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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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and a high school student from lake county says she's being punished with bad grades because of her refusal to stand for the pledge of allegiance. and it's finally here as hundreds of people line up early to be among the very first to get their hands on the new iphone 7. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts right now. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. donald trump finally backed away from the so called birther theory admitting that president obama was in fact born here in the united states. >> ktvu's alex savidge is following today's developments and joins us now live from the newsroom with more on trump's announcement and reaction from his rival. alex. >> good afternoon to you guys, even as he admitted the president is in fact a u.s. citizen. trump took a swipe at hillary clinton blaming her for initially stirring this controversy back during the 2008 elections. during a speech today, donald trump backed away from the debunked birther theory, and said he now wants to move
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forward. president barack obama was born in the united states period. now, we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. for several years, trump has been the most prominent birther, which was the name given to those who insisted that president barack obama was born outside of the u.s. just yesterday, trump tolded washington post that he remained quote unwilling to say that president obama was born in the u.s. but after quite a bit of backlash this morning he made what he said was going to be a major statement. now, hillary clinton for her part, she had some comments about all this today, and she's not letting trump off the hook. >> for five years he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in his
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history. >> hillary clinton also called on donald trump to apologize to the president and to the american people. in his speech today, trump did not say he was sorry for pushing the birther theory, and by the way, president obama weighed in on the birther issue, joking that he was quote pretty confident about where he was born and that he thinks most other people are as well. donald trump clearly trying to put this issue to bed, but it is an issue that could come back once again once the debates get going in just a few weeks. >> alex, thank you. a new news poll suggested with less than two months before the general election, it has hillary clinton and donald trump separated by 1 percentage point among likely voters nationally. in a two-way race, those polls give trump the edge over clinton. in a four way match up it's the other way around. clinton receives 4 1% to trumps 40 percent. libertarian gary johnson is at
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8%, and glisten at 3% -- jill stein 3%. now with the national anthem protest a hot button,s student is in a battle with her school district. >> reporter: lower lake high school freshman, lalani thomas said she sat during the pledge of allegiance since the 2nd grade. she is one of the last remaining descendants of the pomo people, an indigenous group. and she says to her standing doesn't feel right. >> i feel like it's a lie to me, and like what they did to my people not only here but around the country is still going onto this day. >> reporter: last friday, she learned that by not standing, her grade was dropped to a c minus because the teacher counted it as participation. >> i was mad when she lowered by grade because i worked hard for it, and i turned everything in. i did whatever she wanted me to do in her class.
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>> reporter: the school superintendent told me that teacher violated the student's first amendment rights rights and saying quote students do not lose their first amendment rights when they come through the door. the school district's freedom of speech policy also states in part, the board respects students rights to express ideas and opinions, take stands on issues and support causes, even when such speech is controversial or unpopular. she loves to play the flute and is active in the school's band. she was given the option to change her home room class, and she took advantage of it it. now she hopes her situation will inspire other students to stand up for their beliefs. when asked what happened to the teacher in all of this, the school superintendent tells me she cannot discuss it because it's a personnel matter. >> and that was dana griffin reporting. the teenager says she respects other people's decision to stand during the pledge of
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allegiance. today, the associated press and two other muse organizations filed a -- news organizations filed a lawsuit against the fbi to learn who the agency paid and how much to hack into the locked phone. the fbi says hacking the phone was necessary to investigate the deadly shooting. the suit was filed under the freedom of information act. so far, the fbi has only said it paid more than a million dollars to a third party to break into the iphone of one of the shooters. meanwhile, across the world and right here in the bay area, people lined up early to be among the first to get their hands on apple's newest iphone. tim cook stopped by the store in palo alto to welcome customers this morning. customers were lined up at the store in san francisco's union square. >> reporter: lots of excited apple fans, iphone fans already here inside the store at union square, getting a chance to check out the iphone 7. doors opened at 8:00 this morning, and fans flooded inside. now, we were here and showed you that initial rush this
