrested 27-year-old roy sorvari and 25-year-old christyne mcdaniel for allegedly fire bombing the family's house of the molotov cocktails and then writing that racial slur and swastika on their homes. investigators say they believe that the incident stemmed from a recent dispute between one of their relatives and a person who was staying at that home that it was targeted. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30.
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we have watched wildfires burn up downtown california this year. well now fire officials, they are sounding the alarms without the fire danger on the bay area. experts say that it is not a matter of if, but when. >> and they say that when it does that the chance for casualties in a fire storm is high. ktvu christien kafton shows us the reason why they are so concerned in the segment 2 report. >> reporter: this year we have watched the fire destroy the town of lower lake and endanger communities throughout the state. now experts are sounding the alarm that the mountain could be next. >> worse case scenario people get trapped and they die. that is the reality. >> reporter: jason weber says that 80 years of the unchecked growth and five years have primed mt. pam to burn, which has left us with the incredible fuel load that it is one spark away from a disaster. >> reporter: weber says that
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the spark is likely to catch on the mountain's dry under brush and spread quickly. >> and this is what will start with the trees, homes, the kind of stuff? >> that is exactly it that you would get something like this underneath a deck on the house, i mean that they will go up instantly. people living on the slopes like james scott say that they recognize their risk. >> that will be up there. >> and just like the oakland hills fire in 1991, the rugged mountain terrain and their scenic winding roads would make getting out of the fire close to impossible. >> there is no way that anybody could get out in orderly fashion without chaos or nightmares, without all of that. and then what do you do? this road is a perfect example of white officials are so worried that you can see the dry vegetation on both sides of the road and the canopy overhead and that the road is so narrow that you can see how tough it could be when they are trying to get them out. >> this is going to be a nightmare and chaotic and that
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i'm fearful about a lot of people who will lose their lives. >> doug pittman regularly drives these narrow winding roads. and they say that those officials have worked for years to come up with a plan to fight the fire. >> and we actually had scientific models that we have used for training and just for our own awareness of what we might expect. >> and that model shows them starting at just three acres, 15 minutes later, 12 acres are burning. not even an hour into the fire, 120 acres, four homes have burned. the fire grows quickly, just eight hours in, 2,200 acres and 502 homes have burned. officials agree that the key to saving lives is getting people out of the area quickly. >> this has the emergency operation center for the county. >> reporter: the emergency services manager, chris riley says that when residents hear the evacuation warning that they will need to start packing so that when the order comes, they could go quickly. >> we will have a
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responsibility to organize those evacuations and hopefully conduct them safely. but the residents, they have a responsibility today. >> reporter: that means leaving the moment that more comes down. but many residents living on mt. pius still don't have a plan on exactly how they are going to get out. >> i never thought about my own exit route or strategy, but i would probably just barricade myself in the basement and hope for the best, but i don't know. >> experts are saying that there is a lot that you can do. they are asking everyone who lives in the fire zone to register with the county at so fire officials can reach them. now, we set up a link on to make sure that you'll get those notifications if the fire starts. they need to take a moment now to work out their escape plan to try to work out your escape plan when that fire is burning that it will be way too late. >> i live up in the oakland
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hills where the fires were. they are just like that up there in the oakland hills. they would have some signs on the roads telling people about evacuation routes to take? >> yeah, as we were going through the area, they showed us on the ground that they would have blue markings and arrows, if you are on your way out that you could look down on the roadways of the blue arrows to lead you out there. it is very disorienting. they will point you in the right direction to go, but really the key, they want you to make sure that you'll register with the county so that they could push that information on out to their mobile phones and their homes, however they could reach them they want to get that out as quickly as possible. >> thank you. experts say it was a 3.5 quake that struck just east of piedmont about 1:00 this morning. a number of people did call us
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here on ktvu saying that they felt it in oakland and san leandro and san francisco. some nasa scientists are suggesting that the moon may cause earthquakes. researchers just released a study showing that the gravitational pull from the moon creates tidal stress in the ocean, putting pressure on the earth and in theory it could trigger earthquakes. the study looks at the massive 9.1 earthquake in indonesia back in 2004. that quake resulted in a devastated tsunami that killed 230,000 people. all new at 6:30, scientists at uc davis are on the hunted for spitt. the university is a part of a new three-year national research project. and the research requires a small sample of is a lie that from -- saliva from 50,000 people you're being asked to send in -- 50,000 people as you are being asked to send in one sample from the sample and
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biological mom and dad. the hope is that these samples could help researchers crack the dna code for autism. >> we hope if we understand the genetic causes of autism to provide treatment that will prevent autism in the future and certainly for those affected that might have more personalized treatment that will be tailored to what the specific causes of their autism is. >> researchers at the uc davis nine institute calls it a game changer, adding that it will be the largest study ever attempted to look at a possible genetic cause of autism. coming up the show of support for survivors of sexual assaults. the new display in light of several recent cases. plus, excitement is growing for this year's treasure island music festival and a look at their line up just announced today.
