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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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woman during a home invasion and robbery. >> this is the most deplorable act i have ever witnessed in my entire life. >> reporter: detectives say sometime between sunday night and monday morning quinn broke into miss flo's home. he and possibly a second person ransacked the home and robbed jewelry and a car. concerned neighbors noticed miss flo's volvo abandoned. they found the 50-year-old resident beaten and bleeding inside her home. >> it was my grandmother. it could be yours. it could be your mother. please, if you have any additional information, call, text. please don't let this go away because the person is apprehended. >> reporter: deputies say they had quinn under surveillance for 24 hours but evidence at the scene and surveillance video helped them make the arrest late wednesday night.
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>> this was such a heinous and brutal attack it reached to the very core of this department. they were relentless in their pursuit of justice for our victim. >> reporter: court documents show quinn was arrested in february for vehicle theft, then selling the stolen property and also for being involved in a hit-and-run accident. he served 43 days in the santa clara county jail before being released in may. quinn was on probation for three years at the time of the crime against miss flo who is now fighting for her life inside a hospital icu. >> people deserve to be safe in their homes. people deserve to be able to go to sleep. >> reporter: miss flo initially told investigators there were two attackers. right now detectives are trying to determine if someone other than zach quinn was involved in this. as for zachary quinn, he is going to be arraigned tomorrow. live in east san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. an alameda county jury found two men guilty in the death of a well-known oakland dog walker. prosecutor said the victim, 66-
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year-old judy salamon, had taken cell phone video of two men committing a crime in her neighborhood. she followed them and they shot and killed her after they spotted her. 25-year-old stephon lee and 24- year-old mario floyd were found guilty of murder with a special circumstance of robbery. >> it was clear that ms. salamon was focused on protecting the community, and in this particular case protecting the community is why these two men took her life, because whatever they were doing, and i don't know, it, in their minds, was worth murdering her. >> lee, who fired the shot, and floyd face life in prison without the possibility of parole. sentencing is set for this fall j. a case of animal cruelty in the east bay after a dog was found shot on the streets of concord. contra costa animal services says the two-year-old german shepherd had to have one of its legs amputated. ktvu's cristina rendon live at the shelter in martinez with
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the story. >> reporter: julie, at this point officials with the contra costa county animal services don't know who the dog belongs to. they're not sure if he was accidentally or intentionally shot, and they are hoping someone has some information. >> good boy. >> reporter: bullet is adjusting well to life on three legs. the roughly two-year-old german shepherd mix earned the name after getting shot in his right hind leg. >> the way that the bullet had to have traveled is very strange in this case. >> reporter: the doctor first took x-rays of the dog last week and knew they had to amputate quickly. >> the x-rays show that his tibia and fibula were shattered like glass shatters. you can see fragments of bone in the muscles. >> reporter: the x-rays also show bright colored pieces of metal believed to be bullet fragments. sergeant craig hall with animal services says they don't know who shot the dog. a good samaritan took bullet to the veterinary center on september 4th after reportedly
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seeing it injured on monument boulevard. the dog nod collar and no microchip. >> ideal we would want to speak to someone who can offer information about the dog and hue it came to be in this situation. >> reporter: they're waiting on ballistic test results but they know the dog was hit from behind. >> i eve never seen a case where a bullet traveled into the lower part of the leg and up towards the butt muscles. >> reporter: bullet is now 5.7 pounds lighter than before but still friendly and happy considering his new lifestyle. >> the dog can't help himself. he can't tell us what happened to him, how this injury happened. so for us it is important to speak for that animal. if you do know something i think you're obligated to let us know. >> reporter: the dog is recovering nicely. we're told he is going to be sent to a foster family so they can prep him for adoption in the future. anyone with information on who this dog is or on the shooting is asked to contact animal services here in martinez.
