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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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andretti gave him a new appreciation for racing. explosions rock new york city and new jersey, we're following the latest developments as we go live to new york. and a san francisco political legend has passed away. ktvu's tara moriarty live in chinatown with more on the life and legacy of rose pak. plus, it's fox's fall premier week, talking with actor ben mckenzie from gotham, and paul chambers talks about his trip to hollywood to meet the stars of some of your favorite shows. good morning, there's a lot to get to as we look at a beautiful picture in the contra costa region, it's sunny, warm the last few days. steve says it's going to get cooler in the next day or so, and a lot of us are waiting for that. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2, the 9, i'm sal castaneda along with gasia mikaelian and mike mike mibach.
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>> -- and mike. >> did you guys have a good weekend. >> it was a good weekend but this morning has been busy. >> we continue with developing news out of new york and new jersey. a suspect is in custody in connection with the bombing. saturday night in manhattan that injured 29 people, and the discovery of five explosive devices in elizabeth, new jersey, last night. authorities say 28-year-old ahmad rahami was taken into custody after a shoot out with police officers in linden new jersey. >> this started saturday morning after a pipe bomb exploded in a trash can in seaside park, new jersey. no one there was hurt, but later that night in in manhattan, new york, a blast injured 29 people. and a few hours after that, a second pressure cooker bomb was found a few blocks away but did not go off. last night, five explosionive devices were -- explosive devices were found in a backpack in a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. we brought you president obama speaking live in the past half hour in mornings on 2. at this point we're waiting for a news conference to begin in new york city.
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it should start about 9:30. we expect to hear from the new york mayor, officials from the fbi. when that begins we'll bring it live on the 9. >> we want to go to ktvu's alex savidge who has been following the latest developments out of new york. >> good morning to you guys, authorities say the bombings were indeed acts of terrorisms, what's unclear is which foreign group may have inspired the attacks. the man in custody, ahmad rahami was spotted on surveillance video near the explosions that happened in the chelsea neighborhood in saturday and seen in the area where an unexploded pressure cooker bomb was found and in manhattan. and last night there was a backpack with five pipe bombs inside that was found near rahami's apartment in elizabeth, new jersey. one of those pipe bombs explodeed as a police robot tried to disarm it overnight. we heard from the mayor of
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elizabeth, new jersey, and he said it was fortunate no one was hurt. >> if there was some event going on here, like a race or anything else, there would have been severe injuries and there would have been severe disabilities that would have occurred. thank god that that did not happen. >> and the main suspect in all of these bombings, again, now taken into custody after being wounded in a shoot out with police in linden, new jersey. we understand that two police officers also were wounded as well. waiting for an update on their condition and again, ahmad rahami is described as a naturalized citizen of afghanistan. he apparently lived with his family right above a restaurant that they owned in elizabeth, new jersey, and again, that was very close to where the backpack full of pipe bombs was discovered, possibly dumped there. >> have the authorities said anything like we had been following this guy, we knew this guy. >> there's been no indication that they had him on the radar before all of this, but it
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sounds as though they spotted him on the surveillance cameras at those two locations where the bomb went off in chelsea, and the pressure cooker bomb was discovered unexploded. they found a cell phone connected to that pressure cooker bomb found in the city p information on that -- in the city. information on that cell phone was used to track him back to his home in new jersey. they have moved very fast. >> and no connection to isis at this point. >> no, you know, that's what, you know, we're looking at this morning is what foreign group may have inspired him to act allegedly, and do what he allegedly did. we didn't hear any particular group named, but in listening to the president's news conference, we did hear him talking about how acts such as this have been inspired by members of the islamic state, and he talked about the actions being taken to try to destroy isis. sort of an indication maybe that's the direction investigators may take. >> and we had an incident in minnesota as well, but you
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talked about the news conference with the president, and you said there's no connection between new jersey and new york and minnesota. >> no connections are drawn between the two cases. >> peace of mind for all those who live back east with the news of this arrest this morning. >> i would think so. >> alex thank you. >> just about 30 minutes ago, president obama held a news conference to talk about the investigation. >> by showing those who want to do us harm that they will never beat us, by showing the entire world that as americans we do not, and never will give into fear, that's going to be the most important ingredient in us defeating those who would carry out terrorist acts against us. >> the president is in new york for the united nations general assembly meeting. federal state and local authorities say they have increased security in the city. new york governor andrew cuomo says nearly 1000 additional new york state police and national guard personnel will be patrolling bus terminals, airports and subway stations. >> the presidential candidates
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are reacting to the bombings in new york and new jersey. this morning, hillary clinton once again said donald trump's rhetoric is being used by terror groups like isis as a recruiting tool. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we have heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular isis. because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> meanwhile, donald trump posted this under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the play book. >> which leads to our ktvu question of the day, especially in light of the news coming from new york and new jersey. both presidential candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump have said they will take a tough stance on terrorism. what does that mean, and specifically what does a tough stance on terror mean to you. is it more security, more surveillance, tighter immigration laws. a lot of people joining the conversation on the ktvu facebook page, and on twitter.