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morning as the first 24 fans got to get in the store and check out the iphone 7. we were at at&t early this morning, and previewed the new iphone. i can tell you from personal experience it's very responsive and has a fast processer, able to call up screens in an instant. that phone expected to be very popular. some models have sold out here at the store. fans this morning say they think the new phone will live up to the hype. >> i got the iphone 7. i waited 12 hours to get this, and then i have the smart case for it, too. >> reporter: don't want to drop that phone and break it the first day. >> definitely not. >> reporter: we also talked with iphone fans about the fact that this model does not have a standard headphone jack. they say that doesn't matter. getting rid of the old jack, allows apple to pack this device with the latest tech. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. as for those who own samsung phones, federal regulators are recalling the
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samsung galaxy note 7. one million phones are included in the recall because the batteries may explode. the recall comes after reports of the phone overheating and in some cases, exploding batteries causing damage. we'll move now to a heartbreaking story in the south bay where an intense fire fight at a san jose apartment complex forced a group of families out of their homes. >> as janine de la vega explains, for one woman crews had to physically detain her as she tried to go back into the burning building to save her dog. >> fire investigators have determined that the fire started in a rear bedroom of one of the units. now, the woman who lives there is devastated because of course she lost her home, and she lost her dog. you can see the building is still standing, but it is still uninhabitable. the fire started just before eleven last night off highway 92 and ralston. it was burning in one of the units of the three story condo complex. by the time firefighters arrived, it was completely
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engulfed in flames. people in the adjoining units escaped so firefighters concentrated on putting out the fire and preventing it from spreading. quickly grew enough for firefighters to call for a fourth alarm. >> i thought it was a challenge. we have six units under one roof and on the backside of the building, we have a wild land area. we wanted to make sure that the fire didn't extend into the wild land and cause a fire in the hills as well. >> reporter: there is a lot of smoke and water damage to all the units in the building, now, no one was inside where the fire started but a dog was. as i mentioned t did not -- it did not survive. the come came home to find her condo destroyed, and police arrested her for interfering with crews. she was apparently trying to get back into the building to see her dog. she was cited and released when she calmed down. firefighters don't know the cause of the fire yet. they plan on talking to that condo owner to try to figure out just what happened here. reporting from san mateo, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2
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news. fire in oakland left 18 people without a home last night. firefighters received a first emergency call just before 6:30:00 p.m. they were able to bring the flames under control a half hour later. the gutted building was separated into four residential units. no injuries are reported. cause of the fire is still under investigation. a uc berkeley student has been arrested on charges of raping another student. he is being held at the santa rita jail. campus police say he raped a 19- year-old woman at a school dorm two weeks ago. investigators say the two were acquaintances. meanwhile, the former dean of the uc berkeley lawsuit has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the university. choudhry stepped down in march. they cut his salary 10 for one year. although he resigned, he
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remained a tenured professor. the school's academic senate is considering whether to strip his tenure. the federal lawsuit accuses the school of treating white faculty members more leniently when they were found to have committed sexual misconduct. we are in the last few days of summer. after a break, we'll tell you about several resorts in the sierra, already talking about opening the upcoming ski season a little early. meanwhile, right here in the bay area, things are warming up in time for the weekend as we take this live look of the oakland estuary. we'll check in with our meteorologist rosemary orozco for the details. virtual reality no longer just for gamers. still ahead, how some bay area companies are using that technology to drive their businesses.
