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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  September 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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. now the top story as woman at the center of a bay area police sex scandal was released a florida jail on friday after plead nothing contest to misdemeanor battery for attacking a guard at rehab. the charges in the incident were dropped. the aforeign for the 19-year- old woman later held a us in conference from florida. she left the jail with a man who we're told is her father. >> an 88-year-old san jose woman who was beaten during a home invasion robbery on monday night is in the hospital tonight in grave condition and part of the ministry at her church. she is a teacher and a volunteer at the weekly food and clothing give away. a prayer meeting for miss flo is set for 7:00 tonight at st. paul missionary baptist church. new developments about the
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health of the two candidates for president. hillary clinton released a doctor's letter that details of her recent illness. her physician says that she is, quote, fit to serve as president of the united states after suffering non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. donald trump sat down with dr. oz for an interview that airs here tomorrow. people at the taping said dr. oz said he needs to lose some weight. this is ktvu news at 6:30. dozens of criminal cases are getting a second look now after two police officers were convicted themselves of committing crimes. >> the public defender is challenging 49 criminal convictions. and new at 6:30. we talked with the da about the cases being reopened. >> two police officers sergeant daniel jenner and michael ramirez are now convicted criminals. >> one of the officers mr.
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jenner was here charged on a charge and mr. ramirez was charged on child porn charges. >> the convictions closed their cases. and the others of people help put behind bars may be open. >> and they witness the character for honesty is are at issue. >> and they identified hundreds of cases and officers were involved in and notified the public defender's office. out of the hundreds of cases the public defender identified 49 that it wants to challenge the conviction. we determined that in 49 cases the officers were critical to the police investigation. we do not believe that those cases can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> go back to what they identified and see if we're going to take a position where we say, no, we still believe
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that the police should remain and the verdicts remain. it may necessitate hearings in front of a judge. >> the district attorney's office and public defender's office say their departments are now working overtime to work on the extra case loads. the district attorney has until october 31st to respond. there is a potential they could get dismissed and some of the officers were the solo investigator or the key witness. lemar tin necessary, fox 2 news. the commission is meeting in a closed door session with the process of hiring a new chief. and the association has been airing an ad. the commission has received 60 applications from all over the country and plans to start reviewing them tonight. the list will be whittled down to the three with ed lee having the final say on picking the
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final chief. now, information about an arest in florida of an arson suspect in a fire at a mosque. the fire badly damaged the place of worship attended by the man who opened fire in a club killing 49 people. the fire was set late sunday on the anniversary of the terror attacks. as we find out, the suspect is well known to law enforcement. >> authorities announced the arrest of a man in connection with arson at a mosque. the suspect is a 32-year-old joseph michael schriber. and he is known to law enforcement and as such, qualifies as a prison release reoffender. he qualifies as a habitual felony offender and could ultimately be sentenced to life in prison. >> the fire broke out sunday destroying the mosque. officials released footage and
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the suspect can be seen approaching the building and moments later there is a flash and the fire starts. and revealed the own as motorcycle that was consistent with the surveillance footage. other evidence collected at the house linked him to the arson. an examination of his social media account shows multiple anti-islamic posts and comments. >> the center first gained attention when it surfaced that the gunman had worshipped there and it was 15 years after the september 11th attacks and the start of a muslim holiday prompting fears it was a hate crime. >> he will be charged with arson and florida's hate crime enhance. will be applied to the charge. >> if convicted he faces 30
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years behind bars. coming up a take over the deal involving two companies it is being called the biggest deal of the year. smart and safe and millions to study concussions in football. they talk about player safety and they are putting their money where their fought is.
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a car crash caused a brief
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health scare it happened about 8:30 this morning. it had pool chemicals and hydrochloric acid which spilled on to the road. people were told to shelter in place. hazmat contained the spill and decontaminated the area. it is the biggest takeover monsanto agreed to take over by bayer, the chemical conglomerate. the deal comes after months of negotiations. the agreement is among the largest german corporate takeovers of an american company and make bayer the largest supplier of seed and farm chemicals. the nfl commissioner stated today that the league will spend 100 million improving health and safety when it comes to concussions a new initiative is being called play smart,
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play safe. the commissioner said the money will go to research and among other things improving technology with the helmets. the 49ers support the commission. >> so i think what the league is saying this is an opportunity to engage others to come up with better solutions and practices to do a better job of protecting and servicing players, it will brick on a board to help with the initiative. no homework policy at a bay area school. >> the children keep learning without being tied down to a chair and pencil and paper. >> the reason behind the move and it is part of a nationwide trend. warming up we talked about that. warmer still how warm it will be for saturday and sunday.
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now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. the 49ers are taking steps to get students engaged in science and math. they have become the first pro sports team to partner with a free online education platform. they say the team has reached more than 90,000 students with its own program and the new partnership will extend their involvement in education even more. the more you expose the people to concepts in a fashion you will be in it is to pique their
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interest and feed them something when they go back and explore at their own pace, it is a non-profit group and covers preschool through early college and content on math, science, economics, history and more. >> a school has decided to stop giving students homework. fair month elementary is adopting a no homework policy with other schools across the country. and we spoke with the principal about why the policy is being implemented. >> marco could not speak a lick of spanish when he came to school, an immer shon school. now he is fluent and thriving in a class where starting this year homework is now a no, no. >> homework was fun but it was this under pressure thing.