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more intelligence, since, and pinpointed attacks on terrorism groups, embrace muslim communities closer with dialogue. >> roger, radical profiling and security theater. >> and joel says stopping foreign policies, which create hatred like drone wars and support for unjust regimes, like saudi arabia, and israel. >> we ask you to use the hash tag on ktvu. we expect to hear from new york's mayor, bill de blasio as well as fbi agents on what's happening there. the minute it begins, we'll bring it to you live. talking about the weather now, and it's been hot the last few days, especially in the east bay. let's go to steve. yesterday for everybody, guys, and today starting off that way. there are signs of a cooler pattern for monterey and santa cruz today, and the first day of fall, believe me is going to feel like fall. there's going to be a 25-degree drop. maybe even 30 for some. all pretty quiet right now.
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haze, smoke in the air. very still. everything is going to pick up later today, and then for sure tonight and tomorrow on the coast and bay. temperatures average highs for this time of year, napa, oakland, oakland airport, mountain view and san jose. those are cooler than what we saw on sunday. slight cooling begins, i think, santa cruz coast, neighbor a light breeze in the city. not before we still have some 90s through the interior, but tomorrow, really drops, and then wednesday into thursday, there's going to be a significant drop, colder and windy. look at temps from livermore, forecast high of 97. maybe low 70s on thursday and very windy as well. fog is inching up the coast, just about ready to visit it looks like pg caramel. still has a little ways to go. and look at southern california, a little bit of tropical activity. they will have a lot of rain there starting on tuesday. 60s and 70s. some areas already very warm. this will be the last really warm day here. looks good, sunshine, hazy
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skies, but a system coming out of the gulf of alaska is going to drop right into northern california by thursday morning. 70s, 80s and 90s, but we'll go from one extreme to the other. the transition day will be tomorrow on the coast and the bay and for everybody as we go into thursday. yes, 72 high from 100 yesterday. >> wow, thanks steve. coming up on mornings on 2, the 9. heart pounding maneuvers at more than 200 miles per hour. ktvu's ken wayne takes to the skies with one of the best stunt pilots in the world.
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hospital, and that's what this picture on your screen right now shows. the other container we're told fell in the water. the ship left port yesterday. no word yet on what caused those containers to fall. california leads the nation in railway fatalities. more than 100 people die across the state every year. this morning, a group of high school students in san jose is taking action. many of these teenagers ride light rail trains to school every day. they are promise to go learn the rules of rail safety and to be extremely careful getting on and off trains. it's all part of rail safety month. the presidential election is in 50 days. today hillary clinton will be in philadelphia talking about making college affordable for everyone. yesterday her running mate acknowledged that with clinton's lead over donald trump slipping, they have a real race ahead of them. >> obviously we've got a real case to make between now and november 8th that our vision of stronger together is the vision that americans should elementary school embrace going forward, and we are confident
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we will. >> the lead over trump has fallen to less than 1 percent. political analysts saithe lost ground in a break from the campaign. that prompted questions about her health and transparency with voters. analysts say she alienated some people for her derogatory comment about trump supporters. donald trump is heading to fort myers florida. yesterday he met with advisers to prepare for his first face- to-face debate with clinton a week from today. even though the gap in some polls is closing a fox news poll shows the majority of voters think trump is unqualified and doesn't have the temperament to be president. >> take their guns away, she doesn't want guns. take them, let's see what happens to her. >> that's absolute nonsense. his comment was if she didn't have all that security, she would change her attitude about the to keep and bear arms. >> the trump campaign is trying to put the birther issue to
