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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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she went to her boss for change. this was so fake. can you tell?
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>> we cannot give it back to him. who is going to order thai tea and paying with hundred dollar bill. there is an attempt to make the thread go through the bill. that bill in the evidence room is a rather clumsy counterfeit. this one was just a photocopy of a $20 bill . another one was a $100 bill bleached and printed over. >> the fakes have shown up in a gas station minimart and at outlet malls. four different stores they rejected them though. we have black lights and also you can hold up to the light and you can see watermarks etc. etc. sometimes they look so bad. people in actually give them to us and i am like what are you doing. >> somebody actually walked out
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of a trader joe's and followed the counterfeiter and saw him.>> it will happen for over the weekend or a few days and then it just stops. it is probably a crew coming in from out of the area trying to pass a bunch of bills and then they go somewhere else. the vehicle is a gray dodge durango which was rented in the sacramento area. the best advice for merchants, pay attention. especially if it is a big bill and a small purchase. that is a poor attempt at a watermark. if clerks take the time to watermarks are easy to spot. >> as for the man at the restaurant, he left empty- handed. you wanted back and she said i cannot give it back to. >> from -- some current and former employees from chipotle
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mexican grill will be getting money in a sick leave settlement. that agreement between the denver-based restaurant chain and san francisco office of labor standard enforcement announced yesterday it calls for $95,000 to be divided among those employees according to the number of hours they work between april 2012 and june 2016. the city attorneys said chipotle was denying employees paid sick leave. the cities paid sick leave ordinance allows employees to a crew one hour of paid sick leave every 30 hours they work. >> the millions of tons of cargo that has been tied up since the bankruptcy of a korean shipping line are finally making their way to the port.the hanjin bankruptcy have bottled up towards around the world. the ship handling was previously at sea arrived yesterday afternoon. special arrangements were made so that the oakland poe port
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terminal will get paid to unload it. the city of sausalito is suing the golden great bridge district . the bridge district operates the ferry service in an out of sausalito under a lease agreement with the city. sausalito officials say the bridge district is supposed to first get approval before they make major changes to the ferry landing. the bridge district tells the proposed work is not a new project. they want to replace the area where ferry passengers wait for boats and buy their tickets. the bridge district also says they want to negotiate with the city about these proposals instead of going to court. people are lining up outside apple stores waiting to be the first ones to get there hands on the new iphones tomorrow morning. coming up at 5:30, which model they will not be able to get because they are already sold out. i don't know folks.
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do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> and donald trump talks trash before he talks help. a sneak peek at what he is revealing about his medical records later today. we are looking at an east bank commute that is still looking very nice. macarthur, still very nice at the toll plaza. will tell you more about the commute when we come back.
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donald trump and dr. oz -- a summary of his results of his physical exam. the health of both candidates has become a dominant theme in the campaign. >> hillary clinton will get back on the campaign trail today after recuperating from pneumonia and all of this is when we get an idea of what colin powell thinks of both candidates from his hacked emails. we have more on this from washington. >> reporter: we have learned a couple things. first of all forms secretary of state colin powell is not much of a fan of either of these two
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candidates and donald trump it turns out could lose a little weight. >> it is two letters. what is the report and what is from lenox hill hospital. donald trump made an appearance on the dr. oz show scheduled to air today. he handed over more information about his health. according to audience members he is in good condition. smack it says maybe he should lose 15 pounds. that was the only thing in his health report that was any kind of issue at all and the truth is neither trump nor hillary clinton are likely to be described as paragons of fitness. clinton released a know of her own. the doctor says she is fit to serve despite her recent health episode. she is returning to the campaign trail in north carolina today and after laying off attacks about her stamina while she recovered trump was back at it.