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julie. >> i hope that dog finds a nice home. cristina, thank you. a man accused of scald ago dog to death made his first court appearance today in san mateo. prosecutors say paul sauter was extradited from oregon. the dog died within hours. he is in custody in lieu of $100,000 bail. the second suspect is said to be free on bail. okay, other news to talk about. excitement is building in las vegas about bringing the oakland raiders to sin city. today a nevada tourism board recommended a boost in the hotel tax to raise $750 million and pay for about a third of the cost of a domed stadium near the strip. the next step is for the nevada state legislature to weigh in. after this morning's vote the tourism board expressed enthusiasm about what pro football could offer the city. >> beyond the raiders, we're going to have a super bowl in
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las vegas if we get this done. who would have ever thought that could happen. so the economic impacts besides the raiders and unlv and all the other events is going to raise room rates, increase visitation and be an economic bonanza. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf said oakland is not giving up on keeping the team in oakland. she said, "i will continue to work with the nfl and the raiders to iron out a deal that works for the team, the league, and the taxpayers." >> mark ibanez joins us now. you are saying that bay area fans don't need to push the panic button. >> no, i don't think quite yet. this is one step but there are many remaining. this is a situation where i think it's a clear-cut message now. the raiders are serious about exploring every aspect of this deal. it's no longer a rumor, no longer something they're keeping secret, and it's a message to the city of oakland that if you really do want to keep the raiders, and it
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remains to be seen just exactly how much seriousness there is there, and just how intent they are in keeping the team in oakland, then it is time to get on the ball and get a serious stadium plan figured out. but some of the hurdles that need to be cleared, of course, one of the things you think about. in january the nfl owners meet. 75% of their approval needs to be met for them to move a franchise right now, and also it needs to go before the taxpayers and be approved in a vote there, and if that's not taken care of, the owner of the casino, the billionaire mogul who says he is going to throw in so many million dollars says i'm out of the deal. so unless it is passed by the voters in the state of nevada, it's not going to have any wheels anyway. >> do we know when that vote is supposed to take place? >> the state legislature, oddly enough in nevada only meets every two years. so it's my opinion that they would probably have to call a
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special election to see if that vote can go through and be approved for taxpayers or hotel tax to go through. >> but it is a hotel tax, so nevada residents won't be paying a hotel tax unless they spend a nature in a hotel. >> right. >> it will be the tourists, us would are paying that tax. >> you would think that would be a positive in favor of the people trying to move the team there because they would be able to clearly say, hey, it is going to be the tourists that come in to see the team that pay it. but on the other side of that, there's people who say, hey, if you are going to go to the trouble of creating a hotel tax, why not spend it on the school system, and in nevada, it's rated as one of the lowest educational systems in the entire country. so they're bound to meet disapproval in that regard. like i say, there are definite hurdles, and this is just the first city. it's got to go before the public. >> we were talking earlier, such a transient city, people coming and going all the time would. the community in the las vegas area even be enough to support
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a team. >> that's a question. the nhl has moved there, but keep in mind that's just an 18,000 seat arena to get a hockey team going. this would be a proposed 65,000 seat venue. would you consider the fact that players or teams will be getting their fans flying in because las vegas is such a destination site. so that's going for them. you consider that a lot of raider fans in the bay area would probably want to trek down there. but then you take into consideration conversely you're moving from one of the biggest tv markets in the country, five or sir, depending on who you talk to, in the bay area, to las vegas, which is a much smaller television revenue site. so there are a lot of details that need to be worked out. but i think the main thing raider fans need to consider right now, this is not imminent. this is one thing. don't overreact. but it is time to get the ball rolling in the city of oakland. last time i said that, a couple
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of viewers wrote in and said, are you kidding me? they don't need to get going on it. they need to let the raiders go. this is enough. we're not going to get taken for suckers again. so you've got all kinds of controversy brewing and a long way to go. it takes two, three years to build a stadium in the first place. so we're a ways away. >> mark, thank you. coming up, back on the trail, hillary clinton returns from a bout with pneumonia. at 6:30, the latest in the race for the white house as donald trump talks about his health with dr. oz. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. and i'm meteorologist bill martin fixing my tie right now but as we head towards the next couple of days we are going to see temperatures begin to warm up. i'll let you know how warm in your neighborhood. but first, an arrest in the sexual assault on the cal campus just days after three separate sexual assaults at the greek theater.