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rest, now trump says he believes president obama was born in the united states. one of the best pilots in the world was here in the bay area yesterday. sean tucker is lead pilot for the oracle flying team performing at air shows around the world, and ktvu's own ken wayne had the chance to go flying with him. >> i'm about to climb into sean tucker's extra 300, a high performance aeronautic plane at 200 miles per hour. it's something he has done more than 1200 times for more than a hundred million fans. >> air shows are like the top gun, indianapolis 500 and the 4 4th of july all rolled into one. it's about celebrating our freedoms as americans. so it's very patriotic and what i get to do in an air show is to share that magic. >> he's going to let me fly this thing, and he said it's finger tips so have the stick between my legs and that's all it takes to move the plane. >> reporter: and just in case anything goes wrong, i'm wearing a parachute. >> i just pull the rip code when we're screaming towards
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the surface of the water, right. >> reporter: we take off from san carlos to san francisco flying in formation in a few feet of the chase plane. >> we're flying over downtown san francisco, oracle open. >> reporter: we cruise over moscone center where more than 50,000 customers are gathering for oracle open world and head out across the bay to the golden gate bridge. after a few minutes of sight seeing, it's time to break away and go do our thing. >> this will be just perfect. >> reporter: scene talks me through the maneuvers we're going to do. the first will be a ballistic barrel roll. >> that means as identify taken a lot of energy, and -- i've taken a lot of energy, and you take the energy above and below the horizon, we have all the energy in the world. you're unloaded by relaxing the stick, and i'm going to pressure and deflect to the left. i'm going to go that slow. i'm going to let the nose drop again, and we're going to be
9:16 am
weightless for about 15 seconds. >> the next one is more grueling. it's a loop but it takes a lot more energy as you fight through the g forces. >> we're just going to pull the stick straight back, 3 1/2 to 4g maximum. okay. and you're just going to hold it. once you pull the g, this airplane on this elevator here, once you pull it, and you hold it there, it's just going to go around the surface, and as we're coming down towards the earth, then you're going to feather it to get more speed. >> there's the plane right there. >> at one point, i got distracted at sfo. sean knew there was no risk of collision. a thrill of a lifetime, how often do you look up at the ocean and look down at the sky. tucker spends much of his time sharing his aviation passion with young people, convincing them that just about anyone can become a pilot. >> i want to so enchant them through my style of flying that
9:17 am
they will push their boundaries and give flying a chance. third dimension is where you're free. >> back on the ground i take stock of what just happened. >> you let me fly a good chunk of it, and that was fun. it was great! >> flying is a magnificent thing, from going to a to b, and challenging yourself, because it's scary. you're pushing your boundaries, mental boundaries, facing the fears, you become stronger because of it. >> ken wayne, ktvu fox 2 news. >> ken wayne is a licensed pilot. >> that wasn't his first time by any means. >> he let him fly the plane because he has his pilot licenses. he wouldn't let you or me. >> nor would i accept the invitation. >> i flew with the thunder birds, i said mind if i take the stick, and he said no. thanks for asking though. >> and the 0g's, you're floating for a moment. >> it was fantastic. i liked it. we pulled 9g's while i was in a fighter jet. i will never forget that experience. >> that's incredible. coming up on mornings on 2,
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the 9, we switch to another topic, remembering rose pak, the china town community mourns the social, political activist who died in her san francisco home this weekend. we have more details on the crash that happened on highway 101 last friday. what we have learned about a possible involvement with caltrans.