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i don't know folks who do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour into this? >> but that also followed an awkward moment for trump when he reached out to minority voters in flint michigan . he was interrupted by a local pastor when he began to attack clinton. >> i invited you here to thank us not to give a political statement . >> then there is colin powell. his emails were hacked revealing that he calls trump a national disgrace and of clinton he will i would rather not have to vote for her although she is a friend i respect. a 70-year-old person with a long track record unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational with a husband still planking bimbos at home. powell was tripping back to a report from the new york post picked the clinton campaign would not comment. the full dr. oz interview will air today at 1 pm on
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channel 2. donald trump also discussed other topics on the show including national security and the economy. >> let's get you moving out the door. south, you have to copy right? >> i did but i am going to have more. >> i was thinking i could use more also. >> . >> sal and i made coffee. i sal he means day . >> i know. >> thank you dave. >> he is an anchorman but he makes coffee. >> good morning everyone. let's start off with the gilroy commute. i want to see what it is looking like tween gilroy in san jose. it is nice so far. some of that road work that was causing backup has cleared up and it is a nice drive up to the downtown -- i would not say the downtown -- to the main part of san jose and the region here. let's go to live pictures. bay bridge toll plaza is still good about 12 minutes away from that lights being turned on and
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that is when things change a bit. we don't have a lot going on. we do see lights coming up at the bay bridge. maybe they should i do see something on the shoulders so we will see what is going on coming up to see if it affects traffic. and the morning commute not bad on the san mateo bridge. devin from hayward to foster city. 19 after five let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. there are areas of fog being reported. santa rosa, maybe around the bay as well. islands coming down big time. a lot of rain mainly around awahoo . >> thought is increasing. moving up the coast. a couple little spins.
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this is rotating down. i think that is enhancing fog a little bit. and then temperatures will be on the warm side. way less than 10 very good sign that the temperatures are moving out. mid-60s in lafayette, walnut creek mid-40s. concord pavilion near the low 50s. 32 in truckee. thick fog on highway 101 off to the coast as well but the warmer pattern is kicking in. offshore breeze has not kicked in but there are signs that that could develop by the weekend. until then fog clearing to the coast. maybe pockets of fog by the immediate coast otherwise 67, 80s, 90s. still like summer. a week to go until fall officially. 70s and upper 80s -- 80s about san jose, santa clara valley.
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60s mainly, 70s to low 80s on the peninsula. warmer weather. warm sure breeze kicks off. looks like . >> i will have to set up a beach day. >> you should. >> san francisco school is getting rid of homework. fairmont elementary and glenn park has joined other schools across the country and adopting no homework policy for this new school year. the principal wants the students to spend more quality time with their family. several recent studies have found very few academic benefits assigned to homework. >> the kids were just getting filled on manual things, rogue memorization things instead of enhancing or expanding their learning. >> the san francisco unified school district issued a statement saying quote homework
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is up to each school and teacher . otherwise it is a teacher by teacher decision. >> it has been almost a month since a woman was brutally attacked by lafayette park in san francisco. in 12 minutes tonight public safety meeting updating residence on what is being done to make the area safe. plus a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by police in ohio. what officers say he did moments before shots were fired as they try to arrest him for an alleged arm robbery.
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welcome back. knew this morning from ohio a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by police last night in columbus ohio after officers say he turned what they she pulled what turned out to be a bb gun as they were trying to arrest him. police say officers were called to an report of an armed robbery. as they approach three people matching the description of the suspect. two of them ran away. the police officer open fired after tyree king pulled a gun. back here at home san francisco trying to solve the growing homeless problem. supervisor david campos was at a town hall meeting last night in the mission.
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this area has seen a rapid increase in the number of people setting up tents to live with. city crews are expected to move in and take down these encampments. however san francisco's new department of homelessness says it will try to connect people to services and housing rather than moving down the block or into another neighborhood. next week the san francisco municipal transportation agency is expected to vote on a plan to make cell phone service available on its underground roots. local transit and political leaders announced plans yesterday. officials will negotiate agreements with major cell carriers to expand their existing underground network. there are more than 5 miles of underground many titles in san francisco. it is expected to cause almost $6 million . it could be available a year from now. the governor of florida pushing for more money to help but to zika virus.
