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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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ame. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable? i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard. stealing from a place of worship. tonight, police are looking for the thief who stole the collection offerings from a church in palo alto. >> it all happened so quickly and so suddenly. >> police say the church lost as much as $10,000. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. azenith smith is live in palo alto. the pastor told you the theft
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occurred right after sunday service. >> reporter: yes, he says nothing like this has ever happened before. it's a small korean american church. they've been at this location for five years, and the church community is understandably staken up. open to anybody and last sunday, the pastor says they opened their doors to a new faith who took advantage of their warm welcome. >> it all happened so quickly and so suddenly. >> reporter: pastor joseph park says around 12:45 in the afternoon, he had wrapped up his sermon about how god is good to a packed church of 100 parishioners. he says after the service, that newcomer went to the alter. they thought he was making an offering, instead, he took the collection money and ran off. >> i never had anything like this before where somebody was bold enough to actually take from the collection plate.
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so a little bit startled. surprised at how this community is changing a little bit. >> all thefts are upsetting, but to go to a place of worship and take the whole community's money, is pretty upsetting. >> reporter: that money would have gone toward church maintenance. missionaries and feeding the homeless. neighbors are astounded, saying it couldn't have happened to nicer people. >> for someone to brazenly walk into a church of god and do that is sad. i hope whoever did it is caught and punished. >> reporter: the theft spreads a message of fear, a message he says isn't what his church is all about. >> i think it will help us in the future, strengthen our community to do more in the future. >> reporter: he says if the man needed money, he wish he would have asked for it, rather than
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taken it. >> do they have any idea who they're looking for? >> reporter: police tell us, they're calling him a person of interest. the man is described as an asian man in his late 30s, early 40s. again, they haven't seen him before. also, they thought it was odd he kept asking if it was the last service of the day. >> azenith smith live tonight in palo alto. thank you. the woman at the center of the bay area's police sex scandal is out of jail and heading home to florida. now she has attorneys at her side. >> we want our law enforcement to be held accountable. i can tell you as we return to the bay area, we intend to hold everyone accountable. >> we've come to know the woman by the name celeste guap. but no more. her attorney says her real name
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is jasmine abuslin. >> reporter: 19-year-old jasmine abuslin stood and said her client is shedding the name celeste guap and going home. >> celeste guap is dead. we're happy to say celeste guap is dead. we love flood, it's been nice, but we're going home. >> reporter: she had been in florida for just three days, when she was arrested for biting a security guard at the facility. on wednesday, she pled no contest, to misdemeanor battery, and read a letter of apology to the victim. with her criminal case over, abuslin can now return home to the bay area. alameda county d.a.
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o'malley is waiting for abuslin to come back before filing charges against law enforcement. >> can tell you as we return to the bay area, we intend to hold everyone accountable. >> reporter: price says her client should not be in drug rehab. >> she is not a drug addict. she is a child victim of sex trafficking. >> reporter: an allegation the department denies. >> she is a witness to criminal activity. a criminal conspiracy in the bay area. there is no reason, or rhyme at all for why she is here in stewart, florida. >> reporter: abuslin plans to go back to school and become a veterinarian. >> whether or not someone gave her a dollar or a dime is irrelevant. the fact she is alive today is a miracle. >> reporter: i reached out to the alameda county d.a. for response, and all they say is they'll let us know when
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charges against the officers are formally filed. a new department within the san francisco district attorney's office is expected to take the lead to investigate shootings involving city police officers. the chronicle reports the independent investigations bureau will conduct interviews. at least 10 deadly police shootings in the city are currently unresolved. the funding for the bureau comes from mayor ed lee's police reform budget, but many of the details on how the unit will work still have to be hashed out. police in antioch have arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year- old girl on her way to school. police say 34-year-old bernard cain of antioch grabbed the girl by the wrist. the girl ran to school where she told staff. police say cain may also be responsible for trying to lure