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time to do monday morning quarterbacking. the 49ers had a much more difficult task despite four turnovers, the carolina panthers racked up 529 yards of offensive, including this 78- yard strike from newton to greg olson. the 529 yards was the most the 49ers had allowed since 2007. the 9ers attempted a 4th 4th quarter come back. blaine gabbert with the touchdown run after a panthers field goal, a 75-yard touchdown pass to vance mcdonald. went to make it a one score
9:21 am
game, panthers win 46-27. the 49ers play the seahawks in seattle on sunday. the atlanta falcons came to the coliseum and ruined the raiders raiders home opener. it was a close game but for the second straight week, oakland allowed 500 yards of offense. late in the 4th quarter, falcons took a 35-21 lead. the raiders pulled within a touchdown and couldn't complete the come back. they lost 35-28. next sunday, they are off to nashville to battle the titans. yesterday, nfl commissioner roger good dell expressed optimism the raiders could stay in oakland. no markets should lose their team once, let alone twice. i believe there's a solution in oakland that was reported on twitter by st. paul pioneer press sports reporter, brian murphy. last week, nevada oversight committee voted to recommend
9:22 am
spending $750 million in public money on an nfl stadium, and yesterday, as i was watching the game, there was a guy, the raiders game, i watched cal, watched 49ers, watched raiders. the raiders defense, there was one guy that said when they introduce the raiders defense in the pregame, this should drive a garbage truck out of a tunnel. this guy was upset. they were being upset, and there were more serious tweets like kenny norton jr. should be on nice northeast that that's unacceptable. people -- should be on notice that that's unacceptable. people were upset about that. the offense for the raiders could have won. >> i know you were sweating it out literally at the giants game. >> it was a hot one. didn't even get a run. >> it was hard. critical is underlined in the
9:23 am
tell prompter. the giants begin a critical series against the dodgers in los angeles ton as san francisco fights -- tonight as san francisco fights to make the playoffs. 3-0. i think it was 89 degrees. >> 86 officially, felt 99. the loss of course means st. louis has homefield advantage over san francisco and any potential wild card tie breaker. also dropped one game behind the new york mets for the top wild card spot. the giants trail the dodgers by five games in the national league west. >> i'm surprised the giants are still in it at all. >> they're hanging on. a's are playing good ball. khris davis hit his 39th and 40th home runs in the 5-2 victory over the rangers in texas. the first oakland a's player to hit 40 players, since jason giambi hit 43, 16 years ago . 13 games remaining in the season, they host the astros at the coliseum. let's go to the newsroom
9:24 am
and check in with frank somerville for dave clark this morning, and some of the highlights we're covering. top stories we're following this morning. we know a piece of metal pipe that smashed through a car windshield on highway 101 last friday killing the driver may have come from a caltrans truck. it happened at menlo park near the willow road exit. the victim has been identified as 82-year-old louis shaffer of mountain view. yesterday, caltrans said a preliminary investigation shows the object that hit shaffer likely fell off a caltrans water truck. caltrans offered its condolences to shaffer's family and friends. marin county sheriff's department is the latest law enforcement agency to start using body cameras. deputies will start wearing the devices tomorrow. the department bought 85 cameras. the first year the program will cost about $200,000. the sheriff says the use of body cameras will help allow for clean understanding of incidents and help enhance community trust as well. big dealings in san francisco,
9:25 am
oracle's annual development conference really gets rolling in the city today. more than 50,000 people from 150 countries are expected to attend the conference, which is held at the moscone center. oracle ceo, mark hurd is giving the keynote address and will be part of a leadership summit which features tennis star billy jean king later in the day. a number of streets are blocked off. if you're headed to the city, take note, it might take you a while. some of the morning headlines we're working on. we'll send it back upstairs. the san francisco family that has rented the same home for more than 20 years is getting community support to find an evection. leslie ramirez and her supporters held a protest outside the home of her land lord. ramirez says she has lived in a rent controlled home for 20 years. she says the landlord wants her out so she can raise the rent. he is moving his daughter into the home as a part owner so he can reclaim the home. ramirez says finding a similar rental at a price her family
9:26 am
can afford would be impossible. she also says any kind of move would be extremely difficult for her parents. >> this is the home that we know. my parents are seniors. for them to relocate and begin their lives somewhere new in affordable housing is not possible. >> ramirez says her family is not the only one facing this situation. she says several landlords have had relatives move into the property in her neighborhood as a way to get around rent control laws, and she says in her case, the landlord has given 60 days notice: the ongoing drought is leading to what cal fire is calling the largest natural disaster, dead and dying trees. what that means for fire and safety issues and why some home inners are out a lot -- homeowners are out a lot of money because of mother nature. it's a local effort i love that has now grown into a national organization that involves glamping. up next, live with the ceo of outdoor after row. smelled like yoga-aroma.