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in 15 minutes why some people say florida is going about fighting the virus the wrong way. we are live in palo alto where police are looking for someone who stole from a church. will tell you about the bold move by the thief. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway.
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the morning. welcome back to morning on 2. time now is just about 5:30.
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steve house the weather. pretty clear. >> some thought there. okay. it will be nice though. >> some fog at the napa airpark . seeing reduced visibility and fog. a combination of low cloud deck and fog. high pressure building in beginning to take that doubt posted to the deck. 67 in san francisco, 80 in san jose, slightly below average but inland temperatures are on their way up. not too much today but more as we get towards friday. bigelow monday and tuesday out of the picture. enhancing fog just a bit. some continuing march of the coast also filling in around the bay. not extensive but there. not much of a delta breeze so temperatures will have a little impact. 40s and 50s with the temperatures and woodside 46. 49 stanford san mateo down to
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50 degrees. san carlos 5 degrees warmer. some thick fog -- pockets of 101 also hwy. 1. 67. inland 10th running about the mid to upper 80s. what is on your screen itself, sal good morning steve. traffic is doing well. if you are driving on the solano county freeway we will look at the super commute for you. traffic is moving along well. only taking about a half-hour to draw between vacaville and vallejo. commute looks good down to the cordelia junction. let's go to 880 now. it is a nice-looking drive north and southbound as you drive into oakland. also 580 westbound lightly traveled to the lakeshore curve. when you get to the bay bridge there is a backup now that they have turned the metering lights on. westbound at the toll plaza.
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there was an incident on the shoulder not really causing a big backup but you will see if there on the shoulder westbound as you come up to the bridge. it is still a nice drive what you get on to the span. now let's go back to the desk. reports of a shocking crime in palo alto. someone robbed a house of worship. we live in palo alto where thousands of dollars were stolen from a collection plate. good morning dave. palo alto police are investigating an estimated $10,000 is gone and the congregation here at this small church is shocked and saddened. at about 12:45 last sunday service just wrapped up at cornerstone community church. while the pastor was talking to parishioners somebody saw a man go up to the collection basket and take all the money and ran off. parishioners thought the man looked suspicious because he was sitting in the back pew and
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had asked if it was the last service of the day. to go into a place of worship and take the whole communities money is pretty upsetting. >> i think it will help us strengthen our community eventually. >> and that was the pastor that you just heard from. is that if the man needed money he wishes that people would have asked rather than take it. the money in the collection basket would have gone to church maintenance, missionaries and feeding the homeless. palo alto police is investigating but right now they just have a person of interest described as an asian man in his late 30s to early 40s rang about 130 pounds. thank you. >> happening today neighbors in san jose have called an emergency meeting after and 88- year-old woman was viciously beaten during a home invasion robbery. the victim known as ms. flow is
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still in the hospital. she is in grave condition after the attack on monday. 70 broke into her home, ransacked her home, ripped the jewelry off of her body it drove off with her car and tasted down the street. that meeting tonight will start at 7 pm. it will be at st. john community center on highland avenue. also today people in a san francisco neighborhood will have a chance to ask questions at a public safety town hall meeting. the meeting covers the meetings district to wear a month ago it captured this brutal assault of a woman near lafayette park. the woman is recovering but police are still searching for the suspect who was beating her brutally. siddle this city supervisor is hosting tonight's meeting along with the captain of the police department's northern station and the district attorney neighborhood prosecutor. tonight's meeting from 6 pm until 7:30 will be at cowboy presbyterian church on fillmore and jackson street extract new
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information on the deadly shooting in oakland yesterday morning. police say the victim is 66- year-old tony smith . he worked in san francisco as a security guard. investigators say he was found sitting behind the wheel of his car at the intersection of 35 avenue and east 12th . police hope surveillance video will give them a lead in the case. there are cameras in the area. both have proven to be very effective and we have been very successful to get information so that is what it is a vital piece of our investigation. >> investigators are also looking for witnesses -- anyone with information is asked to call police. now san francisco police arrested a man suspected of opening fire into a group of people. 38-year-old josi cheater got into an argument with someone on september 3. he left and returned with a gun and started shooting.