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police are investigating two separate shootings that happened in east oakland, a few hours apart. the first one was at 7:20 last night. a man was shot in the 1600 block of 78th avenue. police have yet to disclose the severity of his injuries. a woman suffered a gunshot wound around 11:30:00 p.m. on pippen near 98th avenue. she did not require hospitalization. two people arrested in a hate crime case in antioch were set to appear in court for arraignment. 27-year-old roy sorvari, and christine mcdaniel were expected to enter pleas. they were taken into caderas last week a day after --
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custody last week a day after the incident. a racial swastika was spray painted on the house. it appears the family was targeted because of a dispute with one person living inside the home. now to san francisco where jury selection is under way in the trial of a man involved in a scuffle with b.a.r.t. police officers. michael smith is charged with battery, and resisting arrest in connection with a fight at the b.a.r.t. station in july. his public defender says his race played a major role in his fight with b.a.r.t. police. prosecutors say smith was kicking and spitting at b.a.r.t. officers and deny claims that he was acting in self-defense. the american heart association san francisco heart walk is happening right now. a live look right now from sky fox over justin herman plaza, where everyone is starting to gather. san francisco giants skipper, bruce bochy is there helping kick off this event. about 5000 people in all are
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participating. they're going to be walking from justin herman plaza all the way down the embarcadero to at&t ballpark. bochy himself has battled heart disease and is encouraging people to walk in their daily routines. it is promoting good heart health. the giants and cardinals back at it at the ballpark for a 7:15 first pitch. >> and no doubt bruce bochy has an extra spring in his step after the team did well last night. >> and bring along the jacket if you're attending the game. it will be cool, breezy, i'll have the forecast in just a moment. let's take a look at what is going on outdoors right now. no, we'll take a look at the graphic instead. a view from above, the satellite view showing the low clouds hugging the coastline, have just a little bit of clearing, a pocket right there on the south side of it. looks like half-moon bay at this time, and santa cruz partly cloudy. mostly sunny today, and right along the coastline, we will remain partly to mostly cloudy for the entire day. we have a summer time micro
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climate pattern for the weekend. a warming trend for the inland communities. more on that in a moment. the on shore breeze is with us through fairfield. notice how light it is, 6 miles per hour. not going to help us out. at least not the inland cities. 58 degrees in san francisco. low 60s in oakland. walnut creek 77. 78 in fairfield into the south bay of san jose. 70 degrees outside your door. 69 for the afternoon. we're looking at temperatures, 69 in santa rosa. for the afternoon, temperatures will climb, upper 80s to near 90 degrees, for the warmer locations expected in areas of the east bay. we will have fog along the coastline for most of the weekend if not the entire weekend but if you like it warm, head inland, that's where temperatures will continue to climb as we get into saturday as well as sunday. afternoon highs for today, we're looking at 81 degrees for santa rosa. low 80s and napa, the east bay, 89. mid- to upper 80s for antioch, brentfield, fair fax.
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along the peninsula, partly cloudy for you. at the coast, mostly cloudy and remain in the low 60s and pacifica, low to mid-70s expected for areas right around santa cruz. if you're going to see the giants play, we have patchy fog expected, 59 degrees at game tame, and -- time and a westerly breeze 15 to 20 miles per hour, a little cool, a little breezy. temperatures continue to go fall off as we get into the evening hours. here's a view of the extended forecast, as we get into saturday and sunday. temperatures will continue to climb. low to mid-rot. perhaps even -- 90s. perhaps even a few mid- to upper 90s. mid-70s expected on saturday. going into the mid-80s by sunday, and at the koa, we've got pretty good weather. a little cloudy, mild. sunday looks to be the better day if you are going to be out and about the final weekend of summer. temperatures begin to fall off some. remaining warm for our inland cities. a good looking forecast as we move into the final days of summer. back to you. >> and rosemary, it was nice to
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see a little bit of the white stuff in the sierra this past week but based on your forecast, doesn't look like snow the rest of the month. >> it started melting right away, and we're not looking at anything to bring us snow at least for the next week or two. >> two major ski resorts plan to open earlier this year than past seasons. these pictures were taken from kirkwood earlier this week. you can see a little of the snow on the mountain tops. squaw valley and alpine meadows, november 11th and the 18th. a week and a half earlier than normal, and as you heard rosemary say with no snow in the forecast anytime soon, the resorts are going to have to pump out the artificial snow from the snow making equipment. imagine being able to buy a house without seeing it in person or buying a car without having been in the driver's seat. >> virtual reality isn't just for gamers. maureen nailer shows us companies in silicone valley hoping to use the technology to drive business as well.