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we continue following developing news out of new york and new jersey, a suspect is now in custody in connection with the bombings saturday night in manhattan that injured 29 people, and the discovery of five explosive devices in elizabeth, new jersey, last night. authorities say 28-year-old ahmad rahami was taken into custody after a shoot out in linden, new jersey. we are waiting for a news conference to happen in new york. these are live pictures, you see the nypd badge. we expect to hear from the mayor of new york and fbi officials as well. when the news conference begins we'll bring it live. >> and we know that ahmad rahami was taken into custody after a brief shootout with police. the police officers send nonlife threatening injuries and rahami was not injured in a
9:30 am
critical way. we saw pictures of him being put into an ambulance. no one suffered life threatening injuries. and we're still getting more on this as we go through. >> let's go ahead and move to our question of the day which has to do with what's happening in new york and new jersey. essentially both presidential candidates have been saying we're going to get tough on terror. what getting tough mean to you. is it perhaps strengthening the borders, increasing digital surveillance, a lot of people having the conversation on the ktvu's facebook page and on twitter. john lawless tweets us, tough doesn't mean anything, just a buzz word. as if any politician would say i think terrorists are okay. >> he adds mine crime means no constitution. >> some people are taking issue with this getting tough on terror. roger gonzalez tweets erosion of privacy, racial profiling and then there's ricky who says flying, traveling, living life
9:31 am
without terrorism being a thought. easier said than done but that's how you do it. >> keep talking to us, we appreciate your responses. the hash tag we ask you to use on twitter is ktvu the 9. the fbi is investigating saturday night's stabbing at a minnesota shopping mall as a possible act of terrorism. nine people were injured in the attack by a man with a knife dressed as a mall security guard. the attacker was shot and killed by an off duty police officer who was shopping at the mall at the time. that justify duty officer, jason falconer is being called a hero by his police chief. >> he was put in unfortunate circumstances, but i believe there was divine intervention. i think he was the person who needed to be there to prevent it from being worse than it was. >> all 9 stabbing victims are expected to survive. the star tribune of minneapolis newspaper has identified the attack of 22-year-old ncaa ncaa, a somali american. should note that the president of the united states said in a
9:32 am
news conference earlier this morning that there is no connection between the attack there in minnesota and the attacks in new jersey as well as new york. political and community leaders in san francisco are mourning the death of one of the city's legendary figures, long time chinatown power house, rose pak whose influence shaped san francisco politics for decades has died. ktvu's tara moriarty broke the story on twitter yesterday. she joins us live from pak's chinatown home. she was such a huge figure in chinatown, and also in the administration of ed lee. what does this mean, tara. >> this will be interesting to see because a lot of folks will tell you in city politics, you couldn't get far without rose pak's blessing. if and how this changes city politics remains to be seen. she was referred to as a champion for anyone. she never held political office but leaves behind a lasting legacy on city politics. she was born in china, later
9:33 am
fled to hong kong, came to america and earned a master's in journalism. she grew into a community organizer for chinatown, and was very influential in getting ed lee to become the first asian mayor of san francisco. she swore like a sailor. she had many enemies but according to lee she was as tough as nails and had many allies. >> for all the power and influence that she had, she lived a very simple life. very simple life and her life was truly about service. >> to me, she's like the giant amongst giants. well, pak's accomplishments include raising many to rebuild the san francisco hospital in chinatown, next door to her home, and brokering a deal to build muni's. and she struggled from an ailing kidney, and returned in may from china where she received a kidney transplant.