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uc berkeley students are signing a solidarity wall after a word that three women were sexually assaulted at a concert last weekend. people are leaving messages on the big chalk board offering words of encouragement. in the meantime uc police are actively investigating the assault, which happened on saturday. that it took place during their mad decent electronic dance concert. police say that extra officers and the private security were working that sold-out show. >> there were approximately 8,300 people in attendance. and so there is probably no amount of eyes and ears to keep the eyes on every single
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individual at that type of concert. >> uc police are looking for three individuals. officers say that the three assaults were separate crimes in something that has never happened at the greek theater before. we are just a month away now from the treasure island music festival, the final year that the concert series will be known by that name. they are expected to hold that concert somewhere else next year and the all-star line up includes wrapper ice cube and british artist james blake, local acts include kamaiyah as well as performers tycho and oakland's dreamy day waves. also san francisco formed deaf heaven. the treasure island music festival is held the weekend of october 15. a san francisco skyscraper is sinking. >> we're going to find out who knew what and when they knew it. why the city could be on the hook for the problem. tracking that warm up around here. it did warm up today, even
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though they would have snow in the mountains. it'll warm up further for the next couple of days. details on the increasing temperatures.
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san francisco's supervisor is demanding answers from the developers with the luxury high- rise that is actually sinking, tilting. they knew that there was a problem.
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the department of building inspections is missing documents from developers over their concerns that it was sinking just years ago. >> and i believe and know it is a very serious allegation with some level of the political interference with the day-to- day duties of individuals, who are charged with making sure that buildings in this area that we live in were not allowed to do their job. >> reporter: they say that the then head of dbi and the project's permit expediter will be required to the oversite committee. and they will all be called. >> we will find out who knew what and when they knew it. >> reporter: the engineers for the luxury tower on the corner of mission streets, they anticipated that they would sink four to six inches. so far that they have sent in
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the 16 inches. >> my heart will go out to the over 400 individuals, families who have purchased the units in that building. >> reporter: they learned about the problem in 2011 from those crews working on the terminal project next door to the tower. now it comes to light that the developers have reached an agreement. in july of 2012, the engineer hired by millennium told us that he received a daily report on any movement to those buildings near their projects. >> we know why that is happening. >> right. but it is not. as we sit here today. >> and before their first shovel of dirt was formed, they already knew that the building was sinking. >> reporter: when engineers
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designed the millennium tower, they drilled only 80 feet into sand as opposed to 200 feet of bedrock. the city never required them to do so and in fact that they released this statement today saying, "to suggest that millennium partners or the developers for 301 mission street asked for or received any inappropriate treatment by city agencies at any time in this process is simply outrageous." in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. it warmed up just a little bit today. temperaturesgot up into the 70 -- temperatures got up into the 70s. just a few weeks ago we were into the 100s, upper 90s. now we are down to the 80s. temperatures warmed up by a few degrees. yesterday was really cool. yesterday we were in the 80s and 70s. today we warmed up a little bit. tomorrow wear, another three to four degrees. outside the air quality is okay. it doesn't look that good, but we've got a good strong wind. and then we've got the weather system that will drop some
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showers snowshoers. we've got reports of over an inch above 9,000 feet. but most days that you would get a dusting up near kirkwood. that's the system. in the last couple of frames, you see it started to tweak up right here, going to build up towards right here. that's the basic edge of the low moving off and then we'll warm up. the warming trend on the forecast for the next 36 to 48 hours. 73 in livermore, 74 in fairfield. san jose tomorrow morning 66 degrees. lunchtime in san jose, you're probably in the upper 60s, something like that. for the later part of the day on wednesday, 76 for the day time high -- daytime high, it's not bad. this will create havoc in theplains. we're already getting early snow in the rockies. then it will keep moving off into the basin area with some severe weather from this system. pretty unusual system for this