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>> this is a four story penthouse in san francisco. >> reporter: from the picturesque views to the light filled living room, you're looking at a new way to buy a home. put on a virtual reality headset, and instead of this binocular view, you'll see one screen and feel like you're inside. >> instead of just giving you a sense for what the place looks like, we give you the feeling of what it's like to physically be in that space. >> reporter: one of the several companies bringing virtual reality to the real estate market is matter port. the silicon valley firm makes 3d cameras and software, to stitch together 3d images captured to create a 3d home model like this. >> you can view the whole thing from the outside, but then you can pop inside and get a sense for the space. >> how cool. great view. >> reporter: i toured a 7 1/2
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million dollars penthouse for sale in san francisco. and it's not just real estate. the auto industry is also launching into virtual reality. cadillac announcing plans to use virtual reality headsets to sell cars. >> the idea that you can basically replace the car showroom with a virtual reality showroom, maybe save dollars on the bricks and mortar by presenting your customers with virtual models. >> reporter: entrepreneur tony parisi has been in the vr industry for two decades. >> i think there's a lot of folks who think, oh, this is a flash in the pants, people are excited now, and it's kind of a fad, but i think those people are folks who haven't actually tried vr. >> reporter: experts say one of the reasons virtual reality is taking off now is affordability. everyone has their own cell phone, you put it into a virtual reality headset, close it up, and there you go, and this is a card board headset, which some companies, even realtors are now giving away
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for free. n. sunnyvale, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. a shark caught on camera, breaching the water off san francisco's ocean beach. we'll show you this video again and again, and you'll hear from a surfer who was just several hundred feet away.
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since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt, a natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. (security...) hi, i'm stuck in an elevator... with a cow. (a what?) all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back.
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energy companies leading a
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broad decline on wall street as the price of crude oil turns lower. the dow jones down 90 points, nasdaq down 10. the s&p 500 is down 9 points. twitter stock on this friday afternoon, up 3 1/2 percent. the san francisco company already looking ahead to next thursday. the nfl game between the patriots and texans, last night, twitter aired an nfl game for the first time, jets beating up buffalo bills, 37- 31. twitter reportedly paid the nfl $10 million to show ten games this season. a live stream was trending on social media. some viewers did complain about constant buffering and the twitter video lagging behind the tv coverage. it's warming up in time for your weekend, there are lots of ways to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. >> this is rosemary in the details of weekend watch. >> as we head into the final weekend of the summer of 2016, enjoy the korean day cultural festival in union square. celebration runs from ten to four on saturday and includes
12:25 pm
food vendors and performers. and head to golden gate park, as the festival rolls in, marking the 17th season for the tour, which includes live music, brew, bicycle contests, recycling and composting. in redwood city, celebrate a holiday in mexico culture, the courthouse square will be filled with locally made food, dancing, live mariachi music and more. in the east bay, you'll find a dragon boat festival at lake merritt this weekend. in addition to racing dragon boats, the two day events offers cultural activities, live dance and music. in alameda, celebrate blues, brews and barbecue. this festival is sunday from noon to six. head to lafayette for the art and wine festival in downtown. the weekend event also includes food, entertainment and kids activities. a similar celebration will be held in the south bay at the santa clara art and wine festival for two days central park will be filled with arts,
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crafts, vendors, food, beer, wine, kids activities and entertainment. in san jose, the luna park chalk art festival is going on this saturday. in addition to art work, the festival features live music, performers, food trucks and vendor booths. in the north bay, enjoy the napa valley aloha festival, complete with live music, arguments crafts and food. find the event at napa valley expo. sonoma county for oktoberfest at the santa rosa veterans memorial building, food, beer, sonoma style is what you can enjoy. 9ers, a's on the road, raiders giants at home, and the go pro grand prix sonoma is at sonoma raceway. that is your weekend watch, i'm rosemary orozco. today you can enter for a chance to win four tickets to an up coming performance of odesso. pairs equestrian arts, stage
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arts and to enter we hope you go to our facebook page and click on the contest link and fill out the entry form. entries accepted until 11:59 tonight. you have to be at least 18 years old and a legal california resident to enter. the prize has an approximate retail value of $478. one winner will be selected by random drawing september 19th. see the rules on, just look under contests. an abandoned dog found injured in the east bay gets help from a good samaritan, and doctors after discovering it had been shot in the leg. the animal cruelty investigation underway. a prayer vigil scheduled for tonight in support of the 88-year-old san jose woman attacked inside her own home. what we are learning about this teenager arrested in the case and his ties to the community where the crime happened.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. . two men can face life prison for the killing of an anticrime activist in oakland. a jury found 25-year-old stephon lee, and mario floyd guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of judy soloman. she took cell phone video of the gang members as they were exciting a crime in her neighborhood in july of 2013. investigators say she was shot