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>> and his mother gets the policy. she felt like a drill sergeant trying to get him to complete it, scrambling to get it done on the weekend. he has a lot of activities. he has piano. >> it adopted a policy and sent a flier home which says that studies show there are little or no positive academic benefits of elelementary kids doing homework. >> they were getting drilled on manual things if you will on organization and things and instead of enhancing or expanding their learning. >> the principal wants parents to spend quality time like counting money and measuring in ingredients in cooking and trips to the museum or park. >> real life experiences so they learn without being tied down to a chair and pencil and
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piece of paper, some nationwide where homework is banned felt they needed the extra practice, especially to make the grade in junior high and high school where studies have shown it is beneficial. the unified district issued this statement, homework is up to each school and teacher if they establish grade level norms or practices in the area they may, otherwise it is a teacher by teacher decision. >> and so far the new policy has met with a lot of positivity and discussed at the back to school meeting if parents have any questions n san francisco. >> interesting idea. >> it will be interesting to see how it pans out down the line and getting good reviews. >> my kids have so much homework, getting them to do it. >> focus. let's focus on the weather
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and it will be steady now through the rest of the week. and a lot to to with the family having the opportunity and sit and watch it. they grow up they grow up like that. >> i feel bad i'm not here. >> that's true. >> it is for others just one of those things they were so busy this is nice to have a little time. >> i applaud the efforts actually. i didn't like it. >> and 81 and these are the highs. and a little bit warmer, that's the trend. >> and it is barely there. >> and a hit and back on and
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we're not going to see a spare the air day and lessen the next couple of days out on the east coast by the carolinas, a tropical storm that will linger for a couple of days. that's a problem and in the warm water and the models have different solutions but the idea is that this sits here it will cause emotion and rain fall could be a production of that the system that moves through is getting ready tomorrow to deliver some severe, potentially severe weather. and an issue as well. and the coast it's not there, it will be the fog will be showing up midnight and and we established the fog and it helps significantly with the warming trend. with the temperatures into the
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upper 80s. certainly by friday and saturday and partly cloudy and in the mid-to-upper 60s. >> and pushes back and tomorrow morning and burns off. the oranges, they are 80s. these are orange here and more 80s coming in. we'll see a little more progression. and 90s and working that way as well. along the coast. like this. 89 in clear lake we're and 90 and it's not going to be hard to get the reading. brentwood and 86 in livermore. and a nice day so far so good. this is the height of the fire season. and we're getting a cooperative pattern now. not seeing the winds and a heat
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wave a warm up nothing in terms of fire danger which is, you know that's the thing i look for this time of year the big northeast winds you look for a heat up. we're not seeing that. we may have bought another week. the closer we get to october the sooner we can get out of the fire danger. the giants have madison baumgartner on the mound. >> the 49ers quarterback talks about taking on the panthers this weekend. mark is next with xt with sports.
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the giants lose, dodgers win, the season is nearing the end. i mean this is -- i have been following baseball since 1966, like 50 years, i have never seen a season so jekyll and hyde. they are terrible. they are -- they are not -- >> nothing changed. >> they did not have big injuries it was the all star break, you know the weird thing the break they have not had any
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catastrophic injuries they are not playing good. they need to stop thinking about first place at this point and maybe focus the wild card situation, i don't know. dick and larry bear talking it over. >> and this is as good as it will get for the giants. they were down to the padres. >> another hit. r.b.i. single 3-1. and pitching well. and no support and an example of bad baseball. and span. just plat out picked off. and accused of but no call given there. >> and bill murray a cubs fan
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and maybe the dodgers who they may play and the second start. and perfect through four and five scoreless. and looking strong. zero, zero game. dodge dodgers another. they lead the giants 5 full games. meantime. talk football. a kick out of the headline one of the papers sports section that says corner back needs to do more. i don't know what they expect to playing and you know i means team is like some people i don't know the return of joe montana or second coming. didn't turn it over. and 49er offense 4 for 4 in the red zone. they scored 28. that's more than they scored in any game last year. he was 22 of 35 passing for a touchdown.
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steve young said he reads it well. sometimes he learns that let it play. that may be better. >> any quarterback you let it rip. it throws and a couple of throws like in any game. >> we are 50 percent and 4 for four in the red zones and not turn it over. and the chances of victory are huge. >> he needs to do more we want more. >> did you see ellen yesterday got a connect out of this and training camp and warriors, he was on with ellen and the first lady talking about the president who he golfed with. and. >> they're in the speech and
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they are very slow and draws you in and he brings that same kind of trash talk. i'll hit a shot and look and, yeah. >> that's not good. >> trash talk what. give him things to say. talk about his ears. >> there is one, there is one. >> and the shadow from the ears. >> it is messing up my putt. >> and the shadow from your ears -- wow that was good. >> that was good. >> what a response. >> can you believe it. 17 days until the warriors open training camp. >> football is just starting. >> there you go. >> that's the sporting life for now, thank you. >> see you later, everyone.
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coverage continues at 7:00.
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