9:34 am
city hall is flying flaggings at half staff. the building is being lit up in white, which is a symbol of death in chinese. we'll be told the funeral will be tentatively held saturday morning at old st. mary's cathedral. tara moriarty ktvu. tonight is a big day for gopro. it's just unvailed the cam -- unveiled the camera carrying drone. he says it has the ability to follow users while doing extreme activities. the company is also showing off the hero 5 series cameras, an updated gopro editing software. comes in the midst of a challenging year for gopro. karma goes on sale later this year. >> gopro stock up 4 1/2 percent. cal fire says the state's natural disaster is the slowest moving and that could mean people don't pay attention to what's happening around them. the big threat is dead and
9:35 am
dying trees. last october, a state task force said there were 22 million dead trees around the state. now, less than a year later, that number has tripled to 66 million dead trees. experts say the drought and beatles are combining to kill off the trees. >> it's so amazing to see how fast they go. these trees probably went dark or dead like that in probably a month, less than a month's time. >> the dead trees could fall on homes, causing a lot of damage, and if a fire breaks out, those trees provide a lot of fuel for the flames. homeowners may be reluctant to have dead or dying trees removed. they can cost hundreds of dollars to have the trees taken out. that can be cheaper than repairing a home that's been paddy damaged -- badly damaged by a wildfire. today it has grown into a national organization with networks in 28 states all across the country. >> and for more on outdoor
9:36 am
afro, an upcoming fundraiser hosted by frank somerville, i look at you and think more of a glamper, instead of a muddy boots on facility, camper. right. >> i can go in either direction. >> the thing i love about nature is you can be all the parts of who you are. you can take a hotel in yosemite or go in the back country and get muddy as you want to be. >> where did this come from. >> my passion given by my parents. they were from the south, they were nature loving people. we had a ranch up in northern california and clear lake. it's where i learned to ride my bike along country roads and see stars in the sky i couldn't see back at home. it was really a place where not only i connected with nature but we connected to one another, so we had family reunions and cookouts and all kinds of sell brags throughout the -- celebrations throughout the years. i want everyone to have that kind of experience to not only connect with nature but connect one another. >> you have said that not
9:37 am
enough african-americans get out and enjoy nature. why do you suppose that is. >> i think it's all about reconnection to nature. african-americans had a long connection to the outdoors. i often like to think about some of the figures in history like harriet tubman, for instance, she was a wilderness leader. she led hundreds to freedom in the cover of night. she had to have that nature knowledge. and she certainly didn't have a gps. so how about we connect in with some of those traditions with our grandmothers, our grandfathers, fishing trips, and once we start talking to people about those connections, we find that they're actually there, and outdoor afro is here to reignite them. >> you were in the world of finance, working for morgan stanley, you had an idea, started a small blog and it's taken over your life. talk to me about the importance of starting small, trying to get the first customer to put on the boots and head to skyline in oakland. tell me about starting. >> i think it's so important that people start right in
9:38 am
their own backyard. here in oakland california, we have lake merritt, the home of the oldest wildlife sanctuary in the country, and a lot of people don't know that. and thousands of people live and work and play right around lake merritt and so often we start right at home. right where people live. and the places close to home count as much as our remote wilderness areas. >> your message seems to be catching on. 28 states now. if you could put your finger on why, why so successful. what is is that's driving this. >> outdoor afro shifted the visual representation of who we imagined gets outdoors. when i started the blog, i had a conversation from the kitchen where people said, yes, i like nature, too. and they weren't seeing themselves in mainstream media and people find if you show your image in the outdoors there's an embedded invitation, and when people saw themselves in social media and on our web
9:39 am
site enjoying outdoors, in all kinds of ways it boosted confidence and they wanted to join in. >> people of all races, the young people are always on this thing, right. so do you get to them using tweets and social media say, hey, put this thing down and get outside. >> absolutely. you know, i have found that social media and our devices are our friends. with when we take a group of 20 folks out, we can come back and share the story using social media, and connect with thousands, even millions more people. and so we encourage people to take photographs and especially take photographs of themselves in nature. so that other people feel inspired to do the same. >> what kind of reactions do you see from the young people, experiencing their first redwood or tromp through a running stream. >> it's so nice to see kids being kids again, and it's also fun to see adults be kid again. one of the things that we're so delighted by is the wonder that
9:40 am
people experience in the outdoors and it's really the best part of my job to see kids running and their parents feeling confident as nature leaders in their own right in outdoor spaces and the experience we facilitate. >> we as a society are better off if we're all outdoors. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being here. we put more information on for people who want to fine out more about this. you can look for it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. you can also find it on our mobile app. rue thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> let's go glamping together. thank you. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 it's fox fall premier week. more from actor ben mckenzie who plays jim gordon in gotham. and louis finger coming back -- lucifer coming back. and just came back from
9:41 am
hollywood, what he has to say about the premiers.