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time of the year. the warming trend, it does begin though. and it starts up today, kicking in tomorrow and thursday and friday. but it doesn't get hot. just warmer. so wednesday, low 80s. 30 in the hot spots. thursday, mid-80s. friday upper 80s. then we will hover right there. 80 in brentwood tomorrow. this is a couple of clicks warmer than what it was today. 78 in livermore and 77 in gilroy. and then in the forecast, the highs will be up for the next few days. increasing temperatures, the fire danger is on the back burner right now. it will be showing you pretty good air quality as well. but snow in the mountains, that's a cool thing and it will be a bit early. >> will it last or all melt? >> it will be nice, thank you, bill. sports is coming up next. big win for the 49ers last night. but they're going to really be tested next week by cam newton. mark is up with sports in a moment.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ mark is here for sports. we're trying to figure out if the rams are that bad or are the 49ers that good or a combination of the two? >> sort of the combination of the two, but the rams are a football team in trouble. we better get jared goff in uniform. >> the way that things are in the nfl on this day in age you
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don't get to savor the victory, that's for sure. what have you done for me? in this league and of course the 49ers, they held a press conference today with chip kelly as they are one to talk about the next opponent. i guess that we're going to get a big answer to your question, frank about how good they are. they were the nfc champs last year as they've got that quarterback cam newton who could pretty much do it all and believe me that chip kelly is very aware. >> sometimes you've got a guy that is just a runner or you have a guy that is just a thrower, but easy to game plan for those guys. the guy that was the mvp last year is that he could do it all. not only could he do it all, but he may be the biggest quarterback in the league doing it. and it will be taking all 11 guys to get around him. and to play for us to win this battle from the definancive standpoint. >> all right, granted it was against the rams, the 49ers are near flawless. the biggest stat out of the game that will pop out at me anyway. only two penalties. meanwhile raiders, they also found a different route to
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victory. that counts just the same, but they had a lot of problems, a lot of penalties and a lot of defensive breakdowns like this big one. brandon who will cut it up from drew brees. 98 yards as the raiders will give up about 500 yards in total offense to the saints who can score points. granted that he would get burned from that particular play was not making anybody happy on their sidelines. but you know what, they say this about smith that he was benched, but a stand up guy and he is facing the media today. >> he will get out there on their team points. and obviously that i would love to say if and fight that thing out, but you know that it is for special teams. it seems like any other job and i bet that they could come in the next day to get ready to go for week two. >> there you go a great approach. just keep on moving. in the meantime you know these protests, of course, the
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underlining story for the nfl so far and a price to pay for some of the players who have decided to make their opinions public. one of them is brandon marshall, the linebacker with denver who took a knee for their opener. he's been bombarded bay lot of hate on social media and today another endorsement deal for him. that is two that he has lost since he did take a knee on opening night for the broncos. but we thought you might like to hear some of those comments, taking a lot of point in his direction. >> this is a different world. a hateful world. i'm not here to spread hate or respond to the hate, you know, i'm here to spread love and positivity. i'm a likable guy. you know, i was once a fan favorite for a reason, you know what i'm saying? it is cool because you know people, they call me the n word or swear at me or saying that they wish they could break my
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neck all at once, but you know that there is no break for me. we cannot talk about hate. >> pretty remarkable comments if you have heard some of the  stuff spewed his way. he has a great attitude. the a's are hitting the ball in kansas city. last night they had 17 hits, 16 runs tonight. it is crush davis, his 37th homer cutting it up to a 2-1 deficit against the royals trailing 3-1. he is really starting to hit the ball taking it over at 3rd base, their solo homer with a 3-2 and that on- slot will continue with two men on and two men out as it is none other than alonzo with a shot to deep center, a 2-1 double. the a's are leading their ball game and we will have full highlights for the giants here tonight at 10:00. >> mark, thank you. our coverage will continue at 7:00 on ktvu plus, we'll see you later everyone.
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