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a 13-year-old girl into a car. he has been booked in the contra costa jail on a variety of charges. we've learned someone has attempted to pass fake bills in a number of businesses so far. police want business owners to be on the lookout. >> reporter: fortunately, frank, most of the businesses have spotted the fake benjamins. this movie theater though, not so lucky, and the phoneys are showing up all over town. >> it was just so fake. i don't even know like who would have taken it. >> reporter: counterfeiters struck out at this thai restaurant. a main came in and ordered a $2 iced tea, then gave the server a $100 bill. she went to her boss for change. >> this is so fake, we can't give it back to him. no, we can't. who's going to order iced tea,
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and pay a $100 bill for it. >> reporter: they're rather columnly counterfeits. this one is simply a photocopy of a 20. another was bleached over as 100. >> some slip through the cracks. >> reporter: the fakes have also shown up at a gas station mini mart. here, as in most places, they rejected them. >> we have black lights, and also you can hold that to the light, because you see the watermarks, and there's a stripe, and sometimes they look so bad. it's like when people take them, what are you doing? >> reporter: at trader joe's, a man followed him out of the store and saw him with someone else. there may be three men and a woman involved. >> it goes in waves. it will happen for over a
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weekend or a few days, and then it just stops. it's probably a crew coming in out of the area, trying to pass fake bills, and then they go somewhere else. >> reporter: a gray dodge durango was rented in the sacramento area. the message for merchants, pay attention, especially if it's a big bill for a small purchase. the movie theater downtown used this light to test and reject one fake, but that was after they had already taken one a few days before. as for the man at the thai restaurant, he left empty handed. >> he wanted it back, and she was like no, i can't give it back to you. >> reporter: the story the suspects gave when confronted is that someone else gave them the bad bill. since this is the kind of activity that tries to stay just one step ahead of the law, frank, it's very possible this crew has moved on now to somewhere else in the bay area. >> debora, what about businesses that miss that it's
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a fake bill. are they then out that money? or do they get reimbursed at all? >> reporter: it's my sense that they're out. sometimes they take the bill, and maybe their bookkeeper catches it. at raley's when a bookkeeper finds a fake bill, she reminds the workers this is what it looks like. and sometimes it's not found until it gets to the bank. hillary clinton is expected to be back on the campaign trail tomorrow after being sidelined by pneumonia. today, clinton's doctor released new details on the state of her health. in the document it says clinton is fit to serve as president of the united states. she has been treated with antibiotics. the doctor said clinton's blood pressure and cholesterol are within healthy ranges. she also takes a blood thinner and thyroid medication. today, former president bill clinton said his wife is feeling great, but offered a
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different diagnosis of her illness. >> it's a crazy time we live in when people think there's something unusual about getting the flu. >> donald trump provided a summary of his own med record record during a taping of the dr. oz show today. >> it's two letters. one is from the report, and the other is from lennox hill hospital. >> may i see them? >> yes, sure. >> people in the audience told reporters that dr. oz told trump to lose weight. the letters say trump weighs 236 pounds and takes a statin. you can see the full show here at 1:00 p.m. on ktvu. a quinnipiac university poll shows hillary clinton with a five point lead among likely voters nationwide. clinton had a 10 point lead in the same poll at the end of
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august. a new cnn orc poll of likely voters puts trump ahead of clinton in the battleground states of florida and ohio. in florida, trump leads clinton by 3 points, within the margin of error. in ohio, the margin is 5 points. addicted to video games and smartphones. at 10:30, a bay area family dumps its devices. what an expert tells us about managing your digital life. >> you'll notice the warm up out there today. it's going to warm further as we head into your bay area thursday. >> up next, the mystery of miranda. new information about a mummified child from the 19th century found buried beneath a bay area home. >> we can learn about her ancestry, her background from her dna that's preserved.