12:31 pm
and killed after she followed the two men in her car. >> it was clear that ms. soloman was focused on protecting the community and in this case protecting the community is why these two men basically took her life, because whatever they were doing, and i don't know, in their minds, it was worth murdering her. >> soloman was a popular dog walker, known for efforts to combat crime in her neighborhood. we are learning about the man accused of robbing and severely beating an 88-year-old woman in san jose. we brought you a live news conference of the santa clara sheriff's office announcing the arrest of this man 189-year-old -- 19-year-old zachary cuen. he robbed her of the jewelry she was wearing, ransacked her home and stole her car. court documents show the two lived less than a half mile apart. last night, about a hundred neighbors attended an emergency safety meeting to talk about their concerns. >> i'm really upset about what's been happening. i'm really upset about the poor
12:32 pm
woman who was attacked. i'm concerned about our safety in the neighborhood. >> investigators say it is unclear if cuen acted alone or had an accomplice. his arraignment is set for monday. he's being held without bail. as for miss flo, she remains in critical condition and a prayer vigil is scheduled for tonight at her house. the chp is investigating a freak accident in which a driver was run over and killed by his own truck. this happened yesterday morning just after 9:00. investigators say the man was driving a dirt hauler when he suddenly merged left to pass another truck it. they say his truck then partially went up a hillside, tilted up, and the driver either jumped or fell out and was run over by his own truck. the truck then kept going down the road, without the driver, and fell about 100 feet down an embankment. investigators are looking into whether a medical emergency or mechanical problem caused the crash. a man shot and killed by
12:33 pm
santa clara sheriff's officers has been identified as 86-year- old eugene craig, killed during an intense encounter at a satellite and saratoga home monday night. officers were forested to open fire after craig pointed his gun at deputies. this was the first officer involved shooting in saratoga in three years. the san francisco police officers association is opposing the creation of a new unit in the district attorney's office to investigate offer involved shootings. right now, the police department investigates its own officers, including those involved in the death of mario woods last year. the head of the union supports an independent investigation, but he says the state attorney general's office is a better choice, rather than district attorney george gascon. >> since he took over as district attorney he has had a poisonous relationship with the san francisco police department and my members of the poa. he has proven that time and time again. so i don't think he could remain fair and impartial. >> new unit is made up of 14
12:34 pm
people and will tackle a backlog of 10 deadly officer involved shootings dating back to 2014. two bay area killings that prompted congress to consider a bill requiring federal agents to safely store their weapons. kate steinley, and antonio ramos were killed by guns belonging to federal agents that were stolen from parked cars. a bill introduced by congressman of concord would require agents to lock up the weapons if they are left unattended in a vehicle. agents who violate the rule could face criminal charges. the state legislature is considering a similar bill. governor brown did sign a bill that provides oversight of building contractors. the new law was created in response to last year's balcony collapse near the uc berkeley campus that killed six students. it requires any contractor convicted of a work related crime to report the information to the state. in some cases, contractors are also required to turn over information about settlements paid after claims of construction defects. the builder of the apartment building in berkeley had paid
12:35 pm
out millions of dollars to settle such claims on other projects. the city of san francisco is beginning to distribute money to build affordable housing as part of a measure approved by voters last november. according to reports four projects have received a share of the $310 million in housing funds. the map sheer shows areas scattered throughout the city, one in the mission district, excelsior, forest hill, and the western addition. they are converting a car repair shop, bakely, and even an old funeral home into hundreds of affordable residential units. also in san francisco, the dog patch neighborhood association has overwhelmingly approved plans for a homeless navigation center in the area. the center unanimously approved plans for the center citing the need to help the homeless. november gas station centers are temporary shelters designed to help people find permanent housing. the center in the dog patch neighborhood is set to open next year. a case of animal cruelty is under investigation in contra costa county today after
12:36 pm
someone shot a dog, forcing doctors to amputate one of its legs. >> cristina rendon tells us the german shepherd was found in concord but they aren't sure who the dog belongs to. >> reporter: bullet is adjusting well to life on three legs. the roughly 2-year-old german shepherd earned the name after getting shot in the right hindleg. >> the way the bullet traveled is strange in this case. >> reporter: dr. bella, first took x-rays of the dog last week, and knew they had to amputate quickly. >> the x-rays show that his tibia and fibula shattered like glass. you can see fragments of bones in the muscles. >> reporter: i the x-rays show bright pieces of metal, believed to be bullet fragments. craig hall with animal services says they don't know who shot the dog. a good samaritan took bullet to the veterinarian after seeing it injured on monument boulevard.