9:42 am
9:43 am
it's premier week on ktvu. fox is bringing back some of your faith tv shows, including season three of gotham, the newest round of prebatman life, the streets are overrun with escaped patients from an experimental facility, and former detective jim gordon is leading the charge to round them up acting at bounty hunter to clean up the streets. e spoke with the new seasoned actor, ben mckenzie who plays gordon in the hit series. >> kind of enjoyable pandemonium of the monsters unleashed at the end of season three, running around, wreaking havoc, fish moony is back on the scene, played by jada
9:44 am
pinkett smith. new monsters, new villains but the same beloved characters that have been around for the first couple of seasons are back as well. including penguin, and selina kyle, the future cow woman, bruce wayne, obviously, jim gordon, harvey bullock, et cetera. >> it's not just the regulars making a come back this season. new villains will be making their way onto the streets of gotham. >> this season we have a new village in mad hatter, who's a beloved iconic villain from the dc universe, and mad hatter uses mind control to manipulate people to do allsorts of terrible things. we're getting into the psychological minneapolis of everything which is fun. >> ben mckenzie has played a variety of characters in his career. the oc, a police officer in another series. i asked what it was like taking on the world of dc comics and the batman genera. >> this is a heightened world full of iconic characters,
9:45 am
beloved iconic characters, and to see the batman fans who are really kind of a global fandom at this point, embrace the show and embrace what each of us is doing at actors, including what i'm trying to do with jim. it's rewarding, kind of like being a kid but getting paid for it. it's pretty great. >> speaking with im, i got the sense that he likes playing this role. you can catch all the action of gotham on ktvu season 3 premiers tonight at 8:00. >> season two of lucifer premiers at 9:00 here on ktvu. >> and paul chambers went to high school by wood to talk -- high talk -- -- hollywood to talk with the stars of the returning shows. >> season two of lucifer kicks off, and they have two new faces, amy garcia, and trisha
9:46 am
helfer, let me ask you this, how do you tell people, i work for lucifer, what's the reaction. >> it varies. i was just at my sister's wedding and my aunt said i can't watch your new show. >> i'm mexican and puerto rican, they're like lucifer, whoa, and they're super intrigued. >> garcia plays a forensic scientist and helps lucifer's mother. both women are excited about the show to kick off. before we let them go, we had one more question, what do they think of the bay. >> i love the food, the people, san francisco is like a character in our show, so yeah, i've lived there for years. >> i have not lived there but i've been there and visited there, and two of my cats love staying at the four seasons. >> paul chambers joins us louvre with after -- live with after his time on the red carpet. >> two of her cats stay at the
9:47 am
four seasons. >> do you get the feeling that the hollywood stars come up here and play out. go to napa or whatever. >> a lot of them do. they drive up and do a lot of road trips. i can't stand a road trip. that's not happening. more than two hours, put me on a plane, that's how i work. a lot of them come up through the area. they come to napa, the bay area. >> you know i'm a baseball fan. i have seen the previews for pitch. do you talk to some of the actors from pitch. >> yes, the one that you almost worked with. does everybody know about that. >> no, not really. >> say it all. sac morris, that was -- zach morris, that was his name on saved by the bell. the connection that we have locally this guy next to me, mike. >> back in the day, i auditioned for the show, when it was good morning ms. blitz, it was the pilot. >> and you were almost who, a bunch of characters, but screech comes to mind. >> you talked to stars from a number of big fox shows, and so many of them are in the
9:48 am
spotlight. people are waiting, you know, empire, pitch, to have excitement around a show they're headlining, that must be fun. >> a lot of fun, and a lot of pressure. we got to see the premier of every show except for empire. >> i wonder why. >> they're keeping that one tight, tight, tight. not letting us know too much about that. we'll see it all at one time. >> a lot of anticipation. >> almost didn't want to come back, but i had to come back for my love for you guys. that's the penguin and the riddler, they are from gotham. a great time, and again, fox premier kicks off this week starting tonight. gotham followed by lucifer at 9:00. there's a lot coming up this week. tomorrow i'm going to talk to chelsea perett iron, an oakland native on brooklyn 99 and
9:49 am
taylor taylor, and john stamos, a lot of people know him as jesse. they're doing the cast of scream queens. >> you're good at this. >> that's why i got to go. >> mornings on 2, the 9 will be right back coming up after this.