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new information in the police sex scandal involving a teenage sex worker and how she ended up at a rehab in florida. the woman formerly known as celeste guap is now back in the bay area. >> ktvu crime reporter henry lee is here. the woman's attorneys are making serious allegations. >> reporter: they're raising questions about witness tampering and obstruction of justice. they say richmond police are to blame for the cross-country trip that ended with her in
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jail. attorneys for jasmine abuslin said richmond police put the 19- year-old woman on a plane to florida. there, two strangers picked her up and never said a word. they refused her repeated request to call her father. shended up baiting a rehab worker who was trying to prevent her from leaving. that led to 17 dance in jail and a plea deal to battery. her attorneys say there was no need for her to go to rehab on the other side of the country. >> she didn't voluntarily go to florida. rather, she was told that she needed to go to florida because she had dabbled in drugs and this would be like a vacation, and she needed to go you are imently. >> reporter: richmond police and the d.a.'s office say they helped secure funds to send abuslin to florida but all these agencies would not say why she was sent there or how often victims are sent out of state. >> they can't pay money to a california facility? i don't believe that. you ask that person what they've been smoking. >> reporter: in a text message to me abuslin said this
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richmond police sergeant, matt stonebreaker, drove her to sfo for her flight. >> sergeant stonebreaker sent her to the richmond family justice center and they engineered very quickly in a hurry up fashion this deal of sending this girl by herself 3,000 miles away to someplace that she's never heard of before. they did that. why did they do that? you have to answer that question. was this obstruction of justice? that has to be answered. was this tampering with the witness? that question remains open. >> reporter: abuslin said she's ready to testify and help other victims. >> i'm so impressed that she is trying to turn this into an opportunity to provide healing to other people who may be suffering sexual abuse or other traumas. >> reporter: chief brown has said any suggestions that the department sent her away or removed her to florida, quote,
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distorts reality. >> help, what can you tell us about a statement from the district attorney's office today that said its investigation is ongoing? what does that mean? >> reporter: the d.a. did say that they have recently received additional allegations of possible additional criminal misconduct. so no charges have been filed up to this point by that office. so it's possible that whatever alameda county has uncovered can now be shared with their counterparts in martinez. >> they're not giving any specifics? >> no specifics. they're saying that they have more information that they're going to look into. >> we don't know if it's the sheriff's office or richmond police or we don't know who. >> right. it's always possible that it might be alameda county officers that had illegal contact with jasmine. >> have you heard how jasmine is doing or what's next to her? >> reporter: she is in seclusion getting the help she needs. she is doing as best as can be expected according to her attorneys. they are telling us the focus
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should be on these police officers who did her wrong. >> any time frame on when we might have charges or a trial? she's a witness in this. she's here. so she could testify. but we don't know when that might happen. >> reporter: her attorneys did reach out to nancy 0 mall threshings d.a. in alameda county, but she is on vacation. the ball is starting to roll now that she is back in the bay area. >> henry lee, thank you very much. >> you bet. new at 6:00 tonight u.c. police say a 25-year-old man is under arrest in the rape of woman at a cal berkeley residence has. police say the attack happened september 4th and officers were notified the next day. the victim a 19-year-old student said she was assaulted by a male acquaintance who was also a student and lived in campus housing. the suspect is identified as a man arrested yesterday on two felonies. meantime u.c. police are investigating three separate sexual assaults that happened at cal's greek theater during last weekend's block
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party concert. 8,000 people attended that dance show. police told ktvu they don't believe any of those attacks are connected. governor jerry brown signed a bill created in response to the balcony response near the uc berkeley campus last year that killed six students. the new law provides more oversight of building contractors. it requires any contractor convicted of a work related crime to report that information to the state. in some cases contractors are also required to turn over information about settlements paid after claims of construction defects. the builder of the apartment building in berkeley had paid out millions of dollars to settle such claims on other projects. two bay area killings have prompted congress to consider a bill requiring federal agents to safely store their weapons. kate steinle and antonio ramos were both killed by guns belonging to federal agents stolen from parked cars. a bill introduced by a congressman from concord would
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require agents to lock up those weapons if left unattended in a vehicle. agents who violate the rule could face criminal charges. the state legislature is considering a similar bill. san francisco mayor ed lee has okayed a new unit to investigate officer involved shootings. currently the police department investigates its own officers including last december's death of mar why he woods. woods' mother told us she is frustrated by the slow pace of that investigation. >> not acceptable at all. give families at least give us the closure. >> the new unit is comprised of 14 people and will tackle a backlog of 10 deadly officer involved shootings dating back to 2014. the head of the san francisco police officers association said district attorney george gascon has a, quote, poisonous relationship with police and he wants the state attorney's office to do the investigating. the fog is coming back in as we head into your bay area