12:37 pm
the dog had no collar and no micro chip. >> we can to speak so-to- somebody who can offer information about the dock. >> reporter: they are waiting on test results to come back the bullet hit the dog from behind. the animal was not facing someone who shot him. >> i have never seen a case where the bullet travels from the lower part of the leg and up toward the butt muscles. >> reporter: bullet is 5.7 pounds lighter than he was before but still friendly and happy, considering his new lifestyle. >> the dog can't help himself. he can't tell us what happened to him, you know, how this injury happened, so for us, it's important to speak for that animal, and if you know something, you're obligated to let us know. >> reporter: bullet is recovering nicely. he's going to be sent to a foster family so they can prepare him for adoption in the future. anyone with information on who the dog belongs to or the shooting is asked to contact animal services. cristina rendon ktvu fox 2 news.
12:38 pm
25 years after rodney king was beat by police in la, his daughter is teaming up with police officers in los angeles hoping to send a message of peace. laura king was 7 years old when she saw video of her father being beaten on television. now 32 years old, she wants to spread a message about building bridges with police, and she wants young people to listen. you can see her standing side by side with los angeles police officers telling a group of young people that her father had no hate in his heart against officers. >> he held no ill feelings toward anybody, so i mean, we definitely couldn't hold any feelings here, if he's able to get over it. not over it, but, you know, look more so to a solution rather than, you know, dwell on the problem. laura king says the whole police department shouldn't be judged by the actions of a few officers. rodney king died in 2012 at the age of 47 after an accidental drowning.
12:39 pm
a bay area surfers says it was a once in a lifetime experience. >> after the break, he saw this in real life. we'll talk more about the shark seen breaching the waters of san francisco bay. plus, a bay area warm up on tap for the weekend. rosemary will be back with all the details.
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the a's are heading to texas, sweeping the kansas city royals in a four game series. >> it was a monster offensive
12:42 pm
output for the a's, highlighted by the three-run home run by rookie ryon healy. the ball went an estimated 480 feet, one of the longest projected home runs of the season. that was one of the three hits on the night. steven boat drove in five runs, marcus semien drove in four. the a's won 14-5. they outscored the royals 43-12, the biggest oakland run differential in a four game series ever. giants gaining ground in the division, adding to their wild card lead with a 6-2 win over the st. louis cardinals, drove off the four game series to get off to a good star with buster posey with a single to right, setting up hunter pence with the big home run to left field. the cards would tie in the 4th 4th, but the giants went ahead for good in the bottom half of the inning. cueto hitting a sack fly, a nice single, got defensive help with a couple great plays by
12:43 pm
brandon crawford. cueto struck out 7 batters in his 5th complete game of the season. >> they chipped away at him. he settled and down, and got better there in the 8th and 9 9th, and you know, i think he smelled it, and really turned it up. >> every game feels like a playoff game. and that's fun. it's exciting. you know, this is a huge series, and all of these games are really big. >> yesterday, bochy gave his players a mental break. canceling batting practice and telling them that they didn't have to show up to the park until 5:00. he's doing the same for game two. matt moore will be the starter for the giants. now, the chicago cubs became the first team to clinch a playoff spot. they actually lost to the milwaukee brewers yesterday. as soon as the giants beat the cardinals, the cubs won the national league central title. the cubs are trying to end their famous championship drought. they last won the world series