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police believe he fired about 20 rounds. two hit a 50-year-old man who was just a bystander but lynch to the target. the victim will be okay. through witness descriptions pose a sheet or was arrested. behind cost-plus plaza there was a fire. firefighters say it was burning in an area where more than 1000 goats had been grazing to reduce the fire danger. the goats were not hurt. firefighters put out the flames and 45 minutes. remnants of a homeless camp were found in that area. california governor. brown still working to make california the greatest day in the nation. the governor signed legislation yesterday that breeze of $900 million for several initiatives aimed at cleaning up california's dirty air. rebates will be included as
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well as increasing funding for public parks. a new report shows controversial delta tunnels to carry water from the california to southern parts of the state can only be built if the federal government pays for part of it. governor. brown supports the plan to build the 35 mild tunnels. the data was looked at and it was found that if the government plays for one third of the estimated $13 billion price tag would be the only way it would work out. that comes after the delta was restored and a freedom of information act request was placed. university of california regents be debating setting a new policy on how much money the college system borrows. right now the university is more than $17 billion in debt according to the mercury news. the money is being used to build medical centers and housing, repair buildings and pay for staff pensions. the paper said the amount owed is twice but that city system
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owed this what the university oh to 2007. the increased borrowing was planned and it took advantage of low interest rates and federal tax exemptions on university financing. the united college action network held its annual recruitment there in oakland many college last night. the goal is to get students to go to historically african- american colleges and universities. those schools include rambling state, hampton university in morehouse. organizers said students would be surprised to learn about the benefits of going to a college outside of california. this is for families to know that you can get quality education, out-of-state, you don't have to pay a lot of money in fact you can pay less money to go out-of-state been in state. >> this by the way is the 17th year the united college action network has traveled across the money for this recruitment drive. organizers say it is becoming
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more popular. apple's iphone seven will go on sale at the apple stores tomorrow morning. people around the world have been lined up outside the store more than a day already picked the lines are especially long in australia and japan. most people who are camped out say that they just have to be among the first of their friends to get that new phone. you are in front. it is not every time you get to be in front of the line. >> i am not doing it so much for the phone or the experience. i just want to do it. >> the experience of camping out. cement apple reports some of its stores already sold out of the 7+ phone and the jet black seven. so if you want one of those, you might have to go to other apple retailers, but if you get one of the iphones in silver, gold gold or rose gold. there is a three-week backlog for orders placed on line. >> i so right away i think even
5:40 am
last week the jet black -- there is a jet black and then there is regular black or something. anyway it was already in high demand. spirit where are you going to camp out? >> i am not camping out. >> can you help the giants? they need to bounce back quick after getting swept by the padres. in our next half hour the start of a very important series tonight as the giants fight for a playoff spot. but first seth curry and michelle obama on the ellen show. her tips on how to trash talk to president morning. we are seeing is getting more crowded in many areas here at the macarthur may still looking good to the bay bridge. weather is looking good but there are pockets of fog out there. we'll talk about what looks like a mini summer pattern. we're still in summer technically but that is inland.