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on segment 2 tonight, new information about the mystery of miranda eve. she's a 19th century toddler who's casket was found underneath the home back in the spring. since then, a research team has been trying to learn more about her. here's mike mibach with an exclusive look at their preliminary results. >> reporter: a san francisco mystery. monday may 9, the day a small casket was found underneath the floor of a garage under construction. she's miranda eve. the name given to the family of the child who lives at the district ridge home where she was discovered. >> on her chest she had a
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cross, and it was made of flowers. >> reporter: the story captured the attention of a number of people including a researcher right here at uc davis. he was able to obtain hair samples from miranda eve. after months of research, we're getting a clearer picture about who this little girl was. does she have living relatives out there, and what caused her death? shipped to him, strands of miranda eves' hair, and over the last couple of months in a small laboratory, he's been analyzing the strands, combing them for clues. >> one of the things we've learned from her hair, is there's a signal in there that tells us the last 3 months or so, that she was probably under some duress. that she was probably starving, or that she was, certainly her body was wasting away, which is
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consistent with some kind of disease. >> reporter: saying due to sanitary conditions at the time, half the children under 4 died in the city. measles, smallpox, just two possibilities. >> in the 1800s in san francisco, thinks like whooping cough, pertussis were common. lots of kids died from that. tuberculosis was also very common. caused a lot of complications leading to death. >> reporter: based on her burial environment, a cross made of flowers on top of her, she's probably white christian, and her family was upper class. researcher determined she's buried at the odd fellow cemetery. bodies were moved around 1920, miranda eve was left behind. but does miranda eve have
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living relatives? eric says his research team determined about a dozen girls were buried between 1860, and 1880. >> we're currently getting dna from them. we'll get her dna profile, and match it to miranda eve, and this will tell us pretty definitively whether she is or isn't related to miranda eve. it's a pretty distant relative, this is going up maybe five generations and on a different branch down a couple of generations. it's quite removed. gentlemen, step forward, face the coach. >> reporter: in june, with the help of the guardian of innocence charity, miranda eve was reburied in colma. >> when you are looking at the results, when you're looking at the hair strands, do you get a sense, or do you start to get a
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sense of a connection with the individual? >> i have kids too. so i feel like maybe i can relate to the parents of this girl. >> reporter: as summer turns to fall, as the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, the light will still shine on the mystery of miranda eve. mike mibach, ktvu, fox 2 news. one of two men accused of killing two girls in a yuba county cold case made his first court appearance late today. william harbor pleaded not guilty. investigators say dna tests link harbor and larry patterson to the 1973 shootings of two girls in the small town of olivehurst. patterson lives in oklahoma now, and should be sent back to yuba county soon. both suspects are 65 years old. 12-year-old valerie lane, and 13-year-old doris deerberry
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were abducted while walking. it appears one of the girls was sexually assaulted. setting fire to a mosque that was once attended by the gunman of the orlando massacre. joseph shriver is now facing arson and hate crime charges. authorities released footage of the incident. the fire broke out late sunday on the 15th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. so we got temperatures today that warmed a few degrees. temperatures tomorrow come up a little bit more. city hall, san francisco, not really foggy out there, but fog should return tonight and as it does, you'll see cloud cover in the morning hours. here's how it looks out in the rocky mountain area. this weather system brought snow to kirkwood yesterday. but now it's moving toward the east, bringing some very inclement weather there. we've got stronger winds blowing up in the mountains. fog just offshore by 40 miles now. that fog will fill in, it will be there in the morning when you wake up. san francisco is at 60 degrees
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right now. san francisco as we head into your bay area tomorrow. some of that cloud cover we've talked about. at lunchtime in san francisco, you're in the mid-60s. as you work your way in, you're at 68 degrees for the high. in san jose, we're looking at 7:00 a.m., 54 degrees. mostly clear, partly clear, and lunch time, it's mostly clear. 73degrees. you end up in san jose with the daytime high of about 80 degrees. we'll see you back here with the forecast for the rest of the neighborhoods and for the bay area weekend. millions of tons of cargo tied up for the past few weeks following the bankruptcy of a korean shipping line is now starting to make its way to port. the honjin bankruptcy created bottle necks at ports around the world. today that stranded cargo started to move. it arrived this afternoon at the port of oakland, special financial arrangements have been made through the oakland
10:21 pm