12:44 pm
in 1908. they haven't won a national league pennant since 1945. the new information about the sighting of the great white shark off ocean beach. the moment was captured by surf camera, and now the video is getting a lot of buzz. >> just a handful of surfers were there at ocean beach, and debra spoke with one of them. >> the shark launched out of the water, and it's full white belly, white pectoral films. >> nick was surfing, ocean beach like most mornings before work. wednesday, the surface was glassy, the waves gentle and then about as close to him as that tree, a 7 to 8-foot shark torpedoed out of the water, 40 years of surfing there, he has never seen one before. >> i traveled pretty quick in. not everybody did, though, people stayed out there, die hard surfers, they weren't sure what they saw. i would say a group of 6 or 7 of us came in. >> very impressive to see a thousand pound animal or more
12:45 pm
clearing the water like that. >> by phone, shark researchers dave ebert says some shark species breach more than others and often no telling why. it can be hunting behavior. on san francisco bay, boaters recently saw a great white blast up from below, and hit a seal, devouring it before their eyes. the shark scene wednesday might have fed on a school of fish. he wasn't interested in the surfers, about 30 of them in the water at the time near the foot of pacheco street. >> i have an image of oh, there's a fin cutting through the water, and actually, they're usually just below the surface. >> it was a fish story until cameras proved i was right. >> reporter: he couldn't be sure the camera that pans the beach caught the moment. >> look at that thing, that's amazing. >> reporter: until he rolled the video back to 8:47:00 a.m.
12:46 pm
>> there it was, i was like, oh, my god, there it is. >> reporter: and is glad others can appreciate something he'll never forget. >> how thick his tail was. just awesome. >> reporter: and where are you? >> i'm one of these guys right here. >> i consider myself lucky to have seen that, and to have all ten toes and fingers is awesome. >> debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. i have been in the water since high school, never saw a great white. hopefully i never will. >> that's why i don't go in the water. >> though i love the beach, and hopefully nice beach weather this weekend. in fact you may see me at the beach if you're going that way. we are looking at nice warm weather, partly cloudy skies at the beach, so it will be a little cool to mild there. if you like the heat it's going to be inland, and giving you a live look at mount diablo, mostly sunny skies over the area. i know tomorrow will be a spare the air alert. not for today but already issued for tomorrow. that to be aware of. here's a look at what's going on right now. partly to mostly cloudy skies
12:47 pm
at the coast, mostly sunny elsewhere. a few pockets you can see over portions of the north bay, santa cruz clearing out nicely, and as we get into the second part of the afternoon, we will be partly cloudy, and maybe even mostly clear over portions of the coast, and it has to do with the upper level winds, driving that offshore breeze, if i slide in a little bit closer, you can see how the wind bars in this direction, pushing the low cloud fog deck away from the coast. the winds locally are right at the surface on shore. fairfield or westerly breeze, it's a light one. not enough to cool us down. we have a warm up coming our way. the on shore breeze is there, very light, 5 miles per hour. for your weekend, we will keep that localized sea breeze. it's not really going to impact us in the way of cool weather for the inland cities. 78 degrees in fairfield. 74 in concord. 80 degrees in walnut creek. cooler in livermore. around the bay, 72 in fremont. 65 in hayward. san francisco, upper 50s.