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welcome back to morning on 2. florida's governor is in washington dc pushing for money to fight the zika virus. congress has tried and failed three times to pass a billion- dollar funding bill. the problem has been other legislation lawmakers have tried to attach to the build.governor. rick scott says after meeting with lawmakers from both parties he is confident a bill will be passed eventually. we did not talk about exactly what would be on the bill. he acknowledged the importance of funding. this is about pregnant women developing babies. >> the governor has already approved florida spending $26 million in emergency funding. some of that money has gone for skittles spring in miami beach . is not as effective as experts boat -- hope. current funding to fight the virus is expected to run out by
5:44 am
the end of this month. they are calling this the biggest corporate takeover of 2016. the american maker of fertilizers and agriculture products monsanto has agreed to a takeover by bayer . this will make bayer the world's largest supplier of season farm chemicals. an elementary student in oakland will get the flu vaccination as part of a health program. the third annual to the flu tried to protect the students in both a look in private schools. the campaign will start next month. it runs the early november in more than 100 schools. both alameda county and the state help pay for this program. you can get a lot more information by clicking said morning on 2 section of
5:45 am and go to web links. >> happening today warriors single-game tickets for the upcoming season go on sale to the general public . that is at 10 am this morning. right after we are off the air. >> worrier season ticket holders have a chance to purchase tickets earlier in the week. the warriors opened the regular season on tuesday, october 26 hosting the san antonio spurs at 4 pm. speaking of the warriors staff carry had fun with lady they first lady michelle obama. both were there encouraging drinking water. ellen to generous asked steph curry about playing golf with president. obama and then the conversation turned to trash talk. i am here to shout out that it was not a good shot. >> you should trash talk back. >> give him things to say. >> talk about his ears. [ laughter ] >> there is one. >> you want to say -- the
5:46 am
shadow from your ears. [ laughter ] is really messing up my put. [ laughter ] >> that is a good one. in the meantime steph curry's new teammate kevin durant spent time at the arena on tuesday night. he was there with the rapper drake. he brought kevin out on stage on his summer 16 tour stop in oakland. it was the first of fort sold out performances. he has shows at the sap center in san jose next weekend. when my daughter here is that -- >> kevin durant came out. >> that is still -- >> we have to link her up. >> i am sorry i was not pay close attention. >> i thought you said steph curry. >> kevin durant -- that is pretty cool. >> good morning everyone. we have some problems out
5:47 am
there. i just found out about crash on southbound 101 on broadway. this is blocking all the lanes according to chp. as a matter of the fact southbound 101 just after broadway and this was reported. this is something i should tell you. several witnesses say a dark colored car was speeding prior to this crash passing vehicles on the right shoulder into the weeds and now the crash has been located south of broadway burlingame and blocking all the lanes. we're trying to get more information but it sounds like chp is not even there yet. he'll be getting there very soon so please be aware of that. you may want to use 280 instead. going up to the east bay tracy super commute traffic still very slow on 205 and 580 coming up to the altar mind past. gets better by the time you reach richmond.
5:48 am
look at 880 n. and south traffic does not look okay as you drive past the coliseum -- the top it does look okay as you drive past the coliseum. speeds of up. >> i also want to mention a part delay. bart have a problem with its track between miranda and rockwood. one track is not getting power so what bar is doing is they are single tracking train by the rockwood station and for this type of the morning at the gets ramped up that is going to cause the delays. so far it is a 20 minute delay but it will be more if this problem continues. bart says it has a crew on the way out to try to fix the problem. let's go to steve now. that would be a big problem. plenty to talk about. a lot going on across the globe here. we just had one type of which went to the southern part of typhoon -- of taiwan causing extensive damage. this is a new typhoon.