port terminal, and long shore workers will get paid to unload it. ahead tonight, where uber has started offering self- driving cars. also, a night of pampering for bay area teenagers fighting cancer. amber lee heads to the salon with the girls. >> the giants get swept at home. mark ibanez will update the playoff race later in sports. >> a community coming together, marking one month since the unsolved killing of a bay area father. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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new at 10:00 tonight, family and friends came together in hayward to remember a man fatally stabbed one month ago. police say two men killed jason on sunday at about 7:00 p.m. near longwood and cotton avenues. the 42-year-old victim left behind a young daughter. so far, no one has been
10:24 pm
arrested in this case. that homicide was one of five killings in hayward, in just the first two weeks of august. anyone with information about the case is asked to call hayward police. a town hall meetings in san francisco focused on homeless encampments. campo said more than 100 people are living in camps in the mission. officials say the first area to be addressed is between 16th and 19th streets from south van ness to bryant. >> you want to talk to everyone in the encampment. do an assessment of their needs, to an assessment of our resources and make the best matches possible. >> a member of the city's new departmentment of homelessness says it's important to connect people to services and housing, not just move them down the road to another neighborhood. muni riders will be able to stay connected when they use their cell phones on san
10:25 pm
francisco's underground route. announced plans to create a new cell phone service that's designed to make dropped calls a thing of the past. it could be available to muni's 200,000 riders within the next 18 months. b.a.r.t. has already constructed the country's first underground cellular network. a fleet of self-driving cars is picking up uber riders in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. uber riders will there can choose to take part in the program. an uber driver sits in the front seat to take over in case there is a problem. uber is the first to make self- driving cars available to the general public. a mixed day on wall street. the dow lost 31 points as oil prices slump. but the nasdaq gained 18, as apple surged higher on expectations for the new iphone 7. the s & p was down a little more than a point. a night of pampering coupled with a big boost to self-esteem. we will take you on a spa
10:26 pm
outing for some teenagers with life-threatening illnesses. >> and could you ditch your smartphone, your tablet, and your other wireless devices in up next, going through digital detox and whether it's the right thing for your family. ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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new at 10:00, a bay area family is going cold turkey. ditching their devices for what you would call a digital detox. the average family logs 8 hours of screen time a day, and teenagers spend almost 9 hours in front of a screen. >> it's no wonder many people want to cut down. gasia mikaelian introduces us to a family that's going through digital detox, and examines whether going cold turkey is the best way to spur a permanent change.
10:29 pm
>> reporter: 9-year-old brody, and 6-year-old juliana are spending a lot of time together these days, but that wasn't always the case. brody used to spend hours online, mostly gaming, glued to the screen. his mom says she felt like a warden, enforcing limits on screen time. >> 5 more minutes, it was just a constant battle between brody and i. >> we tried different techniques. timers like apps that were timers that we would install, that he would figure out how to uninstall. he became quite a techy. >> it was kind of addicting, because you collect your stuff and like in an hour, it would all be ready again. >> reporter: so his parents said no more, and locked up every device. they've been screen free since mid-august. susan says the beginning was rough, but now it's working. >> we all realize, okay, this
10:30 pm
is for real, this is how it's going to be. i started seeing brody take out toys that i haven't seen in a year. >> reporter: but digital use experts advise against going cold turkey. >> i think extremes can always be a problem. whenever anyone saying i'm going to go on a diet and i'm only going to eat carrots, you know that's going to backfire. >> reporter: instead of squaring off screens, the best thing parents can do for their children is to model mindful, judicious use of technology. noria says she understands why some consider likes, retweets, text messages, and emails addicting. >> there are some studies that show, that that little buzz is like a little dopamine hit. just like gambling provides that. oh, that feels good. >> reporter: suggestions for adults, include setting up screen free times and zones,
10:31 pm
and limiting yourself to checking your phones say once an hour. >> i kind of miss screens actually. >> reporter: casey says eventually they'll have one computer in a common area. no more disappearing into a bedroom with a tablet for hours. >> i also want him to, you know, get that, those pleasures and those feel good neuro transmitters flowing for hitting a home run, or getting an a on a paper. >> reporter: she's teaching her son real life always beats something on a screen. gasia mikaelian, ktvu, fox 2 news. the marin county public defender's office is challenging dozens of criminal convictions after two novato police officers were themselves convicted of crimes. sergeant daniel jenner was convicted of embezzlement, and michael ramirez was convicted
10:32 pm
on a child pornography charge. now challenging 49 cases that those two officers were involved in. the district attorney says some could get dismissed. other cases may need to go before a judge. >> yes. anyone that's a potential witness, obviously their character for honesty, and voracity is at an issue. prosecutors filed a $10 million lawsuit today against the giant debt collection company claiming the violated the telethon consumer protection act, and violated the public's constitutional right to privacy. so far, the company has not respond today the lawsuit. north carolina is losing even more business in the wake of its controversial lgbt law.