12:48 pm
69 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures in a few degrees of where we were yesterday at this hour. by the second half of the day, inland cities are warming it up. nice, mild to warm weather. 60s and 70s from the coast and bay. 70s, and 80s, expected inland. notice the shade of red in the central valley. as we get into saturday and sunday, those 90s will be coming our way. 82 degrees for santa rosa this afternoon. 80 for novato. to the east bay, we have upper 60s to low 70s. alameda and oakland, and berkeley. 77 for hayward. inland, upper 80s. 88 danville. 89 expected for livermore. they may not reach that based on the current number. 84 for cupertino. 68 in san bruno. low 60s to mid-60s at the coast, and into san francisco. your extended forecast, temperatures climbing as we get into saturday, hotter on sunday. right now, low to mid-rot for
12:49 pm
the inland cities. we may reach into the upper 90s. we'll see how that shakes out. mid-70s to 80s around the bay, as we get into the second portion of the weekend. 60s and 70s expected along the coast. fairly nice weather for all of us actually. >> perfect. thank you, rosemary. president obama has announced the creation of the first national marine monument in the atlantic ocean. the area is about the size of connecticut. it's located 150 miles off the coast of cape cod. the designation is meant to protect sea life and underwater canyons that bans commercial fishing and drilling in the area. last month, the president expanded a national monument off the coast of hawaii creating the largest protected marine reserve in the world. the beatles documentary, 8 days a week is hitting big screens in the bay area. paul mccartney, and ringo star reunited to walk the blue carpet. the movie was directed byron
12:50 pm
howard, and he -- by ron howard. and he used rarely seen material, and says he took the project very seriously. >> it first began as a fun, cool, creative adventure, then i became intimidated when i realized how important it was to fans. >> the documentary shows the group as they toured the globe back in the 1960s. it also has archived footage of the group's past performances and features the beatles final show at candle stick park in 1966. coming up, the quirky but loveable bridget jones is back. and the biopic on the man who leaked classified information. what's new in theaters after the break.
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since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt, an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back.
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prostitution is a major problem plaguing the city of oakland. >> today on the 4 on 2. we're going to speak with the creator of a new app launching in the city tomorrow that will allow citizens to call out so called jones by sending a letter to their hope. how it works today on the 4 on 2. just a couple minutes away from the closing bell. very much an up and down week since we started it on monday. you can see the dow jones down 78 points. the nasdaq is also in the red
12:54 pm
as is the s&p 500 just down, slightly 7 points. a romantic comedy and a thriller, two beloved by strikingly different hollywood franchises are back for a sequel. >> jonathan hunt gives a run down. >> reporter: the franchise that first introduced audiences to the frightening footage concept returns as blare witch offers up a new installment. the film follows another group who decide to venture into the haunted woods looking for the truth about the legend that lurks there. >> dear diary, it's sort of a funny story. >> for a light affair, that quirky, loveable bridget jones is back. >> i'm pregnant. >> reporter: the romantic comedy, bridget jones baby continues her story as she's back to being single and trying to find out who the father is
12:55 pm
of her baby, colin firth or the new guy in the picture, jack, played by patrick dempsey. there's something going on inside the government and i can't ignore it. >> reporter: ripped from the headlines is is the oliver stone biopick snowden with joseph levit as snowden. >> also in theaters this week is hill song, let hope rise, a documentary about the australia based christian band. >> plus, as the current number one movie at the box office, based on a true story, sully, about the miracle on the hudson, with tom hanks as captain chesley sullenberger retold by clint eastwood. in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news.
12:56 pm
and here in the bay area, beyonce will be back for the third time this year, performing agent levi stadium tomorrow for her formation world tour. she added another show back in may. the available tickets are going for about $300 a piece. the next stop is in houston, texas, next thursday. a traffic warning has some of the fastest cars gearing up for the go pro grand prix of sonoma, practice underway today, and then the go pro grand prix takes place this sunday as the finale of the indy car circuit. don't forget what else takes place on sunday. >> gentlemen, the oakland raider and -- yes, and the oakland raider and their home opener. we leave you with a picture, the falcons in town looking for the first one. should be a doozy out at the coliseum. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, everyone, have a wonderful afternoon and a
12:57 pm
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dr. oz: zika in america has everyone on edge. we have learned that zika can have serious effects beyond the infant brain. >> sanjay gupta tells you how to protect yourself. plus, heroes from the orlando night club shooting. >> on june 12, after the worst of humanity, i saw the best of humanity. >> and the surprise reunion that doctors never expected. coming up next. dr. oz: zika. it's here and it's moving fast. we have every angle covered. my task force has been assembled with the national insurance institutes of health, the c.d.c., sanjay gupta and a virus hunter all weighing in with everything you haven't heard and what you need to do right now to protect yourself and your family. >> the situation continues to constitute


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