5:49 am
category one but expecting to increase in intensity however the path will be different it will strengthen northerly and head up towards taipei and go towards eastern japan and then as it moves into the colder water turns back to tropical and comes back across the pacific. i mention this because it bears watching on 10 days out. this time of years you have a lot of energy coming across the pacific. keep an eye on that. the hawaiian islands have been slammed the last couple days certainly from the islands east of kawai. around molokai and also into maui there have been torrential rain. little system drawing and moisture continuing to do so especially parts of western maui and the big island . if you have, plant it is not all sunny. -- if you have travel plans it is not all sunny. >> fog bank is really being
5:50 am
enhanced. it is really starting to fill in. some is reducing visibility it is also enhancing on the mendocino coast. that will keep the coast on the cool side. not much of a delta breeze. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 45 in stamford, right at 50 for hillsboro in san mateo. truckee, 30. 34 at bishop. cool readings now already along much of the west and the fog will keep the coast cool yet it ran temperatures are bumping up, 60s, 70s, 80s and near 90 degrees. the upper 80s in brentwood, east bay temp 70s around berkeley and oakland. south bay temperatures low to mid 80s the upper 70s for a few but that filed by the coast will put the stops on any warming here at least for a
5:51 am
while. peninsula temperatures upper 70s. offshore breeze kicks the that will scour out the fog for the weekend. >> it did not feel too bad coming in. >> still a little cold though. >> it is definitely be fall feeling. >> the highs are not as high. >> good weekend for the beach. >> looks like it. >> this is a great story. a night of normal safe. teenagers fighting illness. a group that has organized a spot outing for very deserving young girls.
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♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side
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♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ welcome back. a florida state lawmaker was caught on camera slapping a man who was taking down one of his campaign signs. now police in gainesville florida releases video showing state representative keith perry and a man in a heated argument on a front porch last saturday. the manchester pumps carry and then kerry/them on the side of the net. watch the man had taken down one of kerry's campaign signs. both sides say it was all a misunderstanding. kerry is apologizing for letting a silly disagreement escalated. the nfl is prompting and
5:55 am
promising to spend $100 million to improve player safety with a special focus on preventing and treating concussions. they announced a new initiative which isthey announced a new initiative which is called place, mark this play smart play said. the money will pay for medical research including using technology to make better helmets for players. the 49ers said they are on board with the plan. i think that the league is saying is that this is an opportunity for us to go out and engage other experts to help us come up with better solutions a better practices for us to do a better job in servicing and protecting our players. >> the nfl's that it will work with an advisory board to help with the new program. the san francisco 49ers are taking steps to get students engaged in science and math. they are partnering with a free online education platform. the team has already reached more than 90,000 students with its own program in santa clara.
5:56 am
this partnership will extend their involvement in education even more. a nonprofit is working with a bay area hospital. they are offering tampering and spot treatments for eight bay area teenagers. goal is a night of normalcy for girls who have life-threatening illnesses. the event was held at the blowdry bart on union street in san francisco. it was a day for the girls and their mothers. 16-year-old isabella fairfield said this is the first time she has ever had her hair done. she is in remission now from leukemia. i am doing a lot better today. i don't get headaches anymore. i don't have sensitive skin anymore. the only downfall is now i have the memory loss. >> but you are beautiful. >> it was a memorable day at the salon especially compared to spending several months in the hospital missing out on school and all the high school find out her friends were having while she was trying to cope with her illness.
5:57 am
>> the mission of a wish upon a team is to bring comfort during a time of these teenagers often feel very isolated.>> going out and getting hair and makeup done is one of the staples of bringing teenagers together. to meet each other and know they are not alone. >> the teenagers say they have learned very important lessons to the illnesses that you need to live life to the fullest and appreciate what you have. we should all do that. >> yes. coming up at 6 am. the woman at the center of a police sex scandal is heading back here to the bay area . her lawyer says about the investigation and what is planned for today. the hayward school district attendance has been fired. the month-long investigation behind it. we see problems appearing as we come up on the morning commute. i want to mention
5:58 am
5:59 am
the morning. the young woman at the center of a bay area police sex scandal walks free from a florida jail.
6:00 am
will tell you what is next for this key witness. hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail today and we are learning more about donald trump's health. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday, september 15. jeanette ricky news. let's go to traffic. >> southbound 101 as you drive down the peninsula toward san mateo there is a crash just after broadway, burling game before popular. there are two separate crashes but one more serious one is blocking a lot of lanes . you will see the traffic is coming to a standstill. are doing a traffic break in the area. my recommendation is for you to use 280 down the peninsula and then you can rejoin 101 by using 92. witnesses said


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