10:33 pm
the atlantic coast conference, better known as the acc, announced today it's going to move its championship games out of the state. this follows the ncaa's decision on monday to move seven of its championship events out of north carolina. the new law in north carolina prohibits transgenders from using the bathroom corresponded with their gender identity. the acc is relocating almost a dozen events saying the decision quote, reaffirmed its commitment to equality, diversity, and non- discrimination. a special college recruitment drive took place tonight. they held its annual recruitment fair in the east bay. the goal is to get students to attend historically black colleges and universities. those schools include grambling state. >> for families to know you can get a quality education out of
10:34 pm
state. you don't have to pay a lot of money. in fact, you can pay less money to go out of state than in state. >> this is the 17th year the united college action network has traveled across the country for this recruitment drive. a special day for bay area teens with life-threatening illnesses. it's a transformation in more ways than one. >> we found temperatures today a few degrees warmer than yesterday. warmer still as we head towards the weekend. >> plus playing it smart. how the nfl hopes to tackle concussions with money from medical research and technology.
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lepe's foods is a locally owned here in santa rosa. as a small business, we're always looking to save money, and pg&e was able to help us. i help the small businesses save money and energy. it feels great. we looked at their lighting, their refrigeration system, and with just those two small measures, they were able to save a good amount of money. i was shocked. i couldn't believe that i could save $1,500 a month. with the savings that we get from pg&e, we're able to pass it on to our customers. it's pretty awesome. learn how your business can save at together, we're building a better california.
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the nfl said today it will spend $100 million trying to improve player health and safety, especially when it comes to concussions. nfl commissioner roger goodell announced the new initiative today called play smart, play safe. the commissioner said the money will go toward medical research and among other things, improving technology with player's helmets. the 49ers support this mission. >> i think what the league is saying, is that this is an opportunity for us to go out and engage other experts outside of our own world, to help us come up with better
10:38 pm
solutions, better practices. >> the nfl says it plans to bring on an independent scientific advisory board to help with this initiative. new at 10:00, pampering and spa treatments for eight bay area teenagers. a night of normalcy for girls facing life-threatening illnesses. amber lee is in san francisco with tonight's makeovers and the nonprofit behind them. must have been a great night amber. >> reporter: it was a great night, frank. the event was held here at blow dry bar on union street. it was a special day for the girls and their moms. >> it's a new experience. i feel privileged. >> reporter: and pampered. she's in remission from leukemia. >> i'm doing a lot better today. i don't get headaches anymore. i don't have sensitive skin anymore. the only downfall is now i have
10:39 pm
memory loss. >> reporter: missing out on school, football games and all the activities her friends enjoy. >> the fear of losing my life. all the symptoms of the chemo headache, due to tumors, diabetes, pneumonia, just everything crashing in. >> reporter: wish upon a team's mission is to bring comfort during a time when the teens feel isolated. >> getting your hair done is one of the staples of being a teenager. we bring in a small group of teens and to meet each other and know their not alone. >> reporter: 13-year-old zoay ross of san bruno has type 1 diabetes. >> i was really shocked. i didn't know what to do. i was scared. >> reporter: her body cannot produce insulin, so she has to
10:40 pm
be careful. >> they call it the dead in bed. because you can, your blood sugar can drop so low that you can just die in bed. >> reporter: mom tells me, she has many sleepless nights monitoring her daughter. both say the makeover strengthens their hope for their future. >> it made me look at my life different. how i should live my life. >> reporter: both girls tell me they've learned an important lesson through their illnesses, to live life the fullest each day and appreciate what they have. >> it must have been great, amber, for those moms to see their daughters just having some fun and being normal kids for an afternoon or evening. >> reporter: there was a lot of smile, and laughter all around. >> yeah, beautiful, and strong girls. amber, thank you. coming up next, dr. jill biden visits california. her call to make community college free for two years. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking warmer
10:41 pm
weather just in time for the weekend. he's back with the bay area forecast right after this.