9:50 am
9:51 am
she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. some of television's best
9:52 am
were honored at the 68th 68th annual prime time emmy awards. >> the and emmy goes to game of thrones. >> hb o's game of thrones took home 12 awards including best drama. the fantasy saga has 38 emmys, breaks record for the highest number of awards nor any series. the political comedy veep a big winner. julia louie dreyfus, taking home an emmy for best comedy actress. >> i think veep has torn down the wall between comedy and politics. our show started out as a political satire, but it now feels more like a sobering documentary. so i certainly do promise to rebuild that wall and make mexico pay for it. she also honored her father who had passed away in recent days.
9:53 am
other win e, the people versus oj simpson, american crime story, rami malek and tatiana maslany of orphan black won the best leading actor and actress. rams home game will be remembered for a lot of reasons, but especially for how hot it was. the temperature outside the coliseum was 90 degrees when the rams and the seahawks took the field, but the temperature may have topped 100 degrees inside the stadium. more than 91,000 fans were packed into that coliseum. paramedics treated more than 160 people for heat related problems. 14 people were taken to the hospital to be treated and no one was reported in critical condition. by the way, the rams beat the seahawks, 9-3, with both teams scoring only on field goals. not a very good game. it was very hot, though. >> the uniforms, though. >> yes, right. >> an act of compassion, and team work on the field led to a moment of a lifetime for a member of a michigan high
9:54 am
school football team. take a look. >> senior robbie hill has been with the team four years, and has downs syndrome. friday he suited up, took the ball, ran for a touchdown, he scored for his mother, he says who is battling cancer. >> this team has just been so instrumental, helping me get him to practice, while i'm at chemo, and it takes a village to raise my son, and this village has really been outstanding. >> we love robbie. >> very cool moment there. this was all thanks to a prearranged plan with the opposing team. the coaches and players say they will remember this one for a long time. swimmers on a florida beach are on high alert after three surfers were bitten by sharks in a few hours. it happened sunday morning on new smyrna beach.
9:55 am
one man was bitten on the leg, the second on the hand and a third victim on the inner thigh. officials believe the attacks are connected to a recent surge of bait fish in the area, the fish that sharks like to eat. >> it definitely makes me nervous for everybody else that keeps coming out here. three in one day, an hour after each other, that's pretty nerve racking. >> some swimmers say they are staying out of the water, others say they will take the risk and believe the attacks are accidental. beach patrol officers are telling people to be aware of their surroundings if they do go out into the water. golden state warriors star steph curry paraded the basketball court for the racetrack. he was up at the sonoma raceway to support his wife as she served as grand marshal. the curries got a chance to take a test lap of sorts around the track in an indy car driven by none other than racing legend, mario andretti. >> it was thrilling, i had such a great time.
9:56 am
crazy. >> steph curry says he was nervous during the first turn on the track, but riding with mario andretti gave me new appreciation for races. starting today, pizza hut is combining two of america's favorite foods into the ultimate cheese experience, the grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza with cheddar and mozzarella cheese and toasted with bread crumbs. the combination of a grilled cheese sandwich and pizza crust seem like a natural fit. join us tomorrow here on the 9. we're going to be live with keisha sharp of the new fox show, lethal weapon. and the eat real festival is rolling back into oakland. we're joined by some of the people involved for more on what you can expect to find. before we leave you though, don't forget there's a news conference about to start in a half hour from new york. these are live pictures where the microphones and podiums are
9:57 am
set up. at 1:30 we'll bring it live. we expect -- 10:30 we'll bring it live, expecting to hear from new york mayor, bill de blasio and the man taken into custody this morning, ahmad rahami was sleeping in the doorway of a bar innd. the bar own -- in new jersey. the bar owner said can you come get a guy out of here, and recognized the man of the mug shot we have seen on tv, and that's when the shoot out happened and ultimately the arrest. the full story coming up live at 10:30. we'll see you here. i ed to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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>> wendy: people enjoy watching our show. i so love doing it. we always get to do something fun. i'm wendy from new jersey. and i never thought in my wildest dreams that my life would be this big. [ cheers ] >> wendy: i got you. you ready for this? are you ready for this action? it's time for what? >> "hot topics"! >> wendy: you know how we do. if i am wrong, and they actually get married, i will eat crow right here on this stage. i'm in the purple chair, so it makes me do things. [ applause ] ♪ imagine if you have both, pop, pop. what does that do?


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