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thursday night from san francisco. you see the fog pushing across the bay towards berkeley and richmond. the fog will be around tomorrow morning for most of us. the fog right along the coast now, a more typical weather pattern setting up for tomorrow and the weekend which is high pressure dominated weather pattern. the fog should stay at the coast on and off. there will be clearing in the afternoon but temperatures will gradually warm. you go back to monday when it was so cool, the hot spots were low 70s, upper 60s. that's monday. it slowly has been warming since then. it's that high pressure that's slowly building back in. so with the fog formation it lets you know that high pressure is back because it needs the high pressure to form so that is one clue that things are changing around so it's going to warm up despite the cloud cover, the fog tomorrow morning. 80 in fairfield right now, your forecast for friday will be warmer than today by a couple of degrees. it is breezy out there now. 23 miles per hour at sfo. we had gusts up to 30 miles per hour there earlier. overnight lows 46 in napa, 47
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-- that's cold. days are getting shorter, heading towards fall. so think about that aus push the kids out the door tomorrow morning. that's chilly. not frost, but chilly. 50 in vallejo, that's chilly. a cool start to the day tomorrow. temperatures begin to war. san francisco some low clouds. lunchtime in the low six. and at the end of the day in san francisco you max out at 66 degrees and mostly sunny. that's your friday in san francisco. i'll have the rest of the forecast after the break. a million smartphones recalled by the feds. >> i am urging all consumers, all consumers to take advantage of this recall right away. >> up next, the apology today by the company's ceo and the problem that can cause the phone to catch fire. also, the giants start a key series at at&t park tonight, and they are trying something different to see if they can start winning again. scott reiss is at the ballpark, and we are going to hear from him later on in sports.
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plus -- >> reporter: could this headset help you sell your house? from buying a home to buying a car, the new market for virtual reality.
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u.s. safety regulators have issued a recall of one million samsung smartphones. >> samsung says it will replace or refund customers who purchased the new galaxy note 7 after dozens of reports that the phones can catch fire. tom vacar has the new information.
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tom. >> reporter: this happens at exactly the same time the apple people are introducing their new iphone 7. according to samsung 92 phone batteries overheated giving 26 people burns. the government says there were also 55 incidents that actually caused fire damage. at a news conference with the u.s. consumer product safety commission samsung said a battery flaw in the phone can lead to overheating posing a serious burn hazard to consumers. samsung has said there was a mistake in production making the compartment that actually holds the battery smaller than it need be and the pinching of the phone against that battery can lead the phone to short- crier kit. consumers are being told to stop using the smart phones immediately. >> today we are announcing the official recall of one million samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones. because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i
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am urging all consumers, all consumers to take advantage of this recall right away. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration has also banned the phones from airplanes unless they are turned off and not being charged. samsung says the replacement phones will arrive in stores no later than next wednesday, september 21st. samsung america's chief operating officer released a statement explaining how the company is handling the recall and reassuring customers that the note 7, once hat a replacement bat tree, completely safe. >> all right, tom vacar, thank you. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with hillary clinton back on the campaign trail for the first time since falling ill with pneumonia. >> i am doing great. thank you so much. >> coming up next, highlights and analysis in the race for the white house as donald trump also addresses concerns about his health. and later, fallout over the shooting death of 13-year-old
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boy by police in ohio. why officers say they had no choice. and imagine being able to sell your home without actually leaving it, or buying a car without actually getting in for a test-drive. the silicon valley technology that is making it possible. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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santa clara sheriff's deputies say that greg quinn is behind bars in connection with a beating death of an 88-year-old woman who is hospitalized. detectives say he broke into the home of the woman late sunday or early monday and possibly a second person attacked her and robbed her. deputies say physical evidence at the scene and video led to his arrest. to attorneys representing the young woman at the center of a sex scandal says their client is ready to testify. she just returned from a rehab facility in florida. her attorneys say police encouraged the 19-year-old to go to florida. tourism officials in nevada ok


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