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dr. jill biden was in the bay area today, for a project that's close to her heart. advocating that community college should be free for the first two years. biden told a group of business and community leaders in san jose what one of her students said when she encouraged him to do more work on an english assignment. >> he said dr. b, you know, i work at ups. i got off work at 4:00 this morning. i went home. i got changed, and i came to your class. the 8:00 class. he said i work two jobs. >> biden was in los angeles this morning, where the city announced that public high school seniors there will get one year of free community college starting next year.
10:44 pm
it is being called the biggest corporate takeover of 2016. monsanto agreed today to a takeover by bayer. the $56 billion deal comes after months of negotiations. the agreement is among the largest german company takeovers of an american company. california governor jerry brown took another step toward making california the greenest state in the nation. it freed up $900 million for some wide ranging initiatives aimed at cleaning up california's dirty air. the money would go toward rebates for environmentally clean cars. a little bit warmer out there today. temperatures up after a very cool monday and tuesday. temperatures came up a few degrees. they'll come up further tomorrow, and beyond that as we
10:45 pm
head towards the bay area weekend. these were the highs. still not crazy warm for early middle september, but these temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid-80s. you'll see more low 80s, where there were 79s. around the bay, kind of the same. mid-70s, upper 70s. a little bit of patchy fog moving toward the coast right now. tracking this system, julia, it's a tropical storm which formed over land, which is interestingly enough, the computer models usually will track it out like this. what we're seeing is this sort of model that wants to keep it lingering for the next 72 or 48 hours in this area. so big rain potential for the carolinas where there are flood watches. now in the inner mountain region, severe weather as that system that brought us snow is going that way. the fog just off port reyes right now. fog will be in most bay area
10:46 pm
neighborhoods tomorrow morning. low 60s right now. 47degrees in santa rosa. potential for an overnight low. 46 in napa. 46? that's cold. that's a good ten degrees cooler than it was a week ago at this time for the overnight low. so temperatures getting more fall like out there. you'll notice it when you push the kids out the door for school tomorrow morning. they'll be taking jackets. especially in the north. occidental, forestville, you know where you are. the fog burns off. temperatures look for the yellows and oranges. so 70s and 80s. that's your temperature footprint for tomorrow. friday's temperature footprint will have more reds coming this way, so it's going to be warmer. so we're slowly warming up. this isn't big heat. it's not a spare the air day. it's not a high fire danger, but it's warming. as we get through the next couple of days. this high pressure will continue to increase. it will continue to produce fog, and it will continue to warm us right into the bay area weekend. highs tomorrow into the upper
10:47 pm
80s. maybe a low 90. as we head forward into the beyond days, towards saturday and sunday, we'll see low 90s for sure. 88 in brentwood. 86 in livermore. easily, you can get a 90 in any of those spots. air quality right now so great right now. it's not a spare the air day, but you can see some of the smoke from the fires. you can see the temperatures warming up as we head towards the bay area weekend. fog a constant at the coast, but not extreme fire danger, which is good news. so we've got kind of a break here for the next week. mild to warm weather into the weekend. >> looks like a good week. >> it really does. >> bill, thank you. well the season is slowly slipping away for the san francisco giants. marks up next with sports.
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
mark's here now. giants. >> what do you say? >> i want to be positive. if the season ended today, they would be in the playoffs. >> that's positive. >> one of the writers actually said the giants are like a spurting artery right now. >> they have been for a long time. >> you know, i guess they say it's just a game, but it is not fun and games for this team right now. they just continue to dwindle this season into just a crash
10:51 pm
and burn situation. that's dick vitale, and larry bear discussing college basketball. because the baseball game did not hold too many giant fans' interest. joe panik cashes in a run in the person of brandon crawford. they were down in the 7th. this guy, luis sardenas sliced a single off madison bumgarner who took the loss. pitched well again, just no support. this is another example of things not going right. they can't get base runners, and when they do, something bad seems to happen. they call bock, at least -- balk, at least from the giants point of view, but it was not the umpire's decision. the news doesn't get any better in new york. bill murray is checking things out in yankee stadium. the cubs fans, scouting the dodgers for a potential
10:52 pm
playoffs foe. clayton kershaw went 5 innings, in fact, went the first 4 perfect. did not get the win, but the dodgers as a team do. justin turner shook himself up. corey seager scoring, but the dodgers have a 5 game lead, and a 2-0 win. this is what the a's are doing to kansas city, what the padres did to the giants. kind of knocking the royals out of playoff contention, or at least putting a big dent in their hopes. they sweep the defending world champs, marcus simian with a two run double. safe with the slide. ryan braun there, 4-0. crush davis, a two run single. he's closing in on 100 rbi's. he's got 92 right now, and 8-0 the final. sean maniah went 5 innings as the a's pitching staff shuts them down.
10:53 pm
a surprising story with the way billy butler left town. surprising in that he got a job so fast, looks like he has agreed to a deal with the new york yankees. he was released sunday with the a's. you consider all the bad publicity he got in his departure, but he has managed to find himself a job in no time flat. the yankees also will not be on the hook for most of his salary. they'll pay him the major league minimum, prorated for the rest of the year. kind of got a kick out of the headline in one of the papers today. blaine gabbert good, but they need to get more out of him. he needs to be better. i don't know what more they could ask out of the 49ers quarterback. granted, it was against the rams. the team 4 for 4 in the red zone. didn't turn the ball over. 170yards, decent, and the offense scores 28 points. that's more than they had in any one game last year. steve young was doing some of the color commentary, said he
10:54 pm
likes the way that gabbert sees the field, but maybe needs to crank it up, and let it fly every now and then, and gabbert seemed to agree with that. >> i think any quarterback, you just let it rip. there's no point in holding anything back, especially in a game, you've just got to see what you see and trust to throw. for the most part i did that. like any game, there's a couple throws you'd like to have back. but we're 50% and 4 for 4 with touchdowns in the red zone. anytime you can do that, and not turn the football over, the chances of victory are huge. >> there you go. and as julie pointed out, no interceptions. no picks. i don't know if you saw this, but on the ellen show, steph curry, as we close in on training camp for the warriors on not only with ellen, but michelle obama as well. talking about playing golf with the president and how president
10:55 pm
obama at times is prone to a little trash talking. >> during his speeches, they're very kind of slow cadence that kind of draws you in. he brings that same kind of vibe to his trash talk, so i'll hit a shot, and he'll just be like yeah, that's not a good shot. >> you should trash talk back. give him some things to say. talk about his ears. here's one, here's one. as you're putting, you want to say, the shadow from your ears is really messing up my put. >> somehow i doubt he'll be doing that. but he probably will golf with him again. 17 days until training camp. steph steph curry getting equal time. kevin durant was introduced on stage. getting acquainted with the bay
10:56 pm
area. everything there is to do. kevin durant with an east bay appearance last night at the drake concert. frank asked me if that was sir francis drake, but no. >> my daughter loves drake. >> i bet that was a fun moment for him. >> my daughter actually alerted me to that video. >> there you go. i love ellen with her response. tell him what to say. >> kind of get the sense michelle obama has used that line before. >> well rehearsed. >> are you guys ready for that though? 17 days until warriors training camp? >> i'm waiting for the hockey. for the sharks camp. now we're talking. >> i want to enjoy football first. that's the sporting life. >> you guys have a great night tonight. see you tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. good night.
10:57 pm
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